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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 20

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, March 23, 1976
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B*«ti, Calif.. Tu«., March 13,19H Ryan's pain ended by bone operation? HOLTVILLE - Nolan R y a n lived a lie last season. The Angels' pilcher couldn'l sleep some nights because his right arm--his pitching arm--throbbed in pain. At times he couldn't raise his hand high enough to comb his hair or brush his teeth. But he told no one, and, although suffering, he pitched well "tcnough to win U games for 3 team (hat had little hitting, He struck out 18fi batters in 198 innings and had a yAfi earned-run average. Using pitching wisdom instead of the overpowering fastball for which he's known, Ryan was also good enough last season to notch his fourth career no-hitter. Ryan, 2fl, had an operation during the winter, the surgeon removing four bone chips from his -right elbow. The pain and the suffering arc wit in the open now, and Ryan knows that if he doesn't have the fastball t h i s year everyone will know why--and his career will most likely be finished. "1 would say if you're going to have an operation." Ryan said, "the best kind lo have is a bone- chip operation. Now I have no reservations at all about my arm. I haven't had any problems so 1 have no reason to be hesitant a b o u t throwing or anything else." R y a n recalls last season as nightmarish. "I knew something was wrong the first trip to Minnesota," he said of an April 15 game. "1 had very mediocre stuff, but I won the game. "The n e x t day 1 c o u l d n ' t straighten my arm out. It was * * Ik- alxiul halfway up and my elbow was swollen. I went out and tried to throw with it, trying In figure out what had happened. It would gel to where I could straighten it out about 85 per cent. 1 thought it was because 1 had rushed it after leg injuries had kept me to only II innings in spring training." By the middle of June, the pnin was constant, and he had little strength in his arm. "I kept on winning because my control was good, 1 was mixing my pitches and 1 was gelling a lot of runs," he said. "But the longer I pitched, the worse it got." The pain, and the mounting losscs--12 of them during the season--finally took their toll. Ryan, known for his mild-mannered congeniality, began to get testy, once Blowing up at reporters. But now he's philosophical about his chances of regaining the flamethrowing form thai made him one of the most feared pitchers in the majors. "If my arm doesn't respond and it doesn't work out," he said, "I've had a good career. Sooner or later, everybody's going to have to leave the game and I don't think anybody's ever ready for it." If signs this spring are indicative, however, he won't have to worry about it for a while. Ryan has thrown well enough in practice to prompt AJigels' manager Dick Williams to say he was "ecstatic" about Ryan's apparent recovery. Ryan wil! probably get hJs first true test Thursday against the Oakland A's in Mesa. Ariz. ANGELS GETTING READY HOLTVILLK - The A n g e l s went through a three-hour workout Mondny readying for their first-and only--intrasquad g a m e of spring training. The Angels had Ihe camp game on tape Tuesday before leaving IloKville, the minor league base where t h e y always open spring drills More moving north to Palm Springs. The Angels play liielr i b s t c-:hi- bilion game Wednesday, facing the Cleveland Indians at Tucson. They play the Oakland A's Thursday in Mesa, Am., where Nolan Ryan is scheduled to give his recuperating arm its first big test. ,-. nv-^-^^J.-J^.^ HOLLINGWORTH-- White (Continued from Page C-l) BUSH PREVIOUSLY had said thai the Olympics were too political and had advocated substituting world championships annually in each sport Schollander countered by saying, "Jim Bush doesn'l grasp the purpose of the Olympic Games one bit. The Olympic Games ARE necessary. · "Schollander hasn't gollen oul of the pool yet!" snapped'Bush. "How does he know I don't grasp the purpose of the Olympics? "I'm not against Ihc Olympic Games' Image, but I nm against the darned politics and fighting surrounding the Olympics. "Loo\ at history. Track is Ihe source of almost all Ihc Olympic problems. So, doesn'l it make sense to have yearly track and field competitions among the world's nations at some outstanding facility, rather than regular four-year buildups for a big Donnybrook? "The original idea of the Olympics was fine, hut we've gone beyond that. If Mr. Schollander would get out of the pool, he'd come to that realization, loo." THE MEET U hours earlier still preyed upon Bush's mind. "II was a cheap win we gol over Tennessee--the Vols deserved a tie," steamed Bush, who dearly is nol cut from Ihc usual coach's mold. "Can you imagine a guy on my learn being disqualified, like our mile relay anchor man was. for throwing rtown Ihe baton? "We didn't lose any points because Tennessee also got disqualified when one of its runners cut in on our man, but our snolalion was disgusting. There's gonna be a few UC1..A people chcwcd-oul Ihis week." Askrd how he would rate Ixmg Beach Slate nationally, the Bruin track coach cracked: "The only place (he ·IDers are weak Is In Ihc high Jump." The remark was made for the benefit of world record holder Dwight Stones, who once worked under Bush at UCLA, bul who now is a Ixjng Bench Stale stttrlenl and alhlele. When Stones look Ihe verbal jab with a smile, Bush reflected: "Dwighl Stones is my friend, lie can go to any school he wants as tang an he gets a degree." Since neither are shrinking violets, Bush and Stones must huve had some happy Iraining sessions at UCLA. IRREPRESSIBLE DWIGHT was nol quite so overpowering as his former coach, but he almost held his own. "I was supposed to make my mile relay debut today (in a triangular meet with Washington and Occidental), but since the meet probably will be close, the coach doesn't wanl to blow it," he said. "HTien I debul In the relay, though, ll'Il give the writers something else (o talk aboul--something like ·Dwight Stones, world's best quartermller.' "I consider the Long Beach Slate season a luneup for the Olympic Games. Oh, I'll try lo win all the time, but when I've exhausted the opposition. I won't tire myself and go any higher." Dwight couldn't let well enough alone. He pointed to Bush and yelled, "Coach, where we gonna have the high jump Sunday ttiic -i?ers contest the Bruins at Westwoodl, on Ihe field or on the track?" "When you gel there, son," replied Bush, "It'll be cnSimscl Boulevard," I may attend a few more track and field writers' luncheons. The cnlree may nol always be steak, bul Ihe conversations are laced with hoi sauce. Dodgers will hold clinics NBA standings NHL standings Euttr* Cwrffrmce AtUrfk Drrhlo* W L Pel. U Boston « a at - PKHOttt 40 3! -SSS I - 'mo » B J» »Y| /"·«" r York B 3S .« !4Vj N Y . HY inarotn confertra Patrick OMrta W L T Pft-Gf C» 4 II 14 110 270 130 y it i n in n 31 35 II 2S 39 73 !O Til S Ml 304 *L» AS « a M i » a j» I a. 3 5 3 m? B a 17 S H U a a i) n its iw u »? W . i-GoJden SM-* UK Aogtte Mlftml DMUoii 31 39 M a 43 -»4 2i O JtS B 4« :ru PKHfc 33 u ii » a si MI .nt * B .S7 IS is v .m w 31 40 ~437 20 Hocrfe Otvhwi IW Xf 19 11 J17 771 ' it as 744 · t v w m · H « 77 w 3S3 . DivWM 14 1! 104 M Xe : a I! 94 506 !71 78 u * it 777 ut ' '. « W 65 B 744 ' GJIB« Twigbc Hnostofl It L*lm. rKI» il [kJllki DttratilNtwYorL WuJJngtoo at Klnsas Cjty BOMO« al Nwr Orltarc. Cai.'orpia 7. ! Gjarf Toifcfcl KaKa^ Cilv al WaihJr.glMi (OoJy K^ra Shorts on his way Long Beach State's Albert Shorts turns into straightaway on way to victory in 440 Monday during 49crs' 89-73 victory over Washington. Shorts won 440 in 47.7 and then came back to anchor Long Beach's successful mile relay team. -Staff Photo by CURT JOHNSON LBSU spikes Washington prefers baseball (Continued from Page C-l) "Coming here is great," ne said. "It's not jusl l e a r n i n g fundamentals, but it's being around the big leaguers. I'd sec a Dave Lopes or somebody and say to myscK, 'Wow! This guy is Jusl like mo. just a little older and wilh more experience. That's all'." Myron will p l a y this summer in either Lodi or Danville. It's a far cry from the big leagues, but nl least a step up the ladder from Bellingham. "Bellingham wasn't all lhat h:id." he said, flash- ill!! a big smile. "We didn't gel many fans--heck, sometimes we'll get more people oul lo our high sclxxil practices than we did for games in Bclling- ham--lint lln. 1 pcoiile wo did gel were preily nice. "Tlx'y even t h r e w a 'Myron While Dny' one timr." A Myron Wliitc Day? "Yeah, il was my birthday and they announced il. "Then we went oul and gol heal. 15-0." D O D G E R IK)PK: T«m Coffman, who transfer- ed to LBSU w h e n C a l Slate Fullerton gave up track, twice saved his best throws until last and nn each occasion the victim was Washington's Derys Cambcll. Camhell led the discus at IRI-3V4 until Coffmati went 182-3 and was (railing Icammale Russ Vincent (S2-2K) in Ihe sholpul al 55-0% until Coffman passed him al 55 8. Washington, competing outdoors for the (ii^Miiuc this year, gol impressive victories from miler Tim Murray (1:97.5), high hurdler Robert Gaincs (14.0), Vincent, t r i p l e j u m p e r W a y n e Hinklcy (50-0%), half-milcr G r e g Gibson (1:52.8), two-miler Sieve Surface (8:55.4), sprinter Pablo Franco (21.4) siec- plechascr Graham B a r r (fl:08.2). javelin thrower Rod Ewaliko (223-0) ami h a m m e r thrower Scolt Neil son (201-101. But the. -lOcrs offset that by winning b o t h relays and finishing - o n c - l w o - Ihree in Uic 100 and long jump. Greg County (9.8) led the blitz in the 100, f o l l o w e d by loammatcs J e f f Williams (08) and Kii'kie.IacksnnlO.D). Footballer Mark Oivens (2-1-1 Vi) won Ihc long jump and was pushed by Greg Magoo (2-l-0',i) and Alan (Continued from PageC-1) other winners, Jim Kjiaub in Ihe pole v a u l t and Dwighl Stones in the high jump. Knaub's 16-5 winning vault was important to the Wers since Donnie Baird, who has been battling Ihc flu, failed lo make opening height. Knuub's leap was his best of the season. The f o r m e r Lakewood H i g h s t a r h a s o n l y recently b e g u n v a u l t i n g a f t e r recovering from a broken wrist. Stones nonchalantly won Ihe high jump at 6-10. Normally a flopper, Stones cleared the winning height w i t h Ihe straddle technique. "This is jusl a workout (or m e , " s a i d Stones. "When the meet's over I've gol some weightlifting tndo." The rest of the 49ers did their weightlifting w h e n they held up the Huskies. Hamnrr~,Nra«m '"Wl SU |0, Coif- .in'l.R) 171 9. Chambell r»'i 101 I Pelf »a«ll-K/iaLh O.B) l«. Vn»r v Ja^llo-h:wBllb fVl mo, Atvmd ·*i 1±! fl. Sfylslra it.JO ye 3, 'iMmvb il.Ri ISXO. RVdr« rol IKO Mi)«^H».-rav f»'i I (TI 5, HfOnJ- WN iIJll li«*. Bfaur I W I I 121 Charushas (Wt t H X. Sisler [Oi I I I b Ttilale iL81t-U a HiiditBinp-SIonfsllBtiH. HajTS ·W1 5«7Hfilfhcw JJil 6t B-?a«r(Oi . . -G'tvrm U.Hi ^11. llollis iLOl 3441, The Dodgers will stage eight baseball clinics d u r - ing April and May. Three players and a Dodger coach will appear from noon lo 2 p.m. al the C e s s i o n s , w h i c h begin Saturday, April 3, at Cosla Mesa City Park (18th and Anaheim St.). On Saturday. ,\pri! 24. two clinics wil! be held, one al Blair Field in I-ons Reach and the other al Lynwood City Park (3793 E. Century Blvd.). ,-inn uiiAcoml U|xm in Iwo M o n i l n y . bcalmi; t h e J i m Glllbms. 3-0 . . Al Downing phrlhNl Iwo innings. Divine up only UK- hit. Thol was by Bin Btx-knpr, then Downing piok- txl him of n l first. . . .Mfkr Marshall is due m e a n i p Triurxl.ii. ngiia-s lo piu-h in Salurilay ant! Ihen returns tn Michin-in Sutvrtay fir a court^ charges al Michigan Siiiti- . . .S'ici' president Al fampanfs on- oilier deal «H'kui(:-fnr Ih.- Oilc.' RicV .Monday--Uil'l liKlire it'll ivme lo |».w. "Thi-y n 1 a l i t t l e wary after trading us Ran Etonian List war,' tv said . .Tommy John phoned. Kitlmi! praotiee Mtimlay and Is seln-dnled to face Ihe New Yerk ^fel.^ Frtlay. . . .Hit Uodrigwz arrivtxl Monday Al'STlN. Tr\ ( A P ) Harry Dimd. lonnn IkMd Kiskcltxill co.k'h .11 I ho I'niMTsily ol Tc\ns-.\r- Imclmi. was t-hoM'i] Monday an ;issistanl roach ,il tlu I'msersily of at Austin, Another I S e r . A l b e r t Shorts, sprinted to a 17 7 victory in the llfl and Ihen rt'Uinifd w i t h a Vi.9 anchor leg on Ixing Beach's s u c c e s s f u l m i l e r e l a y team. , [.ong Beach had two POLY-- (Continued from Pago C-l) cars, Mulder did everything expected of him. He led the league in storing at 21.2. Ramsey was t h e catalyst at SI. Anthony, spearheading Ihe Saints to a s h a r e of the A n g c l u s league title wilh Maler Dei. E a c h all-star w i l l re- c e i v e an All-City patch from The /./'-T. Slffplftiaw-- Ban- iV9 ft ;. Gtw .ifMwi V f f. in.?. Rmor« ' I B : 1 KX n k - r k . , i O I IT I. Am'lO'l.ll") UW w.t-nc) -0 1 V' S I.'O (lll-Calnr* Wi 1 1 · ri-li-rtci iI.Bl II 1. WblW 'I.R1 II 5. [lurfl (l.Bl · v i i 11 I I : iv rnlimjn -I.R! 1J 1. Hiani. i.-l I 1 :. St)ll (Ol l^JA .SK-lWfl !! it.B' D P i: : rot .I.R- t- :, ir^ Oi w*. llarreil Bruins please Bar tow (Continued from Page C-l) "We're a lot different basketball team than we w e r e in November. To begin with we have Iwo different slarlcrs--David Greenwood and Raymond Townsend. "Richard and Marques know they're going to play 37-38 minulcs a game, pur guards know Iheir jobs and so do Ralph Drolliij- ger, J i m m y S p i l l a n e , Gavin Smith and WUbcrt Olinde coming off t h e bench. In November they didn't know their jobs or what 1 expected of them." Barlow said he was looking forward lo the rematch. "I thought Indiana was a tremendous basketball learn in November. Bobby Knight is one of the finest young coaches in the country and they remain a fine, fine team. "We over-emphasize Indiana. We're going to e m p h a s i z e UCLA t h i s w e e k . We k n o w w h a t Ihey'rc going to do. If we p l a y our g a m e , we're going to win. " W e ' l l w a l k through I h e i r o f f e n s e s and def e n s e s for 10 m i n u t e s Thursday. \Ve s p e n l 10 hours doing the same in November. T h a t g a m e was awful, a slaughter. This will be a super bas- kelball game." ABA leaders Frv*». N.V. Kni^ri. Uxl OCT. K«\ . frames. M.U Kvl. Ooi 6oix», ML SSvlo. S_A. Butim. W. K FT PB. Svj. SJ7 4K !.?« rft MA 19 I.tt7 77.4 04 gj 1,37] 74!? 434 S» I.1T1 14jO 6W f]0 I.45J W w in i,?» 7J.O Ut 20 1JB ?!i 444 94 71) « 75? l.W DJ wa Arit Phil*lHnhU vs. B a l l l m o c e ' a l ' Mliml Kb lulghl). NHL leaders College baseball UC RJfVERSlD!! TOtTWAMEVT D»(«W1I» OWOM10»-I!! CKrntSL WieiOCOi-!)! Brown to* WeMi. Meier ind Ro»c. Tihl «««» IW- 1 7 1 SuiM «l M 4 « i - l l l l Ribrn. Bcndeltl It) lod SUulfei. Yiwlk. Argusl f51 r Invin [71 ind Val- trrs. K. SDrklsu. HUmtto--Stt OrnnSl .. I") «X1000-11 2 Ouvhinko sod KHkT: NoHo B«Ty f^jnrllLirpfT HR HlrTLtvz ( K M i SunfoH L I , TVUwArr 10 BVU 3,1'C RjwnBlr I. UHtw. Mon. dirkf. PW. .Mb?r, Ftii. Pfflftft.-*!. H. LiTQUCjX!. Pll. Rattle. Bv Sifller, Tor. WHA leaders Tarrf'. Oue HIT I. V/rn. r*ore*. Ptw Cttxfllf, Out Hexte. Ouc L-Kroii. SD. ED RATLEFF (Continued from Page C-l) Trtpk LBvp-tlinVk)- liC.-t H.Hi b 11 Rn\ l l i in*- (.jiiii ].K" i · i .. J.Hkv.r, l . B ) *9 f,J I W I : .I.Bi W S . - BBWAA award to Red Patterson Arthur E. (Red) Patterson, associalcd wilh Ihc Dodgers for 21 years and currently president of Ihe Angels, has earned the Civic Award from (he l-os Angeles-Anaheim chapter of Ihe Baseball Writers Association of America. The BBWAA will boiw Patterson at i t s awards b.inqui't at Ihc Disneyland Hotel on April 1. Tickets, priced at $25 each, are .TV,iilable by writing lo the organisation at t h o Hilt- m o r e Hotel. Suite 1352, Los Angeles, 90013. . :i :. Ji,-»rn -iji a.i. Prwn .in r; i.Crivinii 11)12: INV-Ciht.-n i » . I S! , B^Jik-j (l.Bl I UK. Ponrr lOi 1 SI i\ lhi! n il.ln I ! :. R.idf.ird-W'] I l.l T»«Jf-5yrtic« i*l S SI I. Jinrvfi \1 9 '*M I. r.Ud .^ 'J NA. K l u r r l f i W ) Hfl, »'avniIJlU !48 IK 111- Fi-hir .IJli il .. Tijlnr lOl M 3. Mr*b^hK-n -Vi H 9 HjMd rOt c.\ .' »1iilr-.U(i5:« *4tir rfliy-I^n? EVarh iRrjj'lf) hi.Vr : .l 1 lunri: W I s^-rb 1 n :. 'A'.isfcmfTiMi i i ; 3 Oecl ,t. r.u! \ 1 1 A frail ir«m: l^i; Kttett Sl^lc C Wj.hintlMl T3, \ani IV-J.-h SUIf 119 J l . Wi?iirrton HI Off! ikr.ui JT r u n to camp CINCINNATI ( A P I Texas Rangers infielder Ix'o Cardenas was hound over Monday on liarnillon County v;r.ind jury charges of breaking and entering his ex-wife's apartment. Bond was set at $500 for Cardenas, a former Cincinnati Red and a five- time All-Star game selec- liW He was granted permission in report to spring l i M i n i n g by H . i m i l l o n C n n n i y Criminal C o u r t Jud'^o Peter Oulcalt. who stipulated Cardenas could U'.uc ihc city tinder the provision Ihnl he musl app e a r in Common Picas Court (or arraignment if indicted. BKU1N BANTER: UCUV Daily liruin sports editor Marr Drllljts di-lvpd into \\v ivmrrf lxK)k Sunday and A U F - larcxJ w i l h s o n i 1 a ma nng si.itisiirs. The B r u i n s a r c playing in (he final round of lour for th" Iftth SIKXI'SSITO yawn It's thoir Uih appearance in tlv pasl 13 jTars. North r.inoli'na ranks second in th^ 1 s.imo span with four , t p p e a r ; i n c o s . N e x t conic Michigan i3(. Indiana, Hous- t/wi KansaA, Louisville. K*i- Incky and DuJo? tT) while 21 schools haif appeared ooco. i n c l u d i n g 1966 c h a m p i o n Tt-xns-El I'asn and 7-4 Ullist North Carolina Sinte...UCLA has ncvvf lasi a Lt!c game. Koing 10-for-IO. The Bruins art 5010 in all NTAA tournament play, including 17 wins in their hsi 4R outings. W h o n the Hrxisiers a n d Bruin.* coilidcd in the semis ihm* years ago, UCI-A p r e i n i l r a . 70-59. D r o l H a E f r plajYl on Ih^t team wrJle Andre McCarter was rcdshirt- in^. Quina Btidiner and Jim Crews wi-re Indiana'^ starting guards...UCLA is the o n l y school (roni last year's fiiwil l o u r u r e p e a t . Kentucky IjOtiisvilk- ami Sjracusc fell hy t h e wayside...This w i l l m a r k t h e third t i m e Ihe Bruins have earned a semrfi- nM rematch with a "TV spectacular" oppooenl from the regular sen son. In the past, the learn which won in Lhe ro^lar season lost in the pt.intts. tn 19«? UCLA avenx- i-d an Astrodome loss to Houst o n . S i x y e a r s later, t h e Bruins tilled North Carolina in St. 1,0111$ only to meet de- lea I m th* 1 icmis . If L'ClA boats Indiana, it will duplicale a feat jTH-'riorniod by tho Bruin foot boll icani--losmg to the No. 1 team in the nalxxi dur- in..; Ihe regular season and tht-n hi-.1 ting that unrfefealod and still top-ranked team in pofst-svason play iJkc Ohio state, Indiana hails from the Big Ten Conference. Houston has a 36-36 record, one loss better than the Lakers. Last year the Rockets' .500 mark Hill) earned them a playoff berth for the first time in Ihe team's history and they knocked o f f New York before being climi- naled by Boston. "We're a litlle better than we were a year ago. at least more consistent," says E g a n , " b u t the strength has shifted from Ihe Wcsl lo the East and a .500 record won't make it this year, I'm afraid." Houston c a n ' t c a t c h Washington or Cleveland in the Central Division and has o n l y a l o n g s h o t ' s chance of overtaking ei- t h e r P h i l a d e l p h i a or Buffalo of the Atlantic Division. Both are four games ahead in the loss column. Much like Uie Lakers, Houston constantly fights a shoddy defense. It was poor in Portland and Seat- lie to start the four-game road trip and the Rockets lost both times. "We talk defense, probably like Sharman (Bill) does w i t h Ihc Lakers," says Egan, "but our guys lose concentration. They * DOfttt)* rii r»rw vine-am.. Seattle il I'boenlx. f633yglo««hfJuWj ABA standings W L Pet. M New Ywk H JM 9i Wn Artonio -I? 33 _S44 1} KwtuckY C D -5« I7\3 lndl*u * P # .*7 W M. Louis H « ."7 ?1 Vksfaii 13 A3 .140 ^"i H*o4i;1 Re* rite So g-unes scheduled. Cant* ToBlxf* Deimr at Kenrtcky Son Anloow it Indiana OaJy games scfx^idcdi Kings scoring OP G A P Dtonr* n 35 « 83 Mwp^iY . 73 25 JO 45 GorLrw) Il J) 31 6l Ncvfn TO 13 y f) Koi* U 17 73 O Borrv . ....... iH W N 39 Vervisky n 1* 71 39 CofTfcwn W 18 N 37 AVxttbch 7] S 27 B WmiAfTtt . il VI 1) 31 ST. MA*T*in« U » 15 H S^rgwit W 7 IS 7? Wkfing U 7 IS 7? C*fT 3* 8 M 19 DeM-WTO if 6 11 17 Kwnadoskl 73 J 10 13 Kaortwiewer AS J * 1? Hutchison . . . -O 0 9 9 Wlfson SI ! J S Brc*n AS 1 J J Edw.itS M 0 0 0 V3Cr*Xi « 7700 1-U 5 1» ?M9-I EtfwvTh M 14*0 W 0 IW l?-!2-4 TEAM n -- ft* i i.ii JI-3U NBA leaders FO FT Pti. Avs. svAdoft. BOH. »? * ;wo Ji 2 Abdul J*fcif. 1 A. PI SW 7J1B V3 SVr.r/kh. HO. f» 379 Ija ZS S AritiiMd. KC. 41 S C? \M1 UA AVGwvvs, Phil W O7 1 571 75 J Sm^h. Bv*f. A» J3S 1-598 22J DTP*. AH. 5T7 UO !.*, 71.? tondridge. W 1. . S B 714 l,Bi 71. S Mufriw, HOU W4 341 l.jvtt ?1.3 NHL highlights Seals 7. Blues 1 OAKLAND-- California's Kick Hampton and Bob Murdoch each scored two goals as Ihc Golden Seals blasted SL Louis. The Blues scored first as Larry Palty registered their 20th shorthanded goal of Ihc season at 3:8 o/ the [iret period. Dennis Maruk. WaiTie Menlck and Frtti Abem scored Ihe other Seal goals. WHA standings E*i» DivWcn W L T PK.GF GA Wcw Pngla^J B li 7 (* 234 148 CkvLkvu^ 33 ti 1 47 ?tf W ClfveidnrJ 31 34 S « W 23 ixSH.apc4ri 30 i? S 6i M» 2?1 West DMtlM . PSie^r 34 31 6 n 17? 751 1 Cmatfi iVi - OrvthiOR '-" ' · 1 WKrt-'nx] » H 1 MO 33* ffi 1 Ouctoc O H. « m 3K 1 Ui»w J7 31 t n in 7,ffl Ectryylon 25 tt S S5 7J7 S? Towo 7? rt 5 /) XH351 sKlinrhpd cfivWoo lillp MkD^jy'1 R«ulls · - ..' " " ' , . ' -. Gimf* ToiijjtH GfvrUnd il Quebec C.ilcarr al Tifonio Irvlpaapolis 3t San Oipgo. 1 ' 'Or..j ganwi rM«Jc^i. · " - '! · Exhibition .-·..· baseball ,. I Priibrklphla . . ,flf*tOnnflr}| -- 1 7 1 KJ.II Srtrn'lw i\\ Itu^frwnrf "7"', Ti'vit.iT» f'3i .ind RrtMw. NriV-T'lny '7',, IjilW O. Cnwlorff J'.v.- M-vCiitniark ' 1 1 and Wi* kMiJu "··!.« Kirtim cji. W-llikcndnrf. I«-MacOhr-. cufk. * ·- ., . ! /a ~^ rfirt ·« ( \LJ ai Bral*n!on, Fla. ' ' 1 Cku'lanrf vs. San ar Tic 1 117 K* KO MO 99' .)( 1)1 II ]· llfr allow easy penetration and. put pressure on our big': men." S h a r m a n knows t h e feeling. The Lakers (36-3T) have" dropped into third plaice In' the Pacific Division and ; may have lo win all- of their five remaining home, | games to slave off fourth- 1 : place Phoenix. S H O R T SHOTS: E t f a n Ihinks his learn would hava. w n n six or seven more games h:id il hcon able |r s\ty\ draft- . i't Robbv Jones, .1 60 Inrward I r n m N o r l h Carolina wjjir tipuvl (or Dcnwr of Ihe ABA: "lie would have tx-cn one of Ihr pieces in solving Ihc puz-" zle o( boinc a consislenl win-' IKT." says clean. "He is a (me r f c f e n . ' d v e p i n y e r . unselfish and w e l l crraindod in ( h e fundamentals. His tos really sel us haek." . Calvin Murphy of Houston ranks 10th in the N B A in soorinu wilh a 21.3 average. He is third in assists. . . .tafias AFJea. »ho missed Sunday's Rarne with the flu. did not practice Monday but U expected to play toniRhl. . . flail fioodrieh hit only seven o( 2-1 shots and scored Ji points in Ihe losinc efforts lo Phoenix and to Milwaukee. . . Karf*m AbdaUabbar continues to shoot sensaiionally. He has made 71 »( his last I I I shots for 3 .Xto percentaije. . . The L a k e r s n o s t All.inl.i Friday, travel lo Oolden Slate Saturday, then relum to the Forum to meet Phoenix . . .The 1-akers arc M vs. Houston, losing the last meeting on Feb W LAKERS' STATISTICS FT A Pel O M n Fd-« Pel 73X1011? I!*-IW 57t 171171 914 /nil) It! »T 1^*9 m 141 3C7 *5^ raim !4 aa o 5? 1407 731 141-ST? Oi U 2 3 4 7 3 S ! r ! I I I 4 U 7 1S7.3C5 14] lil« 4H SI 171 )l! II *71 14 1 ir 171 is 11 JC7 1 ' )] 44 11 «l«6 71] n ms i o 774 4?s 29 47) 14 t Jl IS US n n tn Ast fti tn C4-S4t HI 173749 U4 W37 172 US- 7* 771 I9t 19 lit VOt I H S»7^ 717 yt I 1 71 341 i l , 17171 i5 31; 44 i» 7 M yft 1)7 7J l i l tu '-0* 111 )l 3M 1711 It 4 I!) M I S 45 111 II 7a 41 n i to u 74 t: j o it m ' ) io i ti i j a s Sii! n * 3 « 1 7 11)177 ii 113 71 111 741 H i tn jfl 1 1 K m 7 i ;u in ') u i'4. x» _ _ _ _ _ -'i« 771 xa »i ~m ~rn Hi -en 733 B»» si T7 mt tat

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