Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 24, 1976 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 24, 1976
Page 11
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IM 6LAP TO HEAR H'OU SWTHAT,AVA1?C|E...B"T I ALSO APfREClATEO THE CAP5 fOUia HOW DO VOU UKE IT'S I JCWNP OUT, PICKUP THE DIME, AND I'M --\ '- i OFF AGAIN. ITU. GO iso AYRH. AND ] · · f HAPPENS^ STOP ON A. O1M6 NONEOFYOUR^ ^mS GEhTLEMWlVsO WHAT? flHAWKS, HOHEY.WoNfT'HOliei' HOW IN \ THUNDER ) DIDVEDO / THflT, LUKEV?/ I BUSTED HER ROLLV PIN X FINALLY GOT EVEN WIF ELVINEY PER WHflCKIN' ME QUERTHT HflID!.' , -TH'SUNRrSE GOWN'OVER rD'/S TMOS6KJRN FOOLS IS/WSSIM' 'OR -S.5HOWM' ROJR HOURS FLVAWOW-AMVAie WE'LL THEYALL \TH'A10Sr GLQRfCXJS SIGHF LEFr-- A EVER SEEM /AW 'OR GOOD/ -- WRITE "1 WILL NOT TALK IN CLASS* A HUMORED TIMES I'VE TbLP YOU 06FORE THAT I'D 1 SURE COULD USE. SOME HEL.P WITH HOMEWORK HELP YOU WITH YOUR WOfAEWORK/ NO. MAMA KO$A'$ PIZZERIA STAKTEP TWIN'S SUNDAY ITfe JOKES LIKE THAT ITwHAT'SA HENWAY? THAT GIVE CHICKENS RATHER HAVE ATLRKEY Believe ft or Not! ESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Rh Factor .Succumbs I'D Scientific Study GEORGE SAND cis«.iei6 THE CEtEBRftlffi NOVELIST WHOSE REM. NAME WAS AMANOIffiAURORE LdCIE DUDBftUT, NEVER WROTE IN THE DAYTIME - OOWS ,Jii «f« UORKBETU£EU THS HOURS Of /OfM AND fAft fl £50 60Lt PIECE .*"' OCTAGONAL IN SHAPE, i LEGM. TENDER DURIM THE CALIFORNIA SOLD RUSH, WAS POPULARLV CALLED - U " - -{HE BELFRY OF THICKESTER. CATHEDRAL, BUILT \N THE 15th CEMTURV, IS THE ONLY SELFRV OF AN ENGLISH CHHEDRW- THAT IS NOT ·· ATTACHED TO WE fitHHJ STROCTUKE rthwBit. Arkansas TIMES, Soi., April 34, 1974 · IT BlllllllIllllllllililllBIII^ FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope ·iniiuiiiinHM^ Tile Ilh faclor. responsible lor (implication in the lives o[ ewborti children, seems (o tvi ·ieWing to the pressure of cicutil'ic advancements. U]V to a period ot about 30 vcars ago. almost 50 per cent of all infants with this blood ;rouping problem died at birth. J'oiliiv, with early detection of the Rh faclor, total transfusion of the child at birih antl study of the fluid that surrounds the unborn child, these mortality statistics have been greatly re duced. It is anticipated that this severe bloDtl disorder may b ncaring extinction. Special types . o! filobvill. iven io mothers in the earli weeks of pregnancy may be o additional help in coping will this blond problem. Ev!n with these scientific ac ramplishmcnls. obstetrician constantly emphasize the nee tor following the pregnan woman trnm the moment prc? nancy is established. Only i this way can the blood piclur be determined at the carries t i m e and kepi in complete con trol. A portion of a blond clol that." ' reaks away and circulates in., ._ ic 'blood stream is always a,'S ireat to l i f e . \ ' ' An ingenious blood filler is V* eillg tried in experimental ^ aiinuls at the Beth Israel' - lospitEil in Boston. ' ^ ^ Dr. iMorris Simon and his co- J ^ vorkcrs are. now able' Lo intro-r uce a liny rod into the large. ^ 'oin that brings blood back to '.~ he lungs. This is made of a '; mclal alloy thai was developed V. 01- space flighls. This thin wire rofl. when in- - ected into the large vein,--* springs into the shape of an' J. umbrella and acts as a Eilter^ 1 ; o catch "traveling" pieces of' "· clol. This may be a liF.e'Snviiig*;: . e c h n i rj u e when used in" ·· ' S P E A K I N G ' , or . HKALTH...Good digestion starts ; from' the ' moment food mixesl* with salix'a in the mouth. The digestive cn/ymcs in saliva are^- c\lrcn),"lj valuable in beginninc't? t h a t process Children' esDccially. should be tramcd lt» c h e w food well before 1 Look in the section in which vour birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. Knr Sunday, April K, 1970 AR1KS (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Certain offerings will he at- tractive; others out of line: All pending, s h o u l d be ·' mv«stigntcd; | ) r o g r e s s ' spur activities to a lively'pace It's a day for achievement. Jus one admonition: Be careful il whom you confide. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec ?.l) '. Carry on with mailers no\ tf aniiiniiiiiiiiiPiiiiiiiiiiiraininPiitiffliMiraiaiiwTM 11 TM^ 3. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to MsjtenT Individual Championship Playl and don't delay you ; |)rogress n v : going »" on " l J n ^ , thoroughly. Don't mix business gc]lls Vol ; may 'have a ten Smith dealer with pleasure unwisely. Idency toward restlessness now TAURUS (Apr. '21 to May 21) |but try to curb it. iritinnniin ......... miiraiin » iiiiiiiMnmii i«iiniMi»iiii»itiiiii«TM ...... .111 wii TMiniTM»i»'"i» low t i u m p West tollowsjow -JL--,' Not, alt -you look at ..will. .be. '""* as you sec il.- Ask someone elfc w^al, he thinks of,matters am you will view a whole new pic- .ure. . G E M I N I (May 22 to June 21) Your imagination stimulated but don't go to extremes in any thing. Be especially careful on the social front where you COULD overtax yourself. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Be alert to intricacies : if several persons are concerned vour activities hut dnn't, overlook vom- own intuitive |PISCLS (Fcb.^0 to Mar. 20) CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 lo JTM 20) . . - . . ' - - ' : - · Needed now: palie'jce in home and family matters, perseverance in tcctious. 'lumdrum t a s k s . PIniilli'asue your philosophical side. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 lo Feb. 19) You can achieve much if you go about things in the right way -- and with confidence. There may be a .hitch at times bill, generally, you can steer things as voirwish. North-South vulnerable. NORTH faculties in coping. LEO (,lu!y 24 to Aug. 23) , ' c^sh o f ' l e m p e r a m u n t s could cause friclioii:. Don't jc oparrtizc a wa rm Sriendshi p by insisting, needlessly, on your own way. V I R G O ' ( A u g . 24 to Sept. 23) Even though your plunelary infl uencc's arc f airly goo d, i I will take more than average patience and skill to keep somi mailers in line. Bu you CAN do it. YOU BORN TODAY arc endowed with a brilliant mind, a V K Q 8 6 « Q J 7 3 *A7 5 WES T EAST Js 6 4 1 0 9 7 5 4 3 V 0 3 * 7 5 4 2 * A 10 9 4 410 8 6 3 SOUTH ' * A K V A J 10 » K 8 6 5 i * K , Q 4 The bidding-. South West Pass Pass If it should .become ncccissary (remarkable memory und lo sacririce 'some leisure time business activities, don't afc. Results will more than make up. for your disappointment. · ! ' · · · · . LIBRA (Sept. 24 lo Oct. 23) traordinary .'intuitive powers. You arc also i m a g i n a t i v e and inclined toward the scicnl if it- 1 f so me one su g go.sls idea, give it a chance_ -- but not tit trie cost of reputation a| the expense of valuable lime. Head,up! SCORPIO (OcL 24 to Nov. 22) Fine aspects give a lift to -our personality, help you to a n d inventive. Technology fascinates you. hut you con also t u r n lo ^either the law d i p l o m a c y musicians, [hysicinns. North 3 » 5 * East Pass Pass 1 * 4 NT 6 * Opening lead - three of clubs One Irait that distinguish? he CMicit rteclaier from (h run-of-llie-will declarer is t h a tic does not relax his vigil the so-called easy hands. Th M a %c^s'S«r^^TMrT b U a n d l a r l TM r s e cards are distribute nvsic]Riis, agrieuiiui IMS a i m botanists have been horn unrter unfavorably your Sign. You usually work best in solitude, but should not make U a practice to retreat from ' the worlti. Here is a typical case wlier tt would be easy to go \vron Let's say Sontb wins. :he cb id dummy s j.'ck wins. East lowing out ^ This is Hit- end of the road declarer.because, sooner or ler'lie must, lose two trump icks and go down one. He jnld attribute' liis to bad luck, ut the fact is that he himselt responsible [or losing the am. -' \ ' * The point is that South can ee from the word go that the am is ice-cold if he loses only ne trump trick. All Us other nits are solW." The only .way can lose two Irump tricks s if the suit is divided 4-0 :' Such a division occurs in only IB deal out of ten. and usually his possibility ; is -, negligible compared lo o'.licr dangers that there is no other tlireat on tho horizon, and so South : should concentrate on the possible 4-0 aion He should \un the opening club lead in dummy and pla' a low trump to tha ne , ., _ .When East shows o u t , : it ,is not difficult for declarer' to hold him«clf to one t r u m p loser. West's 10-9-4 : can easily ,b» trapped lister,on. It is true t h a t ' t h e low, frump Ica-i to the king would not ,, :ceed if Eas! had Ihe.-A-lO 9-!. but 'notlliilg could save declarer in that case. A low trump lead protects acainst everything that Crossword By Eugene She/fer ACROSS I Symbolic ring of light 5 Kind of crow S Football play 12 Hebrew measure 13 Put into operation II Concert halls IS Counterfeit 17 Dr. Jonas -18 Substance yielding sulfur 19 Article 20 Etching needle 21 Salary 22 Garden tool 23 Actress , Lawrence ( W Phenomenon at dawn 30 Moslem titles 3) Light open carriage 32 Image 33 Utter carrier 35 English S3 A recess 20 One of the physicist DOWN family 36 Equine ' ; 1 -- '-my- 21 Wilh great need thumb speed 37 Marten or 2 Cupid 22 Bear's mink 3 -- majesty squeeze 3S Rest ' 4 Scrap of 23 Headgear 41 Conveyance food 24 In the past 42 Cut down 5 Dukedom 25 Ethiopian 45 O.T. book 6 Tennis star prince 45 Defer 7 T "iy 26 Transgress 48 Index mark, 8 Caudal 27 I'Yigid in printing 9 "An 2S The sun n Wrath ; apple --" 23 Compass 50 Theater org 10 Belray reading 51 Herbert 11 Japanese 31 Merry Beerbohm -- beverage 34 Ex-pugilist: 52 Spike 16 Kind ot type - Baer (Hist) (abbr.) 35 Demote Avgso!utiontime.22min. ( s '. an B _ 37 Joined i- together 38 Film star: George -- THE NOW WORLD VCc ''Ofy B 0fc k H.I.S. For Her ' / i Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 4j Greek god "Daddy, may I i n v i t e Donald over? He had a bad day in'school, and il takes a lot of FOOD to cheer him up!" They'll Do It Every Time THE ccoxEy KIDS E HUWDCEDS OF TOYS OF ALL KINDS' TILL IT STOPS BMNING, PLAY WITH ONE OF THESE-THEV : ALL FON-" So WHICH ONE DO THEY WANT TO PLAY WITH? THE SAME ONE OF CUSS, Of

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