Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1964 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1964
Page 19
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Rockefeller laid SO percent [ f r o m the New Hampshire Tuesday c h i d e d President]of the Republicans favored WASHINGTON tfl -- Seo,Johnsoo about civil-rights and the measure as compared to Barry Goldwater, R-AriD»dministratioa "failures- in]62 percent of the Democrats. I said Tuesday if he fans to win foreign affairs. The governor told newsmen I S^GOPwesidentiaJ nomina-l Rockefeller, who hopes to that President Johnson could I tion he will have to 'flip a be the Republican candidateibe beaten in November. I nickel' in deciding whether opposing Johnson's bid for *It his become dear t - - - - election in the faH, crged the Amencan people that Pres- Classified Ads Increase Your Sales. And Profits to rapport Richard M. Nixon or Cor. William W. Scranton, ens the national civil-rights program. Two weeks before the first £_*.',*_ ^ .£?J«£ presidential primary in New Hampshire March 10, Goldwater said he remains confident that he wfll get the nomination to oppose President Johnson ia November. Summing up his position, the Arizona Senator made these other points in a wide- President to halt a filibuster ident Johnson's administration has not only been unable to a lot . .eign affairs after they happen. _ = but even unable to take steps Rockefeller told a news!to prevent them from occur- ranging interview: --Provided ' June 2 primary--and ha* a decided edge over New York GOT. Nelson A. Rockefeller--former Vice President conference that he favored .ring.* Rockefeller said. cloture, or limited debate, on *I believe the most serious civil rights in the Senate. He problem ia foreign affairs is said that once debate w a si the deterioration of our rela limited he hoped Democrats lions with our allies in deal and Republicans would Joining with the C o m m u n l s residential primary. · . · · · ASKED about a telephone conversation he had w i t h jodge last week, Rockefeller aid he merely called the am- lassador ia Saigoa to explain question a newsman in New lampshire had asked. As a matter of fact. Rocke- eller said, the transocean elephone connection was so bad that neither he nor Lodge really knew what was going i. He also felt that the Urge together in pushing the legis- ded he wins the l °B eu «\ "* »r s "' California delegate *** ttooct*. g te thinks he btoc." Rockefeller denied that had a s k e d Henry Cabo IX THE House approval ofJLodge. US. ambassador to fiascos ia which we are in- CUC4 lvtl^* · »*. ·*»,.».»«.* . . . .* , ' 'Nixon is the man Fm going volved aroimd the worfdare, to have to beat ia the con- gettmg serious and the Presl- vention. 1 don't see anybody dent is not miking any de- else ia sight." --He believes a reported move of Ohio Gov. James A. cisions. ;--Goldwater expects to jet a minimum of 35 percent cf CORE 'Shop-in' Harasses Two Markets in S.F. SAN FRANCISCO Cfl -Rhodes to fashion a bloc of'the votes ia the New Hamp- Loaded carts of groceries o e s northera-tier-state delegates'shire popularity contest and behind Scranton, the Perm- at least seven of the 1* dele- behind Scranton, the Perm- at least seven sylvanii governor, will fail gates to be elected, "because Fve got 70 percent Wearing a shoe o of the delegates ia Ohio and which a section had --He doesn't believe Scran- it ofi been peeled up to the chec then left unpai j or j,y civil-rights demonstra tors. filled the whole fron Tuesday of a Lucky a majority in Wisconsin." gouged to protect a tender i supermarket ia San Fran i- spot on a heel from which! ;,,_.. w .._ ,,Mitkn_ ton wants the nomination a spur was removed several i "unless if, handed to him on weeks age ..the senator f a silver platter." nounced himself physicaByi -If he were Scranton. Td fit for the long campaigning be looking for second place that lies ahead. He said the, on the tfcket. He's awheel ha, about healed and he ! cisco'i Western addition. For eight days, representa vts cf INDEPENDENT-?g« T-T* tint IMCX out. v*i. FM. av tw number of candidate! Ia tha New Hampshire primary was in the best interests of the party and would cuke the contest oa March 10 very interesting. : . · ! ! ' Congress on young TMTI_ I like him. If he were the vice presidential nominee, he'd be in a wonderful position to get the presidential nomination in 1963, has bought new shoes. Goldwater discounted suggestions that his drive for the nomination has slowed down. He said he thinks "the South's if we don't wia this year." agreement on hiring Negroes. San Francisco's Mayor John Shelley made a personal effort Monday to settle the aH right, so far as delegates dispute but failed. Johnson is going to be dif-!are concerned." leaving the Lncky's management has ficult to defeat *but ht's get- implication that he would ex- denied any contract violating more vulnerable every pect a tough battle with John-tions. It also has declined to G1LBEYS day. The honeymoon is over.[son there if he wins the nom- ask arrest of tie demonstra IcSj C M Idl hi Btx lii ta«|'i liM lota h U « fa»f.«t* taa lot* S^-l. f IL [.Hii tit, tEinS. B». Iztfctd Jy laiirat lotilet trtfati Cwpq: in the unlikely event of ram, may we offer you the shelter of one of our public telephone booths?They make fine umbrellas.Their intended purpose, of coursejs to place you within easy reach of a telephone wherever you are. That's why we're installing more and more of them on the streets, along highways, and places where people are most likely to congregate. So, if it rains, or there's an emergency, make a beeline for the nearest public phone. It's a great convenience in either case. PLANNING NOW FOR THE FUTURE. ...GENERAL TELEPHONE ^

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