Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1962 · Page 48
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 48

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 48
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Homti for Sato 13t LOS ALTOS 2-BEDROOM HOME 211? R.dnor Av t. Niwty Dtcoratt d Thruqut Ntw W/W C-rpth 1 Niw UrroUum Ki», B*»h Niw Grb. Clip* Thtrmo. FOR SALE BY OWNER . $13,950. Ph. GE 4.2888 HEART OP LOS ALTOS Jews-- YOVTI Us.. MI one) WALKER LEE * Hwy It) 4 AnafttJm M. Ct ill* ~LOS CEWUTOS'AREA LOVELY 1 }BR. den. 1V taths. WlLLHOIT.Tklattor CA 7 1171 NAPLES-MARINA AREA 2 » OEM-- NAPLES IU bams, w/w tamers, fireplace. Plctvrg window gver. Cots landscaoed pafu ml BBQ MR. + PLAYROOM Large Co/Tver home, built ta fcircngn. flrgptace. enclosed patio. Big Hay room over giragg w/bgtts wet bar. WATERFRONT CAPE COO Treesurg tsla Uedrmi. TU baths, flreglacg. etc Room to add. Ooen water. Lowest priced Bay-front .vaiL MUNTZ REALTY CC f-JI4l-- Beeltera--UU e. 2nd On Canal-- View of Bay Powder room, LB. dm rm. I llv rov. family rm. By owner. MUST JELL J I den » family room. Comer near Bay. WHITE REALTY CB MJ3 NORTH LONG BEACH Loot What We've Found! Jlr,-- din. rm. J story home. On III lot. Paved alley. Decorate 1 SAVE! ONLY Sim LOW LOW EH. Call now-- tomorrow will be Too Letel OWNER SAYS SELLI Thii sham t-Bic. Close in tec* ton. Only IS7SO. D. VAN LIZZEN. REALTOR Open Eves. 5942 Orange GAIOtT? (X (X (X jX iX DUPLEX 2 BEDROOMS EACH Llv-nfl rm ft, tfining rm combine twn. H4w4 tloert, tit* kinhtn bam. CarMM cRsooiaL del e*- raa«. ComoTeftly fmctC Xait. cond. dm* to trama M O O R E GA 3-5441 im South Jt. Open Eves. HIGTTYlELD INVESTMENT! .5000 DN,-S UNITS INCOME im. P*. M4.IM Near llTM 1 Manet, i funs. for. aots. Ground floor, On IOIU R-4 comer lot. wins S garages. Pay* rnents. SI7I mo. Only needs paint. JOHN W. REED. REALTOR NEAR SUTTER SCHOOL $1100 ON, $11.500 Newly listed I bedroom frarre witn ranch style raribimo porch, dining room 4- breakfast room. SCH8 1st. Ci!e. garase. lleeis some repair, but a rare buvl JOHN W. REED, REALTOR GA J-7III 491 E. Martll GA HM» ·{t JIOO DN. r VERY NEAT IBR. Seo. tr.n. nru. Ige. kit., file bath, nail snnwir. Lot 43tM w'CBF. sorlnhlers. Lovely yard. EiceL ·"call Mary to sr»« * MOULD REALTY HA frill Eves., HA Mi:i 3 UNITS WITH ·rear, meters, toucts plate iwitcties. w'Overtieed doers. Inc. S170. Taxes 1477. F.P. mac. Clear. A Good Buvl JOE HODGE. RFALTOR GA J-7T14 GA 14774. GE 4I7U HOME AND INCOME NEAR PRANCE I HAROINO . rear gver dele, garagn 4- guest room. Lets of closet space. Mo lams taitoien. can tor ant. todavl U300 01. HUSO. JOHN W. REED. REALTOR CAl-mi 401 E. Marl ef HA (1411 2 DEN on lie. RI lot. FHA terms. fenced vard with frvit trees. Ideal for eitra units. Small down '"·"geiTiim CA }4j); REX L HODGES CO. 3-EDRM. -f DEN alsg rumpus rm. wilti fireol. IU faa. A rial family tioma -- has everyttilng. Owner moving, must REX A LHODGES"CO. REDUCED PRICE en th'l Ibr., 1t*balti home, Patio. CB fence. Take over 4\s% loan or 13100 dn. to new loan. Miciey Bemis GA 24444 SI7i L. B. Blvd. EvesGA 7-J4I4 2 ON 1-- 2.BR. I-BR. Tile kltctien. D.m. ro wiring. w. tg w. carpet. Lot a*W. in. come 1140 trot. IP, III.MO JOE HODGE. REALTOR GA 17IK GE 4SI44. CA 74:74 C-3 CORNER Wlttt i rentals. Income 11X Good Invejt^ert tsr v-.t Call f:r Miciey Bemis GA 24444 5171 L. B. Blvd. tves GA JJ444 * $1.000 ON. jfr 7bdr.. 1 ba. w/ss. 112» la. tt. Eicel. insiag owl. sonnklers tront-ft-r*ar. Shops transo MOULD REALTY HA S7TII Eves. HA USH SHOWPLACEII Eitrg sharp 3br. m balti home witn custom-built POOL. Carprl- ed. Bit 4ns. A pleasure to seel HOWARD BUTLER. RLTR. 1174 ATLANTIC AVF. GA 14471 TRY $1000 DOWN Vacant. Redecorated 1 attractive 76R. stucco. Very clean. Nrir grade school. 43.11! lot. F.P. 119- IU. Call tor details. HOWARD BUTLER. RLTR. 1171 ATLANTIC AVE GA 14471 END THAT SEARCH See this Jbdrm. Spanish, stucco. 1 blk. ta shoppina, I blks. to schools. Only SI 000 down Call CA 2.1137: GA J7J7I REX L HODGES CO. ATTENTION-- BUILDERS tow DOWN to 1% LN. 4 lot aterei. lUilM. Nnr Business I Act, district. Call John HA I041J eves. MOULD REALTY 6A 3-4*41 LONGWOOD ESTATES A lovely IBR. Ibati tiome lin L B.I. carceted -- many eitras -shows very well. SII.MC. Can now! HOWARD BUTLER. RLTR. 4174 ATLANTIC AVE. GA 14471 $900 DOWN £BR. t d«tx Prmti. til monm. MUST SELL! YOU NAVE IT-WE HAVB ITI SCHWENN, RLTR. HE 5,5111 Good prooertv Hi good ristrtcted area. Rental US me. 4- modem 2BR. home. See ccmgarel HOWARD BUTLER. RLTR. 4174 ATLANTIC AVE. GA 14471 A REAL HOME!! toe. IBR. stucco. Very clean. Diso. Paved anev. On'v tu WO. S L. STARR, RLALTOR 7J1 SOUTH ST · GA U4I7 $1500 DOWN large IBR.. 40km comer R4 tot. Double garage. NEAR SOUU1 1 ATLANTIC C. T. BELL. RLTR. GA J-HOO A GOOD CORNER 4 umtv- MR. eacn. Best toe*- tlon. Near s*ere 1 buses. 2-BR. + INCOME, TOOI BKR. GA J-TI/i -^*t*»0 carpetmt A drapes, bmlt mi. d vh- wasrier. Swfmming pool, over. J stores · 1.BR. house, inc. V)» 'remgd'. new rgof, 40«|l7*'fened tot. Reeltor. GA 11MI. lowrnonr S uuima tne BOATI iNJPtcr m's IBR. tor tuvtt i sueuit. .ONitL. GA iceti tTy oANrR 1)00 M. n. ibovn. rvston den. Jea. J71I Hardrg reer. 47tll4e. Hornet for Sd« 13t NOKTII LONG BEACH 1-BR^"$IOOO DISCOUNTr Out gl lew*i gamar peedi srvsnevl Ftng t^ms. saxce- Under HUog. $COO DN^SHARP J IR. lim. tiucco. New ganl ai 4 evt, tear. All lanced RI tot. Huritl TRIPLEX DANOY-ASE 7 I IB*, aptt. J garages, k... iU a. Lmg Avg. Rent Incamgill/ing. NEAT 4 IJMITS-UCOO DN. NEAIVMiY CO. RATAjACK REALrr OA tUH SID Orange Iventags LO 1-444! PARK ESTATES RANCH STYLE Extra Irg-- garagemtsed prkk fireplace-- 4rg private patle-- cm for pool--I BR 1 oen-- 1 bams-- kltcf*. en builtin*-- call for appointment. WALKER LEE Hwy Iti t Anaheim. CE 47411 VACANT L0f=4t It. front. Lovely Ktg. Treei. «ll.«0. BK*. OE ««m PLAZA AREA DELUXE RANCHO Lovely J-Bdrm., 1 bath liang win lldl custom. UtcXen, Ilili ·3.^§r c rH%i ELLIS-SCHRADER ·ft EXCLUSIVE AGENTS -ft KM ATHERTON CE e-iiU tX |X (X |X i^ B-E-S-T B-U-Y 1 Bedrm, flreolace. dsposaL Patio, -- PAYMENTS LIKE RENT -MOORE GE 3-4966 41V) Alherton -- Ooen Eves. IX IX |X IX (X 4-BDRM.. 2-BATH CUSTOMIZED THRUOUT APPROX. '/j ACRE Completely Fenced. Wai.ina distance to bus acnoels. Try 13000 etovm. Rex:ble, owner must sell. Call for aoot to see. MOORE GE 4-3464 14SI Bellflower -- open Evti. "POPULAR 3-BDRM. MODEL ON CORNER!" Brand new wall tg wall urtwt dreces. Tiled stall shower, AJum. awnings. Brick planters. Redec- ora'ed Inside out. tig spring cleaning here, move right In. WALKER LEE 4100 Bentiower Blvd- HA 5-1714 BRAND-NEW RANCHO OFFERING! Swim tor fun tittjitu In Cars* crttn*4 Ditto, tnlarotd fcltctitn. 1 bdrm. 2 bath. tZ2.SOt-4ow down paym«nt. Bt th* tint to «*· It) WALKER LEE EU Palo Verde CE tll« GARDENERS AND GOLFERS Fruit trttt 1. flowers In abundance 4. iJil Yt blk to El Dorado Park. Comtorteb'e. carpeted J bedroom home lust listed. Be firstt to call HA 1 5114-Key at Dig Woodruff Ave. WALKER LEE "SKYLiNKS- po;i c«ur»t from ttn wnartnt 3- bcdrtxrm hom* tn Catt LB. Btau- tif,rt urMtf draofi r«w bam fiRvrtt art lint a dutl Cat) HA 1 lltl-tuy at Sf«f W«odruH Avt WALKER LEE NO DOWN Gl Please donl hesitate tg InoulreJ certainty ng obligation. WALKER LEE TOO Bellfower Blvd. GE )-7ltl Immgdial* Pollution neer acftnols a; cftwrcjvet. Small oown 4 I10UI per mo. FHA, WALKER LEE RANCHO (""-·ICUle"* 1 PS*T". h* 1 "* 1'i battii. Real lirtplacc. AHodtrn kil^Ken, buitt-lnt +· dnriwirt4tr dnrtr FereM »ir ht«t. Owntr FVed'Rw. Rlty GE 4-0981 YOU'LL LOVE THIS DEN Alh p*n«ttd den. that's rlsM for party tun. Plirt IBdrm. 2 ta . tirtDJa«, CarMl. dJiMwaiA. Hietl/ landuaotd M · tovti.* a'ra. RAPHAEL REALTY Owner S«y$ . . . "SELL IT!" Transferred, wants quick deal. IBrdrnv. loam -fiecutive- LAKEAOOO HOUSING CORP. GA 3-7979 Itll DEL AMD fat Cherrvt 4-BR., 2-BA.-- $18,750 About 17000 dn detach dd. gar. Carpets, drapes, bih. fence. Re- decgr. Landscaped Quick possess. ^ce t. t.,. i-a-p V.-U trade. MEL AAACK. HA 1 llll. VACANT Owner savs -sell" Jbdrm clean ^RExt HODGES Co! RANCHO BY OANER. ISK, 1 ba. ·» dilached guest house w/ba. Eitmded kit. hew w^w. Lovely sised bnckpatlo w'trgolcal plant- HA t l,l.ji' M - l»l Karm A.e. 3 DEN -- FRPL Real sharp. Only tll.tsa Tradet Can GE r.lJJl: GE 47017 Eves. REX L HODGES CO. VACANT-- 3-BDRM. Seller moved Cast. Must sell. 1 block to shopping center S. bus. Near all scms. Easy terms. HA HO? 0r. NICETbdrm. detached Obi. gar. Enclosed pat.o. Many itras. S4IS Carila St. 4U4I15. owner. OWNER Getting Aniious. ^Bdrrn. home. Lots ef gitras. Will f HA. MAPLE LEAF ACCY. GE 4 14li OWNER. iBdmx. ktnt. cond., sep. d n L rm.. dtl. gar. HA * StU eves. i-BR. t, family rnu 2 all bams: wired 7». Rltr. CE 41111. ROSSMOOR LOS ALAMITOS ·fr URGENT -^ WIDOW MUST SELL A gorgeous home. } Bedim., family rm. Summer room. Oeeor Is nch and in snt taste. NICEI llll OAK KNOLL -- OPEN P M. RYERSON, HAZLET. JONES GE tCOT-GE 1 Vsil EXQUISITE PLYMOUTH In · bvavtifuHv tandsnx tttlirtv. Very w*tl rnaiMain«4 wiiti ht- · rade w W carpcTma mruovt. rmt buy In Vottmoor, 77fU* lot. can OE .-un: CE f-ins t»«t. REX L HODGES CO. FUN IN THE SUN JBMrrti . 7 ba-t., "F*fmhfrt.»" rwwlitidn. Ittl4 POOL. Bffiu*. tvt-"na, lovciv vfd. Let. Mt. 17* *» Went t* tarn. CLNE NEBfrrn RIV. HA IMII Provincial SfiowpUc* Premium Corner Lot POOL llivl (THE WORIClll it lacks Has everythngl WoifordRIfy HA 5- 1261 SUNSET Magaung found It Good-So win Yaw-- The discriminating pa. Ptui POOL Call Don or Bob. HA S-74H MOULD REALTY DESPERATE-1 1.000 DN. Open til told. 11K1 Davenport Pemode'ed **Georo*town.** Many ettras MARF Offtlv. C. ROY CONN GE I4SIS BlAW.. i baftis. at cost. Land- scaoed. fenced, pan*, w'w crpf See at llll Oial Hun »t. Lot A-amtos. GE »int. Prlv. garty. 4B»-V»i» model. 1)4X0. Lam romil. 11I.4M |% X yrs. Aval. a«l._.»un« Jfftl. tfart, HE JIHI ·y OWNER-- JBdrm. den. carfefi*. ·trapes, water scrv-*r, sprlrillers. »ir»*t t«t Ow*fr. Ct 1 i'tl Homti for Salt 131 KOSSMOOR LOS ALAMITOS feARGAINHUNTErtSIII EtLls-SCHRADER if EXCLUSIVE AGENTS TV ISM Athorten ce f-iTu $4.000 DN. TO FHA This KicMji HR home Is wall- to-wall thrvgvl. even the iutchen. . whlcn tt tllUfane. Haa refrig- grater, deep freeje. washer, drier, lange and gvan. eleogve garage. etectrlcatiy aperated waterfall its beautifulry landscaped grounds. "MORRIS HOLMQUIST till Pacific Itttr. HC 7-tnl NAVY TRANSFER MUST SELL Very sharp Salem model. )-pr. family rm. I Pa. Fully oduipped. Iarpets. Brpl. pltWn. refrigerator Ireeter. SPrtnlilen. UISO down to new Kan gr take gver present °VEX"L HODGES co. ROCKSCAPE FOR EASY MAINTENANCE-LOVELY Ilin Sunset SaopMrg Pool wa. terfall finer-- w tg w thrugut ei- cept 1 BR.-- .11 appliances including washer orvor. i (R-- IU bath-- Sharp, to see can WALKER LEE "MAGAZINE PRETTY" Levery T-Bedrnx. family rm. on choice pretest, landsc. rat. wim detacnecTgarage, Ideal for POOL. Plush carpers i, drapes rrrugvt. RYEKON. O HAZI|T. O JONES GE i Jin -- GE font "2032 SQUARE FEET" 1 twdrooms, dtn, famiiv room, 2 bathi, txrllJ4n rann t, evtn. In ^WALKERTrEE*' SHARP PLYMOUTH MODEL Spotless 1 BR.. fam. nru bit-ins galore; cpts. and alt. Best price around. Only US.ISO. Be flrsil JOHN READ RLTY. HA 5-MI STATE COLLEGE AREA PROFESSOR'S HOME Big corner home. 1 family sized bedrms.. IU bam -4- tlizr cus- tomljed family rm. with frpt. + loft bedroom. A home of pride, tor living I. entertair.m*nt. Ill ROXANNE C. ROY CONN llll Palo Verde CE 1411! VACANT Beautiful Jbf-. 2 bath horn*, with frpiCa btl-tn itovt oven* dthwr^ eartao* ditix. f4tmilv rm. L d;n. rm. cftrnbmation. 2 tJidrn* gtais doors to patto. Owntr anMiovi, will carry 2nd. Mak* offer, CENTER REALTY tVE M?« 544) Del Amo cvtt. HA 5-4SI2 4Br. + Fam. Rm^ 2 8as. In poo/tar Celk9t Park. Bareainl 177.100 -- Larpa family home. Bo* it Hi ttove L even, OijhwaiMr, tireo*.. FA heat. RWecor. ^enctd. Immed pot*e». If. (2500 On. Owner wit) help fm«n0no. will trade. Mel Mack HA 14311. $3000 OOWN wilt buy · beautiful 1 Bedrm.. ?· bath ntafe twmt. CB fenc* I beauftfwl back vircL _ Guivtr-Richard. ME3-8II2 BV OWNEP-- Ceti»ot P*. Ctt«lM. 1BR . TA ba, raft., drpt.* indi-M. tn.OOO V*3 Da roc a CE 0114$ \V.EST SIDE HOME INCOME 3500 w tt. cvttom-plt. homt 1 commercial bitig -- on« tide en "REXL .HODGES cb. 3400 Gal* Av«. Cor. Lot ,1 barm carpeted, eating area m Illown. dpi garage. Jitenty of room to add on. Big Yard. McCormlO. C* i-JOT: CE MSIt REX L HODGES CO. Dll Magnolia __, Ibr^ 1 ban JW Adriatic 1 br. Just listed 7741 Adriatic -- _ Ibr. A bwl 7IJJ Adriatic 3 br« sm. dn. 1114 Gate Ibr.. has pool. PACE t CUNNINGHAM CA4III1 3329 DELTA. BY APPT. Price reduced. Lorrly BR^ den. yard*, slab for boat or trailer. Stanley. 320 W. Willow CA 4«!l OWNERS. ATTENTION LISTINGS WANTED WILL ADVERTISE UNTIL SOLO "GOOO SERVICf IS Pur motto. CA IMMO BRIGHAM CA 411/1 3ru CASPIAN. Unusually laroe 1- BR.. covered patio, cement cellar, new w w carpet throughout ft drapes, unrestricted. Stearns. U2S w. Willow CA a}tn COD. HOME. W-W. ELEC. JfOVE. DHL CAR. ATTRAC. TERMS. COLORED WELCOME. HE a-4i4J Picserf ll?2 L. 1st S4.IU-I BR. HOVE-tl.lTO ON. PyMTS. ISO MONTH. CLEAN. DOWNTOWN REALTY HE S-7441 U3S DOWN will buy ttiis newly decorated t OR, tiirr.e. STOtr 111 W. Willow CA 44711 BY owner: 1 twobr. hornes on 1 lot. See 10 appreciate. CA 744U WKIGLEY RED TILE ROOF u »M this spactous^lpdrm.^ stucco a Fiesta atmosphere. A Royal Danish palter has decorated this home, garage. porches, fence t driveway. Price 114*430 with attractive terms.. CE Hilt CRABTREE CORNERS. INC. ·fr OPEN-- O"PEN-- OPEN JtU MAINE-- Beautifully arranord 2Br. a, den. Loe^kitcft. w, bit mi. Lett of cxtrat. Furnittied or un- fumtir*d. GA 4V4J43. VIKING RLTY. GA 4-0734 Clean 2BR. stucco. Small lei. Cood IK. Close n shopnmg IL pus. We need Wrlglrv listings. MATTHEWS REALTY, Realtors 34)4 Pacific GA 40447 SHORT WALK TO SCHOOLS from this 3 Bdrm., 3 bath, family room. Nice as candy. Call CE T0404: GT 1-ltM REX L HODGES CO. TIME tor that SUMMER SWIMl Try SIUOO en. on this 3br. 4 rvmpvt rm. Lge. patig li pool. SIO'P lit W. Willow CA 44713 8 Gold Medallion Units Tw» are I fcn., ZfcaTM. maytraie NELSON CE Milt; GA 3 SCSS A PLEASURE TO SHOW I BR.. den. very clean. Nut vard. Only SU.7Sf Termt 1*5'-- 5» Dar«v. Stixco duplex Prlct reduced. B/ anoointment. Pave Curmln^am GA 41113 SouthlandCitiesProp. 140 A RTF MA 3-BR.-- BIG LOT W/w cpts. din. rm.. patio, shbs . trees. Compt. tmced. Try UOO on. or I7tl dn. lor Gl tlttto. EDITH DAY GERSH VBORU. w/nlc* bfl kitchen afi rat catn«tt, Mt tm Guetftx»ne t Mroe oara?*. R ] let. HIM C. 31a*i, V , Arteva. JIM DOWf*-4Br.. 2ta*fi. CB fence. HELLFLOWER 20 NEW UNITS t i l bdrm. units, fumishect. Income 113,740 yr. gross. TNI snows · good return al list .059 _ SISXM down. Choice close M location. Ryl«* Cogburn, Rllrs. ·HI E. Artesla tellliower TOrrey »0ni fOilJO LOT Wttl Spanish Ity'g 1 bedroom i den home In excellent con tion, ww carpets, erapes. 1*4 baths in room aft dtla garage, tonirg permits Seeping horses. Asking 11U5» .-terms arranged HAUSER-SMITH CO. _»447 e. Artesia BVd. TO 1 mi TWO ON ONE ' room tg tvtld o* this SS ft f l» tt. let. Try IJJOO down" Ast tor Mat»e Eyes WE 4 IS14 MOULD REALTY GA 1 M4I ing DOWN en mis cute Ihedrnam hnme on deep l«t in Ht »eti- fiower. Built fs vow ran add evtra roomt laterl Thg gncg n rgh»-- RUNDOUIST. RrALTOR TO 14411 SourhlondClflfirrop. 140 BELLFLOWCK IbM. paarUaMd aoeJ. lathg f. r»sr« 4 agM 4- IU34 grumlnun* KfeenM utlg. Onrt Ili-Va. 11)01 4Hw% M igrKuncInt KK- essarv . i BUKI iUITH "CO- UrALTOHl I4» I. fi»»er A.e. TO f-hri 1141 (asacrana Mt 441JI CLEAN 2-BEDROOM Downfewn Btllflownr We have IvsMHtec] IMS charm. Ing homg In ·'·let 4 ·allftewer'l kilt nglgMarhgod. tpenesslv clean Inside ft gut m« cMw*uvg. 15561 SO. LEAHY Drive py -- donl difture, please. choke lecetion tgir this t bedroom ·7 imall oan + gncteied pat*. Hug. llytng room with fireplace. HyWHRlEJ t *R? f ALTY TO 7.J7J7 Ml E. Aiondra Blvd., Bentiower BUilDERS-- INVESTORS" gft Beimower Blvd. n thg center ol Bellllower. VJJJOO P.p. J. A. MUELLER. REALTOR COMPTON REDUCED J600JX) »»«. Lge comer lot Close to Sean t St. Philip tier). Patig attached to )-car garage. HA ,,,·" ·"ZSTlo 7-7.71 MOULD REALTY DOWNEY Near everything. Owner wil carry contract. TOpal 1 Mil LVNWOOD BY OWNER. 3br. »I20 rumous will carry 2nd. 4021 Ling. HE J.S441 NORWALK 0 DOWN-GI Jbr.. hardwood noon. Igg. our. Tot, huge patio, block lenced. paymts. S77J1. P. ft 1. Key at: HUE CHIP Rlty. UN 3-4747 13311 E. Firestone SENSIBLE VALUE SHARP. 7-BR. Panl'd llv. rm. Close to sdwols ft shops. Call John lor details. HA I-C4U MOULD REALTY GA 3-44I $95 DOWN No cualifylng. 4 brs . IVi pa. Take over Cl trrro. Sir per mo* Inct fairs ft Ins. Unbeatable) 1 PKHEER BROKERS UN 1-1711 OPEN HOUSE SAT. ft SUN. mil Guard Ave. Jbr. ft Ige. famlty rm. Loaded with eitrat. SUDD fln. S1S.50) F. P. SM mo. p. t. Owner. UN 4MI7. flJEOROOM-- Attached garage. 1711 d?wti. lli;. E. /Igardl St. Nor. PARAMOUNT BUILDERS AHENTION P3. tore4 for units. 7fj)ll pld house. I1S.NO cash. By owner. TRY tg beat tnist 3BR. woo. Orange County Prop 141 4-Bedroom $13,950 HURRV.-Oienct to Bay G 1. No down or low down non vets, yvaro -- **itt, hartfwij floors, new w-w C4vret, Beautiful drapet. lots ef tim. Fenced yard. ElloSchrad«r -- ttm Broolttunt Garden Greve -- -- LF »»i). VACANT dean JBdrm. IU bati. (n moil eeilrablc nelahborhood. Aiium* exitttng 4W% loan. No Oviaiitving. IV0.50 total monthly MVm TerVtfle bur it *»»« TIDWCLL RTALTY ·VBDRtVL. JBa. htfwd. firs^ drpij btt int., toe. fnrd. vd. B/ ·wner. ANAHEIM FORECLOSURE Pick IR 1 back payments ... tike ever ) BR. Use. I bam. Fenced. ratre. Needs work. PR Tain. B*1, bl'lni^ RtO.. etc. cot., drps^ crtns^ frpi^ Mt.. tokin^ tncd. nr. sctu. Iftcps. ( u4n. Ownw. P« JJ14. nUEN'A PARK 10% DOWN 6621 SAN HUGO WAY Seic »o*n J bedroom home, bH,- In r^pe i eeo- ftretiace, F'A Mat. Pi baths + many etter ovtttaMinfl eitras. So. ef Crev ce*t, w ef Knett Ave. HUMPHRIES REALTY TO 7-7707 tui C. Aiendra Blvd.. Bentiower NO DOWN TO ANYONE Jwsl onh ft Impounds. Cemofet*. iv reder«r*t»d 1 a. 4 Bdrm. hofvm. 1*4 battis, bit-In evtn ft Ranoe. in mo. P ft 1. Don't ml.s It. Simmon HfaJtr. UUt Roie- crans, UN 4 JTSt . trpi 4 can), ft tfrapet, patio, tencd. immed. DOSS.. 2 bus. to KnotTs ft Sear*. .U-5orf - $1100 total dwn. inci. ntt ft Imo Bat. W mo. ruA 5 «·* loan. IXKC b«low act. cmt. T Hoi an 1 SSII. * $200 DOWN -j IBR W-W trptinft , hrdwd. I'rs. Covered patio, cinder B fence. OrangetYr Rlty. UN 3-1604 Till OranottherD* LA 3-7211 GAUDEN GROVE Ltsrge Skylark 17X0 tf*n.-- ta txistina G.t. Han. I m m e d i a t e potsetsion. Xint. Dianned 3 Barn, hotne witft ice eating ·'·*. No owalifrirg needed -- Hardwood floors, frd. {.·ecTric B^t-ins. Nice Arta. fin.-Schratler PR 4 7111 1*47 S. ttKlId Anaheim ·fa 2 Duplexes *t I Bdrin's. each. Needs pant ft vard work. Xtnt area tor rentals. Owner leaving state ft is epen to ASIcVNG^'UtOOO FOR J UNITS TIDALLL REALTY «rt Katella. Anaheim JA 71881 ft ft CHOICE R 1 lot, (.intern a.M. Bw 1 or mort at UIOO each. Sewer, cvrts ft street in ft tad tor, EVENINGS JP 4C4I7 POWER REALTY \K02 Brookhurst, G G. LE * 1 14T NEW G.t. RESALE ~4*dnn."U.i h« rwrne. Garden Park Estates. Drapes ft crcta. Owner TW 7-4717 "HUNTINGtOaV BEACH ONLY 2 MODEL HOMES LEFT BuK)er sacniicirrff the*e J-Br.. 2 bams, laruhcaped, btt.^ns, fff'O crcts.. unberevawv priced at ui,- 4SO. Lew dn.* terms like rent. 2 bits, north ef Ac**ie Beta shootrto center, 7702 Taylor Ave.. eten It to S wrtil sold! Theie txx^n ti*»e teen FHA tcprased *t JU-- ioo can Doiores Hamotca, vi 7J»t er eves TE J431I. 3-EDRM. i FAMILY RM. SUM) down ta l64»n 2 bartis. OTftoes. trpl Bit In RtO ft d.lft- watrcr. SHARP. Vacant. Bernitr Realty JA 7-779! fir«H*ce, excellent »oc iMScJown SlielSO. E-Z terms. IfcMl Gull Lane. HAlt4t1: VI 7-llAI. ° Credit Rejects g o Resales at tMse teautifut homes if Huntlngton Village in Huntington lioch (Alsa in Weitminstet) o Mostly Brand New a D J ) Blrms. 1 Bamt f\ J 1 Barms- r*7t. Urn. I la. JJ n Jl Bvms . } Ba«t O Si J Waitto-wall Carcet / Oeluve Renoe and Oven J oarfa»ce OltCMsals J acme Wlltl Fenr'pv NorvVlts -- Terms i '95 " '295 ,, All Cusirt Caiti-Illl n Q Fill Prlc* Frn U 0 SI 4,500 t. $14,450 11 Alt wmM «*allir« disfaiKt »t f«n MSSIOT trade scfieal. Huntinclon Villati 0 W.t(Hlwi;JI«t.|a t ir ° D Viking 7-3505 S Oroagt County Trop HI liAHIJEN UHUVE t NO DOWN PAYMENT " EVENINGS J« 4*411 POWER REALTY inojir.aUiunt.OO. It UNI Comm'L + Homi . Ti» JIOOO 0«w« fra eilstlAi lean joe4 ter Beauty ·r liartar Inw, teal Estate, etc, tlllvJ*»aJer . M 4-JI li I4U L Evdld Anaheim LOS ALAMTTOS TMY ttM DOWN J-BIOKMj OBL. CARACe ft!* lenced yard, vrim Mtm 4 BBQ. t4tfw4^ floors, enltf a vrs. aid lai. gar. ft petit. R-4 let. room to bulMt Ilia) dn. By owner. 4»l CKEEH AVE. CB l-le4l 'JT'fBONTAOE. Los AlamlSs~BC lent C-t So. Ol Cerntoi. Page ft Cvmlnohans 08 IJHJ ini GREEN -- j homes on 1 lot. 4T«,|;;. zonej RJ. PACEftCUNNINOHAM CE 1-1731 SEAL BEACH ' OPEN 1.5 DAILY -- ins OCCAM - 3-BDRMS. 1% EATH5 Large master b-rtrwm* 1-car S*raoe. S73.7M. NELSON CE Milt: CE 1 Wit COP QAI c nv rt\A/KiPP 3b«-^ Iba. Canteral patio. Wet bar. Comoltteiv fwrn. Drwei 4 carpet. Landicaolno. 1 vrs. old. Acoointrrrent only, LOram 4-7IJI CLIIws M«U 11.150 Dtu UCO mo. J-BR. ft tarn. rm. sv/wet bar. GE l-e£l. WESTTVnNSTER OWNERS: Cash out for vour 1 or 4 Barm. home. You list it. We will sell It. We will trade It or SltS TOTAL moves vou m 1-Bdrm. i*W. larpe mcd yt. Vacant. 7114 Ledon way. GE 1-4027 Bkr. South Boy Property 142 SAN PEDRO SPECIAL SITUATION PRICE REDUCED 1 new. 1 tdrm. in ba. homes, all oeluie features. bit-Ins., title. oarages. Ea. on Its own orlv. ISillV lot. lenced ft landsoxl. for easy malntenanca. Ideal tor families wanting to live neit doer to ea. otner. StOOO dwn. SHS mo. ea. located 1 bik. from 1st ft Western. Will conilotr trade. TE l-Ull Realtor. WILMINGTON t)00 DOWtl-- Taho over pvmts. en 1 vr. old 3-BR-. bit-In ranoe ft ovm. Owivtf Tlf S4J02; FAi44:i Out-of-Town Prop. 143 APPLE VALLEY tsr tart by cut tt stati own»r. GE f-MW 29 PALMS Slf^OO F.P. Owner. HE 2U2I2. Out-of-Sfote Prop. 144 on beautiful Spirit Lake In Idaho. Ideal tor Motel or Trailer Court. 114.000 cash or terms, write to Harold K. Reshllng. KB.E. Crown. Soekane. Wash. 10 ACRES or more m S.W. Utah. ITS c*r a. Liber* terms. CA 41132 Ranches or Acreage 146 . No Phonu Information Principals Only V«OO». eilnt. terms. US acres located on 7 highways. Zoned for 7*0 space trailer parh with all engineering plans Included. tKOtm-lJO H. en Lakewood Blvd. 3U ft eeeo. C2 t RI tonmo. Has Sl'i mo. Income raw ft room to deveiool IllSono -- JJVi acres In Corona area, this Is SSOO per acre under mar Set. DWICHT L- GILBERT CO. 1ST1) Lakewood Paramount el. sandy sou. xlnt waler conditions, near U.S- Steel minine, claimt, good tor tarmrni. taxm. f.400 dn. will reduce price lor larger *dn. pvmt. B» LB 744 Arcadta. FRCE BROCHURE. Land. San Oeoo County. Gordon Rlty.. Pale. CaM. Mountain and Desert 148 (FOR SALE) ElC BEAR RUSTIC cabin! firo place, ise. kltd-.en. Msir-n rturri- Ing. All year read. Fvll price t4.7S9. Bkr, MU t-4tOI Money to Loan 151 ION REAL ESTATE! Private Money LOANS 1STS t }NDt LOW INTEREST-- LOW COST MONTHLY PYMTS ON 5NDJ 1.500 _ JI.SO 7,^00 . . . noo 3.500 51.50 5.000 75.00 10.000 150.00 WC ALSO ARRANGE 1ST TO LOANS ll.OCtt-U3CaJ SAVE TIME-- SAVE COST WE BUY 1ST-- IND TRUST DEEDS CASH NOW-- NO WAITING Hanbery's ran E. BROADWAY or 4 nit CA$H IN A HURRY BORROW ON YOUR HOME TAKE 5 YEARS TO PAY No Balloon Paymts. APPRAISALS WITHIN THE HR. Deal With a Local Co. IVYear ill T.O. Loans. Low Interest. Low Payments. Any Amount 1 1 THE GUIVER CO. ILendiri Ager.l) HA 1-8261 llll Del Amo -- Ukeweod BRACKEN Mortgage Company A Third Generation Busmen Maiimum 1 si · 2nd Loans QUICK CASH LONG TERM-LOW PYMTS. 111! Una Beach Blvd. HEmloeii 2-7941 LOW COST 1ST t MO M. E. LOANS As low as JV.% int. and as Hnf as 30 yean on lit leans. 24-yr. loans on mult, units ·listing or construction, any amount, 6'/l% int. II SAVINGS ON 2NDS mCC APPRAISALS Horn* Loan Investment ·HA 9-1 Ii5 NE Mill 1C CON 0 trvst d*ed want, i yrs to ·ev. Prompt offxlal servtro. Burl Smittl Co. JO 77J71; (U. 44UI j DfAL n loans etch/lively. Pramet action on ail arJOlKaton. H. B. Rofcertson. nt Atlantic. HC 4,1777 MONEV to teen on In OnaTtOs. INSURANCE. MAAev to Man a% 2) veers Hart. Mf I llll Money to Low 151 1441 AHartk ' . OA tUtt 2ND TRUST DEED LOANS LYN X RAP L |?AEL HA ».$»!» a41S C. SPRING rnntUttds 152 No Commission Chtrg* SPOT CASH rer 1st and Ml trust tfeech anr- m FIM Bl«. 5W Pino RrstTD. 15% Disc. 111.009 T.O. Sell for 134.150. 7X Int. pan SIOWO June IS*. Bel. due 4 mo. Secured by SSSXCO Broo. erty. LAkevlew I-1IJO GET CASH QUICK WITH COLLATERAL LOAN Certil ed Homo Loan. CA 447M 1 BUY T.D.s TOD erlces. Immediate cash No commission -- No escrowv MoHrIt OA 40714 lstT.D. 10 to 40% Return «E eay cash for 1st * wd TOs. 40% OFF. IB»1 2nd T.O.. t!4 mo. 1%. duo ) vears. ME 4-3UI RODMAN BUYS R.E, LOANS FAST I74S E. BROADWAV GE 10500 Due I vrs. Owner, HA 9-mi. notes HE 7-74411 UN SJ3J4 II490-2ND TO, 30% disc. 7J In-, all due 4V! vrs. Bkr. ME 4-34JO Money Wanted 153 ARE YOU missing out on the Bldx fc Land Boom In California? so ·m II 1 got S250. Anybody elie Interested In forming a Bldg. Investment Ctuo-- dmo · post card to VIC Nvssen. Snt Hersholt Ave. ( Lakewood. It ttiert II «ny tnteresf -- Jefs get fooetherl SIJJKO. 1 veer. 1%. Good ccl- " ST EELE MOSS CO. HE 7-QS41 WANT 1JS.OOO lstT.D. loan en owner occurred eommerctal bidg. IWC si II. 1. Xmt location. Ht S-u:i alter a PJn. MONEY wanted on 1st Mortgage. KII 6. 7m, LB. GE J-1MI NEED 111.500 at 74 Bay to 4 pis. IS vrs. HA 1-3101 Bkr. Inveitmenti 154 »0 snares. Call HA 1-4ra between ll and 4 Dm BUILDER wants small investors. TOte50S-TO«7114 Oil and Mining 155 owners. Ol royalties. Box A Wit Ind.. Press-Te'egram. Boots and Outboards 160 BOAT SALE li' SMITHCRAFT-- 43 H.P. Evinrude 1141. trailer. coinDletely loadrt with accessories Regular S2.WJ. NOn. S1.79S BEAUTIFUL 1»' WOOD BOAT. ComDletlly glassed. Iteerlng. wmd- sriield. hardware . .. »)5U BIG 14* GLASS BOAT, convertible teo. toaded with accessories, list DOLPHIN ir loaiied win lots ot »tras. Twin 70Q Mercury. Colt GLASSPAR Sedan. 75 H P. Jehnsfn alternator comoletelv teadrd with lots ol Itras. Cost * 4W lJ5 tv i 1T ,j El TERMS LEACH'S 1J11J E. Carson.. Artrs'a Beautifully furnished and equipped. Its a Ooens »· Sea Skill, m*. twoany Laotstrake She has everything A ship to shore rad'o. full covers and Att deck covers, a gaily. «ec. tout. Airouied fluid compass. 1] volt lighting system. Beautiful bovant cushions and tro Intenor has carpet and drapes and there are many more eitras. too many to list. V-powered by US GJ*C marine enone Call before I pm. HE 7-U» or ' SELLING OUT! Tacit toutDmefit -f one 31 Sootflwlnd Crwi»er-- See Frl. Sif. » to 4 D ^ f - to JM* *· Llkf - etec. i?»rtin« Ji hp. rvmrudt pvtirt Jl trlr. Xlnt rnAdilion * many eitrat. CA MJU evet. coJefi, ; end. head. Clean. Call JA 7 5994 after 4 pm. Set at sup 7M L B. Minna 11 TT, BimCMCRAFT cib'n cruder finf uat cond. Mark SO witti trader, e^ee. tait tank, all tafcty ropmt. HA t-rin. 14 FT. SCHIAOA tM boat wltti Mer rury n h p. engine. Xtnt. COM ·ToftiDietei/ eainooed *er *»ii»v w/ loads 6* eitrat. ins. TO 4 W60 14' runabout w trlr.. e ! ec. itarter, Jotvtton 11 hp., l*e n-w. w fe- mott cent), etc. IWJ. TtI_l-JTlT._ II' Sfiveni S.K. 3 SO hp. Chryt tn out V-dri.e. HA 1-7930 BY OWNtR 4V deiel frniiv Inhint bc*t ».$., OK. Dtr. lr»der._LO 4-3111 CAL. 23'i:4'~Bciton"Vt7v»ier, jitxjtt Lido 1* Oma*ilet. S. MiH»r Bc*tj ef at) klndt 1411} i. PAC. Coat? Hwy-.^SufUjge. ^CMJUJj 31 FT. catxn cruder. *tvp to thore, head, c»tl«v irs4 Palm, Bellllower all neel trailer, eneiient cend. USED MANIFOLDS, O-ew J. Line. L trant. WHminston AUrtn* Sup- it FT. Chris Craft, Inboard no Many e*tret. U59. Pri* party. ME 4 2131 after 5:M pm MODERN SLIPS, WATER CLCC- TRICITT. 3 IT la 34 ft. All mitot Ba/. GE V«47a. tfM S3 HP Cvinrude motor. JIH UJ14 Pac. Ctl. H*!.V. n ce 0r i-51M M HP Were. *S» meter, IJ* »»*»d boat. Cover, control* t (kit. $m 14' CUSTOM made De*d boat, win. trailer, FtirrJ marine Inboard en one, lint. condJion. GE M'U ir ta ir pre'erred GC »07^ jr~CLASi .tooM. Neeot Jlif Conner trade, tt 40318 FOR "SALE-- M'II. boarand « hp 14' BOAT trailer, 7\t hp motor 1171. 34?« E. 4tn a(t. S S»t am trailers 165 '61 Great Lakes Trailers "10% Abov. Cost" r.FO. W. FRY TRAILER SALES 40 FEET ef beautiful trader. Seartan built Low down will fteftO:e. Gu,ver.Ric!iardtME3.8ll2 $2.700 FULL PRICE an. soartan. in. wide, fully turn. V/il consider low dn. pvmt EXPANDO \!U LAKCnOOD. BELLFLOAtR Aty Orange Co. HARBOR 1 GAROf-ll CPOVI* tIL 4)FT. seml'trailer. Low~tlal bed. See at 11410 Paramount Bird, paramount, oeys WE 31434. eves TO 4U;t Private party. ISil* DE LUXL 1 tr. Flamingo clean like new. carpeted, fiwn Pit. Ply. Real. tCT E. Rase. Bel l»«er C S. beddtfan. eitrat. 111? (abana IHt UBRf ]}ft traier tllfS or will ta*e tma'ttr o^e ·· d**** t»mf. 471) Atnwertri. TO 7 U'4 il* EASTCftN~tMtif, tarMen ai'i with MI b«m. fml tiotS laiet GOOD PRICES OH USrD 1 VdDCi OLYMPIC T R A I I t K 4ALI » aMI Lerif BeKtl Bird. L B finance. 1140 W. Aiondra. Comet Peter fan pt. %oa. 41. NE 1-1141 tl T ME SllL VOUR TRAIlf R nn rotsignment. CA J»)4 or CA Taae o«er ·eymti. TO M44S. TO 4 MIS Vacnt. Owwr, UN 1 In/, LA MI7! iieepi* lt_CA '_*if»lyt. J^P? ·it «Ao*l. wet tr.S M^rra? TRADE m»Mie home for · Of tor. he-* Pens UN »I/T7, LA 1 «rf ·44 sttNieriLL U n. Lue rew. }94t rVt^ttHS.^ 1 ..^ Uil t 1«1 Po?* Ill Truck. Tractor. Ul Trucki It Trocrera IM AUCTION, PICKUP TRUCKS-SEDANS 3-WHEEL MOTORCYCLES CITY OF LONG BEACH APRIL 7TH-- 1 P. M. 5TH AND GOLDEN Trailer. 165 NEW IDsSS GUARANTEED · y famous mft. Real ewaiity. $4760 Intl.. |4«. tic. Local delivery. Setup, s'eo. cartel, glass door. + 47 alum. awna. HARVETS CRUSADER ROD t REEL PARAMOUNT KIT TROJAN CUSTOM BUILT TO ORDER ir li EXPANDING COACHES SILVER KEY MOIIIE HOMES Largest Display In orange Co. II34I TEACH BLVD. MW». sw GARDEN CROVE TW 7-4I2I ·fa MONEY TALKS ·· Paramount. 4 mo. eld, Ike few. Complete w/oKm awntng. Best oiler takes Clear, See al Spate ll-WESTCRN SrflLS TRAILER PARK. 2779 W. Lincoln. Anaheim. SEE GEORGE W. FRY TRAILER SALES FOR Ideal Travel Trailers Hi; PC Hiway, Lomita. DA 11141 IOUI- JBdrm. -ROD 1. REEL". I.1' JBOrm. "ABC" . - IJ7SO 2m Soutn St.. LB. IBetween Ctierry 4 Paramount Bl.) ·51 SHASTA. H FT. Self contained, like new. $1995 CEO. W. F«r TRAILER SALES 3141 PC Hlway. 'Lomlta' OAtKOO IT KIT. MeV'* home, icfeiect*. refrlo. Twin beds, shower, toiirt. cabana. Ulo new. S4CO eamtv. Teke over pvmts. Reedv to move In. IS7I7 No. WoodruH. Bellflowrr Lot 1. TO 4-Oin. BOYER TRAILER SAl ES Utl N.L.B. BLVD. NE llm Trailer Space H5-A TRAILER spaces S7t up. also one lor sa'e. tw Aiondra. Bellllower. TO 7S44S; TO 4S4JS. HARBOR AREA-- Modem Spaces. BUENA Park Manor 7I4J Orar.» tnorpe, Buena Part. LA :iii; Trailers for Rent 165-B NEW ar»l med »ec. Mrs Sell-- rent. HE Jim Bumoarner. 1144 E. lorn Trailers Wanted 165-C WE NEED TRAILERS ! Cdth for Yours 1 CERTIFIED TRAILER SALES llll t. Arlesia. Bentiower TO 4-17t; HA S-4100 WANTED: 11 It. to » It. trailer. 04S refno.. elec. brakes, toiirt. WE PAY spot cash ter trailers or will sell on consignment. WILL PAY CASH to cnvale parly tor clean tra ler. NE 1 III/ CASH for your trailer. NE I-MO; WANTED USED TRAILER for prh Trailer Towing 165-E TRAILER TOMING «. iIORA(,L MITCHELL TRAILERS. UN V47II Motorcycles. Scooters 166 BRAND NEW-ONLY ONE LIFT DUCATI SCRAMBLER FORMERLY JM7, NOW J1? DALE BROWN MOTORS Hl L.B. BLVD. LB BMW. 1117-- 2SO single cvl. SXal drive. Low miles, lust lko new ins. ni! Kemcton Dr. Rssmoor CE 1-C7IS Motorcyrles a Cushman Scoo'er JOE KOONS MOIORCYCLLS Hit C. ANAHEIM HE 7-111 TRIUMPHS -- NEW AND usro 10% DN. OAC. NO GIMMICKS LONG BEACH TRIUMPH 111 W. PAC. CST. HE ·CIS! ·Jl YAHAMA-- V E R Y CLEAN. IM Sf-tCIAL CAR CO ftf. *II4 llll NO. L.B. BLVD., COMPtON cond.t on. 1171. UNI 1 111 ItONhTCnj'* dn (OACTNT 14)10 1141 HARLEY Davidson. 74 series Sell or trade, pny. pry. ME )(M4 ·T'"CUSHMAN srooler. IVif cood 1110. 1UI Cundry. CA 7 1347. ·JI'HARIEY. 7i series. AI COM CA J 7711. alter 4 week. dars. pa'nt. NE HIT]. TRiUMPHS--Belltlower Cycle SNTP llll E. Corneton. Bllllr, TO 7-4MO HONDAS 10*« DN. oac L B.Honda HIS Atlantic C A J I O ·S7 INDIAN TM re. first etler. Tt IM71 Airplanes 16' INO CESSNA ISO. clean, radio, low Sport Campers 167-A Complete With Camper "VACATION SPECIAL" '4} Oieyrolet 44-ton pickup svlltl SIS actual miles, ttad.o. tiealer CompllTe with Drearier lilt, ca over camper. Sold new wit Ivsrern 1 purll er. tnttrc'em system, etc. Their Loss-- Your Ga'n -- See It Now -ROBIN MOTORS COMPTOM HOME OF THE -OPEN ROAD 2ZD Rosecrans NE 17410 Across from Compton Drive in Theater PRE-SEASON SPECIAL ON CAMPERS WESTERN MFG. CO. 14430 Hoover, Westminster In Orange Co. TWlnoaks 7-411 CHILDREN 1 pets welcome, swim mmo pool, recreational rail, IJO to SI4. NE S 17)1. HA 1 TUt. CAMPER*-- PICKUPS-- OISCOUN Laroe selection. Ho down. Ill Aiondra. Paramounl. Mb O141 CAMPER JACKS -- Ml II A PAIR' ME 4 1774. Dlr. llll Aloodra Parameunf ME » 711 Trucks tractors 161 WANTED Oldtr rwdtl w«k in frp« truck Good ccnf on. Wiil Hf tJih HE $-*W. Mr. Jwdg*^ %tr\n, «t 3% ijvtr ·ctuii laXTenr roit. C*:l Mr. Ketch. LU » 577? Oir. 'il CM.C. lton CCE. C*o .vxl chMiit. 1 Ji«M firw. E«c*il»n owd.t'0n. IJ»S. 'M CHEV. VI, L B * Autom. plu tiivt Norm Hcft"i*n Trixki-- HT 5 T? 431 SO LB. BLVD. COMPTON ·M KANCHO, tvt! RM, ttr^ irutom. w w fru HtLLTOP. 7SW E. PK. C.t , l_^ r «f~INTCH. ITr.Mnfrif'.Jik. with bmt. ttc. Eitnt. curtd. TO 7HI 'Al CORD tfonolwil Van SKMIOM BIH 177 tviivcn car. P-rrt» ll fU~oTM"cr"' tori~ii-tk wo~lo7~Vii er tr.vl«. tTOO. i4M OtoVlf^4»r« A v t 'If DOtViF Vi ton pitfruo, 4 \r+*ii %£',$ " lm '»] CMLV. Vt ton Wckyo, I' txxj. n« ftirdrot L*Tc*r. tuft. NLtl/l Dir. *{^iy.|^ft3%H V'CA"..!?!.* ' Tl * " J *" ** -Hi^l^, 1 ^,!;,, 1 TRUCKS -- A 1 trfei -- tfi I e HIILTOP, M»» t. fK. tlVrLp SOU "I T'lerk lift. ane- I1S4 Palm. Binrwwer utujnn ·SI INKRNATIONAL WTex Plk-« irlfRiOiRATEO -- tetf Co«ta'ne4 ·41 fOAO 4 H Ion stakenpary ptcSup-evm ered |la NC S-71' STEP lwme»ri for f.H lltll h-st Illjt Downey Ave M647114 Dl.- '» CHtV tttos a»csiti, r»d rrvM New reMt. ma*or. till. UH 1 iw nicks Tractors 168 '60 Chev. '/ r Ton $1395 Loni ted MUuo. »«le heeler. Lew fntieesej iwco conation. Special today. SEVERIN RAMBLER 1lO Long Beadi Bird. HE »fOT III FORD IVtsn P.U. Long ped. redo, heater, ettier extras. Low miieaat. Like new In every way. Smatl down, til wkly. HALE YOUNG FORD 3510 E. Pacific Coast H-y. GE 4-0779. 3 blocks west pi L.1 Traffic Circle. 'AA PWttV TD ACTnD L 120] Full Air. S speed transmission. 7 speed oel a, Sm wneel ter only $·4500 S A J CHEVROLET llm EAST SOUTH ST. ·ARTESIA" UN S 1271 "CO C_rr4 I/. Tnn Re* nice pickua w-m custom cao. VI. automatic tiansmission. red 0, nea'er. $1199 S S J Chevrolet lino EAST SOUTH ST. ARTESIA UN M7?e '60 Chev. |l/,.Ton V-8 Stake body w'.m custom no. 4- srted transmission, heater. $1699 S £ J Chevrolet 11 tOO EAST SOUTH ST. «S? Chey. '/i-Tots I.etllde Pickup SII9S «as long bed plus radio A heatrr. enr clean low mileage. VERNE HOLMES-- Dodge lilt) 1 Atlantic CA 4 ltd} $50 DN ·SI Ctievrolet plckun. wectianlcally A 1 t snarp. B«l., on. pmt. 1 contract can be f n*nr«i OAC. EOSCOE MOIORS »S L. B. BLVD. CA 47tl] 3lORD MOO li-lon Pickup. VI. stick shift 1 ft. bed. Like new. S4? · month witri normal down. 4 al cred t manager, CA 7 Itl7. MORE. 17IS CHERRr across from Harbor. ·19 t-ORD V* R4ncriero. Red ^ lion .." ' . .. .. IIT9t CHIEF CHAMBCRLIN FORD 11110 Paramounl Blvd Paramount ME 4 7«tt ·37 tOHD Pickup II). SM. tr«r.v Cood cond.lion. .._ . . . sin Many ctr*rs to cnooie frpm. CHIEF CHAMBCRLIN FORD 111W Paramounl Blvd. Paratwunt Mt 4 7MO ·it CHtV. El CAMINO 341 en «:ne, slick. Ihice 7ttl. carbi., tad fc htr. Tuck a, roll uohol.. 11415 HIILTOP. Jin E. Pac. f si . t B Truck Tractor Equipment 168-A TRUCK 1 dump bod'rs, tractor eo^ipmenf. wincfies, accessories, new and used. COMMERCIAL TRUCK BOOir Trucks and Tractors Wanted 168-C LATE WOOfL . TOM STAKE'O PU. CE 40ni. Auto Parts Repairs 1 6 TRANSMISSIONS INSTALLED Rebuilt u*ed. Cherry Auto Purt ·M FORD t ensne run* re- cond 111. Eves. CE 1 711 Electric Cars 170 ELECTRIC car complete, cood cond BARCAIN-Maifcttour da luie Ft AUTOEITT In (nod rmd Rraion aoie. nig Beyeny St.. Brntiowrr Autos Wonted 173 DO YOU NEED MONEY? CAR PAYMENTS TOO HIGH WE WILL TRADE YOUR CAR OR EOUItr FOR A LOWER PRICED CAR OR BUf IT FOR SPOT CASH CREST MOTORS HIS Long Beach Blvd HC J JI4 WE DESPERATELY NEED You Used Cer. most any m4i. e model. mtYs thru I96lt. O wo will take it in trade for less etpensiva car and pa th. difference in cash. GLENN E. THOMAS CO DODGE Df*«r Ctl·LI'\^«d ItOf t t s s s s t t t s t t t t IMMEDIATE CASH r*id tor vou c*r-- D4d for er not. 1 Ptrd '; thru '40 C»r» «| oner. H.gMt KKM Mid tn It* A'tti. Sr* M b Hnnf*r, Uifl Car Mgr · Outtifid Lincoln rVrrcunr, Mt'M Com«t 4*»tr, III) Long BttHft Blvd. Or*m OaVr.* 'til Id t Sun t t t t s t s s t t t t t i JUNK CARS WANTED Fro« Pick Up Top $ CA * lilt OR GA 4 MOO SIGNAL HILL AUTO WRICKING 2Slt {.. WILLOW L B (Bet*nm Chtrry 1 Pfdofl.toi DO YOU'NEED CASH? V.e will tfjf vuf tir for t*\ or ti*c]« voti « pood tr .import lion *r tor your ·tquit/. Wf PAV t X T R A BONUS tar «ttr« cit«n t*'\ KENCAR MOTORS 4SO SO L. el BLVD. COWP10 WE NEED JUNK CARS HIGHEST PRICES PAID FREE PICKUP SERVICE CAVIN JUNK I WRECKIN UOO W. PAC CST. IIA'Y.. L. tl£ 4-Ub or tE 4 llll Import Sedani and Readsteri ^T-- NEED IADLY-A Top Dollar DAVE THOMAS MOTORS 1«0 L B. Bl. (Vvard«wl CA »44 WE NEED CARS II Might.! txlCM D*'d tor 1*S4 throvgA IHIi. W« Norm UiKI, DICK BROWNING Cscluslva OLDSMOIILC Dea' i«i Long Beach nivd nr t» TOP CASH FOR 'U THRU 'U C A R S Ot*n 1 * rti. t« t p M / din * JtTfl w TAC C ^ T . H/.v IONO rUACH CE 1 U "Vc-- TOP PRICE-- ii- Wt ···· In urotnt nttd if ti*» «r«. i«t vi todatv tor « »j»1 d««l in CAC. or lr*d« in. UPGLN VCRNL HOLMLV-D000* JSttl Ati4«ntic GA 4U03 iLOYO C PAf1t«iON Too Pntr. tar Ci*«n Ctrl 3131 LONG HFACM BLVD._L» WE RUr JUNK CARS i WRLCK.I CAM}. lftCC Af ( RAIJAL, 7 )Mf: TT JJV4; 1 »fi TE HI' GOOD ItW, '$1 er '« P-«U tram ZAJM tar Cl».wrO»*d"f ·rV «f "you* ·u*nenrM .V/WrlOtt'tr. To *c;« MODfLI Ct flH Import Sport Con 1 7' '17 HILIMAN 4«Mr. (*··! rtt IM NE*mi_Oir. ·» SIMCA*4H¥. 0*Hfif, II fttr.n. r tt rOHT/MC-SWrrf tt*. MM ·frtr. zui tt. «tn*eft. fry f*r, iva' TA unr mpofttfpwfCar.1 174 t SPRITES j '· W* H4.« 11 U^t. : . 1 lor Y»w» S*Utioa| I959« thru 1962. Fine*! Frtm $995 , f very Or First dasl Ouar. JAMESTOWN · LAKEWOOD MOTORS , Authorized V/WDt«ler IALES - JtHVICe - PARTS "ORDER NOW" Utw 1M1 Vollswatens dtnvereo) ln£un "- $||vs -Good Used VolHw.oens" Sill Soutn SL Dutch VIIHj* ·Laiewood" TO M74I SPORTS-CAR MINDED? voi/ti love ttui on. ttti« i»*a SPRITE idoer rov*pe«d wlin Ra* do and Heater. Car showi *ice»- tional one owner car. Mai pooiHer 4 SMed trwismlsslon tkn .11 vlnvl interior txiced to tell today M fne kw prk. of ontr. SlOtf RAY FLADEBOE Bellllower. TO H»t SPOUT CAR, MINDCOT . Vou-U love Bin nr« Urn. t»s» Sunbeam }4oor hardtop. CoArlrcvH witn Radio. Heeler, ever'drtvr. Eiceptional en. owner car has tone fm-sh wltri all vtnvt Iptertor. Priced telow actual valu. tor to- ' U47 RAY FLADEBOE WercurY-MeleorCerret mil Bentiower Blvd. Bellllower TO 4-1741 I '60TR.3RDSTR.JI795 . SUPER CHARGED ' Beautiful oniinal l.le blva fnlih. . rerlect white vinyl top w/s"to v turlains L new white tonnotu. R . \ H. i, Judson Supercharger, teaut. \ leather m'enor wltti rear scat. 1J.OOO actual miles. Licensed tor S. W. LEMON IVa L. B. Blvd.. L. B. CA »SSI YOLKSWAGENLAND ' 7' USED VOLKSWAGENS IM . STOCK. ALL BODY STYLES. 'Us TO 'IIS UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED BY YOUR AU. THORIZED V/W DEALER. BANK TERMS. OPEN SUNDAY t EVENINGS ' KENDON MOTORS 1141 Pacific Cst. Hwy. TE JMJ4 4 BLKS W. Of HARBOR FWY. UOO SERIES COUPE Beautiful original lite blue frilsti. reflect blue vinyl Interior svifi reer lumo seat. Bleijeunk.! AW A FM ra*o. htr. Venr rwi Continental tiret. Eictlient me- ciianlcaily. S. W. LEMON SI ENG. FORD Ano't*. O»«n. Runt pood. Vn«K do«mj ptmlu '^"HALTYOUNG FORD 3510 E. PaciHc Coast Hwy. GE 4-097?. 1 blocll welt I . of Ll. Traffic Circle. VW-- CAMPERLAND e't '57s-4Ts. Prices start at tred br vour aulriortzed V*.V OPtn' SUNDAY t EVENINGS KENDON MOTORS 1:11 Pacific Cst. HWY TC »;i;4 4 BLKS W. Of HARBOR FWY. feaul.lul ted fin'sh, oenulne learn, er throuotiout. fuel mlected* ar conditiorrd. recrnma seats, ra. 0:0, he«t«r. whitewaMs. Sold r*» and serviced b» us. ... Sun JAMESTOWN 1JW ten? B»«th Blvd HE J71t| HIGHEST PRICES FOR EXTRA CLEAN IMPORTS Woolper* Imperil 4)1 W Pac. Cst H«r HE Htll VW'$ 77 NOW IN STOCK 2 CRl. -- VANS 1 MICXOSUS 43 Other Imcorts ADVANCE MOTORS IU4 L. B. BLVD. HE Mill U« L. *. BLVD. HE I14U \/ THIS AUSTIN HEAIEYS Choice of z sharpies IMO 1 1141 from Ullf Ir.wster Gtar. ISIS Allanlie ·67 GORDINI-JI47S reu;1:ve driver. Xtnt. Sevlnts. Hot 4 soeed Renault. IMPORT AUTO tut L B. BLVD. HE 4I«1 '10 RENAULT $74? Poixilar 4CV. Element nnd.tion. Priced to sell. IMPORT AUTO .464 L. B. BLVD. HE tlUl *r/r**t i*ttrfr tnt Chrom* '«·*»··.. »n*xkon fivD can. AM 1 f-M fc trvjrt wtvt r*lo. Llht ntw. M*. ·(0 DAUPHINE-II95 C " m "lMPORT'AUTO " tt ' 'Sf DAUPHINE-- $79S RADIO. MTATCR. SHARP IMPORT AUTO IIM L B BLVD. HE tltlf ·M MCRCIDIS IttJ SL. 1 owner. 11.000 ml. licel. cond. } tops. AM/FM rado. blue witn while top, leather Inferior. S7IX .r cf- Irr. GE tllOl 'II vr. 4 dr. Maonene. Black w/red leather do luie interior. RtH. 74 ml. per oal. Lite new. Prl*. ptr. IIJ}S flrml HA f 1141. tOR IEASE IN ROSSVOOR Golden Estate series. Ibdrin. 1 fam- llf rm. Bit ins. Fenced yard. GG 07774. ·17 HILLMAH Mm, Cm*- whuo body, red too. ton. cover. RH. _ Xlnt. cond LAw 7 SW7 at*er S. ·40 VOLKSAAGCN. R1H. REAL SHARP. «r delivers. Car eavmtt. ·SI PORSCHE, motor recently ever* hauled, rew clutcti starter. litres fandr work. I4SO Iff 3-S474 ·Jl SPRIIt. Itr.ght yellow Good rond.t.on ticno. GE 11174 alter MUST sen -41 VW sedais w/reco. only 10 000 nlles. tin under oo- ·11 TR1. TOD co^d »UI1 Leevo. tor Curooe. M^sl stIL CC 40411; ·ta KARMAH GHIA convert Rad.n. ·It ALFA ROMEO, Spvder Xm, rend 11)10. Jim. HA tltlt Gt ·il f.*GA roadster, wire wheels, jr'ii t:; c«l rar tills wk. Ca 1 Mr. Beech. LU 1 JJ/» dir. ·40 VOLKSWAGEN Convertible X». cond-roo-cnvate tarty. CE 1-nn ·!· MCA. red. Hint. COM I1C.V. GE HMO GE 14141 ·51 JAO Roads'e'. SK l». at 4 M. TO 44DS. Ifll43 Walnwt. Belillr, ·je PORSCHt. Call attrr 4 GA 17V4 ·» jar. UIKT Mil GC 11414 A F t C R 1 PM. 'it VW bus Low mi. !*U. 2Mir Oak. Lomifa OAve^nnrr A417S ·il UO-- Pn mvner. Eicel. rand. ^IITOO. 4J1 7W 71 VW, deiute'sed \fm mOunt". rond Prl. tty^ CA 4 lilt. ·40 TRIUMPH 4 DR. LIKE NEW. II Ml ml UK SOU ·JJ MG« R1H. LOW Wes. Fvtel cond ton 4T4.74SO ·5'"VOL«AA7-,CN. RiH. ww. eicel. Antique and Clastic Con 174-A T U~foiif itr. sed*aVr~riiil Man. ·4-.I c-tr. 4111 c. Irrudwa;. Station Wagon, US ·»r»b"D COUNTRY 1 V * »6t4. tlt» Pnver steenrif 1 bratet. A 1 ant «X1 CTierrf iUROIN't CA MI77 Iris f^t^if C. t -Kj-^jjjj 1 "ceid."Reei. 'rrnr. fty. "57 » Wl. j

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