Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 12, 1929 · Page 15
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1929
Page 15
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THfi ALTOONA MIRROR—TUfiSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1929 LPUBLIC SERVICE - BEING PURIFIED By OWEN t,. SCOtT, Staff Correspondent. (Copyright, 1929, by Consolidated Association.) CHICAGO, Nov. 12r—The task of purifying the public service here in the country's most interesting muhicl- pal laboratory—flrst undertaken by voters In their revolt of eighteen months ago—is making steady headway. Right now the police department, long out of favor with the public 'because of the suspicion that might not lack connections with the underworld it is supposed to suppress, is being shaken. ' At the same time, the Whole civil service is getting careful scrutiny by the state's attorney's office and evidence of wholesale bartering of Jobs in beginning to crop out. One member of the civil service board is facing trial and political job holders are Insecure in their places. In the police department, William 3?. Russell, the commissioner, ' has set out to place his force on a fighting basis. This move is being spurred on by activity of Investigators from State's Attorney John A. Swanson. They already have several captains on trial for alleged connection with the former highly .profitable slot ma- .chine syndicate, and four officers are now in- court charged with slaying Octavius Granady, a colored candidate for office during the 1928 primary election. Clean-up orders issued by Commissioner Russell have been followed by raids conducted under direction of 'atrlck Roche, chief investigator for the state's attorney. Wherever a district is found in which the captain has failed to carry out the chief's instructions, quick action results. Eleven captains recently were shifted by one order of the commissioner and one-more was suspended to face charges before the police board. Those who don't make good, have been shifted to pencil pushing jobs. "After this, instead of benching the captains by placing them on the flrst deputy's roll I shall suspend them and prefer charges against them with the police trial board," the commissioner advised. "I don't mean any of the captains misbehaved but I want every one on his toes to obtain a more strict enforcement'of the laws." The wide open .Chicago of former days, as a result, .is becoming one of the tightest of large American cities. Not much attention is being shown the beer business, which has been allowed to flourish so far, but gambling which has really been the big source of revenue for the gangs, now is at its lowest ebb In years. The attack directed at Job. selling has produced unusual results. As a. result of investigations, " the assistant state's attorney claims that promotions .to captain in the police force have sold on a scale, of $10,000, lieutenants for $5,000, sergeancies $1,500 and appointments to the force from $100 to $500. Often after money had been taken, so the investiga- lors s'ay, the jobs were not forthcoming. Similar scales were supposed to be in effect throughout a good part 'of the civil service. This period of bartering,- however, is past and those who were supposed to be responsible for it are decidedly discomfited at the present time. CAB nniVEH'S LUCK. BOMBAY, Nov. 12.—After Syed Abdul Haflz, a Haxicab driver! had slept and eaten fof five days in his Cab with the meter running waiting for a passenger Who sailed on a steamelp to return' and pay his fare. Haflz was arrested because his taxlcab license had expired. BOARD CONFERENCE Wlt'l INKBftEST DAIRYMEN D. ,C,, Nov. 12.— The flfst forum on the^ work of the federal t&tth board is expected at the conference of the American Institute of Cooperation to be held, according to announcement today, at Ohio State university next summer. 'Of special interest to Pennsylvania because of the state's representation among the officers of the institute, the conference will draw attention equally because it is expected to draw forth 'the sentiment of agriculture on the farm board's work to that time. Chief among the topics connected with the board, it is predicted, will be a discussion of loans to a Cleveland milk cooperative in Its fight against A privately-owned national dairy corporation. Dairymen of Pennsylvania will be particularly Interested, since the institute's work is concerned more with the industry than perhaps any other. The Institute's business session to be held next month In Chicago may give some Indication of what the summer 1 conference holds, although the general opinion la that the business gathering Will be largely a routine matter. Pennsylvania's representative among the officers Is John D. Miller of Susquehanna. FORMER ALTOONAN AIDS IN FILMING WAR MOVIE While no mention of the fact Is made in the presentation of the picture "She Goes to War," a former resident of Altoona played a prominent part in the filming and directing of the picture. The picture is being shown now at a local theatre. Faced with a necessity of having an authority in military mn tiers to direct the preparations for the battle scenes those In charge of the picture secured the services of General H. H. Whitney of Long Beach, Calif., a brother of Miss Mary Li. Whitney, superintendent of the Mercy hospital. Dollar Day/ Women's $4 to $6 Mules and D'Orsey Boudoir Slippers Women's Regular $1.15 Hosiery Featuring tomorrow, Dollar Day, at . $ 1 Pair 3 pairs for 12.75 Booster Stores DOLLAR DAY Two hundred pairs of • v Women's smart Shoes from our regular stock. 3 and 5 Broken lots and odd groups of footwear previously priced to $10. DoHar Day, $3 and $5 pair! Men's Footwear! .00 Dollar Day! 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Whitney, at one time pastor of the Simpson Methodist church," and also located for some years at Phllipsburg, Oaceola Mills, Schellsburg and Orblsonla. During his youth he was engaged in the insurance business in Altoona. Westminster Abbey clock In England has no minute hand. It tells the hours only* 'ALTOONA RADIO * 1318 12th Ave. Such a HAPPY dish , for younq appetites., Your children will welcome Heinz Cooked Spaghetti as a luncheon or supper dish—they'll find delight in every mouthful of its appetizing, nourishing goodness. That Heinz-made dry spaghetti, cooked so deliriously; that piquant tomato sauce; that special cheese—all combine to make it a great favorite with children and grownups alike. Its quality is unmatched anywhere. No other has its happy flavor! Order it by the • half-dozen cans, so that you may have it always at hand. You merely heat and serve. 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