Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 8, 1968 · Page 21
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 21

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1968
Page 21
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Comics Movies FRIDAY. MARCH 8. 1968 PASO 21 Television Radio DON SCHELLIE A Night With Police Anything But Routine (Second Of Three Parts) The police cruiser moved quickly through the nighttime streets of .Tucson's East Side. , Sgt. Glenn Doze was answering a call -- a young girl in trouble: drunk and the possibility of "pills" involved. This was a Saturday night that Doze later would call a quiet one -- strictly routine. But for a newsman riding with him it was a shocking experience. There were no major crimes for Doze, a field supervisor, to follow up on. But all but one of his calls that recent Saturday night involved teen-agers. Doze navigated the snaking streets of the subdivision in the Broadway-Kolb Road area without hesitation and pulled up behind another police car. In the livingroom an 18-year- old girl sat propped on the sofa, screaming, crying, waving her arms. The officer who had answered the call had covered her with a blanket, and now and again the girl fell over and sprawled on the couch. An ambulance was on the way, he told Doze. "I don't want to die, I don't want to die," the girl sobbed. "But he doesn't love me. . ." The officer told Doze the girl had consumed most of a bottle of cheap red chianti and a substantial amount of vermouth. In th* kitchen Doze found a near- empty pHl bottle. Nearby the telephone dangled by its cord. Doze spoke into it and the operator was on' the line. The girl, according to the operator, had been having troubles with her boyfriend. She had drunk the wine and then become afraid and had dialed the operator for help. It was the operator who sent police to the scene. Doze asked the operator to help locate the doctor whose name is on the prescription label of the pill bottle. In minutes the doctor was reached at a restaurant and he said he would be there quickly. In time the ambulance arrived. The doctor had not shown up and the girl's condition seemed worse. Doze told the ambulance atttadants to take the girt to St. Joseph's Hospital for emergency room treatment. He told the investigating officer to secure the house and leave notes for the doctor and the girl's family. It was after midnight when we were in service again. A radio call said the manager of an East Speedway drive-in reported a growing mob -- a milling crowd of teen-agers -and feared a "rumble" might break out. Two or three patrol cars drove slowly past the area and at the sight of the police vehicles the crowd broke up. Along much of East Speedway, however, souped up autos are parked and small groups of teen-agers stand around and talk and kick tires. There is a constant procession of cars in and out of the parking areas of some drive-in restaurants. Another radio call. An officer needs assistance behind the service station in Monterey Village at Speedway and Wilmot. On the scene the policeman -a young man just months out of the training program -- outlines his problems. He has two teen-aged boys in custody. They have, been drinking, but not much. The driver of the car, however, is unlicensed. There is a plastic sack of melting ice cubes on the floor of the rear seat and a half-full quart bottle of Coke. Doze speaks to the boys. They tell him they are from the South Side and that they had been to a party. Had they had much to drink? The boys say no. Just one each. One boy says it was the first time he had had a drink. The sergeant asks him why he had the one drink. "I don't know," the boy says. "Everybody else was drinking and I didn't want everybody to laugh at me." Doze advises the investigating officer to cite the boy on the traffic violation, contact the fathers of both boys and make a field report on tthe incident. Next Doze is called to Tucson Medica] Center. An elderly man had collapsed hi his driveway and was dead on arrival at the hospital. Doze stands by while a young officer checks the body for any unusual marks or signs of violence. Apparent natural causes, but a report must be made. It is well after midnight. Yet there are many young people walking, driving, standing. "Some of these kids just don't know when to quit and go home," Doze said. "Goodness only knows what their parents think they're doing." We cruise slowly along Speedway and the youngsters stand in their clusters and stare at us. And then another call comes over the radio. Possible overdose of drugs; a teen-aged girl. (Continued) Action, Please! If you have a question or a problem to be solved write to Action, Please, care of he Tucson Daily Citizen. Reporters will investigate your queries and answer them in this column. Questions must be submitted in writing and contain full name, address and, if yon have one, your telephone number. Names will be withheld on request QUESTION - Is it legal to rent a motorcycle to a 16-year- old boy without his parent's consent? Can you find out what the insurance covers when the teenager rents a motorcycle? ANSWER -- it's not illegal, but could be disastrous, according to John Campbell, enforcement officer, State Highway Department. Campbell points out that contract .with a minor is not valid in this state. So, in case of accident, the party that rents the motorcycle, and the teen-ager's family could be sued. By state statute, a business renting a motorcycle must show proof of insurance to the highway department before or at the time the cycle was rented. The firm must be covered for minimum liability. As Campbell points out, most family policies today do not cover motorcycles. Thus a cycle rental firm, which rents to a Tninor, taks a calculated risk. So do the minor's parents, unless their insurance covers the situation. QUESTION - Just when is Tucson going to wake up and clean up the slums, vacant lots and alleys? I never have seen such a place with so much rubbish, dead weeds and unkempt places. It looks like a city dump for blocks on both sides of the Freeway. -ANSWER -- The latter may be attributed to no-zoning, nonconforming usage prior-to zoning, as well as to poor zoning. Tom Price, supervisor of the city's refuse division, points out action was taken to clean more than 200 lots last year. Inspection teams constantly work to keep alleys clean. If you wish to pinpoint lots or alleys, call the refuse division- Action will be taken on the problem. QUESTION - I am deeply interested in the Freeway planning for our town. I understand the reason for Freeways is to speed up traffic and cut down traffic on our residential streets. Why couldn't Tucson have subways that start from populated residential areas, run under business districts and end up downtown? This would help traffic problems and wouldn't divide our city into pieces. ANSWER -- Too costly. A better solution than most, maybe, but, according to city engineers, underground walls, and tunnels are most expensive and, even then, the land on top must be reclaimed or rebuilt. In ratio to resources available -:nd land values as they exist -- too costly. ANN LANDERS Girl Friend's Lisp His Sisters* Grist Dear Ann Landers: I am going with a very nice girl. In fact she is the finest young woman I've ever dated. There is only one problem -- and it really didn't bother me very much until lately. Sally lisps. When I introduced her to my sisters they were very cordial to her face, but the next day they greeted me with, "Thay now, about that Thally -- she's- thum thweetie-pie." I didn't realize Sally's lisp was so pronounced. One of my ·isters said that in my case love · was not only blind, but deaf as well. Now that they've made such a big deal out of it I am wonderisg if a person who lisps can be cured of it. Can you tell me? - CONCERNED Dear Concerned: A lisp can be corrected, but the method depends on what is causing the lisp. A speech therapist should make the determination. It could be the teetn, a malformation of the tongue or a faulty palate arch. Your sisters sound as friendly as a pack of jackals. Has anyone ever told them it's in terrible taste to make fun of a physical disability? If not, may I be the first? Confidential to I'm For You, Peachy: You are right. Too clean is as sick as too sloppy. Moderation makes the b e s t sense, n I had to settle for one extreme or the other, I'd sooner live with someone who is too clean. Drinking may be "in" to the kids you run with -- but it can put you "out" for keeps. You can cool it and stay popular. Read "Booze and You -- For Teen-Agers Only." Send 35 cents in coin and a lotig ; self- addressed, stamped envelope ·with your request. Ann Landers will be g]ad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of the Tucson Daily Citizen, enclosing a self-addressed. s*amrH envelope. ® 1JM Publlshars-Hall Syndicatt 3400 EAST SPEEDWAY IN RANCHO CENTER SHOP NIGHTS TH 9; S.IM5AYS Tit 6 Tucson '5 A wn rd- Win n ing Brand Names Store rrrrrrrrrnuss Korbys Plays It Cool with No Iron Fun and Game Clothes by Russ C a r e f r e e R u s s P r e s - s spur-of-the-moment fashions! 6596 Dacron® polyester 3596 cotton with locked-in freshness. Wash, tumble dry, wear and never, never kon ... from now on! · Blazer, 13.00; Striped Voile Shirt, 7.00; Culotte, 9-00 · Pant Dress, 14.00 · Golf Jacket, 12.00; striped nylon Shell, 6.00; Pant, 9.00 · Plaid Zip Jacket, 13.00; Polo Knit Shirt, 5.00; Plaid Action Skirt, 9.00 YOU MAY WIN A RUSS OUTFIT! See the Russ ad in March 8th issue of LIFE magazine. Bring the ad to KORBY'S; if the Russ ad and the Prize Poster at Korby's have the same number of r's coming from the girl's mouth you win a Russ outfit free! Nothing to buy! \ \

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