Independent from Long Beach, California on May 23, 1957 · Page 31
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 31

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 31
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Meet Your Local Athletes N|Nri_ H» It-Hell* :t»n| -- Miot[UI. Air-- i;.. H'llM-- t 'ML * I \Wi.ht_l*.) pound . · No Hftnhomort, llim iJiM*-- J«i*Tpon » n* tunning for fir H»* ho fU\ lillc HitUrr.iiv irt rf top-Mltd flrtuHM rviv HUh »ifh . tlvrnl -- tilth jump. ·-- . Mrlihl-- ii fMl. T InthM. \\rUM-12u pound*. l'r*il«w*i K pt|mrt *:·/»·.-- ft .Aif-- IB Hflihl-- ,1 Ur.ihl-- 14 tn riMll M.41- ItniU n tilth Uititi -- Yo ttfudy f"lnl winner Mill lump vvt-ftt thr^ . f*-- Nor»*. flrfhomort. Hill. UiMi -- Hull wai Jnrdan'i | o p lti)i|wi|t)it wtiKhl mm thli vtar, Hinkv firit-v«ir coniMlttnr pfl rn**l if coM n^alnit t'nmplon »ni\ ll«rMt f o u r t h In Crwil l«B«ii* tlllt moil, llli tuil · Iforl WAI 4ft. V. 1M|M--8 frtl. * In i»ti«rm»n. Junlnr. HlfK UihU -- Croiltr tin . rd « II *i Tttcr» \\Al.TKH HIIIIUI l l l k K .ml- \\llifn. ntft-- V*rlily iw|m A**-- U. IttlfM-- « |n|. fitl, 4 trfh*», 17. hl-- 5 Ullirmm, HI|h|llhU -- flnlnjl won M|h point individual ItOph SC, inch*!. lh * .»ll*rm*n. 1 I,««(U» low hurdlt* rat*. lit run§ Up for till».wlnnlnn r*roni · brtiklnf *"·· r»l»r t»*m iin«l IB CiP i mil Hi i in -, Ktnnard w«* ·(rong point icor*r during ou«l m»«t ·*«ifn end ih*n ·w« m up for \vilMh lr»»- p(yl» »uy tMm which won Ou«ii L*4iu« ml*. HKNMl ANKHKUn rt««l--Poly. ·Miri-- V«r«ltv lr"rlt, '»n(.v--Pelt Vttilt, brmif) HH|hl--3 (..I, in fnth*i. Urtiht^lSa poundi. Pr#vl«n« KtiwHviir* -- P*» liltcrman. Bvnlor. HlOillfhU-- Andrcwi pit · IMflf of tin yur In ](*,in, U OM of lavorM** lor CIF virilly bro«d Jump ··mil t vl | wt*Li ||«nrv I* flhtllit in po|» vault. In HIMII.H KOH4TA Nrhmtl--Jordan htmH--Vi filly Irnnti, P«illlMt--Pint, Aft-- IT. miiM -5 f» t f, 7 Ihrhtl Ul|hl --125 pound i, y»»r Utlfrmin, atnlor, HlihH|hl«-- Kotwtft u . or th« rulltr Junior H* h*« (Ing rourl ir*»rl And IfHxt ·iiorlmanl rf inola. Ocean fishing prospects for the coming weekend are excellent. Storms have subsided and the weatherman lias promised several days of bright sunshine and light winds. Ycllowtnll are starting to show at Catallna and Snn Clcmcnto Islands In increasing numbers. 'Pete Peters, skipper of the Fisherman JI IPnclflc Landing) brought In 34 yellows, !i hurra and llmltK of kelp bass Wednesday on his first run to Sun Clemcnte since the weather tvRslied out most nf the boat schedules, Pete had only 9 pa iiengcrs aboard. Plerpolnt Landing reported ratchc.i of yellows and barracuda lit Catallnn on Tuesday when the wind was kicking up the waves and «well» everywhere. ' Snn Diego's fleet snapped buck Into action Sunday and Monday with more than 1.000 yellows iwch day. Wednesday's wind kept many hoats Inside the harbor at the Border City, The first period of the yellow- tall derby comes to a clone Saturday, with a flshoff at n later date. Despite the wind and rain, Mirf anglers were having good success all along the coast, with some rather remarkable catches up In the Ventura-Santa Bar bara arnn. below Pit Dam No. 3 and above the No. 3 powerhouse. Bernie Kaestner, who oper- ties a lodge on Kastman Lake In the Hurney area, laid that one man took 30 pounds of rainbow trout In three days while fishing Just In front of her lodge. Boats, motors, lodging- even board-- are available there, Jake's son, Charles, a disabled war veteran, has opened a trailer park on llwy. 89 Just a mile :rom the »tate park. He olso las some campsites available.! -hnrlrs seems to have the drop| on his dad; he allows I with dogs, but dogs aren't lowed In the park, TAI'KI.K l-r.nmiNAIJ-- HinUil .M Allr. lluflnun. Hirf *d Khk. Krrr, 1.. CITY TENNIS Four Poly Players Win VVIUnn inch's Illrhiiril Jiilm- ·nn and Dull If Merllnn inert Tnly's I'hll Odrunrd nnil Steve Williams, respectively, In fe«. tllred qliHrlrrflnnl niatche* of the nnnnal nil-City tennU tnurnument ImlHy «t Itecrm- tlnn 1'ark. Odegard mtVHnred tn th« quarterriniilii with n 6-4, fl-S vlrtory nver Alike, (iucrrrrn nf \\'ll«(iii In n npnind round matrh 1\'eilne»(la.v. rinl KniM--.MrA'M (I'l i,l, Kin. muni l»| h rl»lli nwinl ItaiiM-. niMiiBMH (fi 4»f. \\mnrtfittt\wtt !·, *·!, «.fl. *MviMnf (l*| ritf. Spwti About Tom 9 fi__ i k /it? rrntir n ByJACKTEELE- A NATIONAL Sl'OKTS n azlne printed on April 15 R two page l a y o u t featuring Met ·chool pole vaulting phenom Jim Jlrewer of North Hlch In Phoenix, Taking the cur, Rrcwer became thn first high school vnult rr to clear 15 feet last Friday ivhen he flicked over 15-',4 a. he Ltike-Greenway Invitation als In Phoenix Jim Stangeland, the new foot mil coach it Long Reach Cltj was Brewer's first "of. Evans Tops State Team 'oufMI Statistically rn't el- ,, , _ . ·' Icial" vaulting coach. Thus It li hat the magazine story am Jrewer's Friday vault broughi back memories. Hut whereas the magazine ells of a "boy with the clear ook of a great athlete . , . beau Ifully muscled In the arms am* boulders, and with -trim long egs," Stangeland remembers a llehtly lesi Adonis-like Brewei. And whereas track fans now now the Luke-Greenway Invl atlonals us the meet where a repstcr first vaulted 15 feet, tnngelnnd remember* that meet or another reason. The charac rs are the same, however, and ere Is the Vlke coach's story as told It to in over a chef's nlad Wednesday: · · V * "I HAD A vaulter n a m e d rnle Bullard when I was coach- ng nt North Hlch In Phoenix, nd Ernie, who Is now a sopho- ore at SC and has done 14-6j mself, was such a nut for aultlng that he had built . inway and pit in his own back ard. From time to time, Mullarf ould tell me about a kid who /ed next door to him name' rewer . . . he was helping the d In vaulting. "Well, one day D u l l a r d r o u g h t his pal 1 to school, oach.' he begged, 'wouldn't you take a quick look at Jim, ... I think he's pretty good for his age. 1 Brewer, he explained, was 13. "So I took a look at this kid. He had the general appearance of a desert mouse ,.. Levls, lee shirt, m u s s e d hair, a bit scrawny. 134 In the big schools mee and they sat back on t h e l laurels a bit the week befor the Lukc-Greenway. Not so fo Drewer! Jim worked like a beaver Ret ling ready. The day of the mee he cleared 13 feet to win. We figured he had reached his max imum for the day, but he wan ed to KO on even though every one else had been eliminated so we moved the bar up only on" inch In 1,1.1, "Jim cleared It on his firs try! 'We were still dubious am ngnln mnvcd the bar up one nch , . . this time to 13-2, And again Brewer went over on hli Irst try. "Well, to makit a long story shorter, Brewer moved Inch by nch from 13 feet to 13-8. At hat height he was so tired he could hardly stagger up the run. vay, "Measured out, his 13-7 vault was 13-fiU, Not a bad record for 14-year-old, barefooted fresh man!" "I had told our school's su wrintendent earlier that I would ·f leaving North to coach fool. iall at Downey High In Callfor. ila. After that meet, he camf own to the dressing room and sked, 'You still going to Call- ornln, JlmT* "Believe me, Brewer made It mighty (ought" Athlete of the Week INDEPENDENT-?,^ C-3 lM| l««.h. 1,111., thuri.. Ma, 31, Iflf **** International League Toronto T, Ilnrh»I*r *. \ili.fnhui 4, Hiinii 1. , Hufftln it Xintr»l, rain, Kichmijml 3, Htvin* 0, BRAKE SPECIAL Here's What We Do... 3 Add Broke Fluid, 4. Intpttt 5 Adjvtl BroVi Sh«M liON BOECKLER, WIISON HIGH TRACH ACE, WHO WON CIF SEMIFINALS 440 HHAT IN 48 8 TO ESTABLISH HIMSELF AMON6 FAVORITES T=OR TITLE THIS WEEK. COMPLETE BRAKE AND · FRONT END SERVICE 6 Months To Pay i STORES "OWNTOWN, 7th S Ucuil Official ttmkt llmlint Nt. lit) . . anil - wllh Jim Klnoi Mnl*l Inaar Brlilaa nil ram. homa »lr , r*H Vim Wlikt* iti ·! hi. ll.rVk..r* th ll Imlla of rilnbtiw MU lha found fllli V'«i| Wtlkar ftlvtr. Th.y luliln, |« r amallar lu.n (*«. Harolit l.ul thai ha Iml ·»» big cutthroat b«cauia of a .mall i.l. Ha RitvlM. lar KlnHil fipact. lha tullhrOMl run lo Ull tlh.r Iwo Uaaeh thlaa wailii. HMdm. lha bait lurtt lor lha lxnf TIIK r, S T n K I, I. A, Pacific Landing's half-day boat, goes hack Into service Saturday after a S25.000 fflcn-llfllng Job. Not only did the Pacific mechanics change the looks of the Estrella; thex also put 40 bunks In It. Pop Lcavltt, Pacific's general manager, says It's the most luxurious fishing boat on the const. The bunks won't be used for the half-day runs; they will be saved for those albacore and hluefln specials, which Pacific hopes will start next month. The Kstrclla's dally schedule bcjlns Monday. The bout U being used Sunday for free boat rides In the harbor day celebration. Al Brown's Paul G will take over Sunday's run. Jimmy Goldsworthy again will be the skipper on the Kstrella, !«·«· Halunlav--anil in In. rain. Olh.r nvlara al.o war* dnlnr will Iliarv Mr. aart Mrv Hill Na.h. ( rl.d PuitnlmaliiM. cau,l,i ima u*i.. talllih anil trappl., and art » II.I.I rlar will, rar(, 'i oouijn. .alll. Na.h r.pnmri thai th. )aka li !l"hi "' P * 1 " 1 """ ""' ·"· · '··' ( I I Tfc» !»·« H»rk a III lumrnlr tiilin, 1.1 lha w ,,l rn H^ Uadnaiilav nljhl tin, fl.h npanrd panrd V| ., " , will rnnllniia Ihroutn lha lummir »..,,, ,Hh lha public Inv lad. Tnnlihl lha rluh hai Ila mnnlhly all*, with Tat nrnMtbftrh pro. vMIni lha antartalnntlnt. Ta» li «nlni In milk « law ratllainakaa. Karl l«.h. nparalnr al H«hlrArd «k», raiKtrta lhat th* landlni itrlp hai n »rnpl*l*d and Ihil an^lara «rllh IlKhl plania miy now fly lh*r«. Thru* nl you »hn ira M and cM.r and on alal* r*ll«f: Tha hill living lr«* llihlni, llr.nia. lo vou hai il,n" v llnv. Knltht. hut It .MIT tlli'llv, mill fl»pl. U. I,lk*wli*. th* bill allnw. i« nnnr*4IA*nl i«rvlr«m*n 14 hur Itih, a and huttllnir llranaai at Calirnrnli rlf*a |o*i Into .11. tl on ib* lam. rial*. Carl Evans, Long Beach State College's Jack-of-all-trades who was converted to third base and outfield duty this season after holding the No. 1 catching post In 1956, led the 49ers In almost every statistical department. The slugging Evans led the team with a .3TJ hatting aver, age, four homers, 51 total bases, ·even stolen bases and 28 runs batted In. Among the pitchers, Jay D». vis had a 2.BO ERA and Bill Hnhbs had the top win total wllh a 5-2 record, George Dela Torre, Junior shortstop, was elected captain by his mates. Final ]fl,"7 statistics; "I ADMIT I wasn't really Interested at first, but when the boy took off his s h o e s and cleared 10 feet In his Levls, 7 pot real interested real quick. And when he cleared 11 feet, I asked Dullard 'o get the boy a pair of track trunks. "Rullard begged off, explain- ng that Brewer wouldn't wmr .he shorts. 'He'd be too em jbarrassedY he told me. I "Next year. Brewer was a freshman at North and we finally got him Into track pants, hut he still wouldn't wear t r a c k shoes. "Although he was consistent ly beaten by Bullard and another of our vaulters that year, Jim drew rave notices as the barefooted 14-year-old who could clear 12 feet, "Near the end of the year, Brewer got over 12-0, to place third behind our o t h e r two vaulters In the big schools meet "THE UJKK - nitEKNAVAY meet was the climax of thai season. It brought together the champs and top placers from the big and small school stale meets. i Mounties' Bamberger Squelches Suds, 1-0 SEATTI.K IL'.P)--George R«m herger, extremely touch In the jams, hlflnkert Seattle on nine ilt» n» Vancouver edged thn TOMORROW l.\KI;l\llllll J.1TTI.K I.KAdl'K nutlai H«tnihrra ...... IMHI Mil-- 1 A lk»*fiuf TrlMllr .. flit Ini--IA T Ivy Mncirl and Whlppla; llorraln Ralnlers, 1-0, here Wednesday night In their Pacific Coast League scries opener. Tile Mnunlles hunched three singles In Hie seventh to pus across the decider with Buddy Peterson's slngln to right driving In the lone run of the game. AH III! A A H II DA . 1 2 1 2 Will..11 ?al '1 \ 2b.aa .1 'I II I !l.nikl.?b.n .1 I .1 1 yr«»t.r.ll 3 0 4 II lllrnn.lli 4 n 7 II liirt.t.3n I 0 II .1 Taylor.rf 4 I 1 II 4 II 7 I) 4 0 1 1 Potrli.rf :i 2 .1 1 4 1 1 l cf 4 1 3 0 llavan.ab 4 .1 .1 I c .1 I « II Ori*i|,c .1 0 H II It JUmliargr.n .1 n i 2 R.b«,|i J I n .1 t Joriinin,2b 0 I) 0 U a-r'rkano II 0 II II VII.I.A(IK I.ITTI.K l.r.AIII r Inilrr Nnl. IMa, (111 (V|a ·_ 4 t ' Nfwrla \\rmr nt1 (MM 1--'S IA )l liunlavav. Mm.r and MHUr; Olllard, larnill and I^rrl^tn. »» I.ITTI.F l.r*«rr Klka ........ Ala 4Mt -- II · UIMrala . fHttt IIW-- I I nd Tncklnki Johnaon and ft YiHinf: lull. M HUNT KXI'KCT too much · In Southern California trout plantings this week. Rains made most mountain roads slippery and DKAG trucks were unable to get through to some distant streams and lakes. But here's ' the list of those planted: I.4.K AMIKI.CX (III'NTV -- Atr-TO S.«n llow.r aacllon). JJIa lto«k, Hi. Tu- mnaa. Han Antnnln. Ultla llork anil Nnrlrt i.lttl* ri forka of lh« Han (labrl*! Illvtr, nr:HN4HIHN4» -- Arrowhvar, Arrowhead BIK Hear, J«Pka. (Irviory l^k«a; (Irvio ArMith . Ur*«n Vall« Mill I'rvtlii all«v Main r i rnrki of Ih* Ha.nla Ana ftlvar. n \ N T A HAHHARA -- Maniana cr**k and HaAta Ynti lllvar Invar lx* ' . Weather Interfered with trout fishing In the Sierra Nevada, with heavy rains on the western slope and rains and mow on the eastern areas. Hottest spot was the Pleasant Valley Reservoir, where anglcm were taking some bli; browns. This lake Is on the Owens River six miles north of Bishop, · · · · · JAKK rooi. supervisor of the. Burney-McArthur Memorial State Park at Burney, writes that fishing wai never better In that area, due mostly to light snows In the winter and a small nmnoft this spring. Jake says thnt several member* of the Fur. Fin and Feath- erJCJub of the San Francisco hay region took limits there last week»'»ome of which came, from the 'small stream within the park, Good catchet were reported I Guarantee Every Speedway Car Chance to Qualify INDIANAPOLIS (IT*-- Owner Anlon Ilulman Jr. of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway said Wednesday night that every car entered for the 500-mile race May 30 will get a chance to qualify If It takes until 7 p.m tCDT) Tuesday. Hulman madu the announcement at a United States Auto Club awards dinner, after » can- fcrcnce wllh J. C. Agajanlan, spokesman for the Champion' ship Car Owners Assn. * The USAC presented awards to these champions: National hi, tin, Jlmmr Bryan,, Arli. utitwait iprlili: Pal O'Connor, Nurlh V*rnAn. 1M. K*il»rri aprlntal Tommy Hlnn«rihlli, 'Ivy, Pa. National ·lock tarii Johnny Manll. Diiarl* Cam. I'arlfle roait ilork rara] Bam Hanka. Tann* I'alli.J... Calif. Natlonftl mtd|*t»^ Hhorty TtrAplimm. ·altl*. I'atlfl* roaal mld|*llt Jnhnnl* far. Dm I** Ant*l*«. KlarMa inldlltft Andy Undin. |l«r»f ilarholm'""" o*U Torr* . Iivk.i Frhnlir Phllllr* .. Hnbb. Rlihon Tnlman ,,.,,. HATTINII AH ii nn nni rn. 3ft 4 2(1 .333 13 ,3IH II .3ft ........... .............. aft Navy Nino Opens Season Against ^ Gardcna Sunday "My other two vaulters had lied for a new state record of n 1 ;» « 23 ft 2n II in .;«· ,?5« .25" ,34« 0 7 rn. 'Ml .1.31 IW fi.JI 14 4.17 llnhbi .. ..... .,... n 2 !»·· :...::::::::': i 4 ... .... · v '* . . 3 * 333 J a TRAM I.KAIIKH"! Huna--Tan. 21 (III. -- Kvana 3"; llollblri -- Phllllpi 4: Trlnln--Kvani 3: Home Runi^Rvani 4 ' ·Ul.n fl^ar* ^- Kfjina 7- Ha^.lff rhnl.r «- Walk*--rla Tnrra 2n; it- Philllii l.nno: Total Fan.- Kvani M, I»la Tnrra M, . Angel* Sign, Trojan Hill Olson, outfield star of the University of Southern California, was signed Wednesday by the Lo« Angeles Angels and lolned the team Immediately. Three Champions to Vie in Regatta One class In the mighty array of Inboard! to tangle In the loth annual all-western sweepstakes regatta at Marine Stadium, Me morlal Day, will boast not one but three champions or record- holders. In the power-packed Cracker Box runabout fleet, to race 13 strong, they'll lie Paul Pierce, Whlttler; Carl Maginn, Van Nuys and Bob Patterson, Glendale. Carl Volght and George Pearson will share pitching duties Sunday night when the Long Beach Na. val Shipyard club opens Its softball season against the Gardcna Merchants at Park Ave. Field. Manager Doug Ballard announced that his p i t c h i n g choices woultl throw for three Innings each. Behind the log for the 1355 and 195fl California state champions will be Ralph Sangster. Comprising the rest of the starting lineup will be Roy Deeter, .th: John Baltazar, 2h; Snuffy Machada, Ib; Frank Estes, ss, wllh Boh Bullock, Cy Phclps and Chief Camarilla In the outfield. b.Maui i-I.ohrki.2b 3 0 0 1 Kfnniriv.p 0 n o o Aylwar.l.c 1 1 3 1 Tolali 37 H 27 » ToUI. T] » 27 11 a--tun Inr Ort*l» tn 7lh. b--W.lkid fur Kahr In Ilh c--Cllnl out for Will! tn 7lh. VAnriMtrr (I'Mt OHM 1MI--1 n--BambarB.r. RRI -- I'.iariun. ^1) -- Plvan 2 Hit--Pown. nac.--I'.l'r.nn. Krmlir. Ba.ln.HI. K.nntdv. DP--Ha.ln- HHI-lllynn: Krl.nd'P.t.rMin. Mar.hall: M, faaltla In. HB-- Itam'rwrB.r 1, HaHa a. Kannaily 1. "O--namh.rK.r n liana n. Kannvrty 3 IIO^flamh«rK.r M In «. n.l- ,t In T. I In 'I HftKft- Ilaint«rc.r n.n jlnh* 1-1 hnna«l" o.n. WP--n«mhfra»r in.Ji I.P Rah. |2'4|. II--l.»nni.n. Homr', K.rr. T-2:J7. A-- 1,04I. Which is the toughest play to make? Cil L e a u e Softball Scores Zimmerman, Bryant*,,,. ,,,.,, .... 2nl onn n-- .1 4 tllO 120 *~ 4 ft A ntiuto; Altman 4 M Ill) 410 n--1« a .. . . mo ni-- i 1 Dlxon; nabafo. Htroup . dtiop I12« . . . 4 ( 1 0 32S 0-- 11 Mhop 73 ........ . ..... Mil 400 (l^lft laltarman A WaahmKton; jnrquti A lltrnandai. N. B. Supply ..... . 22H 2(1.1 ·-- 19 12 o pi Id · BtUlxl San Franciftco Golfer Enters City Tourney The Long Beach City Golf -hampionship. which begins S u n d a y with championship flight qualifying, took on an all- state flavor Wednesday with the entry of Nick Andrakln Jr. Andrakln, a twn-handlcappcr rom Harding Park, San Francisco, Is having his clubs xhlpped here especially for the tournament. . Blinp 17 Mucktlroy. I. Thompaon, nowlng H.I'. Uyar . Camou AV . . OIMI Kill 0 -- 1 2 2 lAhnnon A Atkmi A Crant. IMMl IN*I II-- 0 n 1 . 3ikl IKH x 4 7 I KlURiralil; nanilill t , 100 HOT 3 - 7 B 1 IHIII IHI.I 1 - 4 9 : Ilukc. A Mandtz I..H. lloya fib Aim on| 1I»2 (t-- 4 P.T. Htlniari 2A1 ooo »-- r Ambn · 4'omba llliuri 3ito I 2 4 1 1 -- I d Alvarado * fhllllpl; Vouni.r t c»i- Illltft. IIAMKN TIIMIIIIT Al Park A**.--Dlam. I. 7:30, 1;n Oil VI. Trxaro; N:45. OTonnrlll lll.tnifr Tlla; Uiam, 2. 7:30. B.lmonl Hull. Milhodllt VI. lit M.Hindi.f !i Klra Pint. A VI. rtrcl* Furnilurr il lt~i«H»n- 7:30. Ktd xnllld Volith a. lat I'h'urfil of Ihl Aratnr.n. Al Atfmlnl kldd --T:3'i. llapl. ni n a. Dapt. 2ft!l7: M:ia, Atllt %'.. ilalnltnanc.. I Pan Am*rlr»--7:30 Publla r|. pan^a vk N.C.O. rlub Jit.. At NKTrnwa--7:3fl. Am, WhnlMal. Hdw. VI. llanrork Oil; *:4fi. Kully Mil- Ur Co. vi. I..U. Kirbor Dti'l. At. I'hrrrr Avr.--uim.. poitpofitd, It fltld. The pivot on a double piny, or B putout on a drag bunt? Both arc tricky to handle .. . both take skill and experience. But it's a simple matter to pick the beat bourbon whiskey of all. for those who want the finest... 5T8AICHI IOUIION WHISKEY, «« PROOF. oisiiiiurio IY MCKESSON IOIIINS, INC, NEW YODK, N. Y. BUICK "BUICK at Its FINEST" Here's how to get rid of those weeds! Vbere in lolt of food w»yi lo fliht wetdi, from hind pulllnt ID tcitniiAc ipuyi. And knowing th* btil way um time ind work. June Btntr HOITHI A Ganttiu tclli you whut to do lo get rid of planlnln, chlckwctd, dundcOoni, ipolltd ipurgc, huck- hom.cnbgnui nd oihcn, For w*td- frat yirds and firdtni, get June Rrlter Hnmn A Cardini today, wh«i*v«r nwigulnN ut told I , , CONVAIR Jan Diego | IMMEDIATE* OPENINGS AIRCRAFT ASSEMBLERS ^ and , Men with Mechanical Aptitude to |«arn aircraft aiMmbly ' 2 0 0 IMMEDIATE OPENINGS In Convqlr'i txpandlnq F-102 and F-ID6 Intirceptor Pro{rams NOW! C O N V A I R . San Diego ' OMVAII II « DIVIIION OP OINII/IL DTN«MICI COirOI«T1ON Her* I« your opportunity to earn a top wage--$300 per -month minimum -- whil« you work on one of fh« nation 1 ! top priority aircraft programil You'll live In baautlful, imog- fr«e Son Diegol APPLY IN PERSON MONDAY thru FRIDAY Statt of Callfornld Dept. of Employment 1313 Pine. Long Beach, Calif. Ask for Mr. Clay Adamt STICK DEODORANT For absolute security, oil day, every day. So quick and clean ... melts In Instantly. Gives you Social Security In just 3 second]) 1.00 plus lax ab SPICE SPRAY In IfflveM/flhl philic, I. CO f hi tat B H U L T O N

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