Independent from Long Beach, California on March 23, 1976 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1976
Page 17
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. ii. i»i INOfcf tNOtNI (AM) * PRESS-IEIEQKAM (PM)-8-7 Musical spectacular set at Millikan High Thursday at 7 p.m. in M i l l i k a n High School Audit o r i u n i . 2800 S n o w d c n Avi-.. the school's music department w i l l present i t s a n n u a l scholarship (mill-raising "Spring Spectacular." The program will open with the Millikan Symphony Orchestra directed by UoVrt Gibson, music dc- r . i . L m e n l c h a i r m a n , p l a / i n g Bach's "Brandenburg Concerto No. 3" and Rimsky-Korsakoff's "Cap r i c e i o Espagnol." Soloists will bo violinist V i r - ginia Lee and trumpet player Greg Horowitl. T h e a w a r d w i n n i n g Millikan Jazz Ensemble, with Patli Smith as vocal soloist, also w i l l be f e a - tured. The group recently won first p l a c e In t h e · Bonita J a z z Festival in Orange County. E x c e r p t s f r o m the school's spring musical, "Sound of Music," will be sung by the vocal department; the Millikan Ram Band will play a Bicentennial salute lo conclude (lie program. Roger Johnson, director of bands, will conduct the jazz and band groups. D o n a t i o n s of $2 for adults and $1 for students are suggested (or the scholarship fund. The Millikan Orchestra won the highest rating from all judges in the M a r c h 12 East San Diego County-Grossmont District. Music Festival. Watsons mark 50th anniversary Celebrating 50 years of marriage on March 31 are 50-year L o n g Beach residents M r . a n d Mrs. J . Ku.sscll Watson. A b u f f e l o p e n h o u s e Sunday at the Long Beach home of their son-in-law a n d daughter. M r . a n d Mrs. Loren H. Evans, will honor the goldenweds. Co- hosting the celebration is their other daughter, Mrs. John L. Peters, also of MR. AND MRS. J.R. WATSON The Aces on bridge IRA G. CO«N JB. HAM CAF1AM A c c u r a t e d e f e n s e i s generally m o r e ohscure l h a n accurate declarer p l a y . While a declarer knows all 2fi of his side's cards, the defense must o f t e n guess. It follows then t h a t defensive card signals can he most important. T o d a y ' s challenger involves the use of an unusual defensive signal. Lead- i n g from the top of a sequence is accepted practice; following suit from Ihe lop in some siluations can convey the same mes- A n d r e Wendelin. t h e B e l g i a n ambassador lo Turkey, was the declarer in t o d a y ' s g a m e . He played his cards well to make the contract bul had K a s t - W e s t s i g n a l l e d properly, the ambassador would have had no chance. The diamond deuce was won by d u m m y ' s queen and East tried to signal encouragement wilh I h e seven. A spade was led to declarer's king and West took the ace Another low d i a m o n d k n o c k e d o u t d u m m y ' s a c e a n d t h e ambassador was in c o n - trol Four club winners were cashed w h i l e W e s t d i , carded a h e a r t and a spade. Declarer then cashed two spade tricks and the stage was set. The diamond jack thrust West on lead and there was no escape. Wesl had to lead from the heart ace and declarer scored his ninth t r i c k with the heart k i n g LET'S GO back lo I n c k one Kasl's diamond seven w a s intended as e n c o u r ;igemenl. hut (he signal couldn't be clear lo West. Belter lo p l a y the nine .'top of a sequence' and Wfal's p r o b l e m s w o u l d d i s a p DEAR ABBY His new Juliet worries her By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: 1 am -19. Joe is 50. I thought we had a pretty good 30-year mar- r i a g e , .loe n e v e r w a s much of a Romeo, but that never was a problem as I was usually pretty pooped at the end of the day and I'm nol exactly a sexpol myself. Well, imagine the shock 1 got when a 30-yonr-old divorcee who works for Joe phoned here in Ihe middle of (lie night to lell him t h a t she had taken 30 sleeping pills and to say goodbye, because she d i d - n't want to live without him! (I was right next lo him and heard every word she said.) Joe jumped out of bed, threw some clothes on and was out of Ihe house in three minutes. Meanwhile I sat therejn a da?.e. Well, In m a k e a l o n g s t o r y short, Joe got her to a hospital, they pumped her consider It. He insists he "loves" me. Of course i can't trust him anymore, but 1 don't know what to do. Can you help me? -P E R P L E X E D D E A R PERPLEXED: Tell Joe that lor the.snke of your own peace of mind you think the two o( you should talk over Ihe situation wilh a professional counselor. If he refuses to go -- go without him. REAR ABBY: This is an S.O.S. I just received a letter from a friend saying t h a t she was enclosing some money as a gift to me. Abby. there was no money in the envelope. In fact, the envelope wasn't even sealed. The money could have fallen out or even been stolen. Or perhaps she may have forgotten lo enclose it. How should I reply? If 1 t h a n k her and she never Beach. They have five grandchildren. M r . W a t s o n r e t i r e d from the Long Beach Gas Department in l%7. the same year his wife .retired from the City Assessors' Office. He is a member of the Elks Club. Mrs. Watson is a 5 0 - y e a r m e m b e r of S e a r c h l i g h t C h a p t e r , Order of Eastern Star, and a member of Long Beach Emblem Club. Flower show slated This arrangement using white and green cylinders with Euphorbia plant material behind a bamboo screen was creation of Georgia Green of Los Alamitos, who will participate in annual Flower Arrangers' Guild of Southern California show Thursday and Friday. "Welcome Spring -- The Creative Way" is theme for two-day event in San Marino Woman's Club, 1800 Hunl- ington Drive, San Marino. Hours the first day are 1 to 9 p.m. and the second d a y , 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is $2 per person, with free parking available. The show will feature flowers and foliage used in table settings, accessories and antique containers. Clubs list events stomach out and she lived. NOW he is trying to ten clarGtian cards me that she is just a "kid who had a crush on him -he saw her at her place a couple of times and dial's all there was to it. She's still working for him, and Joe says since she's got two kids to support, he sees no reason (or leltini; her go. Mow when he goes to Lodge on Mondays, bowls on Tuesdays and plays cards on Thursdays, I wonder where he R E A L LY is. 1 offered him a divorce, and he said he wouldn't enclosed the money, she'll know I wns lying. If I tell her there was no money in the envelope, it may look like I'm grahby. How would you handle this. Abby? - PUZZLED . D K A K P U Z Z L E D : Write and tell her that there was no money in the envelope. If Ihe situation w e r e reversed, wouldn't you w a n t to know? DEAU ABBY: I have a neighbor who does nol drive, so she Is forever asking me lo please pick up something for her at (be grocery store. I r e a l l y d o n ' t m i n d doing Ibis but she doesn't remember what she owes me. I hale to be p e t t y , Abby, h u t I write every- Ihing down and I know what she owes me lo Ihe penny. 1 don't have the nerve to bring up w h a t she owes me. Any suggestions? I don't want to get her mad a! me. - T I M I D DEAR T I M I D : Yes. The Uric shr calls, lell next her how much she owes you and w h a i for. And if she gels mad at you, it will he her loss, not yours. D E A R ABHV: Please help me. I just love to pel a man who's tin ml to gel. hill a f t e r 1 get him, I Install inloresl in him. Then when he loses all inlerest in me. I start get- ling inlercsled in him all over again. 1 really don'I do this on purjxisc. Abby. but il has happened so many limes Itiere nuisl lie a reasnii (or it. Can you explain it? -- GOlNCi IN CHICLES D E A l l C.01NC,: You aren't ready for a serious c o m m i t m e n t y e t . You enjoy the excitement nf the chase, hut you don'l really want the prtoe. (P.R. It's typical of adolescent behavior, bul some grownups never outgrow II.) Kvrrvone. h a s ;i |rolt- Icm. Whal's yours? Kor a persmi.-il reply, write In \ftRV: Box No. (WTOM-os Antfcles, .'Calif. 90069. Kn- close stamped, se(f-;iJ- dre.ised rnvc/opo, ple.ise. A public dessert card parly sponsored by l-ong Beach Cliirclian Guild is planned Wednesday noon in Machinists H a l ' . , 728 Elm Ave. Bridge, canasta. SCO and pinochle will be offered. RiX'S LADIES' HAIRCUTS, ONlY r No Men--No Appoinlnv-nh Nollwifl bul Hcilr-Cul*. Closed Sun. 8. Mon. Sciwor Culling--All Stylos: Shorl $7.00 Mod. S8.00 " IsllE.BroaJwaY.LB. Ph.4?M014 loiKl $ h. 437-11 THURSDAY LONG BEACH and Wilmington Chapters, T o a s l - mislrcss Clubs, 7 p . m . . Sambo's Restaurant, 17GO Bcllflower Blvd.. joint dinner meeting. Ina Totter, p a s t president nf T o a s t mistress International and a mernlwr of N a t i o n a l Ass o c i a t i o n of Parliamentarians, w i l l p r e s e n t a workshop on how 16 "Speed Up Your H e e l i n g . " Reservations may be m a d e with M r s . Marjorie Clark. FRIDAY L O N G B E A C H M i n i G r o u p . Southern California Chapter ol Embroider- ers' G u i l d . 1 lo '! p i n . . G r e a t Western Saving.*, and I/an. 6300 Spring SI., workshop on Hackwork w i l h M a r g a r e l Fleming a n d A n g i e C a r n i e a s speakers. SATURDAY U O A N O K E C o l o n y Chapter, Cflloninl D a m e s XV11 Century, 11:30 a.m.. Goldenl Lantern R e s l a u - r a n l , 2921 P a l o Verde Avc.. luncheon meeting. Program will follow at El Dorado Branch Library, 2100 Studcbaker R o a d . Mrs. Kloise A u s t i n Newell, a professional genealogist, will speak on "An I n t e r - esting F a m i l y Line." Forecast of spring styles to be given An invitation to ".loin t h e Fashion Evolution" is issued by fashion coordi- n a t o r Virginia R i c k t c r w h o w i l l p r e s e n t h e r Spring '76 forecast during a breakfast meeting Saturday in liuffums Lakowood Center. The 8:30 In 10 a . m . event will take place on the second level. Ms. Hick- tor presents an individualized f a s h i o n s e m i n a r covering c o l o r s , s i l h o u - ettes, hemlines, necklines and accessories. Cosl is $7.50 per person by a d v a n c e reservation only. Deadline is Thursday to Ms. Rickter. il-tt Verm o n t S i . , L o n g Beach M8M. YOU CAN'T START NOW § ENROLL FOR m D MEDICAL ASSISTANT D DENTAL ASSISTANT LONG BKACII COLLECiE OF MEDICAL AND DENTAL ASSISTANTS 15 AN Fl ICinU INSTITUTION UNIHR IHl FIWRAILY INSURFD STUDENT IOAN PROGRAM "SCE INFORMATION ON RIGHT" LONG BEACH COLLEGE OF MEDICAL AND DENTAL ASSISTANTS 4439 ATLANTIC AVE,, LONG BEACH CLASSES START ON MARCH 31 CALL NOW 422-0481 ... The Window Magic People! » 10 j I J * v + K f) 'J .1 W KST I 'AST » A 8 ft '. » 7 .1 J » -\ .1 1 ; » K in ; -i * 'i 8 J J 4. 7 , * J ^ ·, M i l Til * K .1 10 t K T b » .1 ,1 Vulnerable: Noflh-Soulh. rin- luddini: s o u t h Writ S o f t h Ka*t I M r J ,~ TT M l [.is-. Or.i'nmR ri.intl Delict- ol rli.-irnnnri 1 ; When in with the spade act, West could unblock the diamond ten without any f e a r . Then when declarer tried for his end play b y p l a y i n g I h e d i a - mond jack to West. West could win the king and put East o n l e a d w i t h h i s small diamond. T h e heart l e a d from East would make all the difference a n d accurate defense would h a v e prevailed. True. West might h a v e f o u n d t h i s defense a n y way. But why depend upon a brilliant defense wh«n a simple signal c a n t u r n West into a genius' Stoa pound Instead of 10. Range Brand Custom Drapery SALE Any Length! Any Width! He[.;. 2.08 to '1.98 Fabric?, 49 2 ; smokier, coarser-ground. Bid With Corn South holds: Answer: Three spade. Shows 13-16 support points and (our t r u m p s . Do not temporize (wilh t w o d i a - monds' ^hen a perfectly descrip'.isc bid is a v a i l able. They're heftier than a hot dog. ' i rju iiii/ C'jMo r n (Ir.i ill"' 1 , .ir,'] '.)/': \!"', ,,. 0 .. tt ^rjar«! a whole, dillerent breed ,' o! Canki. 25S D.gger lhan moot regula \s "hoi flOT " We rj'ir*^ IhO f* 1 * 31 cosrsor, so V/'argi';rs art f-rm and sodd. ArxJ v/o vr; 'on lorqc-r for a«r. rjcepe.' M. Ranqo Brand V/fanglets can idn'l QOI c-n 3M f"sl' ,·.·.! /'·'.. in .1 /x/nfjcrful :i r ·;!';'-. I ';.'·'! /.'.rirn.irr.nip. in'.' il'.,t".n, »f't *ir'/.h flM pt-r/'l/. ·.)' iv-iilatj'ft it your I./,,'.","- f ' h ' . r i ' f\'iH (', ,1 fffrfr C'i'''' in yMJf honne. Other roufi '·' Lit-rr.'. ;ilvi on -,ii'r '.r ^Hormel HORMEL WRANGLER FRANKS FEATURED THIS WEEK AT: SAFEWAY SUPER A FOODS SMITH FOOD KING HUGHES. VONS ALBERTSONS THRIFTIMART other fine\ FOODS CO. FED MART STATER BROS. . LOS CEDRim . STOMEWOOfi . THE CITY Shopping Canter Shopping Cenlor Shopping Cantor 605 F-reeway Downey Oranoe at South St. 8 6 2 - 2 2 T 8 714-634-8228 924-6391 ; Open Sundays, Moon 111 5 .:

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