Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 3, 1950 · Page 4
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 4

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1950
Page 4
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All Quiet On D e m o c r a t i c F r o n t L i n e President Is Guarded To TKe Inch WASHINGTON Nov. 3. (ff)--There were secret service bulletproof men inside Blair House where President Truman was sleep- naKes a ing when two Puerto Ricans tried'to shoot their way an iO' kill him. They were shot down outside by police and secret %. , ,. ji __i:^« w ,^« T2nf i-p tho-^r nfln The Democrats ran against ajservice men, first shooting three policemen. But .tone vail of voter indifference,| e scaped_ unharmed outside' and in addition came out second}' best in competition for Interest inj come . ~ ., . they had and .,,«..,.» to kick in the door, they jwould have received a blazing wei- other events. Between the Republican barbecue, and a good crowd at the Lions' save-a-life ball at the Pioneer, one of the Democratic rallies at the Mansfeld junior .high school had only a few persons other than candidates and workers, while the rally at Dunbar school was a little more successful with about 40 in attendance, other than candidates. The street shooting bad aroused and alerted everyone inside, including the President, who jumped awake and ran to the window. So the inside secret service men had plenty of time to get ready for the gunmen. · About 25 secret service men have the job of guarding the President and his family around the clock. Congress gave, the service.that responsibility after the assassination fore he arrives. At the last minute it is checked over to be sure it Is all right mechanically. When the President sits down to a meal in a hotel, there's a secret service man at the table in front of him, another at. the tables to the i right and left of him, and others ' scattered among other tables, with Asked Congressman Harold A. of "president McKinley in 1901. Patten: "Does this mean any-| whi f c t " he white House [ 5 being thing?"- · . . . _ . . . , . , . . . _ The meeting at Dunbar school was under the chairmanship of Sgt. Aron Ware, and county candidates as well, as Congressman Patten spoke briefly o£ their objectives if elected to office. At Mansfeld junior high school Theron L. Caudle, assistant U. S. · attorney general in charge of the tax division of that office, spoke for about a V 1U4L: lilt: r 11J-K. iiwvt^^ ··-' " -- "-O repaired the President conducts his business there, but he and his family live across the street --Pennsylvania avenue -- i n Blair House, a building with high front steps. The 25 secret service men have to guard the President in the White House, in Blair House, on the street and.anywhere ht goes. 100 Uniformed Guards An additional 100 uniformed | bulletproof limousine. When he makes a trin, the limousine is usually sent along, or driven there, together with an open car for parades. The armored cars of the secret service go along, too. Those bulletproof cars of the secret' service are equipped with shotguns, tomnryguns and pistols. One of them can be used for moving the President through unusually heavy crowds. It has foot- plates on both sides for secret service agents to stand on as the make a political talk in 'St. Loui tomorrow night. Agents from her have already gone there to mak the necessary arrangements fo protecting the President. Treasury Gets Checl From Gaming Advocate PHOENIX, Nov. 3. (U.R)-- Seen tary of State Wesley Bolin turne a $94.83 check over to the stat President rides along. All this seems to call for tre at ths guests. [ secret service each end of the speal if there is one. What about the cooks, waiters, entertainers musicians in a hotel where President dines? The secret service must be furnished with a list of all of them days in advance. The service then checks on the character and background of all of them before they re permitted to work. mentions preparations ' the ' ·-' - It does. | treasury yesterday. The check was given by I. R. Gwirtz, Phoenix businessman arid chairman of the legalized gambling committee. It represented payment Tucson Daze Ablaze Tomorrow A skirt swishing can-can, pistol-Mexican trio opens the festivities, ,r,1rlv\rr Virri 1 onf op ^nrl tlm Knitff tVin VicrilnTltoc fnl.-n mrflt* fnllnWAf packing Vigilantes, and the boys choir will highlight' Old Tucson Daze tomorrow and Sunday Nov. 4-5. Indian dances, Molly Beachboard. 12-year-old champion yodeler, an okitime wedding, and square danc ing are also scheduled to entertain the 10,000 persons expected for tb event, which gets underway at 1:3 p.m. tomorrow. A complete program of entertain mcnt is scheduled until 7 p.m. wlien the square dancing begins. After'a .lie Vigilantes take over, followed 3y Jaycee-elte skit, Dr. Killum (John'Alexander), a magician, and a Spanish dance. Frances Bachlier will sing the songs of Old Tucson before Chief White Mountain · Lion takes the stage with his Indian dance team. Molly Beachboard and the boys' Services available to all regardless of financial condition Arizona Mortuary, Inc. choir are among the events late.in . the afternoon. , ; ;" : A similar program will begin at 12 noon Sunday. Square ; dancing will top off both days' activities:: Batftt fltftfefa ' Fridny Evenlno, Nov. J, 1S50 MOKE JOBS for MORE PEOPLE VOTE 308 Arizona y/orkman't Comptmation Commfttti« P. O. Bex 3961, PKotnlx--A. J. From, Ttnjp«i Oto. Pick«rlno, Yurno,' Gto. Nootl, Wtiwl»wi Jack Prottor, Tucson; Vtrnon Foittr, f ycrcr Leaves Kitchen The cook has been well screened, but a secret service agent never leaves the kitchen until the Presi- or mat ouice, spuM: _^ n additional iuu unuoniieuj^jjj. j^- j e ft the hotel. No one can » half hour, recallingjpoiicemen help as guards at. the enter the kitchen without the| in various portions of j White House and Blair House, but ^X cri t' s approval. I ~ ' ' " ' "'-- When the President goes to a reception at an unfamiliar building structural engineers are called in to check on the soundness of th» building where the President cAUt-iifcriujts *·»* Y«I *WM"» pwi biwt*«? v * Y Y J i i i £ xiuu^c auu -LJIHH J.-.WMWI «»-» the nation. He f.hen lauded the| ev er3'where else the secret-service efforts of Arizona's congressional has the responsibility. ^ And this delegation. The only candidate to speak at Mansfeld junior high "school was Patten, who reviewed several bills in which he was interested, such as Indian and veteran aid measures. He said that of 54 bills he introduced, he w a s fortunate enough to obtain passage of 14. Douglas Comedy On Stage Tonight DOUGLAS, Nov. 3:--"Jfr. Barry's Etchings" will be presented on two consecutive nights, tonight and tomorrow, at the air base theater by the Douglas Little Theater. Director Thelma Herner pronounces the amateur actors well-versad in the comedy and prepared to amuse the crowds that always greet presentations of the little theater group. The first play of the current season sees a new member In the name role of Judson Barry, a lovable, if somewhat eccentric, character whose superior artistry impels him. to redesign, the nation's currency. Hubert 0. Hurley, veteran of professional show business and manager of the Douglas win give some .idea'of how the service goes about it. The President takes a daily walk every morning before breakfast. A secret service agent walks beside him. Several walk close by. And a secret service car, heavily armed and manned, purrs along beside or behind them. Or the President goes on a train trip. His train is loaded with secret service men. The departure of the presidential train is timed to follow close behind a regular passenger express train- going on the same tracks. Or the presidential train is preceded tiv a pilot train. In both cases the purpose is to be sure the tracks are clear and safe. To be further safe, there are at every switch, trestle and appears, including the room " , and the platform where" he speaks, to be sure it can stand the wejght of those present. Usually, the President' rides in a bill for printing the gambling ' to make the p'ans, the checks, Now...to relieve distress-without dosing, rub on. measure's affirmative 'argument in *V. . rttn+'n'n nlnr*fif-iM TMlVsTi/*! fir T^'im. YOCTJM, Director 7 East Third arrangements with state the state's election publicity For example, the President is to Four WAVES Associated With Tucson Division Four WAVE'S are regularly associated with the USNF. organized surface division here and are or. duty at the USNR center each Monday evening. ^uarus at ever^y awjk.un, nt^m.- an^| WAVE'S A cr nes B- Horn, Mina overpass on the way to prevent any j Muel]el% jnidred Morrow and Bea- attempt to wreck the train. I trice Ca'tricala are participating in Field secret service agents. de-| trfe reserve activities. WAVES's Horn «nd Catricala served during World War II and WAVE'S Morrow under the tectives and patrolmen are on guard at every railroad station through which the train moves. And when the train reaches its destination, the point at which the President gets off the train is narked to the inch. Hundreds Guard Streets Take a presidential trip to J*feiv| York, for example; Hundreds- of| uniformed New York police guard] and Mueller enlisted pl - 0 gram. P his performance hail him as a real find. Myra Hall, attractive manager of the 'Douglas office of the Arizona .state employment service, an actress well known to Douglas Little Theater audiences, handles the feminine lead. Supporting parts will be played -by Mike Maney, Mildred.Anthopy, Mary Lou Morris, J. Davis Jbrdan, ' Priscilla Higtabitham, Dr. William R. Gee, Joan Foley Craz, Chuck Fearing, Harold Schoenborn, Jeanette Fearing and Frank Fair. Tombstone Rites For Jared Taylor TOMBSTONE, Nov. 3.--Funeral services for Jared D. Taylor, well- known, lawyer and resident of Cochise county for 40 years were conducted in St. Paul's Episcopal church yesterday afternoon by Eev. George H. Prendergast. Burial'was in the ; Tombstone cemetery. Mr. Taylor died Tuesday in a Douglas hospital. He was S8 years old. Mr. Taylor was born in Madison, Wis. Prominent in Republican politics, he at one time served as United States commissioner for Cochise county. Honorary pallbearers were John P. Giacoma," Rudolph Steffen, H. Greenway Albert, Sam Medlgovich,' Wally Foster and William A.'Tyler. Survivors include h i s . w i f e , Louise, and two sisters in Madison. The Dugan-Hejirtessey mortuary, Bisbee, was in .-charge of the funeral. Other officers guard the. hotel entrance, the elevators, the fire escapes and 1 every door he will pass. Other police guard the fire escapes and rooftops of adjoining buildings and the occupants of the buildings are investigated. And in the hotel, the elevator which the President will use is put out of operation several hours be- TUCSON-NOGALES BUS SERVICE SOUTHBOUND L»«v« Tucson 7-05 A.M. 2:15 PM .1:45 A.M. · 4100P.M. 10:15 A.M. 5:°° P - M 11 SO A.M. 8:30 P.M. 12:45 P.M. . 12:30 *·«. NORTHBOUND L«Iive Nos«lM 6:4!, A.M. 4:00 P.M. 9:15 A.M. 5:00 P.M. 10:45 A.M. 6:30 P.M. 12:iO P.M. «:30 P.M. ' 2:15 P.M. 13:30 "·"· Conntctloni »t Nogalci fer Hermoillla ind Gu«yma CITIZEN AUTO LINES Greyhound Terminal Pb. 3-0538 TUCSON PACKING COMPANY The ONLY Complete Meal Packing Plant In the City of Tucson »«»M»««t«»««»»«*»*'»»«»' CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING and PROCESSHS 7 G of CATTLE and HOGS Packaged and frozen ready for your deep freeze or locker i» new avaUahle to the public at a reasonable cost. Let us cure and smote your ' HAMS A3fD BACON THE OLD FASHIONED WAY »«··»·«·············*··· Visit Our Sauiage Kitchen 30 YEARS OP SERVICE AT 800 W. ROUCK) RU, 1 Block West of Oracle Rfl- DLiL 3-8626 FOR FURIHER IVFORMATIOX F«ESCR/PnON PHARMACISTS Y ot COUNTRY CLUB ROAD Ph 5,2631 FOR f«E HOME DELIVERY BOURBON FALLS Straight Kentucky 111 llldlfrV DISTILLED AND BOTTLED ·I HIVIV t I EXCLUSIVELY FOR US Qtj. $|J08 · 5ths $M1 . SO 60 Ft*. $ I 33 · ICED BEER -- A L L BRANDS Any Quantity From Our Huge Walk-in Refrigerator MM'SCorlone (cortisone) now. available by prescription in 500 mgs. vials. WYETH'S Jclomizer sensational nasal applicator now only Check That Cold by using Anahisleminic* RESISTAB KREPTIN TABCIN PRESCRIPTION AND DRUG DEPTS. ANAfflST In atomizer 98c FOUNTAIN NOW UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT ^ - ^ [ ' n .^ i,- -^ For Villains and Heroes --MUSTACHE WAX for OLD TUCSON DAZES -- Nov. 4 and 5th tube--or stick from o5C. plus tax COMPLETE Line of All Theatrical Cosms+ici V FOUNTAIN SERVICE PHOTOGRAPHIC DEPT. Y CHRISTMAS DEADLINE for overiea* packages is NOV. 15. Choose your gifts from oar complete selection and mail them to insure timely arrival. i OKN DAIlT 8 A WTO * OPEN ALL DAY SUNDAY URGE PARKING AREA IN THE REAR with direct entrance inio store RSARY PRIME RIB "THE KING OF ROASTS" Ib. 79 Ib. 59* PORK ROAST »45 LOIN END CUT FRESH' BEEF Ib. 49 45 TONGUES SPARERIBS CUDAHY'S SAUSAGE 59' T S 39 UNKS tb. ROLLS Ib. We Carry a Complete Line of JONES DAIRY FARM 5AU5AGE5 ·· »r^ra:s^i v * i' r ^* ^~~m GARDEN FRESH [VEGETABLES Calif. Valencias ORANGES No. 1 Idaho Russets Potatoes Fancy Jumbo Artichokes ^25' Cello Pkg. Cranberries ib 2 No. 1 Phoenix YAMS Rome Beauty APPLES Ib. 4- a FROZEN FOODS PICTSTVEET 10 oz. pkjf ORANGE JUICE BROCCOLI SPINACH GREEN BEANS REB RASPBERRIES 5IAID 6 oz. can ..._-- BIBDSETB Chopped or leaf--14 oz. pkg. .... BIRDSEYE 12 oz. pkg. . SNOWCEOP 12 oz. pkg. .- 19' 27' 23 23 32' FOOD SALE Featuring Bargains Galore! COFFEE 5,?. 89' APPLE SAUCE V.B. No. 2 Can JUICE Dole's 46 oz. TREE TOP J[ A P P L E . . 2 CIDER PUMPKIN Get!. UBBY'S No. 2 tin 45 17 WINTER WAX with Johnson's , v WHITE KING GRANULATED B °TH FOR SOAP WHITE KING WATER SOFTENER The 20 Minute Aufo Wax NO RUBBING Grapefruit JUICE -;*·- 28 ORANGEADE SALMON SUGAR MILK NAPKINS TISSUE NUCOA Hi-C 46-oz. tin Del Monte Red No. Vtin 5 IBS. C H CANE 30LDEN STATE 2 TALL CANS MARCAL WHITE D

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