Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 27, 1988 · Page 42
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 42

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 27, 1988
Page 42
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Page 10 Pharos-Tribune TV Guide, March 27 - April 2, 1988 SATURDAY MORNING 5:00 am [CNN] Crossfire [CSPAN] Public Affairs House Debate, Congressional Hearing, or Pubiic Policy Conference (T) [MTV] Music Videos [PTL] Mike Adkins O Soul Train Q Tom Mann Outdoors d) Sign Off O Young Rebels 5:1 Sam CB Sign Off 5:30 am [CNN] ShowBiz Today [PTL] Rod of God 0 1988 Battle of the Monster Trucks and Mud Racing From Omaha, NE (R) 5:50 am 0 Night Tracks 6:00 am [CNN] Daybreak [NICK] Curious George/Kids in Motion [PTL] Zola Levitt 0CNN O Panorama Latino O Newsmakers O Varied Programs (!) Love Boat G> Alice 03 Pro Wrestling This Week (S) 8 U.S. Farm Report 6:30 am [CNN] International Correspondents [NICK] Spartakus [PTL] Hour of Deliverance 0 Between the Lines Q Comic Strip 0 SpeedWeek O Living for the City O Keys to Success IB Vantastics (HI 8 Indiana Outdoors m O Ag Week 7:00 am [CNN] Daybreak [CSPAN] Close Up Foundation [MTV] Music Videos [NICK] Lancelot Link [PTL] PTL Club [USA] TBA 0 SportsCenter (L) CD Hickory Hideout O Oukes of Hazzard (D Kidsongs O Superman Crime Wave OD Popples (B Esta Semana 00 Great Weekend © 8 Dudley DoRight oa:O Jem © Bugs Bunny and Friends 7:05 am 0 Gunsmoke The Boy •and the Sinner 7:30 am [CNN] Sports Close Up [NICK] Lancelot Link [USA] Where's There a Will, There's an A 0 Thoroughbred Digest (R) (Tj Flying Whales and Peacock Tales (F Young Universe Q Heart of Chicago CD Weight Program © 8 Muppets IE Q Visionaries 8:00 am [CNN] Daybreak [CSPAN] Viewer Call-In Highlights o( the Week (T) [NICK] Lancelot Link [PTL] Together Again [USA] Financial Freedom 0 Tom Mann Outdoors (R) fs" 1 (BOO Fraggle Rock O (T; @J Little Clowns of Happytown O Superbook Club rg) ffi O O Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater O U.S. Farm Report (0 Ebony Jet Showcase (D Nightly Business Report <B 32 This Week 8:05 am O Bonanza Any Friend of Walter's 8:30 am [CNN] Big Story [NICK] Lancelot Link 0 Best of Bill Dance d) CB © 8 Smurfs O (Z 11 AH New Pound Puppies p ff! (if O 32 Muppet Babies p ~ Q World Tomorrow ID Home Show 0) Square One Q 9:00 am [CNN] News Update [MTV] Music Videos [NICK] Lancelot Link [PTL] Harvester Hour [USA] Keys to Success [NASH] Weekend Gardener O Four Thought 0 Fishin' Hole O (23 © My Pet Monster p O Our Friends on Wooster Square O Charlando (D Around Your Town (D 3-2-1 Contact p IB Walleye Magazine 9:05 am 0 National Geographic Explorer 9:1 Oam [CNN] Healthweek 9:30 am [CNN] Moneyweek [NICK] Lancelot Link [USA] Search For Beauty [NASH] Joy of Gardening ' O Views and Visions 0 Outdoor Life Magazine With Wiiliam Conrad O CD ® Little Wizards p O Kidsworld Q People to People SB World of Photography (D Degrassi Junior High Themes; Depression divorce, parental dating, conflicts. Q (B ERA Home Showcase 10:00 am [CNN] News Update [CSPAN] Public Policy Address or Conference (T) [MTV] Music Videos [NICK] Lancelot Link [PTL] Jimmy Swaggart [USA] Perfect Diet [NASH] Master Builder O W.W.F. Wrestling Challenge 0 All American Pulling Series (R) © ts © e ALF q 0(T)® Real Ghostbusters 9 O Bin Tin Tin 3D (BO & Pee Wee's Playhouse O Minority Business Report OD Mork and Mindy (D Motorweek (B Comedy Classics 10:10 am [CNN] ShowBiz Week 10:30 am [CNN] Style with Elsa Klensch [NICK] Lancelot Link [USA] TBA [NASH] Country Kitchen 0 Boardwalk and Baseball's Super Bowl of Trivia (R) S3 CB ®8 Alvin and the Chipmunks Q Sky King (5) ®O © Mighty Mouse: New Adventures I) 8 Superman Unknown People, Part 1 OD New Gidget (D Take Charge! An inmate speaks on techniques con artists use . in investment frauds. 11:00 am [CNN] News Update [CSPAN] Communications Today [NICK] Lancelot Link [PTL] PTL Club [USA] Jimmy Houston Outdoors [NASH] Wish You Were Here O Walleye Magazine 0 Scholastic Sports America (R) 83 03 © 0 Gummi Bears p O (S @ Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show 0 Q Lone Ranger GD 38 O © Popeye and Son Q Good Times Evan Dilemma OD America's Top Ten QDCNN NWA Pro 11.-05 am 8 Wrestling 11:10 am [CNN] Science Technology Week 11:30 am [CNN] NCAA Preview [NICK] Lancelot Link [USA] Where's There a Will, There's an A [NASH] Side by Side O Trophy Fishing 0 SportsCenter Gameday (L) 83 IB © 8 New Archies p O CD 69 Flintstone Kids p O Rifleman (T) (Q)B © Dennis the Menace O Jeffersons Louise's Physical 03 Puttin on the Hits AFTERNOON 12:COpm [CNN] Newsday [CSPAN] Public Affairs House Debate, Congressional Hearing, or Public Policy Conference (T) [NICK] Double Dare [PTL] Choices We Face [USA] Dance Party USA [NASH]. Celebrity Outdoors O Midwest Angler 0 Pro Bowling Ladies Pro Bowlers Tour (L) (D IB © Q Foofur p Q CD ® Animal Crack-ups O Gunsmoke (T) Greatest Sports Legends O Soul Train CD Solid Gold (1:00) (B WWF Wrestling Challenge OS O © Teen Wolf p 12:05 pm 8 Movie: **'/> Beneath the Ptanet of the Apes (1970, Science Fiction) James Franciscus, Kim Hunter, Apes battle human mutants who survived a nuclear blast many years before. (1:35) 12:30 pm [CNN] Evans and Novak [NICK] Inspector Gadget The Infiltration [PTL] Circle Square [NASH] Tee It Up Q Good Fishing S3 CD I'm Telling Q (23 © Health Show (E War of the Stars ® 8 Young Universe ® O 93 Galaxy High 1:00 pm [CNN] Newsday [MTV] Music Videos [NICK] Lassie [PTL] Mr. Mustache [USA] Hollywood Insider [NASH] Johnny Cash Ridin' the Rails (1987) Johnny Cash recreates in song and story the high points of the part the railroads played in the building of America from 1830 to the present. (1:00) Q Tony Dean Outdoors (£ American Bandstand O (I) © ABC Weekend Special (Children's) Cap'n O.G. Readmore steps into the shoes ol the Big Bad Wolf. (0:30) p Q Iron Horse OS 01 O © WCT Finals Men's Tennis Finals (L) O Movie: *** The Great Muppet Caper (1981, Musical Comedy) John Cleese. Robert Moriey. When Kermit, Fozzie and Gonzo lose their jobs with the Daily Chronicle for missing the story of a big jewel heist, they vow to find the thieves. (1:35) CD Movie: Ants (1977, Horror) Robert Foxworth Lynda Day George. During construction of a new luxury hotel, a colony of killer ants is unearthed and threatens to destroy the entire community. (1:37) CD Taxbreak 88 IB Movie: *+ The Creature Walks Among Us (1956, Science Fiction) Jell Morrow, Rex Reason A sea monster that has been transformed into an almost human animal by scientists finally goes berzerk and disappears into the ocean. (1:18) CB Baseball 1988: Look Ahead © 8 Cubs '88 Preview of the Chicago Cubs 1:30 pm [CNN] Newsmaker Saturday [NICK] Zoo Family Elephants and Runaways [PTL] Inside Track [USA] Cover Story Spotlight- SATURDAY HOSTS Bob Rau and Dana Garrett visit Wisconsin's Circus World Museum, home of the Bamum & Bailey Circus, in the second season of The Collectors, beginning Saturday, April 2, on PBS. « I'IK7 The TV l.iMinp Gniup. lite ing Edward Woodward (R) O Death Valley Days 0 PGA Golf Greater Greensboro Open (L) 0 Chucklewood Easter 23 Joel Siegel's Road to the Academy Awards (S Natural Weight Loss 2:00 pm [CNN] News Update [CSPAN] Public Affairs House Debate, Congressional Hearing, or Public Policy Conference (T) [NICK] Summer Switch (Children) Robert Klein. A movie mogul dad and his son learn a lot when they trade bodies for the summer. (0:46) [PTL] Joy Junction [USA] Movie: Voice from the Grave (Suspense Drama) Zila Joftann. A woman sentenced to die in the electric chair, strangely reappears after her execution. (1:11) [NASH] Countryclips O Movie: Treachery and Greed on the Planet of the Apes (1974, Science Fiction) Roddy McDowall, Ron Harper. One of the astronauts is bitten by a scorpion and the blacksmith's son risks death by riding a horse to the village to get the antidote to save him. (1:32) GD Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous O What's Happening Now O Bat Masterson (B NHRA Championship Drag Racing Gatornationals. First of four specials on the high speed world of National Hot Rod Association Championship Drag Racing. 19th Annual Motorcraft Gatornationals from Gainsvilte, FL. ©8 Quiz Bowl S8 Newswatch 2:05 pm 8 Movie: ** Foolin' Around (1980, Comedy) Gary Busey, Annette OToole. A classic love triangle takes a hilarious turn as a country boy tries to persuade a rich girl from heading for the altar with a pompous Ivy Leaguer. (1:41) 2:10 pm [CNN] Healthweek 2:30 pm [CNN] Style with Elsa Klensch [PTL] Gospel Bill O © U.S. Pro Skiing (T) 0 Broken Arrow (Q Movie: Life Pod (1980, Science Fiction) Joe Penny. Jordon Michaels. Terror reigns in space as the central brain terminal of a futuristic pleasure cruiser rebels. (1:34) ©8 TBA QJ5 Good Fishing 3:00 pm [CNN] Your Money [NICK] Sometimes I Wonder (Drama) Colleen Dewhurst. A sympathetic and spirited grandmother helps her runaway grandchildren adjust to the arrival of a new baby brother. (1:00) [PTL] Pirate Adventures [NASH] This Week in Country Music S3 Superchargers O (23 a Pro Bowlers Tour (D O Big Valley 8 Movie: * ** Story of Jacob and Joseph (1974. Drama) Keith Michel!. Tony Lo Bianco. Recounts the powerful human drama of biblical patriarchs Jacob and Joseph, to shed light on the kind of people they were. (1:44) CD Movie: *'/i Hard to Hold (1984. Drama) Rick Springfield. Janet Either. A rock star at the height of his career meets a spirited young woman who has never heard ol him, and despite their differences, he falls in love. (1:33) (D Nat'l Artistic Roller Skating Championship Q (B This Week in Basbeall © 8 This Week in Baseball (0:30) 3:30 pm [CNN] International Correspondents [PTL] Signs of the Times [NASH] Country Kitchen 0 NCAA Final Four Highlights 1979; Michigan State, Indiana State, DePaul and Pennsylvannia (D (B ©8 Baseball 1988 Preview Show (T) 4:00 pm [CNN] News Update [CSPAN] Public Affairs House Debate, Congressional Hearing, or Public Policy Conference (T) [MTV] Top 20 Video Countdown A fast paced countdown ol the week's top twenty top videos. (2:00) [NICK] Rated K: For Kids by Kids [PTL] World's Best Kept Secret [USA] Saturday Cartoon Express [NASH] Wish You Were Here O Movie: ***Vi Darby O'Gill and the Little People (1959, Fantasy) Albert Sliarpe, Janet Munro. A pooka kicks a feisty old gamekeeper down a well into the royal hall of the leprechauns where he ouutwits the little king and gains three wishes. (1:33) 0 NCAA Final Four Highlights 1983; North Carolina State, Houston, Georgia and Louisville (R) 0 Laredo (B ISO © World Figure Skating The newly crowned 1988 World Figure Skaling champins execute exhibition performances from Budapest, Hungary. (T) (D Hometime (1988; Learn tips on how to save energy through making homes weather-tight. g 4:05 pm 8 Andy Griffith Howard the Bowler 4:10 pm [CNN] Sports Closeup 4:30 pm [CNN] Big Story [NICK] Finder's Keepers [NASH] Side by Side 0 NCAA Final Four Highlights 1985; Villanova, Georgetown, St, John's and Memphis State (R) (D CB © 8 Dinah Shore Open Golf (L) O © O Wide World ol Sports CD Victory Garden CB Munsters Heap Big Herman 4:35 pm 8 Beverly Hillbillies Welcome to the Family 5:00 pm [CNN] Newswatch [NICK] Monkees The Prince and the Paupers [PTL] Lifestyle Marketplace [USA] Double Trouble [NASH] Celebrity Outdoors 0 NCAA Final Four Highlights 1987; Indiana, Syracuse, UNLV and Providence (R) 0 Wagon Train fjj TO O NCAA Special Fifty Years at the Final Four 8 Puttin' on the Hits 03 Silver Spoons

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