Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 28, 1973 · Page 20
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 20

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 28, 1973
Page 20
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20 · NerthwetrArVanMt TIMES, W»d., F«b. 28, 1973 mm FAYITTKVII.I.I, AMKAN8A* Ethnic Minorities Are Getting New Image Through Television HELEN HELP US Remarried Wants Divorce Refund By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL ·IIIIPIIIliBM^ Editor's Note -- Under pressure from leaders of minority groups, the TV industry Ij^s wrought great' changes . in . the portrayal of blacks, Indians, Mexican-Americans and other ethnic characters. The following first of two .parts o n - t h e Ethnic Revolution in'entertain- ment tells what is occurring on the home screen. By JERRY BUCK Associated Press Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) -- From Fred Sanford's junkyard to Banacek's town house, ethnic minorities are getting a new image on television. The industry not only is try- Ing to erase the.. stereotypes, but is recognizing that successful characterizations arid sip ries can be derived from ethnic sources. The bland, faceless, neuter Image of so many roles is being altered. "Banacek" quotes Polish proverbs and speaks ad rhiringly of his heritage. Elena Vcrdugo is proudly Mexican American on "Marcus Welby M.D." "Mannix" draws on his Armenian background. National and ethnic heritages are plumbed in "Santord ant Son," "Bridget Loves Bernie" and "All in the Family." Dramatic and comedy series planned for next season feature blacks, Jews, Italian-Ameri cans, Mexican-Americans am Polish-Americans. "We're trying to change thi image of 'minorities on tele vision, working from the con cept stage through to the film Ing," said Stanley Robertson an NBC programming vice president and the highest-rank Ing black executive in tele .vision. AS THEY EXfST "In lead roles and in minor roles, we want to reflect minor Hies as they really exist in our society. Sometimes casting di rectors just go out and grab the people they know. Slit we're in sisting that they put minoritie! in their films. If they don't we're going to send it back t them." Thomas Swatford, CBS vie president for program prac tlces, said. "We're continual!, providing our program peopl with suggestions on how minor ity groups should be represent ed and I think we're seeing Ih results. We're getting awa from the stereotypes that hav been obvious and that obviousl have been offensive to minor ities." The break-through is twofold Not only are minorities, pai ticularly blacks, being cast rou tinely in so-called Anglo roles but parts and shows are no being created specifically I delineate ethnic characteristic "The image of blacks on tel vision is more substantive an more realistic than blacks i the movies," says Junius Gri fin. president of the Sever Hills-Hollywood branch of th National Association for the Ai vancement of Colored People. "I don't want to paint the pi lure that television is perfec Of course, they had proddin But you can't turn on televisip now without seeing blacks volved in some kind of drama ic role. It may not be the bi, gest role, but why should be?" HONEST EFFORT Jay Rodriguez, a spokesman r Nosotros, which is seeking improve the image of Mexi an-Americans in the entertain- icnt industry, said, "I think levision is making an honest fort to 'eliminate the stcr- olypc Latin. Not just tc play bandits and peons, but to be ncluded at every level. What 'e're looking for is a balance." But Gilbert Avila, the imme- iate past president of No- otros, believes the networks till have a long way to go. Santa Barbara has a 30 per ent Latin population, but you on't see that reflected in Owen Marshall, '" he said. The San Fernando Valley has high Latin population, but ou didn't ^ee many on 'Adam- 2' until we called it to their .ttention." Avila said his group has hat personal meetings with the -stu 'io heads, producers, casting iireclors. and keeps a monthly abulation on the number o atin actors u s e d . "We fee here's a lot of apathy," he aid. "We'll talk to them ant hey'll cast a few people ant hen drop it. We tton't like to be i thorn in their side, but that's he only way to accomplish it.' Recently the American Fed oration of Television and Radit Artists, the union for taped ant !ve shows, sent a letter to pro 3ear Helen: ·My husband has a pro hire ducers urging them to more Orientals. The letter said 'Every effort should be made o afford first opportunity to jmployment of these qualifie performers in Asiatic roles." For too long, television's idea of an ethnic minority wa someone with an English ac cent. After the uproar ove 'Amos 'n' Andy" and the Hal an gangsters on "The Untouch ables," the networks swept eth nic recognition under the car pet. In the mid-1960s, under thi irodding of the .black civi ·ighls movement, blacks began o appear in shows. t Bill Cqsby was cast as thi second lead in "I Spy" in 1961 and it set off the era of the lack second banana. Then Dia h a n n Carroll starred ii 'Julia," followed by Lloyd Haynes in " R o o m 222" and 'The Bill Cosby Show." Leslie Uggams had her own variety show for a brief period. "Se- ;ame Street" cast two black costars. wild emper. He broke my nose once ecause I (by mistake) threw lis false tooth down the disposer. He tried to run our son off the highway -- I mean ie chased him down the road with his · car and my son climbed a fence to save himself. He throws dishes when he's mad. One of them hit my mother and broke her glasses. T h e s e tantrums happened almost every day for 15 years. He also had an affair with another woman and moved out to live near her. I heard they fought too. So I got fed up and got a divorce but, on the day the final papers came through, my husband said he had turned over a new leaf, and moved back ·me. We are going to be married again, but here is my question: if you realize it was all a s "decorative and functional" -- I am supposed to look good n a well-kept house. I finally stopped trying and started going out with 'riends. From movies girl and mistake, can you get a refund on your divorce? We heed that money. Among.other things, for new dishes which is something my husband hasn't quite got over throwing. -- Trying Again Dear Trying: Sorry, no refunds on divorces. Not even discounts or trade-ins. And, should you go for the second, don't expect a two-for- the-price-.of-one deal from your lawyer. -- H. Dear Helen: Here's how I solved the problem of a frigid husband. Mine was Mr. Romance himself when we were engaged, practically nothing afterward. He plays cards with the fellows and works on sports cars. He actually told me he got married because all his friends were, and my reason for being a wife rawling, we progressed to Friday night singles bars. The inevitable happened. I got drunk and went to a man's apartment. It's happening regularly now. Do I have a conscience? Not at all. My husband doesn't care when I get home or doesn'l even know, for that, matter when I'm gone. After three years of putting up with a deac battery and a mean disposition that never once responded to love, I owe myself some life There's : no feeling left for my liusband, none at all. This is against your stan dards, Helen, but please prin it for those gals who sign them selves "Frozen Out." -- Thawed Out Ann Dear Thawed Ann: There's a flaw in you: 'Thaw." Playing "Friday night pick up" may warm the ego tem porarily : until you discove "Available Annie" means you) SANFORD CHANGED IDEA But the criticism from many blacks was that the performers were in essentially white roles reflecting white attitudes. "Sanford and Son" changed that. "Maybe it was time for "Sanford and Son,'" said Demond Wilson, costar of the hit NBC comedy. "I have no doubt that something will come along more outspoken. But this ' is where it's at now. Maybe in 2! years black youths will think ol 'Sanford and Son' as 'Amos 'n Andy.' .It was a product of its time, too." Redd Foxx, star of 'Sanford and Son,' said, "We're trying to show black life as honestly as possible, not just to get a laugh. I don't want to put my people down just to get a laugh. I'm as black as they come," For. next fall the networks are considering more than a dozen pilots that run the gamut of ethnic backgrounds. Among .hem: CBS is considering a "Shaft',' series; a show from the movie 'To Sir With Love." and Rosey Grier in "Big Daddy." ABC is developing "The Fuzz Brothers," a comedy-drama about two black policemen a black family comedy called "The Furst Family of Washington," and "Pomroy's People," a drama about a black minister in a small Kentucky town. NBC has "Poor Devil," a fantasy- comedy with Sammy Davis Jr., Pat Cooper in an Italian-American family comedy, "Patsy," and Herb Edelman in a Polish- American comedy, "Koska and his Family." but you'll still remain frozen a home. If your marriage is hopeless get out. but don't waste you life getting even. -- H. Dear Helen: My father is 72. He just loo a job in a company where ther are lots of drinkers and filth w o m e n . He talks abou becoming a swinger but "h can't find anyone to push hi swing." He kids these trash girls and they think he's jus too, too cute. He's started t wear flashy ties and he eve bought a pair of bell bottom pants! Mother would turn ove in her grave! Don't you think a man of h age should be content playin checkers and visiting his grant children? The other evening w actually saw him going into movie with a woman wh couldn't have been more tha 55. Please write somelhin about this as he reads yo every' day. -- Scandalized Dear Scandalized: Be happy lo: Grandpa. Hang in enjoy!" -- H. "Attabo there an This column is dedicated family living so if you're havin kid trouble or just plain troubl let Helen help YOU. She w also welcome your own amusii experience's. Write to Hel( Bottel in care of Northwe Arkansas TIMES. : By Ketchom , , f fiRteUy .gets un- er wajCJihis ] Saturday night vhen thei- CJBS' /Television net- vork brpsdcajits live -coverage f,;f he record; industry's -'Grammy" awards bash. · · ' - ',' '. 'The shbw is"; icomina ' from - "ASK /Mfc WlLSOfJ IF HE flOTTWE JMES^SB I S6KTHIM WITH MY FMSHUGHTj* Thieves Deposit 1 OSAKA. Japan (AP) -Thieves .broke the real night de- losit box outside an Osaka )ank Sunday night, left a note elling customers to use a substitute box on the other side of the building, and- "please don' forget to get .the receipt." Sixty-eight customers dutiful ly followed instructions, depos iiing the equivalent'of'$45,200 But the G9th depositor noticec the weight of the money wa breaking'open the-bottom of h Grammy Awards To Be On TV ' · · '*.'. ' j ' · --·:! ' : L . '' 1 By JAY SHARBBT ; T. NEW. YORK , (AP) ·- -- .- The ohors season, of Jashville, iM . f or-' first . ime in Uie ,15-year 'history of he event. Singer Andy Wiliams will be the ma,stJr of ceremonies for. : the ' third ' c secutive'' year, " ; ' ' ' ' 'There are' '47 award cale- dries, ranging from "best inspirational performance" to 'best album notes." And there are more than 260 entries, ranging from "Papa as a Rolling' Stone" to a per- r ormance of RaveVs "Concerto in D Major" for Left Hand." Fortunately, we won't have to it through all the awards and attendant speeches. The program only lasts. 90 minutes and will feature just 12 categories of recording achievement, CBS Arts ^nd Sciences, according to George Simon, a NABAS consultant. ' J .'' Simon\ a veteran jaz? (JhronU cr and Jan editor,-writer,for 20 ars onHhe 1 n9W-defunctiMet- jrjome i ro,agazmei'*h»s mnr« ban .a professional ,ii his year's fjjrammy awards. 1 ' One of his nieces, singer Car- Jy Simon, is 'a nominee in the category known as "best female pop, rocR and'vocal 1 performance." Sheiwon"the;aoade ; my's 'best new'-artist" award in 1971 , ;:-,, . . . "I'm terribly pj'oud of .her,'* says Simon. "She's a wonder- "ul, straight-ahead :gal." As' usual, the televised por- tion'of. the, show, is:overloaded with assorted popular, country and western- and- rhythm and blues music award and performers. All the nominees 7 came from an priginal list,of 4,000 entries submitted by members of the National Academy of Recording box--it was 'made of,plywood-and called a bank guard. The guard called the police and the thieves got nothing. tome Star! Program Gets $100,000 Granl · 1 i WASHINGTON (AP) -- A $100,000 grant was approved Tuesday from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare to Arvac, Inc., at.Da.rda- nelle for a Home Start Program. ' . . . . A spokesman for Arvac said the Home Start Program would reach the "real rural families." He said workers would go into the home and work with both the parents and children; The office of Rep! John Paul Hammerschrnidt, R-Ark.,' said the counties involved were Franklin, Johnson, Scott, Popa and Perry; · About 170 individ uals will be served and grant is for one year. the FEATURE 7:30 CLOCKWORK ORANGE" .; "ACROSS FROMU.IA- (R) No OntUncfer 17 Admitted LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT ACROSS FDOMUot A-- (R) No One Under .17 Admitted HWY. 71 N. t ROLL1HMULU 521-1920 HWY. 71 H. * ROU.INO HILU $21-1920 NOW 7:30-9:15 JOHN UfHEINE HNN'fllFlRBRET ROD THBLDR Weekdays 7:25-9:15 NOMINATE! FOR 4 Academy Aworrls Including Bert Aelrcit Beit Actor Best Picture Nominated For 3 Academy Awards Including Best.Actor ROBBERS "SOUNDER" Next: Movies and the Minorities DELIVERY The ARK PIZZA 521-6333 DELIVERY "Flinty ol putting olong; wilh 1ht jokes le main the w h o l e thirg o f f like feongbustenl DRIVE-IN THEATRE NOW SHOWING Open 6:45 some book. some movie. A JEW SESSKWIN-EIUOTT TONER PftOOUCHOH SANDYDENNIS ANTHONYNEWLEY Mon, March 5,7:30 p.m. BARNHILL FIELDHOU5E FAYBTTEV1LLE Tickets: Adults $4.00. UofA Students children under 12 $3.00 TICKETS ON SALE NOW AT ARKANSAS UNION Alio Avaitobl* At The Doer Tletd Itkrmtttat ftant 5:s-5}M Aft ArkiBui Dntan Stations Attraction DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Programs subject to change without notice KTflrV, Tulsa, Channel 2 KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSA, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulsa, Channel 6 KOAM, Htfsburg, Channel 7 KTUL, Tulsa, Channel t (Channel I en eablt in Fayrtt«vln»t KOEMV(ETV), Tuba, Chanel 1? KODE, Joplin, Chanml 12 KUHI, Jopffn, Channel 16 (Chiiinil aa eabl* hi F*y*tt*vtn» KOTO, Foyetfeville, Channel 36 (CluniMl 3 *a atal* In »«y*tt*vllM) 1973 COLOR fV^NOW AT ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound College 442-8575 ^ ' We Can Bring Far-Away Places Into Your Home! Trans-Video 103 W. Mountain St. Call 442-7111 MOVIES ON TV Wednesday Night 7:30 p.m. Ch. 8-12-"You'll Never See Me Again" (1972) David Hartman, Jane Wyatt, Ralph Meeker 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16-36 - "Kid Rodelo" (1966) Don Murray, Janet Leigh 10:30 p.m. Ch. 12-"Playmates",(1972) Alan Alda, Barbara Feldon, Connie Stevens 11:00 p.m. Ch. 8 -- "Playmates" (1972) Alan Aide, Barbara Feldon, Connie Stevens Thursday Night 8:00 p.m. Ch. 6-16-36-- "Honor Thy Father" (1971) Richard Castellano, Joseph Bologna 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16-36 -- "The Night of Iguana" (1964) Richard Burton, Ava Gardner 10:30 p.m. Ch. 8-12 -- "Haunts of the Very Rich" (1972) Cloris Leachman, Lloyd Bridges LOANS FOR HOMES For Expansion of An Older Homo, or The Need of a New One. Wo Have Loans to Suit Your Needi. FAYETTEVILLE SAVINGS LOAN ASSN. WEDNESDAY EVENING-- Mister Rogers To Tell The Truth I Dream of Jemnnle ABC New§ .. News ...... . 2. 3. 5, 6, 1. 12, 18, Truth or Consequences .' ........ Electric Co. .................... * 6:00 -Yoga .............. .............. News, Weather, Sports 2, 3. 5. 8, 7, !, 12, 16, * 6:30 - ' Little People ---- . .......... · · · · Circle of Fear .................. Emergency! ..................... Drngnet . ...................... Hollywood Squares ............ Petticoat Junction ............. Conlact 11 Beaver Lake 16 Lassie 36 * 7:00 Adam-12 2, 3 America '73 11 Sonny and Cher 6, 16. 36 Paul Lynde 8, 12 * 7:30 - Madlgan 2, S'. 5, 7 Movie 2, 12 * 8:00 -Eye to Eye 11 Medical Center i. 6, 16, 36' * 8:3» -- Big Easel ..11 * 9 : f 0 Burt Bacharach-Opus No. 3 . 8. 12 Search 2, 3. 5. 7 Soul! 11 Cannon «, 16. 36 BOB'S PAINT BODY SHOP West on 62 Highway Now. Open! 20 Years'Experience -- All Work Guaranteed. For FREE ESTIMATES, Call 442-9151 INSURANCE "Personal Service With Every Policy". Fur All Your Insurance Need* Call 442-2335 McCARTNEY-FAUCETTE AGENCY 1202 No. College Harris Shuflield, Agent * 10:H - Newi, Weather. Sporls .. 2, 3, !. «, 7. 8, 12, * 10:30 Movie 6, 12, Oklahoma Sportsman Johnny Carson 2, 3, 11:00- Movie 12:00 Newa Paul Dlckson , . Paul Harvey -. 12:15 Tulsa Youth Forum ,, 12:50 Speaking Freely News THURSDAY MORNING-*6:30- Paul Dlckson World Tomorrow * 7 : 0 0 News Speaking Freely Real McCoy* Country Muslo Tim* Today * 7:3» CBS New! Father Knows But Eirlr Bird Ctrtooj* *!:«·- Captain Kmnfliroo . . , K. 36 16. 36 ,' 5, 7 ... S ... 3 ... t .. 2, S, ... 3 ... 8 .. 16 ... 6 .. 12 . . II I. 7 6, It 9esarne Street 12 Cartoon Clrcu« t * 8:3* Oklahoma: Thursday S * 9:00 Dinah Shore ;.. 2, 5, 7 Sesame Street 3 Joker's Wild 6, 16, 36 Movie .-- * Woman's World 12 * 9:30 Price Is Right :... 6, K Concentration 2, 7 Romper Room .; 5 Not For Women Only 12 * 10:00 Gambit », 16 Sale of the Century 2, 3, 5, 7 All My Children 12 * 10:30 Love of Life -..; * 6,-18 Hollywood Squares 2, 3, 5. 7 Bewitched' ' . . : . . . . ; . . 12 * 11:00 -. Where the Heart If 8, 16 Jeopardy 2, 3, 5, 7 Password t, 12 * 11:30.-, If* Your Bet 2 Search for Torhdrrow. . . ' . . - . . . . 8, 1« Split Second «. II Who, What or,Where . . . . 2. 3, S, 1 THURSDAY AFTEBNOON- * 12:00 - Newi V«. 1. ». Phil Donahue ....... . ....... .» 3 John Chick .................... - « Tabletalk ......................... 5 * 12:3« Ai the World Turn* ...... , . . . 6. 16 Let's Make A Deal ........ 5, 8, 12 3 On A Match ............. ... 2, 3 Melody Matinee ................ 7 * 1:09 Guiding Light ................ «, 16 Days of Our Lives ...... 2, 3, S. 7 Newlywed Game ............ 8. 12 * 1:30 Edge of Night ...... . ......... 6. 16 Doctor. ............... 2, 3, 5, 7 Dating Game ................ 8, IS * 2:00 Love Li a Many Spendored Thing Another World General Hospital * 2:30 -Secret Storm' .......... ..» One Life to Live Return To Peyton Place * 3:00 -Somerset ................ 2, Vin Scully Love, American Style * 3 : J 9 Green Aure« . . . ............. Dinah Shore ....... . ..... . Bu'gi Bunny . BU Valley . ..... : To Tell Th« Truth . . . . . . . . . . 6, 18 3. s, t . fl. 12 S: . 8, 12 2, 3.7 3, S, 7 . 6, 16 . «, 12 Cartoon Camp 9 Flinutones 12 Three On A Match 7 4:00.- - - · ' Concentration 3 Bonanza 6 Gentle Ben 12 Movie . 16 Flintstonea , . . . ., ;.... 8 Sesame Street .....,.'.. 11 Merv GriHIn 2 Petticoat Junction '...;..... 7 *4:30- Bonanza .'....; 12 Wild, Wild We« ... S Star Trek . ....' 7 I Love Lucy .- 8 Green 'Acres 3 THURSDAY EVENING-*5:00- I Dream of Jeannie 6 To Tell The Truth _ Mister 1 Rogers · Newi * 5:30 Electric Co ,. Newi t. 3, S, 6. 1. a. Truth or Consequence* *6:00- Terinii Anyone News, Weather, Spprtl .. 2, 3. 5, «, 7. «. 12, 18. * 6:39 Johnny Marm'i SUnd Up »nd Cheer IS Dragnet Petticoat Junction t,-lt 2 Focus . , ...'.*!! Chaplain of Bourbon St. . . . . . . 36 Police Surgeon 7 Slim WUson ] * 7:00 - · · ' . . , The Walton* »; IB, M Mod'Squad g, 12 Advocates . n Flip Wilson 2. 3, 5. 7 * 8:00 Ironside .: i 3,'!, 7 Movie ;.-,..· 6, 16, 36 Kung Fu ' 8, 12 An American Family .11 * 9:00 - / Dean Martin , . J, 3, 5, 7 Streets of Sari Francisco .. 8," 12 World.Press .;,... 11 Indians for Indian! 11 if 10:00 N e w i . 2, 3. S. t, 7, », 12, 18. 34 * 10:30 -Movie -. Johnny Carson . * 12:90- Newa Paul Dickson ... Paul Huv«7 ... * !»'.« New * 12:59 -- Speaklnf Freely ... «, *, 12,-lS. SS ...;..... 2, 3, 5. 7 ,'S ...,, ;... 3

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