Independent from Long Beach, California on February 4, 1960 · Page 27
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 27

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1960
Page 27
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CASH IS EASY to raise when you use Classified to Bell articles. Call HE 2-5959. W EST COAST' Hi 641-09 '"'-"" OPEN NOON 1AKOAIN PARKING Engagement THELOVESTORT OFTHEAGES! YULBRYNNER ClNA LOLLOBRIGIPA a'niiiiiJiiiMAmi-j-Uji SOLOMON SHEBA. WALT DISNEY'S GRAND CANYON I M P E R I A L HE 639-73 ^."l OPEN NOON BARGAIN PARKING PR HIT MICHAEL RENNIE UU'nll P A T R I C I A MEDINA "MISSILES From HELL" coooooooeoeooooeooo HE GAVE SEVERAL examples of how U.S. movie makers cleaned up their stories. Hollywood, he said, will delete any reference lo homosexuality in filming "Advise and Consent," best-selling novel about political life in Washington. He said the comedy "Happy Anniversary" had a moral message added to it over the producer's objections. The message was a confession of wrong-doing by one of two [[embarrassed parents whose [pro-marital sex relationship i R E S T QA 416-19 OPEN i P.M. F R E E P A R K I N G SHOWN AT 8i30 ONLY THE BIG FISHERMAN nr iiar or am nra v uuni CO-HIT ioooeer/3o Li ELMONT C E 8 I Q . Q I -TM" xxxsoc OPEN 6:15 Frank Sinatra--Glna tollobriglda "NEVER SO FEW" 4:30-10:10 -- in Color David NIVEN--Mill! GAYNOR "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY'' !:« only Kjoocoooooooococcooooc Film Made in France Assailed WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A film i m p o r t e r testified Wednesday that strict Amer ican moral standards canno be applied to foreign films because, for example, "Wha is normal in France is no necessarily normal here." Richard Brandt, of Bronx ville, N.Y., made the state ment at a House post office subcommittee hearing after two guardians of Hollywood's movie morals defend the de cency of American films anc their advertisements. In a related development I Sen. Frank J. Lausche (D Ohio) accused a Washington television station of showing a French-made movie, "Devi in the Flesh," which he called "lewd and indecent." * * * * LAUSCHE TOLD the Sen ate the film "openly portrayed the illicit relations o: a young married woman anc her teenage lover.",Ted McDowell, program manager of station WMAL-TV, said his station showed the picture last Saturday night and founc "nothing objectionable" in it Brandt, speaking for Independent Film Importers anc Distributors of America, Inc. told congressmen investigat ing sex emphasis of films anc movie ads that foreign films have a "different" approach to morality.. But he assurec the subcommittee that "children stay away in droves." He testified after Geoffrey Shurlock, in charge of Hollywood's voluntary production code, said the industry joined in the subcommittee's concer about complaints of overemphasized sex. dren. found out by their chil- SHOW TIME As a public service The Independent p r e s e n t s the 'ollowing schedule of starting .imes of features at Long Beach theaters. Times are fur- by the theater man- For matinee or other nished agers. additional information consult he advertisements on this page or call the theater concerned. PALACE Paralroop Command, 10:03, 1:58. 'Rclurn ol Dracula," 7:24, 11:28, 3:17. 'Spook Chasers," 8:47, 12:51, :M. ART "Summer Place," 8:40; "Woman Like Satan," 7:00 10:5?. "Goliath and Ihe Barbarians," 5:35, 9, Tension at Table Rock," 7:05, 10:30. TOWNE '·The Miracle." 6:30, 10:20; "Mutiny," RIVOLI "The Miracle," 4:30, 8:15; "Mutiny," ATLANTIC 'Never So Few," 8:15; "Happy Anniversary," 4:30. 10:«. LAKEWOOD DRIVE-IN "Gollalh and Ihe Barbarians," 11:50; "Tension al Table Kock,' 10:10. HI-WAY 3! DRIVE-IN "House ol 7 Hawks," 8:30, 11:30; "Girls Town," 6:30 10:00. CIRCLE DRIVE-IN "Ma Barker's Killer Brood," 8:10, 11:00; "Missiles From Hell." 6:30. 9-40 LONG BEACH DRIVE-IN "House of 7 Hawks," 8:30, 11:30; "Girls Town," 6:30 10-00. LOS ALTOS DRIVE-IN "The Miracle" 8:15, "Mutiny," 6:30, 0:25. DANA AND HER BABY Actress Dana Wynter shows off her baby son as she leaves Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Hollywood Wednesday. The baby, named Mark Regan Bautzer, weighed 10 pounds at birth on Jan. 28. Miss Wynter, motion picture and television actress, is the wife of Los Angeles attorney Greg Bautzer This is the couple's first child.--(AP Wirephoto.) ' Whole TV Evening by One Artist Seen DETROIT (#)--A full evc-lof programming o v e r lo a [commercials through a schcd- HP of TV PI'PntnH hi/ nna t n i i ' p t n n l n Ki'^,1-,1,. »..»««:.,.. ,,!,,,,,. . . i _ _ r .nrr . ning of TV created by one top may be tried next ihowman ieason. Robert :hairman W. Sarnoff, board of the National Broadcasting Co., indicated rVednesday he is thinking along those lines. "The special program, :onccpt pioneered by NBC, las grown and changed," he aid in a speech for the Mich- gan council of the American .ssociation of Advertising Agencies. "Next season may well sec evelopments in the direction f turning a whole evening single highly creative show-mle of different programs-without advertiser identifica- He did not elaborate. * * v * C O M M E N T I N G o n t h e "magazine concept" of commercial TV, Sarnoff said in one sense, this has been operating at NBC for years in such programs as "Today,' and "The Jack Paar Show.' These are productions in ivhich a wide variety of advertisers buys commercial announcements. Sarnoff opposed" said he another "strongly magazine GORDON S. WHITE, self- styled "umpire" of movie ad- vcrtisinB. insisted it is being ]V.Y. TO CALIFORNIA kept . w i t h i n reasonable bounds of decency and morality" even though "we miss a few calls." He suggested the subcommittee relay to him the complaints it has received. But Rep. Glenn Cunning- lam (R-Neb), said he found some good in movie ads with sexual overtones. The lawmaker said they helped him lecide which movies his children shouldn't see. concept which would rotate DOWNEf N O R W 4 L K MERALTA. Delimit TO 2-I3C9 'THE BIG FISHERMAN" "HDPPITY GOES TO TOWNJ^ K, tlorwm UN* 4.2III "THE BIC FISHERMAN" H O P P I T T G O E S TO T O W N " REDONDO BEACH STRAND, Opin 5:30 P.M. FR 2-8300 · ' A SUMMER PLACE "TUNNEL OF LOVE" WILMINGTON 8PUHAOA (Smollnt UIM) TE 4-1411 "NEVER SO FEW" "WRECK OF THE M A R T DEARE" BEUFLOWER IU TO 1-1412 "THE BIO FISHERMAN" DISNET'S "GRAND C A N T O N " GARDEN G R O V E O B O V I J E 1 - t E O O "CASH McCALL" "WRECK OF THE M A R T DEARE" H A R B O R , 13111 J. Virminl 1 "LI'l ABNER" "THE JAYHAWKEflS" LA UIRADA ilMidri l flntlani UH-MIII "THE BID FISHERMAN" "IIO?flT1 GOES TO TOWN" LINCOLN. BIMII Pirk JA 7-2221 " A N A T O M Y OF A MURDER" "GUK G L O R Y " R O A D I U M DA MGtl "BEND OF THE R I V E R " DISNEY'S "SLEEPINO BEAUT!" SUNOl)W!!~6li7~ 'n^Wlitirla. Whiltlir "A SUMMER F L A C E " ' ' H A P P Y A N N I V E R S A R Y " rimi. ME Mi;s ROAHUM, 1411 "MSI A ION!) SHADOW 1 "THE BAT" TWIN VUE, Flt«t:«l II I5!n DA 4-1111 "PILLOW T A L K 1 "40 MAN" Calls to Be Sent Through Satellite LOS ANGELES (AP)--Telephone conversations between New York and California will be routed through a space satellite in a few months, a scientist said Wednesday. Dr. John Pierce, research lion with any one program. On the issue of advertising propriety, he said TV bears a h e a v y responsibility because of its impact and power, notably its ability to enter the intimate family circle and Lo demonstrate a production in action. "But this does not mean that competing media should enjoy special treatment by aw-enforcement agencies," said. "An a d v e r t i s i n g claim that medium is and should cordingly." is false false in in one another be treated ac- HE SAID SINCE "recent events have spread some skepticism in the audience, it becomes an extra burden" or TV advertisers to tell heir story convincingly. H O L L Y W O O D (UPI) -Den Ameche, a top filmland star of the 1940s now back in town for a TV show, says he's lusy acting and singing despite the fact he hasn't made a picture in almost 13 years. "I've had to move around a bit to keep active," said Ameche, who* now makes his home in New York City. "But, that doesn't bother me," he added. "Since leaving Hollywood, I've done two TV series, as well as appearances in England, New York and Long B««h. C.IU., Tlmri.. Feb. 4, m, INDEPENDENT-Page C-5 Ameche in Hollywood to Do TV Spectacular By JOE FINNIGAN California, and way shows. three Broad- "YOU KNOW," he said, exhibiting the famous Ameche grin, "people always ask me why I left Hollywood. I think Hollywood left me. "Actually, I don't k n o w why I haven't made pictures in all these years. Before leaving Hollywood ten years ago, I was offered roles, but nothing any good." Ameche was close to a movie "comeback" last year when he came west for a part n "Elmer Gantry." However, le returned home without taking the role. Hal March Stricken by Pneumonia GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. W) --Actor Hal March, hospitalized here with pneumonia, said Wednesday night he was feeling better and "I'm on the way up." He said, however, he didn't know when he would be allowed to leave the hospital. March said he started feeling ill in Davenport, Iowa, about 10 days ago. He called a doctor here Tuesday and was hospitalized. The former TV quizmaster on the "$64,000 Question" is| touring with the stage play "Two for the Seesaw." e O e NOW SHOWING IN 3 THEATRES! ief him who is without sin cast the first stone..," Bardol Byck in Films PARIS (UPI)--Brigitte Bardot went back to film work Wednesday for the first time since her son was born three weeks ago. She showed up :ests on the set for brief of "The Truth," her next movie. Ac- ual filming will not start until April 20. Her son, Nicolas, was born Jan. 11. OPEN «:15 -- FREE PARKING ENDS TONIGHT Sandra DEE - Richard EGAN "A SUMMER PLACE" Plus-David NIVEN - Mllll GAYNOR "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY- STARTS TOMORROW! The mightiest story of faith known to ou PLUS -- A MIGHTY EPIC OF THE SEA THUNDERS TO THE SCREEN! "THE MUTINY" "STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND" Frank LOVEJOY - Forrest TUCKER "FINGERMAN" Frrda SILVERMAU . T.BIrd THRILLS "DRAGSTRIP RIOT" tories in New York chief of communications and PLUS THE ROMANTIC · COMEDY vanced Research Projects Ad- above the earth. The sages will be received Ziegler, chief scientist at Ft Monmouth Laboratories, said this model should be put up by federal space agencies in JEFF CHANDLER "THE JAYHAWKER" 'A HOLE IN'THE HEAD" ROBERT TAYLOR NICOLE MAUREY His statements were made weigh 500 pounds orbit between 600 electronics--a division of the Institute of Radio Engineers. and 700 miles up. Jn the satel- called Project Courier, be five recording ma- TWO OTHER scientists de- 10 PINE AVE PHONE HE 6.4479 "RETURN OF DRACULA" "PARATROOP COMMAND" "SPOOK CHASERS" ROBERT TAYLOR NICOLE MAUREY permanent satellite to be used for the same pur- tlie equivalent of book, the scientists said. T O D A Y ! STARTS 6:30 2ND FEATURE "Missiles From Hell" OPENS FRIDAT, SATURDAY SUNDAY ONLY " S H A G G T DOG" S "HOUND DOG MAN" Slndra DEE--Riehlrd EGAN "A SUMMER PLACE" "A WOMAN LIKE SATAN" BRIGITTE BARDOT pit i CURRENT URNINGS INSURED SAVINGS Be ore. 7:39 P.M TO 4-5951 Alt FUNDS RECEIVED ON OR EEFORE THE (Otli OF THE MONTH EARN FROM THE FIRST Aflcr 7:30 P M || HE 7-JS7I A Zany Murder Mystery ON STAGE "Cooa Tlieafr Sho THURS. 7:«S-- FR1. »'Jfr- 11.50-SAT. «:30-S!.»-FREE PARKINS - - - Hiohlv Recommended for a Delightful Evening ol Escapism, Should Play to Full Houses"-- HERALD ENTERPRIS

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