Independent from Long Beach, California on March 23, 1976 · Page 16
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, March 23, 1976
Page 16
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Grand Prix queen court begin reign / MELISSA LINEHAN, Miss United States Grand Prix West -1976, models white linen slacks and blazer, one of the outfits she and members of her ite,-; court will wear .M\':~ : d ur i n g their official duties in connection with this weekend's Grand Prix festivities. Staff pholos by TOAf SHAW ,.'·· Five attractive young women, nar- · Crowed trom a field ot 1GO entries, arc rJcarning a lot about racing these days .^Jls they go about their official duties in ^connection with the first annual United "Stales Grand Prix -- West. ! ^- ' Led by Long Beach Stale University I'.tsludent Melissa Linclian, M i s s U.S. Grand Prix, members of the royal court aje Dcbra Gibson of Marina Del Rey; · -Ttotlilecn Kruis of Whittier, Jan McKin;."-ley of Walnut and Diane Schorling of · jjos Angeles. ;. V-, Selection of the court was sponsored -'iy the Long Beac,h Area Chamber of ·Commerce's Committee of 300 -- volun- te'er support and promotion group to the ' Gtaml Prix. . ~r The young women began their reign (wo weeks ago, and to dale have visited ··$· radio stations to promote the race; Assisted Sunday at the Junior League's ..highly successful Concours d' Elegance ·8t"the Queen Mary; took part in the WIT'S END Committee of 300's membership cock- t a i l p a r t y and d i n n e r Monday at Virginia and Internationa! City Clubs; arid will be at the start finish/line for Sunday's race lo present trophies to the winning drivers. Climaxing their reign will be Sunday's victory dinner aboard the Queen M a r y , according to Dr. J a m e s C. Series, chairman of the queen's court committee and presidentelect of the Committee of 300. Other Long Beach businessmen and women serving on the queen's court committee arc Richard Hixson, Kerry Douglas, Grace Walton; Alden Wadleigh, Gordon GeU, Les Doak ;and Bob Kruegcr. Outfits for official appearances by the queen and her court range frtfm mini black jumpsuits worn with racing stripe scarves; white slacks and blazers' and white dinner dresses for formal occasions. I B-6-INDEPENOENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) life/style MODELING black jumpsuits that identify them as members of the Grand Prix Queen's Court are Kathy Kruis, left, and Debbie Gibson. Wardrobes for wear during events connected with the race were donated by Buffums. TURNING HEADS Monday night at Committee of 300 cocktail party at Virginia Country Club were members of the Grand Prix Queen's court, Diane Schurling, left, and Jan McKinley, wearing white evening dresses with red white and blue competition striped bodices. Luna B««ch, Call!., Tuts., March !3,1974 Joyce Christensen, editor mongers again ''.:".: By EHMA BOMBECK . '."' I know how President Ford fell when he walked ;.' in to a dinner in New Hampshire and the band played · _:'Thc Parly's Over." ~ - Once someone starts a rumor you're not a men' '! tal giant, it's uphill all the way. Jusl slip once a few months ago at a · ; dinner party, someone asked, "Just how much will ·" dclcnle with China cost?" and I replied, "If you have .. to ask, you can'l afford it." From lhal night on people treated me differently. They used single-syllable words around me. They - spoke slower. And when I chanced on a group they would stop talking alxml Angola, turn to me and say, · "Is Sissy still dancing with Bobbie on the Lawrence ,, Vr'elkshoW?" V ' "DID YOU HEAR that?" I asked my husband *" angrily. ' =-. " "Hear what?" .. · _ - . "Hear Steve ask me about Sissy and Bobbie on . the Uwrence Welk show." . " - - "What's wrong with that?" ·*···· '- He shouted at me like he was giving his order lo '..the clown at Jack-in-thc-Box. ·'.·"", "You're being sensitive." '··' ·" "I'm not being sensitive." · · · - "WELL, MAYBE you should be. When Ethel · leaned over and said how enchanted she was with · . 'Edith Wharton, you said you were going lo call Edith " i n the morning. Kriith Wharton is dead." .,,.-. "N 0 wonder she hasn't been answering her ·" ""The Iroublo with you is you try lo fake your ''ay through. You're just going to have to take the v*,Ttimc to read more. Find out what's going on in the ·'" world" . "I know what's going on in the world. You think I don't know we have to keep an eye on Japan" -- my r -husband shook his head - "or whoever is dirty this year?" - · What really incensed me was that the rumors of ·" : rny ignorance not only persisted, they grow out of . ^ '. proportion. . : AT A CULTURAL affair one night, I was sup: : posed to have said, "Don't sec anything until you ·l;iiavc seen the louring company of 'Tobacco Road. --Qnc critic even accused me of recommending "Fear ·"-of Flying" because it was a courageous story of the "-Wright Brothers. ~.".~ Last night, I really made some recovery points. ' In a loud voice I announced, "5 renewed my subscdp- · (ion lo Forbes today." Every eye In the room looked at me anew. "I/wed their recipes," I added. The band played "Born to Lose." Cuddle quotient' gives insight into personality "WHERE IS HE?" is question posed by giant, Eric Johnson, as he looks for Jack, played by James Margolin, in Junior Programs' next production, "Jack 'n the Beanstalk," scheduled Saturday in Lakewood High School auditorium. Junior Programs concludes season Junior Programs of Unfi Beach will present its last show of the season Saturday in Lakcwood High School Auditorium, -t 100 Briercresl Ave., Uikewood. x The production will be Ihe musical adaptation of "Jack 'n the Beanstalk." by William Alan I-nndes. The story is enjoyable (or children of all ages. Two performances are scheduled, at 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. Tickets are 15 cents each and will be available at the box office prior to each show. One complimentary ticket is given with each six purchased. Dear Mother Earth By LYNN AND JOEL RAPP .DEAR MOTHER EARTH: . . , , . . . , , , , , - In a recent column you mentioned (hat the herb. Rosemary, could be used as a hairwash. How do you use it and what are Ihe benefits? -- Mrs. H. H. DKAH MRS.H.H.: All things organic are better for your hair lhan chemically prepared washes. Rosemary can be used as an excellent after- shampoo rinse and condilioncr. A friend of ours has come up with a super way of using it. and since she began her hair has definitely gained added luster and body. Before each shampooing, she takes about a tea- bagful of store-bought Rosemary, boils it in a cup ami a half of hot water, Ihen siphons ot (he liquid and uses it as a rinse after her shampoo. Many, many plants h.ive healthful and medicinal value, so if we can keep our health you'll see lots of these in future columns Happy growing - plants and hair! (I! you /i.ive any questions to ask DEAR MOTJf- KR EARTH, stnd them in c.w of Independent Prefi- Tcltgram. As nid/iv as possible will be used in this column.) KATZ-Alln. national, lifestyle editors By Dolores Kalz A f a i r number of the people reading this page , probably know their IQ scores. But it's a safe bet that almost none of them knows his or her BC score. And that's a shame, because a BC score may be able to tell you as much about your personality as an IQ score Iclls you about your intelligence. The initials stand for Body Contact, and the score is a measure of an individual's desire to .be cuddled. You can get some idea of what your BC score would be by answering "never," "almost never," "sometimes," "almost always," or "always" lo each of the following stalements. 1. When you arc upset, it is comforting for you to have someone hold you. 2. If you are not held when you desire closeness, you feel hurt. · 3. After sexual intercourse, you like to be held. 4. To get another person lo hold you, you use sex. 5. If you have trouble falling asleep, it is helpful to have someone hold you. The more "always" and "almost always" answers you have, Ihe higher your BC score, and the more you like to be cuddled. STATEMENTS like these arc part of a sophisticated questionnaire that a Vandcrbilt University psychiatrist has developed lo learn more about this important aspect of human (and animal) nature. To date. Dr. Marc Hollander has administered the lest to some 590 people -- most of them women and many of them psychiatric patients - and has drawn some tentative conclusions about what the desire to be cuddled says about you. For almost everybody, some cuddling is neces- s a r y . C u d d l i n g p r o v i d e s feelings of security, protection, comfort, contentment, and love. At leasl among women, a strong desire to be cuddled goes along with openness in emotional expression. Women with high BC scores are comfortable with their sexuality, (hey like to eat and talk, and they are able lo feel and express hostility freely. One of the research assistants who helped Hollander administer some of the tests reported that the women with high BC scores were generally cooperative and pleasant lo work with, while those with relatively low BC scores were often difficult to test There is a small group of women with extremely high BC scores whose need to be held is so strong that, in Hollander's words, "it resembles an addiction." These women, who tend to be very insecure, often are promiscuous because they have found that sex is a very effective way to obtain Ihe body contact they need. · Because most of Hollander's research has concentrated on women, there is less information available on men's needs to be cuddled. But one study, published in the latest issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry, indicates that the need to be cuddled doesn't differ much among the sexes. HOLLANDER had assumed that men would find it easier lo acknowledge a need to hold rather lhan to be held, since American culture places a great emphasis on masculine strength. But when a set of identical BC tests were administered to groups of male and female psychiatric patients, the results showed more similarities lhan differences among the In general, the women did have slightly higher BC scores lhan the men, and tended to favor being held over holding, but the differences were not great. The major difference was in the number of men and women with extremely high BC scores, the cuddling "addicts." Among 75 people tested, there were 10 women with very high BC scores, but only one man. "Cultural factors do influence the need to be held in men but not in the manner originally postulated," Hollander concluded. "Men can acknowledge their longing (to be held), but its intensity cither does not reach the height attained by some women or, if it docs, it is not reported." ' HOLLANDER also discovered that the need to he held varies from culture to culture. He had his BC tests administered to five groups of women in Kuala Lumpur, the largest city in Malaysia. The groups included Chinese women who had received traditional Chinese educations, Chinese women who had received an English education, Malay women with traditional and English educations, and English-educated Indians. He found that an English education has a striking effect on altitudes towards sensual feelings. Chinese women who had been educaled in the traditional Chinese culture, which stresses submissiveness and repression of emotions, had Ihe lowest BC scores of all five groups. But the Chinese women who had been educated in English schools had the highest BC scores. "An English education seemingly overturns, rather than modifies, the traditional mode of response," Hollander noted. Interestingly, an English education didn't have much effect on the altitudes of Malay women, who had consistently high BC scores. If anything, an English education lowered BC scores among Malay women. The reason, Hollander suggested, is that Malay culture stresses sexual freedom. Fontana home for just weds University of Redlands graduates Janalee Danis ami Stephen Paul Johnson w e r e m a r r i e d S u n d a y afternoon during a ceremony in St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Redondo Beach. Following a honeymoon trip lo Palm Springs, they will reside in Fontana. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Danis of liedondo Beach, the bride was attended by Malesa Jehlik as maid of honor. Neil Hollis Daseler attended the son of the Rev. and Mrs. Marvin A. Johnson of Long Beach. The bride was graduated f r o m South High School, Torrance, and at- MRS. STEPHEN JOHNSON filiatcd with UK Judicial C o u n c i l and University- Choir al U of Redlands. Her husband, an alumnus of San Pedro High, affiliated with Chi Sigma Chi fraternity at Redlands and now is taking graduate studies at California Polytechnic University.

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