The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 25, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1920
Page 3
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THE The :Nkw Way to have Beautiful Nails Simply, apply * wi tH' tBe brjush and.ailbwr-to'dry. No. ' requiredand the'polish given will last a week. A-protection to tlie nail and^cuticle—and oti ; what'a time saver. . Your dntggis.l — 50c-^ bottle ' ' -, THE GLAZO COMPANY - Cincinnati, Ohio __Seibert's Drug Store. f.-fii. Hewitt. Johnson, Vancil, Taylor Co. Opera -'Hoisse Drug Store. (Mrs. P. D. -Johnson is.-visitingi rel- [' .atives -in Louisville, Ky. This is the* Stove Polish^ YOU Should I T'S different from others because m,ore care" is taken in the ' making^ and the materials used • are o higher grade. ,- . . Black Silk Stove- Makes a brilliant, silky pollfeh thnt does 1 not rub off or dust off,andtneshine]asts 1 four times as'lonjr as ordinary etove ! polish. Used on sample stoves ani-sold [ by hardware and gspcery dealers. / E trial. .Vsoit on your cook stove, | All wcnskiaa yonr parlor stove or your jyaa nine. If you I i't find it the bo3t-£iove : pq!!sh ; yo[j ever [ used, rcur dc&Icr is Authorized to refund 'your ft money. Insist on Black Silk Stove PoliaL. » Made in liquid or paste—ono Quality.' Black Silk Stove Polish Works Sterling, Eiinols t tjso Slack.Sllfc Air-Drying Jron'Cnamol oil prates, rea'stcrs. store-pipes—Pre%-onts rustinrr. I Use Black Silk Metal Polish for silver. Diesel I Qrjbrass._2t has no cQonl for. use on automobiles, t INSTITUTE (Continued from page "one) have had a par|- in making -American art. He speaks of St. Gaudcns and French from a fund of first-hand information, growing out of .life long acquaintance with these men. Mr. Taft is the author of a history of American Sculpture. The appearance of Dr. Phelps and "Prof; Taft alone would make the program distinctly worth j while. But other speakers national reputation have also been secured. Dr. Harold G. Foght, president of ,{Jre Northern, Normal and Industrial School, Aberdeen, S. D.,' will deliver two addresses, besides showing- three reels., of. moving pictures of a modern consolidated school. Dr. Foght is 1 a native of Norway and was educated, in Norway, the United .States and Denmark. Dr. Fought spen't a number of ^ears in the schools and colleges of the i Middle West,, but in, 1912 he enter- ed- 'they service of 'the Bureau, of Education .at Washington, D. C, as a 'rural school specialist and remained in that, position until he became (president,.recently of a. state, normal, in South'—Dakota. While in' the' employ of- the . governnie7jt.- he investigated 1 ..the rural school prob- 1cm very thoroughly, . issuing . a number of publications on the- sub- fjccl, and it is. this phase of educa"-. lion that he will discuss at, the Carbondale meeting. Dr.--Theodore G. Scare's, of the University of Chicago, will speak- on "Education for Democracy," and "Moral Values in the School Curriculum." Dr. Soares is a native of England' but received his academic training in. this, country at Knox. College ,the University,, of Minnesota and Chicago University. He is a Baptist minister . and ; has' had charges at Rockford, Galcsburg a:id Oak Park, but since 1908. has been head .of the department of. practic i''ar. 'tchology at the ^University of Chicago. The teachers of Southern Illinois are always glad 0 to hear a message from State/Superintendent Francis G. Blair, and they will be pleased to note that he speaks on the first evening;, of the meeting on "The Present Condition of our Teaching Force," a very vital topic in these changing times. Supt. Blair is a product of Southern Illi• nois and has spoken before the association many times in his ilong service as state superintendent but lie is welcome deach year with renewed enthusiasm because he always brings a mssage distinctly, worth while. Prof. John C. Hauna, high school visitor from the State- Superintendent's" office, . will speak' at the high school sectio'ji and con-' duct a round table discussion of -secondary school problems. Mr. H.anna, before entering upon his present duties was a high school, principal for many years and his official position gives him unlimited opportunity to observe all kinds of night schools, so that he is familiar with' every phase of the problem in' Illinois and^is particularly fitted to conduct a round table discussion. It will be a matter of interest to note that a rural school section has been added this year, and that Dr. Foght and Asst. State Supt. .W. b. Booth will speak to the rural teachers on the problems which are' -theirs particularly.. Mr. Booth is another Southern Illinois man whom the',-teachers "are .always delighted to welcome. He is a vejy xiation.; The admission. fee..:for any. on'e session will r .be : '- fifty cepts. ' : Clip"this column, or preserve this issue of the'Free Press.- You... will want to'refer" to it next; week.. Remember the dates, April 1, 2, .nd 3.. • --'. V" ' : ~ FRANCIS G. BLAIR erucst . advocate of the best ^things for rural schools. ' A hurried persual of- the will convince anyone that a -particularly attractive musical- program has been provided for. Of course the greater part of- it- will be furnished by the justly- popular' Norma orchestra under the direction o: Prof. Glenn C. Bainum.- There wil be the usual- quota of individua numbers and several nearby schools will assi-st in rounding out "the pro gram. Altogether it will be a pro gram which no member or pros pective member of . the associatioi can afford- to miss. There promise to ; be a very large attendance aiu since the sessions of the associa lion have been held . in Carbon dale none -need stay away, for. lea of failure 'to find accommodations because everyone who, attends wi! be cared for. The Southern Ilii nois Teachers' Association, since i has ceased its wandcrjigs and . set tied down in., tbe ideal. 'convcntiqi city of Southern .Illinois', is .ex'per icncing a splendid . growth, in uuni bers ,:and intecest!,; JThe. people o Carbolidale welcome- the' teacher: .aud'assure them the' best, of treat ment, because they arc glad to have them in their midst. 1 PROGRAMS OF USUA;t INTEREST TO THE PEOPLE "HERE This fine French .Vclour Powdc/ Puff absolutely . FREE, fcr a limited tune only .with each 50c box of Puritzm Beauty Complexion Powder. Also Try ' Puritan Beauty Sunlight Rouge A rouge so refined as to appeal to the most fastidious. Positively harmless. Blends perfectly. Medium and dark tints. Cake form in special box— "3 C WITH PUFP «5OC To further.popularize ."Puritan Beauty". Complexion Powder in,this city, we will, for a, limited time only—include ^ A. large size French Velour Powder Puff—as illustrated — absolutely free of charge with each SOc box. ' . .- ' " <5 Thousands of beautiful women know and'' depend 6n this finest of all Complexion ^Powder. You too, < c ire going to be equally, delighted with it. Puritan Beauty' Com-) plexion Powder is the finest that science; can create or money can buy. So delicate;' in texture and natural in tint as to be/ almost invisible. Spreads evenly—stays, on— exquisitely perfumed — and benefit cial to the skiri. Four shades—one wSli match your complexion. • Large, box—50e.- Get YOUR Box of Puritan- Beauty-Complexion Powder and FREE PUFF without delay. Don't fail to ask for your puff. -- - - ,; 1 -,'.•-.--•• ...--. Ear Sale by ' . ., . . ~~ '/ - ~_ _„,_. . . • Seibert's Drug Store. Opera House Drug Store ,F. M. Hewitt. Manufactured by PuriUn Phunnsceulic.l Co., St. Loiib, Mo. A : resume of tlie important fea ttircs of the program of the Soyttl earn. Illinois Teachers Associatior which wilt hold' its meetings in Car bonuale, April 1, 2, and 3, include the following: 1.—Pro'f. Win. Lyon Phelps Yale University, author, noted liter ary critic, and popular . lecturer who will give four addresses, on on Thursday evening,. April. 1, an three on Friday, April" 2, morning afternoon and evening. These ad dresses are all. popular,, in charace and highly entertaining:! . 2—Lorado Taft' of Midway Studio of Chicago, entertaining, lecture and sculptor- of international fam Mr. 'Taft will addre'ss. the meetin Friday evening" arid Saturday morr ing-.-- For the Saturday morning ad dress on "Beauty in the Horn Towu," the club .women..of nearb cities will be tlic. gue.sts of th -.^.sociation. 3—Dr. Theodore G. Soares of ,th University of Chijago, author an noted speaker, who will speak Fr clay, morning and afternoon. 4—Dr. Harold G. Foght, Pres. o Northern Normal of South Dakota distinguished authority on /run school problems. Dr. Foght wi speak Friday morning and aftei noon, and will give a thvee-ree moving picture of "Sargent Conso' idated School" Friday at 4:30 at th Earth Theatre. ;—Hon. Francis G. our ow; great State Superintendent of Pub lie Instruction, and two 'of 1 assistants, J. C. Hanna and W. 3 Viooth. 6—Numerous musical number; o a high order,of excellence, inc'.ud ing the justly popular Normal Or chcstra and the ^Philharmonic Ensemble, an entirely new attraction in Carbondale. This, organizatioi will prove to be a most- delightfu surprise.-and treat to .'music loving Carbondale.' The entire program will- be oi .great interest 'to the Carbondale public. Never before have -so many "first- attractions" and p lures been. crowded- into 1 pular fea.- one .three- day program. It/is- super!Dr.;to..,rrjost ten' day Chautauquas..,. C.rr citizens would do well', to -take: t "attend, every session. Tl; e/time to ; program, will, cost- the - Assotiaticji- 51-100.00 for talent -alone,- nearly twice the cost of- any. previous pri gram, not excepting .; the state.- me'v :ing programs You may • secure - acTmis: io_n ; to': all- the sessions for, $1.00,. wh :h will-alt so pay for a. year's - subscription - ti the '.'Illinois Teacher," -he off.ieiat organ of the State Teaclers' Asso-. SAYS 'NEAR BEER' LORADO TAFT Lorado Taft's more recent.. important .works in. sculpture arc: T/he : 0 lumbus Memorial, Fountain,, at Washington, D. .C.,- : 1912., The: Fer- •msori Fountain-of the ..Great La'kcs, Chicago, 1913: ."-Slack Hawk"'(col- lossal Indian, figure)- ; Oregon,- 111.. 911. Thatcher- Memorial ,-Foun'tain, Denver/ Colorado, 19.18:." "Fountain of Time" (to be'.erected \vith. proceeds of Ferguson fund, .on the Midway, Chicago,. 111. in the spring 1920. Mr. Taft's studio is situated on the Midway, Plaisance . between Washington and Jackson. Park- 11 the 'immediate vicinity, of thcj University of Chicago. The, -"Midway Studios," as" the Result of,Jconstant construction, now form.a large aggregated mass of buildings and provide quarters for the artist, himself, for. some dozen associated sculptors and for many assistants- more than twenty persons in all. Here can be seen in operation mosi: of the processes connected 1 : with the art of sculpture—modeling, casting, marble 'cutting, and tlic rest Lorado Taft is 'a member of the Chicago Society of .Artists, an. Honorary member of the American Institute of Architects; was- electee associate member of the. Nationa' Academy in x 1909 and in two years was made "a .full member of the Academy; isa member of the National Sculpture Society; \ a director of the American Federation of Arts from 1914. to 1917; and is oh the Board of Art Advisors foi the state of Illinois. An eminent \writer has writtei: recently, the following, sincere tribute to Mr. Taft: "There is a mail in Chicago Who has been called the greatest artistic educative personality in the central west today; who is credited with having done more to 1 inspire a knowledge of art anc a love of beautiful sculpture and painting than any man of his age in America. His name is Lorado Taft." . /• As Henry B. Fuller wrote in his •pjotes on Lorado Taft" - (Century Magazine, Aug. 1908): ; "But sculpture pure and simple is only a single element in Lorado Taft.'s busy life. * * * The lecture -'platform and the railway-train continue to claim a good share . of his time. -To this educational side o: .his work he has brought,: in_'lc ;union, a high seriousness of pur 'pose and- a winning intimate o Imauner. . * * * Today- he is: often on the road, with his paraphernalia and' his assistants, engaged in dem oE'^sratirig to north, south,- west' ant of late, the east, what a sculptor' 'studio is, like, and what goes on ill it. ***•., "Indeed it is largely as a citizen giving: freely of his /best." for. th common good, that; Lorado Taft has .taken his firm hold upon the friend ly appreciation of- his. own ; city anc gained the" sympathetic' regard o his -artistic confereres assemble! there from, throughout, ^he land.' Mr. Taft is the foremost lecturer on sculpture in- America. • Fron 1886 to 1901 he taught, at. the Ar Institute- of Chicago,: and since, t time has given. a course of lectures there each year. He; lectured in the University extension department o the University of Chicago, frorr 1892 to 1902i and has held the po sitiou of professor-iaL lecturer, in that institute since. 1909. ..In 191.9 he has been made a non-resident professor of the University of. Illinois "In his lectures, Mr. Taft; shows that the achievements of. the past can be. used-as examples-to--educate and also to inspire our. rnodern . efforts to bea-utify the cities- and towns of America. He says,. "We must interest .the .common; peole' —the school children—in art and beauty before our. big. civilization will- ever bear the .choice fruit which s -its own by right. That, some" of these great; fine . fellows, over here (in France), may,, have, .caught a gleam of the delectablei-larid is my lope. . ..They are idealizing America today;.. if. now .they ^will-•' only, work :p .make,.their-.. ideals. come.;-true." • - r -. • MOTHERS, Should see,. tliat,,1he,- whole .'family' alee at..,least. 3..or .4- doses of- a tlioro,.; purifying, .system cleaning, medicine. The- -family will'" be heal'tlr-- efi .napprer..aivd.-fjet.-a-teng-".r>ctter- if lie blood is given .-a • purify-' ng, N th,c. stomach--and .bowels cleaned 'out and tire germs' of'Winter, d'ccum-ulat'c'-ln; thV sy ? tem, driven a,\,aj- v , HollCsteii's:': Rocky - Klouiitaini Pea is-one of the ver.y -best. aii4 tires.t. Spring , mediei-nes-i: to, . '-take. /fi^--fa-mil^'; Tihe'ft-.cojo^wilf' 1 '^ etter, they'll, fefe];:; finer-aM .be-.'welf nd happy.-Seibert's Drug, store.-* The federal authorities have been ordered ( 0 Carbosidale .to -investi- ate tlie charges'.of Wayne Grear, colored, in which.he states he hauled beer—not near beer, '.but real r from the Steelier Brewery at Mu'rphysboro. - Grear alleges-' he- hauled this beer for Chas; Clark early in January. In a statement Grear says, "Chas. Clark gave me $8 to haul a load of jeer from Rudolph Stechers, nine barrels in all, s to Chas^. Shields cast of Carbondale where it was to be stored. He also, had a' drayman to haul another load the,same day. I hauled the beer just after the first sleet of the. year. . I know it was beer, because' I had some of A few days ago Grear was ac- A fewduy s ago Grear was accused by Clark of stealing a load of.- near beer from the' home of Shields. Both were ar'rcs'fed for disturbing the peace, as a result of a fight when Grear and Clark met. Their cases were up in ,tbe police coupt yesterday, neither would appear >against the .otlier'y-whicli re- .ulted in both being .dismissed." It was not stated whetrier the near beer was beer or not—or just how good a- judge of distance the man -w'lio called' it near beer.' Tlie- federal authorities will arrive" and- de. "cide the alchohoUc status of the beverage. • J It seems that Grear and Clai-lr have been in full knowledge of. eacb 'others, actions in regard . to the- alleged : barrels of beer which Have been iliaulcd.. The .beverage- has been stored outside of; the city limits each time. ; BIRTHS 'Friends o£ Mr. and' Mrs. John E. Howell 'have: received cards Announcing the birth, March 14, of'ia: sonj who has been named John Magnus. Mrs. Howell was .formerly Miss Cleta Bailey and made her home -with her sister, Mrs. JLouis JToley, -while she was. employ* at- the. Haley -grocery store. Mr. and Mrs. Howell reside in Uu Q.uoiri. PEOPIE'S COLUMN Cash In Advance. One: month,, per word ........... 1* One weeki per word . ....... ... ..08 One insertion, per word . ....... .01 7 Three, insertions, per word ...... jQg. . •• WANTKB. /WANTED—Young men and girls fffr factory ^forfc. Experience not required: Good wages. Nine-todur day with, ten: hours pay.—The Oliver Tyipewriter. ; t;ornpany, Woodstock, 111; ta24tf WANTED— Married man aged 23 to 40, by large Eastern Life Ins. Co., collecting and solicitiug. Salary and commission. Chance, for promotion. Work in Carbonda.le. Address E. M. Warren, Assistant SuRt., Room 1, Border Hardy Bldg., Murphysborc I"- ' M23-6c VVANTEHfc-Good used furniture, G. Hi Edmonds, 708 Normal Ave. M19— Iwk WANTED — Lady or g^ntelman in Carbondale for Wa'tkins Famous Products/' Watkins goods known everywhere Big profits. Write today. Wa.t- kins Company 51, "Winona, Minn. FOB «EWT. 'FOR 'RENT— 3" conirccted rooms, good location, furnished or unfurnished. Inquire at Fox Drug ,Co.,. Phone 276. • M22— 6t- . FOR RENT— Large garden. 216, West" Main-- street. m20-6t RENT— Two furnisKed~rooms. Modern. 400. West Oak St. FOR RENT— Two rront rooms OTSI- Style Shop, for office or sleeping rooEn,- Apply Miss Rieth, Nonnel aatt Monro* St. FOR RENT—Farm, 40-acres, east o?< Carbondale, good orchard and fine place tor cantaloupes. Also grain j crops. Reaspnable terms "to reliable party. Apply Miss Maggie Rieth. E.L.1INGLE,M.B. Oi ntril- PS-aetloa-— - .. f)p*bl«l attention to.vEyp, ,. .l«r.. No* »d Throat Fitted Phonet: Residence 330-2, Offie*- CWH & BRADLET Attorneys at Law 'hone 262 K. Suit. 112-11E New. Hamilton Bulld!(l$ DELIA CALDWELt, M. D McAI^ALLY BlMLDina 211 Weit Main «tr«»( Hours-ia to lu M.M.; 2 to 4 f.f CARBWflTALE CANDY KITCHEN Candlea and ice Crjare 'Phon« 144 Y dome Made T Tei JE Ad Kinds 01 •IiAUliAlfi 1 . SWAR'TZ 08TEOI ATH1G RHY»ICIAH -Chronic Dlseasei Officer In W. Cbal MACKI !Y DR.JI NEW H Heur* 8 to ECONOIM J. B. Wathed phone No. 159 iSE HAYES Moving and Transfer Work. i a Specialty Bldg. HAB/HLTON and Ice COAL OFFICE Phone 204 ^.BARROW MILTON BUILCINQ 1 A - M. and 2 to B f. PHONE «s Vli tlma COAL Dife PROP. *«• Etta and Lump "one 149 K. _. PWCE^ i none 342 K'' . t JPPLIES W:A. GENERAL P RACT f CE FOR KEiST-—Stomge lor bonsehoUfr goods, in the one story btlck building;/ cement floors, on alley baek of »«wi Earth Theatrs. Apply Miss Bleth. FOR SALE. FOR SALE—Several hundred loads- dirt, 'cheap. Phone 59, or 163— \V Sam G. Kill. M24—2t. FOR SALE—Gas range. Goo;l condition. 'Call at 810 West Main. W-..-.^6,^J*-.. • .... ..-_, A , m24-3t FOR SALE—Five room house. Tele- phoue 466-K. ' M23-ot- ' SALE—Restaurant. Good location for business. Party leaving, town. Bargain if sold 1 at once. Apr nly corner 12th and Locust streets, Murp'hysboro,, III.. i in23-6t FOR SALE—We t>uy, raise, and. sell" fur'-bearing rabbits, and -othes fur-bearing animals. List what you have with Jis .stating your lowest prices on.large lot shipments. The Fur & Specialty Farming Co., 515517 -N. P. Ave., Fargo, N. Dak. __ M19—Imo. ~ L057 LOST — Between" Oak street and Earth Theatre, on down town street, cameo pin. Call 166.. LOST—Between Oak street and Bartli Taeatre, on down town street, cameo pin. Call Mrs. B. B. BcMiard. HALLIOAY- CLEN'DBNE-N Miss Laura Clendenen, daughter of Mr. andJMrs. T. C. Clendenen, of 811; Tw.enty-sixth- street, aiidHSforraatt ~R. Ealliday, son: O f the- late W. E. Hani- day, were to be married .today iff Chicago.. Althoiigih the relatives of the bride and groom knew- of the approaching; marria-ge, no announcement >bas been; made' to their friends, to .which the; news -will come as a great surprise. Miss- .Clendenen, who is unusually: attractive, and popular in social and: jnusieal circles in Cairo, is a gifted young pianist, and^SS for. several years, connected with the McBurney Stu'dios in. Chicago. - Slie is well kaown and popular among Chicago's, leading musicians. Mr. Halliday is connected in business with 'Ms uncle,- H. H. Halliday in this city. He was among .tihe^firsi;: in ''Gairo to enlist for service in the war and'remained 'overseas until the^ war's termination. He is ono of Cairo's most popular and--enterprising, young?, business me-n. .Upon their return, to- this city, whic'ii will be 'in :a'bout a- week, 'Mr. and Mrs. Halliday : will be at home,, for'ttie summer at the Halliday ho' iel,'where- they ihaye engaged a suite of • rooms.—-Cairo: Citizen. ,-iMr. an* Mrs'. Orea/Bell went. to-. Champaign yesterday for a visit relatives.' •

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