Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 5
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 5

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 5
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The World Around Rambler American Wins Mobil Economy Run I INDEPENDENT-P.3 L«if iMdk Caw* FrM». u*t By ART STEFR4N ·. r-T Jut» lter Mich., 2120 mp.g., in a 1 Ia the Rambler's liretracks.'cars with aa average 22.61 [this point home as the win-ithe Ford team. wa» wearing Dodge 330. :-' Judy Thompson of Rolling m-P-g-: and Jim Wasson. 3902,rers picked up their trophies.[victory smiles when his driver] aMt c ' tncdhmvp , | c 'e d' DETROIT. Mich.--A Ram- HiUs drove her Pontiac Tcra-'Fairman. Lakewood. Pontiac j Average miles per hour forjBHI Levy drove a Ford Falcon V3s _ sun ' ^.^004 ^ Tu . bier American driven by Les pest across the finish l ; ne to ( Catalina from Salta Pontiac the^cross-country run «s ( to fir^pkce in the dass forj^g^ calif., 20.01 mp-f, f pest across the finish 1'ne to Catalina from Salta Poatia Viland of Livonia, Michjcapture second place in that'Co., of Long Beach, third ii topped a field of 36 American|dais with an average 27.31 the class for medium-priced «-9X medium-engine compacts and Mickey Thompson, fastest Mary Faulkner took her third- place honor in the Comet. The other winners: passenger cars in the 1963 rap-g, a bare 1.30 ra.p.g- be- V-Ss. with aa average 19.38 man in the world on wheels Mobil Economy Run, while hind the overall leader. m.p.g. Wasson's car was orJy |V l06 ra p g) and husband of four Long Beach-area drivers! Other area winners in the'- 7 ^ m.p.g. behind the winning red-headed Judy Thompson, took second- and third-place'six-day contest ar e Mary.OMsmobili S3 in that class, jturned over the family spot- class wins., j Faulkner. 1235 Jackson StJ Average for the entire field light to his trim (36-25-36)!!^}, o f "sun Valley. Calif,' Roffing under the checkered Long Beach, driving a Mer-jof 3S cars (S classes) was^mate. Driving a Pontiac Star^i m.p.g.. in a Busck an OldsmobUe Dynamic S3. Class H, luxury automobiles--Mildred Alsbury. 55- year-old Hollywood grand' Class D, intermediate-sile mother. 18.-13 m.p-g, in a cars with V-8 engines--John Chrysler New Yorker. flag at Cobo Hall here Thurs-lcury Comet custom, ia third^21.S4 The eight u-omenj 0 "*' .*jth an^average^l9..27jspeciaL day, the Rambler turned in place in the class for medium- drivers ia the run showed up^-P-S-. he ended an average 28.61 miles perjsize compacts with aa aver-!the men by turning ia an place behind his he ended in fourth CUK F standard size six- IMOXK KISSES ', A Buddhist monk from 'Ceylon, the Rev. G. J Wisuddhaaanda Nayaka Thero Moratuwa. bends . to kiss ring of Pope John XXIII during general I audience in Vatican City. i Italy Doctors Strike; Threaten Health Plan I - ROME (UPI--Italy's S3,000 doctors went on strike Thursday in a revolt that threatened to topple the nation's complicated health insurance system. · The 24-hour strike, Utest ia the doctors* long ; Battle against what they consider red tape and !ow pay, was only the beginning of more drastic action. I Today, the physicians will start an indefinite period of ^cm-collaboration- with Italy's 2SO health insurance organizations. This means patients will have to pay for medical visits and drugs. I In their walkout Thursday, the doctors confined their work to emergency cases. Emergency staffs were left ia hospitals and a few private doctors selected by the union kept their offices open for patients in urgent need of treatment. ; Medical schools ia universities canceled classes. ; The doctors are asking for a streamlining and standardization of paper work made necessary by the various health plans, which they say now is taking up one-third of their time and turning them into specialists in "rubber-stampology." I They also are demanding an increase in fees paid by the organizations. The fees now are as low as 95 cents for home calls and 48 cents for office visits. Jcics Arrested for Speculation '. MOSCOW C?1--Eight Jews, two of them women, have been arrested on charges of speculating in home- baker unleavened bread for the Hebrew Passover celebration, Jewish sources reported Thursday. 1 These sources said five of the eight who were arrested two weeks ago had been released. The two women and a paid Moscow Jewish community worker are believed still in Moscow authorities last month denied the Jewish community permission to use state baking facilities for baking ceremonial znatzoth. Enss Official Hits Red Tape '. MOSCOW (UPI)--Russian Republic Premier Gan- pady Voronov Thursday said public and consumer ser- j vices are so bad in the biggest of the Soviet Union's I 15 republics that a man can't get a hot bath, have his j television set repaired or buy decent clothes. He blamed red tape rather than shortages of material and equipment for industry's failure to meet the demands of the Russian consumer. Voronox pulled no punches in his speech to an audience which included Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev and Soviet Deputy Premiers Frol Kozlov and Anastas Mikoyan. ! I Clarify French-German Treaty '' BONN (UPI)--Chancellor Konrad Adenauer agreed Thursday to add a preamble to the French-Germ?'! friendship treaty to make clear it will not affect Ger| many** other ties, including NATO and the Common Market, it was announced Thursday. Adenauer, vacationing in Italy, met with 14 parliamentary leaders, presumably to discuss the clarification. The announcement was made here after the meeting. Cnba Orders Price Controls ; HAVANA CSV-The Castro government placed all goods and services under price control Thursday. The decree regulates prices and profits in private and state enterprise. t/.IY. Association Asks Probe of Office Blast per size gallon for th« Z373.2-mHe age 25.75 m,p.g.: Roy Swan-'average 23.49, against niarathba from Los Angeles-lson, 3941 F a i r r a a n , Lake-lthe men's efforts of 21.4 |VUand"s car was In a class,wood, Chevrolet Biscayne,'m.p.g. la Cobo Hall Thurs- for large-engine compacts. Wrd place in the class for'day. the pis were pressing Wasson. Hurglar Catcher ; · ^ NEW DELHI «1 -- A iaf» _^ cars--Scott Harvey designed to catch a burglar. - [of Dearborn. Mich., 2433 by the wrist at the same tim*' Art Rene. 4127 Myrtle mp.g, in a Plymouth Savoy, it sounds aa alarm has been Ave, Long Beach. 50-year-old' Class F. low-priced V-8s-- registered with the Indiaa ia-\ driver and "den motherTM for Bob Cahill of Royal Oak, ventioas board. tV* * V L *t Vjl ^-**'"rit V?«- ·;»*. i"* * * 5 * 7».».^ 2-SPEED · 2-CYCLE AUTOMATIC WASHER · F-xdusJve Surgilator Agitator creates "millions" of penetrating water currents to wash from 1 Ib. of delicates to 12 ibs. of heavy fabrics really clean! · Select Normal or Gentle Speeds! . . · Magic Mix Dispenser Filter blends in detergent and filters out MATCHING 2-CYCLE AUTOMATIC DRYER · Regular-Wash 'N Wear Cycle with end-cfcycle cool-down to smooth wash 'n wears and ATr Cycle to air fluff bedoTng and damp dry clothes! · Equa-FTcw Tempered Heat dries gently with no danger of scorching or burning! ^ Big Capacity Drying «P Drum dries more Li fewer loads! v ; -A*. UNTIED NATIONS, N. V.[ These outrages can be laid UJ--The American Associa^at the d o o r of extremists tidn for the United Nations ( whose unbridled misreprescn- (AAUN) announced Thursdayitations about the United Na- that it is seeking a fan in-Itions can incite the cnbal- vestigatioa of a bomb explo-ianced to acts of violence, iioa that occurred last Sun-j These bombings must gfve day night at the office of its people abroad a weird and chapter in Encmo, Calif. [false impression of American C l a r k M. Eichelberger.Jattitudes toward the United AAUN executive director, in'Nations, attitudes which we v a statement from its head- l know are wholeheartedly in quarters near here blamed^ivor of the United Nations. such bombings on "twisted. *lt would help correct this minds'" influenced by *"wi1d ( fils impression if you, a sen- misrepresentations about the ator from California, would j *t United Nations distributed by make a strong statement c o n - 5 the extremists.- demning these outrages, in-V He made public telegrams si sting upon full investigation*' Brown and California Senators Therms H. Ku- thel (R) and Clair Engle (D). ,The telegraraj recalled that 15 months ago a bomb was left at the door of the 72 of LBCC Put on Honor Hand 12.2 CU. FT. REFRIGERATOR- FREEZER WITH AUTOMATIC DEFROSTING REFRIGERATOR · R ef rigerator section N EVER need s def ro stin g! · Big 106 to. capacity "zero degree" freezer! · Super Storage Doors! · Full-width Crisped · Million-Magnet Doors hold _. tight, yet open with $ 36" GAS RANGE... MAKES COOKING A JOY! · "Flame-Set" Bumer-with-a Brain makes fop- range cooking automatic! Balanced Heat Oven with Lo-Temp Control Radiant-Heat Broiler! Fi!ll.vieir Oven Door! Oven Light! a slight pull! Available in white or copper Twelve Long Beach City] AAUN*f downtown LOJ An- College musicians have been geles headquarters and that named to the Honor Band 13 months ago the Rev.'selected by tl* Southern Brooks Walker of Encino'Califomia Junior C o l l e g e "was the victim of a similar Music Association for a festi-1 bombing." |val concert April 27 at the I I . · » · .University of Redlands. 'SUNDAY'S b o m b blast.] The LBCC musicians are I they faid, happened while the t Tora Boomer,. Jin Law-son, I Encino chapter wai meeting Emily Dart, Ed Bin, Tom Mar-, I tome distance away to inruH shall. Donna Ricketts. Ken I a ;· president. Th« identical Nelson, Toza Hrbacek. Mike, wire* to the lenatori condud-IShelton. Gary Ring a a ed: i^Tck Hatrprica.

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