Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 27, 1988 · Page 41
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 41

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 27, 1988
Page 41
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Pharos-Tribune TV Guide, March 27 - April 2, 1988 Page 9 FRIDAY EVENING 6:00 pm [CNN] StiowBiz Today [MTV] Dial MTV An exciting countdown of the day's ten most requested videos. (1 :00) [NICK] Finder's Keepers [PTL] Rod of God [USA] Cartoon Express [NASH] Crook and Chase O O Facts of Life News O Crazy Like a Fox BD Family Ties O> World of Survival (Wildlife Series) John Forsythe. (0:30) (B Diff'rent Strokes Parents Have Rights, Too 6:05 pm O Alice Not With My Niece 6:30 pm [CNN] Inside Politics '88 [CSPAN] Election '88: Viewer Call-In (L) [NICK] Dennis the Menace Soapbox Derby [PTL] Lester Sumrall [NASH] Videocountry O Three's Company d) (B © B NBC Nightly New: q O CD @ ABC News q O WKRP in Cincinnati Bac Risk (0 Cheers Ot Nightly Business Report (B Happy Days Ralph vs Potsie (55 O © CBS News 6:35 pm O Carol Burnett Win- Paul Sand 7:00 pm [CNN] Moneyline [MTV] Remote Control Quizmaster Ken Ober asks college kids crazy trivia questions. (0:30) [NICK] You Can't Do That on TV [PTL] PTL Club [USA] Airwolf (Adventure Drama) [NASH] You Can Be a Star O A-Team 8 SportsCenter (L) © 3D News O Entertainment Tonight O Remington Steele d) CBS News O Cheers Diane Perfect Date 03 Family Ties ID MacNeil/ Lehrer NewsHour (1:00) IB Family Ties Auntie Up IB Current Affair ©€>M'A*S'H (B) O 51 Jeopardy! q © Three's Company 7:05 pm 8 Andy Griffith Off to Hollywood 7:30 pm [CNN] Crossfire [CSPAN] Viewer Call-In (L) [MTV] Music Videos [NICK] Double Dare [NASH] Fandango 8 SpeedWeek 3) You Can't Take It With You O Win, Lose or Draw (D © ®O ® Wheel of Fortune (D Hollywood Squares O Barney Miller Movie, Part 2 OD © 8 Cheers (B Three's Company The Harder They Fall 2'J Newlywed Game 7:35 pm Q Sanford and Son The Hawaiian Connection, Part 3 8:00 pm [CNN] PrimeNews [CSPAN] Event of the Day [MTV] Top 20 Video Countdown A fast paced countdown of the week's top twenty top videos. (2:00) [NICK] Make Room for Daddy Grampa's Diet [PTL] Camp Meeting USA [USA] Otharworld [NASH] Nashville Now O Movie: ***'/i Darby O'Gill and the Little People (1959. Fantasy) Albert Sharps, Janet Munro. A pooka kicks a feisty old gamekeeper down a well into the royal hall of the leprechauns where he ouutwits the little king and gains three wishes. (1:33) B Lighter Side of Sports April Fool's Day Special © IB 58 8 The Highwayman Highwayman and Jetto are suspended on eve of the first atomic blast. Q (T) |JD Perfect Strangers A newspaper psychic convinces Balki that Larry s going to die. O Paper Chase (Drama) John Houseman. The exploits of law students are explored. (B QUO © Beauty and the Beast Catherine accepts Elliot Burch's proposal to save the Tunnel World. O Movie: *** The River (1984, Drama) Mel Gibson. Sissy Spacek, A courageous young couple battles flood waters and an unscrupulous local businessman who wants their land. (2:05) (0 Movie: +++* Adam's Rib (1949, Comedy (Colorized)) Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy. The marriage of a (emale lawyer and her Assistant D.A. husband is jeopardized during their courtroom battles. (1:41) 0) D.C. Week Rvw. q (B Movie: **** Atlantic City (1980, Drama) Burt Lancaster, Susan Sarandon. Two small time Atlantic City losers try to escape the harsh realities of life, while big time dreamers are just arriving in the city. (1:44) 8:05 pm 8 NBA BasketbaM Pistons at Celtics (L) 8:30 pm [NICK] Mr. Ed Ed Geis the Mumps O (3D 59 Full House While interviewing a boxer on T.V., Danny finds himself on the mat.(R) q (D Wall Street Week (0:30) 9:00 pm [CNN] Larry King Live! [NICK] My Three Sons Be My Guest [PTL] Pastor's Study [USA] Movie: '/i Vampire Men of the Lost Planet (1970, Science Fiction) John Carradine, Robert Dix A space flight to a strange unknown planet reveals a civilization of prehistoric vampire men. (1:29) Q Col. B'ball NCAA Div. I Women's Semifinals (L) © IB ©8 Night Court The court staff is under the gun when they attend a therapy session. O CD & Mr. Belvedere George decides to send Wesley to military school to shape up. (R)q O 700 Club OB 51 O@ Dallas J.R. sets his sights on the beautiful and innocent Laurel Ellis, q CD Chicago Week in Review Irregular 9:30 pm [NICK] Donna Heed The Gentle Dew [NASH] New Country Eddie Raven © ©8 Beverly Hills Buntz Buntz is bothered by curious case whiie trying to impress a reporter. O She's the Sheriff Perils of Pauline (7) @ Family Man Cold puts Andrea out of commission; Shelly assumes motherly duties, q tD p enn and Teller Go Public 10:00pm [CNN] Evening News [MTV] Friday Night Rock Blocks (1987, Music Series) Fast paced collage featuring single artist, three song video clusters. (2:45) [NICK] Laugh In [PTL] PTL Club [NASH] Crook and Chase O IB News QD (B (S) B Miami Vice O Q9 © 20/20 (News) q 0 Straight Talk d) 31 0 © Falcon Crest q ID Bob Newhart (D Great Performances Nigel Haw! home, Janet Siizman. A widower allows his miserliness to rule his whole existence. q 10:20 pm 8 Three Stooges 10:30 pm [NICK] Car 54 Where Are You? The Best Who Walked the Bronx [NASH] Videocountry O USA Tonight O Oceans: The Last Frontier O News 03 Taxi (B NBA Basketball Bulls at Trail Blazers (L) 10:50 pm 8 Night Tracks: Power Play Dancin' 11:00 pm [CNN] Moneyline [NICK] Monkees The Monkees [PTL] Changed Lives [USA] Night Flight [NASH] You Can Be a Star O Hit Squad B College Basketball NCAA Div. I Women's Semifinals (L) 8 Remington Steete IE) Hogan's Heroes 11:30 pm [CNN] Sports Tonight [NICK] Susie Scream in the Night [PTL] Today in Bible Prophecy [NASH] Nashville Now O Movie: **Vt Zardoz (1 974, Science Fiction Fantasy) Sean Connery, Charlotte Rampliny. A fantasy about two future cultures, one a technological commune in which death has been conquered and the other a brutal, dying world. (1:45) Q) IB dS 8 Tonight Show O Newlywed Game CD Q9 Nightline q (D Magnum, P.I. O Magnum, P.I. Black Orchid CD Late Show Host: Jeff Joseph i3! O Entertainment Tonight © WWF Wrestling 11:SOpm O Night Tracks 12:00 am [CNN] NewsNight [NICK] Make Room for Daddy [PTL] Victory Today Q Dating Game CD Movie: **'/« Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1969, Horror) Christopher Lee, Rupert Davies, Dracula rises from his ice coffin and preys on a young girl until her atheist boyfriend and her monsignor uncle unite to save her. (1:32) Q Burns and Allen Q) Movie: *** Meet Me Tonight (1953, Comedy Drama) Valerie Hobson, Stanley Hol/oway. Three Noel Coward playlets comprise this satirical study of English life. (1:20) ®O Dallas ® Star Trek: The Next Generation The Battle 12:30 am [NICK] Mr. Ed Ed Gets the Mumps [PTL] Jimmy Swaggart (B (B I® 8 Late Night with David Letterman Guest: Singer Tom Jones O Nightline q O Jack Benny (D Barnaby Jones O Movie: Give Us Barabbas (1960, Historical Drama) James Daly, Kim Hunter. In the hours and days that follow Jesus 1 crucifixion, Barabbas tries to discover why he was freed, eventually encountering the followers of Christ. (1:14) IE) Movie: *** Terror in the Aisles (1984, Horror) Donald Pleasence, Nancy Allen. Relive the most terrifying moments from the best horror movies, including Friday the 13th, Halloween, FRIDAY KELLY BISHOP and Tony Roberts star in the satirical comedy series The Thorns, as an upscale Manhattan couple forever concerned about appearances. The series airs Fridays on ABC. «> l9K7Thc TV Listing Group. Inc The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho and more. (1:23) S3) Movie: Mean Dog Blues (1978, Drama) George Kennedy, Gregg Henry. When his car breaks down, a young musician is given a ride by a drunk politician and his wife. Later, the musician is falsely accused of'hit and run. (1:48) 12:50 am 8 Night Tracks 1:00 am [CNN] Inside Politics '86 [CSPAN] Public Affairs House Debate, Congressional Hearing, or Public Policy Conference (T) [MTV] Music Videos [NICK] Donna Reed The Gentle Dew [PTL] Success-N-Life [NASH] New Country Eddie Raven O Friday the 13th O Best of Groucho IB Late Show Hosi: Jeff Joseph '15 O 51 Sign Off 1:30 am [CNN] NewsNight Update [NICK] Laugh in [NASH] Movie: ** Mexicali Rose (1939. Western) Gene Autry Phoney oil company hires Gene for dirty work, but Gene catches on. (1:00) O Movie: ** Time Travelers (1976, Science Fiction) Sam Groom, Tom Hallick. Two men travel back in time to the eve of the great Chicago fire of 1871 in search tor a cure for a deadly epidemic. (1:14) O SpeedWeek (R) © (B (SB Friday Night Videos (Music) Series featuring ths best in musical videos by top artists. O Laurel and Hardy QD Dynasty Q) Movie: The Sandwich Man (1966, Musical Comedy) Stanley Holloway, Norman Wisdom. (1:35) 1:50 am 8 Night Tracks 2:00 am [NICK] Car 54 Where Are You? The Best Who Walked the Bronx [PTL] PTL Club 8 SportsLook O Wil Shriner QDNews O 700 Club OD Sign Off O Alice (B WWF Superstars of Wrestling 2:30 am [CNN] Sports LsteNight [NICK] Monkees The Monkees O SportsCenter (L) (B News (R) 2) Movie: ***Vi The Body Snatcher (1945, Mystery) Henry Daniell, Boris Kartell. Respectable doctors rob graves in order to continue their dissection experiments. (1:17) 8 Keys to Success ID Movie: **'/i Black Friday (1940, Mystery Horror) Boris KarloH, Beta Lt/gosi A doctor transplants part of the brain of a killer to save a friend, but the friend then becomes a killer, too. (1:10) IB © 8 News ® Sign Off 2:50 am 8 Night Tracks 3:00 am [CNN] News Overnight [CSPAN] Public Affairs House Debate, Congressional Hearing, or Public Policy Conference (T) [MTV] Dial MTV An exciting countdown of the day's ten most requested videos. (1:00) [NICK] I Spy Get Thee to a Nunnery [PTL] Household Salvation **- [USA] Night Flight (R) [NASH] O (D OD ® 8 Sign Off O Movie: ** The Nickel Ride (1975, Drama) Jason Miller. Linda Waynes. Fear and paranoia take hold of an urban crime boss whose power is waning, (1:39) 8 PGA Golf Greater Greensboro Open; Second Round, from Greensboro, NC (R) CsJ Sally Jessy Raphael O Medical Center O USA Tonight IB Alfred Hitchcock Presents Cheap Is Cheap 3:30 am [PTL] This Is the Life © Wil Shriner Q Rhoda ® Movie: **'/i Black Friday (1940. Mystery Horror) Bens Karloff. Bel?, t.ugnsi A doctor transplants part of the brain of a kilter to save a friend, but ine friend then becomes a killer. too. (1:10) 3:50 am 8 Night Tracks 4:00 am [CNN] Larry King Overnight [MTV] Remote Control Quizmaster Ken Ober asks college kids crazy trivia questions. (0:30) [NICK] Movie: ** The Fabulous Dorseys (1947. Musical Biography) MARCY WALKER, as Eden Capwell, has an elaborate wedding on Santa Barbara, Thursday and Friday on NBC.

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