Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 24, 1976 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, April 24, 1976
Page 7
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Barnstorming Campaign Trip Cheers Ford Nertdwwt, Arkonw. TIMES, Sal., April, 24, 1976 · 7 Rubber Workers Plan Boycott WASHINGTON (AP) -- . A f t e r a two-day barnstorming campaign trip through I n d i a n a and Georgia, E'residcnl Ford appears more optimistic about his chances for ; primary election victories in those states and for a surprise showing in Texas as well. The.; President 'arrived in Atlanta on Friday, saying he was the underdog in the May 4 Georgia primary race against "hnJIengcr Ronald Reagan. He left a f t e r morn than five hours of campaigning, saying ."I think we have a darn (iood chance of winning.' Ford,; who started the day, in Indiana, estimated his chances in thai state as good . and .said 'we arc doing ibctter in Texas' and m a y , pull a surprise in (be May 1 primary there. The President was buoyed by a crowd estimated by local offi- CLEVELAND (AP -- With' no immediate settlement in sight, leaders of the striking United Rubber Workers - are gearing 1 lip plans'. for a n ' i n t c r - nationai . boycott : against Ihe Firestone Tire ' Rubber Co. Negotiations were recessed for the weekend ' a f t e r 'some progress was made Friday on i sue in turec ycir master contract for the 60.000 workers who struck the. four b 3 £ g e s I, L .U.S, tiremakers| Wednesday. But Federal mediator Gaylc Weinriter, /'who. reported the progress said that ' a lot of is sues, complcx'issues, remain to be dcall w i t h * URW and AFL-CIO officials will! bfi busy Uhis weekend -,in s til'ti;i' \J.a'. ^cities and Toronto setting up a boycott of Firestone products which will begin with informational picketing May 8 URW President Peter fiom- marito will be in Geneva, Switzerland; M o n d a y - t o meet with leaders of the International Federation of Chemical and General Workers. : The int/ir- rmtional group, which claims six , million members, has plcdgod to support the strike, More international support has come from the president of the Japanese Rubber who pledged an strike"" on Monday, has a plant in'Osaka. Workers, 'unlimited Firestone URW education director Robert Slraubcr said the boycott would be applied to Firestone's brand and also to the rxearly 40 private brands made by Firestone and its subsidiaries -- suclr brands as Seiberlina, Dayton, A t l a s , J.C. Pcnnuy and Montgomery Ward. Price Increases Seen cials - nl 75,000 Evansvilte, Ind., persons where Choir To Give Concert Here The Ozark Bible College and Institute Choir is scheduled to perform at the Faycttc- vllle Bible Church, 1030 S. College Avenue nf 7 pjm. Sun day. The public is 'invited tn attend; The t h e m e i n ! the one- hour testimony and song ser- vice wlU: he "Jesus Is Coming." The 21-voice choir is directed by Mrs. Constance Hrciwnhack and the choir will be accompanied b\ Br\ce Donlc-i, instructor in t h e music department al the col Icg'c. \ Gulf Search Continued For Victims Of Crash CAMERON, La (AP) -- Four'scuba divers beaded out into t h c ; G u i r of Mexico before dawn today to search for the wreckage of a helicopter and the bodies of eight missing J11DIJ. Four otter bodies were found Friday floating atnid debris from the helicopter. Coast Guard planes and ships scoured the area all day, but suspended (be search at dusk. A ircraff, were to resume the search at first light today, The crash occurred as a Petroleum Helicopters Inc. chopper ferried rig workers to a Gulf , O i l . Co. rig in the. Gulf south of Cameron La The accident occurred about 180 miles northeast of the ar,ea ^hrri? 13 off short, oil woikeis drowned last week as I m j fled a sinking oil rig in a survival capsule I've worked .with those ,boys tor years" said L K lightly a spokesman for Dolphin Inter national of Lafayette, which emptoj ed the 1L oil "is ers. "They 'were like personal friends lo me, not employes.'" LighUcy said be believes there had hot been another occupational fatality in ';ho company's four-year history. Pol- phln employes 28 drillers -and assislants. The other n/irson' aboard ,lhd plane was identified as the pi Jot, Walter Barker of L Nederland. Tex. 'We f eel Ihere -wei# no survivors. 11 said Jim Michel,:person nel'director for PHI; which sent, the team of divers''today from Morgan City, La., to search for the.,\\rcckign of Ihc Bell 205 and the remaining bodies in 70 to 80 feet of water. A .spokesman f o r . Petroleum Helicopters said there .were no indications why th,e craft went down A dispatcher monitoring the radio said "tie heard a switch click open on a microphone and them hea'rd a "loud noise * The craftwent down a b o u t five miles frojn the rig. A Coast Guaul spokesman spcculited it might ha\e b,°en m a Hnding pattern when it crashed, The iiLliropter' shattered in the crisb and rescue teams \\tio reached the seen/ 1 in mm utes, said the found parts of the fuselage ind rudder A Dolphin spokesmen idcnli ficd tbt four bodies found as those of V^rnon H. Pon!e v 43, of ma'de a slow motorcade parade lime. School children were given a holiday for.the occasion. It was one of the largest crowd of the campaign for Ford; Ford) said he wa s m aking progress in his campaign as he told audiences, it was his administration that was getting the nation out of its'worsl re cession in '40 years. In appearances at public forums and gatherings of cam- p-iign workers Ford answered scores'of questions on t o p i c s North Vietnam . lo t what be thought of coed g m ct ISSPS He/continued to react vigor-, ously lo what he termed -'irresponsible" statements on foreign policy b\ Reapan ind said vehemently at one point that the -United ,States is -unsur-, pa sed in the \\orld and I m sick and , tired of those people 'ho are downgrading this coun- Ford ; "returned .to the White House late Friday night. He planned slaff uork today For Sunday,-he scheduled a round of golf, followed by a St. .John's Church prayer ,service where be was to read a Bible lesson, Smith Buried Al Base Of Monument NEW YORK ( A P ) ! -- While| ,he government w a's' 'reportingI the 'good news last' week that consumer prices rose-at an annual rate of only ,2.4.per cent last, month, business and labor appeared busy planting wage and price:bombs set to explode later this year. The Labor Department , said consumer'in March rose at their , second lowest ' rate s i n c e - J u l y 1973, For, the first quarter/prices were up only 2.9 per cent, on an annual basis, the best shoumg in nearli four years. Government"- economists - s a i d March prices were held down by declines in food and fuel prices but warned that trend AFB Interviews LITTLE ROCK CAP) Ts\enty candidates for state of fice and .Congress were inter \ i c u e d P i i d a j by the Arkansas Farm Bureau, arid most'of thi candidates said they supports :he bureau's legislative goals. All candidates. Eor governor secretary slate, - attorney general arid t h a / 2 n d Congres sio'nal seat^were interviewed -except, one gubernatorial cin didate John Tuffs ' Chimbcr of Higden. an't be "expected to last, par- cularlj as summer tra\ el rings on'Scasonal'mcrfiases in n fact, abonl'haU/a dozen^ma or oil ifirms T raised 1 their gaso- Political King And Top Actor Share Spotlight CHICAGO. (AP) L ~, John W a j n o and TMajor Rich ard J Dalcj -- both knovin for shooting from the ;hip -- had nolhing but kind .words for each itlier when trie aclor rode-into town lo.accept an.award. His Honor declaring Fnda\ John ftajne Day in Chicago ' praised the actor in,a.City Hal! :cromony for "the fine enter' tainment he has provided in the years of depicting 3ifc in our country, ' Wayne noted in turn that, city, reflects the alliliidc at its people,' and Us people retlecf the-attitude of^ its leadership. And for the last 2? years you've had a man who's no afraid "to speak'his mind," h told Chicagoans. The actor wa: in town to accept an aware from the Notre Dame Club ' Chicago as entertainer of l year. gas prices. In the past weekvand a half, ine prices from; half a penny to wo cents a gallon- Before the ncreascs, the nationwide average price for regular gas was about 58 cents a gallon. Elsewhere on the price front, Heynolds 'Metals Co. and Humimim Co. of 'America Boosted their:" aluminum pri mary ingot prices by Itirpe :ents a pound to 44 cents. With the effective .dates o flhose increases, in Tay arid ; June;. the resulting-intlation will not show up until well into the summer, Th,o aluminum price increase, amounting, to .6.4.per cent was coupled with , news thaL Rcy nolds '.Metals had an earnings per'share increase "of about 1, 200 per cent in the first quar ler. -Two steel producers,'Jones Langhlin and : Ypungslo\vn Sheet and Tube, joined an earlier ac lion by U.S. Steel in announcing price hikes ranging from $3G to $afi a ton- on tubular products an average risei of about per cent. Tli/irc. were signs last-.wee! labor costs also were on, tli rise. The Labor Departmen said labor contracts in the firs quarter increased an. avcrag of S.8 per cent, down from 10 per cent a y,0ijrearlier. Bui th figures clidn t include some year's .biggest settlements otably the one just, negotiated Her a teamster strike. Another big union, the United lubber Workers, began a walk ut last week against Good ear, Firestone, Goodrich a n c Jniroyat which could lead to a Mgh-priccd labor contract. Adding to mounting inflation cars for the rernaind»r of 1976 he nation's basic money suppl ncreascd 1 a big $3.4 billion 1 * in he,past' statement-week, t h "'ederal.Reserv.a reported. In the past four weeks, th money supply has grown at rate of more than 9 per ce-nl The increase let! analysts t ook for possible results lighcr interest rates, a clamp down on credit by the Federa Reserve, and a new surge of in ation. Pedestrian Killed BARLING, Ark. (AP) -- Rob ert \V- Chappell, 7,, of Barlin ivas killed, Friday afternoo when he tried to cross a strcc and was struck by a car; th State Police said. The driver of the vehicle wa identified as Virginia Jeffcoa 37, of Lavaca. The death was the ,159th' Arkansas' highways this yea compared with 160 on the sam date in 1975. The URW leadership is era* titrating: on Firestone in tr\a l i e f - i t is most likely to pro- uce a p a c t . I t i a l· follow- by the other major tirema- ers -- Goodyear Tire ft ttub- T Co., B. [*·'. Goodrich Co..and niroyal Inc. Bcfor.n leaving the ncgolia- i o n s Friday, Bommarito greed thai some progress was ade But he added that if irostane didn't come closer to eating the demands tlie'URW as sought, ili" URVv ftiitfit, lisa its (iemamis. Firestone's last offer was lor SI. 15-an-ho'ur wage increase vcr three years. The URW has cmanded a Sl.G5-an-hour- i m- rcase during IKo first year and nough in the rest of the con- ract for its $5.50 hourly-aver- ge to catch up and keep up ,'ith United Auto V/orkers. pay. 'he URW estimated its total iackage would add 42 per cmt O'the current package average f $9.03 an hour. The strike bas · closed 4? ilants that produce about''65 ir cent of the nation's '-tires, spokesmen for. thp major ; automakers say ;they have up to a "5-day supply p[ tires in slock. In 19G7 a URW nationwide .trike against (bree of the. Dig ·"our. tiremakers lasted "a" b o it t .h'ree months; Reward Grows ' V I I O N I A Ark (AP) -- Hi9 reward fund in the murder cqse of 12-year-old Dana Mkze.of VI- Ionia has grown to $6,500. The body of the g u l was found in ,a pond near- Gomvay last Friday Authorities said she had j been raped, beaten'and strangled before being ' d u m p e d into the., water where she drowned r A .Vilonia contractor, r -Fred Weaver.,is chairman of..the reward fund. He said most-of t!m money,-has come, from Vilonia residents and others in Faulkner. County THESE CHURCHES INVITE YOU TO ATTEND SERVICES THIS WEEK E U R E K A . SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) . -- · Gerald L: K: Smith, the millionaire backer o[ right wing causes, was buried Friday al Ihe base of his" giant Clirisl of the O/arks monument. Smith. 78, died- April 15 al Glendale Calif Smith's critics had often la beled him as being anti-Semi tic. The Rev: Buddy Tucker of Kno\\ille Tenn gave the cu!o gv and said Smith had written him recentlj to -dj tint the --ADVENT1ST-- Seventh-Day Advenitst 1797 Crossover Rd. LEONARD LOVELU Pastor Phone 7S6JI115 Services on . SAturdny: 9:30 a.m.. Sabbath School 11:00 R.Tn. Worship Service B:00 p.m. Tutsdai Prayer . meeting --ASSEMBLY OF GOD-Central Assembly oi,G6d 613 SiTOih CollcKS GERALD GUIFFIN, Pastor 9:45 Sunday School IL 00 am. Momng ftor hip 7:1X1 p.m. · Evangelistic S«rvk«* 7:00 p.m. Wednesday Vnytr 7 00 p m. Wedncsd \ with Senic* Calvary Assembly of God 20iO Kortb Gartarrl RF.V. G. C. K1RKSEV Pastor Sunday Services 3:45 a.m. 'Sunday .-School 11:00 a-m. Worship UniversHyiBaptlst'Ctmrch (Southfrn 1 Baptist) H. D. MrCnrty. Pastor 8:15 Morning Celebration 8:309:30 "On- Color Tclcvl ON HADIO JCKWA^ '103.9 9:30 fi.m.. Sunday, School " " Morning W " Bady Life 7:00 p.n 5:45 P.IT Wednesday 5:15 p.m.FellowsHp. Meal 6 00 jni Fam ! Aclivili 7 00 o m. School of Pra * ship Cel«bralion Scn'Jec Forura -- NAZARENE-- GoshcniChurch oT Nazarenc DON'AIJ) RAY REED, Pasior 11:CO a.m. .Worship -:K plm.'Evrrlns Worship 6:00 p.m/'N.Y.PJi. --CHRISTIAN-Baldwin Christian Church UA Places 6th In SWC Tennis DALLAS-- The University of Arkansas icnnis learn lost nil three semifinal matches in Ihe Southwest Conference Tennis Championships litre Fudaj and finished Ihc .season in sixth place in the conference. In singles pi ij Arkansas Brian S ikej was defealed bi SMU's David Bahrcnslede 6-4, 6-4' and Peter Hawking lost to Jon Gurian of TCU 6-3. ; 6:4, Arkansas only, doubles team to reach the semifinals Ted Bailey and Buddy Bowman lo I lo Houston's Colon .Nunez, and Ricardo Ycaza 6-4, 7-5. .The order of finish in the Southwest Conference [or Ihe tennis teams pl^ctd Houston first, Texas second, SMU third Rice fourth, TCU fiflh, and Jena, La Abbeville, "Conrad Kroll 48 of La.: .'Bobby Coleimn 'G of Jonesulle L a , and Gary Ftorenci nonviUe, Tex, 21 ,of Gor- Four of Ihose missing were from Texas two from Loui snm and l\\o from Missis The rig o\\ned bi Gulf Oil Jo is located on geological maps as block 266 West Cam eion Area Jews wore' instrument to destroy our civilization All issues sink into in significance compared to Ihe battle between · Christ and Hie anti-Christ'. Jew. same forces which Children's Church FajellevUle Freewill Baptist Church Hwy. IS Weit | REV: LOVD THOMAS, Pastor B:45 a.m.': Sunday School 11:00 a.m. j Worship* Scn-ici 6:30 p.m.! C. T. S 7:33 · Wednesday Mtdwwk .Service Luxury Coliseum LOS ANGLU S (AP) - Hes onalions will be --'·"pi-d starting May 5 for 138 luxury suites on the rim of the Los An geles Coliseum officials sav The Coliseum commission decided Wcdneschy on a finahc ing plan lo refurbish the If ^ ear old structure The cost of one of Ihe suites will be a S125, 000 bond and a five-year lease Arkansas was next, sixth. Texas AM followed by Baylor and Texas Tech. Schaefer Dies' VIENNA CAP) -- Karl Schae fer. fi6, the world's best figure , a year. Rental ol the suites is to pro ude f u n d s to finance o\er all impro\emenls lo the Coliseum at no cost to taxpayers, according to Commission President Pete~ Schabarum, a county supervisor. Sun Ends Game CANTON, N Y CAP) -- Col these nailed: our savior t o ' U i e cross are now at; tempting! to 'crucify him anew by = evaporating bur civilization which grew oul of h i s - n a m e in his blood ' the Re\ Mr Tuck er added Charles Robertson, director of Smilh s projecls in Eureka Springs said a f t e r Ihe funcnl that Smith's '"sacred project' work -- - i n c l u d i n g , the, giant Ciirisl of tile Ozarks monument -- would be continued bi Smith's widow. Elna During the funeral Mrs Smith was' accompanied by an adopted. son, Robertson, and former Gov. Orval Faubus and his'wife. Smith firsl gained national attention in 1935 when-he gave the funeral oration : for Gov Huey Long ol Louisiana, who had been assasinated. ·In 1940. S m i t h ' r a n . tor President on the America First par- l y / H e devoted his" l a t e r ^ y e a r s lo - the Christian Nationalist Crusade. 11:00 a.m.'- Chi Evening : Sen/ 6;00 p.m. , Choir 7 00 p tn. F^ sn^eHsttc MidlScpfc Service 7:00 p.m. Wednesday Ktght 7:00 p.m. Youth Service . TiOO p.m. Bibla Study First Assembly'of God BEV. H, H. DAVE,i Pallor 1535 ft 6 h Stnct 9:4a a.m. Snniy School .11:00 a.m. MOfntiW Worship 6 00 p m C. A. Sen ce 7 M p m Simd j Evening Scr\1ee TiOO pm WdfliiesdJiy Mid-Week 9en"ice ROB ·1IUGHEY,' Minister 10:00 a.m. Ctiuich School UsM a.m. Worship Service* Central Christian : Church 413 W*st Bock- Slr^t HEHNLV.X PADEN, -Minister Phone-Mi iio 10:00 a.m. Bible School 11:00 A.m.' Worship -Service 6:00 p.m. Evening Services Bihle SfMy and Grace Baptist Church In Fellowship wilh t h a GAHIMJ l^, f . R11SSE11 DAUBERT, Pastor Old Wire horib 9s30 a.m. Sunday. School 6:00 p.m. Youth Meeting; 7:00 p.m. Eveains Setvtc* Wednesday: ~ p.m. Prayer Meeting 4- First Free Will BaplTst Chnrch _ . _ _ f Hiwaj"? 45F ^A. ^ J\MES L SPEARS Paslor 10:00 a.m .Sunday--' School 11:00 a.m. Momlns Worship 6:00 p.m. C.T.S. 7:00 p.m." Evening Worship 7 30 . Vied Pra er and BiWa Study Change Postponed A R K A D K L P H I A , Ark. ' (AP) -- The Arkansas Board of Higher Education' postponed a dcci- katcr in the 1330s. ciicd at the igo of 66, his family announced Friday, The cause of his death was not known. An eight-fold European champion and seven times world :hampiori, Schaefer. twice Avon Olympic gold medals-- iri 1932 at Lake Placid, N.Y., and in 1936 at Garmisch-Partenkir- chen. West Germany Once Austria's most celebrated sportsman^ Schaelcr had lived In seclusion for many year" gate and St. Lawrence ended a college baseball game tied 1 1 Fndaj aflcmoon after 10 m nings because of hright'aun. A SI.' I^awrence .spokesman said the sun had been" behind clouds for most 'of the : gumc, hut came oul:brigMly' at about 5 D He said Ihe sun was shining directlj at the batters and ap beared l o ' h c slrghfly over the pitcher'-s shoulder. Since the batters could not see, :the game was called, he said. sion Friday on a proposal !o . change Ihe name of Southern F State College to the Unuersit} , ot South Arkansas. The'bourd 'voted to consider ^ the-proposal s at its July meet- , ing . The board's newest member, I James Blair of Springdale, said he didn't approve of the ne« name's initials, USA. He sai( he Ihmight it was "more t h a n a coincidence" that the sume'ini tials are used for the Unitet States of America. GOSPEL MEETING Sunday, April 25 thru Friday, April 30 Sunday -6:30 p.m. Daily -7:30 p.m. PREACHER: ROBERT TURNER Old Wire Road Church of Christ 24«0 Old Wire Road . Fayetteville Trinity Temple (Asemlille of (fed) 1100'Rolling Hills Dri\e J WILHTTE, Pastor Gary Kerr, Associate la Erhlteh Mnsic md 9:30 a.m. Bible Slndy Rourl 11 00 a m. Morning W orshlp G W p m Evening worship 7:00 p.m. Family NIsM *: C --BAPTIST-Buckner Baptist Church 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 11 00 a m. Morn ng tt or«hip G 00 pm Yonlh Meclinp 7 00 p m Evening Service* 7:00 p.m., Wed.. Prayer MeettM First Baptist Church 'JOHN ' EVANS, Pasier Greenland,' Artansa; fli45 a.m. Sunday [ School 11:00 a.m. Mnniing" Worship 6:00 p m-Tralnln? Union 7:00 n.m, Evening Worship, Wednesday 7 M Mid week Choir Service Central Baptist Church 1301 North Comer Gregg * Holly Member ABA REV. J. K, AIvMQND, Pastor Sunday 9;30 a.m. Sanday school 10:30 a.m. Homing Worship G;M p.m.Bapllrt Tralninz Coarn 1:^0 f.m. Evening Worihii 6 45 p m^Mlsstonary BapUrt StwSeol GrePtiTanil Memorial Charch FREE wn,ti "BAPTIST CHURCH *·· DWJD WATSON Pa tor tO 00 a m Sunfl y Mnmlng S«rv1e« ' 11 DO a m ^or HJI Sen c« 6:30,BiWc'S1adj- , 7:00 p.m. Evening Sennets 7:30 p.m. Wednesday Evenlnff Worrtilp Caliary Baptist Church PASTOR- 'JEHRY RtmNAMAN , . Cortier.iMaple'.aiid'Wesl Street" ,9:45 n.m, -. Snnrlay^ School ' 10 50 a m Morning V.or hip fi:30 p.iri: Baptist Training Scrric« 7:30 p.m. Eventns Worship Ser\-ice 7:30 p.m. - Family ' Night Service znt Bible' Stndy Wednrsday Immanael Baptist Chnrch (Southern Bapflsi) C«rnrr IunraTi - snf!' 1 Stniia' TERREL CORDON. Puf.of 9:45.a.m. .Sunday School 13:00 a.m."MorninR Worship 6:13 p.m. Training "Unlfin 7 30 p m, Fvetuns Serv ce 7 3 0 p m - Wednesday V i l v w k Sfn-w Kolling Hills Baptlsi Chnrch , 1«» RolliiWHillff Drive So Iheni Baplisl) WILLIAM BROCK WATSON*/Paslor randaj: 3:45 a.m. Euntlay School 11:00 a.m. Mbrnlng WnrsW? 6:00 p.m. Church Trainrnff 7:00 p.m. Evening, Worship, Wednesday 7:CO p.m. Royal AmbasBrdora 7:00 p-m. Mld-Wwk Service 8:00 p.m." Choir ".Rehearsal Fellowship t Worship First Baptist Chtirch :Soulhem Baptist) College and IKckwn DR. LARRY BAKER, Pasiot Phone «2»87 9-30 a.m. Sunday Scno« 10:50 a.m. Morning Worship Broadcast over KTIOG 6:00 Training Union 7 00 P m F\ en ng \Vor hfp Broadcast o\tr KNWAFM 7:00 p.m. Wedn.erfay Piayw Mefttnj + Second Baptist Chnrcb (Sonthera Baptirt) ' KG S, Locusi Str*«* '' '· · · '' REV. . JOHN SMEDI.EY, Pastor Sunday: · ' · ' . * . " ' . . ' ' ' 11:00 a.m. ( Morning Worship D^S a.m. Sunday School " 6:00 p.m. Training Union 1:00 p.m. Evecinx Worship Wednesday:' · " · ' '"' ' i " ' * 7;00 p.m. Prayer: Meeting ud BR]i Study ( " ' · ; ' . " '; ' : ! . s . ' ' ··· 'i +·· v . ·; "' 1 ·. Wood ATftiae Baptist Cfearch 225 ^'ood Avenue " ', · · . ! ; i ·. · (BJTA d America) ,TRniL JOHNSON, Paslor Q ; 4 S a.m. Sunday. School · -, 11:00 am. : Worship Ser\-ie« 6:30 p.m. EvenJnjT . Service 7:00 p,m, Wednesday NtgM Scrdci ; Rldgeriew Baptist Church Hvy. l« R. (AcroM from E» DOYLE WFASON, Pastor For Traiuportatiofi, rboo« +U-JOH andayi - \ - - · · ·' -· B:4S; Sunday Scfcod ' - · Stmthsfde Bapfisl Church Comer iah-Tiinn Street REV. J. B. KYGFR, Pa«fO( 9:43 a.m." Sunday Schoftl 10:45 a.m. Worship Scrvica 6:30 p.m. -Training Union 7 V) pm F^cn F? Wor hip I 7:» W*dne*da'y Prayer Mwftnf 4- iVinwood Baplisl Chtirch End ol Winwood Dr GRADV WHITE!,EY, Pastor Sunday ' 9 45 a m. Snriday Sfhool 10:^5 a.m. Homing Worship Senic* 6;W p.m. BTS l;DOp.TH. Evening'Worship Service Wednesday 1:00 p.m. BiMe Study --CATHOLIC-Sf. Joseph^s Calholic Chtirch East LafayeMe atvd Walnnt Sis. · RFA'. RUDOLPH MAUS ( First Christian · Chnrch (Disciples of Christ) "J N Coileg* 'A\e- lone, 442-4671 STEPHEN CRANFORD, ! . tflnli Sunday: 9;30Sur:dai- Schsl 10:43 laming Worship Wednesday: 6:30 Shalom -Sinsers 7:30 Chanelc.Ctiqir Oak Manbr Chrisfian Chnrch NE Cor. Old Wire Road A Old Missouri Rd. FOIlKRT CRA17EAM, Minister fouth Minis l«r '-- Mark McKInn«y ·Home: 521-71M 0/tice: U3-5JIS Sunday 9:30 a.m.. Sunrta? Echr^l 10:30 a.m. Morons Worship 6:00 p.m. Sr.; Riph -and .College 7:00 p.m. 'Evening' Service 7 0 0 p m . Wcdne^Adj B ble. Clasa -H OF CHR1ST- Church of Christ tafnyelie 4:. Forest Street 10:30 a.m. Sunday Worship "+' Church L ol Christ South Fill SUeet 10:30 a.m. Morning Worship · Scr\lM 6:30 p.m. Evennlff- Sen-ic* Wednevlay 7 p.m. ,Worship Service North Street Church of Christ, North and Levoreit SlreoLs A. \V. CinSM," Minister Phone, 4«-S171 or 521-1933 Sunday: 5:30 a.m. Bible Sludy 10:30 a.m., Worship 6:00 p.m. Evening Worship Wwinesday: 7:30 P.m. Bible Study * Church of Chrlsl Johnson. Art. HON7J1E MORRISON. Minister Sunday- 9:30 a.m. Morning Bible Cta 9 ; 10:20 a.m. Worship 6 3 0 p m E\eoin£ Woe h p Ser-!c* tttdne^day 7:00 p.m. Bible Class rnd Devotion Tor Transportalion Phone «2-Bb-t3 + Chnrch of Christ Old Wire TloatJ North : Jtist North of Township Road! JADY COPELAND, Preacher Phone 521-3507 Phone 412-7456 10 00 a m B hie Claw JO 50 a nx Wor hip 6:30 p.m. Evening SVOMhip 7:30 p.m. Wednesday Evcnln? ffdnhl 10:30 a.m. Worship + Baldwin Church of Christ Highway .16 East - . ROBKRT G DOCKERY, Miniller 10:00 a.m. Bib!e Studf 6:00 p.m. Ill Me Sl5d;/ 6:40 p.m. Worship 7:30 p.m. Wed. BiWe Study --BP1SCOPAI-- Paul's EpiscopalChnrcli North East St ie" llev*. SJdirsr!! 1,/SAlmon. Jr.i Rerfo PHfL. IB. ' 1976--EASTER 8:00 A.M. Holy . Communion 1:00 A.ST. Holy CnfnmunSon 11:00 A.M. HoSy Csmmun on 4 00 P M Inqti rers Class VENLNXJ PRAYIHl-IS READ WONTXV imoUGH MTJRDAY AT 5;« excel TDXESDAY 1OMJAY 12:00 Neon Lunch and Sermon 6:00 P.M. Holy'Oommumbh'With EF. S»n1ce UESDAY 6:00 P.M. HoJy Comnnintai 10 00 A M II 12 DO No«i I Siudy 3:30 P.M. lYmftrmaUiMi ^:00 P.M. E\-enson« THURSDAY 7:00 X.M. Men' Breaktast an Oommunion 7:00 P.M. Holy Communion B: Sf. Martin's Student Center 811 \\esi M p e St THE REV. FHEDFOWCK L. JONES. Church Of -The Nararene 2537! Old Missouri Rrvaa Sil-seift REV. .WILLIS KENNEDY, 9:^5 " Sunday " School 10:50 a,ni. Morning Worship 5 00 p m \ V P S 6 » p m. F\ enine Senlcs 7:00 p.m. 1 Wednesday Prayer --UNITARIAN-Unit ari an-UniTersalist Fellowship ne» eland at SloTec Njrsery Sunday School Youlh Groap Adol t Pio?r»ia UiOd a.m. + --NON- DENOM1NATIONAU- Evangelistic Chftpel Full Gospel a East South Street J. W. DEPEW, Pastor 10:00 a\.m. Sunday School 11:00 Momine WdrsWp 7 M p m FXenmg Semce 7-M p.m.Wednesday BiWa Shyly :30 P.M. Sundaj- Set^nce. Supper am MORNIMI, PHAYHR I5-R1L1D at 7H; A.M. Moaitaj', Wednesday t Friday :(S A.M. Tuesday t Thursday TUESDAY: ·21-3D P.M. Sermon "Discuwnon WEDNESDAY 12:30 P.M. Holy :^mniunon --lUTHERAN-- Salni John's Lutheran Church I.TITHhRAN STUDENT CENT EH (Adjoining the U- of A. Caniposl ;B \V..nirkson at Arfcan*^ RICHARD W. CLA^TJAKF,R, Pastor Sondij 1 6 00 a m Ea ler Scnnse SCFMC* at 71 Dmeln 7:00 a.m. KABter -BrcawiEt. 8:M a.m. Worship ".with Uic EkswoBr of ific Paschal Candle, BartoTM' * The Holy GommumpTi. 3:30 a.iri.'Christian Educati«i 10H5 a.m. Festivai Sotrfcc. Nursery 5 0 0 p m Unveisilj Wcr*ip Coa[ Supper 7:30 p'm. Boanl o( Education. ! Scheol Staff. 6:M p.m^ Sundfi; 7:30 p.m Choir Wednesday: 7:CO p.n 7:20 p.n Thursilay: 7:30 p.n Frrf 1 7^00 p.m. Slest-ardship OommUlct Kennedy Evangelism. Bethel Cla i Church Council. Prior . ... . . Weekday Ma; Sunday MJSJ( Hoiy Dsy Ma« '.m. Anttdpalery MJ . . (:00?.m. Training Unton ' 7;00 p.m. WwiWp ^Sertic* , . s! B:00:a,m. : 9:00 a.m., 1l:«l a.n i 7iM a.m. and 6:00 «!*?.**« p.m. St. Thomns Aquinas Charch Rev. ROBERT T, D1ENERT, PaslOT Dc-nglar A Tv-relt Sis. Ralnrday Maw: «:» P.M. M»« * : Anlicipallon Sundjy Maw; 9 fc 11 A.M. * t P.M. Spring and FaTl Stmett only WceVdAy Massos: 4:» P.M. Holiday MatH-s: 7:30 P.M. - - · · Mass: *!:» P,M. Day . i i ' ' + ! - · ' ' ' ' ! TrinHy MYlhodist Church!] Garland and ' Sycamor* ' I-IRRY DODCEN, Pastor Sur-day; - _ , 9 ; M A M . O m r r f i School 10; 40 A.M. MccninJ \V,ir*tiIp , n:» P.M.' Unilfd Methodist A'dUli inerf Chrt!r Church of Christ LOCH si and Center ALBERT GARDNER. Minister Sunday: 3:30 a.m. Morning B i b l e . Claw 10:30 a.m. Worship Scrvfca A.M. fi:Wp.m. Evening Bible Can «:45 p.m. Worship Scrvlc* P.V. 7:00, P.m. VforshJD Church of Christ Farminfilon, Aik. A.E. SPURIXX^. MtnW«* 10:00 a.m. BiWe SlDdy , 10:45 a.m. Worship Scr\-kB 6:30 p.m. Worship Servk* 6:00 p.m. Bible Sltrfy 7:30 p.m. WedneMay Arutatf ux) Bf We Slody · --CHRISTIAN SCIENTTST-- First Church of Christ Scientist 1TS5 Rollins RiOs Drive 11:» a.m. Sunday Servic* 1UPO a.m. Sunday School ' 8:00 p.m. WcdiK-sday Mc**Jnif Christian Science Heading R«mi, W, Dickon open #aeli ·flenwwm fi 13 to 4 o'clock axc*pt Soadiy* aad - 9:00 a.m.'Confirmatio --METHODIST-- ipnuoyah U-ilteri Methodist SVM C WILITAMS Pastor Old Wire Fnart Norlh :4S a.m. Sundiy School 10:50 a.m. Worship Service United Methodist Chnrch Dlchson and Hichlard DR. JOEL COOPER. Pastor nrv Mjn - esl I^iivson, Associate Pajfoi SUNDAY, APRIL IS t'.OO a.m. Faster Sunrise Service Mt Sfquoyah Assembly. Clapp \iiditor urn 8:» Worship SorvlPe 9:*1 Church School 10 ) \S oreWp Sc^\^c« :00 Cfiapol Choir Rohrarsal MONDAY. APRIL [9 8:W (o 5:00 Voulh Bifce H:(:c 6:M Crcle 12 Dinner 7:00 Wiy S«wit Troct 103 ":M Pastor Parish H*latiorj Committee ar^l Music Commrtire TUESDAY, APRIL 3 10:30 Women's p^yer Group 7:M Youth Prayer and Bible Sludy (km Rib!c Slurfy {University Fellowship') 5D\EST)AV, APRIL 21 5:30 T4%1ng Bftlc Stixry 3:30 Carol CVrr 7:M Chancel Choir THURSDAY, APRtT. 22 3:30 Wci?e' Chfir 7:30 Counrtl on StnisfriM FBIDAV, APRIL 23 . ' , 3:» Angflus Ch-ir ' ' St. James United Methodist Charch _ RALPH WHTTEWAY. Pisinc " Ctnler WLHow CHAPEL OF TUB CROSS 7M Wtst MAjvIe REV. LEWIS C1FESSER. Jr. PaKoc 10:30 a.m. Conversation 11:00 a.m. Mornlcff WorsWjt . + ' WiEgins Memorial Methodist K« Wrst SEtlh Slr*i W, MAUR1CK LANIEH, Tutor 9:38 fc.m. Sunday School 10;JJ a.m. Morning Worjhip 5:CO p.m. Ycath Fellowship* 7:06 p.m. Ev«a!ni WonU? Peoples .Chnrch Hlway 71 ' »l REV., DON ;THOMAS, Pa*fd Phorw ."(11.2767 10:00 a.m. Sunday" Schoo! 11 DO a m. Morning Worship 7 00 p m_ Fsering: ftorship 7 M pm. Sfilvecl prajer Tuesday 7:00 p^a Youth'-Mffht We Fayetteville Bihle Church , 1030 Sculh Colleja Phone 839-21 REV. FLOYD PARKER, Pastor 10 M am, Snnd y School , 11 DO am. Manung ^or fi p Semce 7:00 r-m. Sundaj' Ei'enfng Worship 7 00 pm Ttwrsdaj B ble Study Study In Rekel Uons Evangelisfic Cenlrr (rormerli Faith Teaching 5rinistr) 62 W Turn Sooth at tiawlcn's Bwt| op. 30 p m Ei cry Friday Mght-- Teac*. * f LUmg Word Chapel Gallery, of 'Homes Btdg.,' 71 Rwy, "Nor "· and Mis. ·' Ray ' Lowcry, Mihl^rs · 10:00 a,m. Sunday School 7:00 p.m. Evening Service -- PENTSCOSTAL-- Sang Avenue Chapel (PeBlrto lal Ilollnt ~ Phone ^43-3325 N O R M A N : \VTLKIE, Pastor 9:45 a m. Sunday School 10:45 a.m. Worship "Senlca 7:00 p.m. Sunday Night United Pentecostal Church Of Jesus Christ, 904 West 151h SlTCet HAY , B \SSELL, Paslor 1Q:M a.m. Sunday- School 11; 00 a.m. Morning Wotihip 7 00 r m. Evangelistic Scr,1ca Wednesday; 7:30 Bible Siudr 700 p Serlca While Rock CKiirch of God ITvTy, 16 West 11:00 a.rn; Divlna WorsWp Phone sn 1'45 H. M, SIHPP, Pjstor Sunday: 10:01 A.M. Sunday' School lh« A.M. Mcrnina Worship. 7:00 P.M. Cbatch Worship Wednesdays 7:30 P.iL Vonlh 3en1ca --PRESBYTERIAN-- ( (Camherland Pieshyfetian) Wedinglon · Drive Harold BARTHOIX)reW, Faaler 9:*5 a.m. Sunday School 10:45 a.m. Worship Servle* G:00 p.m. Youth Meeting 6;M ^.m. E«njii? Service · 7:00 v-.m. Wednesday Bib:« Stady First United Presbyterian Church 1501 Krvox Drive - - . . - . Presbjleri^n Hill , · · - - RITV. CLAIRORXE BE1X, Fa 9:30 a.m. Charch School 11:00 a.m. Morning Worship S;CO p.m. Senior Hish * Jr. Um1«J Presbylenan Yoaili North minister Chnrch ·tin? In Presti-{*rian Chrrrtlu Center--Maple an* Siorfr Street 9:43 a.m.. Sunday School 11:00 a.m. 1 Morning Woishlf 7:30 ?.m. Bible Stwll'

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