Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1964 · Page 16
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1964
Page 16
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Ftat »·*. flk. tt. I«M N A T I O N A L G E N E R A L CORPORATION pUjj that start the inexpensive Oassi-| HeJax Tourist Kulcs I l?;.,^! A T « i l / i t any more fied Ad that brings you cash _ ' I Tll'St illlUC i 2 5559 to buvers fast j BELGRADE t* -- Tour-! i IF NO OXE musical iastnizent --sell it! Dial HE 2 5559 to buyers fast LUCKY MISS FORTUNE 55700°° ^-JACKPOT OK $250 TONIGHT AT 1:30 P.M. POSITIVE AWARDS NEW SHOW TODAY WOOD,' men COAST 1 tfSSWsK^i. LQVBWlTHTHe CO- HIT [ ' P A R I S P I C K - U P NOMINATED FOR ACADEMY AWARDS 1EST fictin it Ttir IEST Dimtor 4 nr.M. · FRCC rAR ITtT i**^ * tc» · t * 1 WriTTtfl tor t IHAKAUNS WESTCOAST NOW SHOWING IN 3 THEATRES! There is a moment-a long moment-when everything is risked with the proper stranger. BELGRADE Ifl -- Tour( 'ists traveling to Yugoslavia f v » f by bus or train will be al-| I llVniTP 1^ owed' 72 - hour stopovenj 1JL V IJ1 ^^ * 9 uritho'.'t visas, the Yugoslav' ederal Committee for Tour-' m announced. Up ti now! his courtesy was extended SAN D , EGO anly to groups traveling by tractive flfsl ^^ m , ir or boats. ! skipper's all girl crew for a South Seas cruise last fall his agreed to a divorce settle-; Is Ihe'besl American film o! the yearl^ Co-Hit -- THE GREAT CHASf Sfcow. 7 ?JA. · - PICK-UP robert hossein lea massari ..maurlce birsucJ PLJJLi ' ^ JBIBrRBHifj mcnt in whkh she would re- T^. .r^i^^ rt-. ' ceive more than $100,000. but ·--i*T ~~:» ii~-^±? lose custody of her children. Attorneys for Mrs. Bea, Berkson, 35. and her husband.' John, have filed the proposed; "I ttarted looking for some- to maim her last January. settlement in Si a Diego Su-l thing and Tint thing I knew Pay Support, Actor Told ; · LOS ANGELES (CNS) -Actor Vic M-rrow Tuesday , w»» ordered to pay his rv- tranjed wife, actress Barbara Morrow. $1.400 a month support for'hcrsclf and their two diujMcrs. Trie rclor reportedly re- 'teives M.730 for each srg- 'ment of the "Combat' series 'on television. Morrbw asked for a reconciliation, bat Mr*. Morrow refused the offer. She claimed he threatened Pd forgotten what I looking for." NEW SHOW TODAY "KATU" it Cilir imPERIflL ILS* WHTINELLI "RICE GIRL" NOW PLAYING imPERIfll U hto*-*»ri** DON'T MISS THIS!!! 2 Explosive Motion Pictures--I Big Show! perior Court, where » divorce suit a pending. Mil. Berkson filed the suit Feb. 10 and Lee Quinn of Los Gitos. Calif, skipper on the] South Seas cruise, announced that he and Mrs. would be married. IF THE BerVson property, |J| ^ settlement is approved, shej would get $70.000 payable at! NEW YQRK ^ _ J(fl $70aa-month and $30.000 « Eurk= . ,, s ons»Titer who her half interest m the Berk-\ an -o^,for writing sons' plush Rancho Santa Fe.|, he , ks ,,, -gaging on , Calif, home. In addition. she; S t a r - dicd in hi , , e Tues . would get some furniture, heri^ clothing and jewelry and a' ' , tr\^-» -... v;1- ·»'* WTII OOWNCT NOIWJLI I I I l L T t . limy IM -- 'l».« »il» tni 1 I W ITIIDI. l..««f TI I I l l l :Ki«t lemni HIT ntr»i: i .» -- -mi;!!, ntnti" iii*uKri«r«i;t ~~" 1:1 mi I « -- -Itll «:(!»- *itTi tr win in usit" naonao men tTIIII -- Int. I II -- ri Illl *t li»» 'Til H II- »ul tl I 81 Ml I.II ».». flKELUOOD «A 5-2530 MII i ii OflN :ll--fill fAUINS imwu IITM: IIIICOBJ HiiT-ttLii "PLUCKY PLUMBER' 1 ummmt -TI i Pit U'fl "GfieiiTGiidii ~ in i ii « "till V1TI I H3'll Hllld!" ·mi Hits'- Itillll (Ui»i|»|n t i t 1171 ·-HeCLriTBC** ··HIT ir i »i ri«- i the so to Eerkson. Mrs. Berkson: orae ' would have a rijtht to custody Among Burke s other songs daring summer "vacations and were "Pennies From Heaven,on major school holidays. "A* 1 "* DoeWt Live Here Any Mrs. Berkson joined Q-ainn's More " "'« Cn3 ^ Happen to all-tirl crew in Hawaii last!*TM" and Tve Got a Pocket- August and was aboard his:'«'* Dreams, ketch. Neophyte, for « days Burke teamed with Jimmy on a cruise to Tahiti. QuinnJVan Hcusen to write the song 36. an ex-steeplejack, was di-that won the -Oscar- statu- vorced Monday by his wife. ette. presented by the Acad- Mary Ann, of San Francisco, emy of Motion Picture Arts land Sciences. INkrimiah Ixl'lilarr* j Burke wrote the words for l)i*lllra s iil** Jllil"o [some of Bing Crosby's rum- ACCRA. Ghana (.·P^Ju'.ms'b*" » r ' d °TM* w » s » staff Sarkodee-Adoo. 55. judge of composer in Hollywood for Ghana's supreme court. Tues-;" 10110 " P'cturcs. _ iiimTi 111 1 (m. I:M:I 'IIEIltl. IlltlCI- ROXY OFfNUA-M. Trot V rtrr*e * -F11DIHS Of IHTE GUIF7 lurt IV£» -- «·*· -IIS COU1TR1" KOIHE VIETH -- Cl1«r "fin! SlICI Slif II VlIU" PAL M riNE A V f . -- PHONf HC 101 HOfI--"»ANCT 'tSCAfl fora EAST ·FIONTIEI lirllSI NEW ' SHOW BEimoni STARTS TODAY um mill in i tt. 1:1 :iti · »·)'· "«mn mil- -»ii»'t miaui ni tuiir* IT1TI IIT I2 «. 14 tl 1 .1(11 -irrin ir Til sin- -- in M1RT, W i R J 1 IS--CtlttT "Uiiir til Ttra Tia Tni Wre. SHAKESPEARE'S "TWELfTH NIGHT" * ATLANTIC J " " » UNITED ARTISTS arm vxm t»i It M»7 )nt li-.k fro* *r!4 Ti Skcwi Jnirjl Timn t»i!j -Mil. Sit. I SlL Ida. SITS, Ignitn JOc IT V 6l , LYLE TALBOT "TAKE HER, SHE'S The appointment w-is made, J by President Kwame Nkru-jj mah who dismissed Sir Arku^j* TBWPl Dec. I I following a decision £ " of the special court in acquit-, J IJYBLI ting two former ministers of j~ »L.I.I treason. i PACIFIC THEATRES ortsi i FM.-J HI* -«n w i n . m «»« ml » '"·"' t*vc » J*.»* a i T t STITI SHOW TIMES PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES IHOVT STARTS AT 3 · CH:iaxt« UN8CK U I CIICU Here are starting times of T features at Long Bench thea-'T^ ters as listed by theater man-] a;ers: ! "UntJr- tpf Yum Yur* Tret." ) IB. : 10 53. "* UK K*«d o* tovt.- I K -The Kux,' T3 T li a._ I 31 -Cu ifss. """ II1C3H ! 105 IITJS -lOVt VIITH THE raCPf · STBANOCH" B^llflr , ^of.n« - P A I I ^ pific UP" ' ..· t ^r--i r » « i } r ^ . ^ w ^ · RIO iSAVO" NOON CII1I-1NS STitt SHOWS AT 4:)t OLSNCT'S MEHLIN JONES" ROCK-A-BYE BABY' 1 JEitT I ?* ART^J'UHDER YUM YUM TREE'r"^"?? » "itSS* : "HEW KIKD OF LOVE" 1 6 ;I° J* ***·*»«« »V- IOTM1M CptOJ t«*«««»«« £ NOW SHOWING IN 3 THEATRES! FMlWMlH t«h!5!n:iS! I *··«· ····« «· « : » IQMMUMimPlAYHflU "OH, MEN! OH, WOMEN"! Twitsojr, F «. mo«T. · a ... UK - UTUIDAT. I M . . . UN \~ OPINING MID AT. F£l. 21 -- 7 NIUS ONLY! v WerlJ fttmitTt ei a Ntw Amtrite* Felt Optra! "MIKE FINK" 8, RUStR end PENNEY Lone Beach Cify College Auditorium Itf Iturtinui, M *-tnl-t»si »««t» IfiBiHi if Dair I: Presenfs RED NORVO « pUINTET MAVIS^RIVERS New Appearing HE 5-5681 LAFAYETTE HOTEL ,pf CREST CIRCLE ORtVE-IN loixnvTi CEIUtl ^ ^ --^fl ST1«TS AT * » NOW SHOWING IN 3 THEATRES! WINNER OF 4 ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATIONS! BEST Direclion ^r BEST Pklureollhe Year ^rBEST 5!ory and Screen Play iV BEST Art Direclion Black While EUAKAZftKS 'AMCRiCfl flMCRiCfi' Is trteDesl American film ot the yearr I nightmare of danger! rttm WCCAITHT fixinstON a MITIO COLOI 2ND FUTUIC! · CtNSllKCiNC MIN KVfcTIl! -GUN FIGHT XI COKXNCHE CREEK AUD1E MURPHY CO-HIT O. A. -F0« IOVE OX MONET" KIRK DOUGtAS CO Hit CIIST "THE GREAT CHASE" CO-HIT CltClI "PALM SPRINGS WEEKEND" STEAK SPECIAL U.S. CHOICE Vi-lB. PETITE DINNER STEAK Wftfc MuihrDOn StfUC* cu; c . «f Soup, Sated er Tewcf* Jyict W»- * flirt Vtj«»ok'« ««H«nJljfef Mo.ti of feb, 4-3 p. m. '^ ,25 24-HOUR COFFEE SHOP IJLICW009 CINTd LAKEWOOD AT DEL AMD ME 0-511 f ^^rl hTWfllff i

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