Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 13, 1962 · Page 24
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 24

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1962
Page 24
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llnnwrsity of California FArtM AND HOME AUV1SOKS Charles M. Lawri'ticc Farm Advisor Several rails have come In recently asking about cures for calf srmirii. T wish I had a good cure In mind. U worn! go oit tlie market and allow me (o retire early. Serious cases of calf scours are a job for your veterinarian. If mild cases are present, her« to 100 degrees) each fowling. Feed it sweet each lime or sour ·ach time, but don't mix up feed- 'ngs of each. Feed less of high f a t milk and a little more of low ''at milk. Use either one regularly. Feed at regular times each day, Prevent d r a f t s and chills caused by cold weather and winds. Tips for Calves Several heat lamps over your .·alves may be (lie best invest- ment you could make. Clean thor- inglily infected calf pens before using again. Wash all buckets or bottles after each feeding to pre- j vent souring and buil'l up of bac- .eria in (he containers. All calves will start e a t i n g grail and hay soon after birth. Make nire they have both Ihese by l\v( weeks of age. Nothing is better well on just four Ibs. of milk a l h a " lcill - v """"" lla - v f o r cillvi ' s -| · l a y i o n e half gallon) for the first |Tho type of grain you feed de- 'en days. Holstein calves do wcUJpends on your oilier feeds being] 11 five Ibs. Then feed about 10! usc d_ t |, al j s m ji|; ,,,- m jlk re - : per cent of the calf's weight inj^.^. alf . l|[a 0| . g ,.. lss , la}v Ex .| " 1 i't k is J 'esseni'iai to feed clo E trumTM sivc calf fcwls are E°° d bu |' ,,r the cow's first milk for t h e i TM ' alwa vs necessary for normal first few feedings. Twelve or I4j6 r o w t n :i,s. of milk should be maximum! » ll » s s »"" [ls llk * an awfl '', 101 for any calf regardless of size.!"' TMrk. "" TMS ht " K "" llg |wh- ··-· l I Tin a lew tips (hat may help you e l i m i n a t e Iheni. At Ihe first sign of indigestion or scourim 1 .. put tlie calf in a place by himself. Skip one feeding and slowly build back up to normal a m o u n t s of milk. Since simple scours may be caused by in digestion, it is sometimes helpful in u i v c the calf two to fo'.ir ta bicspoims of castor oil in one-hall pint o! mineral oil. Use this treat j nient only once. The best cure for scours is not to get it started in your calves 'n tlie f i r s t place. That calls for c-areful management. Some do's and don'ts include these: Do not overfeed milk. More rapid growth will be made by a calf growing steadily on moderate feuding than one overfed am' set back by scours. Jersey and Guernsey calves do . You'll have best results weighing M""- your calves mean to you. or carefully measuring the milk. They «° TMsull of your care- Isne Keep the milk warm 190 degrees!'" 11 ? dm TM breeding program. ' They arc your chance to improve I herd production in years to come. In other words, your calves to-1 jday are your dairy future in aj Ifew short years. j ( We have an excellent free bulletin on calf raising, covering fecd-j ing systems for all ages of calves, j Dehorning and identification a r c j Monday. April 30. is the last j 1 .'^ _ '', ,, ",., . .. . * , day for f i l i n g applications for pay-j t o p 0 liox vm , Eureka, re-| mcnts for the 1961 marketing yearjq U C S [j n g t h j s C alf raising bulletin u n d e r the wool payment program.jwill be answered by return mail, growers were reminded today by! x J. Damon, chairman, Hum- '·I'lldl County ASC Committee. The payments for the 1961 marketing year cover shorn wool and unshorn lambs marketed not later t h a n March 31 of this year. Later marketings will be eligible for payments for the 19G2 marketing year. The chairman stressed the fact t h a t tlie payments on wool and Iambs are not made automatically -- growers must file applications which are supported with all tlie necessary sales records in order to receive payments under the program. Since these sales records will) CHICAGO (UPIi--The nation' food industry may face strict Government controls if it fails to reform its advertising, an official of the American Medical \«sot 11 lion warned Thursday night. Dr. Philip L. White, in tint), of the AMA department of foods and nutrition. · was particularly critical of advertising involving vegetable oils. "All the to-do about pnlumsi i'1-ation lias been done," lie said though Ihe National Re nalional average price received by farmers for wool during the he the basis for calculating the j s(; arch Council and the AMA have not recognized the need for modification of dietary fat for the entire marketing year, il is to| g(!ncra i |HI I,IJ C ;· the grower's advantage to file h i S j at a dinner of the application early. When the avcr-,c n j c .,g n i lomo economises. White age price can be determined, theL.,),! [ 0 0 J advertisers l i n t i payment rates for shorn wool and|.. mol . a | responsibility to tht con unshorn lambs sold during t h e j . umc| . (() i, e t r u t h f u l , c-snui ilh 1%1 marketing year will be an-: w l l c n m .,kj|,g t | :1 ' ms n, e consiim- :munccd. The payments will bc ; .,. js no| (.^np,,,! to C V alu UL aiadc to growers during the com-! ffllit( , s . li( i t h e b r e a k f a s t cucil ing summer. !industry Iws spent its advertising Wool p r o g r a m applications .should be filed at the ASCS Coun- v of'l'ce rt 5(i3() Sou.h Broadway -- Eureka. Calif., and this should be done as soon as possible but budget arguing which cereal iie most protein, Ihe most calor- ics, the least calories and the most vitamins ami m'ncrals. Forluna Wins 4-H Judging Event Lacking only ten points for a perfect team score, Dennis Chism (left), Norman Fcarvien and Jeff Bryant of F o r t u n a took holh liiffh team and high individual awards at last Saturday's 4-H Club Agricultural Skills Day in Ferndale. They were rated 440 out of a nossihle 450 for team scores. Ferndale came in second in the 4-H competition with 432 points. Team members were Jerry Buficnig, Helen Ambrosini and Jane Cook. The young- sters were rated for their judging of Jersey cattle and shorthorn cattle and Shropshire sheep. no later t h a n Monday. April 30.| lj( ,| e p,.,,^,, j; "Most of the cereals have soj Fodma c ] KI |i; C( i ( ; ,ke Fruitland 4-H club captured third place honors with 411 points on their judging ability. Working together were Christie Caples (left), Steven Walstrom both high and Jerri Kennebrew. A number of speakers also participated in presenting information to the youth. up am and liigh individual scores I FERTILIZERS Weed Free t«j|s?rvings lo yield as much as one; : , ls , S;lUl| .H., n y ; ,i (he 4-H '· l A g r i c u l t u r a l Skills Day at the. cu. ft. Ortho '16-16-8' 40 Ibs. $4.95 20 Ibs. $2.95 WE H A V F THF LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE SELEC110N OF FERTILIZERS IN HUMBOIDT COUN1Y. COMPANY 503 B r t « d v » » r . E u i c k « 4M M«in SI.. F « i n d « l « i Ferndale fairgrounds. Essex, president of Ihe Humboldi County Cattlemen's Association wiio spoke on "How Our I l u m b o i d . j The group tlien broke up for the ; contest and lunch. Entries for Ihe Humboldt coun ty demonstration day competition Cattlemen's Association Aliects I You." | High point men were Dentil.-- j C h i s m u'illi 1-11! (nit of a possible 1 !. 1151) tallies: Norman K'-arrien withp 1 " 1 , - , i 147 ami Jeff Hrvant w i t h 145.! Upon reconvening they hcarcljare due Sunday, Walter Meg. 4-H h'hcir t o t a l came ien points shorLpTM" Jacobsen. I-'erndale 4-Iljadvi.sor. announces. · o f the period score of 450. Thevh'-ader. speak on -Horses an:'| They must be postmarked byi : "-inioi-ed 4-10 ' I H o r s e m a n s h i p . " Tim Jacobs:n(April 15 to be eligible for the 1 'Vei-nd-ile cai)lur"d s"cond in ·'"" (1 ''erry Buqenii;, gave a dom-jApril 28 event at the Pacific Un- !',.m honors w i t h Helen Ambro- m i r a t i o n . iion school in Arcata. "This in_ si-ii line- Cook and Jerry liuce-' J"hn Dunbar, bejf and shccf icludes both demonstrations and i nig t a k i n g 43'' p o i n t s ' w h i l e tlii"rd;f"rm advisor, t a l k e d on "To.-i.ij-'sltalenl entries," he said. -lace went to I-ruitlaiid w i t h 4 i i . ( C a i s u m » r Carcass." j The county wide contest ,s Ihe v -imnrites wer" Chrisli'- Can'os ! N ; 'a Barmvell, Bridgeville. c n - j e l i m i n a l i u n for Ihe region com- i h T i - i Kinnehi-ew and Steven Wai-|tci-tain«l w i t h baton I w i r l i n g j p c t i t i o n on May 1!) at the Uni- lai'ter which the traditional lug-of-iversity of California campus at 'Davis. AGRICULTURE HVMBOLDT STANDARDS day. April 13. 1962, Pg. 24 Brucellosis ^ Dr. M. Lunstra of Eureka, dis- rict veterinarian bureau o[ ani mal health, California Dcparlmenl of Agriculture, urges all owners of calves between four and twelve months of age to make airange- ·nerits with their veterinarians to have their calves vaccinated to protect [hem from brucellosis, an infectious disease of cattle. Dr. Lunstra said that state law requires vaccination of all female calves of dairy breeds as part of the state and national program to control and eventually eradicate brucellosis in the United States. He explained, however, that calves of beef breeds must ·''so be vaccinated in order that the county in which the animals are located may retain its state- federal brucellosis certification. "The vaccination of calves against brucellosis is a service performed without cost to the call owner, except for any costs incidental to the handling of the calves," Dr. Lunstra explained. "Any veterinarian under contract to the California Department to perform vaccinations may be called by cattlemen to perform ,his service. "The department urges all cattle owners to keep their vaccination programs up to date and not :o permit their calves to exceed ihe 12 month age limit without jeing vaccinated. Failure to vaccinate calves may contribute to a general re-establishment of bru- cellosis in dairy and beef herds, and could result in economic losses due to restricted movement of dairy cattle, not only from one ranch to another, but also from Vegefofofe To Be Phi WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Agriculture Department's acreage- marketing guides for 1962 call for ,olal planted acreages of fresh summer vegetables and sweet potatoes equal to those of 1961 The department recommended an increase of 2 per cent in total acreage of cantaloupes and watermelons. Reductions of 3 pel- cent in total acreage for fall vegetables and 6 per cent in the acreage of vegetables for commercial processing were recommended. The guides are designed to assist growers in planning production. The department said that if production is in line with these guides for the coming season, anc if marketings follow a normal time pattern, supplies should be in balance with requirements. In the aggregate, the 19B2 guides for 16 fresh summer vegetables total 475,500 acres to be planted This is the same amount of acre age used in 1961. For 13 fall vegetables, the guides total 201,700 acres to be planted. In 1%1, com parable plantings were 270, 60C acres.. Melon acreage of 307.100 acre, was recommended for 1962. Ir 1961, the acreage was 361,000. The department said 198,40( acres of sweet potatoes-- the same ,, as last year-- would meet demand I The guides are a voluntary sen' ice to growers. It is not manda Be tacdnalinjf me county to another throughout he slate. "It is important that beet cat- le owners also maintain their jrucellosis vaccinations not only o protect their animals from the disease hut also to retain county certification and the freedom ol movement if allows." Dr. Lunstra explained that the 'ederal and state departments ol agriculture, through livestock disease control officials, hope to eradicate brucellosis in the nation ;y 197S, and to eradicate brucel- osis in California by the end of 1965. Brucellosis testing in its first phase has been completed in al counties of the state with the exception of Los : Angeles and Orange, and it is contemplated that the work in those counties can he accomplished this summer. Following the completion of first phase brucellosis testing, the California Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the U. S. Department of Agriculture, plans to inaugurate a program to eradicate Brucellosis in hogs. New regulations relating to the state swine brucellosis program have been prepared by the department and discussed at public hearings. They will b e c o m e effective throughout California soon, some in April, others in July. · · Dr. Lunstra said that he would be pleased to give further information concerning any phase of the state brucellosis program to cattle and hog producers. He can be reached at the Bureau of Animal Health, County Agricultural Building at 5630 Broadway, Eureka, California. , Sweef PC ifed Equal lory thai they be followed. The Crop Reporting Board said turkey breeding hens on farms Jan. 1 totaled 3,828,000 head, compared with 4,342.000 on Jan. 1, 1961. This is a decrease of 12 per cent from last year. The decrease in the number ol heavy breed hens was below a year earlier in all regions. Decreases were 13 per cent in the West North Central, 12 per cent in the South Centra], 11 per cent in the AVest, 8 per cent in the South Atlantic, 5 per cent in the North Atlantic, and 1 per cent in the East North Central regions. The 10 leading states, which ac counted for 7fi per cent of al heavy breed hens in the nation ranked in order of importance were California, Minnesota, Texas Iowa, Oregon, Wisconsin, Missou ri, Ohio, North Carolina, am Virginia. The International Cotton Ad visory Committee said supply and consumption of cotton this season will be about in balance. Scientists at the University o Iowa recently conducted a serie of tests to determine whether tht coffee break is an efficient suhsti tute for an adequate breakfast They tested office and factor} workers ranging in. age from 18 tc J3C years. Here is what they found 1 --Ali of the people in the exper Banker Will Speaker For · · ·. · The annual awards banquet of he Ferndale Cow Testing Asso- iation will be held at 7:30 p.m. \pril 26 at the Rio Dell elemen- ary school cafeteria. Valley Chambers of Commerce, ^io Dell, Fortuna, Loleta and Ferndale, sponsor the dinner each ·ear lo honor dairymen whose icrds and individual cows have ·ecorded outstanding production during the 1961 year. II. E. "Hank" Tomasini, assistant vice president, Petaluma branch, Crocker-Anglo National Bank, will be the keynote speaker. His talk will be on the theme ·Yoii, The Dairyman-- Businessman of Your Community." The speaker, an experiencec dairyman and rancher in addition to 25 years in banking, has served as an agricultural 1 specialist in the ranking field in the Tracy area as well as Marin and Sonoma counties. He currently is presi- AES Program Leader To Talk Dr. Gaylord Whitlock, program leader of family and consumer sciences, University of California Agricultural Extension' Service, will speak to the Humboldt County Jersey Cattle Club on Monday. Dr. Whitlock was formerly first vice-president and director of consumer education for the National Dairy Council. His topic will be centered about the diet-- heart disease relationship. The meeting will start with a pot-luck supper at 7:30 p.m. in the Red Barn, Ferndale Fair Grounds. All people interested in Jersey cattle or the diet-heart relationship are invited to attend. Please contact Mrs. Ada Martin, HE 3-5720, Loleta, for coordination of the pot-luck arrangements. ifofo Crop 7oJ96J iment did significantly more \vor when they ate an adequate break- asl than when they skippet eating. --The addition of a midmornin snack-- when an adequate break- ast had been eaten previously- offered no advantage in output o work. --A coffee break and snack period which replaced brcakfas proved a big advantage for half of he subjects in the amount of wor hey turned out. Baby Whooping Crane May FSy On der Wings NEW ORLEANS (UPI) - Tl first flight of a four-day-old bab whooping crane, the 38th of i kind known in the world, may b n an airplane to get special me ical treatment for a bad leg. George Douglass, director o Audubon Park Zoo, would n comment on reports the litt whooper chick would be flown St. Louis for treatment. "We don't know what's wron and don't know what we are g ing to do," Douglass said of t! youngster's condition. "We we not satisfied with the way tl bird was walking." lie buest FCTA Fete H. E. Tomasini ent of the Petaluma Lions club irst vice president of the Peta uma Chamber of Commerce am las worked in Marin county .for le past six years' as a 4-H club eader. The Ferndale 'Cow Testing As ociation is the oldest continuous peraling cow testing association n America, having observed its olden anniversary several year, go- Vaccine Tests in Trachoma Started WASHINGTON (UPD-The Pub ic Health Service said today i lad started tests of a vaccim esigned to eliminate trachoma, major cause of blindness. Th lilot study was started with 4IX hildren in I n d i a n boardin chools at Phoenix, Ariz. Healthy poultry may be mOvec nto the state without inspection Reed Canary grass will stanc vinter f l o o d i n g for one t wo months periods and grow i vater three to eight inches deep ROTARY POWER MOWER SALE Sat. Sun. Only 1Q 95 ^( J Reg. $48.95 ( ^^^ IB" Cutting Blade *^ 2 Cycle Clinton Engine REEL POWER 18" Self-Propelled MOWER ftO Reg. $128.00 W jC Now Only « V APPLE i/ TREES 73 OFF PLANT NOW Bedding Plants Seed Potatoes Plaitic Pipe Now in Slock A O 1 FEED Ot L GARDEN McKinleyvilie Shopping Center slroni. ".Sitme 21M persons attended the;'' v: "' a n n u a l c \ . n l w i t h 143 judging il ; -h · c!;^ses on .ler.seys. siiortiiorns anil Shropshire's." said W a l t e r : Tie:;. -Ml c l u b advisor. Ten club; j i r l i c - i p a t e d u n d e r the direction !.,i K i . n . - i ( l - a c o m i n i . A l t o n , chair 1 n:m. . l i i l n i l.en/. eoiuily 'MUSTANG TILLED "·;·"·'·· "^;;" i ;; -;""-!',, ,1k i n B e t t e r Hay 1'owc-r. I I a.- lollmvi'd by James Timmon «'"S fought. CKKSCF.XT CITY iDcl Norle C o u n t y ' -- M a r c h production for members of Ihe Del Xortc Farm Bureau Herd Improvement Asso- i l i i m show t h a t 5:17 cows were tested willl an average, milk pro- D l l « i l l l I " 3MODEtS as low as : 50 $ 154 FREE DEMONSTRATION TRACTOR and FARM EQUIPMENT FERNBRIDGE Battle Renewed Against Beetle \teiiMon (| -; ( | u( , |i(ll| |lt 4)9 |, mm ,i s . llu | : , hullerlat average of 22.8 pounds. Eighty ' cows produced more than 50 pounds of fat during Ihe month. The five herds with the highest Initterfat production accreting to the monthly report of Phil Cary were as follows: No. 50# S.U'HAMKNTO ( I ' l ' l i -i C a l i f o i ' n i a Deparlilienl of Ag lure Monday announced plans to ; resume its iiallle againsl Ihe Jap' a u e s e beetle. Tlie I mil and ve;;e|abl ·OwiH-r [Jepsiui and Tedsen ( P h i l i p and Lowell Chalfey Doyle ( i a r v i n 1 1 ICd I''reenian ' Joe Nichols No. Cnws in Hi m 48 ·10 Mo. Milk 1'C'I- (.'(!«· Ml !im 10IKI Mo. U.K. Per Cow ·W.7 ·19.7 ·13.1 Cows 7 7 fl M III owners and five f ra . ,|,,, mim |], m . r ,, : jou-nrr iKil Krcfiiian high producing h u t l e r f a t cows in the county ·'·as louiiil lac.t yi'.-n- in clmvnlowi''|,;,| Frn'inan ·· .H i c - r a i n c - n l o and cillicials foui;h'|Philip l.ovvi-ll Chalfey Hnsc-ou i h a l Ilicy i l i u u g h l w a s a winniiii'.l.lohn M c M i l l a n - I , : , M l i . . ' ' '.Joe Nic-hnls -"'-':) llrc-c-il .Icrsey .Icr.M'y PR Cucniscy iiimi.wj' .Icrsey Mo. I!.!-'. 112.7 IIII.7 711.2 7I.4 «).» Cattlemen! One typical Strnn r 36' entraw hoi. ·Steel heef setup fnr self-nnlnatlinf; iraffon offers 32' IL . plus two 16ff wings on the north and uvst sidra More and faster gains...with less feed! Sound feedlot management has been quick to recognize the Stran-Steel Stran- Maater shelter system as one of the keys to bigger profits. And Stran-Mastcr prices are surprisingly low in relation to production costs. Tlie feed lot shown above priced out about 10-12% of unit production costs per hundredweight . . . a small amount. And that includes the huilding, erection, all equipment, utilities, depreciation, taxes and insurance. Our Personalized Building Service can help you plan, build, equip and finance your Stran-Maflter beef setup. What'n more, you got a choice of 10 Strmi-Satin colors that beautify and protect your sturdy building. And they're lircsafe! STRAN-STEEL IS A DIVISION OF I"'- ' ' STEEL CORPORATION 3134 Jacobs Ave. EUREKA HI

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