Independent from Long Beach, California on March 15, 1966 · Page 34
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 34

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1966
Page 34
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A«tot for Sal* ::, CHEVROLET 17* Autos for Sai* ; Pacific Ford 1«1 Chev. "Bel Air" 4 Or. Sedan. V-l, Puweroltde, radio, healer, etc. · RtivKedl JUB 2t». $695 CHEVY- II Super Sport. Rad o, tierv auto malic Iran*., .power w/sA¥ tlrei. beautiful '63 ·Tw ., . !«ring, w/sA¥ tlrei. beautiful "oo id lirUih wirh maletilno Iniertcr ' and bvtkel scats. Thli car Is sharp ' and carrki a l-vtar wrlllen ouar. £ni«e. Dorrt miss Ihll one. " ST6-69A. $15?? Lflmefd'n Ponllac, "211 N.L.B. Blvd., Conipton. '44 CKEV. Impal .Radio, Healer, ' w/s/w tires. -finish with all . ith all vinyl Inltdor. Thli pua ra nlec. * P4-WTA. showroom f reih, 1 Y**r A wrM ten . . a car ts showroom f reih, 1 Y**r ·vSoeclal orlce MOM. tamcrdln '64 MALIBU 4 dr ..$1999 o . R o o .' CORMIER CHEVROLET SAN DIEGO FREEWAY AT WILMINGTON OFF RAMP -'40 IMPALA $999 "Sport Cpe 6 cvl, powirclld., ·'rad-o Sfheater. INL 528. ' CORMIER CHEVROLET '·-- msmfwv '63 CHEVROLET .... $999 r ' / ' , CORMIER CHEVROLET * '61 CHEVROLET Imnala, V-8, auto SSlS'WJr-sKS' 1 ;.^!TM 1 . * RANCHO RAMBLER "!163 Una Beach Blvd. 591-3341 ___ ·J NO CASH NEEDED OAC f , Ray Johnson GE 3-0929 * '2533 Lakewood at Willow St. . good cond. Must sell $700. · HA 9-OM? CHRYSLER Full Kir. Very cleanl --- «? i:Ko Cash Needed OAC. ME 3753 *BELLFLOWER AUTO STORAG M C wS400 CHRYSLER WAGON. LOADED down, take over pavmti. 7H s?7-5no ·42 .^h CHRYSLER New Yorker, «r hdtp, All pwr., aid conrf. Xlnl cond, PrIV. DtV. 51,350. GE 0-2122 COMET z Pacific Ford "·1961 Comet 2-Door Sedan, frcvl. J-lSfel^GcV- 91 ' 0 "'' '· $695 :'.' 3600 CHERRY AVE. .'.LONG BEACH 425-330 «. COMET. Sedan. Aulo., radio "h"pARKWOOD c _____. .5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-071 ·63 COMET S-27. Coupe. 4-ipeed : Sharp. ^ $1299 ; « COMET, RH. Aulo. *5? -» JIM SNOW FORD ··'15550 Paramount Blvd. ME 4-7500 CONTINENTA), *'64Line:Coht.4Dr.-Sed . 'J'Facforv air condlltonlnv." Ful · power, ItalTver Irlm. Lie. * · 1 E X 7 0 1 . " $2999 FULL PRICE .'10,000 Blue Chip Stamp; -,'15-Day Trial Exchanoe "4M-S91 i; MURPHY LINC.-MERC. 1940 Lafcevrood at Circle, L.B. ·41 COHTT.. Full pwr. i atr__i!7W 'f. JIM SNOW FORD ^15550 Paramount Blvd. ME 4-2600 ·.':·". CORVAIR Laktwood Wagon D 'H MONZA cue, extra clean, 4 sod SW9 F.P. Warranty Motors, 1373 ·^CORVAIR TOO co,.pe. A YsS '43 CORV. Suvder.-Xuil cond. 4-Dd Priv. ptv. SI1SO firm."Sw" no answer call Bob 374-2896. ·65 CORVAIR Corsa, Macs, Bin. streak tires, sen to aportc. 52.00 SM alt. 6p.m. 4K8 Connulsla. Lti '« CORVAIR C5e. ~iji -,,,,,. .JIM SNOW FORD 1S5SO Paramcunl Blvd. ME 4-2S -- ...ONZA. RH ,, j,, ' " ' JIM SHOW FORD _ 15550 Pdramount Blvd. ME 4-li 'U CORVAIR Spyder~4-Nd. _51, . · .JIM SNOW FORD ^ 15S50 Paramount Blvd. MB 4-26T. CORVAIR 176 Beach City Chevrolet OK -- BUYS -- OK CORVAIP. CWMJ l«Ul · ' Whl " """ ^ n ' 64 CORVAIR Monia, 4.Jwef, Rri; Regal red; ;noA u» S RVAIR Monia J-soeed; R-H; B; won) Ull it 514W M CORVAIR Mon!« 4-ipMd; R.H; HI Wack; SC-2M-A Zl--.-JUM 63 CORVAIR Monza; P/olldc, R-H; maroon/black tr[m; dP'U4,$|]99 J CORVAIR Coupe; P/ollde, R-H; #676-B ---------------------- 5SW Beach City Chevrolet 3MI E. Pac. C!t. H«v. GE 3-7«l '62 Corvair 700 CI. Cp. Slick shift, radio healer. Lie. £ QI $lTDown $17 Mo. Includes saki tax. Lie. all carry* Ina chargts, for only 24 moi. Or 5,000 Blus Chip Stamp: 10-Day Trial Exchange 434-»ll MURPHY LINC.-MERC. IMP Laktwood at Circle, L.B. Pacific Ford I960-Corvair J-Door Sedan, t-cyl. powerglloe, radio, healer/ e'c A B«t Buvl MEGO1I. $595 3600 CHERRI 1 AVE. LONG BEACH 4Z6- '61 CORVAIR $599 Monra - COUP*. 4 speed/ radTo, ^CORMllR^HEVROLET Ante* 174 DODGE DODGE '« GT Hardlou CM. 113(3 RaJto, Heater. 2 Year Warranly Holiday RamtXtr, U27 L.B. Blvd. DODGE '64 Polara VI sedan »179S ' illy equipped. 2 veir warranty olldsv Ramliler, 142r L.B. Blvd. FALCON Pacific Ford . __ at. $1895 OK -- BUYS -- OK ·60 FALCON 2-Dr., eVcvl., sulo., R-H. ooorj Irans. car; *«S1A; »?9 Beach Cify Chevrolet 3X1 E. Pac. Cst. HWY. SE ij«l ·42 FALCON 4 dr., R4H. LLFLOWER AUTO STORAG m '60 FALCON 2 dr., 4 cvl. aulom. Renew eoo. ,-- *" JIM SNOW FORD 15550 Paramount Blvd. ME '63 CORVAIR ........ $1199 Coup*. Power glide, radio, healer. 'CORMIER CHEVROLET San DIebo off ramp. 63 CORVAIR $999 Moma. 4 sceed, KIX 3M. ' CORMIER CHEVROLET SAN DIEGO FREEWAY AT WILMINGT^ON^FF RAMP '64 CORVAIR ........ $1599 REEWAY AT OK OFF RAMP 61 CORVAIR .7... $599 4Door. Dfx. R H. GIF SOS CORMIER CHEVROLET San Dleoo Freeway at WUm" off ramp. "' PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-07 owner, 1 driver. FA 8-5191 or see at 1307 Beech Ave., Torrance bc- tween 3 6 PM. . '41 MONZA cue, t sod. $3» War. rantv /Colors, T3730 San Anlonlo Dr. Norwalk. Call S63-54I7 or iO- »77. 61 MONZA CPE. 4 speed i_S7?9 JIM SNOW FORD 15550 Paramount Blvd. ME 4-2600 BRAND New '44 Corvair Cce. ilOTTJ ' CORVETTE VETTES Over 30 of Em BOB THOMPSON AUTO SALES 2090 Lono Beach tlvd. ifl-S4» '44 CORVETTE Cce. 4 jpd., 300 hp, DOSltraciion. 594-4974 UN 54725 '60 FALCON $299 AUTO., BAD 10 HEATER Dean Aulo Sales 2300 l_ B. Blvd. 44 FALCON Sprint V-8.. .... $18W JIM SNOW FORD 15550 Paramount Blvd. ME 4-2401 65 FALCON 2-Dr. Sed. R1K, lllck. $1400. 3741 Cerrltos. GA 7-7740. FORD '57 FORO Falrlsoe 500 Hrdlp., 2- door. A real buv @ »IB7 NO CASH NEEDED O.A.C. Ray Johnson GE 3-0929 25M Lakewood at Willow St. ·63 FORD :.... $1199 FaTrlan* 500 t 'dr. V8, itandard 'cOR^IEfcHEVROLET Ml Long Beach Blvd. HE 6-SMS '62 FORD Fairlan* 500, aulom at Ic, radio, healer, power steering, fcTAJj L$8t~ RANCHO RAMBLER ?1M Long Beach Blvd. i»-3M1 SHORT of cash or credit problem? Releded by other dealers? 199 an + tax lie. will buy you any new 1?$6 Ford of voor choice bv ca'lfrva Don l'arrlst--NE 2-7H5. '60 FORD Country sdn. 4-dr wag.. V-8, aulo., pwr. strg., RH. LEk( ·No" cTsh"Ter5d7d~OAcrME 3-7S31 BELLFLOWER AUTO STORAGE Walker " Molor Sales, 331 __Anaheirn. ·W-wu '61 FORD VTctorla. Pwr. pQulprnF Too shaoe. $150 + conlract pay ^"'E^. Apt. 3 43M764 ^BFSSSfV!^i^J!Sb 63 FORD Galaxie Setiar.. Power steering and brakes _ ..... _SW PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 505? Lakewood Blvd. WE 3-0731 '« FORD Gal. Fast BacV Com 1555Q Paramoiint Blvd. ME X-2600 DE SOTO '57 DESOTO Adventurer 2-Jr. hdtp- Big Heml eno. 44,000 mL, needs 1 fender reoaired S395. Prlv. piy. 17434 BellHowcr Blvd., Bellflcwer, n-s P.M. DODGE '64 DODGE Sedan V-8, aulo., power sieerEr.g and brakes, facl. air cond. Priced to sell : $1099 PARKWOQD CHEVROLET _»5? Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0731 M FORD Gal. 500 cp*., air. S1750. AM orlg./ like new, tec. car. Ov born's, 20th * Cherry. "61 FORD Gal. 4-dr. sdn., 390 cu In. Crulsi*omatlc-, Dwr. slro./ i _br»kM. Good cond. - 4CT-029 '60 FORrj'Galaxie 2 Door., 5299 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 505? Lakewcod Blvd.' ME 3-078 after 5 P.M. '57 FORD 2-dr. T-Birtf eno.., .brakes, batteries, shocXs. GQLK tires. GA S-3J2 '49 FORD Coupe W PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 5059 ' Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-076 1958 DODGE Coronet, 4-dr. hdrp. Aulom., pwr. steerlno braves. Excepllonallv nice cond. Inside out New whllewalls. «25. 4^5-7345 alttr 5 P.M. '65 DART GT 2-DR. HDTP. VB, f uto., pwr. sir. brakes, RH, ACTORY AIR. Many cxlrai. Over 37,000 ml. l«fl on warranly. Perfect con if. 524.95. 434-XA58 '55 DODGE 2-dr. fidtp., full pwr. Sharp oainl 8r Interior. Gwd_rub- bcr/ runs weM. STflS. ME 3-7706 TAKE over pavments on '64 Dodg« Dart-- colno ;- service. GA 3-1740 r 57 DODGE--oood running cond, Best offer 43ft4821 anvllm*. '61 DODGE Lancer, 2 dr. Hdto. Xfnt._ cond.. sharp S550. TO 6-K14 '62 DODGE 440 -dr. Hdlp. V-S aulom. S700. Ph WE 3-7997 'M DODGE 2 dr., pwr. sir., RH, aulom.., »12SO. _ J3A -7?15 wmmmimmm^m CHEVROLET IMPALAS TO CHOOSE FROM! '62 FORO Galaxle 2-dr., stkV Beaulliul condlilon. Owner. Sun 5 ttiru 9 p.m. wkdavs, GA 7-210 \Hi FORD Galaxlc XL, 4 dr. Sharp Orlo. owner. Low ml. power,-fa Jarf air. S1550. 5?y? r 64 FORD.XL CM. Full pwr. ST« '57 FORD Conv. JIM SNOW FORD 15550 Paramount Blvd. ME 4-360 _«JE 4^T \ iransportation'. scda '59 FORD Galaxle 4 dr. R».H, air, $450. 4:6-1065 '63 RANCHERO stklt, radio. exL cond. orto. owner-SSSO. 714-538-3J ·57 FORO, black " convert. 500 owner, t325. W5-52 Mtet for $«!· m FCRD BRAND. NEW RDRD 'C-500'' *Jr,' Town stdan; r»l rtpoed, but with V-l, Crulse-e- mellCf smog device, 2-fon* palnl, radio, · heater, power steering. Was 32ib./U Today's Special NOW $2499.00 20M L.B. Blvd., L.B. CT1-MII -- BUYS -- OK 'W GALAXIE; Forito., R-K; SP»A. Special price »4» 3 GALAXIE. Aulo., R-H, P/sleer. Transportation special sold ai-ls. ^102u-A , __$4W Beach City Chevrolet 3»1 E. Pac. Cil. Hwv. GE 3-7421 Pacific Ford IWp Ford 2-Ooor S«lan. 6-cvl. Pr/riii radto ' heal e r - Ch«X $395 CHRYSLER TRADE-IN '61 FORD Convert. Bltw, V-8, au^mallc, radio, hfater. power slwrfno, w,\v Hrw, etc. Full price ,,.._ . $5(s RAY VINES 424-730 60 FORD . Long Beach $699 if CORMIER CHEVROLET WI SAN DIEGO FREEWAY IILMINTON OFF R 430-5100 CHRYSLER TRADE-IN 1 FORD 2 door sedan, aulcmallc, radio, healer. .Full orlce 5695 RAY VINES Corner.ol Willow iLa_kewoorJ SI. Antoi lor Scrtt 176 MUSTANG '65 MUSTANG HT. Coupe. Si Golcf. RH, slick ... '".Wu'll".'. HT. Coupe. s»ut«me ^fe,;«rfi tO 239 stanoVcJ thlf. ·old. RH. Hew Fire- 3 2W~ConyT"R£iV"»uto. ·o/ Red, Sharp _ , iJW ,, -Vluitano,, 287. R^WTy^. Moorvnlil YtHow . |I5W JIM SNOW FORD 15550 Paramoynl Bjyd. ME 4-WQ Pacific Ford Air condlHoner, power $2395 CHRYSLER TRADE-IN '45 Myslang Hardtop. Factor Air CoiKmionlrrg, V-l, automatic, radio, ·---·-- power steering* «Jc. '_M*« .fw__ flfe heal,.. Absolutely RAY VINES Corner of Willow Lakewood SI. 4?A-7301 · -- Long Beach OK -- BUYS -- OK '65 MUSTANGS; 3 to choose from; yellow,' red, black; priced to sell. . » :,,,,. .17399 Beach City Chevrolet 3201 E. Pac. Csl. HWY. GE 37421 PLYMOUTH 17* Ayfo* for Safe . AIR-CONDITIONED ,,. Ji" 1 ' trensy. for only 1239. '5« Plyrnoulh 7Jr. hardtop, smoo con rot, '« lie., niun bullSl auto. Irans., power 9 eerlno, raoVo, tiealer r vrnlle wall llres. Hrlvale party, GA S-2354 cr OA I-B S .all. .4 p.m, weekdays Salur- s; all d . . . davs; , day Sunday. '40 4-DR. ita. wag pwr. lire. Make oft PONTIAC '61 PonK Bonne. Conv. V-8/ aulomalk) rdto, healer, power steering, w/w tires. Lie. 4 KJD ass. $32 Down $32 Mo. .nctucTes sales lax, Ic. ail carry- no chroes, for only 36 moi. Of If you prefer cash omv $799 FULL PRICE 10,000 Blu« Chip Stamps 10-Day Trial Exchanoo 434-9911 MURPHY LINC.-MERC. 1940 LaV«wood at Circle, L.B. 1965 MUSTANG sell or trade. Burgundy t. while Vvnll. 4 sewed '65 MUSTANG, 1 owner, sllll Iri new car warranty, 2W V-l, pwr. sir. auloni. trans., like new, owner must sacrlllce. Call 8i2-5?S4 NASH CHRYSLER TRADE-IN 63 PONTIAC Grand Prix 2 doer hardtop, factory a'.r conditioning, automatic, radio, healer, power steer In a ..-- --. STTVS RAY VINES ^'aW^ifttXS? "; 2 NASH Stallcn Visa. Good c S50 or Best Offer.- 4!l 6WO. OLDSMOBILE 4I6-7 Long Be ewood ach FORD $699 iM«£?S*-K ft,°TM" C ' "^ CORMIER CHEVROLET 601 Long Beach Blvd. HE 6-5WJ IMPERIAL CHRYSLER TRADE-IN '40 ImpcrFal Crown 2 door, factory air condltlonifl?, full power, radio, healer, power stcerfng, elo. _S, r ?5 Corner of W!!!6w LaXewood BI. J7A-7301 -- Loj^g Baacfi '61 OLDS 98--4 Dr. H.T. Faclorv air lull power. Lie. tf KFE 005. $34 Down $34 Mo. Includes sales lax, lie. all carrying charges for only 30 tiros. Or [f you prefer cash only $899 FULL PRICE ; 10,000 Blue Chip Stamps 10-Oav Trial Exchange 434-5911 MURPHY LINC.-MERC. Witt Lakewood at Circle, L-B. JEEP NEW 1966 JEEPS ALL MODELS -- ALL COLORS, For a belter deal, . see BURSIN'S 4001 CHERRY GA7-18!? EEPS-- Universal*, wagons/ pckps, Fac. author, dlr. SaVes service. RANCHO JEEP SUPPLY GA,TW« 6309 Paramount Blvd.. N.L.B. S JEHP St. V/ag. 4 wheel dr. Warn hub?, tow bar, heater. Excel cond. S795. 42M438. JEEP Dispatcher, 5-whl. drive, ivlon top, turn signals. i950 or est oiler. 439-aeo mode 1 J eeps A-l cc rxJ. , . wtil. dr. 437-5012 LINCOLN ~i?64 EAUTIFUL 1964 Turq.- Lincoln Conv. Has evervlnln,[j ln,d. air cond. Still under warranty. W5-W38 MERCURY '61 Merc. Mont. 4 Dr. Factory air, V-8, auEomallc, radio, healer, p/sleerlno Vrfif.dows. Lie. # QRD 61*. $29 Down $29 Mo. Includes sales tax. He, all carry- Tr.0 charge*,, for only 30 rr,os. Or it you wefer cath only $699 FULL PRICE 5,000 Blue CWp Stamps 10-Dav Trial Exchanoe 434-7911 MURPHY LINC.-MERC. 1940 Lafcewood at Circle. L.B. '61 OLDS tt 4-dr wagon. Automatic . - ful light gre«n fin tin vrtm malch- log original In lor] or. Don't mls^ Ihii buy #Pfr*179A ipeclal price t coe. Ridki, healer, Thlscarlsstiarp SP6-I27TA »10?9, Lamerdln Pontlac -- 211 N. L.B. _Btvd., Complon NE 9-6668. '63 OLD'S v-6 F-85"Cutlass sot. Cpe". Aula. trans., radio, tieater, power steering brakes, air cond., w/s/w tires. Beautiful gold finish vt ti h buc with bucket seats matching all vlnvl interior. This car is like new. 1-vr. written cuart. tt P6- 1A6A. Special Price $1779. dUi Pcnllac, 211 N.L.B. Blvd., Complon. HE 9-6663 CHRYSLER TRADE-IN '63 OLDS F-BS ?-Door Coupe. Faclorv air conditioning, aulo- mallc, radio, heater, power steering, etc. S159S RAY VINES 60 OLDS Super 83 Hdlp. Fail ""PARKWOOD CHEVROLET*^ 5057 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0731 ·62 PONTIAC Grand Prix. Aulo- itk trans., racUo-tiealer, power brakes, w/s/w :t black vlnvl IL 1 vr. written ouarl. t 3080RA. Special price J169J. Laimrdhi Ponllac, 211 N. _L.B. Blvd.. Complon. HE «-666» OK -- BUYS -- OK '63 PONTIAC Grand Prix; VI BUlo, RH. P/stecr; 4B16BI wllh 1-vr. warranty .--, *Wff Beach City Chevrolet 3201 E. Pac. Csl. Hwy. GE 3-7«; '64 PONTIAC Grand Prix 4-spd. trans., radio, heater, power sltrr- Ing brakes, w/s/w tires. Thli car Is sharp Inslce S, cut, anj will sell Quick at this price. I yr. written guart. *P«-177A MJ99 Lamerdln Pontlac, 211 · H.L.B, Blvd., Compton, Hi= 9-6668. '59 PONT. HT. Aulo.. N'o B -rls hbr nlic^ fe.'Warier Motor Sales, 331 W. Anaheln '58 PONTIAC Sedan. Fact. Air Cond ys, .auto., radio, heater, powei 5 * PARKWOOD CHEVROLE 5059 LaKrweod Blvd. ME ·64 GRAND PRIX Full Pwr, Air CondT^ S2699 JIM SNOW FORD 15S50 Paramounl Blvd. ME 4-2600 '60 PONTIAC Bonnevlllft Hdlp. Ful power, factory atr ccnd. --.$6?9 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET SOS9 LaVewood Blvd. ME 3 076' PONTIAC 2-dr rf aulo., o Cash Needed OACf. ELLFLOWER AUTO Air cond. 1SS50 I '63 OLDS 58. 2 door, hardtop, gold. 4 sc^ed hvro, Bulck flld cat wheels w/new Firestone 600 tires. Xlnt cond., 39,000 miles. 633-8875 tf., full owr., r the nicest! S1I95 or ofler. Dlr. . 596*525 PONTIAC Starchlef, 4 door hsrd- tran; M GRAND* Prll b r a k e s . 19, ... Pwr. steering i ..',000 miles. *2,»5 -m-3950 -64 PONT. Bonnevllle 2-dr. hi., a extras . + IBC. air. Xlra nice »2«5. .Dlr. S9M5 '63 PONT. Grand Prix, pwr. air. brakes a win. RH, autorn. trans air cond., 22,000 mil. 431-0448. '64 PONTIAC G.P.; 12119; auto trans. Ex. cond. HE 6-2672 aft? « PM. ·59 PONTIAC Bo air cond., UK. Bellllower Blvd. nne., 4 dr.. hi. 1p . Drlv. parfv. 174? ., Brlirir. 11-S o.m ,,, 4-soeed tran warrantv. S25( 547-351 OK -- BUYS -- OK 1-Yr. V;arran'ly 1Z-" IsiTW Beach City Chevrolet 3201 E. Pac. Cst. Hwv. CE 37421 '57 MERCURY Turnpike Cruiser, full power. A steal @ 1195 TJO CASH NEED OAC Ray Johnson GE 3-0929 2533 Lakewood at Willow St. ·60 MERCURY Monlclalr Hdtp. Radio, healer, power steering -S2W PARKV.OOD CHEVROLET SOS? Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 PLYMOUTH PLYMOUTH '64 Fury 8 Sedan i!7X5 Year Warranty L.B. Blvd. Fu y Equipped, 1 Year Hoi day Rambler, 1427 '65 ME Full I .ERCURY Parfclane HT. Ccu wer . - _______ JIM SNOW FORD BOT 15550 Paramount BlvtJ. ME- 4-2SOO '63 MERC. S5S cpe. 51SW. An ex- dCDlionallv clean, crlo. carl Os' 8. Chtrrv. '62 MERC.: SSS, full power, e to appreciati concUticner, condition. See Phone PA 5^564. ·57 MERC. Montclarr. 4 dr. hardloo, RiH. Pwr. Sir. Clean. 5250. 421-2571 METROPOLITAN '59 METRO.' R1H. W.S.W., 40.000 ml. Immac. MOO. ..._. 4M.S092 MUSTANG '65 ^AUSTANG. G. T. Interior. If 4.sod. Low ml. Priced,^sejl so. ow m. 5M1 The Toledo, 20 C O N V E R T I B L E S \\\ tqutpped with V-8 engine, automatic transmissioi lower steering, radio heater. *1999 100 COUPES and SEDANS AU equipped with V-8 engine, automatic tranimlsslo power steering, radio heater, $2199 100 COUPES and SEDANS Factory Air Condit ilh V-B .engirt*, outom odlo, hnrer and factor *2399 With Factory Air Conditioning All equipped with V-8.trigiM, automatic transmission, power steering, radio, hearer and factory air conditioning. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Buy today, drive tonight, if not satisfied, faring back tomorrow and get your money back! 220 1965 CHEVROLETS All In one spot! Nevtr before 10 many fine cars available fo chooie from! CORMIER Chevrolet Co. The Largest, Newest, and Most Modem Car Center LOCATED ON THE SAN DIEGO FREEWAY AT WILMINGTON OFF-RAMP IONS BEACH PHONE 830-5100 SALES DEPARTMENT OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK AUTHORIZED NEW CAR DIRECTORY FOR SALES SERVICE BUICK Pea Irs Iras. Bnlck 157K Belli. Blvd. PiMill CADILLAC Riding's Cadillac . 1501 L.B, Blvd. HE 7-K41 CHEVROLET Cormier Chevrolet on San Dieoo Freewav al Wllmlnglon oft ramp. E30-5TM Beach City Chevrolet 3001 E. FCH CE 3-7411 Georqe Chevrolet 17000 Lhvd. BI. Bill. WA S-?ii1 Glodhill Chevrolet 334 East Anaheim wllmlnirlen Harbor Chevrolet 3770 Chtrrv GA 4-3341 Farkwood Chevrolet 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 34781 Chrysler Plymouth Carl T s Motors 1200 Avaron Wirmlng or, Ed larbori «» CandlewooJ, Lkwd. 54-7530 R. O. Gould Co. iMO Long Bfaclt BI. Hg 7-3871 ENGLISH FORD C. lob Autrcy 1840 L.B. Blvd. 59M373 Plaia hfotars 17439 Clark Aye., Bellt. TO 7-77ES FIAT PaTmer Moton MM Alls-Tllc GA 447S4 FORO Glen Organ Ford m So. L. B. Blvd. Cpl. NE 2-7145 Henilejr-Anc'trson «3U AlonrJra, Belli. TO 7-J7M Kon Ir Smolar 33S W«f Anaheim Wllmfnglofi Lot Altoi Ford 1X1 Bellflower Blvd. 5?M7tl Mel turns Ford MM L.B. Blvd. 591-331 Pacific Ford MM Cherry Avt. 4K.JM1 DATSUN Long leacli Motors 17W Lftnfl Beatti BI. ni-Utl DODGE Glenn E. Thome? M E. Anaheim 437-B1 Jack Widger Dodge li?OQ Lkwd. BI., Dell TO 6-9031 CHRYSLER TRADE-IN '« Plymouth Station Waoon, Vt, aufomatlc. radio, heater, itc. Va- catkin special S1WS RAY VINES earner of Willow LaVewood BI. 426-7301 -- Long Brach __qr^ _bcsl offer. 'o3 PONT". Catalina. Owr^r drafts Takg over pymts. 43Q-4iy '59 PONT. 3 dr."RH, LXw«r tr. braV«. Xlnt. eond. W5-S^5 '65 PONT. Lcjjmans--aold coVrx sptf. cream-txjH. S2500. 8X.-X03 . Prlv. DlV. 41. PONTIAC 17* I i 1965 EXECUTIVE CAR CLEARANCE SALE Cata Ina SooVl Couow, 2 4 2 Calallni SrSorti. Hew cor OUST- ·nlee. Tremer;tfouj savrnoi. JOHN P. LAMERDIN PONTIAC 302 N.L.B. Blvd., Comclon NE 9-6U6 M PONTIAC rnaMc, radio/ Grand Prix. V-», au o- rnaMc, radio, heater, power s1«r- Ing and brakes, factory air eondl- tkmlng. Stock £3039 J7S95 IMS Lono Btach Blvd. HE 7-4111 RAMBLER Cn.^.'teS.foWl Auto* for Sol* 174 THUNDERBIRD Autos for Sot* Page t. 174 'il T-B1RD. HT CPE V4, MI to ma lie, radio, heater, power steering, WAV Urn. Lie. *$ir C D?WN $41 MO. (iKhxie* sales fax. Me. all carrying chret*, lor only 34 mos. Or II YOU prefer cash ofllv $1199 FULL PRICE 10,000 Blua Chip Stamps 10-Da/ Trial txchanoe 434 Mil MURPHY LINC.-MERC. 1?40 Latcewood at Circle. L.B. Pacific Ford ,,W Tlrunderblrd Hardtop, i Power Eqv'omenll Faclorv t I Condlllonlngl A Best Buvl PCN 6 RAND new 1966 Rambler "IB 2-door sedan. Stock tr 8154. $1795 RANCHO RAMBLER 1140 Long Beach Blvd. 591-3341 .RAND new l?66 Rambler Classic 2-Dcor Sedan. Sleek S8204. $1995 RANCHO RAMBLER 2160 Long Beach Blvd. Agl-3341 64 RAMBLER, radio, healer, elc. Slock S254S. Best Rambler Buv " RAN''CHO''RAMBLER 2S5 2180 Lena Beach Blvd. S71-3341 M RAMBLER Ami)., «!«., Mlv equip., RH, air cond., aulo. trans. Pwr. slrg., tinted glass, padded dash, elc. Cleanest In lownl Orlg. owner. S». 3)65 E. P.C.H.. GE «-026«; eves. HA M536. 45 RAMBLER "200" 2 door sedan. Today's Best Buy. Stock t M4I. '"RANCHO RAMBLER 2143 Long Beach Blvd. V RAMBLER* 2-Door Sedan. Aulo- sv. Fj?Mii w j.J!^-J8£ RANCHO RAMBLER 2140 Long Beach Blvd. 591.JM1 a RAMBLER SaJ'ri Cuslom, Aulo., radio, heater. . . ~^6n STUJJEBAKER 5TUOE. Six 'U Club Sedan. SWS Radio, Heater. 2 Year Warranlv Holiday Rambler 1427 L.B. Blvd. $1795 'K-3301 '60 T-BIRD ..;; $799 Snort Coupe. Full power, MOJ 036 CORMIER CHEVROLET '65 T-BIRD Full power, air conditioning, excel. cond. prlv. " ieai. Must sell. '62 T-B1R-3 convert. Doctor's car, " " o*er, air. Can 's Shell Stallon. Palo Verde A Spring. 51,795. K T-BIRD -- Full power. Sha $1399 PARKWQOD CHEVROLET 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0791 '55 T.BIRD. Complelcly rebulll. All SI T-BIRO Full pwr., air c $14» JIM SNOW FORD IS5SO Paramount Blvd. ME 1-2600 .. T-BIRD. . ... PARKWOOD CHEVRC.'-ET 50J9 Lakewood Blvd. . ME 3-0781 '58 T-BIRO, fac. air., Xlnt. tires Will taVe KM cash. 1S418 Allanllc, Comolo.1 19S4 T-BIRD. Xlnl. condition, al power, air cond., private early Ph. GE 3-6354 or HE 2-1549. Going to EasrtoaYt: 4!T-27ii;Wt 4094. Mr. Roessler. M v;eexdavs '" T BIR j'i.l*SoB-T5BB- JW 1S5M Paramount Blvd. ME 4-2600 ·56 STUDEBAKER Coupe--Gas saver, stick O'drlve \ 99 . ' PARXWOOD CHEVROLET 5059 Lakewood Blvd. MEljjTfM '57 STUDE. LARK V _VERY GOOD CONO.-?250r 867-1359. '63 STUDEBAKER Lark. 6 cvl. Slick Stilt. Xlnt- Ccnd. S650. 438-5525 'St STUDESAKER, 6 cvl. slick. overdr.. great transo. car, il*5. Ph. ^3-410|. days only. ; o2 STUDE. Gran Turlsmo ,«;'. RH, excell cond. S1050 GA7-OSfc« TEMPEST ·M TEMPEST GTO 4 -sod., radio, heater, beautiful leal treen finish with matching ortotnal tnlerlor. TWs car Is iharp. runs like a bomb. 1 vr. wrMten ovjart. ^T6- HOA soec* price S»W. Lamerdln ponllac, 211 N.L-.B. Blvd., Como- lon. NE 9-6448. LaM ·59 T-BIRD, Conl. kit., while w/red '61 chrorrm Lincoln eng., ali pwr SCSI otler. 714, 962-8315. 62 T-BIRD. MID., full owr.. air. ' SS T-BIRO. Very oood corj). Stkk . . w/ovrdr. 5?SS. HA 9-M27. ooo HA VALIANT VALIANT '«S Club Serjan SI39 Radio, Heater. 2 Year Warran Holiday Rambler, 1427 L.B. Blv '62 TEMPEST Ketfer! -- LaManns Coupe, automatic, ratflc/ PARKWOOD CHEVROLET MTakewood Blvd. rVIE M7J1 THUNDERBIRD '63 T. BIRO, faclorv air, full rxjwer elcc. Like new. S5»5. GE 9-7426 ·5» T-BIRD-Good cond. Take over cavmls. at M2 mo. 4292375 ·64 T-BIRO Landau. Air, lull pwr., wire wheels. S2TOO. 714-627^821 '63 T-GIRD AM-FM, air, lull DTrr. _^jj!^So'?Musl sell. 421-5587 ·sa T-BIRD", motor , Ke« calnl, overhaul. S575. '« PLYMOUTH Sports Furv. V-8, automatic, radio, healer, p/steer- Ina and brakes, bucket seats. Slock #3065 S3095 SALTA PONTIAC 1545 Lono Beach Blvd. HET-jin '63 PLYMOUTH Valiant stand 200 Coupe; automatic trans., radio, healer, SJock S2598 UWS RANCHO RAMBLER 2160 Long Beach BivrJ. 591.3341 '63 PLY.'Fury Hdtp. Priced lo sell. $349 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET _M5 LaKewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 '57 J-LY/AOLTH Hardtop, aiito~. Snavely Longford Dodge 401 N. L. 3, Blvd. Cpl. HE 1-15M Suburban Dodge 445 E. AIM helm Wilmington Verne Holrnes Dodcje 3!th Atlanlic GA 4-8601 JEEP Doss«r Motors 4005 E. ANAHEIM GE 4S60 LINCOLN MERCURY Murphy Lincoln Mercury 19« LaKewood Blvd. 434-9911 Roy Fladeboe 17617 Belt. BI.. Bell. TO 4-17J1 Val C. Walter, Inc. m_ll. L.B. Blvd. Cpl. 6306^502 MERCEDES'" Palmer Motors 1300 Atlantic GA 4O754 "OLOSMOBlLE Dick Irowning Oldsmobile Sales Service J227 Long Beach BI. HE 6-9631 Leo Rule Olds 505 S. L.B. Blvd., Cpt. ME 8-4111 PONTIAC J. P, Lomerdin. Inc. 211 H. L. B. Blvd. Col. 639-6661 Reiman-Turpin Pontlac 41; West AnaneVn Vrllmlnolon Salfa Ponfjae 15JS Lena Beach BI. HE 7.4111 Suburban Ponrfac 174» Belt,. BI. Btll. TO 6-1725 RAMBLER Don-A-Vce RambTer 15737 Bellf. Blvd. TO 7.72M Friendly Rambler 410 H. L. B. Blvd. Col. NE I 05»l Holiday Rambler 1427 L.B. Blvd. HE 6^9001 Raneho RambUr 2160 Lono Beacti Blvd. 591-3341 TOYOTA Hal Keenum's Imports 35SO E. PCH «90Wi VOLKSWAGEN CircTe Motors Inc. Ill) Likeweod Blvd. GE 4-H4 Kendon Motors Pacific CJI. Hwv. at Norma-xKe Ha'bor CIlv TE 2-2S24 Lokcwoad Motors M15 SouHl SI. Lfcvitt TO t074l Lee Carpenter, Inc. 305 S. L.B. BI., CPT. M8-HM Klcketti Mer»r» 101(1 «, L.B. Slvd. X3i-52H JIM SNOW FORD LEASE DEPT. You can now lease any new '66 Ford or most any new make of car, from Jim Snow Ford. Jim Snow Ford offers you personalized leasing that's tailored to your exact need, desire, and budget. Jim Snow Ford, your authorized Ford Dealer, has the Facilities, Experience and the Service. LEASE AT ... JIM SNOW FORD 7911 AlONDSA ILVD.. PARAMOUNT (COR. PARAMOUNT ALONDRA) 634-5463 . . er. COTK. e a . $1200. CE f-mt all. '60 VALIANT V200 RiK., Aulo. Air JIM SNOW FORD I5550 Paramount Blvd. ME 47600 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 5059 LAKEWOOD BOULEVARD HARDWICK STREET In the Lakewood Shopping Areat · Directly Across From May Co. BRAND NEW 1966 CHEVROLET CAPRICE CfE $2725 CHEVY II *1889 CHEV. v, , en r:c. U p ..,.., M 789 CORVAIR e«. I III $ 1890 CHEV. 7-PASS. BEL AIR WAGON 2*»99 CHEVELLE ,.,,. SEO $1990 CHEV. , DR SED *2099 1 966 1966 1966 1966 1966 1966 1966 1966 1966 CHEV. IMf c « $ 2399 MALIBU CPE $ 2198 CPE. $799 DN. O.A.C. FACTOXY ORDERS TAKEN PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 5059 LAKEWOOD BLVD. ME 3-078! Acroa from the MAY CO. NE 6-0271 One Picture is Worth 1000 Words We don't fl» In for a kl of fancy oratory. Wo lust iell aood Uietf Can! CHIH In-- we'JI show you what we mean by good, clean Used Cars . . , lituuic we've 0ot them her* await frig votrr ^e- ecllon. Sedans, caupes, wag- ooi-- [usr wnat veu wan(. Low prfces. Easy lerrm. For tco vatues: 'Si CHRYSIER Windsor 4-Dr. $EAO .. *H T scat ar^l sfeer- Ing, at well ai loll ol other . KFCJ70 "AIR WAG ON r ' '60 RAMBLER Amfaas'dr. 4-Dr... Thli critter Is "WAY OUT"; steering, brakes, V-f, automatic Irani., rarfio, hearer; ale model hF-rubber white* waill. Bnl GOOD, but GOODI 'il FALCON $TOO Dlx.--l.Dr. Sdn....."~ Automate (rani.; radio, healer; piealid ratwlc loltrfor, freiPi green exferior. Excep tlcnaf quality. FGD 217. F'65 Deluxe SQQO '*! OLDS 4-Dr..;O7T Real eutt little fellow; power U wring, aulo, shift,* all white with smarliy keel interhr in OUTSTANDING BUT ·63 DODOE -Dr. Sdn. V-8 Automatic stuft; radls, heater, power steering. YOU WANT QUALITY FOR LESS M O N E Y ? HERE GOES! $lftOO T 1 O7T WAGON A beautlht tJoor by Dodge; tfeierr beige wllh ginger top. II you have a family, you' enloy Inn on * ivrnmer trio. KJB 774. CHEVROLET BARGAIN! ·44 IMPALA $1AAA Sport Sedan ."1T7T Factory afr eonrfillwied; wWte with brut interior; 3?^00-mtl« car. You 11 say It's n ' $9390 **"* CONTINENTAL If you bellev« In the ftcf lh»l every car rfHHrrg en te hrways Is * used car, here II i our chtact lo own and en- ay Ihe luxury ef one el flw inesi 4 - door ^ere, HIT 100. WANTED YOUR 1USINESS REWARD AN UNBELIEVA1LE IUY OH A CLEAN USED CAR AT. . . Oscar Gregory CHEVROLET Corner of PARAMOUNT and COMPTON SLVDS. PARAMOUNT ME 0-5861 WE WILL SELL... 300 USED CARS IN MARCH COME IN AND SEE WHY! 'St .CHEV. EL CAMIHO. RAH, Hydra-Matrc floor itilfU tar- ptKJlIn cave. Lale «MiA mottel Chtvrolet, V-l-- «»*?3' 'M FORO ECONOLfNE VAN. Radio, heater. Mo $1O.4O cno!ne. Shaj-pL - l£P**r MAMT MQRZ TO CHOOSE FltOH * · · · · · · · · · * · · * · · * * : IriCONE TAX REFUKDS * . THO KOT RECEIVED . · HONORED HERE 0,4.0, · TRUCKS 'il CHEV. il-TON Fleehlde, V 8, 4-spd. trans., beavv rul- ber, e x c e l l e n t tdrou^^ut. Ideal lor illOO camper AW3^ CHEV. u-TONi R«hlde . . Big 6-cvl. cm., Irsns., R!.H. Like t 4-sceed bed. Iran: new Ihrouotout '51 CHEV. "i-TOH PICKUP. Lono betf. Va tntfnc. Racki on side. A steal it '« CHEV. CORVAIR. Van body, x*pd. trans., ridto and healer, i : ; twuled. LWte new ~ ·a CHEV. Irt-TON. Cab chassis. V-3, lona w/ba5e, 3- axle, x-sod. rear axle ,, WAGONS '(3 CKEV. tlioyri RH, P'olkte, 6cvl. S SDollEs Ihrcuchout ·n PONTIAC BcmtvliiB, « pass. RH., aulom., P/SOOO steering. A steal at. . O '63 CHEV. ll Nova, 6-eau., R*H. P/glltJt, P/r«ar. window. Grocn IfaOjQ HnUh lOSSI '64 CHEV. Bel Air, inass. V 8/ RH, p/gtlde, P/Jt. Sf QCIQ Clean Ihrouctloul--. *O«7«» Imrnacijtale . 'n CHEV. Bel Air. Fact, air cond., V-8, RAH, Powerollde, Power slecrlna. i " Lie. ROT 343 '64 GREENBRIER t-Put. RH P.ollde. Llk« new s throuchoui -'65 CHEV. Bd Air tnrotfa. 6 and 9 pass, waoons. Some wllh air 4 lo choose.. ALL PRICED RISHTI '60 COMET Dlxe. WMOns. Lira- gang rack, R1H., ifi/lO auto. . Ot;7 waaon. V-8, RH., Pwr.'glldc) pwr. Heer. SMlless throughout . MAHY MORE TO CHIOIC F«OM CHEVROLET SPECIALS 'ft BEL AIR StOan. Rill, P/ glide, P/stter. Fdcl. 1OA air. Trulv a j1esl_. ItSKf '5? CORVETTE. Rtl, Power- clklc. si 1OO A beaulv _ * *·»«» 'M MONZA Syitr CK. RH, 4-sod. X-r s 1 QO besl buy at 11S»«» '65 BEL AIR 2 Dr. V B, RH, P/OIWe, P/iletr. »9« -ftk Live brand newl «* · 57 '65 IMPALA COM. V-8, RH, P/ollde, owr. steering, sv/walls. 2 lo choose. Both under warranty -- ·it IMPALA HIP. Sldin RH, P/glkte, walls. Faclory and like nett '64 IMPALA Snarl Cor. V-3, RH, P/sllde, owr. ileer., w/ walls. Beautiful Ihrouahout and l a 'J*_ _ '1799 'M IMPALA HdlD. Sedan. V-8, RH, P/ollde, vttr. steer., wX walls. Lie. FMV f 4 7CO 012. A Cfcam Puff! ··Iw '« CHEV. II Sol. Cpei. RH, P/olWe, P/ileer., tMfer war- rEfilv. 1 lo choose, $91*104 Your choke .fcV***? pur. steer., w/ air lOCOQ J.asf«» Other Values '42 FORD GJ. 500 Spt. Cpc. Big V-8 cno.. 3 urburelors, RK, 4-spectr. JQC.VO A ho» one! _____ - OSHf ngne, , wring. Fa ct. If TQO . 1/SfSf 'M FORD OH*xfi 5M Sperf Seifan. V-8, 390 engine, RH, Cruisemalic, P/ifttrli """ air corw- HV« ntwl 'M FORD CuiUrn MO S«f. V-B, RH, Crulsomalk, P/sEcerlrw. Faclory air cond. 11 COO A sreal at MUSf '63 PONTIAC GrantT PrJr Spt. Cpei. 2 lo choose. $1OOO Both sharpl +99*9 'tl FOUD Ftfrfane 2-tfoor, V-8, RH, SW. frani. Economy plus an immaculate carl '2399 (C) Dial HE t.1283 or n*rui«ip Mtfc, DWI*. 1349 rKtri ut .·899 new! ·6? BUICK LeSsore Cpe. R8.H, Aulo., P/ileer. i| 9QO Immaculate *OOO ·U PONTIAC CatUln Set. Cpt. RH, auto., P/sl«r., Faclorv a!r. Lite ' brand newl '42 GRAND PRIX Set. CM. RH, aulo., P/st«r., electric windows. Fact. ill. i Gorgeous Ihruoul. -- ·a OLDS. U Holiday Hirdre* Sedaa. RUH, automatlr - * stferkvff. rmmacv- $ ~ late throvonout .-'{] RAMBLER AmtrTC Serin. R1H, Sid. sWIt. Sharol ·a OLDS st HMM» H»roleo Sedan. Full cower, RH, auto- mall*,, tacforv air. A tow ir.iUaof. Cor«Kn S beatilvl _ sold. 2 to thoote from both Ilkt rxind S9A4O ncwl _._.. £W9 MIKT M O R E T« CHOI1I FROM OSCAR GREGORY CHEVROLET

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