Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 12, 1929 · Page 12
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1929
Page 12
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«-, <!^^ 12 THE ALTOONA MlKROR-TimSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, WEEKLY REVIEW OF FOREIGN NEWS World Anticipates French Ratification of Young Plan 1 —Coal Situation Serious In England. Still She's Queen of "Aggies" lly l.OriS F. KKFMI.K, 1. 1*. Cubic I'Mlfor. Tlip Niiticm.'il proKi-1'.-.-H nf France, luiltpil for npjirly thi-i-i! woks by a hinttiH in £ovrnmi''iit.s tins bonn resumed with the iinrxportrd mnjorlty frivi'n to the jfovr-nimnnt of Andre Tardlcn in the rhiimbor of doputloH. Tardicn, who lias :in rxt''iisivr program for clomoHtir cleviflcipmirnt. nnd Ariatide Brinncl, vf'tfran in foreign affairs, now fool fairly free to go ahead with Uieir proRMims. The world looks for T'ronoh rnt.lflca- tion of the YOIIJIK plun, completion of the Rhinoland evaruation, settlement of. th« Sanr basin problem nnd active cooperation in ()!•• five-power naval arms conference next .lanunry. Great Tfrltnin had a bn^y and momentous week. Tim Labor tfovernmiint. faced parliament, and fareil at least as well as could be. expected. With the support of Lloyd Gourde, trenchant Liberal leader, the agreement to resume trade relations \viHr Husfllit was approved. Tin; Renem! principle of Premier J. Hiimsay McDonald's peace and disarmament, efforts, including his visit to Washington, wan a.pproved by Commons. Lloyd Gcnrpe, however, managed slyly to Insinuate a fly In the ointment by <|iiostionlnf» llae.Donald on whether he hud acrQrnpllshed anything more definite than a theoretical agreement in principle, and eliciting n. negative answer. The government evaded an embarrassing situation In India, by a statement, in the house of lords In which Lord Passlfled, the Colonial secretary,' fllsclaimefl ariy intention of establishing early dominion status in that'coimtry. The coal situation continued serious for tho government ,-wlth the prospect of. a strike not yet dissipated, although the government strove mightily to.pcr- su&de the owners to meet the demands of : the miners for ,n. geve.n-hnur day •wlhout wage reduction by conceding a seven and one-half hour day. In Germany, progress was made on the proposed separate reparations agreement with 'tlie Willed States, which reached tho stage of formal discussion. The Nationalist campaign for a referendum against tho Young plan appeared to bo doomed'to failure. Signatures to the petition for a referendum were barnly roqul»lt«v and a recount might show the petition to have failed. Tho. prospect* ,o( a success of tho referendum, even if It worn held, seemed too rempte for .consideration. Preliminary work for establishing the International bank was completed at Saden Baden under American chairmanship, with Basle, Switzerland, chosen as the site of the bank. Prlnio Do Rivera, Spanish dictator, «iald that opposition to tho new constitution mado It impossible for him to relinquish tho dictatorship next year, as he had planned, and a. return to constitutional government was postponed indefinitely. Italy and Jugo-Slavla were exchanging notes again over tho beating of an Italian legation official in. a Belgrade cafe row. Moscow celebrated ^.the. twelfth anniversary of the Soviet revolution with ''..rejoicing. The economic, conditjon of the country was advertised 'as 'excellent, and the campaign for nationalization of the grain sifpply 1s' claimed'to be succeeding. Minor repercussions occurred in various parts of the world in the form of Communist demonstrations, but the rJotlng was. not aerioiiH. The struggle for supremacy in China continued indecisive. .Report^ tlanallsts and opposition sources wero HO'colored and prejudiced that,It was, huYd to form an opinion of tho trend of'events. Tho Nanking government, however, did not' appear In serious danger. SnliPlhn, Kansas, I* noted for being the homn of ono of the hlggeftt chicle hiitcherles In tho rinintry—and then them's Kdlth Hockenstettc. Edith's dad runs »ho Hi Irk hatchery, and sho Is also an authority on chick problems. Conseipiently, when sho was recently elected ipieen of tho "Ag" students nt the Kansas Slate Agricultural college she received the honor primarily because of-he.r agricultural background nnd then blictinso Him was fair to look at. Sho studies rural commerce nnd during vacations manages n (52,000 egg Incubrtlor at Hiawatha, Kansas. SABBATH SCHOOL TEACHER HONORED Tlie Earnest Workers class of St. Paul's Reformed churcb, Juniata, tendered its teacher, Hurry Miller, a surprise 'pflrty in honor of his long and valued Hcrvices as the leader. Mr. Ml I tar and'his family will 1 imortly be movinK to their new homo juwt beyond HollldayHburg whora ho has purchased a. farm. The Earnest Workers class led by Mr. Miller is one of the busy groups of workers in St. Paul's church and their loyalty was shown in tho auspicious gathering in lii.s honor Tho meeting was opened with prayer by Rev. V. D. firubb and an address in which he' pointed out the high esteem in which Mr. and Mrs. Miller are held by'the mombern of the church Besides being the teacher of this classj Mr. Miller has. been very active in every phase of church work and has served as an elder for many years, and in every case dependable and faithful in Christian service. N. L.. Koran, superintendent of the Sunday school, then addressed the gathering and paid his tribute to Mr. Miller's value as a teacher In tho Sunday school and church work in general. Mr. Miller responded with profuse expression of his appreciation for the honar shown him, expressed his delight and satisfaction in being able to take his part in the work of the Church of Jesus Christ. The class presented them with a beautiful fern and floor lamp as tangible tokens of their-high esteem. The presentation was^made by Rev. Grubb. Those present were ns follows: Rev. and Mrs. V. D. Grnbb, Mr. and Mrs. N. I/. Korris, Mrs. J. W. Gramley, Mrs. ,T. Moore, Mrs. H. G. Edwards, Mrs. J. Davis, Mrs. E. W. Berkehiser, Mrs. t,. A. Winter, Mrs. W. E. McKinney, Mrs. J. A. Lytlc, Mrs. R. C. Palmer, Mrs W. L. Ecrbie, Mrs. Pnul Nowarlt, Mrs. C. TllleU, Mrs. S. P. barter, Mrs. J. A. Stamm, Mrs. E. T. Miller, Mrs. Chalmers Cunningham, Mrs. Zinn, Mrs. W. «. Qulggle, Mrs. T. C. Rlslnger, Mrs. O. S. Shaal, Mrs. S. W. Campbell, Mrs. Benj. Messier, Miss Hattie Langer, Mrs. Alberta Reigh, Mrs. O. Byrns, Mrs. Wester, Mrs. E. C. North, Mrs. F. T. Mentzer, Miss Sara I-ytle, Miss Dorothy Ed- wards, John Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Miller, Elton Miller, Ronald Miller, Clyde Miller, Mrs. Rebecca Blattenberger and Miss Lottie Blattert- bergcr. Fpllowing the/ formal program a splendid hour of sociability and good fellowship was enjoyed by all present. Tho Juniata home of the Millers is 307 Tenth avenue. MONOCLES FOB WOMEN. LONDON, Nov. AZ.— The well-dressed English woman this y^ar is wearing a monocle. There have been monocled debutantes, monocled brides and mon- ocled business women. Signs of the monocle craze which swept Paris in 1925 and 1927 are being watched closely by opticians with an eye for business and an eye for a monocle. Freshness One more reason why SALADA stands so far ahead in the tea industry. The metal package preserves the freshness. KfiB* FAttM Progressive farmers find that accounts kept on "ielr operations reveal where profits are made and losses incurred. .Changes in organization and operation can be made profitably only when sufficient information is available to justify them, Your county agent will tell you how to start your bookkeeping. A NEW CHEESE ' • VELVEETA For Stt/e #y yotu Grocer i . TEA "Fresh from the QctrdensP 568 I "Central Pennsylvania's Own Chain Stores" with Yellow Fronts. ALTOONA PEOPLE GO : TO SUNSHINE COLONY St. Petersburg, Flu., a favorite win- tec homo for rnjiny AUooniuuj, IH already beginning to (111 up with lotal .people and othuro from nil over tins north, advices' from tlio '"Su'imhlne" ulty state. It IH Hinted curly urrlvulH fr<)m thlH city number an «vnh dozen with reservatlonH for many mure before ThankHKivlntf. Included In the local follm at St. PotersburR are the following:' |ilr. and Mrs. Lewis Edwards, 1418 Second avenue, Mi«« UertrudA Mil- wards, 810 Twenty-third Htrm-t, and George Kraft, 1503 K«ll uvmiue, motor- ed'there for the Hi*uson and huvr taUfn a home at 544 FcmcUenUi Hlruel, north. !{tlr. and Mr«. Gerald (iauntner, 141X Twenty-ttrst •avunun, arrivud ro<'«ntly fov their second wintrr in tlio "Sunshine" city and art: mulling their home atsIOH Twelfth avenue?* north. Mrs. Hannah- Knlchl<*, 'MK Sixth avenue, and A. Moorhead, 'Ml'H Kixth avenue, are enjoying tlu'lr flrHt visit there and ure residing ut 1^11 Nineteenth avenue, south. Mrs. Robert F. Notley, L'10 CliPHtnut avenue motored there fcir her fifth xeauon and has reopened IUT humi: at 1816 Twenty-second street, south. Mr. and Mrs. G. AJ. tituward, 000 Twsnty-eecond avenue, arrived by rail recently for their ninth winter and are living at 1310 Twenty-eighth street, north. Mlsu Kathryn O'Donnell. 810 Fifth avenue, motored from Altoonii tor her third winter and has taken an apartment on I^oalmun avenue nnd Thlrty- eeventh street. NICKNAME IS SIMIM.KIt. LONDON, Nov. 12.—"S. II. 1 J . 36" or para-benzoyl-pura-amino- benzoyl-Amino-naiihthol :j:G sodium sulphonatt> la the latent treatment lor innuenza, deserlbed by Dr. Raymond M. Pearce iu the British Medical Journal. 86 Stores 86 Stores 13612 nth Ave. Noxt Door to llrett'* Every Day Is Dollar Day at the Golden Brown Hat Shop Don't -Miss These Values! QUALITY INVITES YOU To Shop At Shaffer's Where You Get The Best I For The Least. v | Specials For Dollar Day! j ' o .:..... IT,, «M f\f\ ' Cakes Cakes Hand Picked—Cooking or Eating Good Cookers All Colors, Styles and Head Sizes For Mother and Daughter { Apples j Potatoes | Sweet Potatoes . .... 10 Currants ...... . Calumet . . . '.*& ^ d ^ \ •W " $1.001 $1.00 I llth Aye. !?«*•«. fc EASY MONEY! NO HARD WORK! $300 In Cash Prizes Sugar. . . .....'..'.;.* . . . .17 Shredded Wheat . . .10 13 Cans Sunshine Milk •'.P and Q Soap . . . . 28 Palmolive Soap . . .15 $1.75j 45c j 25c 18c 32c! Pk. Ibs. Pkg. Ib. COFFEE Shaffer's Special.Ib. 35c Log Cabin Ib. 50c Maxwell House. . Ib. 53c MARGARINE .Alco01ep,.^....lbi23c Honey Gold..... Ib. 25c aib.RollOleo.. . .59c N. B. C. Peak's Fancy Asstd.. 21c 2 Ibs. Premiun Flakes 34c Hostess Chocolate Dixie Loaf 20c English Walnutsc«/. NO. 1 31c ib. Easton Mayonais.. 3*/ 2 ox. lOc Octagon Cleanser Can 5c Argo Laundry Starch 3 / ib. Pkgs. 25c Parsons' Ammonia . . 15c BREAD Our Own Baking PennAltO Large WrappedIQ C Long Wrapped Sc Good Flavor . ^ , 9 C DILL'S REMEDIES j Cough Syrup . . Bottle 25c ! White Pine & Tar . Bottle 25c \ Liniment Bottle 35 C | Epsotabs . . ..... 23c I P.r»or>iri .^alt Pkg. ^C * Epson Salt Castor Oil 2 oz. Flasks Peroxide . . . 4oz Camphorated Oil . Spirits Camphor 15c 15c 15c Spirits Nitre ..... 15c La Grippe Tablets . . 25 c Aspirin Tablets Bot ^ 18c -MEATS- CHRISTMAS TREASURE HUNT CONTEST &0^&^fi#&ftA4i**Z ,, Beef to Boil ib. Veal to Stew ib. 22 25 Fresh -| J { Bologna I /•_ y t IB. JL TT Meat Loaf Vz Ib. «•••> VMBP 18 Pig's Liver Sliced Ib. Ham Bologna Vz Ib. is 181 1 Offering the greatest money saving Values of the year, tomorrow for the entire family, plan to be here early, as some lots are limited! 1 Lot Women's up to $6.95 FOOTWEAR 336 Pairs Newest Fall Styles Strap Pumps, Tie models and- Step-in, effects . are . included, in Patents, Satins, Black and Tan'Kid and Ostrich' leath'ere. High and Cuban heels. Sizes 2y a to 9. Widths AAAAA to D in the lot, but not in each style. No exchanges. No refunds. All sales final. , T / REDUCTION /O One Day Only This Includes all our famous makes, such tig' Stetsons, Florsheims, Bench Mades, Friendly Fives and Police and Postman Shoes for men. Paradise, Queen Quality, Drew Arch Rest, Stetson, Enna Jettick and Combination lasts for women, Simplex Flexies and other makes for children* Rubber Footwear, Arch Supports, Hosiery and Findings are not included. This Applies to CASH Sales Only and Items not specially priced JUST LOOK AT THESE VALUES Women's $6—$6.95 Pumps and Ties Women's Pumps A small lot of Brown and Black Kid, Patent and Velvet Footwear, also Salesmen Samples, priced at half and less tomorrow. Every Sale Final. . t ' ' ,'• ," In Patent Leather, square toes, Cuban • heels;—with. hammered steel buckle. Tomorrow only. No Exchanges! • No Refunds! Misses' $3.50—$3.9S Pumps & Oxfords Tan and Black Oxfords and Patent Pumps. Sizes 11 % to 2, at gr«at Mothers wil| appreciate this value. No Exchanges! No Refunds! Colonial savings. 3 2 2 Pair Pair Pair Children's $1.50 to $I.9S Straps & Oxlorcls Patent Leather and Smoked Elk Straps and Ties. . Sizes 2 to 8. Flexible, soles. Bring the children along tomorrow to be properly fitted. Every Sale Final! Infants' $1.00 Shoes Soft soles, button styles, three or four different colors, slightly soiled. No Exchanges! No Refunds! 25 'air C Pair Growing Girls $4- — $5 Straps and Ties In Patent Leather. Sizes 2% to 8. Junior and Military heel. Outstanding values. Every Sale Final!. Pair Buy Your Christmas Slippers, Now! Women's $3 Pullman Slippers Of Black Satin, with Satin case. Sizes 2 to 8, for personal use or for Christmas Gifts, and note tlie s saving • No Exchanges! No Refunds! Pair C Men's $1.50 Slippers Men's <$3 Pullman Slippers Women's $1.50 Slippers Girls' $1.95 Ballet Slippers Brown and Grey Felt Uppers with turn down collar, heavy padded soles; 'Dad or big Brother will appreciate a pair of these. Sizes 6 to 11. , Every Sale Final! Of Brown Calf with case, practical gift. Sizes 6 to II. No Exchanges! Makes a useful and No Refunds! Boudoir styles, in Kid and Satin. Big selection of colors. Economy wise women will buy several pairs of these tomorrow. • . , . Every Sale Final! Of Black Kid, with solid leather soles. Sizes 9 to 2. Special tomorrow only. No Exchanges! No Refunds! i i I i Pair Pair One Lot Women's Gold and Silver Slippers 'rarnislieil. Not all sizes. Women's to $1.50 Hosiery Children's SOc Socks Full Fashioned, Pure Silk Hose, some with fancy heels. Every pair absolutely perfect. Rare values. Every Sale Final! 1 i'hree-quarler length socks for children. Excellent . 4 SOc grades. Sizes 7 to 10. 4 Pairs* No Exchanges! No Refunds! Pair Pair Pair 1 25c Sticks for Cleaning Black Sue,de Shoes loc 11U4 AVENUE ALTOONA, HA. Expert Shoe Fitters Jo Serve )

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