The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on September 7, 1952 · Page 18
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 18

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 7, 1952
Page 18
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Eighteen THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, Sunday Morning, September 7,1952. P^^l HE 1 |. |. part of an expertly organized in- ' Goes in Slump During Week iCheck to see if all fixtures ! have been installed. ' See if doors and windows , fit properly. Look for defects] in woodwork and plaster. If anything is found not completed or improperly constructed notify your builder in writing. Any items that have not been completed in your new home should be promptly called to the attention of the builder in writing. /t's Important to Inspect Your New Home Before Movingln BUYING a -new home is the verbal statements, rough m e m- largest single investment the average family makes in a lifetime. Because it is such a major event, it is important that an owner be happy and satisfied with his purchase now—but even more importantly, in the future. A good home is built to last, and the builder has had to comply with rigid standards set forth by various building codes and regulations. However, every new home—like an automobile—requires careful "breaking in" by the buyer. A few continuing obligations are the builder's, but in general it's up to me buyer to take over this complicated assembly of materials. Ton should know your new home as well as your automobile, says the National Asssociation of Home Builders. Its long life and your continued comfort are in many ways dependent upon this knowledge. Should any minor repairs, due to poor workmanship or defective materials, be needed in the first few months of occupancy, report them to your builder immediately, the association recommends. Within a reasonable length of time a reputable builder win make the necessary repairs. Home builders do not generally maintain "service departments" and cannot provide personal serv-i ice on a moment's notice, but wi]l| have the plumber, alectrician,' plasterer, etc., take care of. your j legitimate requests. Cooperate with your builder. There are some 3000 component parts in a new home. A general working knowledge of those items is a "must" for every buyer. It will enable the owner to understand more fullly the normal results of heat, cold, humidity, expansion, contraction — conditions which affect every new house, whether the price is $7000 or 570,0000. After taking title to a new home, take time for a complete inspection of the structure before moving into it See that everything has been completed as agreed upon. You will be satisfied, and the builder's contractural obligations will be completed. H Items are discovered that, through an oversight by yourself or the builder, have not been completed, these items should be promptly called to the attention of the builder. It is always best to do this in writing. Telephone calls, dustry, which utilizes the results of constant research for new building materials and design which add to the beauty, quality and durability of new homes. oranda can often go astray. For home building has become i r a large-scale, mass-production industry. The time has passsed when all new homes were o n e-m a n building operations—the "builder" a combination carpenter, mason roofer and jack of all t r c a d e s. Sometimes he was master of none. Today's "merchant builder" is Building Permits Six building permits were 'issued last week by Harry Timberlake Sr., city building inspector. A number of minor repairs permits were also issued. J. C. Penney Company will re pair their two-story brick store building at 505 Delaware at a cost of 54000. C. A. Dickson will build a four- room house with bath and ful_ basement at 916 Kicapoo at a cost of §6000. Francis Cast Jr. will remodel a first floor house at 16th and Kansas at a cost of $700. J. J. Steinback will remodel a one and one-half story store building at 1228 Randolph at a cost of $500. E. L. Williamson will build two louses at 1300 Quincy and 1302 Quincy consisting of four rooms, a bath and full basement. Cost of each building is $6000. **?* 1 * to build three one-story frame houses with bath at a cost of 56000 each at 1120 Second Ave., 1122 Second Ave., and 1124 Second Ave. Some of the craters of the moon may be as much as 20,000 feet in height. A slump in real estate transac lions was reflected }n last week's small number of deeds recorded All but one of the transfers involv ed prices less than $5,000, accord ing to amounts of tax stamps. One deed carried $7.15 in tax stamps. Steve Atkinson of Lansing sold his property to John C. Gurss Jr. The property is described as the east half of lot eight, block three, Town of Progress. (Each $1.10 in stamps indicates $1,000.) Roy Cash to Emmett Martin Jr. part of lot 7, Town of Lansing $3.30. Donald D. Roberts to Charles Laming, 2.3 acres in the southeast quarters of sec. 9-11-21, Ton ganoxie Township, $1.10. Clementine Ramey to Lyman Brushwood, lot 13, block 17, Leav- fflworth, $3.85. Hickman D. Hanna to Donald W. Sidney, lot 23, block 79, Leavenworth, $4.95. Alex Bila to Lewis Shropshire, lot 11 and the north half of lot IS in block 13, Day's Subdivision $3.30. John C. Seitz to Florentine Seitz, lots nine and ten, block 115, Western Addition, none. W.T. Chambers to Henry W. Williams, lots one, two and four, Gas Burner "The Wonder of Nature" Flower Amazing MYSTERIA CHANCES ARE YOU'RE NOT GETTING COMPLETE COMFORT AT LOWEST COST! WITH NEW, MODERN T anitrol YOU GET ALL THE NEW ADVANTAGES For over 25 years. Surface Combustion Corporation, makers of Janitrol, has pioneered many new improvements for added home comfort and heating economy. With an old, .antiquated burner you can't expect all the benefits that come with modern Janitrol heating. Yet, your monthly fuel bills pay for complete comfort tven ij you're not tnjoying it. So heat the modern way. Before another heating season rolls around, better get busy and see what you're missing by not modernizing your heating system. Call us. We are thoroughly experienced gas heating specialists. Our recommendations and service will assure you complete heating satisfaction for years to come. "COMFORT-LEVEL" HEATING The Greatest Advance in Home Comfort Janitrol now brings you room temperatures at "Comfort Level" from floor to ceiling. No sudden cold or hot air blasts ... No drafts ... No more "cold 70." By combining new, sensitive controls with near-constant blower operation, you experience a new sensation of heating luxury. Telephone us today for estimates. No obligation. Tarnawski Sheet Metal Works 522 S. 5th Street pfaone 182 lANITKOl GAS-TOED WINTER AIR CONDITIONERS • FURNACES • BOILERS . CONVERSION «U«NB!S (block two Stillings Second Subdivision, none. H.O. Alleman to Felix Linttucum, a tract 75 by 150 feet in block 5, Santa Fe Subdivision, 55 cents. Francis S. Dickey to Virginia j and Ruth Seymour, 40 acres south j and east o the Perrville Road in| Sigh Prairie Township, none. Oliver R. Fleming to Sarah L. ;ydian, part of a 45 acre tract ying north of the UP Railroad in Sherman Township, and blocks oriej and nine, 'Town of Lenape, $1.10." Lizzie Meyer to Mr. and Mrs.' Herb Nye, lots 29 and the east half of 28, block 2, Maplewood Addition, none. James 0. Fisher to Mr. and Mrs. Herb Nye, lot 30 block 2, Maplewood Addition, none. Oliver B. Knight to E.W. Cline, ot 29, block 2, Midland Place, none. Lee Harmon to William Cline, ot 24, block 2, Midland Place, none. Gerald Kingsolver to Minnie Alee Harris, the east half of the northwest quarter of sec. 29-10-21, fonganoxie Township, none. USE THE TIMES CLASSIFIED 25' Each Grows Like Magic Needs No Sun!—NO SOIL —No Water Only As beautiful as a tulip or a rose, this sensational imported MYSTERIA will frow and bloom n d o o r s absolutely with- (o for $1) out sun, soil or water. Just put several on a table, window ledge or in a. dish or vase. In a few weeks they will bloom in every shade of blue- from soft lilac to deep royal purple. 6" green stems. Up to 8 blooms per bulb. Use 5 or 6 together as a gorgeous "living" bouquet on your dining room table and in the living room. Ideal gifts for all flower lavers. Sena 25c for 1, plus lOc for postage, handling, or better still save postage and money by ordering 5 for SI, 12 for S2 or S3 for 20, all postpaid. It's a good Idea to order at least 12 now because if you order only a few, you're sure to want more and our supply will be gone. C.O.D.'s welcome on orders of SI or more. Every bulb guaranteed to bloom this year or money back! Extra Gift with every SI order, a colorful imported French Lily bulb (S2 order receive 2 gifts—S3 orders 3 gifts). Kruse Nurseries, Dept. 34501, Bloomington, 111. Name Address THERE'S NO MYSTERY ABOUT IT... WE HAVE THE MOST C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E Call Us Tomorrow for FREE ESTIMATES SUPERIOR Phone 23 LOWEST PRICES IN THE CITY —••— - -•**AND BIGGEST UPHOLSTERING PLANT IN THE MIDWEST IT'S AMAZING! WE ARE FIRST IN PATRONAGE... FIRST IN SALES... FIRST IN SERVICE... FIRST IN LOW PRICES... FIRST IN WORKMANSHIP... AND FIRST TO SAVE YOU AS MUCH AS $100.00 By Having Your Upholstering Taken Care Of By Us. WE HAVE HAD OVER 1,500 SATISFIED PATRONS TO BACK UP THIS STATEMENT CALL US NOW FOR REPAIRING, RESTYLING, REMODELING EVERYTHING IN FURNITURE. WE HAVE MODERN EQUIPMENT AND THOUSANDS OF THE LATEST AND ANTIQUE MATERIALS AVAILABLE. ALL HOME APPOINTMENTS TAKEN CARE OF WITHIN 24 HOURS. ALL WORK PICKED UP AND DELIVERED WITHIN 10 DAYS TIME— SUPERIOR UPHOLSTERING SERVICE 311 SO. 4TH ST. LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS PEONIES Our plants are heavy 5-eye division and will always grow and bloom next year. • Potted Roses Hardy stock that will give utmost satisfaction. EVERGREENS May Be Planted New! We have a complete line of high quality stock! • Leavenworth Nursery "Where Quality Counts" 13th and Vilas Fhone 1825 —Member A. A. N.— L. C. Gatewood—Eliz. Gatewood Fall ftOQP BUXg GAS CIRCUlATORS Vented and Un- vcnted types. BATHROOM HEATERS. ELEC. SPACE HEATERS. STOVE BOARDS AND STOVE PIPE. GAS FITTINGS and CONNECTORS. ALUMINUM WINDOW VENTILATORS. HANDY CARTS AND LEAF RAKES. UNDERGROUND GARBAGE RECEPTACLES. WIRE TRASH BURNERS. COCO AND RUBBER DOOR MATS. RURAL MAIL BOXES AND STANDS. LAWN SEED . . . SUPRO AND MBLORGANITE FERTILIZERS. Gronis Hdw & Seed Co. 517 Cherokee Phone 194 /CttWW IHE BATHROOM CAPACITY OF YOUR HOME . PowderRc Have you an available closet, an unused space under a stairway or •t the end of a hallway? Just the place for a powder room! You will find that a Crane powder room will bring you new convenience—relieve bathroom congestion—add to your joy of living. Illustrated here are the Net/day lavatory and toilet—two of the many fixtures in the complete Crane line. Drop in »nd talk over your remodeling with us. We can give you prompt service—furnish you with newly styled, highest quality Crane fixtures, and assure you the best values in plumbing. J. L CLARK &SONS 614 So. 5th Phone '651 For Heat See BALKAN'S • Furnaces • Stoves • Heaters SALMAN'S T & G STORE '/2 block North of Mehl & Schott's Phone 2686 FROM PUSH TO RIDE * I want to thank my customers for business enough to allow me to buy additional modern equipment which gets the job done quicker and cheaper. Call Zek's Lawn Service, 2739-W COAL Phone us today of our choice coals— order a winter's supply! • CHARCOAL BRIQUETS For Picnics and barbecues. BERGMAN COAL CO. 707 Cherokee Phone 63 FURNACE CLEANING Reasonable prices Goodyear Roofing & Heating 416 Cherokee Phone 165 or 4765 Don't Buy ANT Circulator Until You've Seen the Warm Morning Gas Heater Priced with the lowest, performs with the finest! Buy now on easy terms! The Meyer Appliance Co. 217 So. 4th Street Phone 1 Talk To The Town Through The Times Next time you house-clean, pause a moment by a sunlit window. You will see thousands of dust motes floating in the beam. Light does not produce this dust. It is everywhere in the air you breathe. Conventional methods of cleaning often fail to eliminate it, by letting dust filter back into the air you breathe. Wouldn't you like to clean clean? Wouldn't you like to know that the dust you remove from floors, carpets and furniture is eliminated from your house forever? You can—with Rexair. Rexair has no bag. It uses a pan of water to trap dust and dirt. Wet dust cannot fly, and dust cannot escape from Rexair's water bath. You pour the water down the drain, and pour the dirt away with it. FREE BOOK • Send for this colorful, illustrated 12-page book. Shows now Rexair does all your cleanfng jobs, and even "washes" the air you breathe. Ask for all the copies you can use. No obligation. O. B. Spence, 917 Sixth Ave, Leavemvorth, Kas., Phone 733. S.nd m» copies of your fr» booklet, "Rexoir—the Modern Home Appliance Designed to Hospital Standards," for my awn •se and for my patients. Name- Address. City Made Any Promises To Yourself Lately? About Building A HOME Someday., About Buying A HOME soon... or maybe you've just been promising your old home some new repairs or a remodeling job. At any rate, without a doubt, you've pushed each and every promise aside because of the need of financial aid. Bet you've never thought that we might help. Think it over now, and come in and see us. We're friendly people, and we'll be glad to assist you. Real Estate Loans Insured Savings Accounts Citizens' Mutual Building and Loan Association 312 South Fifth St. G. W. Hoins, Pres. C. W. Timmons, Sec'y.

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