Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 27, 1988 · Page 40
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 40

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 27, 1988
Page 40
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Paye 8 Pharos-Tribune TV Guide, March 27 - April 2, 1988 THURSDAY EVENING 6:00 prn [CNN] ShawBiz Today [MTV] Dial MTV An exciting countdown of the day s ten most requested videos. (1:00) [NICK] Finder's Keepers [PTL] God's News [USA] Cartoon Express [NASH] Crook and Chase O O Facts ol Lite & 7 1 (£ (B <® & ® 8 & SI News Q Crazy Like a Fox Suitable for Framing (B Family Ties £D World of Survival (Wildlife Series] Mm Forsythe (0:30) (B Diff'rent Strokes A Growing Problem 6:05 pm 8 Alice Sharpies vs Sharpies 6:30 pm [CNN] Inside Politics '88 [CSPAN] Viewer Call In (L) [NICK] Dennis the Menace Woodsman, Spare That Tree [PTL] Lester Sumrall [NASH] Fandango O Three's Company (51 (B 55? B NBC Nightly News q Q S 81 ABC News Q O WKRP in Cincinnati For Love or Money, Part 2 80 Cheers Q) Nightly Business Report (0 Happy Days Marion: Fairy Godmother SB O 2? CBS News 6:35 pm B Carol Burnett With Steve Lawrence and Tim Conway 7:00 pm [CNN] Moneyline [MTV] Remote Control Quizmaster Ken Ober asks college kids crazy trivia questions. (0:30) [NICK] You Can't Do That on TV Enemies and Paranoia [PTL] PTL Club [USA] AirwoH Sins of the Past [NASH] You Can Be a Star O A-Team 8 SportsCenter (L) iS) (23 News O Entertainment Tonight O Remington Steele Steeic in the Family (S) CBS News O Cheers Now Pitching Sam Malone (0 Family Ties Q) MacNeil/ Lehrer NewsHour (1:00) (B Family Ties Help Wanted (D Current Affair ©BM'A'S'H OS fl ® Jeopardy! Q © Three's Company 7:05 pm B Andy Griffith Aunt Bee On TV 7:30 pm [CNN] Crossfire [MTV] Monty Python's Flying Circus [NICK] Double Dare [NASH] Fandango 8 NCAA Final Four Highlights 1973: UCLA, Memphis State, Indiana and Providence (R) d, 1 They Remembtr When O Win, Lose or Draw (T, (B Ql O @ Wheel of Fortune Q Of Hollywood Squares O Barney Miller Movie, Part 1 (D IS O Cheers 03 Three's Company The Best Laid Plans © Newtywed Game 7:35 pm 8 Sanford and Son The Hawaiian Connection, Part 2 8:00 pm [CNN] PrimeNews [CSPAN] Eveni of the Day [MTV] Music Videos [NICK] Make Room for Daddy [PTL] Camp Meeting USA [USA] Me us: Friendly Persuasion [NASH] Nashv.lle Now C| Movie: *'/i Curse of the Pink Panther '1983 Comedy) Jmf il/.w ffcvjrf W(i.™ When Chief inspector Jacques Clou- seau is declared missing, a computer is rigged to select the world's worst detective to find him. (1:49) B Col. B'ball NABC All-Star Game from Kansas City, MO < L > GO (B (B) B The Cosby Show Theo runs into trouble and ends up at the police station. O iT) gj Probe Security elevator kills the very executives it's designed to protect. Q O Washington for Jesus GD WJ B © 48 Hours Q Movie: *** Something for Joey (1977, Drama) Geraldine Page, Gerald Oloughlm Dramatic true story of the close and loving relationship between Heisman Trophy winner John Cappelletti and Joey.' his younger brother with leukemia. (1:40) DD Movie: ***«/a Midnight Express (1978, Biography Drama) Brail Davis, Irene Miracle, Based on Billy Hayes' own story, an American college student struggles to stay alive and sane after imprisonment in Turkey for smuggling drugs, (2:01) Q) Chicago Tonight (B Movie: **•* The Birdman of Alcatraz (1962, Drama Biography) Burl Lancaster. Karl Maiden. True drama of convict Robert Stroud who, while spending 53 years in prison, educated himself in the science ol birds and became a world authority. (2:23) 8:05 pm 8 Movie: ***'/4 Planet of the Apes (1968, Science Fiction) Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowall. U.S. space ship lands on desolate looking planet, stranding men in a world dominated by apes 2,000 years into the luture. (1:52) 8:30 pm [NICK] Mr. Ed Horse Party ® QD ® 8 A Different World Maggie's speechless at women's rights debate when Mike proposes. (R) fD Sneak Previews 9:00 pm [CNN] Larry King Livel [NICK] My Three Sons Charley and the Kid [PTL] Pastor's Study © (B ©B Cheers Cheers gang takes on rival bar in a grudge match of outrageous pranks. OGD @ Hotel A former female acquaintance of Peter's starts an escort service. (R) Q O 700 Club (B SB B 93 Simon and Simon A.J. and Rick are hired as bodyguards for a beautiful architect. (D Soldiers (Documentary)War: the battles, the comrades, the terrain, the home front examined 9:30 pm [NICK] Donna Reed The Editorial [NASH] New Country © (B © B Days and Nights of Molly Dodd 10:00 pm [CNN] Evening News [NICK] Laugh In [PTL] PTL Club [NASH] Crook and Chase Q B (B News B Baseball AT&T Challenge from Newport Beach, CA (T) © !D 3S 8 L.A. Law Woman kills rapist who escaped prosecution by diplomatic immunity. O © 6$ Buck James An old friend of Buck's refuses treatment for his terminal illness. 9 Q Straight Talk (B ®O & Knots Landing P GD Mystery! Rumpole defends another member of a family of petty villians. 10:30 pm [NICK] Car 54 Where Are You? No More Pickpockets [NASH] Videocountry O Great American Outdoors 03 Taxi (B Current Affair 10:35 pm B Three Stooges 11:00pm [CNN] Moneyline [MTV] Club MTV (Music Videos) A daily dance party taped at New York City's Palladium. (0:30) [NICK] Monkees Monkees In Manhattan [PTL] Coast to Coast [USA] Airwolf Mine Troupe [NASH] You Can Be a Star O Hit Squad (BOSKEUBOSOOSO© @8 News O Remington Steele Vintage Steele Q Twilight Zone Hitch Hiker QD Hogan's Heroes (D Nova (1988) Follow the international race to find the elusive superconductor, p (B M*A*S*H The Last Laugh 11:05 pm 8 World of Audubon Specials Grizzly Bears 11:30 pm [CNN] Sports Tonight [MTV] Monty Python's Flying Circus [NICK] Susie Ounce Of Prevention [NASH] Nashville Now O Sanford and Son Q SportsCenter (L) (S (D ® B Tonight Show O Newlywed Game CD ® Nightline q d) Magnum, P.I. Q Magnum, P.I. Missing In Action CD IB Late Show Host: Jeff Joseph (3) B Entertainment Tonight ® CBS Late Night 'Night Heat' Betting on a high level college hockey game results in a death. (R) 12:00 am [CNN] NewsNight [MTV] Closet Classics Capsule This program features classics, as well as recent video landmarks. (0:30) [NICK] Make Room for Daddy [PTL] Victory Today [USA] Dragnet Burglary, Helpful Woman O Movie: * Can Ellen Be Saved? (1974, Drama) Leslie Nielsen, John Saxon. When their daughter becomes the hypnotic prisoner of a strange religious sect, the distraught parents turn to a man who rescues runaway teenagers. (1:18) B SpeedWorld Off Road Racing: Parker 400 from Parxer, AZ(T) Q Dating Game 33 Movie O Burns and Allen Grade Reports a Stolen Car (D Performance Chicago Jesse and the Bandit Queen O) B Dallas © Late Show Host. Jeff Joseph 12:05 am B Portrait of the Soviet Union: Sword & Plough- share (1988. Documentary) Profiles the people who live on the most bloodstained soil in the nation; how they react to the threat of invasion and war. 12:30 arn [MTV] Music Videos [NICK] Mr. Ed [PTL] Jimmy Swaggart [USA] Edge of Night © (B ©B Late Night with David Letterman Guest: NBC Sportscaster Bob Costas O Nightline CJ Q Jack Benny Jack Benny in Pans d) Barnaby Jones Q Movie: *** A Man Called Peter (1955, Biographical Drama) Richard Todct, Jean Peters. True story of Peter Marshall, a Scottish emigre who became the U.S. Senate chaplain. (1:59) THURSDAY MALCOLM-JAMAL WARNER, as Theo, runs into trouble and ends up at the police station, and his parents take it out on each other in The Cosby Show, Thursday, March 31, on NBC. - IMK7 The TV l.islm)! Croup. Iru CD Movie: ** Murph the Surf (1975, Drama) Robert Conrad, Don Stroud. An enormous sapphire is cleverly stolen from a museum by two Miami playboy burglars. (1:41) (D Movie: *'/, The Reluctant Widow (1951 , Drama) Jean Kent, Guy Rolte. A governess marries a man she does not love. (1:26) IB Saturday Night Live & Movie: CBS Late Movie 'Zany Adventures of Robin Hood' (1984, Comedy) George Segal, Morgan Fairchitd. Robin Hood's mission is to return Richard the Lionhearted to the throne of England and his efforts are as odd as they are ultimately successful, 1:00 am [CNN] Inside Politics '88 [CSPAN] Public Affairs House Debate, Congressional Hearing, or Public Policy Conference (T) [NICK] Donna Reed [PTL] Success-N-Lite [USA] Edge of Night [NASH] New Country 8 Fishin' Hole (R) O Wtl Shriner O Best of Groucho Wild Rock and Roll Dance 03 Baretta It Goes with the Job Off 1:05 am 8 Portrait of Soviet Union: Country of Revolution (1988, Documentary) We bring together the past and present with speculation on the future of this complex, powerful nation. 1:30 am [CNN] NewsNight Update [NICK] Laugh In [USA] Search for Tomorrow [NASH] Movie: *'/= Saddle Pals (1947. Western) Gene Autry. Lynne Roberts. When the Brooks Land Company seeks to raise ranchers' rent, Autry looks into the matter. (1:12) O Movie: **'/i Wake Me When It's Over (1960, Comedy) Ernie Kovacs. Margo Moore. A soldier plans to build a resort hotel on a lovely radar outpost in the Far East using Army surplus material. (2:06) B Fishin 1 Hole (R) © News (Ft) B Laurel and Hardy Laurel and Hardy Murder Case 3D Dynasty 09 US B News 2:00 am [MTV] Music Videos [NICK] Car 54 Where Are You? [PTL] PTL Club [USA] Search for Tomorrow B SportsLook (D Dating Game O (B Sign Off 3) News 8 700 Club 3D ® Nightwatch (B Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Right Price 158 U.S. Farm Report 2:05 am 8 Movie: **'/> Bad Ronald (1974, Suspense Drama) Kim Hunter, Scott Jacoby. A psychotic child is hidden away by his mother after killing a young girh After his mother's death, a new family moves in but the boy is still there. (1:14) 2:30 am [CNN] Sports LateNight [NICK] Monkees Monkees In Manhattan [USA] Movie: Friendly Persuasion B SportsCenter (L) CS High Rollers (D Movie: *** Isle of the Dead (1945. Mystery) Boris Karlotf. Ellen Drew. Evocative film, produced by Val Lewton, depicting tensions between various characters on a quarantined Greek island. (1:12) (D © B Sign Off (DCNN (B Movie: ++*+ Pride and Prejudice (1940. Drama) Greer Garson. Sir Laurence Olivier Five colorful sisters in 19th century England determine to find suitable husbands. (1:58) 3:00 am [CNN] News Overnight [CSPAN] Public Affairs House Debate, Congressional Hearing, or Public Policy Conference (T) [MTV] Dial MTV An exciting countdown of the day's ten most requested videos. (1:00) [NICK] I Spy Room With A Rack [PTL] Real Life and You [NASH] (D Sign Off B Thoroughbred Digest (R) 3) Sally Jessy Raphael B Medical Center O USA Tonight 3:30 am 8 PGA Golf Greater Greensboro Open; First Round, from Greensboro, NC (R) (B Wil Shriner B Rhoda 3:35 am 8 CNN 4:00 am [CNN] Larry Kinc Overnight (CATHERINE BUCKMAN stars as a client that both Rick and A.J. tall lor in Simon 4 Simon, Thursday on CBS.

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