Independent from Long Beach, California on February 28, 1969 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1969
Page 6
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A-o--SNDEFENDENT |AW) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) Lint tnm, Cim., ffi, Nk. ·, t Dr. Barnard Taint-Hearted 9 Slaw WoaIdTry Transplants - - Cooley By BRIAN SULLIVAN NEW YORK (/B --Dr. Der.ton A. Cooley said Thursday the stream of heart transplant donors ha* dried up, partly because of critics among the lav public and in a "faint-hearted" m e d i c a l profession. Cooley, the country's leading heart transplant surgeon, said he hasn't performed a heart transplant since last November because of a lack of donors. He said 24 persons have died awaiting a transplant in his Houston, Tex., hospital, and there are eight persons waiting now. Calling the situation "deplorable," he s a i d many critics judged th» heart transplants without really understanding what ihe doctors werft trying to do. Asked about the medical profession, he said: "I think they have becoma faint-hearted too soon, in the face of * few Initial defeats." "I'm frustrated," Cooley added With obvious emotion, "by tho lack of interest and the lack of support . . . among the lay public and the profession." He told a news conference at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology that much too much emphasis is placed on the high mortality rate of heart transplants so far. "We're taking dying people and prolonging life, wid improving the quality of those lives," he said. "You have to put this in perspective." Three of Coole/s 17 transplant patients survive. Ono of the patients was given a new heart twice. Worldwide, there have been 118 heart transplants reported, with 37 surviving. The critics, Co'oley said, break down into three general groups: the "ignoramuses" who write abusive and uninformed letters, the "reactionary scientists" and th« "envious" who think that individual surgeons are getting too much publicity. URGE RUSS MEN DON APRONS . . . So Wives Can Be Sexy · MOSCOW (UPI) -- Soviet men should put on aprons to give their bard- working wives more time to be sexy and feminine. The trouble is that Russian women work e i g h t hours a day, then have to cook, care for their children, shop and do other domestic chores while their husbands enjoy themselves. "To be a woman is a grsat art and it should be taught," said the Communist Party newspaper Pravda. "Young girls should be taught the art of being gracious, womanly, attractive. They should leam to have a proper de- portment, develop good taste In dressing, be accurate, modest, and mod- crate in their display of feelings in public." · * * * BUT HOW can a woman cara for herself when, after work, she must shop, cook and do other chores white her "husband lies down on a sofa, a book in his hands, or plants himself firmly in front of a TV set, or goes visiting neighbors?" Pravda asked. We must "shatter" men's belief that domestic chores are "purely women's domain," was the answer of writer Tatyana Vyecheslova, n onelims ballerina. "Beginning with grade school education, boys as well as g i r l s m u s t be taught the basic knowledge of cooking, home economics and child care," Pravda said. Not only must young men know home economics, they also must change their "moral attitude" toward the weaker sex. Test in Space From Our National Bureau W A S H I N G T O N -Famed heart surgeon Christiaan Barnard is anxious to participate in a U.S. biosatellite experiment. Barnard's interest was revealed Thursday by Rep. Joseph Karth, D-Minn., who said the Capetown heart-transplant pioneer will outline his prospective space experiment in an appearance March 13 before Karth's House cub- committee on space science and applications. Karth said that Barnard has studied results of an earlier biosatellite experiment, which suggested that profound changes may occur when Earth organisms are subjected to the weightlessness and radiation of space. "Dr. Barnard is interested in research efforts to study the impact of space conditions upon immunology and organ transplants," Karth explained. Tors to Build Park HOLLYWOOD (M -Ivan Tors, producer of films starring animals, said Thursday he plans to start building immediately a $5-million amusement park on IS acres near North Miami. Fla. (Advertisement) SINGLE APULTS! yov AOB ytf I""JTM*J" jjjj? Sffll fior · ifw|inerwar% Uetais* ·foe* MOBQH ceB* 434-0731 MrriME! Compatibility T«jlng. How To Hold FALSE TEETH More Firmly in Place Do your foist ttttli annoy end t rotor rail ty flipping, dropping, ir wobblmf wh«n you tot, laugh «r lalkT ThtH iprinlkt · littU FASTEEIH « yew ftatit. FASTEETH fcoldi d*atnm firmer m mart eonforta- btf. MoUi toting ·«!«·. It'* ·Ikolint-- dotin't sour. No gummy, flowy, pcity toil* or fetl. Htlpi ctitck plott t4or. Dtntttm Htot fit tf» tttintittt to hteHh. Si* your dintiit regularly. Git FASTEETH at uuntirt. 76-HOUR - A-THON Mii'S TERRIFIC VALUES OH All NEW 1969 COLrffi TV · STEREOS * Consolei * Table Model* LOW, LOW PRICES ON OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF REFRIfiERATORS,WA$HERS,DRVERS RANGES, DISHWASHERS FRIGIDAIRE * Portables * Black White Well TRADE! * We'll DEAL! Buy New and Save! FRI6IDAIRE muni TOP WAUTT- LONB LIFE and TROUBLE-FREE SEKVtCE! NOW ISTHETIME Close-Out Prices Now! BEAT OUR While They last . . . LOW.iowaosE.our PRICES NIK TAX ICIEARANCESAVINGS! ·MWIH-- .j m nmm mnnnmmm urn w mmm e^«»^» · »^er «···· w ^TMm»--»^ »- -»-----· -- -- - -- - ------ . ^ v» *»-»»_ vv · ··· .,.-,,.,, w -,,.-iptl _ MWUP T° u ^^* T Tll!£'t eASHreKO ! FIC J -- _ _ «- _ »· #® ·Ms! ::¥i- L^!^:';^rJ3 , \ Final Sale! Henredon Upholstery! 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