Independent from Long Beach, California on March 23, 1976 · Page 14
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 14

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1976
Page 14
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B4--INDEPtNtifcNl IA/.,. IHMl Una Reach, Cjlil., Tum.. MjrcH 11, 1W Spring fling Los Angeles County Supervisor Pete Schabarum throws out the f i r s t Frisbee Monday during dedication c e r e monies of a permanent Frisbce course at La Mirada County Park. Games played on the 18-holc, 1,953-yard course follow rules similar to those of golf, with players "teeing off" from circular areas and throwing the Frisboos toward a target post t h a t represents the "hole." The number of throws it takes each player to hit the target determines the score. Schabarum was six over par after two holes. -Slaff Photo by ROBERT GINN SEAL BEACH SURF'S UP (Continued from I'aso R-ll Harbour said, "I just sold a thrcc-and-a-half-fool board to a kid and I'm not even sure he's goinj! In be able to ride it. | tried to lalk him nut of it, but he insisted that's w h a t he wanted." Harbour explained that the transition to the short when a surfer named Nat Yountf showed up for the w o r l d championships in San Diego with a nine-fool, one-inch board and "just smoked everybody-" P r o m there, Harbour said, it became "a peer group thing of who could ride t h e shortest board. Now, it's f i n a l l y coming back to 'what seems to BUILDING DEMOLITION (Continued.from Page !l-l) ' Roy maintained that he h'ad already starter) the (iroji'ct before the court attions were filed and t h a i he "was not covered by the city's reslraininy order. Roy told IXK Angeles Superior Court Judge Norman Duwds the building was, at that point, unsafe as -a result of demolition t h a t h a d already taken place. Dowds refused to issue a restraining order against the contractor but scheduled a hearing for this Friday to bear further testimony as to condition of the structure. The idea of using explosives came after contractors started battering the building with a wrecking ball in the early morning because of daytime con- ges lion in the area. , Just one s h i f t during the predawn h o u r s brought storms of protest f r o m residents of P l y m o u t h West, a nearby senior citizen complex. They c o m - plained the noise and dust were detrimental to their health and welfare. So the contracting firm engaged the services of X- Demex Corp., a firm that specializes in collapsing b u i l d i n g s i n w a r d l y i n minutes w i t h rounds of explosives planted in the basement. Although he had four workers on the premises M o n d a y , U e n u liryson, project engineer for the X- Dcmox, w o u l d n o t comment on when the implosion would occur. Dale E. Thalley, vice president a n d g e n e r a l manager for Roger Roy Contractors, would make no statement e i t h e r , oilier t h a n !o say, "We haven't g o t t e n permission y e t f r o m t h e City of Long Heach to use the explo- PUZZLE #2, RACE #12 IP-T GRAND PRIX RACE GAME * $ 600 weekly cash prizes * Complete rules information in last Sunday's Independent Press-Telegram RACE #12 00 HANNIBAL 1 3 S T R E A K E R I? S A B E R K W A R S J 7 F 1 R E N F R E N Z Y 110WDER 3! CYCLONE 43 SPUNKY H BLITZ 50GHOST WCANNON S5GAL1AHAD 58 ROMMEL WDEMENTO «J SORCERY WUNEASY ;0 BLAZE /] OUTCAST «INFERNO HVOLCANO RAPACHE I! DEMON »5 INVADER 89PANTHER 4 I W I N D 93 EJECTOR N FLASH 9JMETEOR W S A T A N 3rd place N 4th A place £5 · Dfciac whKtt car rvim« lit irt ,it»vc blflnKs. It m.w bo r*x-ess,iry 10 h,l«! ·*'! Mvc fulllct txtorc rhr 1 Fr«icr solution is .ippflrenr. No car i,ime will !*· 1S«J nyjrp irwn once In mis *«h - s race. SAVE THIS PUZZLE s i v e s . " Demolition by explosives was not in the f i r m ' s original contract with the city. Ken Williams, deputy c i t y a t t o r n e y , s a i d a change order in the contract has been prepared by (he engineering depart- m e n t , liut there's t h e question of whether [he city, under its temporary restraining order, cnn approve the change order. "That decision is now being considered by the c i t y attorney's office in the lighl of the amended clause in the restraining order allowing the city to e n g a g e in contraclura! oversight activities," W i l - liams said. He saici, f u r t h e r , (hat "prior lo anyone ever having gone lo court," the contractor had submitted a request for the alternate demolition method. Meanwhile, the e x p l o - sive specialists would not comment on w h e n t h e implosion m i g h t occur, even if approved. "We take great precaution not to reveal such information," T h a l l e y said. "We cannot lake the chance of an audience...or of having cars pour into the area. It's just loo dangerous." boards b e g a n in 1967. HjiiiiiiiiiiiimiimmiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiimiuiiiiimimmimiiiiLE I POLICE BEAT I PiiiiiiiiiiinmiiiiimimiiiiiiiiniiiiiimiiiMiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiitimiiiiimimiiiffi Drugstore robbed of $200 A Bixby Knolls drugstore was robbed of $200 by a gunman who forced the store's assistant manager lo provide getaway transportation for him, Long Beach police reported Monday. Investigators said John P. Hoogstad, 29, told Ihem Ihe bandit entered the Thrifty Drug Store, 4402 AUantic Ave., at about 8:25 p.m. Sunday and ordered him lo turn over cash from the registers. The g u n m a n scooped up Ihe money, then forced lloogslad to drive him lo Ccrritos Avenue and Market Strict. The bandit got out of floogstad's car and fled at Ihe intersection, investigators said. Cliicken leg trips thief up A 33-year-old San Pedro robbery suspect was arrested as he ale p a r t of his alleged loot--a chicken ley,' Long Beach police reported Monday. Investigators said counterman Douglas Sherman, 18, told Ihem the bandit walked up lo the Jim Dandy Fried Chicken stand, 1158 E. Anaheim St., Sunday, warned he had a gun and demanded money and chicken. Sherman said the bandit was given $26 and a drumstick. Shortly after the robbery, officers Jerry E. Killian and John Pelka, armed with a description of Ihe holdup man, arrested Earl P. Hall, of 961 Upland Ave., as be was m u n c h i n g on a chicken leg while walking down the street near (lie s t a n d . He was identified by tiie victim and booked for investigation of armed robbery 1 . Suspect is 'out-profaiiitied' A bandit who used profanity when be attempted to hold up Ihe owner of a Bellflower store early Monday ran oul empty-handed when the owner replied lo the bandit's demands with profanity of his own, Lakewood s h e r i f f ' s deputies said. Richard Alexander, 52, owner of Ihe Western Industrial and Safety Supply Co., 9-118 Alondra lilvd., told deputies he was working in his office around 12:30 a.m. when the bandit walked in, displayed a revolver and cursed al h i m , demanding money. Alexander said he cursed right back, and the man turned and fled. Gunmen get $90 from store Two gunmen held up (he clerk at a Norwalk shoe store and escaped with about $00, sheriff's deputies reported Monday. Clerk Leslie McKnight, 19, lold deputies the bandits entered Van's Shoe Store, 13301 San Antonio Drive, at about 12:30 p.m. Sunday and ordered her into a closet. She said she heard (he men taking money from (he register, then ripping the telephone from the wall before leaving. Goods worth $2,692 stolen Burglars who entered a Cerrilos home through an unlocked garage took appliances, clothing and camera equipment valued at $2,59?., Lakewood sheriff's deputies reported Monday. Klaus Peters, 30, told deputies the burglars entered the home at 19202 Schcryl Ave. while he was out Sunday afternoon. Peters, who lives in Fullcrlon, said he was staying in Ihe house while the owners were out of town. work best for you' and thal's Ihe way it should be." Dorsey said he is glad In see (he big boards coming back "because they will pul some of the show back in surfing. Wilh the short boards, ordy a real surfer k n e w when someone had a good ride." Harbour said I h e average price for one of his short boards is about $140, with big boards selling for about $15 more. According to Harbour, some of the hottest surfers living in Seal Beach now are Steve Thomas, 15. Eric Kirk, 16, Denis Wade, 21. and Scan Collins and Kurt Augsburger, bolh 23. "Thomas is going to be one of the best," Harbour said. Dorsey said t h i s has been one of the worst winters for waves that he can remember. There h a v e been only three or four good days all winter and "usually there are at leasl a couple of Rood weeks." He said the waves during the season, June IS lo Sept. 15, arc "just about perfect T h e y a v e r a g e aboul six feel, which is groat for beginners and intermediates." Dorsey said Ihe number of surfers ranges f r o m none on some calm, cold winter days to "more than 3.000 al one lime last summer." Even when surfing was o u t l a w e d by I h e Seal Reach City Council from 196-1 through 1968, the really avid surfers risked fines of up to $35 to sneak out for a few quick rides. Dorsey said the council members banned surfing because m a n y of "kids from out of town were going into the stores on Main Street and filling up Ihpir towels with merchandise. They were stealing the town blind." When the cily Recrea- t i o n D e p a r t m e n t w a s formed in 1%8 and "we got some new people on the council, we were able lo convince them lo lift the ban," Dorsey said. "There doesn't seem as m u c h shoplifting anymore." He said the sport has grown so much in the last decade that on good days during the summer the San Gabriel River area-from Third Street to the mouth of the river--is so full of surfers, they are running into each other. Of the 1,308 rescues made by the Seal Beach lifeguards last year, 205 were surfers and about 70 per cent of those hurt suffered head injuries. Dorsey s a i d most of surfers at Seal Beach are between 13 and 17 years old and that the boys outnumber the girls by four loone. Most of the 32 lifeguards on Dorsey's staff--three permanent and 29 who work during the summer- are a\id surfers. Dorsey said he tries lo get oul at least every other day, but "it's nol like when we were kids." Harbour said he doesn't get a chance to get o u t . very often anymore, "but when I was 16. I was always dripping wet." HOW TO HELP RELIEVE SORE EYES AND EYE LIDS Sore eves . . . red, mroflen eye ikJi . . . may be slyes, or oltier minor infection. And rubbing can make ir wors*. To help dear up this pdlnfiH. irrllallng condition, you need a rc*l medlcatron. STYE Is formulated with rhrw Ingredknls trwt work last to soottw and clear up pain and discomfort of sty« *od minor *v« Hd rnfecllon. RuWng sore eye* i* daroenxn! Get f«t relic* with Y-hJ-me STYE. ' DRUG STOftf S Op** fc JO to fcW Hon. Ifccw Sot. o-m. to 7 pm INSURANCE-CAREER? CAREER OPEN HOUSE SET For men and women considering Insurance as a new career James R. Foster, Vice-PresidenI arid Los Angeles Regional Manager of Farmers Insurance Group announces a special "Career Open House" Thursday, March 25, 1976 at 7:30 P.M. in the Matador Room, of the Rodielles Convention Center at 3333 Lakewood Blvd. in Long Beach. In addition to a dramatized presentation, special speakers will include R.E. Lee, Director of Agencies, who will explain the unlimited earning potential with the Farmers Insurance Group. Guests will receive a free Booklet, "A NEW CAREER" and full information on how to secure an Insurance license. They will have the opportunity lo meet management and some of the firm's top salespeople and ask questions regard- Ing an Insurance Career. The event Is open to the publk and there is no admission fee. When you've completed all five Monday through Friday puzzles, you'll know the names of Ihe first ten cars to finish mis week's race. Transfer the appropriate car number that corresponds to each name to the entry form that appeared In Ihe Sunday, March 21, Independent, Press-Telegram. INDEPENDENT PRESS-TELEGRAM Leave your Watch your Independent Press-Telegram for · official mce entry forms - on Sundays only · a new race starling each Sunday · one of five weekly puzzles lo solve appearing dally Mon. Fri. Pr Om 3.3-12 4 PUBLIC NOTICE nut . STut:MF.vrnKHiTnnH\WAi. mOM I'ARTNTKSmi 1 OVERATIM, L'NUEK HOriTini S fltMNKNS N\ME 71-ICCH TSr (.JlrMin* prrwr.s «!lh ntrikip rj«i r.i:m' utvlrr ihr dvdlvm ta.*inf« n.inv J AlUM ENTERPRISES Jl M 1 * SlirJo \\rrtw Lonfi nca.-h. Cati fiXrii.i r Try (KU:UJ^ hti*nvn r.r.r.f «; ic mt-ni l*r IN- j-jrlm-^h-ii **- Mod ^n JgrH IT. 'J.I m (rr i OEM) J. U- \T Irf Idl mrr*-* aM m«J"Kri cl ihr prfMn.ui!hi)M*iru; s*tuTlr\ TrwuN l !W'wn. Jr . 211 '0 Olnria Joisii M Rti)d«i'-i. 3ilM Oli^rra .\w . MktMrn VM-M. C.ali(,irva V THOMAS n srCDEN. JR v JOHN M l»OMSTVN Ce-wnj Clfd ef l*ri AJ^HO CwJM) un HarfM ft Adim^. AUj. Adarai a»d Rradr OOI I«BK Bcarfc RM . Snitf l UM "fJf*. Caltf W«07 NOTICE 0V Tl RT.If HE IRIXfl ^ 1 C^ ari 1 hrrrbv TXlifnH (rur jn jp[li fatKxi has bvra lilc.1. pnr*.iar.l :o S-,. tiorv* »lt and i»H' rf ih.- Utkr»^, MurinPil Codr b JANES t'ONRO rnurMuifi CONIHTIOSAI. I'SE J'KK I4IT NO l-9 T lo (wrsri J i»ffie -1 (ooi chain hn [i-rrc in (i-pUiTwlK-n *it 1 prr\Jlf ifmii* cNb. !o r bh-»n a ih Lwic Bflfh Ti rni^ I'luh. [o lx lo\-i!'il K50 IVDVSTRY A VK Vl'K. I AM WOOD. CALIFORNIA luwd « 2 illr^ A puW'-r (winng » iH be M.I or, ^h TfqiKit bfffMf thr IjkrwooJ riamir finMronrrk-ni romr.i*sh'B w Thunila tr* Is1 rfay H April. 1*78. Jl J VI oVw P M in IM tjkrtt-ood CH Hall CPUIK Charit-Ts. WO Oarlt A»TRI:. Lak Nolif* ft furihrr fhtn (hal all in!f «(fd pTMvnj maj adrnj ar (aid dj aM rime and ICMU) ir ihu m.idfr Ma avjilabV f^r ir^Ww al IN- OromuflU Awn-h' lVkf»onu CJlifiunu [i \rVli ih^ iMh daj of Mar»h. 19* [Mr,!or of Conirr.ur.Uy J'lib M^r^1»TS r niLBI PirBMCNOTirK MtTU'ETH FHhFHS Th,' IfKif. Hraih Vtnt\t\\ SffK^o! Dl- r ( u ill iiivur sralrtl b-ls m IS- olJirr irr f'urr^ann^ DUwrn. Room Xi uf. l.fnt H/Jih. C-»u.'oraij. Lp tn M m April* l:rr. lor IK- l.4kj»mn SfhrJ '^w£I - T^fclfTia. fanf Hi Kill Ov-H-m 1 - ttnlcrs Sc^l »Itt1~ fa'rtrru Tamp Hi H-j; t, ChiMrfns CrrWer- Wkwr.1 lurrfcftin MfJi* ·l.iirhf '.n It* nMive rf thf Vurcrnj-in.: hvu n«i si'mioi. mSTRicr R MARIE WE1.1 uh Mjr U. 30. l4:6iJlUJl PERSONAI. PROPERTY Nolii-r u rJrrrtij ^i\fa thai urn!f r .1^1 ·trsmfrt id [hr l.i" f fliAd* and p^l^^^i. he urnlcrMjtrvJ (,'Mrolr C. '.ifhrr.r)*( rt *ia v-iil -.-11 ,U r/aii ir aynwi Jl »v.1 ·» c«rin A»r . lonx Hrarh. al I-.' o'el^vk A M ITI iSf .Inl ,1a o! April. 1 J ~"- IS* 1 itJliWTr.£ il^srclvil prr^orj! frop*[l n: s a ^ i C ) a I "* ,l-.n- ihr inhfrrslf;m] IOT nrl jr,! -rr:,1inlaU irfun«1 al »akl IM SlAalrj UT^ E^trh. lo^f ifcf r w'-lh «*l v -4 3,U«i!i.r(; a?x1 r\,-vn*i cf wlf IV- (r»n.r 1'au 1 . fiusr.ihvr. Amo-jp.l tM»f "Wi-dlMPlhdayoIKirrli. Itf* I'ASOI.ET EICHMEYER f'Trrmoi'S BI'SINKJSS NAS1KST\T!MKNT li-IWAO TK- l.!kT*in( pf rcr( arr .K i- .T-c N.-^ wi i a · rASklUO HOTE1 i l f l S S o Onin St.Sn r^nvi'»|J -W3l Kgia \\Lib Kvk.M 1 r;i .^ w*.li- S( SanPMr^. i^li/ *cn Thr* b-..«irHrv n, n-ndcrif.! l j Rl'TH EPmiHAill U/0 R O H R R T A MAi' XEN7IE LM^: Th:* uafir,-..-.-i · ,v '.\\,-.\ \«irh :h^ Coanly flf/k ol I*M \r;f County or Pab V a r ' t S . ^ . M . Apr *. isrs Ht l.BI PUBLIC NOTlfE TTATF.MKNTnV AHAMWSMKNT OK ·SE or nrnnors Rntisias NAME Tr* fnl!o»lBe prnon h»» aharvfcncd hf u^f of Ifcf fKllUaos* Barr.c (KNrcx uf ios; PFACH at ici ·re Br ach Bodrvard lx;n^ RfacR. fJk 1 1 rtilxvir^ bciir,-*s tirr.f rrlrrrr,] o .ih.«\v VIJN Uiii in C"cLr,l on Ac^'Jii ^. W'lllum RTon (irrcrVri. 3^1 J Vir- ll.'.v (*MQOS »n cvrxJjrtL-d t an "wil.I.IAU BYRON GRKrNRFRC Oc^ilj ("li-rk ».( I** AnjHrt Coonij en P^ MJr 2,9, IF. ^1. |Ti.« Ul MinrE OF IMI:NTION TO CRK 4TE SEO'RnY l?fTKR^s"T VOTH'E i« Vrrhy ».IIVB (n ihr Tr^h lor-, n' Thil'p H fkanrv tikuu ^1 Hi'mT* j rut Virginia Dirab-jr;h tVM ffVs. Stale S Calil.'rr.ia. ir^l a »t jrilv irl^rrH u about (·) b* crrj('! by fVb:or and tranlrd lo Virii L'nitnl Thj'ifi A LnanCo . iVnirfd Tarly. who** 1 Ni*uw*s acWrri* ik 3?S Vdjihirr BUil . lv* Ar IfjM. Touaty o Us An/Hrt. SUIP nl California Tt* prowrty in «hich rtr S-cur:!j r.tfiY^t »ul be crriird i\. m ^r-wrjl ALL (intum AND (^t^pmrr.:. fi-rnj^ri- ar*t funrnhir.p c\ IMil.-rv .vsri'.r^ pro^xrt) rtow wc»I«I Jl I"-'? K.i^: \ r t f Stalf (*f CjiliforpJa. jrki bisT.nt L-M^n i-,'i-v- '« rot-Vu.'. b'-n^f bu»ii'«. TV .1 fo rr va J *f f JT n y Iri w Kl MI · i*' h- ivn'jn-ir.jipd -n c^ af!f r iSf 5(h JAV ,-f \VT* 1971. il 10 ,XA V a( F-J( TniiM Thi,!i A l^an To . i* Vi PI* i l-i» ArfrVi. Calrfrnii 90010 S- Fa- . 1r kncvri to (.W S*^urrJ P*rl. i'.\ h'.i « ) · · · « « nar?.f *sJ jtt-Jrrst^f c^cd paJ^n^'sivV 1 " IU lhrW j r " U ' : FIRST t SlTEl»T11SIFT J. I OAN i 0 B TtRKIE IHU.EY K'j" l* f i Fb-dlnit^d Ttnfl* l«i»C» S^*n*hlrrRl\d. T'tt.Ya'T.i^ViTuH.RI old shape behind Living in California moans loving the sun. Why not got the kind of shape to your body that looks good in any light? Wo can help. We offer g wide array of cxerciso facilities. All of our clubs loaluro highly sophisticated body-shaping equipment, with suggestions lor weight loss and individualized diet control. Holiday Spa Health Clubs feature Whirlpool, Sauna, Steam . and Sun Rooms, even Jogging Machines. Try Jazznastics fun group exercises set to music! Many Holiday Spas have heated indoor swimming pools. Leave your old shape behind. Please drop by or give us a call today. Holiday Spat twve different membership programs available Call about our introductory 2-WNfc program NEW RATES GO INTO EFFECT APRIL 1 7 1976 JOIN NOW AND SAVE! AnaH«rm 510 Soul- B?.Kri Bowie* A* d Scutn o I mrom Avenuio 966 6330 Hunt In gl on fi**cti Long Beach -si o* Tt^t-o A MI 630 ?441 Hoftywood Give us a call today. HOLIDAY SPA Health Clubs for Men and Women

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