Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1964 · Page 15
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 15

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1964
Page 15
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Dram Closer ' ^"^ 1 £i2 lo Sukarno, Raps D« Gaulle | JAKARTA, Indonesia (UPI)'changed and no longer Is a president Diofdado Macapa-sufficient deterrent to the gal hinted Tuesday the Philip-Mangers f a c i n c Southeast pines may be reconsidering'Asia, l|i its defense treaties with the! H e proposed strengthened ;£} United States. ^ties amonj the Southeast '*« Tie Philippines president, Asian cations as a solution, speaking at Gadjahmada Uni( His statement indicated he r , versHy ceremonies where he t was drawing closer to Indo-j-1 was awarded an honorary .nesia since his opposition to,?'"' doctorate in political science, British bases in Malaysia is'rg sugs 65 ^ ^ e system of mili-jwell konwn. ' ury alliances is b e i n g ! The Philippines is a -,ber of the Southeast . . (Treaty Organization (SEA- 3 TO). In addition, it has 1 J T/ie Forltl Ground ,,·»*« Chou U.S. in Talk to Pakistanis **"* "**· ""*" ***' F " * "** INDEPENDENT-?* }i A- I t , hiBsri qjlckly however/sression. there may*-! whea newsmen raised tie ful coexistence with then." ' question of VS. policy to-!he **Jd. The fcifgest test of wirdChrru. [peaceful coexistence now is ' Mme.Nliu Return Demanded SAIGON (UPI) -- South Viet Nam has demanded that France extra- f | dite Mme, Ngo Dinh Nhu, fiery jister-tn-law of the late President Ngo Dinh || iti lH Diem, to face trial on charges of "damaging the national economy," Lj.Ni "If the imptrUlisU give cp A ra e T i e a a policy toward TEEN-AGE PIMPLES? II T( ari aKktti VT nl» '° lt jicSOTABS . u t t f i r t»» iitieati t agreements with the United States allowing the basing cf US. military units on Philippine soil. MACAPAGAL, who is pay- .*! ing a state visit to President t«.^ i suk »TM w connection wthj t tk. I the Malaysian crisis, said that i TRY ACNOTA6S easy Io lake tablets preserve mae-jc^j pendf nee. j »;1 Macapagal c r i t i c i z c d j J [French President Charles de 'Jf;j proposal to neutra-jJ informed sources said Tuesday. (In Paris. Mme. Nhu termed the action idiotic.) The sources said the Vietnamese Embassy ia Paris had been instructed to make a formal request for the extradition of Mme. Mm, who has been living in exile in the French capital since late last year. A writ for the arrest of Mme. Nhu. whose husband and brother-in-law were killed in the Nov. 1 Saigon coup, has been issued by a Saigon court at the request of government prosecutors. It accused her of violating foreign exchange regulations as well as damaging the country's economy. Informed sources in Saigon said request for Mme. Nhu's extradition comes under the judiciary convention agreement signed by France and Viet Nam in September 1934. It provides that either country should extradite an alleged criminal when requested. " 4 Hze Southeast Asia and said *l| ^fl'llH DlSUStfr Told " this is not a solution. | "It is essentially negative.' .he said. "Us ends are merely i ;* ·persuading outside powers t o j f llet Asian rations alone.' TED W. BROWN CREDrr JEWELERS 32 YEARS SAME LOCATION F A M I L Y OC.XE9 AN» OPESATEO fAU -- F t l E N D U SEIT7CI NATIONAltr AW1TIUB HANDS HONtSI MICH INHUIT-NO CAIIT1NS CHAICt-1 1UI TO H E E GIFT W I A P P I N S i-A" CHEN STAMrs 418 Long Beach Blvd. HE 6-7326 MOSCOW (TJPI) --The Communist newspaper Pravda, in » rare disclosure of an internal tragedy.Tuesday reported a methane gas explosion in a Soviet mine in the Arctic Circle took the lives of numerous workers. A three-paragraph report said help would be given to surviving families, but it made rto mention cf the date of the accident or the number cf men killed. Cuba Eyes Trade LONDON (UPI) -- A Cuban trade mission was reported enroute to London Tuesday with a big shopping list as the spearhead of a Castro trade offensive aimed at breaking through the American trade blockade. The reports followed disclosure that the Cubans are willing to begin discussion cf compensation for the Castro regime's seizure three years ago of the Shell Oi! company's refinery in Cuba. Shell is a giant Dutch-British group. MADAME NHU Terms' Action Idiotic Aid to Malaysia KL'CHIXG, Malaysia (.¥ -- Two British Javelin jets aimed with' deadly Sidewinder missiles arrived on this Borneo frontier Tuesday to help meet any threat from Indonesia's warplanes. Deputy Chief Minister James Wong said the swift jets will join an air patrol of -Malaysian skies to intercept any Indonesian intruder."* Patrols will fly night and day. Indonesia has announced it will use its air force to drop supplies to the 200 or more guerrillas it is supporting in Malaysia's Borneo states cf Sarawak and Sabah. Kuchirg is Saravrak's capital. Narrow Victory OTTAWA Wt -- The minority Liberal Party government of Lester B. Pearson survived a conservative motion of non-confidence Tuesday night by 8 votes. 128-120. It was the government's closest shave since it came to power 10 months ago. The vote was taken on a motion by opposition leader, John Diefenbaker, whom Pearson succeeded as prime minister. DACCA, East Pakistan ( --Premier Chou En-Iai of Red.' China said Tuesday the. United States must withdraw its troops from South Viet i and "stop its intenen- L* tioa in Laos'* to ensure peace fl« in Southeast Asia. i t Showing flashes of anger. Chou told a news conference .;American troops also must be (pulled out of Formosa before ~ peaceful coexistence can become a reality. Blasting what he called United Slates imperialism. said American foreign "J'policies "will nuke every ^country rise, up against it -- j that diy will surely come." 5 THE CHINESE leader declared Taiwan (Formosa) -home cf Chiang Kai-shek's Rationalist Chinese govern- 'ment "will one day return to |the Motherland." He said the ' idea of two Chinas was a 3|"p!ot of the United States I government" that will never j; 1 succeed. ,ij| Chou, who has been touring Pakistan for eight days, 'opened the news conference -f I with a smile and "good evening" in English. His mood their of war and a;-. China." IOHN T O D A Y STOP BURNING MIDNIGHT OIL ON YOUR INCOME TAX TV» ytir--5«} imaril Don'f burn rti rn'Jruglit oH worrying wi*! fn figurn. Wliy not 1f Elect f gur» your rt- turn q u i e t l y . J«penefitfy t n j insurt you of miK'mum tertfih? Drop in todiy! I8TH FEDCrUl HO STATE tT»i 'Wl cnl »·· «-r »·"·*» f In'trl*,' IM Offim Acr*u We Umtttf NOITH IONG ItACH l i l t t Art«J« U IONS KACH 1«» t. 7k St. CA10INA 11121 $. WtH«r. ATI H U N T I K S T O N FAIK lill E. H«r»ic« At«. »TIT LOS N«CLIS Pk» · 0* vojr n-» PA tntii rr*x TfcYCt OINTMENT br.ncs «uiefc r« f^orn ifV* ^*fc« ctcn.rj ct m:i CLT1ID1LI 1141 C. Cl1«rBI flu* tntvcr.aft d tht tutor t*r fedes. .Tict, TRTCO « BitKint S I.IB.-S f.m.i Sit. t NO JkPromTMlKT DR. RAYMOND, DENTIST,^: m II.Mt Brptr. Imr lit Pirhil Sntam n4i h II r»4n. THE DEPENDRBLES: SUCCESS CARS OF '64 SAVINGS PAT NOTHING FOl I I WHK Months to Modern Dsoial Plates W fUTEJ rUT II 1UUEDIATELT 1FTEK HTMITlOIt Get something off your chest. MY BEST OFFER Mali 111 roytr.tal After J U N E 1ST. W4 N laftriil . . . K Ccrr'it Ckarijt Your knees, for instance! Low Prices T» «V« ictj Btittl flTtl Hi .1 lift MAICH 1AT vkick Iwjine, nn*indin| ini rsaJ/ re!»iiri in I compact. Sow yen «n! Ani that j«s for lacliMJt pjsswgeu is »sl is travelers up front EecKS* Dirt is i campact in the large economy si;*. Wrtrt lots cf iocm for Mpi ind hfids. feet ind Iriees. F»mil/-si;« rocn i3-isunl Aril fthat joej tof Dart in the umfort compartment goes ditts in t k « performance depirtment Staniard eijine is the famous Slant 6 that'B cut- scal tfie eAj-cast tnjmes in most ctfcsr csmpacts. Fcr eves more icten, tl-wc's in optional r.t* Dart VJfiat bVes ra sass from an} size car. Eat dent W tie comfort and sia!e fool jsu. Dart is i compact WAiess its lew price, eas/ ipliee?, reat jss mileijs, and snappy firkabiltfy, »nd yojl line* eucfiy whal »e rr.eix II you're trtd c( cramped, onderpo»ere J compacts, taH to e mai wt,s cai do somethiPi abo'jt it-put Ctpendatle Dodi« Dealer. He tacKs exery JianiJsorr.e family-sia Dart »-;ft a lori, stronj S year, 50.000 mile warranty.* · M I I I I »0» lOltf I STtH. KM »IVI » l » « l » I T fUTtCTJ 111; fATTl" txv ' to '*»« rl * 3C ' »^ rl ·ork . « tt eurf.itu a lirnr rf in r »i I reffli ·-» np'*t I » r» rm: »·« t TI « mrffi · Compact Dodge Dart Dooct txvisiow £^ CHRYSLER ; IONG HACK -- S L t H N t . THOMAS CO, AnaWm el Km IEUFLOWEX--W106ER-OODWIN DOOSE. Inc.. I « J 3 S. tsli-ee NO»TK LONG HACK--VtRME HOtMES. (ne, 344» AMonKe |!ri. COMPTON--SNAVEtY t IANGFORD. Int, 401 H. ler, I.acS Ilrd. -- 5 U I U R I A N MOTORS. 4S to.t AnoV.^m Sf. SIC "THt BOB HOfl SHOW,- f.'BC TV C H f C K TO'! 1 ' IfXJL USTlf;: UNION MEMBERS: . *::;::*? '"' c " . met I«rmi ftr rk»i« »tts« ·«'·* bll (««'·! Clrt I.."-. WELCOME (a Pcisiencrs end Stiier Cifnenj 44SI P l B l C flo.e HE l-lllf -- NO A N O I N T M E N T NECESS1IY fOl EXAMINATION /7/r Raumond DENTURES * urrEii * towns _ _ CORNER FIRST t PINE STS. 122 W. F I R S T ST. tows it A ex

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