The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on September 7, 1952 · Page 17
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 17

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 7, 1952
Page 17
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THE JUNIOR TIMES Esther Norman, rnone 374 Seveniee* When is a baseball not a baseball? Answer: When its a foul, (fowl) Norma Jean Varner, 11, No address given. What has ten fingers but n o hands? Answer: A pair of gloves. Maxine Allen, RR 2, Winchester. Why is forest? Answer: The Runaway Roller Coaster Ted and Dee were alone in a car on the giant roller coaster as • it started the pull up the first slope of tracks. Their parents and Winkle, Ted's little dog, stood outside the low fence that kept the spectators away from the tracks. It was the end of an evening of fun at the amusement park. As they pulled away, an employee jumped into their car and a baggage car like a It is full of trunks. Barbara La May 933 Pottawatomie. Why can't a bicycle walk? Answer: Because it's too tired. (Two tired) •<. : Lorraine. Blume, 13 531 Ohio. The roller coaster tracks lay spread for blocks, curving and dipping, beside the big lake. At several places it was almost over! the water. ' Ted knew the roller coaster was old. Kis parents had discussed whether it was safe or not, but Ted couldn't understand their fear. As the last car ahead of them shot over the weakened braces, a When is a door not a door? Answer: When it's ajar. Barbara Montgomery 201 Elm. elled to another employee, 'Til | horrible cracking sound filled the go up and check it for sure, mis!air, and horrified, they saw the time!" "Check what?" Ted demanded. "Is something wrong?" "I may as well tell you,'' the employee said. "We heard a loud cracking sound up near the high loop-the-loop. It could mean trouble." Dee was indignant, "Now is a pretty time to tell us! I'm scared." When the big car pulled up to the very top of the figure eight, before it made the breath-taking swoop downward, the employee gasped, "Good heavens! The car below us! It almost left the track. Those wooden braces must be weakening!" He began blowing shrill blasts on a policeman's whistle. Then he yelled, "Hold on, kids, and pray for your lives!" The car gained momentum and zoomed up and down the big dips. Dee screamed, as most girls do while riding a roller coaster, but they were not screams of delight, but of horror. "They heard me below!" shouted the employee. "That means they'll stop ever car from now onf" braces' give w.ay and the tracks buckle. "We're goners!'' the employee gripped the edge of the car. "Why don't they shut off the current?" Ted thought fast. "Look! Before we hit the broken place, we go up a little grade and it slows up to make the curve. The lake is just below. Let's jump into the lake! It's our only chance!" "Okay!" sobbed Dee. "You're right, kid!" yelled the emploee. "Let's try it!" The car slowed and pulled. Nearer and nearer the top it went. As it turned the curve, Ted yelled, "JUMP! NOW!" Dee screamed as they plunged downward into the darkness. Above it, Ted heard the crashing timbers as their car hurtled through to destruction. A little later they were all three rescued safe and sound, but wet and frightened. "Yipes!" Ted said to Dee on the way home. "I wasn't too scared up there on the coaster, but now that it's .over, just call me "Shaky" the rest of the evening!" —Esther Norman. WINS HOLLYWOOD PASS A RUINED POND Dear Editor: Our grandfather in Missouri has 54 acres of land on his farm. One acre used to be a pond. It was- almost big enough to be classed as a lake. It had large catfish in it and carp, gar, croppie, perch and shad. But that was before the terrible flood. To most people the flood of last year is a thing of the past, except to the peple whose farms were changed by it. Now, the lake is filled up with a huge sand bar. There is only a few placess with water in it. The fish are gone, except for a few carp and shad. There are only a few bull frogs left. The north end is piled full of trees. My brother Francis and I used to swim in the ! pond, and we hope that it fills up vith water some day. Yours truly ames Alexander, 12, Fourth and ^ilas. • Little Moron Department WINS 51.00 PRIZE Why did the little moron put his feet out the window while it was pouring rain? Answer: He wanted to water his born. Mary June Wolfe, 11, 820 'North Tenth. WINS HOLLYWOOD PASS Why did the little moron bury his car? Answer: Because the motor was dead. Carole Covert, 13, 733 Cheyenne. as soon as space permits.. However, the more entries you' send, the more chances you will have of winning prizes. So keep sending them! Florence Strick, 15, RR 4, Billy Textor, 225 Sherman, Kathleen.Gwart- ney, 625 Grand Avenue. Winnie Westphal, 11, HR 1, Tonganoxie, Virginia Slade, 1331 South Broadway, Mary Kempter, 8, RR 4. Joseph Kempter, 11, RR 4. David McEvoy, 10, RR 2, Lilburne Quinn, 11. 733 Spruce, Barbara Robinson, 12, 1116 North Sixth, Karyle Ann Schmidt, 10, 729 Cheyenne, Joelyn Sloan, 7, 22 second and Vilas. Jerry W. Jones, 14, 317 South Eleventh, Bernadette Forge, 9, RR 4, Betty Wolfe, 13, 820 North Tenth. Davis Allison. 9, 803 Second Avenue, Norma Jean -Varner, 11, 517 South Tenth, Maxine Allen, RR 2, Winchester. Barbara La May, 933 Pottawatomie, Ella Marie Hammersmith, 13, RR 3, Carol Vermilllion, 10, 119 North Second. Lena May Hartman, Box 27, Hammond, 111., Eleanor 1.. Gruendel, 11, Tonganoxie, Geraldine Heichling, 13, 2101 South Fifth, Barbara Bielecki, 13, 2000 Maple Avenue., Joseph. Knight Jr. 821 Thornton, Shirley Simpson, 10, 145 Logan. Cecile Hensley, Lansing Larry Owen, 8, 208 South Esplanade. 'What did the little moron say when he saw smoke coming out of the church? Answer: "Holy smoke!" • Carol Bila, 11, 769 Seneca. Why did the little moron take a bale of alfalfa hay when he went to bed? Answer: He wanted to feed his nightmares. Judy Doran, 12, 207 South Thirteenth. Contributors In the last several days, the following readers have sent letters, jokes and other entries worthy of special mention. They will be published just WINS $1.00 PRIZE What did the paint brush say to the floor? Answer: "Another crack like that and you'll get the worst shellacking of your life!" Larry Owen, 10, 208 South Esplanade. WINS HOLLYWOOD PASS How can you make anti-freeze? Answer: Hide her warm pajamas. Mable Henderson, 13 728 Cheyenne. WINS ADTJLT FORT PASS What is the difference between a boy who has just 'been spanked and a dark cloud in the sky? Answer: One foars with pain and the other pours rain. Jerry Jones, 14 317 South Eleventh. Wins Adnlt Fort Pass. Jerry Jones, 11, 317 South lltta. We want to hear all about your pets. What are their names? What dp they do that 'makes you love them? Be a good Junior Timer by seeing that your pet has plenty of fresh water and good food every day. Address, Pets, The Junior Times,.. Leavenworth^ . COLOR THE FAIRY PRINCESS, in bright colors. Paste the picture on cardboard. Cut out the circles. Put your first and second fingers through the holes and your doll becomes a toe dancer! If you have tiny doll shoes, you may put them on your fingers, just for fun. ond grade. Lena May Hartman, Box 27, -Hammond; HI. CONTEST PRIZE VISITED SPRINGFIELD Dear Editor:-When my brother came up from Springfield, Mo. the last of June, he said I could go back with him for a visit. I enjoyed visiting in Springfield very you continue to publish it "from now on. Yours truly, "'J:osep.h Knight Jr., 11, 821 Thornton. much. I liked the big square the middle of the city. It has SAW MARVEL CAVE Dear Editor: We went to Marve dave. It'is the third largest cavi n America. They had a formatter called the Giant foot print. There vas another formation called "The Sueen's Necklace", the "Crysta Rose" and "The Turkey". The cave is 525 feet d_eep. *Yours truly ^harleen Faye Timmons, 110: ^orth Thirteenh. many nice stores and parks and other interesting places to visit. While there, we went to Granby and went fishing. It was about 60 miles away. I also played my first game-of miniature golf. It was lots of fun, but I didn't make a very good score. I hated to leave, after that three weeks visit, but after all, there is no place like Leavenwprth. I brought back gifts for my family. I wish the best of luck to all the others who are try- ng to get their letters in The Jun- K) TONGANOXIE FAIR Dear Editor: We attended the fonganoxie Fair. We enjoyed i •ery much. We rode on the merry jo-round. There were lots of inter sting farm displays and booths ! got a book and my sister is read ng it. Yours truly, Annie Brooks 3, 1325 High. WRITES FROM ILLINOIS Dear Editor: I live in Ham mond, HI. I was 11 years old or Aug. 25. On July 20th, I was taker rery ill in the middle of the nigh and went to the hospital. I hav :o stay in bed, now that I air home. I know a lot of people whc ive in Leavenworth and surround ng territory. When school start; :'ll be in the fifth grade. M; brother Calvin will -be in the sec ^Motto* The best pair of shoes for active school days is the one that won't gap, slip or cub your child's ankle bone. Ask for PRO-TEK-Tiy ... made to fit the contour of growing feet. Pro-tek'tiv FOR GOOD FITTING AS THE FOOT DEvaore WE TAKE TIME TO SEE THAT YOUNG FEET ARE CA«EFUUV FITTED LEONHARD'S Children's Shoes, Women's' Casuals, Trimfit Anklets 207 5.5th ; Phone 3920 or Times. Bonnie Jones, 12, Vlarion. 1010 in June. I take every Tuesday and Thursday. My sister and I went to Bible School for two weeks this summer at the First Baptist Church. I have gone swimming at Wollman Park seven times already. Our Sunday schoql had a picnic at Wiley's Ranch. We had a. good time and had lots of good things to eat. We went with the City Recreation group to the Swope Park zoo. We looked at all of the animals.j a °d my sister and I rode on the train and ponies. We had a wonderful time. John Burns, 7, 238 Sherman Avenue. WINS MOVIE PASS .OTS OF HOBBIES Dear Editor: I have many hob- jies that keep me busy during va- :ation. First of all, are my ani- nals. I have a Dalmation dog lamed Spotty. When you say hello 0 her, she will shake hands. I lave 25 rabbits, four turtles, about 1 hundred pigeons and several :hickens and ducks. Another of my hobbies is wood- raft. I have an electric jig-saw Hid make lawn ornaments, what- lot shelves and small toys. I nake gifts for my relatives when Jiey have birthdays. I like'to grow a garden, too. I lave a place in my dad's garden, and this year I planted some green jeans which are supposed to grow yard long. Right now they are aver 18 inches long. I can sell some of my vegetables and keep .he money for my own use. 1 ike the . Junior Times and hope Headquarters for EDISON Baby furniture CONTEST PRIZE PLAYS THE VIOLIN Dear Editor: I began taking vio- at Junior High School! PETS WINS $I.OO;PIUZE Harlene Brizgint, .13, 506 Vine, writes: "I have a darling puppy named Babe. She was a month old on August 12. When school starts again in September, I will have to feed her before I go to school and when I get home. Right now, I have to. feed her six times a day, because she is always hungry.. We have a box to put her in, but she dislikes the box. So we put her in the wash" room, and she likes to lie partly big army boots. I on my Dad's took her out- in the house. One .day I took her outside to get some sunshine, and we stayed out about an hour and a half. She didn't want to come back in, then. I hope she will grow up to be a big, beautiful • dog." Carol Sharp, Box 74, Potter, writes: My brothers and sisters and I have a pet dog named Butch. He is brown and white and very pretty. He is so tame, he lets my baby sister play with him. Older children should watch tiny ; 'little children don't realize hurts the dog or cat. Butch is so much fun to play with. We love him. We used to have a dog named Blackie. Then we had ,a hound dog named Sadie, but Mommy didn't like her very well, for some reason, even though she was tame. So we gave her away about a month ago. She lives near by, so we go to see her a lot." Quicksilver is what elementl Answer: Mercury. The average American nian speaks 21,600 words a day. - Margaret Koker, 11, RR 2, writes: "My sister Donna and my brother George ar.d I have a pet dog. His name is Brownie. He is brown [ and white. He can do some tricks "and will bark for food when we ask him. We love Brownie." 'Dorothy May Willey, 8, 2613 South Fourth, writes: "We have $1.00 Prize. Bonnie Lue Haling, 12, RR 3. fifteen years old. They are laying eggs and want to set. They are cross and peck at us when we go near their nests. Bantams are a breed • of chickens that are very tiny, even when they are fully you would use the dressing room. Ma'am." • Robert'McGill, 14, 908 Pottawatomie. side and she cried to come back grown. We had twenty baby, chicks this spring and we raised eighteen of them. They are large now. We have a cat, but we don't let him catch birds." " WINS $1.00 PRIZE Little girl: "Daddy, a strange man came to see you today." Daddy: "Did he have a bill?" Little girl: "No, just a plain, ordinary nose." Florence Strick, 15, RR 4. WINS ADULT FORT PASS WANT AD: • "Nice kitten now living at the Humane Society desires permanent position as companion to kind little girl. Will also do light mouse-work." Mary Kempter, 8, : : ' RR 4. ' WINS HOLLYWOOD PASS Lady customer: "Could I try on 'that blue dress in the window?" two little Bantam hens that are' New clerk: • "We would prefer Teacher: "Use the word 'fascinate' in a sentence." Student: "My coat has ten buttons, but I can only fasten eight." Jerry Linaweaver, -11, Lansing. The screen door had been left open and a lot of flies got into the house. The young married couple were busy swatting them. "How many did you get?" asked the wife. ."Eight," answered her husband. "Four males and four females." "Why, how in the world can you tell males- from females?" "Easy!" said the husband. "Four of them were looking at themselves in the mirror, and four were on the sugar bowl." ; Geraldine Reichling, 13, 2101 South Fifth. The minister preached a sermon and said, "All the cigarettes, beer and liquor and slot machines and everything that make men bad, should be dumped into the river." When he sat down, wiping his brow, after his fiery sermon, the choir leader announced, "We 'will now sing, 'Shall We Gather At the River?' " Myrna Weidemier, 10, 1213 Shawnea. Seven members of the Cleveland Indians were chosen for the 195B All-Star game. This,'is the. greatest number chosen from Cleveland in one' year. "Come In... We Will Show You" McCool's 504 Shawnee Phone 390 ^^^^^^K^ Southwest Corner, 4th and Delaware Streets. =S F. t Carroll, Jr., LEAVfNIOBTB NATIONAL BANK Geo. A. Goehner, Cashier :

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