Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 6, 1960 · Page 2
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 2

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1960
Page 2
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PAGE 2 an4 daw ntcttat Pa* Ottle», TucMin. Artem T U C S O N D A I L Y CITIZEN MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 6, I960 *-* JJurglaries Ifet $1,000 iCash, Gems Woman Dies In Pickup Truck Crash IN TWO SPEECHES Weekend house burglaries netted A woman passenger was killed! ·more than 11,000 cash and some i jewelry, police reported. One of ithe victims was a Tucson resident [only three days. ;^ Ray Paluszek. 2M5 N. Flanwill 'Slvd., told police someone broke -out a screen and entered his -jouse, taking $850 in cash, a $75 Ifatch and two rings worth $300. ^Jhe entry was Saturday night or yesterday, said Paluizek, the new ^resident *^ Burglars obtained about $200 fcash at the home of Anthony J. ·Malon, 238 S. Stratford Dr., and i»t least $37 cash at the home of rEmil Geisel, 115* N. Santa Rosa 'Blvd. Ike Fires Back At Khrushchev WEST POINT, N.Y.--UPI--President Eisenhower _ i e ft it plain today after two weekend speeches that he turned about^ne"" miles west o f ] w o n ' t take Nikita S. Khrushchev's attacks on him and the Western world lying down. Taking the counter-offensive, the chief executive declared in an off-the-cuff talk to Republicans at a dinner near here and two other persons injured j early this morning when a pickup Sells. The victim was identified by police at Sells as Mrs. Irene Stephens, about 60, of Ajo. 2--Mrs. Irene Stephens 27-- ? ? ? Serving Arizona MfOAlBESCBVI ITITIE INSUUNQI »;* dcrtvi · Jruili *·* f KMW c»n*«*tMt * r * MAIN «mci *,. ITONI AT MAMMA M44LSHWWAT Saturday night that the Soviet Premier's "ill-tempered expressions" have brought the West closer together than at any time since he took office. . . . . ., , Without mentioning it directly Injured were the driver of the j Hsenhower de f en ded the role of ; nlen( j freedom shall emerge truck. Miss Anita Cruz, 30, and Frank Delores, 30, both of Big- j field. Both the injured were taken to the Sells Clinic. Miss Cruz is in serious conditions. She suffered a cut throat, multiple deep lacerations, possible fractured leg and possible head injuries. Delores, released after treatment, suffered head lacerations, and multiple contusions and abrasions. George Hendricki of the Sells police said the victims all were thrown from the truck when it overturned. He said the driver »aid she apparently fell asleep at the wheel. The accident was not reported until 7:30, but it is believed it occurred about 8 a.m. Miss Cruz and Delores were found itanding near th« wreckage. The fatality was the 26th in Puna County (luring 1S60. At this time last year there were 40 traf- the United States in sending U2 planes across Russia on spy missions, stating the Soviets live in a society of secrecy "which we try to penetrate, and in my opinion properly." He touched on the Khrushchev tirades again yesterday at Notre Dame University at South Bend, Ind., where he flew on a quick one-day plane trip to make the commencement address. In this speech he did not mention Khrushchev's name but his intention was clean 'THE ENEMIES of human dignity lurk in a thousand places --in governments that have become spiritual wastelands, and in leaders that brandish angry epithets, slogans and satellites," he said.. He delivered this statement following an appeal for backing for his embattled $4,175,000,000 foreign aid "program. "This is no time to whimper, complain or fret," he said, "about helping other peoples, if we really triumphant over tyranny. The Rev. Theodore M. Hes- burgh, president of Notre Dame, thanked Eisenhower for his appearance. "The best way to tell you why we love you so much is to re"ad you some of your own words," Father Hesburgh said. He then repeated a comment Eisenhower made on his return from the pre- summit world tour, at which time he said the peoples of the world were tied by "their common denominator of faith that America would lead the way to a lasting and just peace." "You have conducted yourself with dignity and honor and good common sense," Father Hesburgh said to Eisenhower. "While others Residents Oppose Widening About a dozen Orange Grove road residents today protested a petition to establish it as a county road with a 130-foot right-of- way between La Canada drive and Thornydale road. Their fear was that a wide road might attract business to an area they hoped would remain residential. The protest was made at a j meeting of the County Board of Supervisors who set Aug. 1 as the date for an appraiser's report. At that time it could be determined whether the wide right-of-way would be financially feasible, the supervisors agreed. Defending the need for wide section-line roads was County Engineer Walter Burg. He said the county had to be ready for a further population surge. Burg explained that even with fairly sparse one-home-to-the-acre zoning, heavy traffic can be generated on major roads. He estimated a half a square-mile neighborhood generated 4,000 car trips a day on a major road. - - HUSBAND WANTED Carnival Worker's Wife j- Turns Up In Milwaukee The ls-y ear-old wife of a carnival worker who is wanted here in connection with a bogus bank draft has turned up in Milwaukee with relatives, police said today. Mrs. Paulette N. Petersen has been in contact with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lukaszewski, 1I5« E. Hedrick St. But her husband, Eddie Petersen, 36, left a train they were riding at Indianapolis, police said. Mrs. Petersen, a cripple, was reported missing by her parents when they b e c a m e concerned about her welfare. i f-J Make fathers Day:-. Open Fri. Kites A Happy One HI-BALL SET of 4 glasses rimmed in western brands with hand-tooled leather jackets, M.tl MATCHING TRAY, $1.41 Lergtr sets available. Also in old- fashioned. LARGE MAN-SIZE-ASH TRAY of glass encased Jn hand-laced leather $g AC with steer head design W.TW 70 E. Pennmf ten ranted and raged, you stood firm · and symbolized human dignity." THE PRESIDENT, who Hew here from Washington Saturday, returned from his brief side trip to Notre Dame last night to join in a sumptuous suppfer with his 1915 West Point classmates at the nearby farm of Gene Leone, a former New York restaurateur. POLICE BLOTTER Burros Give Lawn Early Morning Trim Strange noises awoke Mrs. Mary Ann Priddle this morning at her home, 7033 Calle Pegaso. She looked out the bedroom window and saw three burros placidly eating bermuda grass--"and- an occasional flower," added Patrolman Richard A. Schneider. By the time Schneider could 35 Will Attend t. Lions Conclave Tucson's seven Lions Clubs will be represented by 35 delegates at the Ariiona State Lions Club convention Thursday through Saturday at Flagstaff. Donald Jackson of the South Tucson Lions · Club and Vince Dtvii, representing the Downtown Lions Club, have been nominated as candidates for governor of District 21B, Lions International. The convention will get under way with opening speeches early Thursday morning at the convention site, Ft Tuthill, located south of.Kagstaff. More than 1,000 delegates and their wives plan to attend. Two Drivew JaHed, Fined For Intoxication Ernest Moriarty Jr., 39, of M01 E. 34th St., was fined $100 Saturday and sentenced to 10 d»ys in jail for drunk driving. Hubert Grubbt, 40, Sahuarita. received a similar sentence for being in physical possession 1 of a car while drunk. li f; ' *. *· *- f r f * tr. r~ t- WHY RISK YOUR BETTER COTTONS to the h«ar«U »f ordinary washing and ironing! *.·" * *«. IF K T. *·' ¥ i «. *,, DRY CLEANING protestors suggested that Ina road be given the mission of handling future .traffic in their area. Burg replied that both Ina and Orange Grove would be needed to carry the future flood of traffic. He pointed out that several neighborhoods would be located between the Casa Grande and Florence Highways to cause around 16,000 car trips a day on each road. Further, he explained, 'the state and federal governments plan an interchange on the Casa Grande interstate highway at Orange Grove. One Of the principal spokesmen for the objectors was Atry. Edward Larkin who feared that dense zoning might follow the building of a wide road. Burg's response to the argument was that zoning was meant to be fairly permanent. Otherwise, there would be no reason for having zoning laws, he said. The area is presently zoned" one-home- te-the-acre. The county engineer reported that initially only 24 feet of paving is contemplated on sparesly settled major roads. As traffic builds up, lanes can be increased to three in either direction. He pointed out that Broadway's wide stretches have around HI feet of paving with 17-foot parkways on each side of the road. He cautioned that unless, right- of-way were obtained now, traffic could be' hampered as is the case along Campbell avenue. Recently, he said, the county was able to obtain only an additional 20 feet of right-of-way on Campbell to relieve traffic pressure when much more was needed. respond to Mrs. Priddle's call for help, her young boys had scared off the animals. The patrolman found them on Golf Links road, two blocks east of Kolb road. Schneider turned the problem -over to a deputy sheriff. * * » .It'* all a matter of "staying loose," Feleciano Bracamonte Cordova, could report to his friends today after brush with * train. a personal The Petersens were married here Apr. 30. After they left town a number of bogus checks were reported which, police said, were written on a bank account set up with a bogus bank draft Police said Petersen told his wife he was leaving to find work and would join her later. She went on to Milwaukee from Indianapolis. They had boarded the train in Charlotte, N.C.. after their broke down, police said. A felony warrant has been issued here lor Petemn, charging him with depositing the/ bogus bank draft Address Change Reports Asked t* Persons receiving social security benefits can save themselves * great deal of inconvenience if *ey report promptly when they change their address, Harry Holland, manager of the Tucson,Sodal Security office, aaid today. If you are getting benefits you can assure prompt delivery «f your monthly checks by reporting a change of address as toon as you move,'he said. A signed not* or postcard showing name, social security number and new ad* dress will do. Telephone calls for change of address are not acceptable. ,'.,.. ·'· . - .'. -·'. " The social security rffk* for residents of Southern Ariiana n located at 522 N. 4m Ave. k Tucson. . · · ".··.··:. -*:: "..:.. Cordova, 58, of 4M- Ote» Ave., walked against amoving train at the tracks near West 23nd street, police said. . Police checked him from top to bottom after the incident last night and could find no injuries. They arrested him on a drunk charge. Cordova pleaded guilty and was ordered to serve M days or pay a $20 fine when he appeared in City Court this morning. Dear Fritwb: If y* hare t*t« i*re*ei*« fe land, we beBere m wtt agree that wr exehutve: Hstaf :tf «m MM ma* «f ·ntty step** waWt.laii^·*J» «f· k an wUtaMttag Tib*. Tk* towel ls*l is tacMiM wiflmrt «*tra charge. Yew, »*», caagak with *»gr»wUi rf**^ ' ' We *wU be pUased t» wtthyt*. Stactrely, A ithrtber l.B.Klesutt *E. HA 3-7471 Western *fH«t«4 · Makes cottons bloom into glorious fresh color! \. · Gives a rich sheen of newness thai you c«n \ actually see and ieel--and it lasts! · Cottons become stein resistant, «nd wrinkle- resistant no matter how warm the weatherl Council OKs Borrowing * Of $554,650 The City Council today authorized City Mgr. Porter W. Homer to borrow up to $554,150 to pay bills due mostly to services extended to the newly annexed southwest area* It msy bs that net si! the money will be needed before the city begins on its new fiscal budget July 1. What is needed will be borrowed from the local branch of the Bank of Douglas at 3 per cent interest, figured on an annual basis. The Arizona Tax Commission, which must authorize all nonbudg- eted expenditures, approved the budget excess more than a month ago. Today's action simply was formal council approval of the actual borrowing of the money. In other actions today the council: Approved announced plans for the building of a $300.000, three- story wing on City Hall. Authorized the purchase from the state for $1, of the old National Guard Armory on 5th avenue and instructed the manager to s*e whether the state would pay some of the costs of razing the building. Set a public hearing June 30 on proposal to amend city laws to legalize the placement of shrub 1 2nd tr** '"'lasers' en cit" LA/evv. Shipment .·I - * 'Baby Qator! Sam Dawaon writes on bos'- ness affairs. Reed him on ihe cdiioriai page of the Tucson Daily Citizen. tr Uf* Our WUJ-C411 Sy»Mm. W* Cuiy ItaM Hi «* 12. WMttu AAAAA » · These magnificent drtisy tailored pumps war* designed by Dtlman for +h» women who loves the elegant beauty of Reptile shoes. . . lustra Baby Gator is the master's Replica of the real thing embossed on fine leathers and its beauty is ·nhinctd with a lustrn finish, in Bone or White, 22'.95. *JNC. MODS SHOES e 49 wi F«shi*nabl« Ptnninf fen FREE PARK t SHOP · OPEN MON. * FRI. EYE. · TUCSON-PHOENIX DO-IT-YOURSELF TRUCK RENTAL Economical Rates By the Hour, Day or Week! DEPENDABLE ' LOCAL MOVING By the Experts... Proven Specialists Since 1M2Z LONGDISTANCE BY MAYFLOWER By America's Most Recommended Movers! at fro Pkene MA 4-0445 for your rouferrwn or patronize «ne «f *ur neif hk*rh*«d 4ri wiiics, Authrmed the expenditure of $M,4M in water revenue hand fuwls te extend water lines into the newly annexed area. Passed, without debate, the tang-standing request for business zoning M a tract between Water street and Grant road, abeut 306 feet west of Tucson boulevard. Councilman James L. Kirk took a verbal spanking from Vice Mayor F. T. Gibbings, whfl was presiding temporarily, when Kirk left his teat ta talk over a metkm with a spectator in the, chambers. "I MMwJfr *W* very diMMift*- nus to get up and walk out without asking t« be excused/' saM GibbiMfs. "YwTre fte «M who h always camptainJH about preto- ert." "I wn not walking wit," replied Kirk, "lot Fve sew y*« * it ."T have never fefl hwrt, id Gibfeiwc*. J«*t *e» KHyw B TrtWl tMCrft£ · fffWWft ... call for the move that suits you best Lonjf distance moving by Accredited Mayflower Movers, or short loctl moves by the Men With Know-How ..-. either wty your movinf lervke is prompt, «fe and economical. Sec for yourself · the next rime YOU move! TUCSON WA R E H O US E Smte- Iff} 4Mt IAST MOA9WAY

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