The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 26, 1957 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1957
Page 11
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THB fA'CTS »w\ Bragerl* County, Jam flft, IflBt «Y BILL M ? HURRA 1 Distance Can Fool You On Cawoe's No. Eight In fop Leagua I 1 -A rivals. Freeport and Lake Saturday v rajift ' Field in their Cardinals Outscore (Editor's Not*—This 1* s'gkih !B a ser'.as of arlic'.es by WiUard Weed on his top !8 aoli holss acro«» Texas.) Br WILLAflD WOOD How many golf rounds h^r Should yfu try to hit. art iron |tha* vrill c-jrry you only 140 yards, you will find yourself trying to chip for a par instead of putting for a par. The tee is iccated on a tall |Kill n-hir> th« gmr> if Sown Already-tvo . , . in their tight. Braroria County Major Teen-Age summer schedule, • th% Lake Jackson Optimists moved back to ac-. tion recently by hammering out!meeting of the season^ s 12-7 win over Bay City. I Lake Jackson, ' which The Cardinals had in opening round game with Bay City rained out. and then sa\* a game with West Columbia last Saturday night -called off because of light failure'-at Liftns Field in Freeport. 'h6me grounds, took an opening 3-2 -<rin liver freer-erf But fell in their last test. 4-2. After winning ov»r Fresport. IJafcV .fackSori fell to WC by » 6-1 count, then took » 1-0 hack however, to tie tha third frame Lake •eil out in front again when Jessie Hibbetts us* j doubled and cawe home when Spfnce lined t single. The Cards; picked up thrw Lak? Jackfon's victory over !forfftir-cVer Bay City for their you played when you sr» dis- jm s vaUey . thus making the Bay City left them Iwo games v . - -- - - . . .. .- „ pisted with yourself for hitting (distance look short. But you |] f« *he pace »t -by the leap le. with the wrong club? (ran rut. a good long iron and leading \V«t Columbia crew, i,i«t nv. »nv nt.ho.r eollcr. Irv. «»f» who are unbsM*n« Just liie any other golfer, that probably happens almost- 1 " ! e saie Ho-rever. that t'«-o or three wvtijr.a you" play nine hole?. ! iron has to be stjraisht.«ss. like Miyba you will be short on jail oth«r Tex^s golf courses. ope b°l« "S"! "n the naxt.tyoulthe fairways are lined with tall g6 over .the green. pine, trees Thus you see how picking One* you th« right club tends to have a ball into these" pm« trees 'thfe Lake Jackson now has won three while dropping a pair as- West Columbia is sporting a perfect season «'"3-0. WC h%» had four game?- cancelled. be- hoc'!:"or slice a e»use of ifaint and lights. lot to do with how you score. This apply* on any course you par three is almost, gone. Should you overtook the'num- ber eight distance and pick a With West Columbia riding on top of-the -.loop standings and Lake 'JackSbn, holding oh run* in the fourth on hit* by Larry Stephens a'iki ••'Hunt, but used a big six rii» fifth t* wrap up theii loop c,'onte«t with Bay City. Jn%hs m Bajr City action last; Hits by Stephens, Spencs, three Monday, Lake Jackson sent big Pit Hunt to the mound while Raymond Hernandez arid Milton' Craufson handled the pitching for Bay City. Hemander hsd tossed a no- 1 tutter at. £r«ej>ort< in .one oti his e'arly games, failed tb last sgainst the Lake Jatkson hit-}, ting, and suffered, the mound, loss. ' - ' ' " •' ' -l However. sorr.s soli holes ;rhorter iron, you might «n< to !°cond. the Freeport Opt- Jenr S]tenr^x»t- Lake. Jsek- tr* constructed in such a way I in the creek that winds its way | , that it becowes a golfing prob-1 through *he Conros. layout. . [trails, lem on what iron or wood to This smsll creek is- right in uo limiste ar» in third place, with \ son, off to a **od start by sUm- 1 am «vU,2-3 mirk, while Bay City | mwg ' out. t hte« run in thej T - - ' - Brazoria Girl Score fofati In Rosenberg Donald Whi'* aiSd Den Ofti*- ger, netted them tirtir third ioop win. •'-j^- LAKE JAClWejHlOpH. mist* ar* haeWnij lh» Cardinals ihlt »a«a* Ik ft* Br»- toria Counlf. MafoT T**#- Ajg loop alnd iK* LJT nine, at shown abetr*, 6UtieOr*4 B»y City, ll-T. teeCBJlr far their ihird loop »H«> f h»T !>*»• been b*ai*n rwi«», bf WM| Columbia anJ FrMpoM. Two Dayjt Of k Alvin Meet Opens Sat. f?. •••• -••;••. •*• "4*. '•• - first Inning-. .-BJ7. City; cam*' Sraieria taT* — hit. of this green and it catch- j Angen. LiSa« Bradlay, S« Henry »nd -. Grace Moor* ~ Cout amateur (alters 100 CuU,j»«rl iB-*MB SUht »»<! from •llHou«ten'« TooUny Tylen and flv» ffighU will Bob Rucker and Fr«epart'« shootini for $1000 in prizes make up th« tcJununwnt. WJlltrd Wood. Satui'day, when the 4th annual I Alvin official* tlto inneunc- . Alvin Invitational Cell Tour-'ed «hit th* court* hii b*«n nament .opens. .. ' j-work«d on- recently . The match play. event will' 0 f the t»«s h*v« b«*n moved la«t throujh SuntTiv' with Thls is ti« type of hole thatjes ill fhoU that are short and w» ha\-s picked "as our number Ihooked. " .- • eight on Texas links. ' Control is also needed here This hole is at the Conrce as- the ball has to be: hit Country Club, again in East-straight, in order to come up Texas, and it is their number pvith your par and maybe a fight. The hole is a par three |hopeful birdie. ... layout and is 170 yards from ! Many golfers that' have play- tM to green. • ed this hole will agre« -that it But, you might not agree is a fine layout and folks from with the tee marker should you the Gulf Coajt always look look at the green from the tee,' forward to playing it, as iK is ai it loos only 135 or 40 yards i one of the most colbrful of all cff. . iEast Texas holes.. . Qanodo Tourney .... Brarosport sr.d B r a i 3 r i • :-.-.r.d this, as Eo started out County goUsrs i;-_5' played ir. raying in the second flight ih« re«ent Gaasao C-olf Tc-ur- -:.-..i after 15 holes held a four Tiarsaet had notliing tu' ;-r=;;- rrAe margin. for the Mustang links. Then after 27 holes, Bs had Th* nine-hole course was sp- ;r-fle 12 strokes up on the par*ntly quite long, around ,pa--.k. The Canada pro then 6800 yards, but was flat like, asked Bo to move up to the th* Freeport links. The coun- ; first flight for his last nine. if (olfers got a good chance to' which he did and came out a hit their woods from the,winner. He was leading that ground and lots of two and' flight. ai:-o after the first IS three iron shots. land 2^ holes -T,'~ * V..." CtUB 11 recently made itSweep of an CONROE i/' • '*! places. ' The \ Iheld in _.. The foursortS broujtht back medals (Sat "W a poaiible ... and 13 of the**'medal* were ...for first while-live were for •'.- \.' \ second and -three for third J ^ 1L1^^» „„„•. the link* now play some final round* eondnf Sunday af-; 6UO yaM* with par b«ing 36- ternoon. »3S—71. , A bulk of th* entries li ex- Recent rain« alone th* Tex- pected to come from Braroria:» Coast have left the Alvin a near clean. County wfth Freeport, Lake i layout in fin* shape and th* me«t' J * (: ksc.n. Angleton and Sweeny ! court* U expected to play sending several p'ayers. 'good. Entry fee has been »«t at | Playert that and that 'will.,Include the price'of a chtcWn Barbe- ... .... .... , cue, scheduled for 8 p.m. on age jrore, of which should be Title Match On Mat Card Tiny Mill*, on* of th* only grapplers to score a win over Eton Leo Jonathan, will battle the Texas Heavyweight king in a title match from the Brata enter j liorla County ring Saturday th» raett ihould send their en- night in the main event. try fee" ' - • -•• - --------- their aver- Saturday, June 29. signed by their local pro, to Alrin Golf and Country Clur>' ( T. W. Wrliht, tourney ehalr- . . officials announced that medal-; man. Braiortt AAU team, lists qualifying rounds will be John Garrison, well known ' In two other outstanding matches it will be Tiger Conway after Al Mills while Billy Wicks test Alvin's Coon Fro berg in th* opener. Mills blasted Jonathan out with a right .hook in one of which is wuVof th* Juniorjheld on Thursday, June ZS.'amateur golfer on th« Texaa _ -.„.._ — —- ._ Olympic projrani. is sponsor- with prizes going to th* win-: Coast, ii th* defending champ- j their recent matches and the uijuiiw. K"**"*"" _..»•_.. r . , . 11-.- • .cuttirilnv nloht duel Is exneeted Willard Wood was the winner of ths Championship flight, of which he won by some four strokes. Willard has now won Deerman did not get, the $115 in merchandise that Wood did but he did get the honor of winning in the Ganao meet. Throe Golf Iv,anfs Duo Around 30 golfers capped off III of Angleton and Red John, a four^vent week-long.card at Meadowlake ' Country Club ot placed in Freeport. Meadow-1 Several other locals took Sunday by taking part in the- g l*k«. Old Ocean and Ganado. I part, in that meet of which regular Sweepstakes. Another Freeporter, high|bome included Frank Curry, tthool player Bo Deerman, al- i Don Bailey, V. D. Smith, Rongo wa» a winner at Ganado but j nie Ray, D. L. ^Vhite, Howard Bo did not aacept any prties j and Billy Wade. • • ' '-' b*e*uae h» want* to take part! Most of th* local golfers now in th* high school meets next! will be playing in th« Alvin :}- ed by the Briioria Study Club ' and handled toy coach Lloyd '.i (Thomas. <• The girl* had. relay wins in bhe .300 yard e"«nt and then I •[won the 440 yard the >vomen's division. In th? girls' division Angell had a Second place in the J0-| yard dash and a second in| broad Jump She took first 4 in the women's division in the J ;so and thea ( fcjurtis in-, the jbroad lump. A : Bradley had 'i first, in the 220-yard dksh and second in 'the baspbfel thrfrn' for girls and th«n fo*. another 220-yard first in th* women's class fn son and LeeKoj( Miller, both!addition to 2nd in the baseball at Fre-eport, were Sunday I .„.„.. .Ion. Merchandise gift awardi will j Garrison la expected to_J>e b* given to the top four win-'on hand this year along with Saturday night duel is expected to see both of these big boys shooting the works. fishifi' FIESTA B* ready «« eatoti Uu> TM» Prlie Winners* you'll flirt th« right AnthnrlMd Dealer Johnwn Outboard Moton Rile* * Sperl* L. J. Hwy Palmer's Sporttaf.G*odl Ctat* l-Mll 'Meet, which by the way opens Bo was the winner in the • Saturday morning for a I flnt flignt. A little story is be- • day run of match play. two *"• Bob iTee Shots,. j TouOtfuJ county golfers, Wood, past (beuld keep in mind the quii- -times, G«se comin.'" Jayo** OoU Tournament. The' HusseU and Event* on the card this u-eek find a Sweepstakes today while a nlne-hote jackpot will-*e _^ held on «S* MeadowlahiPTak! J(Wf Thursdaj-. - r Th* regular jackpot will, be'i taking place on Saturday while] jno events have been slated forj Sunday. Winners last week found Skinny Wollam ir.d Bo! Fiper. both of Anileton. winning or. Wednesday, while Raymond . , , Hsnrv had a second In the veepstake winners, ^j^ &Msion of . th , , Un ding Placing £j;cona m the Sun-, broad jump and third in the event included Chester Si-(running broad jump. Sh* also - -* Freeport afld Lake;got; a " ' '"" "' H. McBu--'bro«d 'rlas'ss. th* - vi-amen's ' " we-vnun, , rounds of the coming Johnson, Frank Curry. Marion' Ciii>r-All ««^1 AfUat>e *ln!l K« I****-' , 1 both "of Freeport, were Thurs ' Dr. Jack Taylor and DeOr- vill* Evans, both of Freeport, others will be .playing. More about this ai a top four players will gain a |. t p r Hate • - - Ben Chandler. Tempi* Coun- !«** *» honor « to . *« Sltur try Club pro, recently resigned !da ^ v P Ily ; his job to take up the .flip to Midland for the state | wJi b» at 1 aeurt* and will come on July 1 and 3rd, with the 2nd being alcipp*d. Players wil 1 . go 18 Jjolis *«cb of the two days. A «oll day will be head at . M**dowlalc* on July 4th in which tome kind of Sweep- i «t*k«* uill probably be held. , Oe July 14 MeadowUk* is •Uted to hold a Blind Bogey Tournament. I Look* lito* J. M. Munner'.vn. th* Old Ocean pro, is headed to Kivertid*. 3CKW Correll, son of Freeport s BUI Correll, turned in a line I 74 at Meadowlake recen'ly ! DOB, a student at North Texas | State in Denton, is home or ^A rimrn^r ' * Mr. and Mrs. Stan Rush, |C**dowlak* Country Club m*mb*ri and well kno%vn area '(olfan, should have a fine tin* playing the popular Cloudcroft, New Mexico cour=«. A Jew local players are loolc- iag forward to the Texas Vet- traii's Golf Tournament in Tempi* on July 20-21. Willard TELEPHONI TALK A man has tact who won't Chang* hi» mind but will ehtng* th* (ubjecf. SONGS & «OEDS WITH B. B. HANKINS ENJOY rVE»Y SAT. 11:30-12:09 A-SL KBRZ-1460 PAT'S OUTBOARD SHOP ACTHORIZED DEALER DBEAM BOATb . TACKUP • I r DAYS A WZCS Ph. 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Folks «-!v> hsv* to stay •don to horn* b*CAUM of illness or firmly resporuibtliUes rind UL» U!«phon« » rwllab!*- fnend Frequently, lt'» th«ir number on* m**iu of kfttptae up with friends they dor.'t often get to see. PRICES SLASHED! ASSOOJHEBrOIU. OAUK STARTB TODA7 SHAKESPEARE FISHING REELS! 7ISHIN' FIESTA KKTKLATION HEATING,. •AIT BUC«lt COAST GUARD AfnOVXD. LTTE JACKETS BALE BZVKLATION SINGLE TKAT UVi- UENGTE up DCHRABLK • LASTING Boat Cushion 1 10 OTHIRS UP TO NYLON LINE ' Various Teat. From CHAIN STRINGER 45 °U 59 dec* by, Othari find it rea&surmg just to hiv« a kricnnng th«y cui u&e it to call for help in aa • k ••• j. . But Blow, of us. I inuctna. Ilk* hi tin? * t«]*pbon« »lmplT D6C4UM it's ia t£tj. pit-linn: say to visit ih* peopl* w* *njoy ir.d Mtni to talk to. RODS T*lephoc* «er\'ic« gfarj t lot of cUfferent thiop to a. lot of &tttc«t& people. 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Be prepared by selecting Your Fishing Needs From SWANN'S $40 Shakespeare MODEL -1902 $498 Eflg. 6.50 , a Shakespeare MODEL 1903 Beg. '5.95 Shakespeare MODEL 1906 6.95 :..,-. $49 Shakespeare MODEL 1966 Reg. 196 ......... . Shakespeare MODEL 1960 Reg. 9.80 .... Shakespeare MODEL 1900 Reg. 10.96 ...... . Shakespeare MODEL 1920 Reg. 11.96 Shakespeare MODEL 1926 Reg. 12.50 Shakespeare MODEL 1921-D 12.96 *T29 $-f67 75 Shakespeare MODEL 1924-8 Reg. 13.95 Shakespeare MODEL 1924 Reg. 12.60 Shakespeare MODEL 1964 Reg. 15.96 Shakespeare MODEL 1944 Reg. 17.00 • $Ql9 $ 8 n MO* Shakespeare MODEL 1970 Eeg. 35.00 Other Famous Make Reels On Sale SWANN'S 212 WEST PABX PH 3-8621 ivJJ ' 4 • - -4 -X

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