Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1964 · Page 14
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 14

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1964
Page 14
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In* Death Notices ( KLINE--Frank Boecker. 74.;Co!onUl Funeral H o m e in' EI1LE -- George John. 77. cl 3S Alborj Place, diedTues- charge locally. jof 3580 J u l i a n Ave.. died ·lay ia Hollywood. Surviving; ' . Monday. Surviving are son. »re sons Hampton. Kenneth;* COOK--Harry. 87, cf 2900 George; daughter, Mrs. Lewis !ac jhters, Mrs. Elizabeth Per-' E. 56th Way. died Tuesday. 1 F. Hasielbart. Sen-ice will be vo Mrs. Mary Lou Moody.'Service T h u r s d a y . 1 pjn, ( in Mount Healthy. Ohio. Mot- Friends may call today and'White's Funeral Home, BeH- teirs Mortuary in charge lo- Thursday. 9 aja. to 9JO pjajflower.- - ,caUy. Callanan Mortuary, 130! N.t | Western Ave., Hollywood. EVAX5OV (Beflower) -- j MILLS -- Ted B. of 3S La ' 'Gordon. 46, ct IJS03 East-.Linda Drive, died Monday. JEXNTXGS (BeBflower) --.brook Ave,. died T u e s d a y . Suniving are wife. Ruth Lee; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth, S3, of .Surviving are wife, Dorothjrvdiughter. Miss Hazel; step- 9558 Los Angeles St.. died'daisghters, Sar-dra. CyBthiaJson. Richard L. Ha'J. Private S u n d a y . Surviving is soajRhonda; mother, Mrs. Bessie sen-ice today, 3 p.m., Mot- Sarnuel. Sen-ice Thursday. 9.Wallis; father, Charles Evan- tell's Mortuary, am White's Funeral Hone, wn; sisters, Mrs. Lillian John- wn, Mrs. Bethal Olson. Mr*. UXKOUS--Frank Kenneth, SCOLLA (Downey) -- Mrs. Phyllis Holford; brother. How- 53, of 2733 Sandwood St, Ana Marie, 47. of 7920 Kin- ard. Sen-ice Saturday. 11 »m. Lakewood, died Monday. Sur -. . . ,.._..._ «-.._^.. ,,n.:...- t-. i u -- . viving are wife. M a r t h a ; mother, Mrs. Nancy Hodges;' .,, .._., HARRIS--Mrs. Lena N. S5j sisters. Mrs. John L Lesser, mother, Mrs. Lena Gagliola; of 3817 Sebren Ave, died Mrs. George Taylor, brother,! brothers, Sebastian. Fred Gag-'Monday. Surviving are daBgh- T?. M. Linkous. Senice Thurs- 1 liola. Samuel Narrfiti; sisters, ter, Mrs. Oral Larsen; sisters.'day. 3 p.m., Mottelfs Mortu- Mrs. Lena Vinciquerra, MrsjMrs. B e s s McKeever. MrsJary. Alice Todorovich, Mrs. Annie'Oral Sawyer. Senice Thurs-J PiccoU, Mrs. Nellie Quinlan,'day. 2 p m., Lakewood Mortu-j PRINCE--Mrs. Anna May. Mrs. Catherine Knott. Rosary'ary. ,95, of 6S01 Lewis Ave., died' bee St, died Monday. Surviv-iWhite's Funeral Home, ing are husband, Louis; daughter. Mrs. Mary Ana Jiiuino;| Ex-Singer Walker Dies at 89 Mine Explosion ' TAIPEI. Formosa Wl -- A' !worker was killed tod (oar others irjure4 Tuesday by a a explosion at « coal mint it 'Hsinchii ia North Formosa, 'Chines* Nationalist colict re- S.\O\V IS FORECAST today for portions of Great Lakes east through mid and north Atlantic states, and for northern Rockies and parts of Plateau. George Parrott Walker. S9j retired opera and concert [singer, died Feb. 19 in Orange' County Hospital. Walker, who lived at 641 S. Dale Ave, Anaheim, also had been vice chairman of thej Cornish School of Music in. Seattle. Wash... until retiring 1 in 1951. I He started his musical career in 1902 and sang lead- in* basso roles with the Ber( lin Opera Co. for many years ibefore going to Seattle. ' I Sumving Is a brother, iHany, in Anaheim, with 1 whom he had lived the past four years. ported. DO YOU WORRY ABOUT TAKING LAXATIVES? BUT feavf. worried COMPLETE WEATHER tonight, 7. Paraatount Monu- «ry. Reqaiera Man Thursday. ' (Tuesday. Suniving is hus- _., ,_ G1BLLV -- Robert Francis, band. William. Graveside ser- M5 am. St. R a y m o n d ' s 56. of 2828 Elkport St, Lafce-jvice Thursday, 2:30 p.m,Sun- Church, Downey. jwood, died Tuesday. Suniv- nyside Memorial Park. Mot- ing is wife. Mildred; son Rob-'ttlTj Mortuary in charge. SCHAMBACH (Compton)-- ert Jr.; daughters. Mrs. Gail Mrs. Rosie Marie.56,of 1531S Filger, Mrs. P h y l l i s Teacher Here Dies Mrs. Alma Lucille Smith, 1 1, 2 teacher in the Long · Beach Unified School District' . * , R£MME(SanUAna--Cloy* f 37 dirf T ucs da v ^ * S. Frailty St., died Monday.'Mrs. Winifred Tomson, MrtJllorton. 42. of 10562 EmperorTM * , \ . ,, * Surviving ire husband, tin-'Margaret Jesse. Rosary TOurs-Drive, died Monday. Surviv-|Q UM ? °* Ansels " metU daughter, Mrs. Ted Bell; day, 8:30 p.m., L a k e w o o d injare wife, Janet; stepdaugh-j 1 - 05 A"?* 1 "- fcon, J. D. Kirkland; brother, 1 Mortuary. Requiem Mass Fri-^sr, Mrs. Ellen Griffith; broth-' An elementary teacher Jewel Conn. Sen-ice SatunJay/day, 9 am, St. Pancmhis CTt Charles; sister, Mrs. Elaine; Longfellow School, 19331 U.m., Paramount Mortuary.'Church. [Taylor. Sen-ice Friday, I pjvx.'M«. Snaith's career began in iFt. Rosecrans National Ceme- * Knos County, III., one-room i;Btrt thowert or I rn TFiu'ld*/. Hgfl TMt-t nee' any «i*ir« nt ij CASH IS EASY to raise 4 when you use Classified to t sell articles. Ca!l HE 2-5959.1 upped your body'* nrraph. now tbere't a ct» tend of 1u ^^*t on rtmnute thivc morriei. li » « eafled, Cotoniid. . · ur is scodt tad depend^'.** effcctn-dy rctiTO constwfta * frvci fca the loul of relief yea vtnt. ' - w miU k can eves ^« to wotnea a thcr USe cti{rt of jrftjiuacy. And Colcnsi4 cin'i · iatofcrs wiU tlic tbsorption of vtLi- miM et Other food cutneats. So the cot time coostipinoa occun or you* doctor ut Ule a Uxatr.«-7 ule Colouid Laxativt Ttbicu. UK j " ·-it ne*t (no Thurscav. Gusty norrfe^lv wlndi 28 to 33 m.p.n. at tinn tvsa*. s:Qtmv wa^t^ei* M nonttr^* eort.ors totfav and m mosr a^eai Tnunoav efternoon. Hig'4 todav. SB !fl A3 In UDoer varivs. A3 tq Tg )· lower vaMevv L.o«t Tan grrt, II To 52 j« uottr vai'crv I* to 31 Jn ki*ef , iHy -·*r O OH, T . Tie**: « rt ·. I it 5 Jjji , Lure BtatH A r I feet at 2 C4 a.-fl. ans'-i.l Feet ar 304 t m.; TUESG4T-S WEATKIR: RffORTS H L Prc. , «J S3 Newoo^l Btajl _ SPEXCE (Belinrwer--Mrs- E. Ar- Maude. 65, cf S723 . . . tesia Blvd., died Saturday, merly cf Long Beach, died are sons, Floyd,'Monday. Surviving is dacgh- lister, Mrs. Johni-!ter, Mrs. H e l e n McCarty. ' zene Mason. Senice today, Graveside senice Thursday, BEACH--Mrs. Mary E. of tery, San D i e g o . MottelT*;school in 1921. Albuquerqque. N. Mex, fpr-^iortuary in charge locally. ~ fi S · 5a 4? .u . 4J 31 .. _ se 47 I «3 47 ... _ u y ._ Mrs. Smith joined the Long 4 Beach schools in 1925, and be-j 3 TORXQU1ST--Mrs. Georgia fore getting her final assign- , Bell. 72, of 210 E. Third St_'ment at Longfellow, she was ^ - .., ..died Monday. Suniving are'at Lafayette. 230 p m . Slcy Church, Rose 2 pja, Sunnyside Cemetery.husband, Edwin E.; daughter,! Sen-ice is pending " [Dilday Family Funeral Direc-'Miss P h y l l i s Alene; slster.'of tors in charge. Hills. Whittier. arrival Des /Aeires . . Detroit Fairtankl ~--Erz ;: S 3 ? :~T7 ". . « U 3 ~ Ckiahon-. C,t» _ ___ . Pnoni .."IZ:~ ^ !· C O N N O L LY (Huntinjton 1 Beach) -- Robert J. J r . SHIELDS--Fred F.. 77. of ttll's Mortuary in charge lo- son cf Mr. and Mrs. Robert 10 Gaviota Aye- died Mon-' C ally. C o n n a l l y . of 7832 Ronald day. Survived by son. Thomas: Road, died Thursday. Senice'sisters. Mrs. Evelyn Imrie, 1 .MARSHALL --Mrs. Alice sister. Mrs. Lena Willjii Kiln, Mrs. Aurilla Fitier. Senice from New York. will be in Minneapolis. Mot-' _____ Fort 14'grm ______ _... - Hoiofu'u ----Indianapolis . .. Kansas City ... La« Vtfiai ~ GARDNER -- G'.Lbert E u - , ^o. 'pcnc. 74, of 1047 Temple r I Ave., died Thursdjy. Surviv- in FairoaVs, Pa.. Peek Family Mrs. Blanche Sloat. Senice N'., 81. of 490 Norton St., died p^.,',"., s° n j ceU 1"' held b\- · -- today, 3-JOp.m.,DJdjyFimi-Monday. Suntiins»redau ; h- MottcI ,. $ Mortuar .. *VFuneral Directors. ter. Mrs. Blanche Johnston;' 44 : a 49 . Sr. Loult *«:T Laki Seine .. Soclare . I _ 40 10 ,, 53 2* .. ,,. 51 44 . --- - 3 S ·" .. _ . :T a « _ . 51 31 . ^:n tracn, TLa UNDERTAKING UTTER McKINLEY 17 COMMUNITY MORTUARIES 2777 L CJRSO 1 * ST,UHFA003 TIL ILL ts: in; Navy Ships in Port pier I I KvM"~ tK '~~~~~~~^ p-Jf 1*5 Family Funeral Directors. fcrvtl Canirdn 1 Per f , Sutre^ut _ brothers, Frank, Alfred. Serv- WASHBUR.N--Mrs. Naomi [vice today, 10 a.m.. Hunter M, 65. of 227 Linden Ave., I Mortuary- died Wednesday. Suniving is| sister, Mrs. Ruth Ellis. Private! M c C 0 Y--Mrs. Katheryn sen-ice was held by DildayT.. 60. cf 2369 Pacific Ave, 'died Monday. Mrs. tcxliy. Sun-iving is \VHELA\-Edward J.. 47. of C091 Josie Ave., died Sunday. Suniving are wife, Gloria; son. Peter; daughter, Miss Margaret M.; brothers, Jo- 'seph. Harry, Thomas, Robert; sister, Mrs. Bernadette tonight at 8, Nel- r««e'i... _"_- ::.'".':::..": '-'.-""···-; Elsie C.: mother. Mrs. » OWN __ _ _.H ri**" 1* , _, . . , -- "y,J Breese. Semce Friday, i '.'."'r-*f £ Mottcll't Mortuary. "' ' I CNclanoira City of 5220 | Church. Dilday Family Fu- 1 E. Broadway, died Sunday, neral Directors in c h a r g e . ] Suniving are wife. Soph:e;|Family suggests contributions 'daughters. M r s . Dorothy'to Memorial Hospital Cancer! . JKolbe, Mrs. Esther Anderson, Research Fund. j j : Mrs. Marlene Murtishaw,, Adolph; stepdaugh- THOUSANDS R E L Y on .'"wlniim n i t e r - Mrl - Mlldre d Holmberg. Oissified ads to solve daily · w " " » m "· S e r v i c e today. 2 pm, St'problems. To sell. rent, buy, ·jStephen's Lutheran Church, find, hire--dial HE 2-5953. _ _ p « r » , . - _ . . . .. ., ,'iWestminster Memorial Park!^-^ ZZ^.H re* e Sen-ice Friday, 11 am. Mot-' . .»,.,,, · , · ·.^m'^rm · 'i ._ ' * i Mortuary in tnarce. i -- --Mortuary. i ' WILSOV--Mrs. Mirjaret EFFICIENCY ::~--t». CLAVTON' -- Amcl N , 4S, ;~r«f*ta of 4DG7 Petalurru Ave., Lake- Ruth. 68. of 2909 Dashwood! St., Lakewood, died Sunday. . reVtH'f* _ V - - DOS. »s» -, i j-.a \S~-JL.., c,,_j.. ·*'·· Lanewooa, oiru auiiujj R « R u ; _ - . . . . _ · - · - 5-^'^;* wffe C^neH^"Jp.Sinrmng are husband. Oar £r ? cro» _. - eai. »s»,«iC r« wife, C o r n e l i a H . , ,,,,..»,,,, Mr . W ilmsdaughter, Mrs. Wilma How To Hold FALSE TEETH More Firmly in Place DofOT-r fate tetti asnoj ted eo- t»rr»s» by slipping, droppm; °f « - o': ' ,S/ii/j Arrivals, Departures «. .t. i-__-* Lwrtinci i. Bishop. Sen'lce brwhers. Jtmmie, wrf d;|y VM p m La ke . ^^^l^^ A isss^sss in chirge. i bimg wtea 7012 e»- rt J?H -*"'. t rA3T your pi^iM.Tfcu aTtil.n* tc po»dcr toida fatatg t«ta KOT^ ftrmJy A C T I V I Vllllll IM rO»T (C«r ^. St Colgmftui Lin* fn. ?4. ««T fr* --*- ' ' f r u t fn. 23. CJ*.«0- « 55- *·" . _ . llww X OTfcW-i __ Frt. M. L* i*nt*lombi^.i ^rt *« i lyr-imiC Vi'DWI __Frt. 25. CEMETERY LOTS t i e a " i « l WESTMINSTER WEMOHIAl A M D c£Mir£«r There's no law against being 65 and sick but there is one that can help you cut the disastrous cost This law enabled 62 leading insurance companies to combine their resources for just one purpose: to give senior Californians more adequate health insurance than ever before possible. You (et generous benefits, yet the premiums are reasonable. It's called Western 65. And it's so easy to enroll. No physical eiam. No health questionnaire. No upper age limit. Spouses may be covered regardless of age. Sons and daughters may enroll their parents. And no signature of the insured is required. Your i n d i v i d u a l c o v e r a g e c a n n o t b e cancelled because of your long or repeated illness. Tale your choice of three good plans in Western 63. Want more information? For your free folder, fill out and mail the coupon below. Or call an insurance »ject today. Any one of them will gladly help you choose the coverage best suited to your needs. Hjrrj! Enrolment opens Mirth 1, tndi Uirch 31. 1K4 PleaJt mail re the eempFete folder ex Western 65. I urx!erjUrxJ there i: no obligation. WESTERN 63 Dep«.G Box 65, Los Angeles, Calif. 90054 MADE HOME SAVINGS AMERICA'S LARGEST «!irfnt ts V.-T- irj tit lo»r»t airri|« operating c»ft-- con'istfntly -- of any £nanrijj institution IB tit »or!J-- 15.7rft *« eoirpjrfJ until in iejcftir avrnje of 21% ird a tjrV Tlii it a rri'on viy Home Sanng? cia ·!»!)· jiaj- the HigKtrt PrtraSir j Rite, · nd -- mes! important -- do :t uMy. Atsett note 01 rr |/^ Biffic* ^ HOME NOW IN OUR 75TH YEAR SAVHSGSig H ASSOCUTOS · ""·*· :iu,KufX\ 4.85% Currrrt A^nuftl Pa** P*'-41 t"*ea lyaar »3.-t: cf it-ay fe.-ti t Harrt St/n-gi £r»ncfi cff/ct rttr 3j LOS ANGCtXS (VAIN CFFCO 761 *t Rri MASsai 7-7991 ArUKCIM 711 East Linceh »/«. 8EVZRLT WUS 924S«aishireS!vt *t Kexford Drivt BUtNA 8010 Beach 8M. «t la Palm 7A4V4S5X BUR8ANK GARDEN GROVE 119J2 Brock hunt *.e. at U3-S620 GUNDALE LAKEWOOO SANTA A N A «t Del Arno U M1RAOA I5I23 E-Rocecrirs H ttaUfmm San Fernanda Btal «t Brsacf**/ Cl 1-1102 · CH M1U HGHLANO PAXK J700 f*srtn FTfjeroa St. *t Avtns.-* 57 Las An(c!ei 42 Arfdmt. Crty, S2333 AUCADCA MrnlHurtirronOr. ·t TiPiT HI 6-II2I · UU BAKSTOW *3 East w it j-r » St. C L « 2 ! 3 1 CCWPTON ]«ClN.tcr| Etc!i BM1 EUCINO JT I 0630 · T* J 4SO HCH.LTWOOO 7051 t hO 6-1121 HUNTINGTON F A R K 7141 »t Flcrrr-ct IU 1 1177 U 1-1313 LONG BEACH 201 East First Sr. attcost HtM2Jl rASAOENA £60 ErJ Ccor«ao Cvit '«; LUC SY SS174'»AJ 1 S!7« FOMONA 130P01^BTJ Wi'U-.!-t 623 :«: ty " I *l I $ I w. 1 i \ 542-5673 · M2277S STUDIO cmr Bi/i 1 tlocli Nsrt.1 o« Ventra P03-7341«TR7-3:B1 TORRANCE 1511 C/jvr-» J.«. VKTORYIU1 CH S5327 WHTTItf 11625 t«itf.^r» ·it v ^ 5:»·1 t {: 5, R ·4 ' 0* 1 67. 1

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