Independent from Long Beach, California on May 23, 1957 · Page 28
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 28

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 28
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Ptg* B-8-INDEPENDENT c«m., TWi.. *tar 11' I"' ·KEEP THEM TOGETHER' Educator Has Caution on Gifted Children CINCINNATI .T -- A n cdu cator cautioned Wednesday nsalmt separating "exceptional" children, whether gifted or hand' Icappcd, from their schoolmates W. Carson Jtyan, mental health chairman of the National Congress of Parents and Teach *rs, said In a speech that "this kind of 'segregated' education . . . Is not only Impractical for the most part but can be positively dangerous for the individuals Involved and for society as a whole," Ryan, professor emeritus of education at the University of North Carolina, spoko at a closing session of the convention, · · · · UK NOTKO a trend to place certain handicapped children-the blind and deaf for example -- In classes with non-hand!cupped children. Many educators, however, contend thr.t gifted children-generally those with IQ of about 130 or over--should be separated from other children because they become bored and do not develop to their fullest posslblll ties. Ryan approved the practice of giving gifted children special State OKs Hearst's Donation SACRAMENTO UT -- Gov. Knight Wednesday gave his "enthusiastic" approval to a Hearst Corp. offer to donate part of the fabulous San Simeon estate of the late William Randolph Hearst to the state. The publishing firm notified tho governor It has decided to give the buildings on the San Luis Oblspo County estate as well as furnishings and works of art with these stipulations: · · · · | "THE PROl'EnTY Is to bo preserved Intact and operated by.the state as a state historical monument as part of the California State Park system. It Is to be a memorial to William Randolph Hearst, who was re- ·porulble for Its creation and: whoso ho|io It was that the State of California receive It In the name of his mother, Phoebe Apperson Hearst." Knight said he "enthusiastically approved" the company's plans to confer with the park commission on legal matters In carrying out the transaction," · · · · i THE nUM SAID about 120' Acres, plus additional parking i area Is Involved In Its proposal. 1 made Informally In 1933. Tfie commission In November 3953 approved acceptance on condition of a formal offer and legislative action to provide \ funds for operating and main talnlng the property. , The castle lies Inland from I the coast about 150 miles south 1 of San Francisco. II Spanish War Vets Select Santa Cruz SAN DIEGO UT--Santrt Cruz was selected Wednesday as tho 1938 convention city for the Rtato encampment of tho United Spanish War Veterans by a margin of three votes over Long Beach. .Two unfilled offices, the only ones contested, were voted at the organization's final convention session. George Konub. of Oakland, was elected department inspector, and Luther Meter, of San Diego, department marshal. Ohters elected earlier are; Charles E. Waffle, Santa Ana, utrttc commander; John Qulncy Adams, San Francisco, senior vlco commander; Francis W, Masters, Los Angeles Junior vice commander; R. Morgan Gitlbrcth, Los Angeles, judge advocate; Dr. Robert C. Murphy, surgeon; Joseph Ewers, Los Angeles, chaplain; Louis Glecsk- tnan, Los Angeles, patriotic Instructor, and P. Eugene Coffin, Arcadia, Historian. I VODKA HIGHBALL gad* w"h any laioritt toll drinll fymirnoffe ' Ihijtioliilromi In VODKA 101*4100 hM). Wit. f»m inln. SH Plirn ' UMrtwIIrii.(Dli.tlHiusumj.Mirtioid,CM*. ork nnd porhnp.i gcnillnc them ito spoclfil classes part of the ay, but opposed complete «ep ration (or them or any chll ren. "Children arc coinc to live In world where they will havo to ompete," he said. 'They won't ct any special consideration In Death Notices flASKELI,--H. Benson, 73, of 2350 E. llth St., died Sunday In Unlontown, Pa. Surviving Is wife, Mnbcllc; brothers, Albert and William: sisters, Mrs. Mildred Morrlston and Mrs, Delln Murphy. Graveside service Monday, 2 p, rn., Inglewood Park Cemtery. Patterson Snlvely directing. SIIKI'IIKKI)--John Lelghton, 81, of 109 K. Plymouth St., riled Tuesday. Surviving are wife, Nellie; brother, George. Service Friday, 1 p. m,, Mottcll's Peek Mortuary, KAU'ABATA--George K,, 72, of 3393 Baltic Ave., died Tuesday, Surviving are son, Jim; daughters, Mrs. Sallle Wong and Mrs. Sachiko Yasutakc. Service Saturday, 7:.TO p, m., Patterson Snively Mortuary. CUIITIS--Florence Curtis, of 130 Linden Avc., died Monday, Surviving are sisters, Mrs, K. Greshnm, Mrs. II. M. Shotwcll; nephew, Charles Curtis. Service Friday, 3:30 p, m., In the Forest Lawn Cemetery In Glcndale. AIUSTIDES--John, 60, of 3C2 Rcdondo Avc., died T u e s d a y . Building Permits Till! irHHilb. 11,111.1111, Tkll Jf.r, |»,H1,4H. Larry roptlatHt, iiltirallon. M» Ptrk, |l,uuO; Waaltr liadgtr, contractor. ·rink Smith, four-farrtllr apartmanti, 4«2-M Ilmrk.t, |20,OUU; 1. 8. Btl.wnt. itr. anflnwr. Kobarl Y. Plekirinf, uliratlon, 4JI3 Plni, Raft Tahili-Nui Taken in Tow by Chile Frigate . «, (MM. Utlluha ' addition. 320* K. llarxar* Utlluhan. addition. 3 ?nd, IT.IMIO; l'«rey Muwdy, cont J. A. Jui«, arctilltet. A. I. Barry, tlwalllnr. 9.1 W. Arlxir. I7,:WH; (Jrlriir Construction Co., cod* Irarlcir. Wllllim J. rarroll, addition, 3753 N. i'limurna, »3,*««l. 3. W. Hlarr, addition, 3««1 Baltic, fl.220. Jirim J. Hurni, addition, « a 75 Oil* SANTIAGO, · Chile W--The storm-damaged raft Tahitl-NuI was taken In tow Wednesday by the Chilean frigate IlaquedHno which headed for the Juan Fernandez Islands, 400 miles off the Chilean coast. Radio reports from the Ha- quedano najd the raft will undergo repairs at the Islands. GREEN STAMPS The 14x-10-foot bamboo raft Is captained by Krlc delllsschop. a Frenchman. He and his crew of four left Tnhltl Nov. (1, 1956 on a roundtrlp to Chile, hoping I to prove that Polynesians could have reached and returned pre-Christian eras. South America to Polynesia In (Ad?«rtlMm«Qt Surviving are brother. Alex; sister, Mrs. Mary Vottglas. Grave.) nlilo service today, 2 p.m., Westminster Memorial P a r k . ] Dllday Mortuary directing. With All Pvr(hoi*. TED W. BROWN I Cr.dil J.-.ltr--!l«« I°2I 4IS AMIIICAN 'h Ml 6-7326 Helps You Overcome FALSE TEETH Looseness and Worry Ho lou**r tw ·tmoywl or fMl U1-..L- I ·«** b*cftii»* of MUM, wobbly fulM t**tb.FAttTKKTH,i.n tmpnir*d ilk** I llnf lDon-*cid, powd*r L «pnnKl*don 1 jour plate* hold* th*m nrm«r mo th*r r-Mi mor* comfort* bl«. Atoirj ·mbtr- m*nt r«UMd by IOOM platM. O*t «r Kt »nr drug oounur. CocoanutGrove McGUIRE SISTERS AKTHUIt GODfllY (IMOIN8 JIAti FREDDY MARTIN and his orchestra DU 7-7011 to units 7±niti3tt3tloi hotel SPECIALS FOR THURSDAY--FRIDAY- SATURDAY--SUNDAY A Jubilee of the Finest Foods at Real Savings Fill Your Pantry for Real Savings ALL MARKETS WILL BE CLOSED MEMORIAL DAY YELLOWBOW ELBERTA FREESTONE PEACHES »:s 25 C FOLGER'S NEW I N S T A N T C O F F E E SOII JF COLORED QUARTERS C O L E ' S OLEO 2s29 c 59' GOLDEN STATE FIRST QUALITY B U T T E R HAPPY HOST FANCY A P P L E S A U C E POUND 1 PKG. It) Spttlal t-CinPickil ARMOUR »TAR T R E E T Cam ARMOUR'S No. 2 Can No. 2 Can AFf · HASH Z7 C HAPPY HOST--UNSWEETENED f* + PINEAPPLE JUICE 'SSI 21 HAPPY HOST-PURE rf Jt TOMATO CATSUP £Sk 10 HAPPY HOST--CUT f* J% Jl GREEN BEANS 2 29 SPRECKELS FINE GRANULATED APo SUGAR I0 , b . Bo9 85 C GOLDEN STATE PHEM1UM ICE CREAM ,, all Gallon.. TAPIOCA AND REGULAR · f\ ^fTx ROYAL PUDDINGS ;3 plK "l7 c BETTY CROCKER PANTRY JUBILEE F L O U R BETTY CROCKER GOLD MEDAL 51' S-Lb, Bag 10-Lb. Bag BETTY CROCKER B I S Q U I C K 40-oz. Pltg BETTY CROCKER ASSORTED CAKE MIXES . BETTY CROCKER ASSTD. FROSTING MIXES Pkg. 93' 33' 27' 27« BETTY CROCKER PIE CRUST MIX 2 9-oi. Pkg«. SEGO MILK 4 Tall Cam HAPPY HOST TENDER PEAS 303 Cant 27' PACIFIC HONEY GRAHAMS Mb. Pko, 27 GOLDEN DIPT .] H BREADING;., 15 'Farm Fresh Produce LARGE RIPE SWEET Cream Puff MIX ECONOMICAL-EASY TO MAKE LIGHT- TENDER -- CRISP STRAWRERRIES LARGE SOLID HEADS LETTUCE FRESH BUTTONS MUSHROOMS 3 2 FULL BASKETS 5-OZ. CUP Cream Pwlf . MIX MINUTE Mashed MIRACLOTH Pkg. 39* KIWI GET COMPUTE SET Of 10 X 1H(Y AIL WOIKI s- MM* H r«u.. .i QUAKER Puffod Wheat, 4-oi. pkg. ISc Puffed Rlc«, 4-oi :.18c Sugar Puds, 2 8'/j-oz. pkgs 4Sc tiw ·«···«, ·« fmwiTM For Floors Hard to Shine $149 T LARGE FRESH BUNCHES f* RED RADISHES AND GREEN ONIONS J BUNCHES 49' 19' 19 10' MEDIUM SIZE SUNSWEET BUTTER KERNEL-- WHOLE KERNEL *·) 303 f* f l GOLDEN CORN ............. Z""Z9 WESTON'S COCONUT GEM A P f i C O O K I E S ^ TM Z5 C 131/2'OZ. VERY ECONOMICAL Pet Instant Milk WHITE OR YELLOW POPEYE POPCORN AUNT PENNY'S WHITE SAUCE 12-qt. c 131/2-oz. Can A A 89 17 19 RANCHO A tfP TOMATO SOUP Z c 15 lO'/j-oz. Can.... FOR SALADS COOKING Wesson Oil ^ KITCHEN CHARM WAXED PAPER m*. RO., MAHCAL P A P E R c ^ NAPKINS 1710 PKG. U.S. GOOD GRADED TENDER DELICIOUS GRAIN-FED BEEF WILLIAMS SUGAR CURED CORNED BEEF ROUNDS BoncUifl __.._ SLICED HALIBUT STEAKS 49 5 From Cold Noith*m Waltii MORRELL'S PRIDE GRADE A SLICED BACON Cello Pkg. 65^ PORTERHOUSE AND T-BONE U.S. GOOD GRADED BONELESS TOP SIRLOIN STEAK » 99 C Ib FHESH DRESSED FBYIHG RABBIT WHOLE OR CUT UP 59 C Ib TENDER-- LEAN-- DELICIOUS MILK FED VEAL BONELESS CUTLETS 79 ! LOIN CHOPS 49° LEG OR RUMP ROAST SO EASY . PKG. Dottie Dusters.. 29c FR1SKIES · DOG FOOD 2 a 25 C FRISKIES CAT FOOD 8-01. Com iG-oi. Cant 2I5 C 2-25 c MorreH Pride IN THE HANDY PACK DELICATESSEN FOODS ALL MEAT FRANKS 47 XLNT LARGE BEEF TAMALES LEO'S QUAUTY CHIPPED REEF 01 CHIPPED HAM pkir. 35C COLE'S FRESH POTATO SALAD 16-oz. Plastic OQc Container u3 AGED NIPPY WISCONSIN REDSKIN CHEDDAR CHEESE FRISKIES DOG CUBES 2 LBS. S IBS. 10 IBS. 31 C 65' *1 29 FRISKIES KIBBLED DOG FOOD 2E.oi. Plcg. 4-lb. Pkg. 31 C 65 C FRISKIES DOG BISCUITS 25.01. Pk7. 33« -Frozen Food Speciols- ^sl I) 6-oz. Olc «5fct ft Can, 00 WELCH'S FROZEN MORTON'S FROZEN KOLD KIST FROZEN GRAPE JUICE MACARONI CHEESE. BEEF 2 '^ fc ^ . iftc STEAKS 12 tor 1 Pkg. __^^H^^A KERHIN-S BEEF. TURKEY AND H m -« A .«ia*riVT.C"WH WNC CHICKEN PIES _ D S: PICTSWEET FROZEN APPLE-BOYSEN-PEACH /) rHUIT PIES ..^ p, Z Vaauabmm ta ^_4S c CHOWMEIN SARA LEE FROZEN COFFEE QCc CHEESE OPc CAKE Pkg. 03 CAKE 0 3 " Frozen CHICKIN CHOCOLATE CAKE with MU1HHOOMJ u.ihtut tw«llll Ju£tH«t Cfl C Cat and Enjoy! W For QUALITY and ECONOMY IN FOODS SHOP at · S I 9 I ATLANTIC AVE. LOND BEACH 5190 ATLANTIC AVE. LONG BEACH 10561 HARDEN DROVE BLVD. GARDEN GRDVt WI REStm THC RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES SOLD -- 5541 WOODRUFF

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