Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 13, 1962 · Page 22
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 22

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1962
Page 22
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F A I R - V A C A T I O N A H E A D . GET T H A T CAR READY. Read Classification 157 For Experienced Auto Repairmen. HUMBOtDf Sf ANDARD ', Friday, April 13, 1962 ; MlSC. FOR SALE 150 Quantity Oil Sale \,\/.v ", i-i.-|.\i|ijM QUALITY VITALIZED OIL t - ' . i quirt nio S7.S8 per caie : i 2-1 nuiirl CiT-"S S7.20 per case m " rL "" .. S6.72 per case 1 ii qaiion arum ;t':c per quart In drum ?·; « galm druu«. _ 20 J *C 3cr quart in drum 5 or more 55 qallcn drums 19 ; --c per quarl In drum WARD'S ·!'h r- F "is. HI 3-3033 SH Green Stamp Guide G?rEN STAMPS LOW ! !E ! - E'S \VHrRE TO GO SHEARS SupermarKeti Eurexa Sunnybrae ·or'"na Eureka Super Marl ' pT»FvA~T4527 Arcata Boat Sains for the Tops in Boating Sj^ Will lake gun in trade. 2 Up elTiric motor SIS; Refrigerator SlO; PlfMric sieve S10; One third hp. refrigerator compressor S30; 2 hp 3 phase rroi-T siD: Clinton gas mower motor !!-:, TE 9-1365. Pickup Campers Aluminum tops, camper jacks, camper IriTM-v,. mifrors, accessories. The !o S-.quoia Park. S-rvice Or. All Makes SEWING MACHINES S TI--T S'-.ving Machine Co. 5J9 4lh Strict. HI MB73 B Usfd TVs, choice of models B, size of scrf-nn- yc'jr choice SJ9.95 each. Eensv Torms. EUREKA WESTERN AUTO 535 Jth St. HI 3-5!79 Rij-cmciiiioncd TV sets, table models rons-ilcvfl ^nts -- all In qood operating condition- Starting at $34.Pi. DICK ADAMS TV i APPLIANCES 2? id E St. Henderson Center A NF\V LEASE ON LIFE With the oerlecf flat wall paint that's o"!v ?' 95 a qallon in 70 washable colcr-i a! HUAADOLDT PAINT FACTORY, 912 W. Hawthorne. Wfitinqhouso electric slove - Hotpolnl 2 door ro'riqerator freezer - 7 matching sms of modern desion drapes. Size drawn: UJ" xiS'.-j" - other pair: 108" * «'/'. HI 3-3248. TAPE RECORDER Typewriters Guns Ammo A P C A T A EXCHANGE 110! H Street VA 2-3004 NEW MUNTZ-RCA TV's Also Us n d TV's at Lowest Prices. SKIDMORE TV 4th and U Street HI 3-4055 "SALES AND SERVICE" WcMinq equipment, swivel chair, Klrby vacuum and atlachments, larga tarp, mr,c'llat i eout tools 8- other Hems 3J59 G St., Eureka Sat. Sun. Only To Consign, and Sell - at U-SELL 1310 Broadway, Eureka. The Home ol 10,000 Bargains. Phone HI 2-7923. SciuirrpJi love peanuts. . . "Stiuirrel" around and turn your "don 1 rvr-ds'"' into CA5H. . .use the PEANUT R A T E ! Radio-TV Troubles? Call QURAN'S TV SALES SERVICE 12? 3rd St., Eureka Q U A L I T Y USED MERCHANDISE AT URQUHART'S LP tank. 100 gallons LP gas. Both ec?lleni. J150 or sell separalely. Hi J-U39 after 6 p.m. Model 6? Winchester 22 pump rifle, Mar In 33 carbine, single box spring fl. mat Torg's, 2nd G, HI 2-3642. BEDROOM SET Including bed, chest o mirror, Sox spring and mattress. S35 Hi 20=0-1. Custo-Ti mad" drape boxes 1 traverse rods DALL1NGERS C A R P E T S AND DRAPERIES 2169 Broadway HI 2-5954 S' ?. 1C' cibovers. Several models. Also c :-:us tons. Johnson's Camper Sales ::2i McKintcyville Ave., Arcaia. TE 9 1*71 CUTTEN BEAUTY SALON i-.-iu-o-: cut and set-- this month. r.'-J Fnm Street. HI 3-4083. 1C (V'O BARGAINS AT PR. r.RANDES ;,r.*'que fliass cliina 8. misc. n ( -,.--j79 1J05 9lh St. Eureka K L A M A T H SPUDS $150 ONLY at THE SPUD SHED ft iu-.n'AvlY H1 2 "" I? FOP A l E -- 2!' Ben Hur Chest Typr Frv;-r t.;k» new. SJiO.CO. B7B Fickle U' ALL ALUMINUM CAV.P T R A I L E R . p, r l . l t - l f . - ' f r l n c 6' )" S a w . JIB. SorTiP (;! jrl-, irillLHlCl T E 9-2797 COM,',-' t.ihic A 2 end tables SAO · » f - i f n u r r ' - r j F n P wood h~.itr A % M x * Ctlirn-iry. SIM or host olfer. As t'j"fd wiminws 57 A up. VA 2-0120. RUMMAGE SALE -- K. C. Hall n,' SI. R.-rnnrd's Key Cluh. 'i -F.",n R F l ' R I G E R A T O R . nood cond " t"vi i/'- - · comer Cninn Cloict, glass door -- V? SO -- TE 9.1473. MISC. FOP SALE 150 Don't Mi.s the Biq BECAUSE SALE at U-SELL Fri 0 Sat Aunl 13 M All I'ZO M the One Item Indued G.E. automalic washer A-l condition. S49.50; Coronaado electric dryer, rear A-l condition S39.50; Bynrlix tluo-matic v/asficr f. Hryt-r J39.50; Automatic ironcr gooO condition, looks like new S29.SO; Baby bed JMO; Table 8. cnairs, cliromi! t wood sels S7J.50 up; Toastmaster J slice restaurant type toaster, A - l Sd?.50; shower stalls all metal compk'le $24.50; Electric roasier A dot phonograph records 70 8, 45 rpm 25c riqd! lypes S10 up; upholstered chairs SS each; Bed frames 17.50 ea; mat. iresst-s S10 ea; Lots o! dishes all t/pes Kitchrn sinks S5.50 up; Bathroom sinks 54.50 en; 2 Western saddles, bridles, btnnkets a. boots, hand tools, power tools, chain saws, bars, chains S. sprockets, hand operated barrel pump S12.50; 30 cal ammo boxes special price 50c ea; Butano tanks S9.SO up: prams. Plus '10,000 and or.e olher Items on Sal- Fri So:, at U-SELL. 1302 1310 Broadway, Pfcone HI 2-7923. RUMMAGE SALE SAT. -APRIL 14th 9 P.M. - 5 P.M. BUHNE BUILDING FREIGHT DAMAGED STOCK 3) only. 1962 automatic zl.? zag sewing machines. Monograms, embroideries, sows buttons, and makes button holes. Full price 578, or will discount for cash All machines fully guaranteed. For Informallon call 442-5593 or HI 3-J2S4. KIR8Y VACUUM Has aall attachments Including door polishers. Still holds guarantee. Want responsible party lo assume 18 monthly payments. Full balance $64. Call 4425593 or HI 3-2284. Shelvador refrigerator 40 Ib. treezor; Hamilton Beach Milk Shake machine; Home french fryer, 4 stainless sleel steam table Insets. 5 large heat resistant shades. Items sold separately. 134 W. Clark after 4 p.m. all day Sun- Now you can have your candy A eat your basket too! Pure milk chocolate Easter baskets A egns, packed full ol qoodies. Assorted sizes. Creviston Candy, 633 5th St., Eureka. Good Bed Daveno and chair; older bedstead with good box springs and Inner spring matlress; small dresser. S60 all or sell separate. 1625 Harris Streel. HI 2-2869. Bedstead, spring and mattress. Large Universal wood range. Dining room table, 6 chairs. All excellent condition. Autumn Haze Emba Mink stole, like new, for sale. Approved by ROTERMUND'S at $300 cash. Write Box 284, Eureka Newspapers, Inc. Complete stock ol FACTORY F RESH Translslor Radio batleries for Summer enjoyment. WEISFIELD'S JEWELERS -- 52B 5th St., Eureka. mercial blower heater, 100,000 BTU; gas range. HI 2-3937. Baby crib A mattress, S10. 3 good bed springs J5 each. HI 3-20iO Kenmore Hooded Mangle. New condition 540. HI 3-440B 9x12 wool hook rug with pad J20. Crib S, mattress S10. HI 3-1 871 ends ol furniture rummage. (S25 maximum) 723 A St., Eureka. A B.C. Automatic washer; 1 Coke dry cooler; 1 steel office desk with double drawers. HI 2-2166. Rummage Sale. McKlnleyvllle Shopping Center, April 14th. 9 a. m. Redwood Empire Quarter Midget Assn. lure and mlsc Items. Sat., April 14lh 9:30 lo 7 p. m. 1023 4th St., Api. 1 K60 PROJECTOR 8mm; K26 Camera 3 lense turant, electric eye. VA 2-21 «7. Get ready for Spring. Good used vac 13B W. 7th. HI 2-2220. RELAX-A-CIZOR, 4 controls S200. Amerl can People's Encyclopedia '55, like new 1120 -- HI 2-1 107. Electric range -- full sire S35; Tube tester S25. HI 2-6111 ENJOY J J's FASHION LUNCHEON every Wednesday -- 12 noon at the Rummage Sale Dally from 9 a.m. Used clothing misc. items. Freshwater across from old Red School. COUCH, MAKES INTO BED AND MATCHING CHAIR S30. HI 2-1133. Men's Golf Clubs-- matched woods and Wilson Stalf irons. Cart A Bag. HI 3 0919 after 9:30 p.m. Large combination TV -- Bookcase with or see at 6092 Avalon. $10; Large Tiicycle S3. VA 2-23R5 Rummage Sale. Carson Memorial. Mon , April 16, 9:30 - 4 p.m. S100-- Nal'l. cash register. Spring load ed Covered Warjon Trading Post, no* to Murphy's. WcKlnleyvllle. TE 9-364J Electric range, water heater, floth top condition. S150 or priced separate HI 3-1097. Rummne Snle ·- 10 a m . · ? p.m S*t. April Ulh Plants - hooks - rec ords - etc. Norw.iv Hall, lft)9 Calif. St 5.0,000 RTU qas spate heater. Autn matic IcmpiTflturr control. E*fellcnt 195. Sequoia Gas Co., RA 5 4JS5. USED F U R N I T U R E "nd A P P 1 I A N C E S W H I 1 E HOUSE T H R I F T 3rd and H Streets HI 3-3051 ftelflx-il-CKor. Brand new. Used 6 times Traniistor model 1715. Ideal lor pro pie with heart trouble. Ml J-«W. '· GAS STOVE, i Good condilion. J50. HI 3-4951. RUMMAGfc SAI E Oin'n c v e r y Hay Dul Sunday. 1413 Enit As^nue. PHONE HI 23118 Wedding Rin(js lo Rear Iraps, Mil) WAY 1RAD1NG I'USf, HI 2 1204 ncros (roni Midway Drive-In on Indlanola Rd -- · p Q | p oflm Nubber all sl?i's any Ilitik [j t ., ( i r-A\ Tryrr, JlS; 3 hp gas water ^ A A A SURPLUS, 56 W. Mh i-umn, I'O; pfirtnlile mannlc, t?0; WPO- ... .,,,, ;,,,,,,' L l . r , w , fl |. r, nn , tin ,, TE 9-1041. H1 J 7 1 / 6 - F ^ r . ' V A r . f - S A L E -- SAT., APRIL U H ' i I ,i» c.?7 5th St., nrro^ from I'os [ , ' i , r \ oncn c flm. tlPW Cluh, Hurrka f."',rri!i i 1 «. Chain Saw, Convcnlionn \'tn--''- Ail vrry floort -- Revt o f f e r V , - . ! ( · " w . - i nrrl, Mflttre**, Dftx Spring-. M- ,[uinr, Mnttrcss, 115. M j ; \ t f , A\\'-r 5:39 p. m. Hf-BUIl 1 MDWHRS GAS bNGINtS ; S.ilc* ScrviLC Pcnlflli h"- '"'i m« i NIl.M')! V A R I A I A fl yuan. VA J JMU Complete Financing Service P A C I F I C F I N A N C E 5?l th Street. HI J-JfrOI MISC. FOR SALE 150 Montgomery Wards PAINT DEPARTMENT SUPER WHITE House Paint Reg. $5.79 gal. NOW $4.99 PAINT THINNER in qos cans 5^ IS value ... NOW $ .99 WARDS -1th F 5(5. HI 3-3033 M E TILLER, USED POWER MOWERS Lawn Boys, Homco, Sears. Some good condition. A handyman could fix the poor condition ones up easily. Price from S20 UP. Powr drive on wheels. Cost New S600; Now S225; In like new condition. t's easy lo get credit at Forluna Hard- were. Jusl bring in your credit card from a major oil co. You can open your account in seconds. H you don't have a card. . .come In anyway. . Fortune Hardware 1221 Main Fortuna RA 5-4127 Quality selection of Used washers, d r y e r s , electric ranges. Bnzard's of Arcaia Your family Store On the Plaza In Arcata Building Bargains 9'x12' Vinyl sunoced linol. rugs. SS 75 CB. Used brick . 7c each Dry Mix motar (fust add water) $1.50 bag Fuller interior Latex paint ... 54.93 gal. ',V'x4jc8 shop fir plywood . . S7.S6 ea. Complete inventory of other building materials at discount prices. PIERSON BUILDING SUPPLY HI 3-5165 Al the Big Hammer 4100 Broadway USED RADIOS from $5 as is COME GET 'EM! EVERYBODY'S Furniture Mart 617 4th, Eureka HI 3-0941 Refrigerators from S39.SO, Dinettes from S9.50, Bed divans, beds springs, mattresses, solid maple buffet. Walnut marble top chesl, dresser, beds. Art, Pressed and cut glass. Wedgwood, Spodc and china olates. MOREL'S 3ND HAND AND ANTIQUES ?nd E HI 33635 wall type S1B.9S 522.95; Wash basin 54.50 to SU.SO; Gas heater, with ther- mostallc control S15.00 to 535-00; Bedroom sets; Box spring matlress sets, lull half ; Gas cook sloves, apt. full sire; Apt. size refrigerators. EUREKA EXCHANGE 516 2nd SI. HI 2-344? Ice Cream Machine-- As Is-- 9 cu. ft.. .160 Occidental Space heater tor LP gas S20, 1 custom Air Wall Heater manual control . ... -- $25 LIBERTY PROPANE VA 2-1320 PICKUP CAMPER -- $450 Planning the Seattle Fair? Why look for lodging? Sleep by the Fairgrounds, not a hundred miles away. Tired driving? Rest anytime. THE OLDE PARK STORE at the entrance to Seauola Park. MlSC WANTED 151 HIGH CASH PRICES PAID for copper, brass aluminum, radiators and batteries. Also scrap Iron. G R METALS, Eureka, Inc. Second and "H" streets-HI 2-1/65 We Buy Pot and Other Metals HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR LEAD NORTHERN MARINE HARDWARE 2nd «. "E" Streets HI 20745 $ CASH $ for turnlture, appliances, what have you. Hi 3-3635. WILL PAY CASH for Sacks (burlap any kind! 5c each, |unk radiators, |un batler^s, copper, brass aluminum 1617 R St., HI 24026. Moving? Got too much to take? Cal Trader Torg. Used merchandise bough by the Item or household lot. Fre appraisal. HI 2-3442 Wanted: Sleno type or Steno graph with Instruction book. HI 3-6093. WANTED GRAPE STAKES, POSTS BOARDS CALL VA 2-5045 1 -- 5 P. M. Want 3 year size crlD and matlress. Must bt? in good condition. HI 3-2491 FREE MERCHANDISE 15? ABSOLUTELY FREE! column is free The only requirement is There must not be anything oMtri'tl for s,ilo to neoole replying to FREE ADS. notify the Classified Manager. 3 kitlpns All American Mialcas. 3944 T St. HI 3-.1599 S borrtrr Collie and McNnb puppies, CKJ i weeks old. Call anyHme RA 5-3745 ! Small pupny. Beagle Terrier, 10 wccK old Likrs children. HI 2-5859 Parl German Slcphcrd. femflle. t nio'iths. Good with children. RA S-321B 2 W H I T E D R A K T S T E 9-1616 E L E C T R I C RANGE -- LlSAtlLE OvtViluflrd Chciir. HI 3- 8668 4 H A L F - S I A M E S E K1T1HNS. / wr-pks old. Weaned. t ; airly well house broke i HI 3-1997. BICYCLE-MOTORCYCLE 155 · MOVF UP TO A M U S T A N G motor hiko ' HANI f - Y DAVIDSON S. l . A M D R I - T T A S.ili;«, ami Striven A R C A T A BOAT SAl.f:)i JWi-, SI Louis Rd. VA I-4SJ Tpnr, ..-.^.".M'iJmw. m,,ck I,«M,. Al Kiit 111 Motorcycles THE Ot DH PARK SIORt, Ho.tJ',Ort 1 of.»l Intmiph nnif Honclfl Dcnlor J. t SH, Currkj. tl» nro«0".iy. Curckn. HI W»91 MJTO SERVICING-REP. 157 FOREIGN MOTORS SPECIALIZES in Repairs and Service of · BORGWARD · SIMCAS · RENAULT · TR's · SYNCHRONIZATION of SU Carburetor · DIRECT SHIPMENT ON PARTS · NO DELAY . . . a FREE ESTIMATES · DISCOUNT FOR CASH ON ALL REPAIRS FOREIGN MOTORS WABASH AND B -- HI 2-511B If You Have Had YOUR TIRES BALANCED and they still go thumping DOWN THE ROAD -- THEN IT'S TIME TO HAVE THEM TRUED ARCATA BRAKE FRONT END For Expert Service Call or See FRANK HUNI 497 1 Street, Arcata open Saturday till noon VA 2-3773 Auto enamel paint [ob S39.SO, reasonable body work, 1 DAY SERVICE. Marcum Sons, 727 W. WhiDDle, HI 2-3187. OPPORTUNITY tor a business of your own In the Classified section today Check it now. ^UTO StRYICIN^-KhP. Ib/ Your Complete WILLYS JEEP CMC PONTIAC SALES-SERVICE We all know you're ready lor the fair. Is your car ready too? Lels make II a pleasant trip. Have your car checked AT B. E. GARAGE Jeep Repoir A Specialty FORTUNA . . . RA 5-4117 SO. REDWOOD HI WAY COOPER AUTO PARTS ESTABLISHED 1948 If? IN K MARINE |Nni',, FOOLS ACCESSORIES PARTS Foreign Auto Parts Supplies A. P. Mufflers Sealed-power Champion Spark Plugs Ramco Rings All Nationally Advertised Parts. VA 3-3651 -Emergency Call HI 3-3023 9B2 4th St. on Samoa Road, Arcata. GEORGE "BUZZ" COOPER WHEN YOU SPEND MONEY ON REPAIRS You're Entitled To The Best you'll Get Experts at: AUTO RADIATOR BATTERY SERVICE Orville B. Wayne Wilson 119 West 6lti Summer St., Eureka Complete Auto Repair Overhauling Aulomallc Transmissions BRAKE SERVICE BRAKE DRUMS TURNED 30 Minute Muffler Replacement. Pick-up and Delivery. ARCATA MUFFLER AND GENERAL REPAIR 51) 6th St., Arcata. VA 2-4702 AUTOS FOR SALE I65AUTOS FOR SALE 165 RIGHT WRIGHT'S-4i Q 'Easy, Low Cost, Bank of Arr OPEN E\ 61 Cad. Club Coupe. .$4595 Real low mileage, full power. 61 Chev. Sport Cpe. ..J2695 Gold with white top, automatic transmission, radio, heater, and real low mileage. 60 Volvo 2 Door $1595 Black with whire side wall fires, 4 speed box, radio, and heater. LIKE NEWI 59 Ford Club Coupe . $1095 "f," cylinder, straight stick, and healer. REAL NICEI 57 Cad. DeVille $1995 J door hardtop, full power, white ' wall tires. REAL SHARP1 '57 Pontioc Coupe ....5995 CATALINA, automatic transmission, radio, healer, and white wall tires. '56 Anglic 2 Door J395 English Ford sedan, with heater, and good rubber. REAL NICE! '56 DeSoto Spt. Cpe. ..$595 Full power, radio, heater, and white wall tires. '56 Ford Wagon $695 RANCH WAGON, with straight stick, an^ overdrive, new paint, radio, and heater. REAL SHARP! '55 Pont. Coupe $695 CATALINA, automatic transmission, radio, and heater. REAL CLEAN INSIDE AND OUT! '54 Olds. 4 Door $495 Full power, radio, and heater, good rubber. '53 Stude. 4 Door $295 V-B, automatic transmission, radio, and heater, good rubber. WRIGHTS 4th K Eurel AUTO PARTS 158 -- MOTORS -- ·57 FORD '6' SIM Exch ·S9 FORD '35!' S250 Exch ·60 CORVAIR SIOO Exch ·56 FORD '392' S150 Exch ·59 FORD '332' S20Q Exch EUREKA AUTO AND TRUCK WRECKERS 719 West Whlpple HI 3-6361 FOR SALE WRECKED 1955 Chevrolet V-8 with Straight Stick 5350 McCREA MOTORS 7th and F Streets, Eurck.i. HI 3-03S9 HI 2-57J? 19S1 siudi'biiker Champion 6 motor - j.OOO miles, S65; conventional trans mission S45. Also ,-Mr end wheols dru n A tenders j T I R E CENTER j 1301 nrofldwrty HI 3-737 ·55 CHEV. "6" engine. Complele w t: slnrlpr. opnerator. carbcrator, manifold ! UPII housinq, etc., S7S (Needs overhaul lnt]» TE 9-H73. ·10 CHEVY, Rfldio and Healer - $15.00 Ford Rfldio. $1.00. Three 670-15 6-ply Tirei, J15.00, IWO Vance St., Fortuna. i5? cu. In '58 CHEV. short block, Ford' true pKtons, C A T crank. H I 3-0174 aller 12. 1MARI shoppers find exceptional fur il lure buys under class ISO In the clawl lied. Sci; Ihcm now. Orlojnrtl T(w-Dro|i Cuslom. Spot lights re-crirompd. S3.V Call VA M076 alter 5 p. m. DI,",| truck New surplus dry charged, ISO plalcs. JJ9.SO-147.50. AiA SUPI'L US- SB W. itli HI 3-7176. ·3S-N6 Cltrv. 4 speed tninsmlsion E x f r l l c n l condition. MO. , HI ?-3RJ4 anytime, AUTO.TRUCK WANTED !*0 Pickup wrtnicd Will buy best onfl lied pickup lor tl«W. RO i iflSfl BUYS t n K- Eureka e r c a TIMEPLAN Financing. /ENINGS '60 Cad DeVille $4495 4 door hardtop, full power, and air conditioning. LIKE NEW! '60 Chev. Wagon ....$1895 "6" cylinder, straight stick, radio, and heater. Real low mileage. '50 Rambler 52495 AMBASSADOR Custom 4 door sednn, automatic transmission, power steering, power br'akes, White wall tires. ABSOLUTELY LIKE NEW INSIDE AND OUT1 '59 Chev. Sport Cpe. ..51995 1MPALA, Full power, automatic transmission, radio, and heater. '57 Imperial $1795 4 door hardtop, full power, and air conditioning, white wall tires. REAL SHARP! '57 Dodge Sport Cpe. ..$995 Red with white top, all leather Interior, automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, radio, heater, white walls. REAL SHARP! '57- Metropolitan $795 EXTRA SHARP! Radio, and healer. '56 Buick4 Door $595 Full power, radlOi heater, and while wall tires. '55 Olds. '88', 4 Dr. ...$595 Automatic transmission, radio heater, original 2 tone finish REAL SHARP! '55 Chev. Pickup $595 \i ton, 3 speed box, and heater new paint, and good rubber. '55 Buick Coupe $595 RIVIERA, automatic transmls sion, power steering, powe brakes, radio, heater, white wal tires. REAL SHARP1 '54 Metropolitan $350 Radio, and heater. A REAL ECONOMY BUY! USED CARS a H! 3-3733 TRUCKS TRAILERS 162 1954 AUTOCAR, "220" Cummings Dicse S. Q. D. D. bogies, very good 1,000 x 2 rubber, short log trailer. Complet unit in EXCELLENT CONDITION Read/ to go lixiginrj. See at Humboidt Truck Equipt. International Sales and Service 4075 Broadway HI 3-7016 WILL PAY CASH Pickup. HI 3-3504 or 174S J Street. Alter A p. m. Weekdays. MUST SACRIFICE 'SO Ford F-5 Perfect condition, '« GM 6 wheel $1,050 takes bold. OR 7-3-159 INCLUDES ALL equipment. 1050 GMr 8 yard dump. Dual drive SlfiOO selling price NO fl-550/ or N 8-5/21. 1 ton Dodge tlalbed wilh crane attached 1959 motor. Beit oiler takes. HI 3-65!4. '5-i Ford I ton flatbed. Extra good con dition. Best offer over S500. VA 3-065 -- TIE 9-1789. INTERNATIONAL '-: ton pickup. Good Iransportation. $75. For Sale-'ii CHEVY Truck. 131V flatbe S250. Morris Christiansen, Lolcla, on of Cannibal Road. CLONcY 0 SONS rtrondw.iy and Pacific. HI 2-1/4 '56 FORD V8 ') ton pickup with canopy In good condilion. Must sell --S500 o best olrcr HI 3-3318. International l 1 ^ ton truck. '63 license $4 SO or will trade for young stock TE 9-1S93 - Arc.ita. LTL MACK TRUCK AND PAGE TRAILER, 923-3379 ·9 CHEVY *\ Ion pickup. H« 'S6 en glne. New pnint. See at Harris and Union Mi-hll SIM ion, HOUSETRAILERS 163 19SA Flamingo 8 x 3 V ? bedroom, sleep A. All flfl\. Now furniture. Good cflrr ,~,\,-tn. JI750, Tf; 9-JOJS. '50 Melody homo. 3 bedroom. 1750 down »800 hnhncf. Take over SW.B1 pay mcnls. See nt 7205 2nd SI. flllftr S p.m VU lUi rUK iALC 103^ "BETTEf USED '59 PONTIAC Bonneville Co '59 PONTIAC Bonneville 1 D '61 PONTIAC Tempest 4-Dc '55 PONTIAC Custom Safar '56 BUICK Special 2-Door H '56 BUICK Super 2-Door Ha '61 FALCON 2-Door Deluxe '60 FORD Galaxie 2-Door . '60 FORD Slarlmer 2-Door r '57 FORD 4-Door, Automatic '56 FORD 4 Door Hardtop '55 FORD Ranch Wagon, Au '53 FORD 3/1 -Ton Pickup, 4'61 CHEVROLET Impala Spo '60 CHEVROLET Station We '60 CORVAIR 4-Door Sedan '59 CHEVROLET Impala 4-[ '56 CHEV. Suburban, 9 Passe '60 DODGE Polara '500' Har '60 PLYMOUTH Belvedere 4 '59 PLYMOUTH Belvedere 4 '59 PLYMOUTH Savoy 4-Do '56 PLYMOUTH 4-Door, Sta '53 PLYMOUTH 4-Door '61 OLDSMOBILE 'F-85' Sta '55 OLDSMOBILE 4-Door H '60 RAMBLER Ambassador 4 '59 RAMBLER Wagon, '6' C '59 MORRIS Minor (Sharp) '59 FIAT "1100", 4-Door . '57 SIMCA 4 Door Sedan . '56 JEEP, with Winch .... '55 JEEP, with New Motor '57 WILLYS Jeep, with New '57 WILLYS Wagon, 4/W BER ANDEI PONTIAC BUICK Used Car Dept 7th Salesmen -- Tony Gh Carl Malde\ HOUSETRAILERS 163 * TOWN AND COUNTRY · TRAILER SALES 1962 Models VIKING -- VAN DYKE ELCAR -- KIT-TROJAN Now Arriving Insured, Bonded Trailer Towing VA 2-1547 -- CLOSED SUNDAYS Highway 299, 2 M!. North of Arcata We Sell Mobile Home Insurance TRAILER TOWING LICENSED -- BUNDED -INSURED CALL HI 3-4851 or VA 2-3143 CARL JOHNSON CO. Highway 101 north ol Eureka. RENTAL LEASE -- With OPTION to BUY on used 8'xlO' wides, on credit approval. FRANKLIN TRAILER SALES -- 5J91 Broadway -- Just 3 miles South of Eureka -- across from K.D.A.N as a buyer or seller. Fire, .thelt, flood. $100 ded collision. As low as 5!7 per year. MADSEN INSURANCE, 5th and Eye, HI 3-4501. FRANKLIN TRAILER SALES 5J91 Broadway --HI 3-2774 Just 3 miles South of Eureka Across from K.D.A.N. Will trade for cars, furniture, livestock. EUREKA TRAILER SALES Sales and Repairs 3500 Broadway HI 3-4627 TERRIFIC BUY! dOxfl 2 bedroom trallerhouse in exccllen condition. Might take car as part trade TE 9-2S14 No one beats TRAILER CITY South G St., and Highway 101, Arcata VA 2-4034 -- Closed Sundays For the Extra conveniences In a mobile home see this 2 bedroom Viking 8x45' VA 2-2fiS3 or TE 9-2439. 40'xB' trailer house. 1956 Flamingo. Wil lease or sell. Write Box 285, Eureka Newspapers, Inc. 8' housetrailer. Sleeps 2. Excellent car given. S150. 2135 1st Street. HI 3 4947. 21' Kit Chateau. Sleeps 4. New beds Reconditioned throughout. S650. Hi 3 5530 -- 1307 Bay St. nted on a view space. In at 1200 Allar Ave., Eureka. Camping Trailers For Rent call HI 32774 Franklin Trailer Sales and bath. Reasonable. HI 3-0022. Trailer House. 10' wide. 3 bedroom SU 6-9623 evenings or weekends. Excellent condilion. S2400. VA 2-062 afler 5 p.m. AIRPLANES 164 New fabric-- new glass-- now license $2,975. Firm. HI 2-6047. Scenic Flighls and Complete Flight serv Ice At Fortuna Airport, R S Enterprises RA S-303 AUIOS FOR SAI E 165 ·*o Ford coupe with '53 Dodge engine Just been rewired. Good tires. J20 cash. HI 3-3980. PONTIAC V8 completely rebuilt en glne J57S. Wcitwood Chevron. VA ? 3870. Reconditioned Jeep. New motor, pain Good tires. $375. See at 3025 17th St Eureka nftcr 4 p.m. Convertible shnttartt shift. Good tiros molor. body. Mi.iht trade. HI 2-OW /ill mcl/il Jugg/iqo carrier. TE 9-1664 'S5 CHEV. Pickup. 4-speed, V-fl. New ply tires. Good condition. TE 9-224 alter A p. m. * BUY" CARS ivertible . $2395 oor Hardtop $^95 or . . . $1995 Wagon $ 895 ardtop . $795 rdrop $ 695 Automatic $1895 $1895 iardtop $1895 Transmission $ 995 "C RQS Speed $ 495 t Coupe, SHARP.... $2595 ngon, Automatic ... $2195 $1595 )oor 51795 nger $1095 dtop $2495 -Door, Automatic... $1695 Door, Full Power ... $1495 3r, Automatic $1195 ndard Transmission.. $ 495 . $ 350 ton Wagon $2495 ardtop $ 695 -Door, Full Power... $1995 /Under, Overdrive ... $1595 $ 895 $ 695 $ 395 $1395 $ 795 Motor $1395 ive Special at-- $ 695 NIE ^SON GMC and JEEP B, Eureka HI 3-0833 2ra Blockie Durant / n -- Mgr. Specials at B E - QUALITY CARS - 6! PONTIAC $2850 Station Wagon 59 PLYMOUTH $1695 SPORT FURY Hardtop-- SHARP! 58 STUDE. 4-door . . . . $ 8 3 5 57 PLYMOUTH $105 Station Wagon 57 PLYMOUTH $ 6 9 4 door 56 OLDS $ 4 9 5 55 DODGE, SHARP . . . $ 4 9 5 Sport Coupe 54 FORD $ 4 2 5 1CCDC '59 JEEP C-J5 $1595 (3 to pick from) '54 CJ3-B $995 '53 CJ3-B, as is $700 MS CJ2-A $595 (2 to pick from) WORK PICKUPS '56 WILLYS Pickup .. $1195 '50 JEEP Pickup $450 '49 JEEP Pickup $485 '56 GMC Suburban $950 '55 FORD Panel $ 795 WORK CARS '53 CHEVROLET $225 '53 STUDEBAKER .$225 '52 DESOTO $125 Several Others to Choose From B. E. Garage Your Willys-GMC- Pontiac Dealer So. Redwood Hiway Fortuna ... . RA 5-4117 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSON SPECIAL BAND LINKAGE ADJUSTMENT $8.95 ANY MAKE CAR Arcata Transmission 8TH «. K ST. VA I-4«J Next lo Arc*lA Dowl '« CHEVROLET J door US. linnlno no running olhcrwlso very pood eondlllon Son only Fri. cvcnim, Snl. 11 .i.m. 7 p.m. Sundny 9 · 10 fl.m. only. 20 Worlhlnqton Dr. Hurnnoldl HIM. IT'S DOLLAR DAYS ; . K. B. MCCARTHY ! These are just a few . of our GUARANTEED SPECIALS - '61 FORD Country Sedan $2597 1 PASSENGER, V-8, AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. RADIO, HEATER, POWER STEERING, AND POWER BRAKES. '60 DODGE Pioneer Hardtop $2197 2 DOOR, AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, RADIO, HEATER, POWER STEERING, AND POWER BRAKES. LIKE NEW! '60 CHEVROLET Impala V-8 $2497 HARDTOP, AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, RADIO, HEATER, POWER STEERING, AND POWER BRAKES. '60 CHEVROLET Station Wagon . . . . $2397 V-B, PARKWOOD 4 DOOR, AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, RADIO, AND HEATER. '60 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4-Door $1997 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, RADIO, AND HEATER. '59 CHEVROLET Impala Hardtop . . . . $1997 V-B, AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, RADIO, HEATER, AND POWER STEERING. '^O PWPY^l PP 4 Hrvvr Hnrrltnn $1997 SARATOGA, AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, RADIO, HEATER, POWER STEERING, AND POWER BRAKES. '59 DODGE Coronet Convertible . . . . $1897 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, RADIO, HEATER, AND POWER STEERING. '58 FORD Thunderbird $2297 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, RADIO, HEATER, AND POWER STEERING. '58 CHEVROLET Bel Air Hardtop . . . . $1397 4 DOOR, V-B, AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, RADIO, AND HEATER. '56 DODGE Coronet 4-Door $497 V-fl, AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, RADIO, AND HEATER. '56 OLDS '88' Holiday Coupe ' $897 HARDTOP, AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, RADIO, AND HEATER. Special Offer to the First 5 Buyers Your Second Car for ONLY $1.00 With the purchase of any one of the above cars at the REDUCED SALE PRICE listed above-- you may purchase any one of the cars listed below for ONLY $1 .00.'51 BUICK Hardtop, Standard, Radio, and Heater $1.00 '51 PLYMOUTH 2-Dr. Sedan, Stand., and Heater.. SI. 00 '51 FORD Convert., V-8, Std, Radio, and Heater . . $1 .00 '51 PLYMOUTH 2-Dr. Sedan, Stand., and Heater. . $1 .00 HURRY - HURRY - HURRY ^ First buyer gets their chance to be No. 1 on the wife's hit parade. Get her that second car for ONLY A DOLLAR! NO DEALERS, PLEASE! K. B- MCCARTHY 4th 5th at A Sts. Open Eves, by Appt. HI 3-31 15 SHORT OF CASH? Let Isackson arrange your down payment. EASIEST CREDIT TERMS EVER, AT- ISACKSON'S in ARCATA 1961 RAMBLER '6' American 2 Door $1899 1960 FORD V-8 Fairlane '500', 4 Door $1899 1960 MERCURY 4 Door Hardtop $2499 1960 FALCON 2 Door (Standard Shift) $1499 1960 FORD V-8 Fairlane '500', 2 Door $1799 1959 FORD V-8, 2 Door Station Wagon $1299 1959 PONTIAC Catalma 4 Door $1699 1959 CHEVROLET V-8 Impola Hardtop $1899 1 959 CHEVROLET '6', 2 Door Biscayne $1 399 1959 BUICK Electro 4 Door Sedan $1999 1959 VOLKSWAGEN 2 Door Delux $1399 1 959 RAMBLER '6' American 2 Door $999 1953 OLDSMOBILE Super '88', 4 Door $1399 1958 MERCURY Montclair Hardtop $1399 1 958 FORD V-8 Custom '300', 4 Door $1 099 1958 FORD V-8, 2 Door Hardtop ' $1399 1958 CHEVROLET 4 Door Station Wagon $1499 1957 MERCURY Convertible $i 199 1956 MERCURY Montdair Hardtop $699 ! 956 FORD V-8 Fairlane 2 Door $699 1956 MERCURY Custom 4 Door $599 LOW COST TRANSPORTATION ;: -'55 PONTIAC '8', 4 Door $399 ; '55 MERCURY Monterey 4 Door $599 '55 FORD V-8, 2 Door (Standard) $599 '55 CHEVROLET V-S, '21 0', 4 Door $599 '55 FORD V-8 4 Door Cuslom $599 : '5-1 MERCURY 2 Door Hardtop AS IS $150 ; '53 PLYM. '6', 2 Door Station Wagon $249 '53 BUICK '8', 2 Door (Standard) $199 '52 FORD V-8, 2 Door (Standard) $175 ; '50 CHEVROLET '6', 4 Door $149 [ '50 STUDEBAKER '6', 2 Door $99 TRUCK BUYS 1 960 FORD '6', '/ Ton Pickup $1 399 Real Clean -- 3 Speed Transmhjlon. 1958 FORD V-S Ronchero Pickup $1399 Overdrive, Radio and Healer. 1956 FORD V-8, Vz Ton Pickup $/99 3 Speed Transmission, and Canopy, 1953 INTERNATIONAL '6', '/ Ton Pickup $399 ISACKSON MOTORS 6th 0 Eye Arcaia VA 2-2961

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