Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 11, 1966 · Page 16
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 16

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 16
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14 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N FRIDAY, MARCH i i, i The Weather And You For Free A century and more uo, when doctors couldn't quickly relieve patients of JOTOC diseases and ills that were brought on by changes in the weather or prolonged unpleasant weather conditions, they sent their richer patients to . luxurious watering places. . The hope was to! restore the normal functions of the body by repeated bathing in the thermal waters at those places which were called spas, idea was that the minerals or beat or some unknown fac tors, worked wonders on the body. It is probable that the sti mulus of the warm waters taken both inside and out, was not really a very great aid to a cure. I suspect that the par of the treatment that had pa tients relaxing, going to b e d early and watching their diets under benign weather conditions had a lot to do with it It seems quite likely that such rest would have helped in rein stating the efficiency of an overstressed body. --Medicus Familius IU. Wf ATHM MMUAU --AP Wlrephoto ; U. S. Weather Forecast :Rain and showers will cover most of the central part :»f the nation and the Pacific Northwest tonight with Ishowers in the southeastern part of Florida. It will be Icolder in the North Atlantic states and most of the IPlains and Plateau areas, but warmer in most of the : rest of the country. WEATHER Tucson Skies Today Sunset today 6:» P-nV Sunrise tomorrow 6:39 a.m. Moonrise today 11:55 p.m. Last Quarter, March 13. PROMINENT CONSTELLATION Scorpio, follows the Moon. VISIBLE PLANETS Jupiter, high overhead at sunset, sets at 1:16 a.m. . Venus, rises at 4:33 a.m. arid Is In the southeast at sunrise. March » March it April! March 14 Highest'·temp, yesterday 77 Highest temp, year ago ............... 60 .High record for date .W46 ·...;;.........«7 Low -temp, yesterday 45 Low temp. ye«r ago -.;..... 50 Low record ; for date 1951 .............. 33 Mean temp, yesterday .· ....;'.... 61 Mean temp, year ago SS Normal terns." this dat* .'.; .;...,'. .57 .Humidity 5 ; p,m. yesterday ,.......;...,14 Humidity J *.m. today ; Sunrise...... 6:40 Sunset...... :» , Data for 14 hwn awfw at I:W a.m. Friday, March 11,19*6 . '."·\ . . . ' " ; M-Hr. ? Mix. Mlit. Prep. Albuquerque' 1 , .. « 35 : ... Atlanta 60 34 Billings 49 30 Bismarck 42 32 Boise . .,.....; 52 » .02 Boston 53 .34 Buffalo 48 29 .02 Calgary ..47 24 Casper, Wyo. 53 2» .04 Charlotte 60 32 Chicago 56 44 .10 Cincinnati ;'... 57 42 Cleveland 52 41 ,03 Denver ..-. 64 30 Des Moines 66 49 T. Detroit 47 41 .09 Douglas 78 34 El Paso 77 50 Fairbanks --13 -27 Flagstaff 59 28 Ft. Worth 65 57 Grand Canyon 55 24 Honolulu 80 67 Indianapolis 64 41 T. Kansas city 66 56 .02 Las Vegas 73 47 Little Rock 72 44 Los Anseles 67 51 Memphis 67 47 Miami Beach, Fla. ... 70 66 Minneapolis 55 32 Legion Leader To Be Speaker ' Edgar Sawyer of Bisbee, department commander of the American Legion, will speak at 7 p.m. Thursday at a banquet sponsored by Morgan McDermott Post No. 7 at the Executive Inn, 333 W. Drachman St. The dinner meeting will observe the 47th birthday of the American Legion. PAINTS MADE IN TUCSON "FORMULATED FOR THE SOUTHWEST" 4 LOCATIONS TO BEST SERVE YOU SOUTHWESTERN PAINT AND VARNISH CO. S850 E. Speedway 327-6236 3115 N. 1st Ave. 623-7143 1404 SL 6th Ave, 62-M78! 6220 E. 22nd 296-5111 New Orleins M 54 New .York ....' i? ,43 Oklahoma City M 57 Omaha U ft Philadelphia S3 34 Phoenix 78 4$ Plttsburnh 55 44 M Portland, Me. ...'..... 51 22 Portland, Ore 56 36 Rapid City 51 37 St. LOUIS a 49 Salt Lake City 5? 29 01 Swi Dteeo 43 52 San Frandsco 63 53 Seattle 41 35 05 Tamw 73 52 Toronto 50 21 16 TUCSON 77 46 Washington ......... 5» 37 Wichita .......; 63 57 T. Yuma, Ariz. 13 51 Rokert L. Klni, mttwrvlof lit hi ch«r»«, Tucson U.S. Weather Bureau If you have something to give away, the Citizen will print your offer at no charge. MAIL YOUR NOTICE-do NOT phone it ia-to "For Free," Tucson Daily Citizen. Please include your phone number, street address and signature. The Citizen reserves the right to cut the length of offers. PUPPIES -- Thret darling l-week-old puppies. Short-haired tan female, fluffy- haired brown male and a short haired black and brown male. Housebroken. 5002 S. 17th Ave. . 0 0 0 MANURE--Free manure every day of the year. 1411 E. Prospect. o o o PIGEONS--Two pigeons. Saturday or Sunday. Animal Fair Zoo, 331? N. Dodge. o o o DOO--Medium-size black dog. Part cocker. Good with children and also a good watchdog. Has had all shots and license. 4678 E. 25th St., phone 324-31 M, after 6:30 p.m. _ o o o ANURK---Weil-seasoned horse manure. 560 W. Wetmore Road. Phone 887-9335. o o o LUMBER--Used lumber. Ready to take away. Must take all. 407 W. Lincoln. Phone 294-0838. HAMSTERS-Mother hamster with five sons and a daughter. All colors and very gentle. The babies are 5 weeks old. Phone 296-0300. o o o If you cannot find a suitable home for your pet, you'll find a helping hand at the Humane Society of Tucson, 3450 N. Kelvin Blvd. Phone 326-8611. o o o CATS-Home needed for a matched pair of solid black cats. About a year old. Very good pets. They came with the home we lust bought and we cannot keep them. Call 297-2465 or come to 5701 N. Sunray Drive. o o o DOC--Two-year-old spayed female dog recently lost her mistress. She is a very gentle and lovable dog. Well trained. his black and white, long-haired dog must have a good home with a kind Iderly lady or couple. Fenced yard necessary. Has had all shots and license. 'hone EA 54145. FIREWOOD-Come to 4418 E. .Grant Road (corner N. Ralph St.). o o o BRICKS, STONES -- Old bricks and tones. Take as much as you need or ake all. 2850 N. Park Ave. Phone 22-3717. DOC -- Very lovable, gentle, friendly olden retriever type dog has walked n off the desert and adopted us and ur two dogs and cats. This makes too many and, since nobody has claimed 1m and he has no tags, we would Ike to find a good home for him. He Is honey color, weighing about 40 ounds and does not bark much. Loves o be petted and puts his paws upon ·our shoulder, to look Into your eyes, lelp us by giving this dog a good tome and he will make you happy. Call mornings--MA 2-7524. MEDCE-Jack privet hed»e. Cut back Dug up and It Is yours. 2316 E. Helen Phone 326-3556. OOC-We would like to find a good home for Patches, She Is · IVi-ytar-old rat lerrler. Very timid, bol loves chll dren. Has had rabies shot. She Is black and white. 3320 N. Geronlmo Ave., phone 623-7237. o o o Everything HitMl In this iwMic urvlce column · Is *fftrtd frtt *f chart*. Th« ClKztn »ttum*s no rtspcnslblllty for the condition «f items offeree Press Club Sets Gridiron Show Dates The Tucson Press Club wil hold its annual Gridiron Show, a spoof of national, state anc local officials, May 19, 20 and 21 at the Elks Club, 9 W. Paseo Redondo. Club President Bernie Sedley said tickets for the show, which will begin at 8:30 p.m. each night, will go on sale in about two weeks. Jess Higgle 'will direct the two-act variety show, while Rudy Sudigala will be the producer. Mrs. Marilyn Johnson will edit the club's annual magazine, the Hellbox, which will be given to all persons attending the show. Part of the profits from the show go toward a University of Arizona journalism scholarship and to local charities. Fire Damages Trailer Home Fire today caused $500 damage to the trailer home of Dave Largeteau at 2702 W. Palmyra St. The Flowing Wells Volunteer Fire Department said the blaze, which started at 6:30 a.m., apparently was caused by an over- ieated vent. No one was injured. A M I r TO REDUCE STOCK Sfll r BEFORE MOVING TO Uflbk 1023 N. PARK AVE. All Jewelry Fine Watches At Tremendous? 'SAVINGS UP TO y^ fg oidsmiths( ' diamond * 199 N. Stone - Arizona Title Bldg.E "A Tradition Of The Finest Jewelry Making For 300 Years'^ BRAND NEW! FACTORY FRESH 3 IN l Combination FOR THE PRICE OF TV ALONE MUNTZ V ROYAL 500 \ 21" COLOR TV \ 4 Speed STEREO HI-FI RADIO / Lovfely Hardwood /,' Cabinet J , ROYAL 500 COMBO Every Muntz Set u Made in the Great Chicago F a c t o r y -- All American Made Component Parts from the Nation's Greatest Electronic Manufacturers. 3 in 1 COLOR COMBINATION FOR THE PRICE OF TV ALONE With Any Trade All channel UHF-VHF. Ideal combination of hand- wired and solid copper space age circuitry. Automatic Chroma Controls 26,008 Volts of Color The Royal 500--World's Only Color TV-So Perfect That It's UNCONDITIONALLY Guaranteed for a Full 500 Days . . . 100% Parts, Labor Service IN YOUR HOME! Herb Nickels Says: There's No "Phony Baloney" --The Royal 500 Day 100% Guarantee Is Backed by Our 18 Years of Service Reliability. · 5 Stereo Speakers · Dual channel stereo amplifier · 4 Speed Stereo Automatic Record Changer You Save y 2 Because You BUY LIKE A DEALER From Herb Florence Nickels, Your Tucson Factory Direct Distributors! OPEN 9 to 9 Weekdays Sundays Noon 'til 6 22. YEARS IN SAME LOCATION 792-3400 Direct Factory Warehouse Out of the High Rent Area 2216 So. 6th Ave. About One Mile South of 22nd Street on 6th Ave. PUBLIC RECimuS MARRIAGE LICENSES DoiwW L. Jthnton, II, *nd Llndt S. Dill*. 16, Tucson. Steven R. Cmwcho, 20, Tucson, ind Losl J. Hllkemmr, U, Tucson. James A. Hollsh, 26, Tucson, and Paulette l_ Meslk, If, Tucson. DIVORCES John R. Rechtln vs. Elizabeth A. Rech- tln, decree. James B. Treadwlll vs. Midori* M. Treadwell, decree. Mildred G. Sweeney vs. Clifford W. Sweeney, decree. Mildred N. Johnson vs. Eugene G. Johnson, complaint for separation. Carolyn M. Baldwin vs. Earl R. Baldwin, complaint for separation. Peggy A. Peters vs. Michael M. Peters, complaint. Marlorle G. Vasquez vs. Andre Vasquez, decree. Barbara J. Haynes vs. John V. Haynes, complaint. Raymond B. Mills vs. Leon* An. mills, complaint. Laura M. Aaron vs. Frederick L. Aaron, complaint. Mllancy S. Brown vs. Robert C. Brown, complaint. Darlene A. Smith vs. Norman E. Smith, complaint. BIRTHS $T. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL Mr. and Mrs. Benson Rodgers, 4603 Benson Hwy., a alrl at 11:13 a.m. Mar. 10. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Smith, 7248 E. Pierce, a slrl at 11:59 a.m. Mar. 10. Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Hamilton 1811 E. Prince, a boy at. 12:17 p.m. Mar. 10. Mr. and Mrs. James Counes, 4042 E. Roberts PI., a boy at 9:12 p.m. Mar. 10. . Mr. and Mrs. James Pyers, 5821 E. 3«h, a girl at 3:07 a.m; Mar. 11. TUCSON GENERAL HOSPITAL Mr. and Mrs. Charles St. John, 1333 W. Navalo, a girl at 5:38 p.m.. Mar. 10. TUCSON MEDICAL CENTER Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bottomley, 5708 E. Hawthorne, a boy at 11:15 a.m. Mar. 10. Mr. and Mrs. L. N«ll Bell, 1306 S. Avenida Polar, a girl at 11:40 a.m. Mar. 10. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mosley, 831 E. 31st, a girl at 9:10 p.m. Mar. 10. Mr. and Mrs. Willy Franklin, 615 N. 7th a boy at 12:58 a.m. Mar. 11. , STRAIGHT I AMERICAN made slowly and with care... in Mexico Carved Turquoise and Jade of Odxacet Villagers of Oaxaca., inheritors of the Aztecan art of jewel-carving, create miniature masterpieces in jade and turquoise ... exqui« site jewelwork prized by collectors the world over. Equally prized is the mellow, slow-aged flavor of " S T R A I G H T A M E R I C A N " ... made with patient care from % traditional formula. Enjoy it often! Next Time and Every Time You're in Mexico ! BRING A BOTTLE BACK, TOO! Yisitsrs Mar lai'rt it frit if Iiiy D. M. Distillery Co., S. A. Juarez, Chih., Mexico MAW ew«t of the ·prug SCUM! Saving* arc ireater KlecdMi if conpMe -Quality is Mperiw EXTRA salespeople ready to ipwd your R«ff*ttr «rt to win a WEf $200. WAIDX01E Simply write your name and address CM an entry Wank at Accommodation Desk of either store... enter every time you ibop during this event. Winner will be notified at clooe of sale. No purchase necessary. JUNIOR SPORTSWEAR 2, 4.99 to 8.99 Value Shirts/Blouses 2.99 to 4.99 Value] Jamaica Shorts I · SHIRTS, BLOUSES in most- wanted looks; roll or long sleeves. Solids, prints, plaids. Junior sizes 7 to 15. JAMAICA SHORTS; 100% cottons. Solids plaids, prints. Junior sizes 5 to 15. Levy's Jr. Sportswear Second Floor, Downtown Street Floor, El Con 19.99-25.99 Value ALL-WEATHER RAINCOATS for Juniors 1397 Chesterfields, Balmacaans and novelties in a variety of water- repellent fabrics. Exciting Spring colors. 3-15 for juniors, junior petites. Levy's Coats -- Second Floor, DT Street Floor, El Con ""«· ^w [*?.. *K "xv r^ --.,, 12.99-16.99 Value JUNIOR DRESSES in Spring (oflons ·T88 O88 Skimmers, shifts, sheaths in newsy 1966 styles . . . assortment of spring/summer colors and patterns to choose from. ID sizes 5-15. Hurry for these! Levy's Jr. Shop-Second Floor, DT Street Floor, El Con Annual Spring Sale Values for Tots, Girls, Preteens! Group of 6.99 Children's YOUNGDALE SHOES Boys' Black oxford or girls' black/white saddle; sizes 4.97 Levy's Children's Shoes -- Street Floor, El Con Only TOTS' WEAR: Regularly 5.99 Spring Dresses 3.97 100% cottons, Dacron polyester/cottons; sizes 3-6x. Reg. 2.99-3.99 Cotton Knit Tops 1.57 Long or short sleeve styles; stripes, solids; 3-6x. Reg. 2.99-3.99 Group of Blouses 1.97 Long or short sleeves; white and colors; sizes 3-6x. GIRLS' WEAR: Values to 9.99! Dresses 5.97 Cottons, Dacron polyester/cottons in sizes 7 to 14 2.99 to 3.99 Cotton Knit Tops _ 1.97 Great selection of stripes and solids; sizes 7-14. Values to 5.99! Swimsuits _ 3.97 Variety of plaids, prints, solids; sizes 7 to 14. Reg. 2.00 Her Majesty Slips 2/$3 Adjustable strap style in white; sizes 3 to 14. Save! TEENS' WEAR: Reg. 2.99 4.99 Blouses 1.97 Dacron polyester/cotton in white, colors; sizes 8-14. Reg. 6.99 Plaid or Solid Skirts 4.97 Dacron polyester/cotton in assorted colors; 6 to 14. Reg. 3.99 Group of Jamaica Shorts 2,57 Dacron polyester/cotton or cotton denim; 8 to 14. Reg. 6.99 Shifts in Cotton Prints 5.97 From Girl Town! Bright colored prints. Sizes 6-14. Levy's Girls' Wear -- Third Floor, Downtown Second Floor, El Con Downtown opens 9:30 a.m.; El Con opens 10 a.m. Shop BOTH Stores Monday, Friday nights 'til 9; El Con also open Wednesday night 'til 9.

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