Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 3
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6f B05 WELLS Our Literate Populace Mr. Bob Wells: I have occasionally enjoyed your articles -- the exception, Monday, April 1, about Lake Tahoe and the many signs that desecrate the view there. And the last bit about sign painters. I resent this remark because my husband's occupation is sign painting. Sign painters only do what the customer requires. Besides, if you didn't have signs. you wouldn't know whether to go in the "Ladies" or "Mens.". So don't knock this profession. It is quite an art and years of train- ; * * * ' " - - . funny thing happened to me on wife gave me i cordless hair drytr for Christmas. ing to be a good sign painter. Mrs. D. K. Kemer I don't knock sign painters who stick to *Ladits- and Men." It's t h o s e fancy educated ones who cse labels like " M e s s i e u r s " - a n d "MadamoiseRes." o r -AIaedchen"and*'Her- ren* that get me into embarrassing s i t u a - tions. And how do you expect a fella Eke me WELLS to choose between a door labeled "Romeos" and one labeled "Juliets"? Simple honesty forces me to seek other facilities down the street And soon, when they start teaching foreign languages at the elementary level, well have more educated sign painters than ever. · * * -- MY gripe is wires--the average living room today looks like the lethal chamber, whit with the extension cord for the lights, the extension cord for the telephone, the extension cord for the blaboffs on the TV, the extension cord for the coffee pot. Have come to believe it is a Machia- velian orthopedic plot . . . Couldn't some genius devise a plan to rid the perplexed - overburdened little woman from this miasma of wires? Pat GiDcey I don't know if it would work for you, but the cable situation has been much better at my house since my the way to the telephone yesterday . . . It was the third time it had rung in the last 10 minutes ... I decided not to answer it at all ... but the ringing became so urgent ... "Ma'm," said a pleasant male voice. "is your television set on? We're working on the telephone wires in your neighborhood and there seems to be some interference from your antenna. Which way is your set facing?"* Here were some men of science. "It's in the southwest comer facing northeast. 1 * I said. "Now if you will turn it about 45 degrees to the left" Th« adjustment was made and I returned to the phone. There were sounds of hammering and shouting in the background. "Is that OK. Joe? Ma'm. we hate to bother you like this but if you will just turn it a little more in the same direction." I rushed to do my duty. ^Ma'm. if you will just raise the set up about a foot I think we have it ___ You could use some books under it." I ran to the bookcase and measured out a foot of books and was staggering toward the set when my senses returned. I put them on the coffee table and returned to the phone. The line was dead. . . . _Had I really been talking to a mm of science? Mrs. Jack Highim How would I know? I can't tell the difference between and "MadamoiseHes." "Messieurs" Gasoline Tax Hike Passes in Senate 'demonstrated a 'said the senators have (Continued from Page A-l) need." He test" by Sen. Miller, and a "all ·loyalty oath" by Sen. Edwin J. R e g a n . D-Weaverville. ·. voted for the Flj ing Slone Fatal SIDNEY. N.Y. (UPI)--Mrs. Hattie Palmer, 53. of Bainbridge, was killed Thursday, when a stone weighing about 6 pounds hurtled into the car en*.. The Day in Sacramento 'TXI covtrMO* (.*£·. in which she was riling and ^S? tow Si«5S ra * r ****** "-,S?? struck her. . I. *r""* H - ' ! "~ rl w - **«'»'«· ·» ft*?. brir* nwvcft CttrfiMifvl 41 Cnn. OlJ««-lfi«M. · - -- - .ftcju. It cow goes to the Senate) » for action on A s s e m b l y * " · f ^ nn '*" OncwrH l*m ·ut TNf JCIUTI changes. The Assembly also passed'»5f7ir M t^!!l*S3'^KSw**! v~. .. _ . . lic cm-J confix*-- T# ,been pretty well worked on 'by our citie_s and counties. A provision in the bu! which uxiuld require local jKH after assurances by Col-| city councils and boards ofjlier that the wording of thej^ supenisors to pass resolu- provision will be changed 'i,:/ "~rT^f. "*«*^ *-n?l ^"K. tions approving the additional when the bin reaches \heAs- iS.,!?*!?!^ ^*T J** »3 tax before they could receive semWy. money, was called a "saliva rt* i : drt "ktw.n fattl ·Jt. r«M4: i ttjtt inaTii* til ·*· cfttt Rails Hit Commuter Proposal Los Angeles, who sponsored merely that it was a tax sought by the cities and counties, not the state. Gov. Brown s a i d at his Tuesday press conference that such a provision did not i F T iicr«nte«* im change his opposit "**** I In other developments, the SACRAMENTO -- A rail-Senate Finance Committee road lobbyist Thursday tried gave tentative approval to to throw a roadblock in the GOV. Brown's proposal to in- path of any Southland rapid-jcre^ state aid to local ·^transit plan based on railroad mental hea]th dinic$ from j commuter service^ U ma]ion to ^y million - ' But in spite of the objec-1 year v £3 *, · 'P 011 ^ 60 Present law says an official i f the local-resolution provision, ^j , -j-onnict of interest" if-» sa,d it merely emphasized he OVR . , ,,__. of ,..'" public employe would have *=»«'; s' a "conflict of interest" if i . - . . .1 vim Mcvurw luw · denved 5 percent or more of t SL* lc 5iirS'·* *2J* "·"" income from the firm. ***" '"'" J * 1 '* "TM ? *TM luKiofl mnealTv Mr Mr. trt»t " X ""'" " "*'. I K»o»--AloLvKM a milliM . ln kmi MMr ' r "-"Lh* ·** « - -'"-*-·*· . ««« H *a*r» u tat, t n r t ^ n . . »inr» cwrarviin* MutiiiLtt f M« wn»- !L W . !_ *z?« ·« p««.»ii.t. « ·«!«.- »c» «. »urM. R^i't'I . CMAv O-M«a. ~ ·»!*! BU* ICT WlRtltT ' I nirtu M mc«l II rt; t««un.-D- 3 percent of stock of a firm doing business JJJ^ 11 "^ with the government. ' i, tions of the California Rail- year. session. Claude Minard, a general .;Sfafc Medicare lor Elderly Proposed t SACRAMENTO (UPI) -- A Rosa, would permit private^pany to offer because of tre-'man of the Assembly Trans- iill that could help provide ( insurance companies to poolWndous risk f a c t o r s in-portation and C o m m e r c e ] counsel for the railroads, tes-' 1 tified that railroad commuter , I sen-ice would be too costly! ·j and argued that Metropolitan Transit Authority should handle commuter traffic. · * * · AT MLVARD'S request. the committee stripped from 3 the interim study resolution! 3 aU mention of Southern Cali-' fomia railroad trackage. , I However, the office of As- 1 semblyman Tom C Carrell, ,D-San Fernando, said the interim-study resolution still is broad enough that an interim committee study can probe ,how railroad commuter service could be used for rapid transit. I Carrell was author of the resolution. He also is chiir- 'children in school was. approved by the Assembly 67-7. NEW LOW CRATES- 25 C 75 e Committee. Carrell introduced ' HR. ONE HX. ALL DAY FREE PARK SHOP WITH TAUBATIOH low-cost 'medical insurance'resources and experience to'vx]ved. ·Xor 15 million aged persons [provide the insurance for per-j The lawmaker denied thatjthe resolution after Bruce 3n Caifornia wa*s proposed sons 65 and over. 'passage of the bill w o u l d Sumner. e x - a s s e m b l y c i a n {Thursday in the legislature. Rattigan said such a pro-jconflict with President Ken-jfrom Santa Ana. proposed *t The m e a s u r e by Sen.'gram would be "nearly i m - n e d y ' s medical-care-for-the-using existing railroad tracks ^Joseph A. Rattigan, D-Santafpossible" for a single com-'aged program. |for rapid transit. i-COVEIED PARKIKG fntitt Tut C*r ^PARK IT. LOCK IT *· Oif.'itTicii It -LINCOIM- PARK ·GARAGE J-JTT »0«TPI » L m I IXTEUCII: f«eJn Ar». ml M tt · IniMrir tefetm rune «ni CMir* brjrtrs -. tnulm I PINE AT BROADWAY LONG BEACH | DOWNTOWN straws by Tipoo Hiucs dot the beaches ... hive fun . . . look peat in whidy shapes . . . trimmeJ to match Elizabeth Stewart swimsuits. ' Philippine, raffia and palm strips. 6.95 - 9.95 aUmaLf^*- 11 ·· (PINE AT BROADWAY LONG BEACH !! I SUN CHARM SPORTSWEAR rA- *V m i Ill Nil big fashion splash! LV? 2: the skimmer suit by Elizabeth Stewart. A new breed of suit is in the fashion swim skimming lithe, young figures with an overtop that sometimes blousons. Always bright, often brilliant in soft and flattering knits with built-in bras. 22.95 A. Striped top Deslan acrylic knit in sand/ slate, pink/slate, green/jade, 10-16. B. Floral print-Amel triacetate jersey in blue · or yellow, 8-16. '··mw C Umbrella print-Amel triacetate mesh, hand-screened in green or pink, 8-16. Also in our Marina' Sportswear f -r ·/* i -ft STORE HOURS: 9:30 TO 5:30 P.M.--MONDAY AND FRIDAY. .9:30 TO 9:00 P.M. PHONE HE 6-9841 A a t o p o r f P o r k l i g a i d t h e « « w L i i c o l a P a r k G a r a g e

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