Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 27, 1988 · Page 38
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 38

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 27, 1988
Page 38
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Pharos-Tribune TV Guide, March 27 - April 2, 1988 TUESDAY EVENING 6:00 pm [CNN] ShowBiz Today [MTV] Dial MTV An exciting countdown ot the day's ten most requested videos. (1:00) [NICK] Finder's Keepers [PTL] Paul Cho [USA] Cartoon Express [NASH] Crook and Chase O Q Facts of Life 8 SportsLook (T) O CD 3P (B I® O 01 O@& News O Crazy Like a Fox Fox in Wonderland JD Family Ties CD World of Survival (Wildlife Series) John Foisylhe. (0:30) (B What's Happenin' Now The Wedding 6:05 pm O Alice Florence of Arabia 6:30 pm [CNN] Inside Politics '88 [CSPAN] Viewer Call In (L) [NICK] Dennis the Menace Dennis' Obligation [PTL] Lester Sumrall [NASH] Videocountry 3 Three's Company B Inside the PGA Tour ® CD I® 0 NBC Nightly News 9 O CD SI ABC News g O WKRP in Cincinnati Carlson for President (D Cheers O) Nightly Business Report 00 Happy Days The Magic Show (3) O © CBS News 6:35 pm 8 Carol Burnett 7:00 pm [CNN] Moneyline [MTV] Remote Control Quizmaster Ken Ober asks college kids crazy trivia questions. (0:30) [NICK] You Can't Do That on TV Fears, Worries and Anxieties [PTL] PTL Club [USA] College Basketball N.I.T. Semifinals, 2 games |L) [NASH] You Can Be a Star O A-Team 6 SportsCenter (L) © CD News O Entertainment Tonigh! O Remington Steele Have I Got a Steele for You CD CBS News O Cheers Father Knows Best QD Family Ties ID MacNeil/ Lehrer NewsHour (1:00) 03 Family Ties Love Thy Neighbor £B Current Affair (S) 8 M*A'S'H 58 O 38 Jeopardy! g ® Three's Company 7:05 pm B Andy Griffith Andy s Rival 7:30 pm [CNN] Crossfire [MTV] Monty Python's Flying Circus [NICK] Double Dare [NASH] Fandango B NHL Hockey (L) © She's the Sheriff O Win, Lose or Draw CD CD d)O ® Wheel of Fortune g (S) Hollywood Squares O Barney Miller Resignation 03 US 8 Cheers (B Three's Company Stanley's Hotline 83 Newlywed Game 7:35 pm 8 Sanford and Son Libra Rising All Over Lament 8:00 pm [CNN] PrimeNews [CSPAN] Event of the Day [MTV] Music Videos [NICK] Make Room for Daddy [PTL] Camp Meeting USA [NASH] Nashville Now O Movie: **Vi The Scal- phunter (1968, Western Adventure) Burt Lancaster, Shelley Winters. A fur trader and a black runaway slave fight Indians in the old West. (1:42) © 03 ®8 Matlock A Viet- namese fisherman is accused of murdering the town bully. O CD @ Who's the Boss? Mona says no to a barrage of marriage proposals from her suitor Max. g O Crossbow The Sanctuary (BOO ©Trial and Error The fate of a canine film star rests in John's hands. g Q Movie: **Vi The One and Only (1978. Comedy) Henry Wink/cr, Kim Darby, A brassy show off who fails to make it as a Broadway actor, instead makes it big in the carnival world of professional wrestling. (1:38) JD Movie: ** The Day Christ Died (1980. Religious Drama) Chris Sarsnflnn. Colin Blakely. A dramatic portrayal of the last days in the life of Jesus: from the Last Supper, tnrough his arrest and trial, and finally to the Crucifixion. (2:30) QD Chicago Tonight (B Movie: ** Rustlers' Rhapsody (1985. Musical Western) Tom Berenger. Andy Griffith. Affectionate spoof of old serial westerns complete with singing cowboys, ruthless villains and dance hall girls with hearts of gold. (1:28) 8:05 pm O NBA Basketball Mavericks at Hawks (L) 8:30 pm [NICK] Mr. Ed Ed and Paul Revere B CD ® The Wonder Years Kevin recalls an unforgettable visit to his father's business office. CB (HO © My Sister Sam After fixing up her visiting girlfriend with Jack, Sam gets jealous. g O> This Old House Q 9:00 pm [CNN] Larry King Live! [NICK] My Three Sons A Woman's Work [PTL] Pastor's Study © OH © 8 In the Heat of the Night g O CD & Moonlighting David and Maddie's big night out lands them in a boxing ring (R) g 8 700 Club 3D ®O © Coming of Age Dick's uncomfortable with conversation .on Sex After Sixty. g QD Nova (1988) Follow the international race to find the elusive superconductor, g 9:30 pm [NICK] Donna Reed A Place To Go [NASH] New Country Patty Love!ess-lf My Heart Had CD (ffl B© Frank's Place New England college prof inherits a New Orleans restaurant. (R) 10:00 pm [CNN] Evening News INtCK] Laugh In [PTL] PTL Club [NASH] Crook and Chase O O 03 News © CD f® 8 Crime Story Torello's reporter friend plans to expose Ray Luca's smuggling cartel, g O CD IS thirtysomething Gary and Melissa rekindle their long dormant love affair. (R) g 8 Straight Talk fJD Of 8 © Cagney & Lacey Cagney and Lacey come to the aid of Cagney's old nemesis Jim Thornton, g CD Frontline Join Jerry Schecter in Moscow exploring the country under glasnost. 10:20 pm B Three Stooges 10:30 pm [NICK] Car 54 Where Are You? How Smart Can You Get [NASH] Videocountry B Magic Years in Sports 1972: Phil Esposito (R) O Celebrity Chefs 09 NBA Basketball Bulls at Supersonics (L) 11:00pm [CNN] Moneyline [MTV] Club MTV (Music Videos) A daily dance party taped at New York City's Palladium. (0:30) [NICK] Monkees Monkeas on the Line [PTL] Zola Levitt [NASH] Fandango O Hit Squad B SpeedWeek Special Thrills an3 Spills (R) ©BCDdUBOBGlQ© @ News B Remington Steele Steele Among the Living Q Twilight Zone Third from the Sun 03 Hogan's Heroes Ot Voices & Visions (1988) Presentations of Stevens' works illustrate the heroism of imagination, g 11:05 pm B Portrait of America New Hampshire 11:30pm [CNN] Sports Tonight [MTV] Monty Python's Flying Circus [NICK] Susie Room For Improvement [PTL] Hour of Deliverance [USA] Airwolf Severance Pay [NASH] Nashville Now O Sanford and Son B SportsCenter (L) © IB © 8 Best of Carson B Newlywed Game CD @ Nightline g CD Magnum, P.I. O Magnum, P.I. All For One, Part 2 03 Late Show Host: John Mulrooney ® Q Entertainment Tonight © CBS Late Night 'Diamonds' Wealthy woman commits suicide after blackmailed for an affair she had. 12:00 am [CNN] NewsNight [MTV] Closet Classics Capsule This program features classics, as well as recent video landmarks. (0:30) [NICK] Make Room for Daddy [PTL] Victory Today O Movie: *•*'/< The Barbarian and the Geisha (1958, Historical Drama) John Wayne, Eiko Antic Historical drama of one man's successful fight to open up Japan to the Western world. (1:45) 8 inside the PGA Tour (R) B Dating Game CD Movie B Burns and Allen Gracie Buys a Ranch (D Performance Chicago Precious Memories g 38 B Dallas 3 Late Show Host: John Mulrooney 12:05 am 8 Portrait of the Soviet Union: Mother Russia (1988, Documentary) These are the people of the Old Russian Empire, who brought with them the land, ideas and power that formed the fabric holding the USSR together. 12:30 am [MTV] Music Videos [NICK] Mr. Ed Ed and Paul Revere [PTL] Jimmy Swaggart [USA] Edge of Night B U.S. Men's Pro Skiing Southwest Pro Classic from Angel Fire, NM (R) © CD © 8 Late Night with David Letterm-:. Guests: George Burns; Vanna White B Nighttine g B Jack Benny Don Invites the Gang CB Barnaby Jones O Movie: **Vz Ocean's Eleven (1960, Comedy Drama) Frank Sinatra. Dean Martin. Eleven ex paratroopers band together to rob Las Vegas casinos in one night. Caper goes off without a hitch, for a little while. (2:07) OD Movie: ***«A The Asphalt Jungle (1950, Suspense Drama) Sterling Hayden, James Whittnore. A criminal mastermind challenges the police as he plans and executes a $500,000 robbery. (1:52) © Movie: **'/i CBS Late TUESDAY LINDA KELSEY, top right, stars as the mother of three sons who must find shelter for them when they become homeless in Home Sweet Homeless, Tuesday afternoon, March 29, on CBS "< I'M? The I'Vl.i- p(ir.:up. Ini Movie 'O'Hara's Wife' (1982, Comedy Drama) Edward Asner, Mangtte Hartley. A lawyer's deceased wife returns from the grave to help him with his overwhelming problems, but only he can see her, and everybody thinks he's insane. (1:27) 1:00 am [CNN] Crossfire [CSPAN] Public Affairs House Debate, Congressional Hearing, or Public Policy Conference (T) [NICK] Donna Reed A Place To Go [PTL] Success-N-Lite [USA] Search for Tomorrow [NASH] New Country Patty Loveless-lf My Heart Had... 8 Scholastic Sports America (R) B Wil Shriner B Best of Groucho The Charleston CD Movie: ***>/> The Story of Louis Pasteur (1936, Drama) Paul Muni, Akim Tamimff. Life of the man who discovered cures (or dreaded diseases, anthrax and hydrophobia, and his important invention of the pasteurization process. (1:25) 03 Late Show Host: John Mulrooney iffi O 33 Sign Off 1:05 am B Portrait of the Soviet Union: Siberia ice on Fire (1988, Documentary) The land of vast beauty, harshness, immense resources and folklore being explored and conquered by a new breed of Soviet hero. 1:30 am [CNN] NewsNight Update [NICK] Laugh In [USA] Hollywood Insider [NASH] Movie: ** Sunset in Wyoming (1941, Western) Gene Autry. Smiley Burnette. Autry forces lumberjacks to replace trees they cut down. (1:07) 8 Boardwalk & Baseball's Super Bowl of Sports Trivia © News (R) B Laurel and Hardy Music Box if] Dynasty (B Alfred Hitchcock Presents A Night with the Boys (B (3) 8 News 2:00 am [MTV] Music Videos [NICK] Car 54 Where Are You? How Smart Can You Get [PTL] PTL Club [USA] Movie: **'A The Appointment (1969, Drama) Omar Sharif, Anouk Aimee. A lawyer falls in love with the beautiful model whom his best friend plans to marry. (1:40) O Movie: ** A Guide for the Married Woman (1978, Comedy) Cybilt Shepherd, Charles Frank. A bored young housewife seeks advice from a friend on how to spice up her life and marriage The advice leads her into a series of new experiences. (1:40) B SportsLook (R) © Dating Game B (B Sign Off CD News B 700 Club (B @ Nightwatch IB Movie: Spiderman: The Kirkwood Haunting, The Wolf Pack (1978, Adventure) Nicholas Hammond. Ellen Bry. The top selling comics hero takes on a fake psychic and a crooked scientist who uses a mind control drug. (1:34) f® 8 Studio 16 2:05 am 8 Movie: **'/. Where the Boys Are (1960, Comedy) Do/ores Hart, George Hamilton. Romance and adventures of a quartet of coeds, among the 20,000 collegians invading Ft. Lauderdale for two weeks of frenzied frolic each Easter (1:39) 2:30 am [CNN] Sports LateNight [NICK] Monkees Monkees on the Line B SportsCenter (L) © High Rollers CD' Movie ID ©8 Sign Off QD Chicago Tonight 3:00 am [CNN] News Overnight [CSPAN] Public Affairs House Debate, Congressional Hearing, or Public Policy Conference (T) [NICK] I Spy Magic Mirror [PTL] Household Salvation [NASH] (D Sign Off B Tom Mann Outdoors (R) © Sally Jessy Raphael B Medical Center 8 USA Tonight 3:30 am [PTL] Oral Roberts B Col. B'bali 1988 NCAA Division II Men's Championship from Springfield, MA (R) © Wil Shriner O Rhoda 4:00 am [CNN] Larry Overnight King NEWSPAPER SALES POWER FOR IT!

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