The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 26, 1957 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1957
Page 10
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THE SPORTS MOT* Sports Next Page Gators Win Number 33 Dilk Ml»d"nks firea a four- fclttw past HUIard'n Cafe lasi; ftight. while his Lake Jackson! Gator *eamm»tei; rallied the bo»rd» for ten big hll» to pace! th« LJ nine (A a fl-2 victory The win was number nine ittfaight in Trl-County league play and number 33 for 1he| current ceasou. It also broke I Up » t'wo-BaniP losing streak! that San Antonio Jiandod Hie, tt.ste. aofthall kings last week «nd, Thu Gators, who stand 33-4.; now face tfmanuH Baptist i Church in a Thursday gam County Baseball Card Wednesday. ,Tuni» 2fl: LitMe League — Minor l.easue gam"* in I.ok** .fark'iop nn both afternoon and night* County Majors--We?( Columbia at Freeport By, Jun* 27: Little I/>agne— Freeport — White SOT v« Braver: Ciib« \-i Bobcat5 Lake Jackson W< ~L Card* vp Phillies; Braves v* Dodgers Ang'eton 'A' — Rotnry v» Ynnks: Kiwanis v» Red Sox irom Webb-Scbmidt field in Laka .Jarkson, and then tangl* vith Htitto in « Saturday twin bill. Hayden!.u will be in G«!or uniform WTien Hutto moves in for '.heir Saturday dal* a former Gator pitcher of \vid« fame, if coming out of retirement " to aid the ijl mound staff. In la.«t night's game, th* Gator* managed three runs in 'he second, csme back for a ir in the third and then got a single in the sixth for their six runs. l.c.Ity Underwood and Ross Ivy started things off for Ihe lia'ors in the second inning nit hitting bick to back sin- ales. Glen T jpprnan then name through with * deep triple to right, field scoring the first two. !."« Koonnlnj then singled hnmp IJpprnnn with the third C?Mor rurt of the loop contest. haivry got. i walk in the third, went to second on j fielder's choice and then raced home or. Ivy'* duu- nlc. Ivy took third on a pans hall and scored whi-n Uppman and Koenning hit buck to b>icK doubles in the sixth inning. I.ipnmnn paced the Gators a( Ihe plate br banging out a double nnd triple iwhne Koenning had a double and itngle along with Ivy. Jim Hrmbree had » double while Vhitehead. Underwood and Mladenka chipped in with • meles for the night's ten hits Joycee Tourney Julr Ift ind trd w*r« iht d«tM announced by ih* L«k* Jteklon J*ye**t for (niillfyinff roundi in th« eounfy-wfde junior Jsycw Golf Tournament. Lon Tnllot, who will h« ih* dir»ctor of Ih» meet, announced fhif II holM would b* pitted on Monday- Julr 111. whit* II hole* would com* on W«dne*dar. No tourney pliyin} will b» on Tu*<dar. Th» lournam«nt it open to all Sr»ori* County golf- «r« «nd«r II and ih» fop four plarrrt will b* itnt to Midland ror Ih. «i*i*.widt loutnam«nl. PI«T»« »h*f wanf la !»k« part in th« yiarly lumrnsr m»»l ar* a*l»d lo g«t In tou«h with -Tulloi at the Fr««pori courne, wher* ihe lournny will b* played. Only Teen Age Game on Card...« Fpt. Majors Host WC Tonight Audrey - __ Ih* season '» first, for Freeport tonight while., hurricane — might have a lotlCharlie Willoughbv. Thomas' in do about any type o) base-! Me Reynolds or Erntsf Ray Fre»port> Walter >a« hit by f pitched in | the bottom of th« fifth ano Minter this week in the Senior r.ea-i A big seven run sixth i ball in! al ' p - ^ hr -' i°v- gives Bay City,ing acounted for most of ball activity in Erazoria Coun-lcotton will woi-k on the moundj ly for the next few days. but]for the leaders. [scored the Ion* Redskin run couple of Major Teen-Age Tonight's Major gsn:e is thei wn " 1 Emmonr rapped out. a setbacks. again?t no j Pirate jwin. tut run.? in their initial nines ar? scheduled in « duel tonight. Trying to boat Atia'rev and her outreachlng sales will r>e. the Freeport Optimists pnd West Column!,!. Game time for this Major T-A brawl vi'! be at 7:30 p.m. from Lions Field in Freeport. Columbia Lt the current In a lone Junior Teen-Ascl Tommy Spink? was fh* win- game, that, coming in Lake ninz pitcher white Jerry Whit- Jackson, the Pirates gof 'heirjeker suffered the loss. Lynn . Alvin had been beaten hyifjrst win by running pa c .t vhe.Longino had a pair of doubles In a Senior T-A gamff lastJB a y citv 3-2 in ? tame early Giants hv a 13-2 fcore. 'lo pace the Pirater at the plata. only Teen-Age contest on thejtriple to left field, county card. nifiht. the Alvin nine romped!—pan Freooort 11-1 in a five' inninsr te.?t that ?av/ Jessie Ifueria. the Alvin pitcher, oome close in pickine a no-hitter. With one on! in the fifth inninff Milburn Emmons lined leader in the Major circuit as z t r i p ,e to d«?p left field for they have won three straight. -h e only Freeport hit. Th* hi Freeport lost, their first threejj,| so rirovs in F r< , epoT rj only but came bacl- to win a pairj rlin , in a row. WC has had four Freoport had a seven inning games ca'led off. r.o-hittor tossed at th?m In Bav Lefthander T eo \VVo7yk w| City ] ae . week ., nd , ho , r hlt Angletons David Stevens are|. n the fjfth aesinc , A ,.., n .,„,, slated to handle the pitching j broke t:p 11 innings of goinp ._ _: thitless at the plate. Fmrnor.s n'orked on Ihe 'noiind for Freepori anr! sa\v the Alvin ^in*- nound nut II safe blows in picking up their •1 runs. Fr^oort prror* accounted for a lar^e part of the •i After four rainouts. the suffered the lors. Kellv and:runs. * | Freeport Little League manag- Garrett i^ach had a pair of hits; Alvin got four rims In !he Red Sox Bfonk Cubs In Freeport LL Race " )r ' henx - i ""' a " d ™' 3rh '" v4 ed to get in their second doti- lor '"V,"*'- ... , , . !""' a "° ™' f 3 ™ "] < ™' '^••:"! .... , , „,,,., The Whilo Sox rallied for «tx ond. 'bird and fourth inning -. bleheader of the 2nd half last big nln « jn , h , MX)h mlling and )h<n r!1|Tip hack , nr f(J)lr ight with Ihe RpH Sox blank, but could not overtake the In-; ,norp in the fifth frnme. g the Cubs r,-o rn the major dians .ind fell 12-6 as Ihe Torr Goodo. who had three I,«ague leader? picked tip win hilt j n f,,, r '« nr ,« f nr Alvin. nsied in a run in the first h'le nonriie Mvers doubled ame James Bnllprd went Ihe dis- number tance for thf Red Sox and Ronald Piskl.ik pitched a 5- JUMIOtt Olympic Iriek iquidi from fill ov«r lh« T»x«i Comt will b* In Houi- ton Thuvtday for lh« i«cond It. m**t at Ih* current turn- m»r i«uon. Bockf Epp«. abort, win b* on* «( th* top Bratoiport *nlri*i in Ih* hurdl.t, whil* cotch Flaih W«lk«r will hiT. mor* boy* ind girli in th* numtrout *T*nlf. gave up one hit. a double '.o fl shutout over Jone« Creek. •-„„ Scotty Smith, while Richard a* V»la=co remained on top of; -"( Gon7?len was touched for five the B-C-V Little league stand-' hits and the three Red Sox ings. runs, lioy Burns had a (M-O run tri- Leilie LeGrand pounded on! plo to pace Velasco in their win a double for the Sox to account over Jones Cieek and Charlen .for one of their run"!, coming Satchel!. in the fourth frame. Bra7otia took a 3-1 victorv In FrcppotT* minor game the over the Clute Braves in Ihe While ?ox took a 5-3 v.-in over oilier gome on the B-C-V card 'the Red«kin«. last night. Over in Lake Jackson the, I n Angleton action the Tail. American loop hfkl a twinLill twisters had a 10-3 win over • with the ReiT Sox beating the the Braves while the Dodgers Yanks. 12-4. while the Indians bested the legion br a 7-2 i .were handing the ,White Sox coimt. :a 12-8 besting. Lake Jackson will send their ' Koenning was the Red Sox : minor clubs to the field in Ihe \winn«r while Ronnie George 'only LI, game* lonight. a pair. GARY HDW. A ftportinf Ciods 112 W llrcud Ph. ) 4ffr! FKKRPOR1 Get in on the savings.,.see your K13.Q. Don't miss the boat! Today your Plymouth dealer has a wide selection t,{ beautiful new Plymouth?.... and he's offering them at the bijtffert savings in many a month. That'? because his sales have reached new highs. Don't wait to enjoy Plymouth's 3-yearg-ahead features-come in today and save! See your PLYMOUTH DEALER-QUICK! Of JULY WE HAVE THE GEM PALJIER'S SPORTJNO GOODS TlTurs. — Friday — Saturday, Junt 27-28-29 BIG SAVINGS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT! 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Floating Type Keg. 3.20 Sab Price "Vagabond" Ice Chest Model 9020 Reg. $ 1 GOLF EQUIPMENT Spalding Kro-Flite, Marilynn Smith Woods No. 1296-135 Reg. 48.75 Spalding Kro-Flite Irons Set of 5 No. 1666 155 Reg. 53.15 Registered Spalding "Synchrodyned" Bobby Jones Set of 4 woods No. 1996-14 Reg. 95.00 Registered Sp'ilding Jimraie Thomson Set of 3 woods No. 1126 13 Reg. 71.25 Spalding ''Kro-Flite" Bobby Jones Set of 8 Irons No. 1656-18 Reg. 85.00 Spalding Set of 5 Irons No. 1755 15 Reg. 36.25 U.S. Booster Shoes (Men's) Blue or Brown, Rag. 6.5*3 Set of 3 '36 50 $ 39 95 $T|25 $ 53 M S 63 95 $ftj60 S 195 LATE MODEL USED MOTORS 1 1956 30 H.P. Johnson Electric Very Clean 1 1956 33 H.P. Scott Atwater Electric 10 Mouths old, Complete with $ Controls & Battery, looks like new ? 1955 EVENRUDE 25 H. P. Electrics Your Choice ; 350 14' BOAT 00 Homemade Trailer Split Center Deck, Steering. 425 325 195 00 oo SPORTING n d - it ?« ;h i* '* r- jr vit In •k it i- k i3 d •3 LAKE JACKSON HWY CLUTE PHONE 5 2415

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