Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1962 · Page 44
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 44

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 44
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Htl»W«rtt4(WMi.)24 · FRANKIE'S SPECIALS Frea A Faa Jeb. ll'"l ·!»,·« MM StgaM (I), ·«,.. f» 5/u $m TirutllM. raaij '·''·· . i . 1*. tlOt Ceraputvpar ·· p tlt . r ji r . »,, f.m F/C Hf, Madiay (400 cut ,375 Med°. Racepl, Sacy.-ltpi'* mad. eip.JJ!Sup LVNl, RNi. Mad. Auh, Ub T.clil .to»450 · FRANKIE lARNHIU'S - : ALCO EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 7JI» L B. El.d. 6A 7-7415 .^'SECRETARY To Personnel Director Penitanent imltlcn for career minded young woman whg Is In* tecreterial llulx. PtrxinxMnXn- irlal relallorrt eiDrrlenco desired, however emenain will ba placed en personality, education t back* around. Located Mar Hunflno*on rart. I an weet. Eicenent salary 1. poop benefits. Compant paftliw. for aceolntment tilt MR. CLARK PERSONNEL DIRECTOR PEPSI COLA lOmiNG CO. OF LA. ADAMS 242U TYPIST STENO Whan more kncorttnt. The wort, surroundlngi. tha MOD)*? II they ALL irr. Ititn look Into Ms permanent kb wim oood pa» Involving · variety of interest njr duties, metuding receptionist . . . wtm in eitaDliined firm . . . offering au rnodm ... In · Drtgnt ctttrful office . . . amortg friendly young men and Apply HOUSEHOLD FINANCE CORPORATION 7M la. Pacific San Pedro Call TE J-4S4I Train New -- Earn B-I.G Pay PBX IBM Switchboard -- Kevpuncn . Rettptiennts -- Ocerators (Diction. Charm, Po«i«. Groom) ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLERS CASHIERS-- CLERKS-- CHECKERS Dtr-- Evening Oaliil. Apply WEST COAST TRADE SCHOOLS 1U4 Atlantic L, B. CA *·}!«* rat E. Afondra. CmDt. NE tml I034S Rosetrans. Belillr. TO 71714 See en/r ad Class M . - COOK Snack Bar omb-natlon cook- «*aitrtsi to ctwratt small snack. tar h-nch counted swk rxn until Mftnortal Oar. ttitn full f,r-t rj-flt-sn tutor D*r. far appointment call THE CAPTAIN'S INN PERSONNEL 4,» t £ P iS Y Sf NT ACE cVi c ?«r, LEGAL SECRETARY, eirer- S. H Mn. type » car _ MOO ·PARTIAL LISTING ONLY Credit Clearing Lucal.eiperlence necessary. Starting salary ttte plus company benefits. Awry Prudential Accoptanco Corp. 53*0 Pacific Ave.. Long Beacn DTCTAPHONE'SECY. SlwrHiind preferred. Must be experienced. Work HI Sales Opt. Good opportunity °r rioM person, fnaae benefits. Cor^pton ·rta. Mrs. Krctier. NEy MSSJ STEVENS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Secy co. par s te« MM + PBX Kecept tvpt SO U» * ?lt E Comefon Blvd. Cptn NE 1 Jill CALIF. REG. NURSES J to II shin 1 11 to 7 shift for medical 1, surgical deeti. Downey Community Hospital. USf E. 1m. Do»ney. TOoaj I-7JII. F.I.S-H-E-R CMPLOYMENT AGENCY Hf» Ir.ln-- ,^ VM Til Pine Rm. Ill 1. U) HE 1 HI' FA«T-TIA|IE Medaai Assistant's tar medical Clinic. Sat. «, Sun. »« pm. l. Mon* tnni. fn. » »:». St. Helen's Hospital. tUl . E. Artnla. Bellflower. TO 4-7WI RELIAILE person to tile care of 3 DOTS. 1. 4 A S. In our home. 3:30 pm. to 1:M am. Apply at llut E. lm St.. Aitesla. befoie 3 pjn. - COUNSELOR wittl efflc* 0irt placement backed. *i*rv eivn cemmistion Loop tmelovmvnt Apwcv HE 16X1 REGULAR 1 PART~TIME SAlFS Ka!StN F T?" JEvyELRT "· CAREER m Mtet tor ·tfr«ct.vr. iiv ttiiiBtnt 0T| w/ear. »t our «c- (Daifftf Only. JltY) me nt^r*"**^ W« trim. Mr. Citffc. HE 4-»«l. SALES A OWEN -- Beiutf ihco or »«·« e«P«f. Full rifr». perm. Vkl.«comm. * cjr aUowAncv. C*nl. ^BtMt/ lucolY, IJI C. ftro»a*av. ·VCDTCAir~INSURANCE Stcrttarv. WUnt bt txper. Rfferencei. St. Htitn't HottxlJil. tS47 C.*, Benftowtr. TO frTOIl. 1 SUU und*r S. Liv* In. 170 otf wttt. C»il PR 47IS5 Anari*^ ·n. *, ErDfrirncrd b)«k und *C.Jft (t^chert. Acdr 1030 teng 6e*ch Blvd. CALIF. REG. NURSE .Mmow^Me^lCrw, HOUUKEEPER 1. care of 1 boys Llye In References. Call after f _ajp, GE 1-3MS Seal Beach. "~BANK MACHINE BOOKKFEPCR Experienced. Security First National. Lakewood Plata. HA 1 1164 HOUSEntPER t, baev sitter. Li.e RN *r LVN for oral sureery oflice. GA «.»; FURN act. ech. tar ma.d servire 34 Ctwstnut Plact HE a~347S SPARE Tlmo Telephone work from your home, call DA 4-ttn. am, l,»e M. Horwaik. UN lt»l m E. BHwy.. rm. Kl. HE 74m. Help Wanted (Worn.) 24 BE A WESTERN JI GIRL! Register Now! TEMPORARY OFFICE JOBS No Fee-- Good Pay TIMP DICTAPHONE _ Wita. ffkc rrftewr^ sh/fm ft *a nr. Ttup ACCTO CLK_LM ·«. Tnwig. Mef. if.ri nr. ESTERN girl inc. 1)1 W. Oam. rm. It, L. B. Help Waited (Worn.) 24 * ' · ' ' IBM Tab Operator Wiring tipon'ox* M 407 or MI Mpfgl S.Ur« .04^ ' Keypunch Opr. PART TIME Bclmont Savings Loin S100 E. 2nd SI, LL Call Mrs. Gilford GE -3SI or SP S-21SI IBM KEYPUNCH CiMntfinv cc»f»tk«M ftoulrt *»rt ivtyDunOi MrwmH for rxw modtm fccllitin.- ScuKJovt work art*. *)r cooAttoninfc leunoCj tuncti room t *rnett VMrhmfl. M«v« cUIt U APRIL 10th, lt*l. Lec*tl«n wlU t-l 3«M CHERRT AVE- Uirwrod. Pfnrufwnt Dtnltieni av*itatl* ·II rhrc« trtlfli. Saltrr epff-4i*' etwto p*id vt^tmn, hoitdays »«* tf*Vf. TempoTirv part tlm« pwl- tiom *v«i«blt Sundtv thru i*i urdjy. Sultvblt hours -will b» »r. r«wgcd ** timt oi mttrview. 1 Vtar recent Alph*. Numeric ft- Pffl«txt rrauirrd. pit*.* **c*y COmnwrdM Butinni Service An *ou«l eeoortunity mvlovrf LAB RESEARCH CHEM 6IOCHEM Lw-rtf Bt*ch or Terranct vto U C L A rmp. Die. 1MJ3 Le Conte W. LA. CR H;il. til. 'Ill BR }tll HARBOR EMPLOYMENT A6ENCY 141 W. ocean Blvd. HE 14771 ORDER DESK, eiper.. U/40 S320 SINGLE CRAO^ no CXO. S1H TYPIST, rapid. U'S -UH TELEPHONE SOLICITORS Top deal, guaranteed sVanr plus fine bonus plan. You can mate money herd work from cvr beautiful airond. office, evenings 5-9. Call UN 47177 before 4 p. m. or anXy Superior Food Distributors, the Law Commerce bldg. lew pioneer Blvd.. Norwam. XLNT OPPORTUNITY for efiwtrtvtd stmoer*tri«r. CttiMltrtcd firm-- 3 man «Mict. IBM hroewrlttr. Dutin InCtvQt: Rttfotioniit. stcretarfal 1 etf.t* m«n*7*inmt. Rtterrnccs rrwired. CA A-it2l. Nuno--Surgtry RN-- C«L R.g. Ont/ ' 7-3 thift. Salary open. Woodruff Gablt. Hoipifi tnoo So. woodrvff AV«. BH!llc*»fr RN'i -- Hogn 3 to II; II to 7 S*iarvi.7S. w/auiomitic MKreaies. Paid vacations, holiday* tlt-k dan. K*t*!U Community Hot pit* JA 7-7JU or TW ? SCSI FBX RECEPIIONIST Short -- Frre PlAtement CLASS NOW STARTING L B. BUSINESS COLLEGE ·04 LB. Blvd.. UB HEM:U Se* Clais Ad n nearby towns u _ i4VS» **WAITRESS (dtsertl Rm. 4- t?OT FRY COOKS. Men. Worren-Tocs Na ilrtxji.t, ff«s 1SX el 111 mo. CW'NN'S EPTplovtT»»^t AB*-nrv 3U Elm, Len0 Bracti. HE 1 WI5 HAIR STYLISTS PREFER RENO GRAD With Adfanco Styt'na THEO'S BUDGET BEAU1V ?4U E. Alendr*. Com. NE 14107 HOTEL-MOTEL-APT. HOUSES Meager! Training 1 "Cw*ranteed J * OkJer t*c*J* ertttrrrd. EZ terms. START TRAINING TODAY Ouri cost no mere. **Cem« see" 1VM Pacific. HE S-UI1. CA 1»U4 NO EXPER. NEC. 10 office positions eoeti to issu* phone Invitations to Prtnceit BtMty Scions. Good cay, A«w» US Pin* A.«. Room 41t bttween ADMITTING (ttrh. };»11:00 shift. Sdiy wirf mooem hospt«t, too beds. Good Irino* tenefts. PBX eto. 1, Dicaiant rtceotion- hi manner, Apoly Rio Hondo Hos- ptil. TO I-4/II Oew*ev. BEAUTY OPERATOR A.1 arcvnl *r 1,'JU.r STYLIST witti toiiowiofl for modem downtown Mien, Also boom tor rent. Call HE 4-71-11. HOUSEKEEPER, full tfurp*. live In. 1300 mo_ board + seoar«te priviT* act. Desirate fiave vour own car. Will O've drivino allow a^ce Ptton* tcrwefti 1 fc i* TE 3-4*74, afters, TE fW»4f. Operator-Manicumt for tuiv Lakewood Beauty Salon. No follow. n« required. HA »*4SI GENERAL OFFICE Fait tvp'tt. life shorthand. Start at S?io mo. Prtone Vi. Boren. HE ;ot!4 for interview Telephone Survey Girls No etDtrtrnce iiecettarv. No \t\\- tni involved. Cuartnleed salary. EXPERIENCED WAITRESS Over 31. Nient SMft ArcV tfl rertM *^ry JIM'S ORIVE-IN 4730 E. 2nd St. EXPER. MEDICAL SECY. S'H neceitary. Salary decend.ns on tio. HE 73fU week dan. "GENL INSUR. AGENCY FRY COOK, eioerienced. Also 1 *·· perienced wa.fress. 14110 Sowtn CHILD car* L housefceepmo, Sional Hill* must fiavo own trans* UO EXP. WINDOW GIRL Monrys Dnvt in l»c Bwrmrs BAR mad. -vuit be eff,cent. t attrac. 13014 L. B. Blvd. Lvnwood WAITRESS. O'll, wfrv cook etp. Sea_Kmg Cate,_437 W^seaside. BABY sitter, for small children". Mrs. 3 pm-7 om. S2D wk. USIU3. ALTERA~TldH latfy. Part t.m* in _voor own home. GE » 7751. LIVE la- househeber - babysitter. Ref. perm. 4HUU after S. Help Wanted (Men) 26 Machinists Electricians JOURNEYMAN ONLY Top wages benefits, immediate W. if on i «¥kl*fc)*. Stf*if errtplov- mert writ* Box M SUV, Indeo, ?V SALESMAN -fr nenced fn *n types. Ao« 2} to 49 preferred. Call Mr. Km^t. LE AUTO SALESMAN Old nlabllllwd Volll«ag«i Aem- ev nwdl one tal«man. Pfrmanfr.! cmiton to ·«p*ri«nctd man. can ur. MAxtr HE uu WANTED SALESMEN No eD*rlenc* necessary. We train *nd turrtun leads. Car required. Call Mr. Wanaco UN M:3 Eicetlent Opporiunify For pro-reed mausoleum sa'et ·dvttor t ittwr rnen or worr^en, 3S »cari or over. Aeoty m person. 15U E. Comcton Bl. OxTacton Auto-Truck Mechanic Own set of tools. Aotfv 1 to S. 9447 E. Imperial Hwv* Downty. BABY SITTER, m w»«k. Lu*~in or out. HE 37*;?, after 4 pm Help Wanted (Worn.) 24 Career Executive Secy. Attract!'. f^Uaiing Parionolity Top Shorthorn! onj Trpinf Top Salary -Many lanafitl Automobile Club of Southern California CA M4S1 Ht Ip Waited (Men) 2i AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINE MACHINISTS SET-UP and OPERATORS Eiparianco en MullipU SpindU Macliintt · Wa olfar a titw faciCly, ·!· calltnl ban.nti t an out. itandino, opportunity let qtfattfitd applicants In our fipinding progrtmt. Thttt poiitiont aro aailabl« on all inillt. Call or Apply Mon. thru Sat. PHONE 871-5741 601 Placentia Ave. FULLERTON May Also Apply WA 3-75 II 1 1610 La tewood Blvd. Downey, California AEROJET- GENERAL Corporation Fullerton, California A Sotnldlary of th. Gtfftral Tut L Rutttr Co. An equal opportunity cmDlovrr FRANKIE'S SPECIALS .'r Cii' ATC' f;i? Steno. i!nt. co «». J4CO Orirtr. salts tip*d^ to 35 Jl 11.50 »i. + Paint Salts. i«Juf. trp. , ,, . f«$700 Tiro Racapptrs (2) Scala Ub T.cV.noloj'it, L'c,taSS)3 Nuna , . J355 2 m. chant. . .J45I FRANKIE BARNHILL'S ALCO EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 7219 L B. BI.J. GA 7-7415 Train Now-- Earn K-I-G Pay ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLERS TECHNICIANS JtOCHMANCLEPKi OFUFI PRIMILRi DafEttnina Clastas, Apply VltJT COAST TRADE SCHOOLS tlU Atlantic. U B. CA a-)Uf »a E AMMra. Cmct. NC ^ll tOUS RoiKrartt. Btlltlr. TO 7-IJU S*a ouf ad class 2} BOYS Wanted lo wort part time, after ittiool t Saturdays. Aoes 1MI. Special premium offer to cw tofrrers. Suoervtscd crew. Mmt have doer-to-door tio. or former newseaDert bovs CONTACT JIM KAVANAUGH, SAT^ *rn. I»I ONLV IntVo.. Press-T*le«rani ·00 Pine. Rm. 201 LAB RESEARCH CHEM BlOCHCM Long Beadi of Torronc* »re a U C L A tiro. Olc 101J1 L» Ccntr Mnt I A CR II7II, HI Till BR 11111 SALESMAN WANTED To sell America's leading compact car. Old eitabliiirted agency with excellent reputation. Salary plus commission astd Incentive. Demo plan. Mid vacations. Must rav* references, clean habits* Mllifl(| eipcrtenct and willingness to work, seme down ond build UP clientele, call TO 7-rw.TAik fir Mr. Milter or Mr. Williamson. J M Employment A gey. Truck Driver 1 util., st. S? 10 hr. jr. Draftsman ..._ to s?JJ AccountJtg backflrovnd to UOO r«D*ditor to S100 wk. factory-- Woodworkers, electricians, ritUr -- to S313 CA' 2797} or NE» afelt 2 YOUNG MARRIED MEN to work on vacuum acoliance reoair truck*. Coor to door soliciting for business. No eioerience necessary. SIM) monm salary to start. Raoid advancement for rlcrit man. Must have neat aoctarance. Ask tor BILL or TROY. 1411 CHERRf STEAM ENGINEER for position to County oovT. instaitations. Must haw 2 yrs. recent eip. In cor. mamt et h'c*i pressure boilers using gat or oi fuel A in «unhary eomo. L.A. City Unlimited Steam t n»neer License reo. Aroiy County el Los Angeles Civil S*r*. Comm, 77} N Grand, Rm. 49X LA. 11, Tel: MA 92S2I. Eicellent Opportunity Aetna Savings Loan Association 7117 Beiifvewcr Blvd.. L. B.. seth- tng Qualified comptroller. Savings I, loan or banking eioerimce desirable. Fringe benefits. Age V to 40 For Interview call RETAIL SALESMAN Tires L appliances, Satary bonus, paid benefits. Apdv B. F. GOODRICH 177M Betltkower Blvd., BeMftower A MARRITD MAN establisned In Long Beach area, wmmg to leam new trade witti o'd company. Must sell and service tor o*n*ra4 pests. Salary.*on, bonus, vacation and insurance. Appty Barden's E iterrninating Co. 2*33 ATLANTIC AMBITIOUS TRAVEL Openings for ) singi* young mm under J» earn above S100 weetty. Guaranieta S2SO per monm. New car trans provided. Mr. Le Vene. 2 7 p m . Thur. frl, only. Blackstone Hotel. FYPFR WATrMUAl/PD SALESMAN For better trad*. Permanent rosl- tton-- Cucetlent werkinf tons, t tor j ·ood pay * axf«ance^-ent. !(*· qualifications. BOf A tni ind PT MACHINIS T S Gfwrai marh^n* work on l*rh« rrHllirto marhirt*. Roll form d« aiptrwMa ottiratii* Ran F«rm. ,M ManvfKlurlrq Co. 3178 C. _7Wl II . I K. HOta-MOtEL-APT. HOUSES Mwagrrt Training *^uJirai'rft- OXStr oeopft prtftrrtd. CZ Ttrms. START TRAINING TODAY Ours cmt no rnarf. tZ more. _1IM Pacific HC HI1 CA 3MU MAN L wift onir, a«tr M t«rk man, to cttan hers* stalls. »f«, willing ta reek. Irvlr* ouarttrs firmiihtd CiptricrKfd onrr. ACCI» 2UI Cakbtn A«t. iCMI HCTlKCO Man lor oariknira 4 OTtOTa! «*litv mamttnaixc, »- dav wk.. start !$· wt. App*f to- wm 1 t 1 an. 7SOO Bfiifiown it «viCr! t'alim Anrnfarit-MMl fc« ttetrHfutj tA brake tur«. W) iwrk. slrts rrowrM A»l» at XXS PlorWr B'vtf . Arfn-a t»rt«. sirir. sfa. a'trndant. fart ·"* Cm. lat. t Wv AMTf Mot-l Ha. waroww a owrrr. MAfl-NMi. n mvrnT «~«« t '" rv'fr B:^n ca (,(. anu HtlpWonltdlMcM) 24Help Woat.d (Me.l 24 Designers and i Draftsmen ENGINEERING DRAFTSMEN - ELECTRONIC Working from raw sketches and notes you will be responsible for the preparation of formal electro-mechanical drawings in conformance to applicable military specifications. These drawings will include major layout, printed circuitry, assembly and detail areas. Experience should include both electrical and mechanical techniques. ENGINEERING DRAWING CHECKER If your experience is heavy in the area of electro-mechanical design with emphasis in the checking of printed circuitry you may find a challenging position with Nortronics. Knowledge of g o o d drafting practices, standards, conventions, and military specifications is a must. Specific knowledge of MIL D-70327 and the general design requirements of guidance systems would be most helpful. SENIOR DESIGNERS With primary responsibility for the design layout and formal drawings on major elements of automatic guidance systems, the ability to perform necessary liaison and coordination with other engineering groups is n e c e s s a r y here as you will be planning, scheduling and directing subordinates in the execution of assignments. Familiarity with military specifications with particular knowledge of MIL D-70327 helpful. College background preferred but npt mandatory. Interested applicants should apply at 222 North Prairie, Hawthorne, California or Phone George Richards ORegon8-9l 1, Ext. 1886 NORTRONICS A DIVISION OF NORTHROP CORPORATION An Equal Opportunity Employer Help Wanted (Men) 26 0 New Car Service Mechanic rxpEsiCNCrn. P L T A S A H T WORKING CONDITIONS, HOJ- PITALIZAIIOM P L A N AVAIL- ' 5CF MR. HICKS MEL BURNS FORD »oo Long Brack Bi.a. " PART TIME $ mm ftfeutcl tor DOI(* lions m ptrtonnrl L tr*r- ChandUlna of Ux«l «lro tronic comwfw, M*n i»- Itttrd mutt tw preiently tmrlovrd ·! Doiif-om *r» pj.rf tim« rvtninot C*H CE 9-UtS, 11 to / pm. PARTS MAN Larot a«9grt»Ivf C.M. d«l»f h« cr«?ning tor 7rd rrun in pjns dfcf. GM. fip*rlrtw* or f Iff fed but not · "mint". C »c«i.!Oful fringe b*n*liti *nd worhing con- O.t.on«. C«lt in t*rwn «t 1227 Long B»?*xJi Blvd. Cont*ct Jim Burnt. DICK BROWNING-- OLDS tUI 1 ULtKK Imidt Mrt tainmin, imnirti.tit oprning -- top Mr. S^djy »*., pood romotn/ btfitfttt. Mr HiQQint. NT 1 1M7. HOTPOINT Diviflcn ct G. C. CtvrDaVif OVER 30 .GUARANTEE INCOVit Man to a*gt SO, abovl «vCf*o*. Hill or wrt tm«; to t*i« *oo4n- Caition far tr«Tcrn«l erg«vii*ioni; work tv «PC!. only, no soicit»v- WHOLCSALC groctrv. warrhovte truck driver. Ciper. pref^ *Mt 2130. mavned ret'dmt of L. B. cr Vidnltif. Muit know tlty *od r«w« chMffevrs ticensf 1 h-on tcnool ·ducailton. Apply in perton. A. M. 1 ewit, inc. I4U Ot.iy, Mr. FllTtr 7-4 *»Hjyl. FULL tim* lift imuratH* ·eenti. Aort 77 1 over. Rrtirrmenf p'*n. Group howt*H2jtton · vacjtien w,m p«y 4 faonut. M21 montn * convnitiion. LU HI It er UN 54*07 tf'ff S pm. Snt*r oor. .Sc»te Sheet rr«t*| Urout J) 00 fr. ;tf S. Long Bearh Bl NC UIJ1 ·^ SHOE SALESMAN Co. In tamll dtc. Itorr Too t»lr» » PM-t StanK'd IKM. Pi)PCM»SiNO c'u. m :i !J. irrrt B'K f urn* etc. machim. Frr« U1S. Intfrstata Cmeiovmmt Aatn. IVni" 1 **""·· M - 1 "- LU FRr COOKi. txal tit iricfl » N« tffMtif, Im IS% at lit mo CAINNS tnnxo»rr«nt ABftirv 111 tlm. Lmg Br»cn He ; :US EXP. SPECIALTY MEN' Wattr favltln vac tr0. belt d«al. »*o orii* AnMv aft, 1 p rn. Mr. AM'la. V.n barr. Na L B MAINTENANCE man tor Irkirr r*art. UiOtrt agrt, tir^», *··»», trrtrlr^rrd. Can Mtwmark f suf artr t JO pm. lr"frvi»w tfllirtfl ct/llo^tvrt antv. f«i»r Bru« C« HA ItMl CXPtRiENCCO man far tra'itr L carrp«r rwntrwc1an. }US C. Artna. L · WilL fra* ambttiavi raura man. II ta 11. M arpt In** a~rt cwatma. call CC tain tor acct. JtKVlCr JTATlO"AtTNOT." N'cnti 1 ta 11 Ttran ttatnn XI W. rt m txrt». B «t Man tor nut, STiiSCtlSJ*" """"" Help Wanted Men 26 LOOKING For SECURITY H*vt you been Uid ctf ontt too otlrnT Do vov Mr«nt Seamtv? FnaWxlAI SuccnsT Be your own t»». Write TOUT own ctiexfc. Bt in tivttnns tor yourself. Returnable Invrtfment. Tnloy pA'd framing. Paid vacation, S-a*v wrtk. Unlimited opportunity on eit*b» litised ret*i tattrv rovtrs. Not under aoe 34. interviewt daily. Mon. t*iru Frl., 11 :» la 4:30. GOLDEN KRUST BAKERY 7«:t c. «nn st. CHEMICAL LAB TECHNICIAN TRAINEE With growing adheiive 1 »*?«l*nn Co. Good be*ef ti free hosoJtaiita- tion 1 lite nturane pro- Bf* fl "». Eicene«t affvav-t*- ment opportunity. Minimum reouirement) art one ve»r organic ct»»»ntitrv A t monttvi mdmtrlal Ubora* torv eipertence 114)1 SUSANA ROAD COMPTOM. CALIF. Landscape Designer City of Anaheim Salary $5l7-$628 tavout 1. deilon of Park rtcrra- tion areas. Prepare, con- *t ruction, SPTinktert. planting A mo «v ptans. write toetit'caiioni colieot grad. landuapat artfntrc ture maler. Plut one v«*r rtlatrd Oeugn eiper. Apply Pcrunnel DeoU City Hill 7C4 t. Llncon ANAHUM PROtpKl tVflllO tit. 3J1 ROUTE OPEN NOW Agt 31 or ever, pood pay. No taveitment. i*« Mr. oitrowui at itot w. U'n St.. LB interview I:M am. to 1:M pm. or let Mr. Moihier, l?*0 S. an Pedro, I_A. FRONT END Alignment Mechanic Tiperiencfd Cu«raviterd S*Ury plut Bonv* FIRESTONE STORES 7th t, Locu.1 Ave. LB. Mr. AnTnit, Manaetr 2 GAY Ninety t*vem*-Oranoe Co. Needs bania. pia.-o er fork io*-a duo. Prefer Tourtger, zanty types. 4 MEN 21-M SALARIED JOBS COOK- Dinner. Full time, Vtttf. S70 day. Grefnnrier inn, Garoen CONSTRUCTION salevnan, etoer. Commi«on bans. TO *05QS or TO 4-N34. WANT voung avgresiivt t*'ev peopft for heal HH't oMict. tra.n. Call Al Svfees. TO 41341. WOOL~PC*SER. Perm. Aeoiy in person. W4 Avahm Btrt-, W1- min^Ton. TC 441/V ihSPtCTOI^ -- initatatt Cieftrtxr* in Corp , 701 E. Vermont, Ananem Help Wanted (Men) 26 Aulomatic Screw Machine Setup Operator Tap fay Frl«qa lafiaflfl Ortrtima Gaaal Wariing CariJitiam An [aval OooorriMtr Lm*,rr ROSAN. INC. ItOI Waif Caatt Hiwar NtwrOXT IIACH EmpL Ag'clei Mt« 2«A . iHnrwn \}\vm utiats mL'll U~Ji t«M M t llMlli FLO BAILEY AGENCIES H JsyysfS¥± COST ACCOUNIAHI. A/C ar cav't. contractx. «ama C P ff £ Itandarrf ^K* UflB* J*. ACCOUNTANT. a*trr». . pr«ltr f*rvka ·-·* ' *· tSOl ACCOUNTANT. IKCM. » arr« mla. ait; Ma « M '"' * ·*· «ar« to KJorir nmtlon_ta W«T» ruHCHAJINO ACtNT. Hr«k Italian wcrfxt ta un »^5T, PUBCHAJINO. lharp. C'O bacito\. la attlit bu» bvrtr. PrKt erdrrt. mttt wlnmcn. tyn. 1 aitcM - USC** INVENTORY CUKK. na .^ »rr-*« , *** v»« ovciMtaiOT ^wt RtlAIL SALES. Urn A homa awuan«. B«n«(lt» Hui KAROCX CLERK hr macWo. ihoo it »W »k. ENGINEER mtlr»9l I. DRAFTSMAN civil trnrt. Orel. O.I Co...__ * «*»!» + DRAPTSAKAN. anltt Oll ma'ixtr ta tSOO ORAf-TSMAN rmxrtanical mfa . loon .... «!» WAREHOUSEMAN, fork lilt. «· me. to «U WAREHOUSEMAN. ctKtk trvckl. MAINT. MECH.. cawcnr. art oa« wtH MM EXPCDITOR relk««. contact -,.~~. t. tHO PARTIAL LISTING ONLY 117] E. Comttcn Blvd. NE lltm · III E. Flmtsnt. O«T. TO 1 t7«l l«t Cravcm. Torrama FA»im OPEN SATURDAV » to 11 LAKEWOOD EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 414) NORSE WAY Lakewood Blvd., Carson St. Dlag. HA f SnS NEv 4-fJtl MECH. DRAFTSMAN, cell. bako4., mm. 2 vn. tiper^Utt) orlclng. tMAt'c contact.., _.M50 ACCOUNTANT, colt, badsd.. mtg ««t exo^.. ^- .- SIMM ESTIMATOR, prefer 1 E degrrt, min., 4 vrs. electronic tip, tale* DTODOsais. Drlcino ... - .-..WOO per vr. LAB TECH, metaluraital exo. H/S 0f ad-, some mfg., process e«D., to 50 vetrs ^ 5.SQO COST ACCOUNTANT, BS drgrtf, 2 vr*. cent or budget noer ., sf. 1500 COLLECTION MGR., msldt work, retail collection eip. U/M si. JiOO ORDER DESK SALHS. StfH f*D.. typt? inventory process CANNON'S AGENCY INSPECTOR. macMn* «hoo .11 3 5 MAINTENANCE MECHANIC W 00 ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLER *?«$ DRIVER-SHOP HELPLR -^ im E. Flrntont Dwy TO 71IU 4JC7 Pacific Hunt. Pk. LU 71731 V O N EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 537S-A Atlantic Av. GA 1-640S ACCOUNTANT, t. a M X^yo. BENEFICIAL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 19 PINE. RM. 1201 HE5I9II TOP PAY-BEST JOBS Help Wanted (Men) 26 MACHINISTS Tco ra'fl. Ittady rrplorrrfnt. TOOL 1 CUTTCR GRINDERS OO. 1 UNIV. GRINDERS fNGINF LATMrt INGINE T R A C I R LATHES T U R R E T LATHES BULLARDS MORIZ. BORING MILLS UNIV. MILLING MACHINES RAoFA WA DRi S LL BENCH MACH. Tools and Sttua Rooulrrd Western Gear ?·« C. Imperial H«V-. Lvnoood An Eoual OODOrttmtv Emplavtr MEN If you are worttra t tfistatufied V r»*?t w^rfttf»aj It tnrtlno. w* *'·* Intereittd in tinceri man wM want to tarn $ 1 0,000 to$Z5.000 Yr. * A ere.ttot prodiKf. ft E»P*fTi»M ft Tram w*tilt on ertienf lob. tt N» tipcnenct peceitary. If tosts nofftira to call GA 7-0989 wtt. days only Absolutely rw Interviews till 10 a fve. inttrvitMrs bv aoot. · · · · · · IMMEDIATE HELP WANTED $1 10.50 per wt. to start -n Qjit.rtf . vacation Chrittmat bonusts QUALIFICATIONS MKtianicatlv inclmnt 31 to ao vfart ot ao«, high tctiool aradi cr equivalent. Mult b* read/ to M to work Immediately. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY CALL THUR. 1 r»J NE I-76U Bit. J t S P.M SERVICE SALESMAN MUST BE FIRST CLASS General Motors eiptrlence prt* terred. Tap Eaminei. Salary + Commltllon. Permanent. Good working conditloni. APPLY IN PERSON ONLY SEE SERVICE MGR. BLVD. BUICK Illl LONG BEACH BLVD. INSTRUMENT MECHANIC Mirv of 4 vtars etperleixe In rt fining or rfwmlcat plant m*mt» nance of pneumatic and electronic instruments. Permanent Liberal benefit plans. COLLIER CARBON AND CHEMICAL CORP 1V47I E. IMPERIAL HIGHWAY AUTO SALESMAN for txnr ined car lot. Caoab* of atkpraHing i, handltng own oealt. Must t* non drtnktr J family man * 2 yrs. local re'er tnct. Cat talk to present Saiev man (who's state) who madt SUrOOO U\t vr. APPLY IN I'ERSOM ONLY ADVANCE MOTORS 1T« LONG BFACH BLVD. L B SALES TRAINEE fer career in rit roof "3 ipA/ifry Otd.ntatii.ed(ontraKtor. Miracf new product. 31 to X. Mmiirtvm 2 Vtan (oMege Reft. Sal. * car 4- eioenies. m. CA 7 S7VI to F.I-S.H-E-R CMPLOYWfNI AGENCY* Sales, degree, eiec. tngrg tl»* Clerks, t/p» SI w p m tlJ Lab Ant -- 11' Clerk, 1 cr J vs. Co'tere . »W US P"* Rm t;i 1 tCl Mf 7i»: USED CAR SALESMAN MUST fit LXPCRlLNCeO Pro' it sharing battl. Monfnl pujra^fee pvn tx^v\ 1 vata'ton APPLY (N PKRION ONLY IM LONG BfACH BLVD Tune-Up Bra 1 6 Man Futt Tr»t tor Mcb*)e ^t**K-« Acdf from / » pm fe. 10 pm Yhwrsdty f-rtd^f n-ghft only UtJ Yeaning, Latewood T0«i»4 UP TO~$ 1500 MONTH" L*.di fwrntihed. Ciperie^cH ava-ewnen To 1 *M SALCV fleet. rWg t«UU*« r.CN W arrt-a^.tor t* two JP Attt, r»»«w 4»r «»o tots.*n D«rotttv )t,rl»n| Aoetxv Mt S4.SI CLERK RETAIL rrnenenrH rn Ll«inr. Crarerlet. ·«r t IflOif, Ind, rrei» Te'a. SIA *tl ID^.tll am . DMrrW »a aMi.l. le» Ux at Ml ma. GWIHN'S f mptoyr-e^t AorKf lit tm. i«sa Bei» Hr i nil RETAIL rvrwrv tawfia't" xvit ocoortmitT^ Write Boi A4/U, rrf PrtlvTt'earan. SAIESVKN CUtTOU UTHOtSIl *Y tlOa, GUARANTCE. GA )IMI. r«*f.TlMr-Ki4 r*an ta »»ar t ir-t r»-r p-*Tn IO a MM mmun.A^i.c: in t IK ^ g . vn Coll cut Eiptrt 35CaH M Eiptrt 35 Coll « fapt rt 35 You SiviTlme and Monty Whtn You * Appliance Repair LECTRICAL mtianct rtpalr. Rtaionabi* vgar. ·*· n« c*»a**»t. 4»*«» W AiHC iCR E F RigT^TOVaTReMt; QutU StrvKt. OE 4-IJM Auto-Palntlne ANY CAR-A/iy color. US. Barnetrt Paint, 1TO.) Alamltot HC 7 IJ7J, Brick Stone Wcrk BRtCtC. stone^ Fireplaces - water. ta:u. ptaniert, etc, CE 4 owl. Buildinps Wrecked CALL JOHN DOUO, tM Homt Wrecker, Any sl:t kb, CE m7i Cabinets Elect, work. Un SiSJt; DA 4t«fl. CUSTOM Cabinets kitchen remod- ttma. Re*L rat«. ME XCTI. FORMICA CABINETS. Estimates. CE ItUI; TW 7-40*1, tvet. Vee*e Carpentry CARPfNTRY. concrr**e, cafatorts. addtions. 1 work alone or with owner. Other bids too h.oMT Call jack. HA l-iora ft LET US do your carpentry work and save YOU money. Fret ttti- matt. CA 3930t er UN 4-MU rtMir. homes. J. Ellens. TO TM37 CARPCNTCR WORK TOM BADGER HE I-7ttt CARPENTRY remodel, reoair. SIO mm. No lob too small. HE $-3 If 7. tng. JOE SELRY. ME »S400. WINDOWS, doors, wre^ns. new or etd reoaired. Remod. HE 4 3sn ALL around carpentry Call after 5:30 GA 3-4144. Call Larry Sessions HA 1-2315 Carpet Uphol., Cleaners DUTCH Rug JL. Uoholstery Cleaners Hook t, txa-d rvflv- Our Specialty wail to wa 1 quick drying. t»1I m .in AY r* A c IOR-* Bellflower Carpet Co. Eioerl rug dean mo COMPLETE CARPET 3LRVICE ME 44492 HOPKINS UPH01STERY. CALL Mr. Ray. NE SM3S; FA 11 HI. Ceramic Tile FINEST workmatnhio. New, re- mooel, irwr. t-iet eit. OA Mill REPAIRING sink tops, showers, firs. Concrete Work BEAR STATE CEMENT CON IRS. All type cement work. 11 rs. in L. B. 100% tin. Lie. Ins. free estimate. HA S-443 anytime. CONCRt.TE CONSTRUCTION Commercial I. Residential ME 3-417? KCvstone 377*0 spfcTAi. "RATES-CEMENT" WOBK Pa'.o, driveways, etc. I Tc.. inv Free tlt.Beiit.ower. WA^S-KJ* PATIOS, walks* drives* etc. Free tlf. CE 44411 C.~ RAY LUNDBLADE, |icen.ed~e- ment contr. Free est. CA 4417! CEMrNT~SLABS, WALKS, PA~f .0*. PORCHFS. Free ett. CA }1SU PLANTERS -- PATIOS -- FENCES ALL types cement work. CM lob too Contractors-Builders FAMILY ROOM FOR LESS Prmodttino -- Resident! aKemm Fret tst. S-vr* financjnfl 9 3% Master-Cast Const. Co. Member cl Bulkier* fichanot V Low Winter Prices \/ l-stco servltt PERSONAL ATTENTION Art lust 1 reasons to cad JTNCO tor any si It construction prolett CUSTOM ADDITIONS AND REMODELING WE ARE BONDED HA 1-6088 CLARK Conitruction Ca.. tpeoal lung In addiliont 1 remcjelna won Lie. L mi. TL 1 Ml. TO ;.ini. UOOR LEVELING 1 underc' General rontrattma lir. A inured lit 1 SMI or PL i"l DrcssmaklnK //ERIC'S ai'erar.cns L drevi.-n.l ing U4I Cfirrf*. GA 11157. ALTERATIONS, riemmino. dtriiet ttirti. Reas. Pt). 414 4iW Electricians " CirCrRICAL lli»IBACTOR~ RfMOOrLING SPECIALIST Med^'lion Dec. Co. GA 34r;i o BEILFLOVVCR ELECTRIC CO No lob too small. 34 hr lervict UN tax ENTERPRISE ELECTRIC CO Good work-Fair trice. HA imi; MA ELECTRICAL' WORK. Any iirvi Fencing i' CEDAR I grapell»e Irnre. .'· teriali 11 11 It. Inn tut II tin eitinate. Termt. CE I-3S1I. Flonrin); Tllr PROFLSMONAL Linoleum 1 Tt'e layer Ed Meeta GA 1471 Help Wanted (Men) 26 $100 A DAY J E»ec. trot salesmen. Mutt have talent, mieority, ambition Fret to travel, setl tano.b'e ad verf 1 rail. Contact Mr. f u * lavitt. Ill) Cavlord St.. L.B. WANTED I bovs fa word tves. S*f. mornings; onod earnings tra nine Aooty S7U Meriantr** Way, L.B , Thur» , t P.M. only. VVANTTO -- Married men, matvft, mechanically Inclined. May mean double youf previous mtomt. Set Personnel Mof . atltf 10 t m. 109? E. Wardlo* Rd. FRY COOK Youna man. CfMflerKed. 11 to 3t BURGER BOY, IU Woodruff. Near canon neit to VcVt ENGINEERS -- Oei.grxrt, Oraftt- Pv*er arid initnjm«nia»*n. sV or it t. Alice. Inc. lUSS Paramount. NE a-4fta. MEN-salarv + comrrMMlon. Laroe eipandng life Imvrania CO. Aea 34 to M. married Na etMrlerwe neteitanr. Complete tranra Ao- Bl« ini) At.anl*. GA 45IU tfoutE MAH-Ocerteiwed ar will fe»rh fire".*! te'rltonr PETRIS CLEANERS. 1150 Oranae APPLY ) ta · on YOUNO man'MTjClAjtl U real i Mteilioen! i. own tar. Profmiona sain career handiiria aur accauiu onlf. Mr. dark, HE 4t44l RrilEr COOK ^. AIM COOCS MfLPER. «VMt» treferrrd Cwitln* aiperlrxa. 7S14 C. fira- ^IToria B|^ Downey. Aufo Painter Body"Man Worli m jo% rnrmiKian. Ca'l in tHl, 4 la 1 pm. JANITOR evrr u. bTMxuti«. ueer. Not! irvlt (ISO M. C-rova Int r.'»e re*ereA(0 t erperlerKf Wri-e Boi A 1171 ind PreivTel r»»H WORE Sell Lncr. AmerKarta r«r Atct. CA 1KU ruaniTuae i»'eir"»n, rmnf~te er re'le»red IvM t.r-a, I1SJI jren- BARTENDER Art «f Htarfi 1U$ Santa Ft exir tFRv7"sTATio.i~AtTNbt; Lectt r**s. Salary-- *romm. if Hvi(C~ J»aTtW~aTrT»M.w(fTM"*»r ( n1 Pt ».» ra*a**ffirtf trf St**\Kt nu t. .·tt^rtf'f. re»»mo*t Flooring Tile REX Floor Sanding beavtitvl f-msh. V cteantd and waxed I4ay wrvice. Call anytime. HA lit SI JNO FINISH ROOM) ftoM SM Uc.. ln.Hwed. IIM CA 47174 CAM r BELL'S ttoor sandmg, tU for ' 1BR. romolttt. MC 4-0341. Garage Door Service - Door* adivsted repaired. Rtlt- abl* operators snxt If 31. Garden Sen'. Supply OHNNY'S Lawn Service. Comotett landuapmg A garden serv. Clean- w VD. Fret tst. UN 4431). Ask for neit N9V. fret winter Ryt. OLD yard too* badl vtVe can tt« it. Sprinkler system-- Pato-- if it i. ·ILL'S Mow Cdot Sween Services 3 times mo. $10. Cutting hau'ed free. Long Beach onfyJllE 751W YARDS POWER. M'OWE D i EDGED. U mo. CLEANUPS. Cutting hauled FREE. CEJ71U ENOVATING. rotot.|ILno Itvclmg. EXP. GARDENING CLEANUP. HA 5-7647 CE I-1S04 LAWN garden servkt. By m* lob er mo. Non-drinker. HE 40372 MOW EDGE. Jl7» w. U B- i Likewoodonty. Free eit. GAt-StlS ;xp. japantst oardentr, clean uo bv Iota or by month. HE 5-5tll LAWN service-- Reasonable ra'ei. Rellablt CE 4 TtO* ,'.OW EDGE* SIO mo. SIS full ALL types landscaping L renovating. eiDert work. HC 3 7M7. MOWING A edging, (10; full rtii-tv. trnante. SIS. TOM47V WA S-1UI PARKS' LAWN SERVICE Gardener GE 8-3974, eves. Hauling. Express « GARAGE -- LOT CLEANING ft It TRASH HAUL-- TREE WORK u HE 7-5505; GA 7-8287 TRASH HAULING-- Reas. CE 3I»71 CA ITtU TRASH HAUL. Lot clean UD. Skm loaner. Free eit. NE 1 I'll. 1 CLEANUP WORK. Traiti having. Concrete removed. Verv reai. FREE ESTIMATE. CA 3«11 CARACCS CLEANED, tratn hauled $2 UP-- GA 6- 1607 LIGHT moving, tram tiaulmo and back vd.. clean uo. Rapid Service. Verv real. HE 17131 Light hauling. HE 7-4544 HAULING -- Furniture, trash. V,^«t Ili.e You? Oj«r. HE SHU TRASH Hauling. Garage L Ml cleartHrD. Free rst. TO f£!!J. CE 4 !U» or CE a-ssi; HAULING, etc. r/ovlrtgr 1 rm. or S. (low rateil. Free nt. tin I 7J14 ft Haulmo-Furniturt or Train n Caraoe cleanuo._llc. HEiillt IUDBISH-- B'doi. tcm down, tfeM removed. Fill d:rt. TO H3fJ ftOlS. VETS. Cen. haut'ng. oar rleanuci, train. Hauling CAttin "WOVE-- HAUl-- ANV ~TIWT _l Qwest ra'ei TE 41H4 TC S7470 Home Modernization BLUrCHiP~STAMPS~ 1 CALL DOFS AIL ON Rl MODELING NLEDS ftatidenti.i and Commercial Alteration*-- Repair! Painting and Paperhanqing ANY SHE JOB FROM J75 to J25000 FINANCING AVAILAfUE FOR FRrr ESTIMATE CALL W. E. BFNITZ ENTERPRISES Inc HE SITU or FR 11177 lluuscrlcanen INSURED Call betert t am ·! after 1 pm CE 1 tl?) ClARK'S Rf). Upn-oh'fry 1 Horn* Cleaning rigors, wndOivi. w*ni LOW PRICrv Insured GA 41411 EDDIE'S window wali~(lf*nin« for p*,v*t# homes Rtf. Na |ob too smatt. Mr 171U FLOORS t ( ev-j «*··«]; *A*. wrxlowt *»\*t G»r'r« C.r.ttlW floors. Free ett.matM r.A 7 fCU COVPL. Hometltanftfl. Call J.»-i Free eit Cf 40111; «VF 4 7 f t : Insulation Cuiranietd. CA 30641; Ntw 2 1UI Janitorial Sen Ice WALLS washed, w'ndows cleaned Complete laniioriat servre CA 1«;it cr Ct JiHl Kitclien KemodellnR SPECIALIST KITCHfN RfMOnL'tlNC t* Y T A R S IN LONG REACH Call Mr. Burrlll at CA 407/1. Mattrrsscs svne co»er same sennas, i d«» serwic* Frre estimates. 1st. ItlJ Call CE M'SI er in Santa Ana Kl 147U ACMr tVATTRt.SS FACTORY HJi E. Ananetm, Lono BtaKft Painting. PapcrlianpInR PAINTING -- By ltt or hour. HE iS4l4 Help Wanted (Men) 26 EXPERIEfiCtD Loan Man far position as assistant manager. Salary coen. AooJy Prudential Acciptanc* Corp, J?« Pacific A v t , twg Beach EXPER. INTERIOR DECORATOR For Outslda StlKncj Tull tim* work. Reteretxei rt- OArirtd. Rreis Dot Aint. ind.-P.T. NEED EXTRA INCOME? Enroll music student! In your scart tim«. Easf and txofitabie work. Aot, tovor of tiptr. no barritr. NC 20411 bet. 1 1 7. AUTO REPAIR METAL WORKERS . Do not aooly unless 1st class. No floaters. Sobriety |moetafi»t. CAIL CA Jwrj A COOD MAN to fill vacancv n tort* Dead. area. TVM of man we want is worm 11,000 to ti.vxi In a month. Vmte P. A. Crawford. VKt Prts.. Ttias Rffinerv forp . COUNSELOR with etftct 0rt placement batted Salary Dtm commissio*i _J-OOt tmplOYTTenf A9rnV NC IC1CI 1 YOUN6~MCN~t» atsjsf "Person-net ·Mar.aotr. Cwarantet tin per Month to tnoit «M quar.rr. Car PtfONC 417 IK1 R. C. SALESMEN. H4I No trptrienct. we tra'n tram rtg^t amort* too u'ts personnel. Top commiss'Mi * bonws. Call Mr. Toner, HA S 7477. MEN'WANTEO IBTw firfl timt te**pn woifc fitm tvr Mfitt wkdjft COM! hrs. pltasv ROUTE Driver Sa'tsman, btvera^es. sV*rt/, tnod »K"£-rfu^ ». actttv M Ptr«Mt aM. 1 »m 1X1 Nartn A"a "fe»» WANUO P*rt fmt tVbtr Nrr an* t/n«ons ft S*t Htr cwt tl 7S. TO aVf.OO. Owtch Viita«t ·arbtr SN»O VotiNO Mf-f-wiit tra'n n te*t- rewt t»'et. Owd eernif^s H«vt mHt kadi f^-r: I cr* ·'· rnon« 4M44I7. POOL »i«t*rer Wetf. v**v *t*H- Painting, Paperhanglng vALlrAPER BEDIIOOMJ., 1H. lAcbdM pacer w«d laoor. l^oo samples brovoM »· vrowr horn*. Contractors-- II vtart 1" L. S BOB PRICSTLY MA S-743* NTERIOR Eittrtor. » vrs. tiv. AH work ·uarinftttf. Very rta- w**b*T Y*-- *«·*.· af maitna's. Call any timt tor fret estinutt. CA343tt .XTCRIOR. Interior. Residtntial C. indvstrlaJ. Brvsh «r Sprav. Reas. ra'es. Fret nt. Do own work. ^"·"·oWS!""* SPECIALIST IN OUTSIDE Painting. Lie. 1 Inturad CA 4 MOO 1. J -- VVORJC GUARANTEED tYKed within reason, free eiH^ Inter. eiter.. farea er »ma!l. HA SHS7; evev CA Kill · EXPERT PAINTING Lit t Imured. J »r«. wrlnm guarantee. Ffea eit. CE 4-5111. ^APCR -- PAINT -- Rt-SURFACE^ UC. BLUE ,n C , HIP "^^,444, PAINTING, mterkor. titerfor. 72 vrs. eiDtr. Work (rjar«n*eed. Reasonable. CC 41744 tBORM. home, ovtjid* stvKCT ta trim. S1«S; 1 bdrnw SM. Free tstt- CALL JIM for p*nl t. paper. Sa«» timt a\ monev. /5c slna'e rot), 21 PAINTING. Quality at reas. prices. No job too lartrt or small. Inter* lor i eiter. 25 vrs. eio.MEO-UJl era?e room. Quxk service. Fret estimates. CE 4 mV 'AINTING ft PAPERING -- Pay (OJSE paint rv Inter. A ei'er. no tob too sma'l. CA 231-VJ. XPER .Mn1er. Nut. Ri?*tonabte. Best matenars. HE 4-7917 eves. 'At NT ING. oaDtrino U vrs. eiwr. Fret estimate. CA J4SAO. fpFCIAlirtD In enamel Kitchen bam. Lte. Fret eif. ME V36«4 PAINTINO. L. H. SD*.nhow~rr~ Terms arranoed. CA MOV] SCANDINAVIAN woTtimnttiip Pa^nt. Ino r»tfTlor-intfr1or. CE f?C8A. J *INT"ING ins^dt t cut. Fret'ettu mate. By hour or lob. HE 145*1 PA IN T. Paper, piaster, Rrpa: rC M C. Poehie'ft. CA4006S. Plastering ADDITIONS Pitch clatlerint) No |cb too bg or too smat'Ail work truar ins. Promrt service. CA l-t744 PLASTER PATCHING Stucco reoair. No lob too mail, Lie. t Imured. CE 4 ISM QUALITY PLAilCRING BY PATCH Blattering our toeoatfv. I.Dfrt ootk, war. CA 1*007 PATCH flattering scwcillit. Frra eit. WM*. ouar. ML-a-eot;, Patch plaslenng ME 0-4466 Plumbing, 1 lent Inc PIUVBING-U HOUR Stenoaaei 1 reoairi No trav«^ charge CA 7 *f47 KoofinR VKriiLIJI~CliTp STAMPS REROOF. RfPAIRI. COAIItlT. OEI'INDABLE ROOI- Co. CE««l7 BILT-V.ELL "OOt CO r Ell 1134 Na On cmt Ban Term. AIL tvrei remer III hr.) utl 4 ;«« FRrr~TTiMATES-- BANK TER'A^ IUDDOCK. ROO£_CO. CE 1 «CI ROOFING reoa".ri. tiCO ir*'n«rnTM. rto lebtooimall, Term«. t f E S ] l « 7 Bant trrmt. HE S 7VS. UN SJ^J. ROOF Repair, lew win'r-r prlre%. Free ett. Lie. Cuar. cr I4IT7. SandhlasllnTM SANDBLASTING Average iroom hovte Uf HA «4IU NE IC?7t SANDBLAST rer reeamtor retttxro. Real Free rtt'mate. GC4I71J FREE SANDBLAST nitfi reitvcca or eif. pa.nt lob. Cb 4d;/f. SANDBLAST A re»tucro any cnicr. Real. Lie. Frre Ell. CE 'V4 Slif.'t Melal Gullrrs CUTTERS 1 conductor). dn*n. utoutt. tla^hinat. venti. srert rr^efat. venfilatng. retfaurant I. cafe tink. hoodi. ltanletl ttrcl. reo*ring 4 »eid"»fl. air»«d. 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