Independent from Long Beach, California on March 15, 1966 · Page 32
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 32

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1966
Page 32
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,H«mt» f«r S*t» TaiHtttm for JM« 13* HMIM to $·!· 139 Rex L Hodges Offers the *~Yl3.SOO^-2 bt., tip. din im., top l^.tlon. 117,950-- 2 br., (Ml?4| GA 4-3103 "'ELECT, littn.. I OI . (an. inv. 3 br., 2 bithi. J26.OW-J.lmor (Ml°l) GA 4-3903 2 | ;..._, k , 3 STORY--13 units, bllirn., ocean view. ' "l .-' · (SEI40) GE 1-2534 T R A D E 3 br.. 2 ·-' IIACH! 2 br, all remod., 2 bib. to biacS. · - . . (SII41) GE 1-2534 3 6R. in B.lmon 4 Ik.-- 2/i ba.. (am. rm., w/w, dps. Top local* - · · (SB?5| GE 1-2534 J ILKS. te. oca BELMONT H.ignti-- 4 br.-- 2 ba., rtd.c,, patio ..,,,«_, L [P24SI G E 9 - 2 1 9 I l«.500-3 br., :..'..$IS«0-- 2 br,, new Hick, w/w. n«w pain). »|f, 3 L. I-. IJISO) HA 5-1207 " S ' '-" 1 UNITS in (op lot. Cph., Jrpi., Urini. » 19,900--3 br., " " (T503) GA 7-5411 · CLOSE io ihopi, ichli., bui. 3 br. n.w w/w. FAM RM. too i (3LI9) GE 1-M04 $24,500--3 br., 1% be., fam. rm., all mod. · 2 BDRM., cony (H305) GE 9-04M '$20.000 3 b'., B.lmont Heights area. Nice. 2 BDRM., 110.1 ( D I 5 I ) GE 9-0404 TV - . Rex L Hodges Advertises Onl HemesforSdt 139 .-/:..· . TRADE Your 4-Mrm.. 2-barh honi« for . . -this 5-bdrm., 3 bath, 2 slarv ItOO .,.. *a. fl. beauty. BullMni, w-w. dripti, CB fence. wth» slab. 2 vrs. ok!. We're askina $77,500, but submit vour trade. .- ITS SOT EVERYTHING · · - ' e x c e p t you. Uilra share 3-Mrm, home, built-in range oven, Dlush w-w. custom draw*, 2 Dalloi, CB lentT, lush 1 ant) leaning. SoarVllna ; ' 5 el *. kind C. ill iMrp, 3 . fam- ,; Hv rm. fc X-Bdrm., 2 balh Rossmoor beavtvj. All electric kitchen, w-w, draws one Iwi a pool , Priced from W0.900 - m,W». Cai . , for a Tour. .*'·:. - 596.4514 JOHN READ RLTY. Inc. .,-.;-. SPLAT! ! · '.' Assume FKA loan USa mo. 3 ; ""bilh5, 3 bdrms. llr. to C'.ir. flreol. , . SI500 DOWN 5 Bdrm., 3 Baft. 2 Story -,,-. .ASSUME Gl LOAN St« MO, -'-.,- . '. OR ,i.,-'Alt thest' homes wilhbjllt-rn rantst. - overv carpels/ drapes/ patios. :.-.. ; JOHN READ RLTY " "4J45 E. Sorino - HA T-1751 ; , POOL PARADISE · ' · 3 ' It family room, 2 bath beaulv ·;·' »riu*, heavenly sVy Mue Anthony -i.-ieool, heater, filter, diving board, - ' untferwaler light;, pool house .loads- war.7. rfeckintr. Coiv old .'..' .bffctc fireplace In living room, - - - . : hardwood floors Ihrouotiout, s(M. -MW" glass doors to unique Bir-B-Q -' f 4c-pool area. CompJitclY wfvit* .:.·-, hrck wall enclosed, rustic rail ·--".-fence [n froM, sprinkler avattm, '-'· «£elleru . condition Insldi *· out. - V ° ' : F G!B°sbiN ' REALTY ·^.-. HA 5-7-154 ' 4)3* Paramount Blvd., Ldkevvood \'; square- fool 'lol, surraundetf W *·'.* -cinder btocV ftncJns/ nestlet this . -«krab1t 3 bedroom beauty 1 Fen- ·' lurins'Jlate entry, ankle-deep car- Beting, rich brick ilreoJact, large ; .-^amilysfit kitchen, sliding glass ' (Mr, 2 car oaraoe, many used : - ".bfkk Dlanttn! Only $11,60011 Try · *40d down cold war .vets or name ---,. 'your own terms! Call 430-75M. .?; " W A L K E R t LEE · NOKIDD1N' ' ' A= --* You should see this California 'V.'Rancho only 423,750. 3 beautiful · -bedrooms, 13£ sparkling battu and . -kls of 1 1 vino fc-enlertalnlng area. ·«" Dlrvlrs-f am Uy room, cow bilck 'ii^ 'ttreplace In living room the den -"-,' .* slldlrro glasi doors to covered patto lust waiting for your parlies --- dances. FHA or VA terms, or «s- ;,, turr.e at i..? monthly nymts. Call '.-.- W A L K E R LEE DOLL HOUSE "·'·'· .-Absolulil/' Ihe culesl 3 bdrm., , ^'-TA-batft on Ihe market. Lush w-w ---carpets over nartfwd. floors, cus- - "·' torn tfrapes, {Hshwasher, bullt-Ins. Loads of other exlras. THIS IS ,.^-THE- FIRST TIME ON THE '· " ; r.1ARKET LISTINGI Won't last IKr ! .week-end. To se* call *"'*UOHN READ RLTY Inc. ,,;.-.'"· 596-3720 . W A N T A SAVE MONEY? -.L-"^.--AS*'fiV.E A S\'*V. LOAN - = ' Reaulifu, two-story 4-Bdrm. horr^ n ·''-. en -extra wfcfe lot. Built-in ready made )24,500 loan. · \ .. AN6THER Sllti LOAM " '. On shake rcof 4-BtArocm hard- ·;. ^wood floor Beauty with old Gl .. loan of JI H /.«»UJ LL sl/ .. 3-6drn). r V/j-bath -- SU^SJ loan ' / MOULD Rlty 596-8712 -^..·i 17,900! - 3 BEDROOMS! i_. Two bairisl Larot tamilv-ifit kil- rt.t:.- r chen with doer Io oarage! Wall to rWBll orpeilno 1 . Drapes! Larce : sliding glass door to spacious back vard! 140% financing) Sellers are . moving north . ... must sacrifice! Only J300 cown cdd war FHA or - . ' · - Sl« down to anvonii Cat! X30-7564. ; NEED MORE ROOM? Move u» to luxury. 3-BR., family rm., y/i -balh presllw aeautv. Electric bullt-ini, firepiBUr F.A. heal, IIUEC Mock fenced vard palFo KtiV on market. JOST $23,KO, SO HURRYl JOHN READ RLTY Inc. i^S E. Sorinu HA 1-1741 . iq % Douglas Specials *$· . . Vo!ed Bist Buvl Immac. 2-Bdrim. Large dining rm. 511,950 F.P. . O R 3- Bdrm.. IVj-baln. l^e. cov. Ddlio * S77CO dn. Both of triese homrs ». have w-w croi.. drps. Many xtras Choice Lkwd Locatlwi. - : - · · MOULD Rlty GA 3-6448 . MORtGAGE CO. - . REPOSSESSION * S bdrm., dble. garace, ^19,W5 tow tfown with terrm to iit Newly redecoraled Inside 4, ou Slale entry, hardwood llcors. Ex * " ref, urea, Soufh of Carson £ Has · " ' of StudeoaKer Road. Set at 7150 Men la co Rod. - HOME INCOME Clean 2 tdrm. home -r 2 bdrm " ' rental + 3 rm. rental. 5Cx)3u t- alley. Sootn of Anaheim, ro Free : v;ay proWem, Beauiy. SiB.yso. .- LLOYD C. LEEDOM. Rltr CUfr te«fcirn GE -57i 3»1 C. Anaheim GE 9-WM 1 LARGE FAMILY? NEED HUGE YARD? HERE 'TIS 2 baths. Intercom, 3-BR. OI-7M7 TONER Rlty HA S-7427 2-STdRY- beautiful Fairway Part home featured In Southland //ao xzine. X-bedrrm,, Vh balh). Love v ' * Wflhty livaWe. Hai 5V1% Inter «t foan. Price only Ul.HO. GOVT. REPOSSESSIONS Moil areas, Merly new, Lov/ dr- WHITE R E A L T Y VF: 3-IUA Eves: HA5C197 Sharp -- Top LocaKon UNDER W.OOC-- 3 Sdrm or 3 A drt Seaotlfuf Irrorovemenlj. DUM LOVELY-- Synr-v 3 *m., huge^or · iniT, oat'to. ccmofeteV (urnlined FIXER UPPER ,. ? Bedrm., frofc., cJM. gir. M r l M ' : (M, Take ever xlnt loan. 2 Off / 1505 dr.. Taitt over 4% tean, i-- 2 ar., 1--1 Vi Br*t, rtn in/A Vtf-W. Owner. GE 3-7432 WO FF-DRO 0 REALTY HA5-1M1 Hdxrf, ffri, Tir tath. Fenced yd. ... . M£ £l£a · 110.7W F.P. MOULO RLTY. GA · Lct fieri contf. Schwevi, OJ-wlS betths. DiH/xe reatifret. GA MOT 4 - i^C DO'.Vf,' " 19i! OL.VE S EDRQOM -- IW bathl. Jl'.JS^i MOULO REALTY ' S9frl/l7 ' «"d Rltv! C *ai R Ce B rf^GA U 5Mn . .J 6EDRW.-- ? b.itri, 2 itO/V- SJ7.5CO. REALISTIC REAL ESTATE CHOICE NEIGHBORHOOD Vacant, Imrr.etf. pollution . . on this Pre-war are*. Nrar ihopplno tKJi line. Priced tor quIcX a lit. 3-BEDRM ». POOL Ertlrv wav. Rear llvlno rn. ovtr- oaXkia POOL. Unkwt kitchen, spado ui d'JMng «rea. Kudt-lns. Unit heal. Z'.i bitni. Priced to sen. ATTENTION CL'S 4-Bfdcm home. Entry v/av otbet 1 vina rm, fireplace, lirse kitchen, rx^lt-in sieve oven. 2 balhi. Forced ilr hut. Ht down. HANDYMAN Paint S. save «$ on Ui1$ 3-»e^ rm home. Huge enclosed patio. Plus appiiincei. Orchid ho-jse extra. FHA terms. Dlvorcet nrruit »1 . Choice k catkin. FRED ROSE REALTY 2115 Laktwocd l -- GE 4JS11 ALAMITOS BAY SAILS S SEA A)- veur dooritep. Btautlful^ soa- aoui 44edrc3m rwme. La roe Kw- Tno rm., dTnina rm. tfen . . with generous use of glass . . lo wiry 'taVe *dv/6ntBOe of tht view location. Excel 'ent construction. Spo1- leis tondlllon. Ttrms. Cail , . CHARLES LANE GE 9-34U CLIVE GRAHAM CO. 100 E. Ocean, Rcaltorj, HE 2O?»} ALAMITOS HEIGHTS J «. FAM. RM. REAL SHARP! TOM STEVENS RLTY. GE 1-1177 BELMONT HEIGHTS .-...OUTSTANDINGLY . BEAUTIFUL! . French hflma wilh hr. ciUlhsj, wide dwrSi a nd a umqu e -now* Ing floor p!in. 3 or 4-b«drni)., Wxll Jlvino rm., wadous dTnlng C CLIvl GR AHAM £ Co" EXPECT TO BE ENVIED Thifs part of owning this *no- IBUS 7-story J-r^"n. v den cus- lom built horr.f. Biiutitul vitw of water Hants from tnls hllltOD home. Large 455 sq. fl. basement, double oarage' L bathhouse. M K :S R AT H S -SHANK E OCX ! FORMAL DINING RM ! Ltrs* 2-Berfrm 4. Atn, beautiful kitchen. All [n like ne« cond. B«l part of Hllohti. TRY n.OM DOV/HII RAPHAEL 4435 E. Surma HA »-5417 PENSIONER'S DREAM!! -Sranxst I-BR duplex + I.BR house. Live rent-free. Rent ether 2-- W-W cots, !rps. OUICK SALEI THOr\»AS Rlty 24-251i; 4W-2571 LARGE FAMILY? . Here's vour home, 4 bdfm., Th ba. Full R4 lot. STEGGALL REALTY HE S-7W2 TERMING AT 7TH 2-lir., R-2 lot. 5'X137 - . Katr.ryn Campbell Bkr. GE 1-73*2 LARGE 2-BDRM.. dining rm., oatlo. 2 bamf ana 2-Barm., rental In rear, fl ml. In bolh. . 204 G e*st T li! Ilr«f V S^}r*fenn h ,°433'D4i5 BELMONT PARK Bay. Flreolace. stove,' refriB. incl Oo:n IKuit Sat. t . Sun. 2U Claremoot. 3C! CLAREMONT chiTmlne B-! ft. 2-br. Do not dliti/rb cccupant. Phone BYRNES, Rltr., GE I-S13J. BELMONT SHORE 4 Uniti on Bayihor* Ave. ANTI'STA"! :EALTY'"" r Ir 55fi.« "SERVICE. WITH 'NTEGR1TY" MADEIRA REALTY GE 4«35 3 BR., 2 ba., 2 firepl. + act. «v«r gar. By owner. GE 3-5321. BIXBY AREA DRIVE B Y . . . 1009 Rid^ewood (Dltise don't dis iurb owners) Ihen call us for at tails . . on how yeu can buv thl 3 Bec/m tc famllv rm, 2 bat home. ZENITH Re.l E s f«T« Co. HA 1-17EI evei; GE 1-640 UNBELIEVABLE 2-BDRM. SPECIAL ONLY SI 6 275 S475 dn. few most buyers. *K)Q d.i. Colt iVsr Vet Clean fwnie V BIG vard. Double oarage. Ver/ oood school area. JOHN READ RLTY Inc. *1137 Morse WAV HA5-64K V DUPLEX. UP * DN 2 bedrms. dining rm. 1n each. W-w carpels, drapes. Sep. it* I- ihcrwers. New roof, dbl. oarape, Nice garoen with fruit treei.Salej prTCK Includes oil aas least Only 1 blk. to ihttDr. MOORE HA 1-8481 OPEiN 1 TO 4-- MOO MARCELLUS Rnlicinc, desirable 2 2. den, 1^ hslh, quality custcm homi,' s offering. Colmar Realfy A 4-8529 » BEAUTIFUL 3-BR U Fifeo'ace, all newly decoraleo* L a r o e yard. TRY NO DOWN Gl LOW DOWN FKA. RAPHAEL UJ5 E. Sa-inj HA l-;tl BIXBY KNOLLS FOR PLEASANT FAMILY LIVING this 3-Bedroom home has e*erv Ihlng! LMna rm., dinino rm., I family room are all spaclou). Inferior flrepfaces, decked pa io wilh BBO. Larffe nobby rm. of g^raoe. Boat shed. UHMS come lot. C*ner will help finance Call . . CHARLES LAH£ GE f-3(l CLIVE GRAHAM CO. I» E. Ocean, fieallon. HE 7 394 i NEW LISTING! Plush eider home, 3 b*drrm.,den hisemtnl ptayoom. -Guest Kouse New kitchen witl bulll-Ift. Firw carpelino drapfi, Larce corne t«t. 3-*r oarage. A pfeaiur* ta '"""·"GA'O.SS?! M O O R E LIST WJTH CALIFORNIA HPTfiHTQ OLDER BUT NICE! Laree 2-bedrm., Spanhh stvli home. Larde R-2 kl wiln room to bvlld. Obi. garage on alley Full price 115, SCO. MOORE GE 4-3441 ^t^C^k' Farm S f y f a Rooiriy n4iernr^ed redec. 2 bdrm R-1 Ml, alley. Try SIDOO down Call KEN MOFFATT 4$7025I; Evenings GAI-7M1 3'3i OLIVfJ-- 3-SS. 521,750 3751 CALIFORNIA^J.»H . I»,3M HUNTER ASSOf.. 4744577 Mosf ciptj., drpt., elin. ar*. crnr. JS207) GA 7-S4II 1 Hfighti, lulh 2 br., EZ fin. . (552) Gi f.2191 l«p. din. rm., ',i.« w/ W, b!J. Ml?6) HA 5.M25; WA S-I27I /2 ba. for imaN 2 br. Eait L.I. |D13») GE T-M04 t Parl. Top prica! EZ'linanci. (AH] 6E T-2W an -- ? bT..din. rm., patio, gar. (AIS) GE t-2l»l panaling in liv. rm,, w/w-drc!. IH29I) GA 2.1257 patio w/IBp, larg* lot, nr. «H. (FI32) GA .-3903 arej* patte. 1 bll: to'lchlf. -' (H3I5) G A 2 - I 2 S 7 n thii 3 br., modern blKn litch. . (H3II) GA *-3«03 irtibla '.It. far. 100' frontage. (H3IO) HE 7-1251 SO nr. St. Anthony's.' Ali» town. (E95) HE 7-1251 y the Best CALIFORNIA HEIGHTS 4C41 ORANGE fat ClrSOnl , CARSON PARK BEDRM., IK kitchen, KP. dining rrn., W-\V carptli, nr. Douglas i. schools. Block fenced yard . SANDLER^ROSEN" Realty 171 Clark GE 3-7417 PRICED. TO SELL! Vacint 2 BR, fenced. Sec to an- CITY COLLEGE ABEA ALL MODERN KITCHEN -BullMm-fc cftbinefo tHJorc " Uiro* seoiratt dinlrtt rm. · BIO 53XK4 VI rd wiltf tr«s · Neat cliin hcm« t yard - \Vld» d/iv» lo rear girftg* XI 37 Norse Wav HA544K WALK TO ST.CORNELIUS 5X11 CARITA Sharpest 2- Bedrm, in lh!i «ver pofhrfKr Sovlh of Cftnanl nren. Complttel,- redtc. laikJ*-^ out. Plus new W-W careels. 'Iryll S «lmord trcet in bick vard. Call us far details · . . " · MULLEN Rliy 'HA" I-J726 I! SPOTLESS 2-BR !! VACANT, - PRICE JUST REDUCED ALMOST Sl,C.»-]rr-ni;d. possess. Sharpest t, chetpcit in the area. OWNER MAY HELP FINANCE; RAPHAEL ·HANDYMAN Clean . . Clint t »vi US on this 3-Bedrm homt. HUQI end oillo, new stove. rrfrlB fc washer. Orchid house txtra. FHA terms. A MUST sell! Choke location. Fred Ros. Rlty GE 4-0981 d ra pra. ~ Cboict Eocaf ion . N r. MBIT. Blvd. fcwtrdiow Rrf. Tin Klai.-lc bathi fir* alarm lystcm. Nr. schools ii sJioppino. SANDLER-ROSEN Rialty NEAT CLEAN! 2 bedroom t'm* with lt)T22 famHv rm. Extra nice carpet E drapes, cor. tlreplace, lovely home. 373,00 RYLEE REALTY . PH. «*50;i na E. ARTESIA, BELLFLOWER 37» RADNOR-- Vacant. 1 bdrms. Dbl*. garage, yard. Bkr. HE 5-71*2 DOMINGUEZ NICE 2-br. sluixo, lot. detached car. Covered pallo rn Ige. lot. B own. U5-54M. CALL ESTHER COSS «t 4?7-764 EAST SIDE HOME,* INCOME 2-flrfrm. horn* + 2-hiirm. renl K attached slnoK, 50x130, tile So. of Anaheim. SII.9JO. ESTATE 5-- 2-1DRM. HOMES 50x130, alley, s. el Anahtlm. »!«.» LLOYD C. LEEDOM, R(fr CLAIR LEEDOM GE 4-157! 3»1 E. Anaheim GE -21 - $750 DOWN BUYS 2-BR It SUNROOM Vaunt. How-txlnp painted In out. Hdwcf. floors. 2 car gar: . ONLY $14.500 FullPric D.V«nLintnRrry435.834 VETS NO DOWN V NON-VETSM750 DN Lovely" sturco 2-Br. Dining area. Til* klkhen I bath. Fertced vard. Paymts. like rent. CALL FIGHT D°Vr, Linen Rlty 591- 1361 2 B R 4 D E N In popular Wilson HI area. C-3 lol, 1?S ba.; cpts., drpj. CflJUtU . Souclc 5»]-IJ17 (DK7) REX L HODGES PROBATE SALE All r active 2-Wrm. homo w/alchd. bachelor aot., en closed back yard. Dble. oar. Furniture Available. Fbr ippl. call 242-4344 CGlendale) DUPLEX + 2-BR HOME *J lot. Only ttl,MO. Never i va- 8URDSE Rlty GE 3-0489 DRIVE BY-- CALL US 1055 GRAND. Pflct RtdiKed. Nrat 2- bdrm. A real good buv MABRY RItV, GE 8-5782 GE 3-3471 IMAGINE! $6900 F.P. Clean home v^/oar. Hurry! Bv Ric JJ5»I REX L HODGES HE 7-115 NEAR-- 10!h a. Ternole. 3 bedrm. ]'/i balhs. SI 5,9(0. Try low down. Vh BLKS. to OCEAN. Altr. smal stucco horre. Try tl2,500. ELLISON REALTY ME 2-441 COLORADO owner. 3-RR. hcma 4 Income. Small dn. EZ terms. 405 OLDER 2-bMroom, C-4, 50XI3S ot Will trade for acreage, lol. elc .Equity VOX. BROKER GE 1-M1 EL DORADO PARK S A V E $ $ $ Me* 314 Bdrms, wiihi til tn .rlmnilnej. Caroeti, df*p*s, Urvd scaping, bgHt-lAj, 100% fencing Same new Iwne witrt *Kr-J«l extra .could cost t housings mwt. John Read Inc. HA 5-641 LOWEST priced 3- Btdrm., IU bll 1 n B rei. Gorowut W-V/ ca rp e tfraMi, flrepl,, bU-Tn etec. kilch for mil din rm., taro* lot,. tW fiorr.e r* sharp! Call . . . SANDLER-ROSEN Rwlfi 1114 Clark GE 3-741 LAKEWOOD AREA SHARP 3-DR., w/w crpl. Cov. pat 0 cln. blk. wall. S1000 · dn. Neu FHA, Cotd war vers M50 dn Hurrvl XFnt buy! MOULO RLTY. GA 3-644. SHHHHII . . . 4 Bed/ms.. I'.i bjtl ho-ne on 50x15? fl. R-3 lot. Fo only Ji;,«o-0wner vHll oav a escrow charges. Submit on oow ELLIS-SCHRADFC ME 3-51 J ^ BORM. BY OWNER f/eir Country Cfub Estates. v/-v caroets. draoes. flaaloae planter, cerrent drive. Ditto, rnanv extrA LAKEWOOD EAST; beautiful 3 b corner home, ranch itvlt, Immac ulate. Will Gl or lo* down oavm MARIE KALE Rltv fl. ME 4477 BY OWNER-- Clean 2-br. a, ramll rm., cKposal, able, garaoc, w-w fncd. Clo» lo HI SchJ. 477» Cold brook. Iff 44417. "F" MODEL-- Sharp »bdr. Cirpeti drapes, patio,, fenced, brtakfaj BY O'fVNER-^J-bdrm., family rm w-w, custom drapn, near Douglat WHERE "0" WHERE can you « 3 BRS., new paint new ca REASONABLE 3-br.. Vh ba., unde tXMO. o«n. Wrll« Box A-321 3 Br/rm. home -t- 3 unit*. Top buy MOULD REALTY G* 3-S4! CLEAN -- * tharo. 3 pedrm w; 1 BR., Dble. Mr. Nr. Lakewooi High. Bkr. 4X-IO»,- TO t«j BY OWNER. S-IR. t, eta. Full rratrrf. thnKNit, itrap^. W1? ^-47^ BEAUT. J.btdrm.,"uS bjl'i Redec »y owner, ua Carfax. iB-Oil 4«MrW« to Stri* K «f LAKEWOOD AREA BARGAIN FIXER.UPPER A Jlltlt Mint Ii ill II n«dt. 2- Rttfrmi., 1 bolh. Uud brick llr*- rt««. rmnm4,lrvln» rm. T««n POOL. DtiacnM rumpu» rm. Walk to liktweod HUH. only 5».5« --Submit *n down . . Ea^v iniVial Vacant . . Ltimed occuoancy. Key HA 1-8481 V MR. SPECULATOR Hert'» · ffood lnv«tm«U for * renJil. 2-8Klroom torner, la cr,o!re "south of Coflint" trw. C(«i lo Douglas. LHIIng pjTc« muter FHA · PHrahil. A ^ r ^ 3S31 «'^-* ? - K 7 * - M O O R E BEST SUN RAY ^O^I^S'DEN w trt vffi bar 4 nicely dttlontd exit to · lira* secluded patio. Reunll/ recakiteti V.)ldt inrj owt. Thli home Is In nresllot area of Lakevrood. Modern kitchen wllli buHt-lnj. Nil'l wood cabmen. W-v/ uroetlnQ rruoul. Custom drawc ilso WA 5-6575 Bkr. MA 14344 HIGH VALUE LOW COST fer $u«rb 3 fcino-ilz* bedroom Mirfuil Restdbmce vrMh m*S5lv« flwjfcli wr*of- HircfwCrMt floors, lush (ana scaping, ccverw patio. Cloic io DovaUv t. priced tower mi r. ttnv o*h«r 3 bedr wn Ln ;ivd-. c i ir l l i^-""- |1CIJB!ll " ov " r W A L K E R 4 L E E . V Everyon* A Bargain V 3. Bdrm "II" motf. Corner. Brzwy, hu 2nd ba. ready to finish. W/W, drp. intf priced for FHA, Vtt deal. BT. "H" Mod, 1'A b, owner t»- T«x«. Only jja,»jo F. Inc . w/w i,-drps, coy: pallo, Cft Lot. fam. rm. w/lrplc !,' 3 bfg bdrms.. Over 1400 Q. tt. A Real MOULO'REALTY HA S-HH [REMODELED] 3 FAMILY ROOM Thli homt his III Brick tirolitt. br*akni5t bar, natural .wooeT ojp- boirds a, paneled wills, ttoriot pantry, too, built-tn rafrlfcntor, tnsulltetl ceilings cuts out h«at «, cow. Wall to will carafe. Drapej a* curtatns ttiroughoul. A lot of horn* for S77.HO. OBAN. REALTY CO. M37 SOUTH ST. ' HA S442I WILD POKER HAND 5 of « kind In" tht Mutunt Ar«i ef'Ljk«wM4L HAod.,Hs.D.- F -' H, tisetJ, BUY /low, prices will in- crtan ms jummer. All .tr* 3. Budroom homes. B«t locatlofl*. RrauTck or b« sorrv. the choJci Isr voun. CiM -42M4I1. 4100 Bell* flower Blvd. HEATED POOL with diving board, fruit irees. 2 pktios with brick BBO. Tnfs ou - stindifvg 3 BR. fimlly roam homt h on~ paved ilreVwith boat gale, vacint *t .ready to sell »\ FHA iDpr.iIsjl «f S22,W. -Call HA. f -5*2*.. 2018 WMdrulf Ave. 2 K W A L K E R L E E TAKE YOUR PICK 3 BR., enlarged 'ivlng rm. r rock fireplace, · bit-In 1 r*ng« 2, oven. 2-BR., tr.cloed pntlo. fruit ircn. C ast 1o school! .V, shopfllrtfl. · 3-BR., r«r- llvlno rrru *nl*ratd BRUNEI REALTY 421-U7*. MOVE UP TO LUXURY · rt \forKLng min'^ bud'gef. 3 BR + FtrnHv room 2 battij. Xlnt cirMHno, drao«a built-lcvs. UI Tr*i sharp ccrrner! JUST LISTED. Stt.fOO. HURRYl JOHN READ RLTY Inc. !! HAPPY DAY!! A tough decision to malce! ./. . . vrhlch of the£* two extreme y 1 sharp 3-6erfrm homes should you buy? 2 different styles . . that should helpl! YOU MUST SEE THESE TODAYI! STOTLER Re.lty SERVICE MOST WANTED I-Bftdrm., «xir« sharp. 2-Bd.rm. . . with flrepl*e«. 3*B«drm . . Immaculate. 3-Brdim. . . Best prfctrf. 3-BR. t, fam. rm . , xtri ihirp ·4-Eedrrri'': . huoe ITv. rm. 2- Bed rrn. . . 20x40 POOL. ?OH T . . 2-HR e«. . .Cill MULLEN REALTY HA 1- 72A ihTa ioacIcHJs 3-bedrm. Jc fam ly rm., iVi bitf, home. Commerc» capacity, refrigeraled -air cond- A, forced air heat. Built-in range 4. oven. dW. oir*6e, complete sprinkler system , - all on a corner lot. NO DOVJW [uymt. for Ol'a or tow down FHA.- HA 9-5921 ELLIS-SCHRADER HOW ABOUT THIS?? 3-BR. with 2 baft]. Liroe Eot with tiua* pool. BulIMn Pare* rear Irvlrg roojii. Will sell fr FHA Appraise! . . . of JM.I75 w/»1975 Jown. HOW ABOUT THAT? ? WA 5-4S75 HA T-»344 ELLIS-SCHRADER PRICED REDUCED Cash talks. Vacant !-Bdrm., cfbl oaraae. Near elem. sctiooli av SI Maria Gorelll. Xlnl. condition QuicX possession! 3«2 CONOUIS1A . DOSS JONES Realty 11174 Los Alamilos Bl. GE .l-'lSll BELIEVE IT OR NOT-- Underprlcerf, but .still available clehn, clean 3 bdrm., 2 ba. home Quality carpelino a. draoes. Nr Dukri Village. SMMU F.P. Do vourelf a fayor -- je* this orte Priomore Realty. Rltrs. TO117U II ONE CHANCE!! Buv o. Ihr CenturyM-Owner eoinc East . . Clean 2-Bedrm wllh de tathed dbl. oaraee. Want R fis sale . . no FHA . . price $15,1501 CTfvfl Pft PA.liu CPPVIr*^C ANXIOUS OWNER 2-BR, W-W «H, low dn to ex sf FHA $16.000 f SIM Ind taxes Eves: 414-H41 TONER REALTY 5130 LHkewootf BlVd TO W7X LOW DOWN 2- Bedrm. .near Lakewood Cert tr Lirp« famllv V; lichen, utility rm. cov d pilio S fencea yard. Av some- 5%% loan . . . wilrt a little as 1700 down, ELLIS-SCHRADER ' 596-^T I7.fiO PRICE iK^OO FKA Lean 2- Btdrm homi en Na lot. R*c«i IV recoMltlofwd Inside. W-W car Dttino hwrlytfed. 51^00 total wsf' t» Cofd Wir Vets. Come lake took, Hkr. WA 5-457 2-BR VACANT M43 CAN OLE WOOD Remodeled kitchen, carpet ncr I drjpej. Full Dflce SI 1,900. CAL Rlty 421-9441 BIG "0~" MODEL Rest 1 oric* in arc*. Submit, Ini ·i k bi/gam. Near schoolt, shoo John Read Inc. HA 5-64 U ' TAKE over 5%% FHA lain wit i lotV oown paymt, on sharp : ° betfrni, riwnt close ta May Co ,/ Pymts. IKS lhan renl. This la , rrrOfi ey-n ver »,wclal. Y TP A » CteiP t 3-8R C*J»oo He, Jtl»,7M H ·II tchr», Evts: 430-5^4 . TONER Rtty HA 5-7427 f Mwil sell J-BR.*'D" mod*!, Subml r IV OWNER-- J-lxJfm. J-car caraai - ^119 HacKett AvV. 7lV- MM74J. 3 range, Owntri leaving fown. EIHso ; Realty, 1730 E. HI. l^E 3-W1S J PAGE 1. CUNHISOHAM.GArtll ! LAKEWOOD COUNTRY ', CLUB ESTATES FINE CUSTOM HOMES CLAUK PIEAl.fV- TO 6-113 H«Mt Hr Sil*^^ 1 3» H^MS for SW. ^Y 3 » H ^i far's*"^' IS* LAKEWOOD AREA LAKEWOOD AEA LAKEWOOD ABEA Buying Ro $73,750 -- 3 by., quitt «r«« nr. tc (9L13II HA 5-M 3 BR. t FAM. KM.-- fam llfch. (IKI 3 BR. -- pool ta:r.;, ni* pa'nt, 1 (*LI '-( BR., 21/2 beth,, lira lg«. f.m. (4LI 3 BR. liq likk, newly diccrati (7K TOP local., 3 br., lovely bltini, i.i J16.500-- 2 IR.-- under m.rket. (K2'5) HA 544 POOL t 3 big br., paneling, nai (5K72) HA" 5-*4 $14,500--2 BR., den. flrepl. 60. |K?43( HA !^ ?24,?00-- J IR.. cuitam btt. n.t (5K SPOTLESS-2 br.. imrn.d. ..», |»KI . IS A ONE ST( LAKEWOOD PLAZA BEAUTIFUL 1 RANCHO 3-B:drmj, 2 balhj, »cluiied tmme i . . w t n bu It-ln' ra/iM L oven, love)/ W-JV caTlKllint drabS: ReauIlhJl laivhcaptno. vrafertr'l 4 fishpond surrounded by yenow Ialfodlli. Priced at only «U.«5-- BelHIower B(V«. GE 4-3464 V ^BEDROOMS Com Diet* endowed patfo hav* 5 nice family rm. Rtdecorafed . . ose to ill jchools shofipirKr. Easy to buy . . owner wirf heTo tiiunc«. Vacant. Movt ki on r«t- er,ty » 2J -^ 94 _ 3 - 366 M O O R E PICKLED PAINTER HAD A PICNIC · u what- an opportunity 1e olck up * buyl 4 Ddrm., 2 bath, In Pint. Try 5r?,DW, OR - ' 2 Bdrm., terrific locaUon, what a challenge. FHA oVv, 5700.. OR Leu AHos 4 Bdrm., 2 balh,- ni« Mng rm. Owner facina for«c1o- '"'JO'HN READ. RLTY 4345 E. Sarjne HA \-\7S\ Boat Or Trailer 5pac» . Rar» AlUy Entrance The lare* breiXfail bar 1, b»u- tlrul comoletelv new. birch built- in kltehefT , Hit BUM covared paTFo makes this 3-Barm. home excepMonal at [ust $2100 down. SparW R.tlty HA 1-9478 "A NEST FOR EVERY BIRD- UNIQUE!!!, 3-Bedrm, famllv rm, HS battii . tarne. Located In tti» "Heart of tha «aj»"-H93nyimu5ual "Decoraler" fTxhjraa and fMtvres. SiJSt down. ZENITH R»l Estate Co. HA 1-1711 .-- ·vefrGEl-UR LOVELY 4 bedroom 5 biln home wilh 14x21 family r«orn, ajrdlng olass doon from master bedroom to private patio. Uitd bride tire- place. Cinder block fence- W/W carwtb drjMi Ihruout. Try home. Call SM-44?}. Bkr. LOVELY 2 BR home with 15K35 heattd S. filtered oooT. Vim car- pent g, drapes thruout/ lota of decklTO. Priced it only J»,S». Try SI loo down or trade vour rresent fume. Call 3-7«4. Bkr. PAINT SAVE 3 BR. CORNER Near schools Priced low. TARAii Rc^LTr UA »-34S» 3»»S PANWOOD J^R. 415 Falrbrook - 3-1H. 2 bath. HUNTER ASSOC. 42W577 REMODELED 3 bedrm, wltti pool «, flredace. 5^hwenn. 43KMI5 LAKEWOOD VILLAGE V BUY AT WINTER, RATES ... this 4-EooYrn, Kit balh home. !l's Juit the tkJctt for firsa family or family with In-laws. 2M4a POOL. Prfc* Tust reduced tt.OOO-- Call MOORE HA 1-8481 · EXECUTIVE Lovely 2-Bdrm. [argi den, fn- clostd lanal, [ujoirloui carpels dj-ipej, i tlrpfs. AJ»f03C. M» ta. ft. Excellent /.naocfng. EO GRANT Realty GE 9*7323 VILLAGE GEM 2- bdrm.,. l'/j balJi, 3 fij-«alace^. BeautifuJ vard- LAKEWOOO HOUSING CORP. TOft-3734 ' HA5-7SU BEAUTIFUL 2-itorv Can* Cod. Lee. corner tot. Best loc. 3 BR., 2 BA. 2 ftreol. Den. Ssoarafe Din. rm 3-car car, w/rown above. W2JOO. »v owner. 4M?3 Harvey Way, L.B JUST LISTED OPEN. 2-BORM. HU TILBURY LARGE a-Hadrm, IK* balhs. Parto Good location. Owrvtr will he p finance-. WOFFORO REALTY HA Mttl LOS ALTOS Early Americin Charm With Modern Touch From th* lip of the shak* roo with the tcallcped gabr* to trie boHom of Ihe lie* turf carp« inis 7 Isrot Bdrm. home w th the hrancf new birch buftt-ln X lichen Ml riln^g room wil caotlvat* you. ll'i bewitching so don't call Sparow Realty HA 1-9478 "A NEST FOR EVERY BIRO" HEART OF JR. EXECS. 3 BR. Gem. Far lovelier thin new neslltd In presto* area nea iht-pplnfl A Freeway accesi. 2 Wa batfia. F.A. heal t frreoluc* o course. Juit listed, prlco to sell so better be first. JOHN READ RLTY Inc. «45 E. Spring HA l-)7i V LA MARINA'S LARGEST This beaulifu! X-Sedrm on · qule ryl-de-sac overiize lot . . has bll In range a. oven, l?i bathi, j ericed to iclll Ovlck poise»lo.n walk to State College. Key a 2451 Bellllower Blvd. MOORE 6E 4-34M SECLUDED Comollfe privacy In the love pool and lansl, Well-keot 2 Be rm homt equipped for easy IMnH Top location. Only mtx. On ou HEST BUY list. Call TODAYI MOULD Rlty GE 0-754 1 $15,950 Owner ' bouffht a/iolrier t. h* tvlcecf INS to sell rirtt nov.I Ini maculal* 3-Bcdrm. Has tiled FtTtcn en, with bu].t-ini. Walnut oar.ele livino rm., love»v W-W Cflroets Only 7 m f n utes down G a ro*e Grovr Freew?v 1n W. Oranp ",oyotv . . but '','jrrv\ KING R f A K v HE 2-S01 3-BR.-- FIREPL. BLT-INS Extra sharpl Rerr.od. Vilcrien. na bfrch cab./ carpel, draaes. Obi ; sir. Fenced yard. 10% do«n . JOHN VI. REED, REALTOR 1 GAJ-7MI «1E. Market GA J-TO - with bclllln rang* t, oven. Fire, place -with MS llohter, covered r patio dotAle, c«r sarag«. Cor/ie c QUALIFIED VETS l( yov need · J-Bedrm., l?s bltf i home near Stale Collefte . . w ELLIS-SCHRADER SH-Wi be., many extra's, Mil-Tn ra'na and ovin. 7213 Lull. flMUI. J 2 BDRM.-- FHA, fnf- w/«, drpi 1 1SX3J oool. Onh/ »lbM dir. (o c« - Vet. MOULO RELT¥. MA 5-7.h J IV OV;HER-3-6r.. nr. freewa/ 5 wilU,.' 8 »Owolj. »15l e. Vernon 5re-7124. BY. OWNER-- 3-txiVTn., w-w. jrMl flr«(sce. 5-r» Ptvs. Ki ilS? »r WORRY FREE-- CALL CAPRI r Caorl Heillv · «4-le' mes From Rex L Hoc Ml. Sonu f(jrn. CLEAN 3 br., K; WA 5-1271 , . i 10% Jn. G.r. 3 BR,,, , 3) GA 2-IJ57 iftp!., 2,_ $2«,5r*-h«tr 50) GE 1-2534 rm^ 2 (irtpL 3 BR.-- Nr. niw 51) GEf-2m id, · bltini. PLUS honw-- 2 M) HAS- 1207 up. Jin. rm. 5 I DEN-- oo» 13) HA S-1207 mmW pen. 4 BR. -- Cap« C 25; WA 5-1271 ^ paint, Jin. rm. ALL BLTIN.-- 1 25; WA 5-1271 txl loc.tion. MOVE IN now- 25; WA 5-1271 cib)., pool! ' ?H,500-- 3 br., 13) GA 7-MH w/w Jrpj. }2,45p OFF! 3 DP DEAL -- DIAL RE LOS ALTOS . THE FHA SET THE PRICE!! and the owner $avk "WE'LL TAKE IT!" A sparkling clean 4-B6DROOM i FAMILY ROOM HOME .. ... on Wo fenced lot, carpeting, deluit built-in apoll- »rK»/l»l battu. Priced at t»,- 575 FHA appraisal.- S O U N D GOOD '. · IT IS 1 1 Com. lust minutes down In* San Diego Freeway Into West Oranga Cowilv lo Ri]5 norna t see what you can AETNA REALTY Sarvie* GE MOW ' TW 3-OS37 LOS CERRITOS AREA NEW-- Drive bv 37S1 Cedar. 3 be*- rms., 3 ba., fam. rm., dining rm. 2S9 CLAIBORNE-- 4-br. den 1 storv. HUNTER ASSOC. 42M577 NAPLES-MARINA AREA ENCHANTING TREASURE ISLE HOME Sutrilme location on obtn water. * bcdreo.-ns, -Biiirtlfully \irvi- sciped. Larft* "U-jTitpwf" float. Extenslv* water rights. Execution* C CL| L VE GRAHArvfco" »M E. Ocean, Realtors HE 2-3141 l!/i-ba., cara, drps., " f r p l . ·£ 3 Br. + 2 Br. Apt Loaded w/chi rm ( Wo b d rm,, . bit-Ins 0[, 1'A loti/ ln.c. J130. Exqulsltt BR. i. den, boat . dock. tncl. bick yarcf. MUNTZ REALTY GE 7-2161 ' Realtor; 5536 E. ?nrf Island In" fTaSes. 150°ft. o"flnd deoth + additional TiS II. of till. Into the water. Glva private water frontage with, no puUUc .walk S. ability to berth a la roe boat., with 50 bridges between fct a, sea. 61 Sea Isl* Or. at western end of Treasure Island Lane. By owner. .GORGEOUS 4 BR FAM RM 3 BATHS 2 FRPLCS $5000 DOWN Sensational Cirslom Built. ·O5.M74 or 591-143! to buv this 2 Ir., Redwood home w/dandv tlrepl.. loads ef closets 5223 1=. 2nd St. Realtors 433-WO! LOVELY 3-bdrm., 2 balU, .w-w. NORTH LONG BEACH Reduced fl7,-?.00 c i!5,70C Assume loan $17 per mo. 2 lc!ng- slie bedrma., w/w crpts. fhrooyt. Xlnl location. Owner. 422-iXti 3 B R 1%BATH GA 2-1257 "iVoHSTM "A' 3-«33o (H3I3) REX L HODGES FIXER-UPPER-- $15,950 2-BR. family rm. - 1030 so. ft. Carpet, flrecl. Patto. LOTS HERE TO MAKE BEAUTIFUL! HOWARD BUTLER. Reallor «I7» ATLANTIC AVE. OA 3^471 I-BR. FURN. HOME NTc* conditfenl 45x115 Jot. Mi v trici* for .-far. hau^e lr«Uer or will sell la Is, $11,500. Term*. RAT A JACK Really GA 3-SttS 59T3 Orantx. Alt. 6 p.m. GA2*»tf9 2-BR. $ i 000 .DN.-- $16,500 Newly ctecoraled Tn and out. Modern stucco. DWe -gar. · R-4 lot, ROOM TO BUILD UNITS G A mi 101 E. Ma'rket GA 3-54W 3 BR POOL S e e . t W s cnarmlna boy. In nice Area. Cpts.. drps.. patio, dress, rm. HA Has WA 5-1771 CA l-2«» 3 BR $1000 DOWN Only Jt»,500. Lois cl extras. Owner will help finance. GA 2-1257 ELLINGTON CA 3-33M (H298) REX L HODGES 3-BR. STUCCO-- $18,500 Near Atlanllc and South St. Hdwd, tile, separ, din. rm. Dblt air. PevWallev. Try IKi down. JOHN W. REED, REALTOR GA 3-7711 491 E. Market GA ItiU By Owner-- 2 Dun + Pool Lge living, rm and dining area. Carpet, drapes. Flreorace In der,. Stall shower. Heater, filtered pool. Dble gar. Paved alley. Nr Catholic Church Sch! 3 bedroom exlr* living room. Only m,KO. Submit · GA 2-11S7 ELLINGTON GA 3-339* H27a) REX L HODGES PRIM * PERT_ 7 br. w / Iro- sep. di. rm. rmd. kit. ba. only STt.uO. Sm. dn. GA 2-1257 ECKMAN GA 2-SZS3 (H3H) REX L HODGES I-BR. DUPLEX -- $15,950 Modern stu«o, I furn.- Rm 'to build. Only $1500 down. JOHN W. REED, REALTOR GA3-7JII «1 E. Market «l3e77 Try Gl terms. 3* bedrm. . 2 balh. 1509 E. Arlesla GA 3-S« HA 5-HI2 STORE BUILDING-- C-3 3551 *.a. ft. Can be divided. 5(M1U lot. Nr. L.B. Blvd. a. 52r^l. S. L. Starr Co. GA 3- 1487 DRIVE BY 3750 POPPY . . and call to set this Int., sharp 3-BR., IU ba SM-1671 CAPRI GE1-1S75 Tns. Cirpefed. «0 sd. ft. Patio Bl* R-2 lot. Paved alley. Nr Blvd. Easy to buyl Howard Butler, Realtor GA 34471 450. ideal 2-br. perfectly kept Carpet, drapes. Bio lot. Easy to Howard Bullir, Reallor. GA 3-«7f 1 btdrm. turn, vacant, nf. Dost- office shoo*. Terms. Small lot 3 Br. Nica Yd! $15,900 Rm. to bulldl Trade Rlc Owen 3 BR.. 12.000 dn or nd. By owner Frpl., drapes, carptne, u^ baUi: diso, healed c?ol, screened porch £573 Gardenia Ave. GA 2-1000 NICE 2 bdrm. Stucco, newly decor, xlnt. cofld., hdwd. firs., furnace til*. Term*. K33 Lewis Ave. Call JEANNIE CARLIN 3«^l7tt SEETHIS! Ur« 3 Br,. """· By Owner. GA 3-t177 3 BDRM. Stucco. Flrepl. Obi. Kr Nr. everythlno. Submit. ·L RUT» 0*41 TV 5M3« 3-BR. SpanTih S^KCO. Lge. din. rm. Brk'it. rm. 1'A lott P.-2. 111,903 I Termi. OWNER GA 3-7«l i 2 BEDROOM - Dtn. Real clean Owner w! 1 help fTnaica w/lOK tin. MOULO REALTY HA S7« ! R O O M F O R TRAILER 2 1 Den, jflev. SK.7M -- tlOOO dn Mould Rltv. 4251 ciierrv OA i-us: ONE BEOROOM -- R-4 M. *IO«O MOULD REALTY Sle-ITT URS, KoVrd. tloon, liytll oc Or!;?!!!! ensr. "TM E. "'S efRW tbr.. ) ba., Ht-lnj, creti xlrai. »» dn. LO «J7O. Jges Realty nice. Micpinf, else, to schll. (2K1S4) GE 1.1371 nta far r«ii -win*, nr. hoip. !!'.I3] HA LI233 ·f koj»mo«r -- 3 br., bINni. Sit. . (t4.!47j GE 1-1371 civy hoi p. Zorttd for rait hm. (ILI2) HA 1-123) bt., w/w,' tfrpi., pintlinv, cFttn. (IKI 17) HA I-B233 i area, pool, ntirly piTnt«d. (tKIIS) GE 1- 1371 od ieiijn, ni«r'w/w, UKnj. feol (6L132) GE 1-1371 nc . frttiir, waihtr-dryar, 3 br. |iLI4l)-HA 14233 --3 br., tirtpl,, din. rm. T«p loc. (L222) 6E 1-1371 ftp. din. rm^ bout. drpi. Nr ill (K240) HA l-»233 or., jr. eiec. model. Top Ice. (Lt«) HA 1-S233 :X L HODGES! NORTH LONG BEACH COMPARE »H».W DOWN 3 Bdrni, 2 Den. Clean home, room for traJle. Area's Best Buy. 2 Bdrm., Fam. rm. «, pool. Easy cart for vard. Try 321,500. ' 1-Bd'rm. home, '37«», RJ Lot. Ideal for retired covple. ' MOULD REALTY CA1W53 ·251 Cherry DON. 4 BRS. FAM LY RM. FIREPL. 2 BATHS. «0.7W FHA AVAIL. QUICK POSSESSION 3 ON \-- TWO 3-BR. a. ONE 2- BR. w/2 CAR GAR. 8, CARPORT SARRVMILLER' es»ORMi 1 G T E 2 HOMES ON 1 LOT (ONLY S2!.7S»-TERMS) Z-br. stucco In front. 3 vr. old 2- br. In back has bit-In ra*g* I oven. Nr. 5«h t, Oranw Aye. Hurry! · RATAJACK Realty GA3-54i« 5913 Ora^oe Aft. » p.m. GA 3-3975 JUST LISTED 2 ON 1 Charming 2 bedroom In front. VV/hardwood floor* -f 'x Beln0 Cute us · Bug's Ear!". Nlc» I btdroom rental In rear. Heir South t Or*nfle. - . D.Yan Linen RI»A 2-0977 Spacious: 3-Br. Den r-h. baths tool I veins old. Fi/«pl. Excflullonally nice amono lively homes. Mor« t» Ilka thin we cap tell you hert so i«* for voyrstlt. HOWARD BUTLER, Realtor «17A ATLANTIC AVF. GA 3-«7* 4- or. 2 Bam -- Spacious! X pMitct %l ttr'b» fsTTilty^ herr.e. Modern/ custom - bvitt. Built -[RJ, Seoar. steccrina rm. Yard W; enough for siieballl CHI fc set HOWARD BUTLER, REALTOR 3 BDRM; 1V5 batn, : dtle eanigv, rajgo. bkr? 4U-WH: eE 1-3*2 PARK ESTATES OUR PLEASURE TO SHOW viiuta^Rb^NsbN GE 4-74,-V REALTOR GE t4317 QUALITY -- " bedrm. + beaut. 3 *, ROSSMOOR LOOK AHEAD! Our Rossmoor "Estates'' mod*] is 1 rxl. RIotit now we have tomi n ce onn to choose from. Al fairly orlced tfeoendlna ioon t^« ' PLUS A Good Choice of Other Models. Down DBYmts. of 13J1M vriM handle several ef our listings. CALL- TODAY -- Shown Anvlimt! D«BENEDICTJS Realty 112f3 Los AlAinitos Blvtf. GE 1-2507 h «3,750-- 1fl% DOV.'H Th« Wwest priced "amiiw Gir- 1 d«ns" In · Rcumoorl Eves: 127- '"SOUTHERN ESTATES" WI,7SO-1«S DOWN TIM lowest priced ll Estates" mod el In Rossmoor! Eve: 430-2047. . JUST LISTED . Tlw lowest priced "Pilorlm" wll POOL En Rojmoarl -Eves: 4S: 3240. . TONER REALTY TAKE YOUR PICK! -"EL CAW.iNO" "GOLDEN . ESTATE" 9 ft Rossmoor's most populi rr^deli. Both firtced to itll .-. Bo1h with xlnt f Inane ho-. Both 1 top notcli candmoA. For detair call .- . . ZENITH Real Estafe Co. HA 10711 -- evei: GE 1-ttO rictur* w«tty "RavKh" mode Cofaiplttety r«fecorated. N e w choice cinj*ts f. drwts, ilal entry. iMofiflna Corton Hkd kltd *n. EncloMd wtro, plus fin« lo- cxtran. 530,950. Set . . . trd com Mrel You'U buy it) DOSS JONES, R.alfy 1)174 Los Auunllos U. GE 1-351 BUYERS' MARKET K evens ... so ttiTs prooerty ha en pre-reduced In price for you 3 big bedrms, fairity rm, 1 bath redecorated in out, new W-Vi carpefj tv drapes. WOWI What "ZENITH Re«i Esf«t e Co. VACANT . . . "So. Estates" only S3I.950-- Lo dn. New droi, W-W Ihruout. An 1ou« cabinets. Eves: K7JXM TONER REALTY SIX Lukewood B! TO 4-07U "CANTERBURY" MODE Otvncr forced to sell lovely Bedrm. A family rm. TRY LO DOWN PAYMT! 4435 E. Spring HA . t-» 4-BR -- 2 BATHS Rest 4'Bedrrn. buy In Roismcor MUST SELLI -- See L submll! RYERSON-HAZLET C?E «-OJW DIRTY BUT CHEAP IMS. PREST'GE AREA. HURRY MABRY Rlty SE 0-OS2 272 1 BRIMHALL DR. "Farm /tedel." Priced for oyic sa le wllh early possess. B^r.-Ow POSTHIJMARt 436-4W4; GE l-34« SHARP PLYMOUTH New paint In a, out. Walk shopping. Sea this on*. SJ5-21W EL DORADO Model. Owner. VI' carpets, drapes, elc.'Xlnt. corx Imrned. occupancy. (31,950. Low down. 4M-773]; eves. M1-07II. ESTATES Mod. Rtduced price. IITV med. pois. New cpts., iprln 1Y OV/NER-- t bdrmi., futl dining room, rarpffed draped. Good cond. *32,»0. 430.0U7. SEAL BEACH ""~JUSruSTED Home Stow Model. 3-bdrm. den w/atrium. See today, It won' last. REVA OL50N-GE 1 3» McGRATH-SHANK CO GE MUI GE I-43J! BOAT OWNERS Sic. 2 bdr.. \ 3 't ba., huge den flrepl., I blk ocean. CE l-e4» OCEAH FRONT PROPERTIES LEEDCM REALTY 30-IU1 SIGNAL HILL OUR BEST BUYS 4 tirm. t den; 3 tdrm. d dm 2 bdrm. duplex-All wMl view 2 tdrm. ee R-4 kt. Call en tt»u ·M e4ners . . , today. STEGGALL REALTY HE 4.7W STATE COLLEGE AREA IN LOVELY LA MARINE Prestige area for the Junior Exec utlvc. 3 bdrms. den, 2 bath wllh bunt-ins. Extra lanse lot., on ouMt culJ« uc. Wairto-Slat i College. No parkuxt problemi htrt call for details, at ...u3 Athir ton. (L-225) 596-3364 M O O R E - · -·: - . i ·'·I IMMHMUT -- THU UAnk if 1UA ·· **+.'* tit ' ft Iftt-Yllt-B 8ttAM. iw»i~Xrtmli T - ^ rQQW'-il" i Htmtt ftr lulu lfi~ STATE COULKGE AREA LARGE 4-kt4rnv Ic'tam rm^ 2 btlh homt. Imrrncurifi In A «vt. B1t-!n el re. kltchw, »»h c*Nntt3, fr«pl, prktd to.sctl faitl Owner irirut io Eist Cotit C«LI . . . SANDIER-ROSEN Rrfy 1714 Cl.rk GE 3-7417 WEST SIDE RIVE BY CALL TO SEE 3317 Easy ..J br. 2 ba. 274* Cale --- .2 br. Sep. din. rm. M« Gale -- J br. Lois ol entraj. Stanley. 3»' r 'w.' "wiTl7w GA 4J051 cw ROOM TO BUILD . SEATON^SELO/EIR!' H*"'SSii77 · EST IUY-1N AREA spiffirihiasf B ^VW. H lS!£.\teLfUli»8tl3 WRIGLEY 2369 Sin .Franeiico Ave. Se«:tt]ls 3 Bdrm.- Immediate eoss. Glint 50x170 lot. A nice family home. Try 42150 down. 2243 Locust Av*. Home Income. Lovely 2 Bdrm. Spanish + 1200 Income from duplex tn rear. Low. down will gel tWs fine prooerly. · MORRIS HOLMOUIST 2112. Pacific REALTORS 5J1-5MI 20x24 DEN . 3 bedrm, I'i bath. IfOO sq. It. ol roornv comfort. W/w caroellnp w/ TEVIN'-SOMMER R.ii+y V 2-BR VDEN EK ra clean. Dtn woufd mike n!c» m aiter b*drm. Good ctroets i MOORE 5 *' . GA 6-5591 BRIGHT 3 BR. Lovely 'area for- ttill too cwd. home, flrepl., drapes, patio. Dbl. gar. GE H37I, Denllow, GE : (FI3I) REX L HODGES NEWER TRY $950 DN . Slue 4 br.: 2 ba flrepl. Subm $24? E^L A Ao^E lSMn «i l 7^ BY OWNER-- 2 . BR. 5». din. rm., tfbf. oar. Sac. S17.SOO. 2749 .DtliV- - G A. 7-4100 Br. d 2 Ba.TrylSOO^Dn.! Dlstresi! S] 9,000? Tride? Cwen F124) REX L HOOGbs HE7.12M 2WO SAN- Frincttco. -3 br., Mtle, ffrepf., nr. shops. Bristol. " GA TO SETTLE ESTATE.- ' Lee. 2-BR. dual ex 'i- cottage.' HUNTER ASSOC. 42e-«577 PRICE reduced. Mice 2 bdrm. Corner lot. Owner zr.x'ous. K1 MAINE -- Built -1)40. BH-ln kitchen, w-w,'drpj. Irlstqw. GA 3M1 SAN Francisco. 3 br., frpl., la. JB.!*"- »'· Terms. Bristow. 711 W. TSTH. 2 br., io clean II sparkles, »m. lot. Brlslow. GA 3043 EUCALYPTUS^-«SO down, balance 114,500. Rltr. HE 4-97SV . BY OWNER. »» OREGON AVE. 4 BDRM , Igjt. lot. Low down. GOLD COAST. GA-4-7120; 432-7431. 110 W. 3!st. 3 br.i Ml yd., beaut, w-w, drp. Don Bhstow GA 4«ll Southland CtlieiPr**. 140 -BK. -- I'/v bathi-tirsplacf) (S77.«a -- COOO TERMS 1350 sa. ft. 11 year old beautvl Forced air heat. Carpeted. Hdwd., nsulaled, wfnspd. Patro. 2Vi gar. 60x135 fenced lol. Many exlras! R»t»j«cl( Rlty GA 3-5468 ARTESIA $195 DOWN · 1 bdrm. L0e. ro:ms. MUM ftnced lot. Carport, tn.900 F.P. ' READY REALTY HA 1-I?U 2719 NORWALK BLVD. : 2- Bdrm, stucco. U2 mo., Incl. lix. our homt immediiteiy. O n l y 113,500. 3-bdrm./ 2 bam, lot farnl- Iv rm. + many txtr«. For dtttll) BELLFLOWER VACANT -- MOVE IN! Deluxt 2-Wrm. 4- hy« den "w/ iircplice, op*n beam; blNFr. avtn, rang*, l 3 ^ ba., huae master bed* rm. Gir., fenced yd., school* · short vfttK, sno'pnlnp c/itr. iround comer, jnvestraat* this tin* buy-K?S E. Olfve, BeUfJower. *· · TWO ON ONE! Ont has bdrnii., tf:t other 2 den on »x20Q ft. lot, near Clark Ave.. · Cornoten Blvd. In Bell- dower. This Is « brand new 11:1- Ino tnat 3hcu1tf sell fast at 124.750 with 32500 dcwr. , J. A. MUELLER, REALTOR IU Clark. Bcllllswer TO '7-37M HAPPY TIME Is ill the tun* -- here! 3 bedroom 2 baih home with- loe, d«n for p1*y or relixa.1*n! Lse. covered Ditto, full iU* awfrnmlna poc For outdoor fun. Chofce' Ho. Bell fir. loc. $27,500 F.P. Call nowl Pris- more Realty, Realtor* TO (-17W BaOW FHA APPRAISAL Reduced for a oufck.iile. Jwst ra- dec. 3. bed room m Ho. Bellfrftwer. l 3 Jt baths, w-w carpet · oar. L.°GTEHB£RG REALTY TO I-373I drapes, carpdi. Malct'a ovarT«r». 1 acre cttii corral tack room, S«« to apjx-edate. Aiklna WMQ. Submit your offer. Call owner. 4-44Q2 or drive by 1729 Cedir, HOME BUSINESS Beautiful 2-b«drm. home, stor* bldo., extra larct flirioe, "workshop, covefed patio, 60x140 ft. M c-G zone, inovfr* nswl. RUMDOUIST REALTY liUJlO . 4 BEDRM-- $,14,750 Full nrice -- peaceful rural uret in BalHrOYf-er, Wher* ls« can vou find ft buy !];* this? SYKE5 REALTY CO. LOT 55x458 wilh 2 neat hovsn. zwied for hlrj«. «?,SOO. K5-SOM; 434 -31 » VACANT LOT-- N». B«llfl»w»r. Rm for 1 hovjn. Realtor. TO 6-17U COMPTON-LYmVOOD STEP DOWN DEN , .with llreotace maVes 1h!s 3 bedroom so attractive. Numerou* x frai In TWs stiiro home, T.ft kitchen, ash tablnefs. I 3 i baths. Lots of oafwirrna, canxtlng, brFck work planters. Nice Lynwood 1 location COGBURN REALTY CO 10001 ArlesFa Blvrf. BelHbwer DOMINGUEZ V MUST BE SOLD! Clean 2-bedreom, tfinln? room, re dec. In a, col. N«w roof. DDL oar Large lot. Ste tills J. you II buv Low down oayment. Totar W.XM MOORE SA 6-5591 SouthkwdCifiesh'op. 140 HAWAIIAN GARDENS" P OO rt IME"SOOiSI~ 3 BR, 11x30 rrrflOUS rin, \Sx3Q oool. 11.000 dn. ONLY S1»,7M WILLIAMS Rlty. '21-lttJ:. 421.1597 .NORWALK -^ VACANT 5 br. err own. AWn. - ildln» w/ ston* trim, IM. lot, nlc« yd., MI Ihr. rm., MW Mint, 115*0 Kp 13221 Efmcroff ' 4J4-34O lerid Bod. Nr. S. GkOrlel Frwy Low ow.lll. Owiw, UN447M PARAMOUr^iT : A REAL CUTIE s, only 5900 down, for } beirm 2 CEr 0aras! nice bio yard RICHARDS REALTY ; HA 5-1251 Sill Del Ania TWO UOUC? ftM x htdrm., Z ba., + J bedrm. mo* «rn (ram«. bam real snaml MOCC dn, llv« 1, rent o)Mr. Utta HUMPHRIES REALTY, TO7.CT «31 E. AlaMllnld!. litflllMJ 3 ^-BR. housn iwi «}y3n lei. RJ Drssa* CMiatv fr**. 14? ·^BBiW - . -2 STORY, v $2,000 Und*f.M*Hctt, . 5 I. . amity room - 2 · bitfe hduw- Prfctd 12WO, und«r FHA *PW*J T ** by sxirTOunaTnff homes. "»M bnu. tfoor tnfrv", 'Wo/k *«vef " VitcnTr. bu-t-,/1 G«tfer £ Sattier r»netj«i even. Orwnlc tlli " ceuottr. ivtt* Natural wood c?bTn«i, bfMktnt oar. SMdwj ::.~inf ir«ai.^l«ii bwnlna trrcnl. Slrdirw aim d«on. Forcedi tlr flMh Acoustic cttKftfls. tenc«d yard. LK«t*d on.ovltt Cut* i* Sac Strec,. U5X95. t . GIBSON REALTY UN WOK -- TA 7-21 SO .' .Credit Problem'?. · NOT'HERE!!.,. 3 REPOSSESSED'} V 4:iEDX*U. ·ult-lni. flrKHicw. ' Ojid:ar«ai. Near Frccwaya and Sno«crinf. From $1 9,500 fo $22,500 Furr Louis : Realty 12172' Euclid Avt.,- Garden '.Gray* Collect (714)^34-7040 Eyes: Mr. Edwards 530-5030 : . SMALL BUSINESS MAN. ISm l£»"q. r fl. ln;ll«Jn?iuihib1« for. cablntr .shop, ;- ypholrtrry, inumWna, «tc. Ptentv «r Mrkint. Large 3 bdrm., lam. «,. dlntok rm. h^mr Hdwd. llMrj. ..04*0 area. CMtnr anxious. PrlCM n Ml. · · . · · ' . Afiprovtd Horrtij Rtilfy I2MM4 ' . · , · " UN 72it 3tM W. LlncAn. Anifielm*?? $300 TOTAL, DOWN; N o t - o n a cwt'mor*! 4: tirm. FA htal. Blattered ynlli. .Dra*ii cu/talm.- BIMnirwM ft. OVM. Fenced 'front.- e · r«ar. CLEAXl lmm«d. possttslon. T'o ieB.mck ORANGE County remunttas. Lister. . 42?.»13; tvn. U^0£}9 C. MICHAEL, Inc., (7!4) TVYM5M .· .Oranw County ..Rriiiles - ^ ANAHEIM No Poir\h, No Qualifying J1SOO do., as'sumt FHA loa'n, «)WC 3nd. on thu 3 Bdrni.', famllyxiu. na rm. home. . Ffrtpltci, -hardwood fin.,- luxurious carp.; tlec- pretty. mo5t''ittractly« 5 'riem« .1* l J l bHN' REA'B!'KLTY'in'i. 5*6-3720: ' ... BY OWNER, Walnut Park tftca- t vt home. S-bdrm.,..! bathf. Cathedral synxtn . llvlnp rm. Air. cond. paMled famll/ room. Lar» lot, profess, lantf. scaped. Sprinklers front t, r«ar. mmad. occupancy. Cali to loan «r ownsr will provldi new loan. 7M43MOS)* p ? r '."" " * 3 .'! l ». DECORATOR 1 jttry cwtemeonry roojed ir.M, 3200' M. rt. palla, 1200 ft. 4 fam. bdrm., 2 bttf!}, I'y., ir. t fam. rm». compTf.d/B kitcn. Air cond, Beau), landscaped. Ptt. Parochial public school!. W^AnaMlm. Owner «3,f». 7M- lirqt 3 bdrm., nrc* ajr«i, ctos* ta »*r« .it skegolng, :Ortl/. $17,200. BUENA PARK; SOUTHERN CHARM.: jW^^E^JJlft HOME. All th* exlras fou'nd [n usurious homes some of which ire; Wt-in ranae, even and dishwasher. IniDfessJv* brfck FIREPLACE AND over 77M «. fl. V Hvlna area. Cill now, ttit eric* -may fool YOU. Ask f*r vC-IT. ·: Fiedler -Real, Estate Gl HO DOWN Pavmt tn tNl rraHi- t k« home/ ready t«' mova : M.;; . 3 spacious bedrms, 1 3 ,4 pvlfcium bath!, garden patH,. .hew «K«- ralor carprirn».l, cfrapes. Krand new kitchen with . d«uxt ' btt-M ranoo oven. . ; and naturil wood cabin t. Wlfersofftnar Mai FKA terms ilsol Listed it »Wy CE 04115 ELLI3-SCKRADEK CYPRESS fealures. SUN Rlty. HA 1-1721 fVUE RTON ONLY. $395 DOWN 777 AMD YOU GET THE DEEP 5 REMAINIKG . HEW 4.BEDROOM HOME- All bullt-rns, fprce., v/-w. Sn«k« roofs, feflcts, Indscoo.. sprlnkreVs MODELS: choke w»f Kullttlon area on Valencia, V/. ef Magnolia REGAL HOMES NO. 2 523-Ml ' . Evas. £23-0927 GARDEN GROVE ;' BASTGATE-- Outsttndiiia h«n» fej turn 3 rarsa bedrtems. · -farn ily room and 2 sJMral. .tun BLT-IK rana« and .oven sit 'Ifl ceramic till makes this steivuv Ing Qucvn's kitchen. In .maximum demand.. W/w carfftfe nr.oofliei tnt floors throuahout. Irncjrassiyi LIVING ROOM FIREPLAtE^A* sum« loan for total monthly pay ment of only $125 or rtttoaric* ft n*w FHA or .Gl. Joan.. Ask » DRE\M HOME Low av'aroTMns line tha concr«l d/lv« ol mis lovely 3-Bedroom a. family rm. home. W.W orpetlns drapes, llreplace, wood panellnf Forced air heat. BuilWns.. baths. Larsa patio.. Black fervcM vard. Only 922,500. .Try »i;oo DOVlN FHA/VA-SUOO.DN.'FH? RAPHAEL REALTY 1410 tClttUa 66 1.3012 or . -TAvlor t-4K .EXECUTIVE SPECIAL. Estates 3 over. sued bUrnnj^luiS family rm.. a«, bains; sea. torma dm. rm. 20x40*. heated 4 flltete pool. Beaul =.i acTM lot. A k«j buy. Submit terms. .. , . . i ELLIS-SCHRADER 11172 Bfookhurst, Cardm Gr6v BE A WINNER:,, witti this beautiful, large 4-Bedrni 1 bain home. W-W-. cirp«i|n| drapas, llreplau, bull-Ins, Mu HEATED ANTHONY..POOI; ;T with Mculno 1, custom In4sc9 My H J^i^?o8 a^'iitta^Biir «-,«,· _ GE 1J012 or TAylor HM $16,500 buys this charming .3-UdrMn hornt . . an dolled w with t\ati Ing alirmlr«m s/dlna L'stOM fa, L" 9 ' i,,'"* n '. redtcoralx inilS Sprakllng cl«n. Overslie dt garaM . . wllh workshop, mte. fenced. Suomll terms- or : tradi RAPHAEL REAtTy T H1» Kj^ 3-BORM. +-Ux?4' dan.. lout, wm paniHInf, heavy Majned ctlllM! Kin ston« nratvKcc. LwJT OK bll. bar, 2 katns. Slock w« ftri Emergency ti'.t. prior jio n Mw compare l-la market v«m« 1 urea. Asking sl»,75t. Try la «s S500 +. closing costs. · ." "J/.NCER" at GARDEN SP.OV .AW^SM EVM-, s»-7»; MOM t POP Reaulilul 2-Bedrm. 1 addrd 'fam Mv rm. Gold W-W carptlinS drapej, forced «ir, custonVui kllchen wilh loads W cibtnels Larot fenced yard. Only Sl«,»»i Cood terms. Call , : RAPHAEL REALTY Mil Klt«f GE 1-3012 o r - TAvlor- l-So 4 2 b«ths . . . Wha4 · buy . , i t h l i nvmlw of rooms LiMtur. wfjlcft Incl. I .flrepuSi, wt-lns* FA ktat tef . »17,iO» ( I (an Dhurry, on _ mis . en... . i- · ' porm -f- dert nom« -near l»ri shopping area J, schvol, Many f tras Incl. a worksnop nr da Win. ^down ^FHA or FEO/VE 197-1310 - ' ' 7U-534-72t FORECLOSURE PENDING Stariil hom«. 3 bdi-m., 2 bairn, hdw floors, MtKn , TV-it t »M. A. tumc rwge Gl loan or new loa ok.'Asklna $17^00 or mak* «ffe "LANCER" rt GARDEN GROV 7H-^SJO.SS80 Eve. S34-57! ·Y OWNER. 3 bdrm,, IVi path fSPSl !"" M - scr«*« "'I tMI wollev Lin*. G, Grovr. 3 BR., \Vi toOu, cpld, »aH,. N GG frw S, Hrjrber. »117m«. my all. No Jn. V«1J, tflr. 7mf4-t?3

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