Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 2
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IMC*. Cat*. Jkprl I 1MI --L.A.C. SAYS:- iYot Partisan? PEOPLE IN THE NEWS - i Minnesota Bill Hits 'Love 9 of Driving . . : · . . - · . . . ' · · · . O ;'.._: Governor Brown won his fight to have Thomaj ·Braden reappointed to the State Board of Education. . It is widely applauded as a non-partisan approval of · the governor's demand. But it is interesting to note . lhat there was not one Democratic vote in opposition. . Si of the 13 Republicans joined with the 27 Demo. aits to settle the issue. *- * * * ;^; · / It is another example of how Democratic executives, state and national, call for non-partisan support : But their idea of non-partisanship is the acceptance of the executives' program regardless of its merits or the information given to the minority party. The Braden 'issue was not supposed to be a partisan issue. There .were many Democrats who voted for him who expressed concern over Braden's activities. But their objections were not great enough to overcome the .pressure of voting the governor's program. ·-*- The only issue of importance was the arrogance "jind ill-tempered remarks of Braden -- when president ·pf the State Board -- in the campaign between Dr. Iax Rafferty and Dr. Ralph Richardson. It was an 'Unprecedented occurrence for an appointed board to "endorse a candidate for its own executive, when the 'public selected that executive. Braden announced such Jin endorsement and in his newspaper carried on a '.titter campaign against Rafferty. 3 * * ~- In effect, Braden was repudiated by the voters. Rafferty was elected after one of the most debated Campaigns ever held in California. The issues were 3}ver the conduct of our school system and changes Advocated by Rafferty. It was apparent the parents of ihe state agreed with Rafferty and disavowed the ittitude taken by Braden. i; Soon after the election Braden's term of office inded. But Governor Brown insisted that he be reap- 3ointed to the board. Brown and Braden charged that It was the Birch Society that was raking the state- divide protest over this action. It is a smokescreen used Whenever the governor's programs are questioned. ?The fact is that the Birch Society membership is so "email it could have accounted for only a very small ·traction of the vote that elected Rafferty. 5 * * A «; The issue has been settled. The majority of the jieople have had a man -- repudiated by them -- ·crammed down their throats. The president of the ·board -- on record as opposing most of the superintendent's ideas -- remains in power. The voters' attitude is disregarded. 5 It is almost four years before there is another ^election for state officers -- so the governor is not so -interested in public opinion at this time. The senators Jire interested in party harmony-- and the benefits {they can get from the executive branch. The Republi- ·fzas showed a non-partisan attitude, apparently vot- ·uig their convictions. But if there was that much dfver- of opinion among them, there must have also equally strong diversions among the Democrats. they voted solidly, which appears to mean non- CanvlM Fran TW MntnMnri WW Sanrlcn A Minnesota legislator wants to take the dutch cut of »oto driving--and e doesn't meaa installing ntomatic transmissions. The thing that turns up i heat coder Rep. Richard Jchle't collar is one-armed driving by amorous couples who snuggle under the leering wheel to the detriment--in his view--of driving safety. Richie's bill was quickly .ubbed the 'anti-necking tffl- and has been the butt f a thousand jokes around Minnesota legislative halls. But fellow house mem- xri thought enough of it to give it preliminary approval Wednesday by a 59- Ivote. In essence, the bill would irohibit either the driver or bis companion from draping an ana around the seat-mate. I don't want to infringe on anybody's love affair." says Richie, "but 1 tfrinV it's * good safety bOL" "Necking ia a parked car Is different. That presents no traffic problem.** Richie said in defending his bin. State officials doubt it could be enforced. ~;partisanship applies only to the minority party. -- LAC ^. (LAC.'i eoTumn, ty U A. CoIUri Sr, Ra ofter eoTumrn, a ta · c$ parsenal cpln'ca and rise* cci ceceusrHy raflacl · can «h« |Brown Supports | State Pay Boosts (Continued from Page A-I) -JaaOftt Prra GUBERNATORIAL WOODCHOPPER Cor. Orral E. Faubus donned khaki wtrk clothes, picked up a double-bitted ax, and went to work on a state highway crew clearing brush. The governor worked Wednesday and Thursday helping a crew clear brush in northwest Arkansas. Faubus, 53, stopped to talk with the work crew Tuesday near his home la Hontsvflle and to!d the supervisor not to clear the ornamental trees. The supervisor asked U he could have someone single out the flowering trees since he didn't know much about them. Faubus told »""» to pick cp a man at a' cafe In Huntsvine the next morning. When the crew arrived th«y found the governor waiting. CONFIRM The S e n a t e Thursday confirmed the nomination of W. Avert!! Harriman to be undersecretary of state for political affairs, the No. 3 post in the State Department EXPECTING After frequently denying it, actress Debbie Reynolds admitted Thursday in Hollywood that she is expecting a baby. She is the wife of millionaire shoe manufacturer Harry KarL SUED Actor Ralph B e l l a m y Thursday in Los Angeles was sued for $202^00 by two producers who daimed he broke aa agreement to appear in their proposed pbot film for * one-hour television show. Producers James A. Bank ' and Alan Woods said they entered into an oral agreement Nov. 19 with Bellamy in which he agreed to star in the pilot film. CONSIDERING Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller indicated Thursday he seriously is considering entering the 1964 Republican presidential primaries. The New York governor told a news conference he will make known his decision before the New Hampshire primaries next February. BIRTH IN AIR Mrs. Delia F. O'Neal, 20. of Ocracoke, N. C, gave birth to a son Thursday while flying in a Coast Guard helicopter 800 feet above Camden Point. N. C The baby was born as the helicopter was taking Kirs. O'Neal from her home to a hospital. Ocracoke is a Coast Guard lifeboat station. -AssKlaM Prra Wrohots VICKY Unns, 18, made cir- cns history in her debut as a star aeriaEst Wednesday night in.RingHng Bros, and BarmmT Bailey Circus in New York. "She came direct from Ugh school to the big show," said her f a t h e r , Franz, who also stars in the show. "It's never happened before." Need Help Problems ? FO» LEGITIMATE SAVINGS MAXIMUM LEGAt SOUNDS FeritfJ, £*!/»«/ t*J . Ctrpcr^ie* l*temi Tun · WHY GUISS? It SOU) MAG FRANKEL, LL.B, rUlUC ACCOUNTANT * »tor* 27 Yttrv (Esfta. WIL F*rks Trt ·f Milt* lor Our StOTtc TIT VJ AMD r«0 OUT HTKTt ffiSrSsrfis · BRLfLOWEX ·OJ7 Algidra leikrorj e GARDEN GROVE 12m Ciapatm Artu* · (Just W«* ef Harbor Blvd. Ort Milt Soum of OivwvlirO JEffmca 7-2002 cri* · TO « rvt*Y BAT-- mC!_ SATURDAY · SUNDAY AFFOtNTMEKTI HOT Kf CEUAIY LOWEST STANDARD ITES * FilEE ESTIMATES ·* IT'S,NQT rap LATE FOR CPMP.ETENT i».H O F EViXo if A L A S S I S T A N C E ! * WE AUpCFTE* »i mod Jlv« FtohmioriB] " -, .rt - - - 2*. e u r c _, big and Sv»t*mi ·· - _ - - - Bf«e* of Public Accounting. voa arc «r«d of trinfMd. tidAfsict vnvntim 1o vour r««dv 0ur CamplcTf ·xfcktw biv «nd Svitcmi frnt«n*rjorrt wilt pravt · ocnuini rwtfctiofl tamo. «EKLV. MONTW.Y. OUASTElLY !E It VICE YE Alt AXOUKD MAC FRAIKEL SERVICE EXCELS -- uwm FULLT DEFEITSABLE Oil Executive Slaps at 'Watchdog' Group (Continued from Page A-l) ion are not reliable?" asked mis at length in previous Bums. State L a n d s Commission "\Ve do not have the neces-jheanng. dropped a word of ary consultants to evaluate praise for city officials, them." replied O'Suffivan. I -They have worked very Commented Bums: "I Kn-ihard on this plan, and we derstand all the spadeworfc have found no one who has has been done in the past cone anything wrong." de- our or five years by Long'dared O'Sullivan. But the watchdog senator asserted he still feels the Senate should Beach and the lands coa- mission.'* O'Sullivan repeated earlier ta£ e a deeper look into the comments about the long proposed contract form. "It Jeach offshore field, declaring. There still are many unanswered questions." He forecast that "we could may be that the present plan is the best possible agreement," he added. One member of the watch- ose $300 minion by making dog rommfttee . 5^ stephen the wrong decision.* O'Sullivan,'who has' questioned some Long Beach of fi- Assembly Members Want Oil (Continued from Page A-l) Oil and Mining Industry Com mittee Chairman Joseph M. Kennick, D-Long Beach. In pinpointing the urgency for speed, the Assembly res- Teale, was challenged sharp- when he asserted that deputy attorney g e n e r a l 'aied to answer several ques- jons at a commission hearing (in February). ·Did you attend the March tearing in which he covered all the points he didn't in February?" asked Wootan. 'No," replied Teole, looking a little sheepish. ··Ul percent raise; and those'to $23,000; the treasurer and olution stated the offshore ·jn smaller counties from $18,- secretary of state from $21,499 to $23,500. The director of finance, a' field is "the largest undeveloped oil and gas reserve United States and win AT ONE POINT, Sen. John McCarthy moved to put over the whole matter until the end of the session. But that motion was dropped when the committee decided to speed consideration. O'Sullivan declined to ac- ··500 to $20,500, or S percent -2* · a * · «;- MUNICIPAL court judges $30^19~a year, would target! P* 0 * 106 diffions of dollars of --pay would go from $18,900 to a raise, nor would the $24 - w revenue to the state." ' ' The resolution also declared the Long Beach offshore Held will: I 1. Provide an Important * *xiaf wmra, oncim'economic stimulus to the Cil- cept an amendment resolution that also ^·$20,500 and JI6300 to $18,- «.~I Tte governor's salary would t-fiay at $44,100. and ~I The attorney general, paid ~3he same as associate }ustices ( ! ~-of the Supreme Court, IJ fcet $3£500. The Her -Tjf^yvemor. controller and *'jerintendent of public instruc-[anV r^Jon would go from --"-» 1 --:*10 E. Germans xPaddle Way lo Freedom ;I; LUENEBURG, Germany Vfi! ·J^-Wita oars fcnprovised from* tiL television cabinet and a ; suitcase, two resourceful East ·pennan families paddled to 'freedom Wednesday eight on homemade raft, police re- T h u r s d a y . The 10 included five children. S06-a-year director of mental hygiene. Here are the other officials _ - ·mtur7 »K »·" ate several hundred Jobs, onaon M tntastoul tot mama* . mi ctar urn tt to his would have brought cp the issue' now of how future- tideland funds are to be spent stake would be whether the city should continue to administer half of the revenues from the Long Beach tidelands. Commented Bums: "We r t_ AiarraB. waul* art a raaa .IXFiJf - Cam- 2. Achieve the maximum rave no money to fight over ultimate economic production now." without risking subsidence crl Sen. Stanley Arnold, also spoiling the Long Beach member of the watchdog shoreline if the city-proposed 1 committee, agreed "that find- development plan now before!i=8 (« Ae money Long the commission is approved. Beach administers) should be X Enable Long Beach to made after the contract is prepare to put out for bid signed." new contract! on present McCarthy also said he ulti- a thorough *3 tidehnds I ^ Ml VJ^*i*-**»*'*» «t*fc* ^fcK.ar4aVIl -'" ~~~J -- -- 5S|tidelands operating agree- mately wants ·r ·*. mpntt t^at ar* fae In emir* Studv of how PuvCc uramat Cam.);* 1QA1 fn ·3 cam · rtar, m lya * ° bor area. that are due to expire study of how §500 Littcrlmg Penally Voted the adjacent har- "If the proposed offshore plan is not approved prompt- funds are spent. But he didn't press for the study now. Chimed fa Teale: "We've Packard Bell Astronaut Portable TV includes the same important electronic features as our finest consoles! Custom hand-wired chassis. Power transformer. And more! If you want an amazingly sharp, dependable portable picture, this is it! Packard Bell is engineered and built for years of trouble^ free performance-yet it costs you no more, and often less. Prove it to yourself-check the chart below. Tell your dealer you want a Packard Bell Portable Tele vision-you'll pay less and get more. got lots of time to decide ·jjy police: -*« The refugees set out on thej 'Elbe River with a quantity of; household possessions indud-j Jag the TV set and jars .of)^°f fuimwMd* nrp«MTr*«_ i*^^/ ° ^bmemade preserves. , r : About a cjuarter of the waril^f icross the raft** outboard^ 00 broke down. The 0 " 015 * their TV set and tbe stiff,- . .,.., . _ . S-^^SaS^W^!! rest ·t No Hungary Visit NATIONS, N.Y. , .. lp-- A high diplomatic source ly," the resolution said. *the how to split the loot." city and state wta be forced · * · * to delay the harbor agreement) THE STATE owns the tide- to avoid potential damaging lands, and Long Beach is P^f^ieffect on bidding of these twolCalifornU'f trustee. Under P 63 *" 1 ** to i^Tgt eg operations at apprcoc-!lgjslath-e enactment, half of imately the same time." [the state · owned revenue by Sen. jhe resolution now goes to from the Long Beach tide- D-Napa, pro- ^ Asjejayy Rules Commit- lands oil is allocated to Long first-offense pea-Jtee--under the chairmanship Beach to be spent for limited *50 or *500 c j one of the resohition'i to- purposes ipeHed out ia the 5 days In Jan. Fmes! lathon; gjj^ Kennick said city's tidelandi grant. for a secocdju^ nsc bxtxa should pass the It can be spent only oa the y ^-y*.^r'"(Assembly easjly because cftideUnds, for purposes of commerce, navigation or fisheries, and in men after approval by the State inds Commission. M e a n w h i l e , Assembly Speaker Jesse M. Unruh referred to the Mamrfactoring, Oil and Mining Industry INDEPENDENT OTHER COAUTHORS of the resoratxta are Assemblymen James WAetmore, R, Los Alamitos; Vmcent Thomas. D, aid Thursday night Secretary-General U Thant had turned down crmilitforn by Hungary for a vish to thatj* Cotnaoaist country. | Bcicft C. tint. Atffatttattt lr *»- carter Court, Lt« A"ot^« Cavity, Oct. «. ixt. c«crt N«. c-iosaa larrlar DaHvtry , ,i*£t C"f y Diego; Lester McMillan, D, Los Angeles; John William-' °" Paf^par tctx D, Bakersfield; James »··"«» *·£ Holme*. R, Santa Barbara; «joj Edwin ITberg, D, Sacramento; ·"jand George WHLson, D, Hunt- lington Park. Committee the Crown resola tkn which asks for a speedy na the offshore tide- hnds. Kencick of Long Beach is committee chairman, and Whetmore of Lcs Alamitos, rke chairman. I uua ns ii wm n«- towui WIAT no m tn na TSI err Caw«c«nt Frert CaXnfi tnrt liMt* JU tank n?x* r«t C«M Cctetajpctmg Pidvlld Ktttt 11X1 VM l-rtl $1»B tuot InNC BJU) trvtl uoao Irrtl 1UM totlU, muii toi nmnn unni «sn- «fn Cocfutcr tial, Eskdn let Marstl fct taut m p!4eai*«ct \ (O taar.J Salt Frtn lqffofya, lutccjCc Cu Caij*, ·** IT 7» vfeMntf ta*« few* Kop** k 148! VoU JSintaa U*npq. BtaaiaeO WESTS LARGESTSEWNS TV* COLOR · STEREO · RADIO irn nan tiuj«-ir n no« luus-coui n nts wtta^vau m« smjiawTmts co-wnunon rtw t*7*.*s,«uBi no« not LONG BEACH LONG BEACH LONG BEACH LOMITA SAN PEDRO 3 ADAIfS IAK6AIN ISLAND t09 E. 7li S'rt.f ALIEN'S TV t HI-FI .'OSS WaUnft IEIGUAN TV 4 n» va-r»i w«y IUICJ TY Hi la., l.acV ir.i. 1177 l««i l,tt\ U. TV l!7 faclflc A... DTiTa Sfaral inE.AH»TSt. COOLETS HAlDWAlE UA«T 1071 U!« laec. Ifvi fEO-MAtT 1701 JairtV S«. · 6AINEK TV IOJ AITOS TV " 4102 Sfiarai W. S. TATUDl COlOt TV SALON SI17 AH.of^ A». VAN O10EN FUINITUU COKH TV St. AKTESIA fAIKEfS HA13WA1I J. r=»..r WAlO'S FUWTTUU I lit fecT* A'«- W1ITEWAY MUE.4t.St. 2OOTS IK $ TV 12001 Cano. LAKEWOOD ADVANCE TV 4142 W.oircH tUTLU ItOS. I2S2 UL.aaJ I'.J. IEN-J TV HEWS 401 So irA Gaflrr lUMlETS 102 N.rA Gcff.T ·AUVS TEIEVISIOM I 7 J J J-facHV Ara. 5e« f.f-a, CaFrf. WaMINGTON ClAUSINS COU- MUN1TT FJ1NITUIE f 19 AnTa l!««. MAJLOW I AZAl 702 A»!» , ;:

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