The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.)" COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MAY 1, 19-17 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS OO. H. W HAINE6, Publisher JAMES L. VERHOEh'P, Editor PAUL D. HUMAN, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Witmer Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit,. Atlanta. Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered us second class matter at the i»st- ,'office at Blytheville, Arkansas, under act of Con! gress, October 9, 1017. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: ''By carrier in the city of Blytheville or any subur.xm town where carrier service Is maln- Uiined 20c per week, or 85c per month. Bv mail, within a radius of 40 miles, $1.00 per vear $->00 for six months, $1.00 for three months; by mail outside 60 mile zone, S 10.00 per year payable in advance. Meditation Let your light so' shine before men, that they may sre your scod works nncl give niory to your Father which is in Heaven.-Matl. 5:18. The first (treat Rift we ran other is a good example.— Morel. lie .low un an- clear llial America must abandon peUi- iioss, narrowness and atomic hysteria. She must fjo forward and Ui; V forward in the development of atomic t-iicrtry. Tliis will i-c(|iiirc tho highest possililu intelligence by <mr staUwnii'ti and st'i- entisls if peace anil preservation an; to be achieved. The Booby Prize shortly hardly Concealment or Achievement It u doubtful Uial n»V people excel)! Ihe Japanese \vorc nio'.v tri";litcii- cd by the atomic- bombing of Hiroshiina than were the Americans. Scarcely had our Army unveiled I'IH .voapon before we began spcciilnliiiif; on its possible development and use against us by future enemies. Ignorant speculation \v:u added to this fear. That wi:; avoidable, considering the complexity of the subject and the :,«crecy surrounding it. Then later the :i*/mm- bomb was taken into the political arena and kicked around with considerable more energy than accuracy. The result of till this to be that tho country which pi-.neered in prod uc intr atomic explosive:; has lost valuable ground in the development of atomic energy during the last 21 months. This situation has been commented on'frpm time to time. But seldom has comment been more clear than that found jn the cunvnl issue of Collier's magazine. The issue devotes three articles to "Year Two, Atomic Age," Ohe is by David 13. l.ilienllia], chair,nan .of the Atomic'^Energy Commission, the others are by Lester Vclie, who tells the distressing story of the bickering and inertia which have marked our work with .'the atom since Hiroshima, and Albert Q. Maisel, who writer, pn the first .helpful medical results o f atomic energy research. Quite naturally Mr. Lilienthal's article is of primary interest. He outlines his conception of the job facing commission and hqw it should be done. And it may comfort some skeptics to read his statement thai, until international, atomic control is secure, "to lose our head start would bs folly, an invitation to disaster, and unworthy of American leadership." ,' Mr. , Lilienthal favors a gradual relaxing- of the government monopoly on atomic research and development, con- sistent'with security. lie strongly opposes concentration of power at a bureaucratic top. Hce would put: the di- l versified, nation-wide atomic program I largely in the hands of and industry, under broad government policy and supervision. Wisely, it seems to us, Mr. Lilk'ii- thal does not dwell at lengti. on Ihe possibility of an inleruatiopai atomic armament, race. This has'absorbed too much of our thinking to Uu: exclusion of atomic energy as one of the mountain peaks of history. He sees in it a VIEWS OF OTHERS Senate Votes Greek Aid Secretary of Stute Marshall has ill along been In complete accord willi tlv: Trmn:'n program to aid Greece and Turkey, "that was me most striking piece of news about the measure as the Senate prepared to vote «>n it. There Had been rumors I hat the Ken-clary "I Stale was not fully behind the program. The Senate has passed the measure, as everyone expected It would. Hut it aid not do so without making a very important improvement in the program originally outlined by Mr. Truman. This Improvement was laiyely the work of Senator Vnndcnberg. It put I In- pmgiam up to the United Nations. But it do so in a way which avoided the ISig Knir veto. Tills move has had fortunate consequence::. One cf these is that the question <>1 American aid to Greece and Turkey was I'.vbaled in I he United Nations bclore (he K"iiatc passed on It. Opponents of tilt: American prog.'am I ailed to marshal the majorlly ivf votes mvd'd 10 underwrite U. N. disapproval. Another test now nwuils ihe Aim-man policy. The world will watch to t,i-e wnut are the el- fccts of American financial aid in Greece. Will this aid .'.imply sunpirt a Government -.vlncli may lie uwe the creature cl lit,' Four l j owc-r postwar pplicy than of the wishes of tho Greeks themselves? Or will it result in the freeing ot political prisoners in Greece and a broadening of the base on which a Urecl; Government should rest? Much will dciMmd on how Ihe aid is administered. The results of American aid to Greece, moreover, will co far toward deti'riHining how energetically the American peop'e will back up the global purposes ot the —1'mmf.n l>octrlue." —CHRISTIAN SCIENICCE MONITOR. Machines Costing $74 Million Turn Out Only 28 B-29 Motors "• lit- FltKDUtlOK V. OTIIMAN (United Press filaff C'orrcs|iomlcnO WASHINTON, May 1.—A little fellow named clarence A. Barrett fell 'down the steps at his house a few months ago and broke his neck. Silently and hi obvious pain he- steel and the course of a physical examina-t leather brace, while Sen. Homer lion may not be the cause of a ] Feruuson of Mich, delved into «,]£ ;>atient's complaints. As we grow older, the number of defects found The DOCTOR SAYS BY WILLIAM A. O'lUUEX, M. J>. Written for NEA Service Defects which arc discovered ln' SKt wilh Ills head ler one of incredibl , ti-million dollar mixups on routine examination tends to in- the War Assets Administration. nlo nUi.,, le. mO( f * ivolving* tion. liairclt, If a group ol persons of all ages,' was bored while a succession of big- hciehls and weights is examined,! «iRs tried vainly to explain why many will have low blood pressure, U'ey couldn't make up their minds but in the mapority of cases, they about selling $M,OOO.Ono worth of crease, il-Jverybody, including will not know it. Someone once said that "low blood pressure is blessing in disguise"'and not a, since victims of this con-' dition are the only ones who manage to outlive the insurance tables." Weakness is not caused by lo<.v blood pressure. intestinal surplus tools at the govcmment- owncd Curtis-Wright Engine Factory near Cincinnati Barrett was Ihe government's leading machine too! export, Init his bosses seldom consulted him. The hcarini: wns within five minutes of its end when Miles Ciilehan, counsel of the senator's subcominit- iMany persons think - — worms are a common cause of | tee. said: weight loss, grinding of the teeth, 1 "By the way, Mr. Burrell, are and nervousness. Surveys of con- you familiar with I he rumor thai sidcrable numbers of apparently this plant only built 28 engines?" Barrctt .shifted uncomfortably his harness. It wasn't any rumor, he said, ft was fact. In 18 nimitl 1 ;of operation, niehl and d-iv, wilh thousands of employees, this biggest aircraft engine plant in the world turned <>ul exactly '2'A engines. Knnugli for seven B-20's. The hollow-eyed Harretl corrected him. He wanted to be accurate. normal people have uncovered many' cases of worms, but many of the cases were not causing any symptoms. Lai k of acid in the stomach is not a <' of symptoms in the average ease, although persons with this condition may later develop anemia or .stomach polyps. So- called "exi-css" acid in the stomach dees not cause symptoms in every what he meant was that the. fac- rasc. Most of those who complain lol 'v produce,! 28 engines that act- of "acid" stomach regurgitate nor- "ally would run. it made others, mill stomach contents into their m 't they were no good for airplanes.- LhroaU because of relaxed muscles Ouch! Nobody was bored now. . nd nervousness, and they mistake Sc »- Ferguson asked Barrett what Ills for excess acid in the stomach.: " lc plant cost. IISTAKE NORMAL FUNCTION j "I didn't know." he said. "All I In organic illness from any cause do know is that it had $14/1(10,000,4* ,, it •• AW here no re 'Failure' For Whom? Adjournment of thr liir; Foil 1 .- lorei[;n ministers' conferenee at Moscow without definite accomplishment in Ihe writing of treaties has Influenced innny commentators to fill the mccliMt; a "failure." That I his intetprteat:o:i is not universal was proved by Paul Mallon's eoluniit appearing on this pat;c Monday. It has been pointed out here that Secretary Marshall's firmness and palienec had succeeded lit selling the Soviet Utituii oul m cleur vcUcl as unwilling.. to agree to anylldn.; except something that served ILs selfish purpose;;. Time nnd again Marshall maneuvered Etustirui Foreign Minister IvTolotov into revealing lit-: purposes m all their napednes-s. It is interesting to observe, loo, that the powers that be in the Sovift Union have had a somewhat belated realization ol what happened to them. The conference luul hardly ndjoumcd before the Moscow and radio set to insisting that the meeting hod not been n failure, Unit the Russians had not .sabotage.! ;t, and that groundwork had been laid lor sui'cesdul ircai.y willing at the next session in London', November. It is no wonder, we think, that .Secretary Marshall told rentiers Unit he frit Ihe Moscow mecling had been worth while. Tho entliuiiiuiiin. with which Mnr.shiili has been wr'lcnncr; home after stcndfast refusal lo :i|}pcn!iO Ihe Soviet Union will also be noted by th'j Kremlin. The liusslnuii are inndamenlally unable to itnder- stnnd that a nation would possess power and refrain from using it in the clfoit. to eslablisii its point of view. Secretary Marshall nnpnsscd them, as well as the rest of the. world —COMMERCIAL, APPEAL. Longer Skirts May Mean Nation About to Enter Business Recession, According to Fact Finders llv I'FTKIl KKSON experiences, and so build up his Chairman Nelson Lee Smith was (NKA Wa>l,iiiRtim Correspondent! , case a«ain:,t the racketeers. Idea is told he could tell his story on Scn- WASHINGTON, Mav 1. (NKAi— lo '.u- what labor legislation might ale side lated on. The Senate Inter- Add lo Ihe predictions and -sure »<• drafted to curb abuses. Hartley state Commerce subcommittee signs" lhai a recession is coniing'1ms no definite proposals, •he fact that womens's skirts are | K..SV I'n y for Uni.m Ori;aimers- longcr. Nobody knows why. but in' -Most serious by-product of crisis hi education, marked by low pay for Uv.chrrs. has been growth of inupiii-m In facilities. Public school officials who have been slow to act on raising .salaries find teachers are easy prey foi- union organisers. American Federation of Teachers. A1 ! I--. reports 70 new locals chartcr- ,^. u ,i uj ..... .,.....™.,, ed v> far this year. APT now has _..... _ live representatives. House has'now locals in all hut one of the 25 April, strike notices were nu nassed its tough bill Senate is ex- larsOst cities, and in three-fourths i 1947 compared to 1921 strike notice peeled to pass milder hill. The' two of 1 ..the U- S. cities of over 100,000 filed in corresponding periods _i_asi boom times of 1925-23 and I!142-4G hem lines have been hijih. En in- , leivening hard limes, hem lines dropped. Fashion photos slio'.v ! they're dropping again. | In final form, labor reform bill '• to be passed by Congress will be i polished off by five senators, which will hear him consists o Moore of Oklahoma. Capehart, o Indiana, and Stewart of Tennessee —all pretty much opposed to federal controls of any kind. Coal Is Ihe Big; Labor Question In sizing up today's labor situa tion, Labor Department statistician point to fact that while the run" her of strike notices has been high er than last year, number of strike is down. Prom Jan. 1 through mid interference one or of the body functions aim nubility of the patient to carry on L half and worth of machine tools in it." "And it operated a year and' turned out -8 en- . .., is ordinary routine. Bines?" Tho senator insisted. Psychoneurotic.s who complain of] "Yes." Barrett replied, "r was lot feeling well usually look the Wlt h the War Prodis-lion Board lictnre of health because there is theri a' Ki T s l' c » l " lot of time out 10 organic disease in the body. A' tllcr e trying to 'md out what was minor defect should not be blamed wrong." lor their difficulty as their Iron- ' That ended th c hcnrlna. But you ole is emotional in origin. (can bet your last .sparkplns there'll Patients often mistake variations be others. The amazed Sen. Fer:n normal function for disease. In guson said ho. thoncht the War in- .000 consecutive individuals who vcstignting Committee had better ;aid they suffered constipation, look into Cincinnati's mechanical Lhere was no agreement as to what mountain that, produced :i mouse. they considered constipation. As a So be it. A little investigation, like .esult, these persons were taking an acorn, suddenly had grown inti? 'something" for their condition, ind the drugs were the cause ot versions will then i;o to Conference; |j>otiul5>llbn- •• Committee made up of three- rnijk-ivi.s''_ * — - •• - - - --•-*—'< ••'-" ""-T-ransie public housing pro- such as promised h the Sen- Ta!t-Wagner-Ellender Bill ing Republicans and two ranktns Democrats on Senatp nnd Ilous-r L^bor Committees. Senate !;I'OLIP will be made up of Taft and Hall for n tough bill: Aiken. Murray, and h:i-: lit'!'- chance of passage in the I House Bunking and Currency Colll- Elbert D. Thomas for a judder bill mitlee. ihail'manod by Jesse year—or 258 more. Actual strikes in .same 15-\vcck period number 512 this year, 313 less than the 825 last year, with steel and electrical workers 1 strike threats removed, the bit: question now is coal. Republican Open Forums, the interfercncc with normal function. QUEJ3TION: My 13-year-old boy lias had ringworm of the scalp for about a year. Will he ever be cur- el? I have tried several different alves. •ANSWER: i|:p;ar when X-ray treatments -which destroy ihe hair temporarily will get rid ot the infection. Hats and caps now worn by the boy should not oe worn after such treatment. House group will be Hartley, Ln:i- dis. Hoffman, anil Harden for a tou^h bill; Lcsin-skl for a mild bill. II. adds up six to four for a tonsil bill. • • * tnvestleation of racketeering in abor unions is to he next topic or House Labor Committee. Ihm- rcds of letters have been received iy the committee from union nicin- >ers and employers who claim lo lave been victims of labor rarke- .ccis Chairman Fred A. Hartley, J., of New Jersey, intends to ask le of the writers to Washington lell his committee about their neighborhood discussion group idea in support of started by Harold Stassen. is now (alt's bill House, therefore, says a year old. On basis of 10,000 ballots Ecnnte is wasting its time on this project. .?)il land uas Industry's drive to returned on monthly meetings. Forum Director Henry T- McKnight says the typical Republican in Amc- ciu-h authority of the Federal Po.w- : rica has these views: He wants cr Commission over natural gas pro- | America to deal firmly with Russia diiction and distribution is off to additional restrictions on a flying stare. Alter four days of hi>:irinus in whu-h gas lobby gave its support, to thf industry's pet . Rizley Bill, chairman Charles A.! V/ulvin'tnii* ot the House, Interstate i Commrrcc Commitler called a tw) weeks' recess, i-'etleral Power Com- inLisioii was not civcn a chance lo teslify in its own defense. PPC Condition will dis- he reaches puberty. IN HOLLYWOOD BARBS HV IIAl, COCHKAN v\n Knplisli boxer, a tier lnsitiv. a ti his opponent. He ^ot 111 f'lio uuoti s.iuu luilli In he also power fur groat good, izing man's life through a nev, knowledge. As commission chairm.i.i realizes tin: great educational work that has to be done until all Americans "get this atomic energy dovolopmci'l into majestic perspective." How short our perspective h ; \s been is shown in Jlr. Yelic's article. He cites such eminent atomic sci«mixtr; as Dr. Harold Urey and Dr. Vannevar Bush in assessing the damage and delay caused by unnecessary secrecv and political wrangling. And he digests the problem facing this country by quot- • ing Sen. Brian McJlahon, who says that only two courses are opni: "Security by concealment and security by achievement." It is generally conceded by now that concealment will not lon-^ be trustworthy or even possible. S-» it seems ntiK article's Irfl c«r \v:is a nulic- an Illinois i idea! In Uin atnuui) n gainst train.-; no ported thus far. (rain r;i.stinllK'6 huvo boeti rc- Anolhrr lronl>lc ,\vilh honsr Tlr,t!.ii«; is l tfK> many rubbers tllink it uppUrs to Uicni. » » * Often you don'I, kii'uv an oUi 1; icnil married until you src- him canynv; an umM SO THEY SAY Unuersial military iiainin;: I: Gen. Jac'ib Ueveis, Army commanding general. poace insni'aiii'c. Ovcuncl Forces The nation maker, a sound iiueslincnt when it invests in a strone. and otlcc'iv;- conciliation service.-Secretary of Uibor Sclr.vcller.bach. • • V Ef we falter in our leadership \ve may endanger the peace of the world -and we shall surely endanger the welfare ol uiu own nation. —President Truman. » • • World dominion by a single power will not be achieved as long as free mon know hrnv to resist tyranny.—Sen. Tom Coiniixlly (!» ot texns. BY EIIHK1NK JOHN NEA Staff Cmrrsium IHCLLYWOOIX Mav 1. Th o whole film nidustrv over the casting of lion minus his muslaHir. :t:: a 'Sleep My lyive." WaaMe prlitlon is hcini; i-uv\i drc-p Ameche from ihe /\rt,) HI r M u M ;i y :i i ul u v i. -r, * • Holly wood \VITC w;il<*hin;; n ].-, husbund :uid wilo tr:uii in a ;< love j-C(*t;c. "How," said thv* VIMU^ , I! icy kiss •;<» ji;issinn;iti'l;, tlu'y'\ r (( brE'ti m:n ncd ,sn Unu-V Expluinrd Mutiny; "Thr time tlicy .sec radi <4lir:- i-, ', Uiry'rr woikim; in u ijirtiii-r gclhcr." • • * When Jiihn Ilnyl hrard :1 ! lllr Hol!y\\nii(l prniluccr i\ln> Iryhis lo tcl his ti p MLT In to hllch his slar lo a lui^nt Looks like DiiTi';or Hacul \ outdoes C. n. DeMiilr m a tub scene in "Clu \i-:iiu-.'- D Morgan takes onn jr. a rn'ia canvas bathtub \vliLrii r<ill:r;. : ., TI'I'LK lit'OSOJIY \V\\l: Holl> \vixvd Rk-linrd Kennedy. -Ahe mi: Ihe l-'[):i fil:n b:« a Wilkie lii pnh'.i.--in 1840 caniijaisn.. .lluddy [-. produ:-ev. wtil t*':ur:i tor a "p,ir.s-l>y" in "Etork liitcs Man." P.ISFCS qv him qllii ki. m an : nient In"'.;by M I'llr. . . Hnhi-i I \V wlu, plaji-d Hit'.ri' in -[-!:.Gang." finally M>\ I-MII-,-!',; Justed lo postwar mi.MO |iepo['tf-r Ih Paraaunint':. •']'!• Clock.". ..Hii;::er H ( >V:I v\ ; u ex-Army flier Paul H'^nh;.!-. iilHrrird alter .-.he liiu-.iie.s In sonal stint on the Di.-k I radio show. ..!lollvtt;v.:,i i^ culling down in tr,m tiilt-s. ( bias "Three lllonde.s and a , lilondus .'nd a Ucdhead." |iri)vcd such a" oiot; card tricks -1 li< x Ifari-isn -'.'. adept pup'l I . ; ftii- "Thr !->>\rs nf Harrow" thai ; his li'aihrr. liimrtl can] export •i Hiiny .M.-n,li,/.a. said: "Wilh such i' t'.-.lrn'l. lUx. it's -.1 slv.uiw. you 1 :. arc an h.inr>l man." \vitix -ior(;n (iiiYs sn-:i;T The MI :;ican star. Pedro Arment (an;/ u'li" ouikrs In:^ Hollywood i! mm (Ifb-it in "'I'lie l-'nuitivr," took ,1 llum-'irrv '!>(«:nl -bi-.ek stage' 1 to nu-.-t a famous Mexico City bull i -. lighter. 'i ••]'.•]; 1'iin." said Bogey, using r ArilK'lid.iri/, :-.'. an itUei pi-eter. "tilat ' l.c's jii- ' the toughest guy •n I've :.i-i'D." ,- "['irsl lie has sniiii-lliini; tn .say t<i ><'ii." implied Armrnilari/, "He ; ,s;iys it is an Imnnr l<i im-et >(J1K t : Yim ai'e a very lough Rliy." it ' Tlotly.U'Oil lia ; bren drt-aming lor i- ir.;'iu yr.ii! d-.t-r tlnrr dimensional ii-.ovii'.,. H may :-oon b.- a reality. !j t'Hvre ]•;. 'J,- ^nulMis are working :i- .in 1'.^. nl a \Vork has been .stepped n. ap ;i: Ihi' ia L U-.v weeks in hopes b> til uivLii: ILoiiywood .'-omctbiliK lo bai:v;;c.« lor the first time since sound. unions. continuance of some phases of price control, government aid for honsillE. international control ol atom bomb, government costs reduced, public utilities strikes outlawed, federal aid to raise teachers' salaries. What the Forum wants lo know next Is what Republican voters think about loans to Europe. Clarren of SI. Paul, Minn. This was not one of the seeded teams, and consequently they were scheduled to play the favorites in the semi-finals. They defeated the favorites in this round. En fact they did not lose a match, even In the qualifying rounds, right up to the finals. A A 10053 y AS »K10 + Q 1062 Toiunanienl—Neither vul. South West N'orlh East 1 A Pass 2 4 Pass 3 ilk Pass 3 N. T. Pass Opening—V J 15 Years Ago In Blytheville — R. I/. Bradley receiver for the First National Bank which closed its doors on October 30. announced today that there will be J44,OM paid out to depositors who have filed their claims with the receiver. Ihis represents a 331-3 percent dividend. Members ol the Blytheville Dramatic Debaling club who arc included in the cast of "Madam Majesty" will present this play lo- night in Luxora. The following people will make the trip; Missis Irene Johns. Ruth Whitworth. Lela Buck Althea Edwards, Gladys Barhan: nd Marie Moon. Noble Gill, Hayes ulllvaii. lloberl Eberdt, J. p. Friend nd James Downing. Engineering note: in the ordi mry automobile, weight of the engine sinks front wheels in mud o iny soft surface, and push lion he rear drive lends U) bury t,hcn deeper-, but in the rcar-eugme type big one. It also made unimportant the original question of why the acres of precision machinery'within the factory si ill hadn't been put to use. Last month 175 Purchasing agents spent a nteht outside (he factory gales so they'd be sure to get some of the scarce machines. They'd hardly entered the vast shops before Brig. Gen. James A. Mollison, vice-administrator of the WAA, sent a wire cancelling the sale. Sen. Ferguson kept asking, why? Gen. Mollison fingered Jjt\ red. white and blue lie and^-k alked at length, but he did not atisfy the senator. Later on we'll learn abont I lie 8 most expensive airplane engines :ver built. They cost us taxpayers evoral million dollars each. The ittlc man with the broeken neck >robably will be one of the chic? witnesses: lei us• hope he soon Is feeling better. WAilNiNG GK;;;-,fl In the Chancery t'mirl, Cbicka- sawlia District, Mtssissivtui t'uuuty, Arkansas. Etattie Jackson I'lainlilT, vs. No. 10030 Waller Lee Jackson Defenda:n. The defcndanl Waller Lee Jackson, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the com I named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the; plaintiff Haltie Jackson. Dated this 0 day of April, Ur,7. HARVEY MORRIS, Clell:. Jiy Dorothy Conlcv. U. C. C. F. Cooper, Ally, for Pit. , Gene E. Bradley, Atty. ad IJieni. ~ it's the rear wheels that sint thus giving better traction. Representative McKENNEY ON BRIDGE .1 Sln-cicd Lai/off DOWJIK .7 A'o Trump 11V WIM.IAM K. .McKKXXIiY • Aincri::i's Card Alllbority A\'ril!en fiir Nlv\ Service i One of I hi- most remarkable victories in years in the Vandcrbilt this year's head" Cup Tou;-:ia:i:ent win iiv liarry J. Fisli'jein. Harry>back 'Feinbcrg, Jo.-,e;:h E. Low, and Larry gave In the finals they were behind a the end of the first quarter, picke up a little but were still minus at tlie half, then tost some more points in the third quarter. They went into the final quarter 11-20 iwinls behind, wilh only four teen boards to play, and they won the tournament by 1510 points. Kishbcln. who Is a great card analyst, gave me today's hand, and t Ihink you will like Ihe play in it. Dummy played low on (he opening heart lead, and most West players probably would win the trirk with the king and return the seven of hearts, which lets declarer make Ihe contract. | Fishbein's learn defeated the hand when West played the seven' of hearts on the first trick. Dcclar-' er won with the queen, led the queen of spades and took the finesse. West won and led back the kins of hearts. He hart to get in again wilh cither the ace of clubs or HORIZONTAL 7 Fur-bearing 1,8 Pictured U.S. sea mammal representative 8 South African U Penitence Dutchman ii i enucnce g oloum (ab j ESOIe.icacid lo Meadow cster HEIigh in 15 Gcraint's wife stature 17 Eiack of-ncck 12 Indian 13 Require 18 Pint <ab.) 21 EnrthenwD.-« 22 Desired diamond, and when he. did, he led lie released ns "Two iHUtch, nil of New York, and the deuce of hearts. This East and West a spade, a nnd three hoait tricks. 19 Plant genus 20 Fox 21 Furs 23 Conducted 24 Kol dial?"'.25 And (Latin) 27 Playing card 30 Scent 34 Refute 35 Stair part .16 Expunge 37 birds' homes 38 Symbol for erbium 39 Electrical unit 40 Mountains (ab.) 43Shoulcd •18 Sesame 51 War-god 53 Damboolike grass 54 Routine 55 Ptsteis 57 Indicates 59 UnmtTlcd 60 Ueplies VERTICAL 1 Gnaw 2 Nevada cily 3 Among 4 Slight bow 5 Credit (ab.) « Slave 28 Aerial (comb. 4-1 Gaelic form) -15 French article 29Roy=l British ^W'^of Arlisls (ab.) ,, Tyndarcus ..^ v ' 47 Paradise 2* She is a rncm- 3 1 om . cc ° r s " a- 45 Cwvy (coll.) her of the U. ^"i Scrvic « -in Dram passage S. of Representatives 26 Attempts 27 Town (Cornish prefix) (ab.) 32 Encountered 33 Art <Latin) 40 Entangles 41 Woody plant 42 Porch 50 Not as much f>2 Com pass point 5-1 Propel a boat 55 Half-cm 58 Nova Scotia (ab.)

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