Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 16, 1961 · Page 56
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 56

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 16, 1961
Page 56
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Sylvia Vaughn Weds Clifford Meyer Jr. INOEPENDENT-PRE5S-TELEGRAM--W-5 LOHO BEACH 11, CALIF.. SUNDAY, JULY II, 1U1 Among the 250 guests at the wedding of Sylvia Ruth Vaughn a n d Clifford J o n .Meyer Jr. were children of (he third grade class at Eu- pcne Tincher School, pupils n( the bride. The double ling c e r e m o n y w a s performed hy the Rev. .lames Hughes at Belmont Heights Methodist Church. The-hride, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Jerome H a r r i s Vaughn, 5584 St. Irmo Walk, was gowned in an original pnwni'.of peau de sole with re-embroidered lace bodice and chapel train. A circlet of pearls held her veil, and she carried an heirloom lace handkerchief. * X * * PRECEDING Hie bride were Mrs. R o b e r t J o h n Chubb, her sister and ma- tron of honor; Mrs. Michael Callan, Mrs. Russell Oleson and Jacqueline Skclsey. Jonathan Chubb was ring bearer. Parents of the bridegroom are Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Jqn Meyer, 3440 Gaviota Ave. Jerry Meyer was li i 3 brother's best man. and scaling guests \vrre Dr. Jamrs Coicman, W h i t n e y One, Don Hazlewood, Henry Victs and Edson Beebe. Following a reception at the Bel Air home of t h e bride's uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Gee, t h e couple flew to Hawaii for (heir honeymoon. They will be at home in Long Beach ftfier Aug. 1. * * + + THE NEWLYWEDS were graduated from Wilson High School. She was affiliated with Entre Nous at Long Beach City College and Alpha Chi Omega at UCLA from which she was graduated. She relinquishes membership in Bachelorettes. FINE CUSTOM drap eres I S - Y « « r K,pi,l«l,rn FIT Iht Fli-fst C'Jilr-n rr«. pe-iei, Ccrrilcai, ccdip/*sds HOME fashions 2146 E. 4lh aft for FREE Jiom* GE 3-41« iJimiimiiimimiimiiimiimiimimmiiiiiiimiiiiiuimiiiiiuiiiiiMm^ 1 FOR YOUR I SUMMER COMFORT Mrs. Clifford Meyer Jr. The bridegroom is an alumnus of Stanford University and was affiliated with Kappa Alpha. He teaches at LBCC. O/7 Expert Will Speak Carol Bucholz, location manager with Schlumborger Oil Well Surveying Co., will he guest speaker at the Desk and Derrick Club meeting Wednesday evening in Lakewood Country Club. The speaker will talk on, "Electrical Well Logging," a vital subject in the oil industry. A film will supplement his talk. « * e * ALTERNATE delegates 10 the Desk anri Derrick convention at Housion, Tex.. will he elected and a fivc- meniper n o m i n a t i n g comm i t t e e chosen, according 10 d u b president M a r g a r e t Eric-son. P l a n s f o r forthcoming field t r i p to Firestone Tire and R u b b e r Co., Los Angeles, also will he made. FOR YOUR COLD STQRACi Here's real Protection City College Pair to Wed SEEKS TOP OFFICE .In Macs Kuncrr (center) will hn candidate; for president of National Sr.crr- taries Association International when new officers are elected a t the organization's 16th annual convention in Los Angeles Thursday through next Sunday. Making confident victory signs are (left) Glea Robinson, alternate delegate from local Queen Beach Chapter, and (right) Peggy Fitzmorris, chapter president and official delegate. NSA numbers over 22,500 members in approximately 510 chapters.--(Staff photo.) Donna Charlcne Lancaster's engagement to Kenneth Ray Hudson was announced by her mother this week. The engaged pair w a s honored at a dinner p a r t y recently given by the bride- prnrim-lo-bfi's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Hudson nf l.rmj: Brarh, at Urhana, I I I . where lift is stationed w i t h Ihfi Air Korc.n. Miss Lancaster, 'daughter of Mrs. Charles Lancaster of Long Beach, and the late Mr. Lancaster, was graduated from Jordan High School, where she was president of Alpha 7.eta Phi sorority. She attended Long Bench City College. HER FIANCE also w a s graduated from Jordan High School and attended L o n g Beach City College, where he was fl member of the Lancer Car Club. The wedding will lake place Oct. 14. Soft as Sugar PIOUMI sugar t h a t has hardened ran b softened by being placed in the top nf a double boiler over boiling water. Cool Jewel Floral pins lend a fresh note to solid color dresses on hot summer days. These come in while, black and pastels, too. Wedding News Told Mrs. J. Donald Horn Of interest to their many friends is news of the recent wedding at Church of the W e s t in I.ns Vegas of Paulino Lender nnri Dr. J. Donald Horn. ThR hririF! is ( h e d a u g h t e r nf Mr. unrl Mrs. Lynn H u b hard of Roseville, and the bridegroom's p a r e n t s a r c Mr. and Mrs. G, A, Horn, 3715 E. Sixth St. The couple is building a new home at 6470 Montova St. into which they will move upon its completion July 30. DR. HORN w'as graduated from Wilson High School, Long Beacli City College and USC School of Dentistry. He was a Navy pilot, a n d : the f i r s t jnl pilnt flying from Los A l a m i l o s Air Rasp. He is c h a i r m a n of HIP. hoard of d i r f l r . I n r s of Los A l t o s YMC'A. TliP MPW Mis. Horn aUendPil schools in the East. Colorful Bath Children enjoy baths more if you add a few drops of vegetable coloring to their bath water. Our cuit cm furri*r itc;»g« urvic* Tr.cludei tvtry tMall to protect and praiacv* your furl durif g th» dam* 5 ing heah It' I font Jon "*r!y »o t^-A · rout Fur itrriq*. 1.»| in Ul* ·*'· ff ypijp Fun Vi\ $gmnr*f *rn\ pu fCHI f"i*^ REMODIUN6 W« will RsMylf, oni C|RB«- your fuM du'l^O 'h« vjnn-n«f urnscn ol ip*cial Low rfltsi, Phone GEnevn 8-3572 NEW MODELS Individually dtiignitJ io *T. pi · It your own p if is n* My «nd So qivi you Int ctarrn ind diilinctlen t^nt «v«ry vcrr.n wind. Ycu will (·· tMI'fl vi,h Ik* iiniiiu*! Jacket*, 33H E. Iroodway L o n g Beach I "EMMY" BY DE5CO A clever combination nf woven straw and soft, soft leather, mounted on Revelations' famous walking last. Completely foam-cushioned, graceful Boulevard heel with wedge comfort. SIZES 4V» to H Narrow. M e d i u m , Wirlp, l»tra WiH. COI.ORS: "lock PnlenJ w l l h M=.*ft P n n ? Smomh wllh MH!I rV»yy Sraooih vllh Mesh White Smeolh with H;ih IPOINT FOOT RELIEF 235 E. FOURTH ST. DEAR ABBY Time Now to Confess, Pray DEAR ABBY: You've got to help me out nf this mrss. I am a married man w i t h a f a m i l y . I was liirt off my regular jnh. so I look a ioh in a n o t h e r stale. 1 got mixed up with a young girl there. 1 didn't I ell her I was married. I dirt a foolish t h i n g and gave her an "engagement 11 ring. I must have been nuts. She told me last Friday she is in a family way. and we have to get married right away, t can't marry her because I am already married. 1 know her father, and I'm afraid he will k i l l me. If 1 run out on her and am caught, will they put me in jail? My joh pays good money, and I don't w a n t lo leave town. How do T pet out of t h i s mess? - STUPID AND MESSED UP. DF.AR STUPID: I doubl i f you'll fp lucky enough to gci I n t o a nice, M f e jail. Tell ynur girl friend about A "" T your wife, Then I ell your w i f e about your girl friend. Then tell a lawyer about both of them. And pray. * * . * D E A R ABBY: How rlo you slop a grown man of ?A from licking his plate? YPS, Ahby. This hushanri of m i n e (and f a t h e r of two children) just loves lo lick his plaie. He does it all in f u n , and to show me what a good cook I am, but the children are going to start to i m i t a t e him. Any suggestions would be appreciated. --DOTTIE. UEA.R DOTTLE: If your great bi? o v n r E r n w t v b n y doesn't stop licking his plnle--give HIM n licking. * - · » DEAR ABRY: My d a u g h t e r was asked to he a bridesmaid again. This will he the third t i m e t h i s year. Each t i m e she had to buy her own dress and shoes, and get a present for the bride. Each time it has run us about $60. Our daughter goes to college, and does not earn her own money. We have another child in college, and have to budget ourselves very closely to make ends meet. Am I wrong in t h i n k i n g t h a t if the bride's mother wants her to have a big wedding, with bridesmaids, she should pay for the bridesmaids' rtrf.sses? --CUTTING CORNERS. DEAR CUTTING: The. most-common practice is fnr the bridesmaids to buy their own gowns. The other way Is ihe exception, and not I tip rule. The bride's molher has an obligation in keep the dress modestly priced. If she wants supcr-dupcr bridesmaids' riressns, she should buy them. Generally, if a bridesmaid can't a f f o r d if buy her own dress more than once, she should decline the invitations. * · * · What's bothering you? For a personal reply, write to Abby, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. LONG BEACH HI 6-1932 n ..... umiliiimiir; Mr. and Mrs. Dick Lrnn- in£ of San l.canrlro have an- n o u n c e d t h e rncagenieni of their ctaiiEhicr. Jan Houghton, 10 Hal l.inrlsey of Hous- l a k n SEARS KOEOUCKANOC* SEARS Long Beach Open i N'i^hr:-: MnnHiy, Wednc'-Hay. Thur-.d.iy. Fricisy 9:30 a.m. lo 9.15 p.m. . , , Cuhcr Days 9.30 so 5:30 |j Leunings Tel! Daughter's Engagement -' -· · -- - · · ton, Tex. The w e r i d i n g «'il Miss Houphton formerly place in Houston, Tex., J u l y t a u g h t at Hoover .tuninr 22. High School in Lakcswood. For the past t h r e e years she C l « « -..-,4- T«nf l-i has been affiliated w i t h E l e g a n t | O U C H Campus Crusade for Christ and the interdenominational Collegiate Christian movement. BE MUSICAL with one of the i n s t r u m e n t s or pianos of fered in Classified today un dcr Oss-.ificatinn 70 ft 73-A S H O R T C U T S FOR SUMMER COOLNESS Prices Begin ar CREME COLD WAVE , , . the perfect beginning for (he jhort, smooth coiffure, Salon -- Uwll Slrnl fl"l LONG BEACH Bellflower at Siearm -- GE 9-481 I OPEN MONDAY. WEDNESDAY, 7HUSSDAY I FRIDAY, 7:10 l» Artificial Flowers Arranging Dem oust r a t i o n I n l o r n a l i o n a l l y K i m u n Chikusui Kondo at Sears Lnng Beach Mr. ( H i V u - m K^ndX *vH( inown foi hi'. Arh'-'ic U l r n t in the j.-t of j m n ^ m g a r t i f i c i a l flower.', w i l l be in our G i f t Department on t h e »ernnrl floor lo £ive you ^me new irlc« in c r e a t i n g arrangements in your c o n t a i n e r or you may purchase a container from our scleuinn. Momlny, W r d n r s r l n y ntul Friday .1:00 p.m. lo 9:00 p . m . HER WORK has taken her to Oklahoma University and Smith College in the N e w Kngland area, where she was student Christian counselor. H e r fiance attended t h e University of Houston ar.d- is a student at Dallas Theological Seminary. rayon velvet i? used for l i t t l e cropped jackets 10 wear in air-conditioned summer spots. Most have stand- away collars. OH Top ' I-et your summer hats be light and airy. Confections of organdy, tulle or coarse net are just the t h i n g for wilting days. .Drapery Cleaning Specialists . Exclusive P L- 17 QT? A R Q Downtown. Long Beach irarKrreC OHl.r\JLlUJ ronflBechBlTiat Fifth, Hnlock 3-01 Bf Oinit'l'dmiitg Dfin/iitii . . . t\rtt Open on ]f'-f/H(f/Jtits itnti cffiy tin-j r\ the n etk SPECIAL CHICKEN PIE DINNER Servad" vT}h our crtamy whtppict p o t i f o f t j , gold*! chrcfctn grivy, cola il«w, lioi biicuih, buMir and honey. Cholc* of coSbl*r r JtU-O or ric» p y d d t n g , chore* ef f«», c o l f n o; bulUrrnil^ Our fake-home foods or* a muif for Mo it dtiiring fht Beit h cat tied food and patiriei SERVING FROM 11:CO A.M. 'TIL 8:00 P.M. 7J7 TIN! · LONG RfACH · t ;.M17 TO ORCHID CLEANERS and Mr. Steve D. Carroll the Ultra-Form Co. of Oregon, announce the awarding of the exclusive Ultra Tone Drapery Care Franchise. with Ultra Tone drapery care you can be assured . . . COMPLETE C O N F I D E N C E COMPLETE GUARANTEE COMPUTE SERVICE ExclKsire in Long Beach . . . First in California ULTRA TONE is s totally nsw concept of drapfify earn. This service is available only through qualified firms with fine reputations in the service field. A dlininn oj a long li.t/ttbli.tked Pintigc jinn Orchid 'Cleaners 7.706 E, Broadway GE 8.738Q r : l -l'Jt7CT^U.'«^B«« .

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