Independent from Long Beach, California on May 23, 1957 · Page 27
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 27

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 27
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Rumor Still Has Roberto Involved NEW DELHI, I n d i a (UD-Roberto Rosselllnl eluded newsmen In H o r n b a y by R ruse Wednesday and flew hero on "personal" binlncis. U n c on- firmed rumors said Kossolllnl husband of screen star Ingrk Bergman,. was seeking a passport to allow Indian beauty Sonall Dns-Gupta to accompany him to Italy. The Italian movie producer tried many tricks to elude re porters since It was reported Sunday that he plans to divorce Miss Bergman to marry Sonall, wife of Indian llarl Das.Gupla. · · i A WOMAN identifying herself M "Sonll" summoned reporters Wednesday to n press conference In room 544 at tho Taj Mahal Hotel In Bombay--Hos- Bclllni's room. Sonall Is regis- tered in 345. But newsmen found the summons was a hoax. While they were out of tho lobby, Ilossellln slipped out to the airport am boarded a plane for New Delhi where associates said he Js expected to remain for two days. Rosselllnl told newsmen here "I have come here on business.' Asked If It was personal or of flclal business, he replied, "per lonaL," · · · · HKl'OUTH of n love affair between Rosselllnl and Sonall, the mother of two children, brought her family on the run to try to dissuade her. The government was reported !o have blocked her passport to keep her-from going to Italy. The government action ap- jarently resulted from the ef- orts of the wife of noted Indian film director Blmal Roy. Tho newest Wllsort Illg School production of "Sweet hearts" was previewed by Jun lor High S c h o o l students a Wednesday's matinee perform ance In Wilson Auditorium. In a production that prove to be as lively and witty as 1 was pretty, the combined ef forts of the student body ani faculty provided the audlenc with much more In the way o entertainment than just th lovely music of Victor Jlerberl There Is no doubt that these hard-working young people havi great deal of talent In thell midst, and the "proof of thi pudding" lies easily in the en semblo work of the chorus un der direction of Phillip L, Kill ... most notorious woman In Fr*nch Indochina! thorpe, and the operetta orches- :ra under direction of Nicholas and self-assurance that belongs to youth, by the end of the first act, the principals had settled down nnd were giv- M-G-M'S COMEDY CYCLONE! GREGORY PECK LAUREN BACALL ClNBMAScOPE GENE BARRY ANGIE DICKINSON NAT "KING" COLE 'DESIGNING WOMAN' DOLORES GRAY CM|MI!CO»I | MfllOCCNOI +HS VINTAGE R E S T ----. 10PIN THE LYONS DEN /Unf iMiH, CM, n«r». May JJ, IfIT ^reproduction Parley' Is Angel Hunt By LEONARD LYONS SHORTLY More Lord Mayor Drlscoc returned to Fredrlc March Invited. Dublin, him to «oo "Lone Day's Journey Into Night." Brlscoe said he'd come and said that this O'Neill play probably would do well In Dublin. Brlicoe changed hli opinion after he «aw the show--because of the scene In which the Irish maid «teal» drinks, "Great, but It won't go In Ireland," he said. The English are at our backs, and try to convey the lmpres slon Hint we Irish are alwayi drinking." · · * · THE DRAMA version of Mey. r Levin's novel, "Compulsion," will be produced by the three men who produced "Long Day's ourney Into Night"--Theodore Mann, Leigh Connell and Jose Qulntcro. They announced that hcy'ro now having preproduc- let her--but her comments wer restrained and ladylike. "I neve USD a naughty word unless th role calls for It," she snld. "Dll never say that I don't think It. Miss Andrews' youngc brothers, Incidentally, helpc paint tho family house, Th youngest, Chris, was proud his whitewash work and repeat ed: "Didn't I paint this beautl fully?" The other boy, Donald said: "Shut up. Who the hell d you think you are, Botticelli?' · * · · LEE MERRIWETHER. thi 'ormer Miss America, will play the leading role In "Witness fo the Prosecution" at the University Civic Theater in Blrmlng ^am, Ala., next month. . . 'New Girl In Town" has t Sweethearts' Preview Shows Student Talent Ing a first-rate tinging performance. Most noteworthy of all wan the fuel that In spite of B few flnws In their singing, the lends stilt managed to capture the spirit of their solo song! without marring the total cf. feet upon the mood of the music and Mory, and won the approval of their audience, which was n difficult one to perform before, to say the least. Both Stephanie Norwood, JULIE ANDREWS "Always Ladylike" tlon discussions on the new play, Mann explained the phrau; "Preproduction talk* means 'Do you know any people who want to back a show?"' * · « · THK OKEAT battlefields of the world Include Bastogne, Verdun, Gettysburg, and the kitchen of the Copacabana. The night-club fracas ' front-paged the other day was preceded by a racial slur directed at Sammy Davis Jr. during show. . , , completely attack which put him In the hospital, and he flew to New York ast weekend.. $600,000 advance. Aldous luxley's new play still Is un titled. It will star Nancy Kelly · · · « DURING filming of "Jeanne Sagels" director George Sidney irlcfcd Kim Novak and Jeff Chandler on a love scene. "At Irst," the director said, "Klm'i he aggressor. She starts out by kissing your eyes, · your nose lips-- but you, Jeff, . are blase about the whole Adolph Green and Betty Comden, authors of "Bells Are Ring. Ing," took Miss Comden's 4 year-old son, Alan, to the Central Park zoo. They asked him what his favorite animal Is « the zoo, and he said: "The ho dog." · ·· · · W H E N Steeplechase Park opened this weekend It featuret tho same Ferris wheel George C Tilyou brought from the Chicago Exposition In 1893. He Invested his life's savings, $500, In a deposit on the purchase of this Irst thrill ride of his. The prof. Is enabled him to build the amusement park. . . . The Ninth ederal Bank's booklet cautions depositors: "Those who live with o much tension seldom live to enjoy a pension." . . . Marilyn ilonroo wanted to be at her msband's side during the trial, but decided It would distract attention from the Issues, HOLTZ, the comic who In AII ttfUi UID 10*1* 'BOY ON A DOLPHIN' Miirr ro*iA "12 ANGRY MEN" TJtt/lfi Guifk the leading role of the missing princess Sylvia, and Jackl Williams, as the little milliner LI- ane, have nice bright clear soprano voices and a nice manner when they sine. David Stump, i Prince Franz, and Roger D»' vis, as the Lothario, not only tiave good voices but also carried off their roles In a convincing manner, CHARLES CULVER a n d Sandra Snebly had the difficult task of carrying most of comedy. However, they managed to surmount most of the hazards with ease. In the other roles 3nn Krueper. Nell Rosensteln Jerry Dills and Hugh Dayton not only Rave good support, but heir makeup and costuming was especially well done under guidance of Dominic Valentino md Betty Matthews, Jeanlno Benson, Annette Levn, Judy Meier, Mary Metzgnr, Audrey Melvln and Donna Han ock, who portrayed the six comely daughters of Mother Goose, not only acted in fetching manner, but also sanir nicely and helped to keep the show moving at the lively pace set by Elllthorpc and the orchestra. Per usual, when called upon. Miss Burdlck and her crew again have como up with stage sets and lighting that are good, as are the dance sequences under direction of Ruth Jacobs. --Rurney-Lou Broim · f^ ·· f\ V» E BtjH *0c Till S p.m. -- Kldi 2!e tOo EVES.. WEEKEND t HOLIDAT Always 3 Features was a vaudeville headllner for many years, appeared on 'Toast if tho Town" last Sunday. Holtz las been In show business 43 .-ears. He started as a perform- r In San Francisco, where Elsie 'anls saw him work and prom- INDEPENDENT-Pag. B-7 · r********************** *******»****«»«*»**«« HEY KIDS! 2 BIG FEATURES the TOWNE Theatre! SATURDAY 'Doors Open Noon WONDERFUL STORr*/ BOB HOPE m SEVEN ItriuFovs --.TTCHN1COIO* --.Millr VITALE STATE Opens JL LOS ALTOS n¥ MAMH ^ ».*·** «* "n... Starts at 'Dusk 4, TOWNE Opens * at 5:45 :· -THE MOVIE THAT THROWS THE-- tj ACID RIGHT BACK IN THEIR FACES! Rlppad i)ln-«lda out I compnny that brought you "ON THE WATERFRONT! [IMPERIAL.,! M O M LI MI «n"n ~"!rTJ "°°" At»if QUlll 0n»r Wliain "The RIDE BACK" DMT I A L H O U I "The BIG CAPER" I Ml ««»·«» TM- ^ "HIAVEN KNOWS MR. ALLISON" IAIMIIIR-HIMUII "The RAINMAKER" ( ILMONT HI sn-ai *ST liknik *il«r( KIM HITIMUU "HIAVIN KNOWS MR. ALLISON" Flit--tilktir quill 'The RIVER'S EDGE" tUIIl, HIM lllKtawir TO t-llll "IMRIT OF IT, IOUII" "T»TTi*l» Omit" ·HALT*. a»»r TO Mill I'IMMT OF IT. IOUK" "HUT tig Ml" »0«H»H, ··twin tl 4-IIII "IATTU Hill" "TKI BAKMAMU" IAN «D»O CIIFIILU, WIIMINOTOM ·WffW " """ "THI WH Tl 1X1 P.OLO" IHAIADA, Wll'toflil Tl 4411) "Illltl Mill" "AIIIDOI IHIP" DRIVE-IN THEATRES IAMOI, Itlll I. Vm»l Tl 4-MII "HOOD AlllI" "KIOIII INOIIUI" U HIMDA, tlu» I lit Ul Mill "It tlOM Mil" "run or un" UltOLI, IHH Hl Jt 7-llil "HOOD AHIT" "THI IOUITI HUITI*" KOUIUM, 14)11 I. Hum, Ml MI4I '·THI I H A V I 0*1" "tO JI1MT AFFAIR" I U I D O W I , I l l l l I. Wiill, WUItllt · "IHIIt Q A T I " "THI WAT TO THI 1010" TWII yui,.ri|lim It lit 01 4-1117 "THI T A T T I f l l D Dllll" "IHI IIAFKHIM" P»l«r OIAVII "IT CONQUERED Thi WORLD Dltmll O'Ktiri "CHICAGO SYNDICATE" D.IHI ANPIIWI . OM« TIIINIT "Whirl Thi Sldiwilk Ends' TOM IWIU . MTU NAIirilLD "THE QIRL CAN'T HELP IT" (llll.lll,.. ,, (,| lr) ^-- Lut _ ' AUDII M U M H T K 4 T K K T I OKA IT "THE DUNS OF FORT PETTICOAT" _ NIW »T1*ND pbllCT-Atl IIATI Holldiyi III !I..MI.'Mi I DOOII OPIN till WILSON HIGH SCHOOL Prcsentl Sweethearts 9 kr Vltlw H«k«t flNAL PERFORMANCtS Q D kJ TONIOHT ft FRIDAY O P.. IVI. NlllH Nl|t All. Tllllts II, Al Illll FXltmi. ADU1TI Id, KID 1IX Klft DOUOlAl . lm«i HATWAID "TOP SECRET AFFAIR" llllKII ml «|41. (Oil I _ HUI -- J.ll CHANDlll . JUWH OIU "DRANGO" I M lil« T H E T H E A T R E ON ITAO* '7he TEAHOUSE of ' th. AUGUST MOON" ROADIUM ORIVMN THEATRE Pinml. 1 Compt, BI«d H Pinml, MIBHIl IAT - ll "THE BRAVE ONE" (lliimltiif iri lihtl rlui I U I A I H A T * I H D . K l * « DOUOlAl "TOP SECRET AFFAIR" ADM. S«IU Por Cir T» Incl. «THE KAIN MAKER" u.i. cirr coiuoi AUOITOIIUM MAT 14 AND II, lilO P.M. ADMIIIIOH 11.00 8810 Atlantic, NlTB. -- QA 2.3161 D I I O I A H III! . IOIIIT M I T I H U M "HUVIN KNOWS MR. ALLISON" "BATTlt HILL" WITH IIIHAID TODD r B U R L E S Q U E - Al l«ir. MC| Slauy Parr»ll, DtrM* Dart, Ctlltft*, Chill Ija Ian, J«s« Upti, Songs, Impnislvat. slot i. f«. c«»t M Club Mandalay. SEE thrilling Intimation*] itunt conttiti SEE tplni-chllllng auto-aerial acti SEE daring c«r-to-e«r trampollna acrobatio* SEE *p«ctacular Mlto "wing-overt" SEE flgwittc circus pand* SEE amazing animal acts SEE fun-loving ctowM SEE Motor Circus bandt* III Ita colorful tplandor Gen'l. Adm. $1.50 A limited number of FREE TICKETS at MELODV i;III LI. (Slnlnvar Itoom) TE 2-0450 COR. 12TH * PACIFIC, SAN PEDRO Dancing every night. Jim iciiion every Sun it 4 p.m. to Danny Horn and Duke Toiler. Jittftbu,? contest Sunday! K 7. Cocktaili, THK LAKK (narlf-aqun) Altw« r ,m.,.l(_MElPBlf .1.RO1I4 (17227 S. LAKEWOOD HLVD.) No Cover No Admiiiion. New, gilt ihow--White Fury with the twin 44'i. Debbie KAye, Miri* lyn. Ihe aleodir girl. Diet Carlion, M.C, Biby Davii. Rcxk n - Roll longi. CALICO I.N'.V . MEli-alf 3.0211 (17847 SO. LAKEWOOD BLVD.. EnLLFLOWER) Dancing--Chuckwigon Dinners from 3:)0 p.m., S1.7?; Giuckwagon Lunchn, 11:30 to 2 p.m., $1.23; Cocktaili, Cloied Sun. Host Hal Wilion. Fortiit Smllh'n I.A HO^fRK HllK Supper Club HK I-HB11 TRAFFIC CIRCLn, PACIFIC COAST HWY, t, LAKEWOOD Dining and tlancing. No COT., no min. Top dance combo, lame fine food tint ha« made Foreit Smith restaurants famous. Avail, for banquets. . . . Community Singing HE 7-nnnT In the Robinson Hotel, 1 Blk. S. of Ocein, 1 Illk. E. of Americtn, L.B. The ilgn of good fellowship, cocktails, draft beer. Carl Zeller playing the iccordinn. Top sirloin iteak dinner tl.?0. Served 6 pm. to 9 p m four Authorized FORD DEALER it Tlokits Mutt Bi Obtilnid Baton Tundiy, May 38 Ickets for children must be obtained b/ adults. SADOLR .V SPi:H . . . I»nnrlnj( Mlrly IIK fl.n2SS ROBINSON HOTEL, 534 E, Ocejn, Long Beach FealurinR the ItudJr Bruce Quartette nilflr, SunJir iflemoon dance and Jam Session. Cocktails, heer. No cover, no minimum. Fiiii. THK M'THH)SK TKrailiml 4*2109 (5 MILES WEST OP LONG BEACH IN WILMINGTON) Come out if r»u want to be insulted--see whit our tany, wackr bit- maids and bartenders do! WESTEICV COnilAL HEmloek (HO AMERICAN AVE, LONG BEACH) Dancing In Billr Armstrong and hit band. Entertainment every night of the week. No cover, no minimum. ROXY OC. ODC' DIMS OMt II A.M. 'TII I ».M. In, til,, IM., Nil, * OPIN AIL NIGHT * il MIKINO Afw 4 'M, Dllly All O.f ttl CINIMAKOPI ft TICHNICOIOI . M«..» n 0-HAIA . Amfeur OUIHF*-' "Magnificent Matador" i. ··.,.« . i. rixnUr--eoio*°* "TROPIC ZONE" ;:. N..III. HAND . !·» IIIBIINO "' "RETURN From The SEA" GAY f»0'. (2308 PAUf DRIVE, SIGNAL HILL CArfletd 7-3318 Phone (or Directions) Music of (he Gar °0'i, Jerry Praun «t the Piano and Calliope. Serving the finest American and Italian Foodi. WILTON HOTKIj--Sky Itoom HEmlock 7-99O1 ^ON THB BEAQJ IN LONG BliAOl) No Cow. Dancing 7 nighti to the Naturals. Special cocktail hour 5 p.m.-7 pjn, (hot hors d'oeuTrei), Fashion shows Wei. 9 p.m., Thun, 12:30 p.m. I SHOW STARTS APPROX. I P.M. Rock HUDSON · Elizabeth TAYLOR . James DEAN "GIANT" DRIVE IN.THEATRE DK.\--.\«w Chlnii Cnl« TOrrer 7-1948 (CORNER ARTESIA BELLFLOWER BLVD, BELLFLOWERl Modern dancing every Fridar, Saturday. Sunday. Jackson Tlio, Wed. thru Sun. Chinese food, top entertainment, cocktails. Food to go. OMMUM1TY PLAYHOU^t 1011 UST ANAHEIM (Utl K. T. Hit-Nit · Mllllcil)' Pfc, HfMlMk I "ANNIVERSARY WALTZ" hlng. You Ignore her complete- Broadway she'd sponsor him. He Chaqdler replied. "I Ignore Kim ame to N. Y., where Miss Janls ot him a Job-- but he flopped. le found the reason -- he was oo young to be accepted as a flip comic, Novak's advances and kisses. Vouldn't It be easier If you kill Alfred Hitchcock JEAN C O C T E A U newspaper quote NOW! OPEN NOON tilm, but which he'd never ut- nor, author of "Tile Last Har- tered. "Oh, well," he shrugged, I'm a celebrity. Talent consists find of novel for Atlantic-Little of creating phrases. Being a ce Brown. It will be called "Bcnjy; A Ferocious Fairy Tale." phrases attributed to you." , , , The new locations of El Morocco WHILE JULIE Andrews was and Le Pavilion replicas of the current sites. costar of "My Fair Lady" heard some news which seemed to up- OPIN till -- IRII MIKINO Deborah Robert KERR-MITCHUM WlEVANDORm IORI NELSON 2ND ACTION HITI EE UOBB-KERWIN HJUHEWS-GIA SMU-WCHAliD BflONE-YAlEBIE flENCH *··) \tnrn n* *t NUIT A[Wf| · f t m tfm bf llITtl KLkt fcf MHT H nWI . DMfM »· WatlaTT t*MiU NOW! OPENS 5:45 2ND TOP SUSPINSE HIT you'll be tense with sus- Pense_.Hmp from nceitamcntl no HC rot un rar . ^duryea jayne mansfieW Memorial Day Thursday, May 30 2:15 and 8:15 P.M. Friday, May 31 Nite Only, 8:15 martha vicksrs Live tht Llti «( Rltty at ttii HUNTINQTON HOTEL 44 OP A HLOCK UNQ 1290 E. OCEAN BLVD. LONG BEACH NO MOVIE EVER STABBED SO DEEP! Henry · 4, L«« J. ^ FONDA " COBB "12 ANGRY MEN" k SHOWS Stort Tcnlte at Dusk ROSE BOWL PASADENA Mt r* ·tt*Hf, rrimt rib* of t Hirkfv, h«hM VtrRtpfft h , No Our dtnl THK GREAT MAN IT'S TOUGHtR THAN "ON TH£ WATtRMONT" ALAN LADD SOPHIA LOREN CLIFTON WEDB BCWONA I DOIPHIN %^«^«^»»i i ,1 un i i 2ND ACTION HITI 2ND SUSPENSE HITI Dan i Jgynt ouareA X MANSCIELD "THE BURGLAR" "STORM RIDER" i Enltr _ Ikt Pun-Ttltt'irn t*d Tturi. morning Iniifindt*!, for till Ciotfi W'tH--IIEnloti )-1161, ttl, 27). IlKBiilKul Show Hoora I.ountfe (740 E. 11ROADWAV, LONG I1EACH) Lntcrll! r.n(ctiainins nilclyl Nffl we itf tnottlU Your hoil, Mike Restovich. Optn 2 p m. to THE RIDE BACK 2ND IIG 'EATURI m Rory CALHOUN "The BIG CAPER" Mary Ceita · Jamti Gr«g»ry THE VINTAGE

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