Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1964 · Page 12
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 12

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1964
Page 12
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Exclusive Southern Calif. 1 Contractors for FLEXON TO 1 Tlit etw miraclt tr(«rler well eeofing -- tliramofei eiftrior porting fer 10 fofl yiors. A-IZ-- » tuck, t»«-, TWI. r». BOOTHS 310 311 CAL-TEX 343 E. Marltr St. LONG BEACH GA 3-8411 Trl-A-Craft Exhibiting Fourth Year This win be the fourth year for Tri-A-Cnft u an ex bibitor at the Long Beach Home Shew. On display will be many samples of the hundreds of pre-stamped linens available, each as pnkrw cases, towtli, aprons, tablecloths, scarfs, place mats, pajaraa bags, shifts, etc. They will also display the various kits containing all or part of the 29 different colors of the ballpoint tabes paint. These tabes are nsei exactly the tame as a bill- point pen directly on the fabric or article to be decorated and the paint win never wash .out WARNING TO PUBLIC California Low reqa'ret tlicf ALL in JJTI duals cnJ firms conhseKng r» da city lypt ef conjrnjeKon work raoit first p«s oa erominotio* end OBTAIN A LICENSE FROM THE STATE. Therefore, When You Build, Repair or Remodel-- til Msl» ctrta?* that your contractor b Cc*ts*d t» «ttgo^ · HI tfn part'tular fypt «f wark yo» «r» fcavlfi) tfon«. TWr« or* IS different clouificatie» «f ficiim fuel +· bt eo«foi»J w^ti erJTnary b«»in»» fictnui wMcfc · ri rt^uTrtrf by cit'ii end couat'ti for «H firmi «p«r- ·ting %1+Jitn irnir eonflnti). (2) D«i*t r*ff e* verfecd 1 »gr*«meafs. Ini'tt «· · »»rTHt« Cftntrac) wfiict iptHs cut tiactfy whet wort tt t« (· rfsrt. w*is rt is »« t« ifor+td end compM«4. wfiat mot«rT 0 T| or* t« I* ··« 8"rf *ht lo*al cost «f th* jot. etc. Ill If your jet rt t* t* *vf«nsT«t. ·t^tcioTTy cut involving · ·» censfractlcn, fait yew Itfffftt r» · e«mp*t«»t artfci- f*Ct enj haw* fc'm incarporV* tftm int« · itt «9 If ·· elflc fitani ·nj tpcclfTeatlent. (4} D»*l *rpfc» SOUnHINS lor NOTHING. 1* to*- ttrtict*o« wcrl. *h« tarn* ei anythma cUt. yol muaHy Z it |ui* wfiat yn« pay far. Tf« »imptfi* way *« 9«t tK« tit jetsitlt jci fer ffct fow«tt ettt U to « for cvatpcttriv* fig«r*t. 5 it « 4if nit* Jat, en wh'cV yo* wiR «pi« bUi. Ifivifi at Tiait t r t t r t p n t a * COH- tree ten to fia.or» your |ob, end t^»* «warj your contract t« tho lawt (I) A«Mi* rtt laHoVr*' Crchanq* I* of yo« «r ti^df for y«V prc|*ct, II y«« rf»m«, trie Eicrionqt wTQ lo ftappy t* rvcemmtnj · Tst «f rotiabl* CDH- trocten fr«m it» fntmbtrs^'p to fig art your j«b; «nj without cott *r ·bTTo/at'oa to yo*. w^lt «ls» place your »TaM «· tV. i* ift PtAN IOOM for poniiar by «1 ifitoristcj b'ddon. ((] PONT SIGN ANHHING "tJ yo« *ofc» ctrt B T tkot y«» or* ·Vcli** with · IUIAILE CONT1ACTOI -- · tfcat · bai · rrputattot for payma hit bffii premptfy f t * yor wo»'l hov* 1o f v y t»'ct)-- *Ti«t I* f* fally cov«r*4 by UAIILITT. FKOflITT DAMAGE a*rf COMPfNSATION luarcacf. C7I H«¥0 your controctcr fU · "Kortc* *f CcmsMioi" for yoi w'tft tho County R«tcrd*«r iirirni JTofoTy c^tr tfio fob ii eomp!*t«J (a your latlifsciTon. II) Molt cor4ai« boforo final itttfomont w'tb your COH- tracter. the* ·· "Mecbamlct' LJtu" loro b**i fTI«a" ·galtit y«ar property far in^a'J bilti fer Tabor ·nd/'or irattr'aTt incurrta* by hltn »r «»y tub-cantracfor wh* wordd on tW job. U) If your job invoTv«i tf. wer( «f itviral craffs, deaf *H ·» GtNIKAl CONTKACTOt wf» wPI 1=^.TM,, *I1 »f t^o werlt, it car* tKo rtotisry baila^n) ptrm't. pay el for · "fix**"* to* a I coit trocten to you. Ill) Makt «ar« yoer )ob a fuHy fiaaicej before yai itort. A centtrnction job ni«tr cettt Uti tKon tht contract price. If. «ft«r *h« job « »*arttd, yo« wont t« mot* · ny crtang«i Tn your cmg'nal f!oni «r docTJo fe ea*d ipocial firfurtt «r fiffTngs, ere, b« tor* ya add Bp t*# cott ·! tick titras b*for» ·r4rn«) tbem emd mat* tare * . , · 1 lucb change! «nJ trfrdi -- enj |Vo*r coit -- T« · wrJtt»» "cla*9* Artfrr" wiHi y*«r cavtracter before · utlierTiTn^ k'rn 1* proceia* therew'tK. · WHEIt AN9 HOW TO flit A COMPLAINT AGAINST A CONTKACTOI Contractors wfce engage U tinttfilcaf proc+ie««. foil ot p a y tfeV bttTi or ere «V!ty *f * breech of contract, etc, ar« «ab]tcf t · tTIscrp fi« cry «ctlo * by Hi* C**rracter»* S tat* UceBM loaret wlicfc hat ffc« power to inpeid er revolt rteir Ccees*L If yoi fco»* what f o « f*tt if « legTtirnefe eorrp!oV* · gaintt · contrcctor, ftl« it !· wrirlag wJ+li tfi* ticenie loarj. A fwfly ilaffeil DIitrTct Of fie. n loca^ia* I* *Ve Ht«rr*cf l»n«Titg. Oceqij Io«ltrar4 aJ Pine A«e»e, IB leia Beach. Pi«*t 43M29I. Tie StanJarj "Form C," f.r inakinf «uch wrJtfo* complaint* M evenebfe «t tf e luTtd'orV Ezchairge whlcb wTtt bo (oppy le initnict ysv in filling it »ut, For Aty Job, Large or SmoQ IT WILL PAY YOU TO CONSULT A IUILDERV EXCHANGE MEMBER FIRST AHJUATIO WITH The SIGN of DEPENDABILITY TK» |j^3 r ,V ficKon;^ n ··« »f th* «!i,if «nj «-,t« r,- l»,tf, troj* «n«c;at:ori i ten] lock, «ij rgi l»« n · M^*^** t'lC* If j]. It rtprvitnft .ct fuit · f,w itfiicntl ·f ft* C«llltnic!!o In/uifry. lul · trn» trill Kcfan «f AIL It Mno t!i« *nfV Gr,*,r 1*114 t»ocb «r,«, [I "x · o»- «r»fi »r5«ibTf;c«, J,f.te',i I, d ( ;rt4,ci:« *n4 l«H,r. v*nt «f t^f frOi '«-ijir. Or.r tt« f,nei «f Hi l j»o» lU«»nr. H (·! Itctni r,cojc'i,jl ty loth th« («««ro! Rubric ·· 4f* cortitrvclloi rnjjtfry e · fynVil l "V»«,kty. r«- r«»n:«v nj kf«]r;tr.' ft t cr,,-, H, irml«rt c»r«fjTIr. s cod* ftf tfli'ct rMu*r«s cB*tTnyeut ·jVtranct t. fa «n4 I*KII! fcyslntt* fr«ctiff». THE BUILDERS' EXCHANGE OF LONG BEACH 1423 WALNUT AVENUE TEIETHONE Htm-'ock 2-tf SS LONG BEACH U, CALIFO1NIA EASY TO BE ARTIST Mrs. Bill Lansdcwne has just finished painting one of the many wall hangings available through Tri-a-Craft, Inc., 25032 Broadwell SL. Harbor City. Mrs. Lansdowne is not an artist, but. never-the-Iess was able to do this beautiful hanging depicting a cherry-blossom bough by using Tri-Chem "liquid Embroidery" ballpoint tubes of paint Working Wives wives who have children be- HOME-O-RAMA BEAUTIES Sharon Shipley, -left, and Cynthia Metzger are typical of the Long Beach Area beauties who will compete for the queen's title on opening night of the Long Beach Home-O-Rama. To Select Queen on Opening Night A dozen Long Beach Area,Holley, Lindi Nielsen, Cyn beauties will parade before,thia Metrger and Carla Mar Ourd of «U w,vei »re wcrk- ( Ubor force, reports the Pcpa-U^ selert a ^,^1 and ^o es ^^g ^^ ^j queen ^ mg today ind 42 per cent of.lation Reference Bureau here, princesses to reign over the'preslde at various functions five-day home show. during the' fivenday home 'TBUY ANTY ORGAN until you see hear ''The Standard of Comparison" HAMMOND ORGAN Only Hammond has · * NO TUNING EVER! M» HtmmonJ E!«cVle Or9in lin tvtr ^or« cut of tun*. * THE ONLY ELECTRIC ORGAN T};* cnTy COrrpT«f«Tf ff«feTt font IOUTCV. ^r EASIEST TO PLAY 253 UTior, ten,, (confrir.. j t r FTC) ^r ALL ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENTS 9:u» tfioui«nrfi of novtlfy tflnti »ni *oyflj cfftcfi. ^ LOWEST DEPRECIATION The queen contest, scheduled for 7:15 pm., will have ohnny Gunn, Southland ra- lio personality, is master of ertraonies. George Fountain, chairman said an impar- Home-O-Razaa management. · queen *nd_he who will receive .variety of, w i n d o w Shade meichaadiH prizes from the gfiBufi«t»reri Association. ! Housed behind special floor or ceiling valances, the shades LONG BEACH area girls j may be installed pull down, who will compete for the hon- bottom-up, or in a combina- ors include: tion cf both. For even more Ve!e Beth Hayes, Judy.effective division, suggests : ibbons, Kay Guntburger.jthe association, try different jharon S h i p l e y . K a t h y t h o u g h harmonizing . color Schuck, Carol Phillips, Treval schemes for each section of rhompson. Vicki Clifford, Jan'the room. I5-y««r.ot Ki ·!!» for irort t »k« * NO HAMMOND EVER WORE OUT ·frCOSTS^ESS . . . * WORLDWIDE ACCLAIM from liuniriJi ol Sttrct-Rmntntiii · n «rcTjs*vf f,otur« concert 1)01 rtaKirn fhr«« fiintniionel »ou tTg er$3H tan* viin4» of »· frcv,TM tntiTTitTom in lo^;,. irorhjtrlM. ftrftntmA. rtile, ti forc« «ii Komei Jurt ITI. youn. fxc/u$fve wirh Hammonrf- Dicontir Tuck RIIIOISI Fircasiici ·it ffycfuiTvt {iatur« «IJ«i9 Tor'cfy .. . clii It IT, ryTopnont ... «ntf many cthtri · worj wmnin) tfviigrr lanj ruti,J flmskll Jilictlu Vitrt!* f«r frcoiir »«r"«fy tl91lt;ful «f?,cH · ix^titraT ··IIK^ C^Ofvt ctnfrol Cnsfonirei T«ni Stlictita Qwelry cKjngeiWt cfiureJi fonet, tfit«f»f fsn«i, nor- tlty fontf, your font. DON'T BUY BLIND r«o« »K«f I. licl for onj t»o. -l») · l«ok «.t fir. Km» 'a frt-» ff · r^ · n. kej th. wtrT^i Tf»« )N«. I I ·Mr. »»...- IFF UTAD HAMMOND OLC tu nCHn n»if»/rj.f AT THE c *"" rr " HOME-O-RAMA URMGI9 UU JTDBI3J Cf « HIT ieie tuc» « 2 HIM Lnkewootl IHvd. Jut K,ril ,f n» TrtfYTc · ioi msci show. Window Shades For New Uses NEW YORK (UPI) -- Win win FLOOR COVERINGS '} Katfcy Schuck, Home-O-Rama queen contestant^ perches on rugs to be exhibited during home, show by Harkrw Carpel Co. Helpful decora tivt ideas will be offered by attendants at the firm's* booth during the five-day show in the Beach Arena. FREE TO THE FIRST 3,000 VISITORS AT OUR... HOME SHOW BOOTH PHOTOS OPERA STAR USES EXERCISER Patrice Munsd, famous opera, stage, and vision personality, uses her Zeigler Facial Ex- eraser faithfully. Visitors to the Zeigler booth at the Home-O-Rama show will be treated to a . complimentary facial and an opportunity to win"a Zeigler unit. Offer Free Facial at Zeigler's Booth The Zeigler Facia! E«r-every woman and raaa who ciser demonstration, a bene-jwants to tease away fine lines ficial cosmetic contribution of and fine wrinkles, improve li« electronic era, is one not'skin texture and complexion, o miss at the Long Beach'and lift the shape of facial lome-O-Rama Show. ! contours, if all these ire Many who feel their faces caused by normal aging, ef are their fortunes call the course, sayj a spokesman. acial exercises a real delight At the Zeigler booth, visi- or a stimulated, fresher ap- tors to the show may actually searance. But the tiny jewel-'try this facia] marvel,' and ox unit is not for celebrities ( find out what it can do for .lone. It is the facial care forthcrn. OF BEETLES fi* tippJf Jt limittJ to tiny oily e*t piofo per fersot -For MOM POP too! Beautiful ACRILAN AREA RUGS FREE! 'o Lucky Draw Winners Phis FREE J FREE RUG UPHOLSTERY CLEANING i CLEANING end many mort free gifts ASI AIOUT FAMOUS Duo-Dellay So»-reifjfonf RUO CllANING RUG UPHOLSTERY SALES SERVICES 3720 E. 4th St. for lorn* csrunaf* cad GE 3-H04 USEFUL DIVIDERS . Decorath-e but practical rcx»n dividers will bis among featured items in Dary Lumber Co.'s booth at Home-O-Rama. Judy Gibbons looks o\-er filagree dividers that will be exhibited. ANNOUNCEMENT WALL-TEX Vinyl Wallcovering Th* new frird cifion cf the WA1L-TEX Open House' CoHecton mil fce en display ot the Hoz:e-O-Rcrr.a Show, Fcbrutsy 2tLh thru March lit in rpcce 3C5. WALL-TEX vinyl iredlecTerir.g ia 1ou7h, scrurbcb!*, rJay-procf. pre-trjr.ced, ar.d the doth b a c k i n g cxes it eery to har.g. Mere then 200 beor-tiiful ccl- crs and desisrj: for ever/ roona i-j the hc^:e. WALL-TEX Ail fer it fay

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