The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 23, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1920
Page 4
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THE D£ffiYJFREE gRESS Local News Mrs. Ella. Murphy -v^as aji yesterday. St. Louis S4<°-4 Q260 \ Easter Shopping is Here And what is more delightful than a look through our Ready-to-Wear Department.—Where you will see the many new creations in snappy- style coats and nobby spring suits' and dresses, just received from America's foremost makers of Ladies' and Misses' Tailored Garments. . We welcome the shopper. We know you must ' first look, before you buy.—And''- we --are always glad to "Show Goods."—Just come' in and : try them on. See for yourself what'styles you-.look best inr-Examine the'riiaterialsj the- finish,:and.test the fit. We're showing quite a' range of Coats, Suits and' Dresses. You'll be sure to find one that will appeal to you. -.'•:. Suits range in price from $25.00 up. Coats range in price from $9.85 up.- "'""';• Dresses range in price from $9.85 up. Announcing a Special Pre-Easter Millinery Showing. Of trimmed and tailored hats, and in extend- . ing s you an invitation to this special- display we ' . feel sure that you will be amply repaid, by seeing * many new models as well as the- completeness of our other stocks anticipating the season's demands. Just come in and see them. : . , Dr. Laura Swartz visited friends in Anna Sunday. . ;• • '. Attorney C. E. Feirach is a busi- .ness visitor in Chicago. " • •Mrs, -Monroe 'Sisneiy' was a visitor :in St. -I/oiiiX yesterday.; iGebr,g.e Hale of East .St. Louis visited friends -here 'Sunday. Mrs. A. F. Goulrey and -son wers in 'Murphysboro yesterday,. . C. A. Sheppard was a business visitor ni CarterVille yesterday. •Mrs. Dick Ward went to yesterday for .a few days' stay. • Manuel Palmer' and Lowell Titus of Mounds visited friends Jhere Sunday. Mrs. • J. E. Young-Wood- is spending several days .with relatives dn Chicago. . Mrs. J. D. Dill returned 1 yesterday frdm a visit with relatives in SikeE- ton, -Mo. o • •- -Miss 'Anna Perce of Springfield 1 is visiting relatives and 'friends dn this city. ' ' ' ' -Mrs.' F. F. '• Schue'tte is in,, St. Louis'on a business 1 trip.. Supt. and Mrs.. W. Atw'ill! are in Chicago for a few days. C. E. Dale was' a 'business visitor in Centralia yesterday. Mrs. Elmer : Spousler visited . her father in Craiiiville Sunday.' Clyd£' Elliott of. Dpngola was the guest-, of friends here 'Sunday. Mrs..M'. C. Wilson "of South Illinois Avenue continues very ill. . ; I Superintendent W. Atwill has re| turned from a few .d?ys' stay, in Chicago. , % ' ' ——o Miss Sarah Snider and"'Miss Nellie Snider 'visited in Carterville yesterday. ' . - Lloyd. G. Smith of Pana has accepted a position .at the A. B. Wolf store. , - " Mrs. Laura Hill and Miss May Eckhard were visitors in Murphysboro Sunday. ' "• Last week to pay. "special assess- PRESBYTERIAN TO FILL VACANT SO, ILLINOIS PULPITS REBEKAHS ATTENTION Special meeting of Carbondale Rcbckah Lodge at 7:30. p. m. Tues- j'day for work. All members of the Meeting Of Ministers Here de g'' cc . staff .urgently re<iuosied to Investigate Funds Of be prebent Cairo Presbytery—Estimate ;15 Southern Illinois Presbyterian Churches'DANCE AT ARMORY "Vyithput Pastors. ' AVELL ATTENDED The attendance at tire dance at the Aimory .Saturday was .the largest of the season, more thn one hundred couples •beinj. present. Music was MOLLIE AXDliRSOX. M22—2t. Noble Grand. A movement to fill all the Presbyterian pulpits in Southern Illinois, which for the most part em- i furnished by McCowan's Jazz orches- braces. the Cairo • Presbytery, launched, at. a meet-ing- of a committee of 'ministers who met with Rev*. W."F. Eagleson, pastor of .the Carbondale Presbyterian /church, here Monday. tra. bf Marion. F.L.LINGLE,M.D. Gtr.aral Practice !}p*clcl~ attention to ~Ey», Ear, . and Throat A- survey .of the' churches in this Q|MMM Flturt - . section' where vacant pulpits exist-j Phones:'" Remlde'nee 320-2, Office 3W-1 ed was made .by .the ministers. | •• = ment's.' M23—If. THE RC. CO TRANSFERS IN REAL ESTATE j University subdivision of outlets 58, 'half of ,10 acre lot 2 and all of 10 I 60, 61 arid 62 in Carbor.dale; $7500. acre lot 3 in Carbondale,"$600. I James M. Etherton and Lavlna J. Turner Barn-heart and S. E. E?ra- | Ethenton, his wife, to Frank Clem- heart, .his wife, of Oklahoma City, ients and Anna R. Clements,' his wife; Olcla., To John Sills of-Carbondale, 45 ! all -of Uarbonda'.e, all of the north acres -in the southeast quarter of see•o: e-half of a strip of ground even in tion 28 .in Carbondale township, $2,„„ .. . =* . -- , .» nnrt u&nn-Ki:/.Qn_-ffi.^ •i 1 . L. Cherry .left last night for a several days' business trip to Ef-" Irngham. ' • Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Coleman and •j daughter, -Mrs. Mary KiVhusJ-were St. Louis visitors yesterday. ' ' ~~' .' •Mr. and Mrs. .Louis Starzinger and 'little daughter Imogene visited relatives in; Murp-hysboro Sunday. Mrs. H. Crawshaw returned to iher home in' JVlakanda yesterday, after a' visit with relatives here. I Q | Attorneys T. .B. F. Smith and i A. L. Spiller attended probate j court in Murphysboro Monday. Misses Mary Hartwell and Chrisline Slade 'of Marion 'were guests yesterday of Mrs. James" Syk-es. Mrs. Hattie Rigdom went to Herrin yesterday- because of 'the illness of her sister; Mrs. Jesse Darby. •J. L. Hall, foreman of the news- I1 paper • mechanical department at th^ Free P.rcss, visited Creal Springs relatives Sunday. 'Mrs. T. S. Thompson went to.Sti iLouis yesterday and will enter St. •Luke's hospital for treatment. iMr. Thompson accompanied here. iMrs. J. A. FHilenwidar of-Anna was the guest today of Mrs. L. L. Heil-ig. She was enroute home from. Belleville, .where ,'she visited' relatives.' Mrs. Bert MoDerly and baby -have returned to their riome in .Clinton, after a two weeks' visit with 'her iparen-ts, Mr. and Mrs. L. K. HaH, and family. R. B. Renfwand Beulah W. Ren- 1 *' idtl1 of 82 feet off the west 'end of OOO-KepuPlican-Era. . .fro, his wife, to T. I. Whitacre, all of j lot a03 m Carbaugh's subdivision of . CarJjondale, Jots S, 9 and 40 in block outloT 52 in Carbondale; ?2000. _ MISS AMON BUYS ."A" in Paa-k .Place 'addition, a sub- T "' "'""" ..... """" TJ ' 1+ " T1 division in the northeast fourth of the. northwest quarter .and the north- wife! oT GobdTn; a "o ^otv^Mmer-. -- THE FEIRICH HOME .and. Mabel Miller, hi« wife, of M A deal was made last wce-k in Miss Luella Amon liccarne west fourth of the northeast quarter j kanda, lots 7 and 8 in Mary H. Loo- of section 20 in C-arbondale; $54. . I lnis/ addition to Jlaltar-di, $500. which Daniel B. Parkinson and Alice R. Josephine Wa.tkins ana William the owner of the Attorney C. E. Parkinson to Charles E. Feiridh, all | Watkins, 'lier husband, to John Lock- Feirich home on West Main St. ,of Carbondale, lot 1 and east 'half j ard, all .of Carbondalp, lot 28 :in Sam Miss Amon, with her parents, Mr. of ..lot 2 in Sputhem Illinois Normal '• T. .Brush's subdivision of 'the west and Mrs. John Amon, will occupy '.•. . .. - ' , the property as soon as i.t is va- • \ ••Miss Verleta Lawrence, -who is attending .Forest Park college-in St. Louis, went to Cobden Sunday, after a few days' visit with Miss Marie Terpinitz. ——o. Dr. Marion Bines of the Anatomy Department of the .University of -Chicago arrived yesterday for a week's visit with her .parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Hines.' ' Mr: and Mrs. Gus Bisplinghoff and two children left _ Sunday for Farmington. Mo., because ' of the cated by the Feirich family. At-! deat » of- Mrs. BispHrjjjhSff's g'rand- torney Feirich having purchase'.' the Dr. Parkinson home on West Walnut Street. father. G. Retorhaz -..Sunday morning. .The deceased's ..son, . Harry, left Saturday 'for Farmington. Miss Sylvia' McGowan has re- .urned from a three weeks'., visit with- relatives in CentraJia.'- HAMILTON & BRADLEY Attorney* at L*w Phon* 262 K Suit* 112-118 New Hamilton Building They analyzed the conditions of .these communities in view, of placing 'pastors' where they were needed 1 as soon as possible. An investigajioi'i was made of the funds with -.which .ministers might DELIA CALDWEJLL,, M. D be employed. It was planned to secure • the services of -an evangelise toi; work .this section. It was pro-, posed he do. work where the churches are not as active as they might be. "The time of the evangelist ' would be divided . between tlie Cairo Presbytery and the Alton Presbytery. . I.. -It was estimated that more tha McANALLY BLNLSiMQ 211 Woit Main 8tr**t Office Hours—8 to lu «. M.: 2 to 4 P. • CARBONDALE CANDY KITCHEN Home Made Candles and Ice Cream Telephone S44 Y ' , , ',. ,, ,,, T~ T-, 11 t ' 15- ; -pulpits in the Mr .and. .-Mrs. W.:t E.i iDarnel) of. ;,,' '..-, . "" ' Illinois r- . . • c~ , c .juuLijuin jiniiuib ai e vacant. ' Caiiro. were- the guests; .-Sunday of -. •.- • . • . , >, irl _..., AT.,. ,-,:,;._._ -n' ah number ot these churches Mr. and Mrs. ..Clifton. Perce. Lieut. .Curtis Stover,. Is here from L f e ' ' East :St. Louis for. .a several days'"" visit : .with relatives and friends. western part .of vacant. While arc jiinaller ones it was also pointed out •l}e";.-list included a number of Joe Drur'y of the Johnson-Vancil-' churches. I |Th.e committee meeting here Mon- 'day were: Rev. R. Fr^nk Mitchell, pastor of the Murphysboro church; Telephone No. i!59 JESSE HAYES A! Kinds of Moving and Transfer Work. J UU LJlU\y Ul LUC J vutla^ll- V atlv-l i- . J _ . . .... . . , ., .Rev. George H. Henry, pastor ot Taylor store, is: visiting his broth- *• T w TJ er/ Emrncrson- Drury in -St. Louis. Mr. and_ Mrs.. W. M. Blackburn and children .of.. Murphysboro were the .guests of Mrs-. , Effie Stover Sunday- .-.--. Mrs. Mike Levy, son Mike, Jr., and daughter- . Miss Edith Grammer, ;visited M-rS'.. Levy's father, Allen-J. Holder Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. .W. Brown of Christopher., were over Sunday, as guests of Mrs. -Brown's f sister&, .Mrs. M. ;"S. Hodge and Miss Mary Steagall. ' , ...... ^ •' " / " , Adrian^Big-gS' of.":Cambria .has accepted a- position . at; -the Johnson- Vancil-Taylor Co; - 'He -will have charge of the basement•-.'dcpartnjpnft Mr. -Biggs will rripve his fainily to this city in'the near future. v LINK CAIRO 'AND CAPE TOWN Air Service Now Ready, Cuts Ten Week Trip Between Cities -to One. London.—Cairo and Cape Town, representing tlie extremes of the Airiean continent, have at last been linked up by an air service. The British air. ministry has announced that the-air route over which engineers have spent long months of labor amidst great difficulties is finally ready for. traffic. This means that the time heretofore • required to traverse the continent—from ten to twelve weeks—has now been cut down to about one week and that therefore secluded sections of Africa will be opened to the world. The total .distance by the old. methods of- communication is 6,223 miles, for which from fifty-nine to seventy- five days requlred.1 Against this, the air ministry points out, the total flying, 'distance of the aerial route should not exceed 5,200 miles. Taking ioo miles an hour as a fair average flying speed under favorable conditions, and when the route has been •firmly established, only fifty-two hours' 'actual :.fl5«ing time would be required to:cove,r the distance, or about a week, flying-elglit'liours'a day. " ,'., . ,-T-l T TT TT the. Anna church; Rev. J. H. Han; ' •• • nan,- -pastor-.or the Marion church, also.-.Rev. Big)ley of Marion. LAU KA E. SWARTZ 08TEOPATHIC PHYbfCIAN Chronic Dvseaset * Specialty Orrlc* In Laud.r-Nlchc!, Bid* Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Brooks and I baby, Joan of/Herrin were guests over Sunday of the former's mother, Mrs. Mary Brooks. W. W. HAMILTON Coal and Ice MACKEY COAL OFFICI Phono 204 fhisisth^ Stove Polish 1 YOU Should I T'S -different from others because more care^ is taken in the making^ and the materials used are o£^ higher grade. Black Silk Stove Polish) .Makes a brilliant, silky polish that does I not rub off or dust off, andthe shinelasts | .four times as Ions: as ordinary stove t 'polish. Used on sample stoves and sola } by hardware and sfrocery dealers. ' m All wo ask is a trial. Uso it on your cook stove, 1 your-parlor stove or your Raa mnpe. If you I don't find it tho best *tov» polish you ever I naed, your dealer is authorized to refund your i money. t Jn3ist,on Black Silk Stove PolisL. * Made in liquid or paste—one quality. Black Silk Stove Polish Works Sterling, Illinois Use Block Silk Air-Drying Iron Enamel on \ Kratcs.rcfristcnj.stovo-pipes—Prevents nistios;/ : K UBB BlacK Silk Metal Podsli for silver, uickd' i- or brass. It haa no equal forcsecn'(mtomcl'i.'.3.j! A Shine in Ever — DR. J. W. BARROW NEW HAMILTON BUILDING H«ur* li to 11 A. M. and 2 to • f. • .. PHONE SS Virginia Building ECONOMY COAL YARD J. B. WOODS, PROF. Waihed Nut, Egg and Lump Phona 149 K. HENRY BAIN TRANSFER 'GET OUR PRJCES Phone 342 K 1 H. O. HALL & CO. FEED, COAL AND POULTRY SUPPLIES Phone 233 W. A. BRANDON, M. D. GENERAL PRACTICE ANO TH« EYE Ey«5 Tested Qlntui FlttMl Virginia Bidg. Carbondala, ill, DR. H.H.ROTH (Practice limited to Diseases of EYE, NOSE. EAR and THROAT Over Woolworth Store, Murphysboro, III. ENTERPRISE MILLINERY OPENING On 'account of a removal sale, by a first class millinary co. ! have bought and will have on sale for the next two weeks a line of new, clean, up to date millinery at exactly half price. Hats ranging from $3.50 to, $12.95—They will only lost a short time, so come early. B. R. 'SCOTT '' 202 East Oak Street 'One door eas«.of the A. L. English FlaJ Raising SHOE POU! 'BEST FOR HOME SHINES SAVE THE LEATHER THE BIG VALUE PACKAGES Jjjj.J" Pa etocsn'i. unow trial women are wearmq'Straws in vvlnier now I' 'Flsffer INIERNAT10MAUJXRTOON CO-M.^ CTi^^^^

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