Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 2, 1950 · Page 36
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 36

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1950
Page 36
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Got An Elephant? They'll .Sell JL " By NORSIAN HARRIXGTOy Second Hand Editor It's true . . . They can sell anything at Eldon's Auction house. After vou join the crowd .that flocks to 2820 N. First ave. every Tuesday night to witness the. auction proceedings, we think you'll'agree. It's amazing and almost unbelievable to sit in the audience for several nights and watch the parade of articles pass over the auction block and .watch people bid for the various items. The prices that people pay for' some things are fantastic, and on the other hand, valuable merchandise is sold every night for "small change." As you sit in the audience and listen to the spirited bidding, it gets in your blood and before you know it, you are joining in the chorus of voices and making a bid along with the other people. Lots of the items offered will not interest you --but, sooner or later -an Hem will be offered that will tickle your fancy, and away you go with a bid. Audience Changes Some of the same people are there ·week after week, but the majority of the audience changes from week to week thus providing new buyers who are all waiting for a "real" bargain, or something special. Everything from a year-old magazine to a steam shovel may be offered for sale, including furniture, appliances, auto accessories, tools, books and livestock--to name BOUGHT WEAR T/ t a t e Sales L i s t e c Real estate sales amounting approximately SIOO.OOO in the pa two weeks were reported :today b the 'Broaclwsy Realty Co., 94 E Broadway, . Among the properties sold w a six-unit court, 2702-2710 Haske drive, to Mrs. Lillian G. Jansber | a new arrival from Los Angele ] Calif. The sellers were Mr. an [Mrs, John Adler, A four-unit court- at -300H-W. M Arthur, was bought by .Mr. 'an Mrs. J. W, Bickley of Nogales fro Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Ahderso Three duplexes at 2108, 2114 an 2128 E. Eastland st., were pu chased by Ila and Alice Ma Evans, who came to Tucson th fall from Illinois/ Sellers'were Jac Dyer, Andrew Beaucage, and He bert N. Lee, .respectively.,;Another sale was:a-house an adjoining lot at tfte corner/of-Soul Plumer and East .iSth istreet, ,:Tb buyers were Geor-ge'W. and'Ira Va Fossil] and the seller Walter Mille Commission Pay England Protects Memory Of Rates Under Test With M(lny p rotests AUSTIN, Tex., Nov. 2. (ff) -- A few. For every item there seems ^ dis p ut9 between the i ...'.nt.n ·*·».*. «TI.-I fr\r* ·»nanv ° . . . · - T n. Texas highway commission and El to be a customer and for many of the articles tliere are many bidders. Of course, the genera condition of the item and its ..personal value to a potential buyer regulates the sale price, since there Is no guaranteed price offered by the hpuse. The highest bidder takes the merchandise home. · · Eldon's- Auction house has been In operation since the first of the year and merchandise- sold weekly Is valued from $200 to $1,000, according to the management. · It doesn't bring that much money at the sale, but that's the value of the items on the open market. All of the things offered are sold "as is" cash. and' 'the only terms are wage schedules for the entire state. I221B. The .trades council asserts -the, prevailing minimum wage rates for lighway work in El Paso county Two auctioneers keep the sale going at top ,speed every Tuesday night and both have completely different styles. Larry George, an old-timer in the business from Ohio, uses the familiar style that is so complicated you can't understand anything . he says until, he stops. The relief auctioneer is El- -- . - , . f f\f i j . *j.i are the union scale of 9o cents_to of $2.50 per hour. The commission 1 argues that its determination of 75 Dr. W 9 tson, who gave no address, | at all by the fact there is no such , . ^ . J A _ . .,' . . iif^o i n rl i *M i i-i f T-Trt -titt*ntf* tl-i -i f no IT .Anrt An anrlT'OCc HC rvrt 9" 1 R don and Johnson, youthful manager part-owner of the business, ·Who uses a public address system and talks slowly enough for the audience to understand the chatter, Bny Anything The auction house will buy any, articles you want to sell, or they ·will sell something for you and deduct a small commission for their, part of the transaction. Its, a good way to get quick cash, and its also a good way to pick up a valuable piece of merchandise if you have-some cash. The history of auctions can be traced back for centuries and in the last few years they have staged a comeback, like square dancing. II is estimated that several thousand persons In the Greater Tucson area alone visit one or more of the 'several auction houses which operate locally every week. An expansion program Is planned for Eldon's Auction house · this month to accommodate the crowds that attend the weekly. sales. Not aU of: the items they offer .for · sale are used. Sone new .items are Included each week and special sales are held every few weeks of bankrupt stocks, slightly dam. aged merchandise, or new items that can't -be sold through regular trade channels. Take A Tip Take a tip from us and visit an auction soon. You'll find it most interesting, we think, and the chances are 10 to 1 that you'll return home with something that caught your fancy. Here's another tip: Take along a few bucks so that you can join in the fun. If you need a chair, toilet seat, empty fire extinguisher, a · live chicken, used auto tire, bicycle, an Paso Building and Construction Trades council was up for oral argument before the state supreme court today. Two other cases were to be heard first and there was a possibility El Paso's case would not come up until afternoon. ' Though it deals only with highway construction wage.rates.in El Paso county, the case was brought by organized labor as a test of the LONDON, Nov. 2. (ff)--Remember Dr. Watson, who used to ask 1 Sherlock Holmes foolish questions? Who was always so flabbergasted by the keenness .of the master detective's deductive processes? A lot of there must be Holmes relics kicking about. files. a lot. of worthy (traced the processes? persons have thought Dr. Watson was just .an invention of Author Sir Arthur Conan. Doyle. But if he isn't alive, and real, there is something cockeyed about tjie letters-from- readers 'column of the Times. Because over the signature of Dr. Watson there was a protest recently about the unfeeling action of the council of Marylebone, the London borough which manages Baker street, where the detective reput- Arrest Made In Tavern Burglan The sheriff Is office has arreste 'ecil CaUendar;- 37, of 3038 ? Mountain aye;,' 'and: charged him with the · burglary-" "of Vance tavern, 2507 N. First ave, The burglary, was discovered b the -Catalans merchant: patrol 3:13 a.m. and ;the arrest was'mad shortly afterward. The merchant patrol reported red pickup .truck at the tavern The sheriff's office, also obtaine footprints, deputies said, whic matched footprints . they. had 1 Deputies said the truck and found loaded with beer, wine and case "I their And sure enough, relics are turn-1 of soda water. Callendar was ar ing up. Robert; H. Sharp, who is councillor on the very council which didn't iike the museum idea, said, he has Holmes' famous violin. rested and held on a charge o burglary. h i g h w a y commission's minimum[edly did his master-minding at No.| Counc i Uor Ton ve'rnoi of OT^OO cf.ii D rf,,ioe cm-tho onHi-o ctato 190TR i _-ounc.upr iom vLrnon oi llebone; who Had chilled the mu"- that some sort of Sherlock Holmes The council rejected a suggestioni s eum suggestion, wrote to defend 9r..snme snrt r,f RV, 0 rlnrt Wnlmpsl h ; mself . ^ in! J icated the counci l may reconsider its action. Holmes fans are not discouraged museum be set up as an attraction festival f ritain next J cents to 31.65 is the true scale. Labor lost in district court when Judge J. Harris Gardner ruled tha the trades council had no right to sue. The trial court's judgment was reversed by. the third court of civl' appeals. ". ' The state appealed to the su jreme 'court, contending that the ippeals court had erred in ruling he trial court had jurisdiction over the case. Two El Paso county highway projects have been delayed pending a decision. The minimum wages are set by Jie commission as the lowest level which.private contractors may pay 'or workers-on state -authorize!: jrojects. Bergman, Rossellini Ordered To Appear HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 2. RKO-Radio studios asked CU.B--- today that Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini be ordered to appear in ·court here for their interference in foreign distribution of the film 'Stromboll." Rossellini, claiming that the studio butchered the movie he and Miss Bergman made together on the volcanic Mediterranean island, has filed suit abroad to prevent foreign distribution. RKO asked superior court to is sue an injunction ordering Rossel lini to stop filing such suits. It also asked that the director and star be ordered to appear, here to establish their claims. encyclopedia, piano, lawn mower or any other item that you can pos sible imagine--visit Eldon's Auc tlon house some Tuesday night . The admission is free, but the chances are good that you will buy something. . (I went with an open mind, but came home with a toy wheelbarrow 'or the baby.) was indignant. He wrote that he i London address as No. 221B hoped "second and better thoughts will prevail." He also declared Sherlock Holmes is still alive,, but "so.absorbed with bee-keeping in Sussex" that he hasn't heard about the'Council's wretched behaviour. Then came a letter from a woman who said she had been Holmes' landlady at 221B. She suggested ·Baker street. DATE WITH SXAKE HAVRE, Mont. (U.B--Garagemen get some peculiar jobs, but Wendelin Schweitzer drew a new one. He was asked to remove a bull snake from the brake drum of a car belonging to Mrs. Thora Rogers. Groucho Marx Asks Payment For Filn H O L L Y W O O D , Nov. 2. QJ.PJ-- 'Radio-Film Comedian Groucho Mara is getting a little impatient ivc th $35,000 he says is owed him. bj producers o£ one of his motion pictures. Marx said in a superior court sui filed yesterday that he agreed ti wait until last Sept. 30 if Artist: Alliance, Inc., producer of his film "Love Happy," would guarantei payment. . . Sept. 30 has "come and gone,' Marx said, and 535,000 is' no joke -he wants the money. of Good Eating! READY TO HEAT- EAT. ENJOY! Yoall serve these beans with pride and pleasure... choice Finto Beans, tender and delicioni in the tame blend of seasonings and spices no are used in Van Camp's Chili con Came. Perfect for vegetarians or thooe who prefer to add their own meat. At yonf grocer's in a special Mexican Fiesta display in both regular and new 8-ounce sizes. ENJOY PORK BEANS WITH THAT FAMOUS VAN CAMFS FLAVOR! He/p yourself to fun and health JONATHANS AND DELICIOUS . Finest, freshest WASHINGTON"*" APPLES TOO CLOSE TO JTJSGLE HELENA, Mont. .(U.RJ--Helena's Carroll college · must be too close to the hobo jungles. College off! cials reported they missed chickens in two days. PYRRHIC. VICTORY GREAT PALLS,' ..Mont. (UB-- Herbert Suek's victory smile.has faded. He won first place- in a 26 "diaper derby" with .the fast time lof 5' seconds. His wife was in tile Balljf Qfttfzcn . ThUrwi.y Evinlno, Nov. 1, 1(50 audience. "From now on he'll get more'-practice," his wife said, "now that I see he knows- how." Save Costly USE ClflcA CAKE MIX..IT$ REALLY COMMETEI CINCH already contains every high quality ingredient necessary for a perfect cake. You add only water. For a finer, easier, thriftier cake... Bake CINCH. tMilk WHITE-GOLKN-SP!(£-DEY!l'SrllKt · MifCfOV* so much richer in flavor that you can get *v ' . of coffee from each pound SAVE UP TO (equivalent to Ys Ib. exlio) 3 GRINDS |^_ ·* W l X i n W J . BEN. HUB "«M PACKfD ,,, onol£fr ,«£Sr.Nf SS Your first taste tells of Ben-Hur's extra richness. You'll find richer flavor and genuine satisfaction. This luxury coffee costs less, for you get 20 extra cups from every pound. Make it as you always do, using 1/3 LESS. Then let that steaming, fragrant cup prove how good coffee really can be... at a; saving of up to 29$ per pound BEN-HUR PRODUCTS, INC "Right!" says HOTEL ADAMS Chef Hall Vemon Hall, chef of Phoenix's popular Hotel Adams, says: "Here where salads are so popular we use Kraft Cottage Cheese. That's because we can always depend on Kraft for quality and freshness. And the real, natural. flavor of Kraft Cottage Cheese blends so perfectly with the natural goodness of the wonderful Western fruits, and vegetables we feature." RighH" icry* Mr*. Phi! Pwnbtrtra of Lot Angel** "Like most Westerner*, we'rr great salad eaters in our family. And that-means we eat lott ot Kraft Cottage Cheese. Its grand, natural flavor tastes just tight ·with all our favorite fruits and Tegetables." . ' KHAfT mak«« four wond»rful vari»H«; Kraft Crtamtd Collage Cheele with big, fluffy curdu Kraft Country 5f//« CoHag* Cb«f« with finer texture; Kraft Cniv* Cottoge Cheesej and Kruft Fruit Salad Coilao* Ch«n -- a complete «slad in itself I MADE SPECIALLY TO GO WITH WESTERN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES jjj NEVER TOO MILD-NEVER TOO SALTY NATURAL DOWN-ON-THE-FARM FLAVOI AND MADE FRESH FOR YOU EVERY DAt MADE _^ BY JCRAfr.- THE FOLKS WHO.KNOW A CHEESi.BiSt

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