Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 6, 1930 · Page 2
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1930
Page 2
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lOTJROM NICE Incident Arises to Already Tense Re- Existing Between r. fffttjce and Italy. » By O. M. ARCHUMBAVLT. ^ t&pecUl Cable to Altoona Mirror and J» N. S. Sun.) £ PARIS, June 6.—Another episode tettcutated to disturb the already tense Vtlations between France and Italy fettmA to public attention today with l!tm decision of the French government M» expel a Fascist leader from Nice, a« a result of his activities in that fVeneh. city. -That many Italians still consider S&voy and NJce as "unredeemed lands" IS shown by an incident just revealed at Nice. A party of Italian girls in provincial costumes were sent from Nice fan Rome to take part in a state ceremonial and they figured in a grand flfcr*d«'Jf*presentlng the Italian provinces and dominions. The present situation is directly traceable to the vacillating policy of Napoleon III, who, after deciding to help Italy gain unity, feared that the Hew state would become too wonderful A neighbor. Consequently he demanded Savoy and Nice as the price of his Intervention, and this cession of territory to France rankles Italy to this day. Europe generally still refuses to attach great Importance to Franco- Italian friction, despite recurrent alarmist rumors, because it is recalled th&t the so-called Latin sisters have been quarreling for the last seventy years, and yet the quarrels have never reached the point of war. Italy's grievances are those of a nation having reached the status of a great power after the older nations had distributed the world's colonies among themselves. With a population already larger than that of France, and increasing rapidly. Italy does not know how., to deal with the excess, as the homeland is unable to feed all and does not produce raw materials for her Industries. She must slow down .emigration because of the American quota law, and the economic crises in- South America. Looking west and southwest, Italy finds France and her possessions, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, all prospering and all lacking labor; consequently Italy practices a sort of peaceful penetration, especially in South France and Tunisia, where Italians operate many farms. In the Italian view, these, emigrants and their descendants remain eternally Italian, which principle France Is unwilling to admit. Furthermore, France gives refuge to many anti-fascists, which irks Premier Mussolini, and increased bitter feeling arises when French juries acquit antifascist slayers of fascists. Eastward along the southern Mediterranean Italy's colonies are mostly sandy wastes and she is unable to pentrate towards Abyssinia as a result of the disastrous attempt In 1896. Therefore, Italy turns to eastern Europe with the hope of making the Adriatic and Italian sea, beginning •with a virtual protectorate over Albania. As a countermove, Jugo- slavia has made a military alliance with France, thus further increasing Italian bitterness against the French. Dethol is Death to Bugs Bug* can't dodge Dttfc*!. Can't survive it. Useless for them to try to hide. The deadly mist goes into cracks and crevices. Back of pictures. Under furniture. Gets them—kills them all. Roaches, moths, bedbugs, ants, flies, mosquitoes. Spray D*tfe«l regularly. Keep your home free from pests. Money back unless you're fully satisfied in every way. You'll like the clean, refreshing odor of D*thol. At your •tore. Dethol Mfg. Co., Inc., Balto., Md. Oetliol HERMAN'S GLASSES Beflitered Optometrist 1311 Eleventh Ave. V PNnKre w wiulfifl W ^w»».«v» v~ T "- iWy- MMt 6f Italy's grievance*, But Is unwilling ft> hold direct negotiations —Foreign Minister Brland, with the support of Premier Tardleu, preferring that both countries should ' "speak European 1 " within the framework of the League of Nallon*, towards which Italy Is only lukewarm. Italy favors Instead the policy Ot separate agreements with Hungary, Austria, Rumania, Turkey, and other countries. It is declared that both France and Italy In the last several years have been making military preparations on their frontiers and it Is recalled that Mussolini has said that 1935 will be a crucial year in Europe but many Europeans observes discredit the possibility of war. They consider that France would not declare war, and that Italy could not because, whereas on the credit side of the ledger she may have superiority in population and an in- tnese desire for expansion, on the debit side she is dependent on other nations for all the sinews of war: namely, money, food and faw mate- ials for armaments and munitions. (Copyright, 1930, by New Torn Sun.) CAMPUS BKAUTIFIKD. DURHAM, N. C., June 6.—After three and one-half years of Intensive building activity on Duke university's new campus, work of clearing the new quadrangle of debris and construction nachinery has been started. In June, grading. ' sodding and planting of shrubbery will be well under way. The railroad and its spur tracks within the quadrangle will be removed, v *H* AlWSP feS Wesfmonf Bread FKKSH DAILY 4; Your Neighborhood Grace* WESTMONT BAKERY S. M. Grittitti Co. WALL fAFUU AND FAINTS* 905 Green Avenue BEST ftAOW fMAftfftlfr SCHUDtrtBD FOR f OOAY (copyright, 1930, by Alwona Mirror.) WBAF (MSC NetWork)—7 p. m.— (EST)—Cities Service Hour. WJ2 (NBC Network)-^-7.30 p, m.— (EST)—Music program. \VABC (CBS Network)—9 p. m.— (EST)—Sign of Green & White. WABC (CBS Network)—9.30 p. m.— (EST)—Gold Medal Program. WABC (CBS Network)—11 p. m.— (EST)—Band concert. WFBG, Altoona—7.48 p. m.—Address by G. W. Shaffer, president, Blair-Bedford Boy Scout council. STUNT TMBlttS JAPAN. TOKYO, June 6.—Japanese aviation circles were thrilled recently at Yokaichl, Shiga prefecture, when Flight Lieutenant Okabe of the Third air regiment, flying at a speed of 190 miles an hour, maneuvered his plane across the regimental flying field at little more than three feet from the ground. • FLIT Kills Flics, Math, Mosquitoes W. H. GOODFELLOW'S SONS 1819 Eleventh Avenue IK CWAIft. AtJ&SANDftlA, italy, Juft» 6.—A local farmer left a will dirfctly that h : e should be burled in his old cftaif, In wh\ch he proposed to die. the testator's wishes were observed, and he was burled in a sitting poaura in his arm-chair, which was enclosed In a specially made coffin of wood and zinc. Tonight's the Night! Stay home this evening and listen to the Armour Hour. A great orchestra and grand chorus. Special features. ARMOUR 8.30 till 9 KDKA Save 65c Victrola Records lfour choice ot all the popular numbers each ALTOONA RADIO & ELEC. CO. 1318 12ti» Ave. Dial 9318 HICKEY&SON KkUblUbed FUNERAL SERVICE Lexington Avenue BABY CHAFED • • ? Be Careful, Mother . . harsh toilet tissue may cause serious infection C HILD specialists warn you that harsh, glazed or chemically impure toilet tissues irritate the soreness of the diaper region . . . and so start the way for serious infection. Be absolutely safe! Use nothing but soft Scott Tissues on baby's tender skin. These three "thirsty fibre" tissues — ScotTissue, Sani-Tis- suc and Waldorf—are specially processed to satisfy all the requirements that doctors say toilet tissue must have to be safe... softness, absorbency and chemical purity. "Scott Tissues feel just like fine old linen,'' is the way more than one mother has described their unusual softness. They are twice as absorbent as ordinary toilet tissue. And absorbcncy is absolutely necessary for thorough cleansing. Only the finest materials go into Scott Tissues. No harmful dyes. No cast-off newspapers. Scott Tissues arc chemically pure—neither acid nor alkaline in reaction. Not only your children, but your whole family need protection from the more serious maladies that come from inferior toilet tissue. Eliminate a needless risk. Always ask for ScotTissue, Sani-Tissuc or Waldorf. Scoitlfssues NOTE: ScotTissue and Waldorf are the two largest selling brands in the world ... Sani-Tissue is the new popular priced white toilet tissue embodying the famous thirsty fibre qualities. Speaking of Hats.. Tomorrow We-Stage .A-Sale of Summer Headliners at '5 MAIN MILLINERY SALON—THIRD FLOOR \ Above Rough Straw, '5 Below FeJt Beret, '5 C. Headliners because they are the season's best sellers. C. Best-sellers because smart shoppers know they are style-right and price- right. C. Style-right and price-right because they are all new hats, specially hand-picked by our New York stylists at a most unusual concession in price. A beautiful collection— and the best values we've seen in man); a day. In the New Summer Pastels, White, Navy and Black Above Stitched Crepe, STITCHED CREPES ROUGH STRAWS KELTS HAIRBKA1DS LACE BAKOL'S MEYER JONAIJON & Co They fit the built-in fixtures Index: Coats—Second Floor. Dresses—Second Floor. Sportswear—Main Floor. Junior Shop—Third Floor. Bags, Gloves, Lingerie and Silk Hosiery— Main' Floor. The Fashion Story for Summer, 1930 We have followed every ward in the Book of Fashion for Summer. Here is our review of the smart clothes accepted by knowing folk everywhere. The Dress Chapter $ 16 <75 This chapter is an interesting and colorful one, stressing .a note of greater charm. One-piece silhouette frocks on the new spectator sports lines, many with gay printed jackets in new hip-lengths. The presence of flares, bows, little capes, and shorter sleeves are noted. The materials featured are crepes, shantungs, pongees, chiffons and georgettes. Sizes are 14 to 46, and half-sizes 18% to — Jonasson's, Second Floor- A Page on Coats of Silk Tasteful little coats of fine silk crepe, fully silk lined, coats of moire and faille. In Black and Navy. Ensembling these coats with light frocks is a delightful new note. Sizes 14 to 44. of Velvet Transparent and chiffon velvet make paragraphs of rare interest. They're so charming for evening or formal afternoon wear. Black and dark jewel colors. Sizes 14 to 42. — Jonasson's, Second Floor — A Mention of The Economy Shop Frocks, What a harmonious note is struck in Fashion's Book by the new trend toward economy in dress. In this shop every budget will find satisfactory styles and colors, for every daytime and informal evening occasion has a frock to meet its mood. Pongee and shantung jacket frocks for morning street, sports and business wear. Dark georgettes and prints for the conservative. Pastel silks for afternoon, with gay printed chiffons and delicate colored frocks for evening. Sizes include 14 to 46, and J.8 1 /^ to V£ in half-sizes. — Jonasson's, Third Floor-— The Plot Thickens As We Come to Girls' Silk Frocks .95 For this chapter is the vibrant one of youth and carefree gaiety. Here we have dresses which are light and appealing, of silk crepes, which nevertheless can withstand the hard wear of the girl 7 to 14. You'll be delighted with the prints, for they come in little flower patterns, and the larger variety of floral designs. Bright plain colors and pastels, too, arc. here, Children's Shop, Third Floor —• Introducing New Printed Undies $0.95 1226 Eleventh Ave. Phone 6145 With the advent of scorching heat, you'll welcome our introduction of these cool Celanese Ninon lingerie in charming printed patterns. Dancettes, step-ins, chemise and panties are featured and you'll be crazy about the colors and the sheer daintiness of .these undies. — Jonasson's, Main Floor — Foot Note: Meyer Jouasson Hose No. 130 $1 .30 You'll be amazed at the unusually sheer quality of this new chiffon hose, which has been made especially for us. With Picot top, in all the new summer shades. — Jonasson's, Main Floor— An Appendix of Wash Frocks, $1.95, $2.95 For the many active moments of the little girls' day, we suggest a plentiful supply of these smart little wash frocks. They come in dimities, broadcloths and voiles, in prints and plain colors, both ensembles and one-piece themes. — Children's Shop, Third Flour — Foot Notes: Linen Bags Fabric Gloves 1.65 $1.00 A necessary part of the costume. Washable suede fabric, pull-ons in eggshell, tan, all-white, and white with black stitching. These little bags can be tinted to match any ensemble, or you may select one already tinted from our stock. White and'all pastel colors. — Jonasson's, Main Floor — . MEVER JONAJTON &Co. 1226 Eleventh Avenue I'hone 6145

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