The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 25, 1978 · Page 9
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 9

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1978
Page 9
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Jim Bishop: Reporter Monday Morning, September 25,1978 <El f c ®nl&catmi Saihj 2s T euia 9-A Propriety For Revolution <£™Z KM^detaffirthday. Latin revolutions are dull. If you are looking for shooting in the streets and shouts of "carramba!" and "madre mia!" go to an old John Wayne movie. 1 slept through two of them. The yanqui reporter doesn't need a scorecard. In all properly run revolutions, it is the people against the government. The people are poor and wear floppy straw hats, white cotton pajamas and sandals. They fight with kitchen knives and revolvers. It is easy to detect government forces. They wear uniforms, battle helmets and hide behind walls. The officers are fat and wear gold epaulets and clank inside little tanks. The worst thing that can happen is for both sides to meet head-on. I covered the Final days of the Cuban revolution. It is a mistake to attend one with Jack Paar because his idea of a revolution is to take a whole floor in the best hotel. He also expects all shooting to stop while he takes a nap. Before the barbudos came inching out of the hills into Havana, I thought that Life magazine was running the battle. The people pelted Castro with flowers. He kept ducking inside a tank. Sometimes flowers explode. It was like a Fourth of July parade in Ypsilanti. I took a cab to Batista's home, La Coquina. In a revolution, it is important to make friends with the oppressor. In every revolution, the oppressor paints himself as the benefactor of the poor and the patron of the people. The house was a manorial estate. Pretty and empty. There was a statue of a dachshund on the lawn. Inside, Paar and I counted 16 trunks filled with silver. If they got on the getaway plane, the Batista family would have to get off. A VISITOR Batista had a big wall map of Cuba. There were red pins wherever he built a bridge, a hospital or a school. We wandereti around the place without lifting anything. On our way out, Fidel Castro tried to get in. A guard refused. "You need a pass," he said in Spanish. Fidel skulked away. There was no firing of guns, not even in joy. A barbudo showed us his homemade tank. He used a torch to cut the steel walls from a sugar mill. Then he placed it on the chassis of a truck. Terrific. He had four flat tires. The most excitement occurred when I backed into a hotel elevator. A soldier's rifle tried to poke into my anatomy. I jumped. He smiled and murmured: "Scooze." . There was a revolution in Guatemala earlier. The capital is surrounded by an artichoke of volcanic mountains. The pilot of the DC-4 was frozen with fright trying to find it. The head honcho, Jacabo Arbenz, was trying not to oppress the people. He sat in an old palace on a square facing the cathedral and the tax office. The people called him a rotten communist. The saviour of the poor was a colonel named Castillo Armas. He and I became friends through an interpreter. Downtown Guatemala City was hot and quiet. Indian families in serapes looked in store windows and guffawed. There was an American priest who had access to a bowling alley. He and I bowled our way smack through the revolution. Both sides told me that a big battle was impending. It didn't come off. Arbenz said that prisoners were being interrogated in the local prison. Armas said the communists were torturing captives with hot pokers and electric cattle prods in very private areas. HEDGING THEIR BETS I stuck around. I went to church with a couple of Indians. They lit a fire on the church steps to their old god before they went inside to worship the one on the cross. They may be dull, but not stupid. The revolutionaries won. Arbenz did the right thing: He fled with the treasury. Armas took over the palace. He also took some prisoners and had them taken to the city prison to be tortured. He refused to allow gringos to hear the screams. 1 went to the the palace and said goodbye. "Well," I said, "some day there will be another revolution and you will be the oppressor." His interpreter mumbled my words. The colonel laughed and slapped his knee. "Never," he said. "I am the saviour of my people. I have much work to do." '' Good luck," I said, shaking hands. "You are now el presidente. If anyone comes to get you, who do you think it will be?" He frowned. He pointed to his personal palace guards. "Them," he said. A long time after I left, his personal guards walked in and shot him. As a reporter, I always miss the excitement in revolutions. Either I sleep through them, or bowl through them. ©1978 King Features Syndicate, Inc. CSANELUS RENE MEJIA, dagder of Lionel and Patty Mejia of Galveston, will celebrate ber first birthday Sato- day. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Juluis Mejia ST., Mr. Adotpb Gam and Mrs. Fannk Gam all of Galvestoa Great grandmother is Mrs. Mary Mejia of Galveston. Godparents are Alice Escobedo and Rudy Mejia both of Galveston. AMY KATOBRINE JONES, daughter of Steve and DebWe Jones of Texas City, will celebrate her second birthday Wednesday. Grandparents are Mr. and Mn BLL Haygood and Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Jones, all of La Marque. Great- grandparenU are Mrs. J A Roblsheaux and Mr. JJl. Jones, both ol La Marque. Godparents are Barbara Huskey and Greg Jones. KMBERLY SUE MCLAWCHLIN, duaghter of Tommy and Debbie McLawchlin of Alia Lama, will celebrate ber fourth birthday today. Grandparents are Mrs. Agnes MdLawcnlin of AltaLoma and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Heckendorn of DKktosca Great grandmothers are Mrs. P.C. Gatdy of Alta Lama and Mn. Lttla D. Heckendorn of La Porte. Klmbetiy has one sister, Weedy. YOLANDA ROSHANDA JOUVET, duaghter of Janke Marie Mvet aod Billy Brandy Matthews Jr. ol Galvestoo, will celebrate her third birthday Thursday. Grandmothers are Mrs. Elizabeth Jolivet and Mrs. Juanita Matthews of Galvestoa Great grandmother is Mrs. Mabte databank ol Galveston. Godparents are Mrs. Reaee Holt, Rynette Johnson and Calvin Wilson all ol Galveston. JEAN ADAMS TEEN FORUM WILLIAM DALE BROWN, BOO of Buddy and Debbie Brown of Texas City, will celebrate his second birthday Tuesday. Grandparents are Mrs. Helen Davenport of Corpus Christ!, Mr. and Mrs. Jim SprueU of Robstown, Texas and Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Brown Sr. of Robstown, Texas. Horoscope KISSED, BUT: (0.) I went to this party and the guy I like (John) was there. We went riding with some friends. He kissed me on the lips. He had kissed one of my friends a week before. I thought he liked her because he had kissed her. But now that he has kissed me I don't know who he really likes. Do you think John is just going around kissing anyone? What should I do to find out if he really likes me or her? I'm 14. — Puzzled in Texas. (A.) John appears to like to kiss girls. This is not unusual. Lots of boys kiss more than one girl. But they shouldn't kiss any and every girl promiscuously. In kissing you, John gave you no signal that you are the only girl he likes. He may like your friend and he may like other girls too. Win at Bridge A sticky problem solved By Oswald Jacoby and Alan Sontsg Oswald: "Some time ago British expert Victor Mollo presented some bridge hands as rather interesting problems. Let's show some of them this week." Alan: "Here is one of them. South is in a poor by THOMAS JOSEPH ACROSS 2 Utah city 3 Fringed 4 Egg drink 5 Type of battery 6 Disdain 7 Late star, Sharon — SPrado display 9 Card game 10 Shade tree 14 Hit the silk 19 Average 20 Rainbow shape 21 Burmese dagger 22 Nigerian city 23 Scottish 1 Use up 6 Hackneyed 11 Zeal 12 Yule air 13 U.S. State Dept. to its detractors 15 Woman personified 16 Solicitude 17 Poet McKuen 180ne:Ger. 19 Shoulder or stamp — 22 Building wing 23 Scarlett's home 24 George Eliot novel 28 Great Lakes port 29 Call it a three-notrump contract and things look bleak after West opens the king of spades. He must play dummy's ace. Victor asks, 'What card should be played from dummy at trick two?' " Saturday's Answer 9-25 river 24 Sea: Fr. 25 Irish rebel group 28 Sarcastic comment 27 Tito's rank 31 English river 32 Ellington's "- Doll" 33 Overhead 34 Lamplighter's need 35 Oil-rich nation 37 Chatter 38 Anglo-Saxon coin 39 Swiss canton 40 Hebrew for Lord 30 Kind of doll 31 Craggy hill 32 Rested 35 Beggar of Ithaca 36 Arab garment 37 Porter song 41 Scottish island 42 Living 43 Convey in oils 44 Ocean greyhound DOWN 1 Less hazardous 50 37 31 23 42 10 9-2S-A WEST • KQJ8 V J72 * J64 + K 10 8 NORTH * A2 V 1086 * 93 * AQ65<2 EAST * 654 V Q543 * KQ75 * J 9 SOUTH *• 10 9 7 3 V AK9 • A 10 8 2 473 Vulnerable: Both Dealer: West West North East Pass 1* Pass Pass 2+ Pass Pass Paas Pass South 1* 3 NT Opening lead: *K 10 21 Oswald: "The answer is the deuce of clubs, although the six-five or four would serve the same purpose." Alan: "South needs five club tricks. He must duck a club to score them. If West started with K x or K x x South is home." Oswald: "By leading the first club from dummy South gets an extra chance. East may hold K-10, K-9 or K-8 and rise with the king. Of course, he shouldn't make that play, but as Confucious said, 'Give a man a chance to make a mistake and he may make it.' " Alan: "West has three clubs to the king and three notrump makes." DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE - Here's how to work it: AXYDLBAAXR is LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. CRYPTOQUOTES Y QKEEJA ASJ X N Y E A Y MN OKTEYLXHR SK'N HJ QJJE Z N Z Y E E M S Y N S X N N Z N- FXTXJHN.- A G X P H K L X E N J H Saturday's Cryptoquote: FAITH IS ONE OF THE FORCES BY WHICH MEN LIVE; AND THE TOTAL ABSENCE OF IT MEANS COLLAPSE.-WILLIAM JAMES 1vl978 King Fe*ttir*» Syndicate, Inc. You hold: * AQx » K J xxx * xx * Axx Your partner opens one spade and rebids two spades over your two-heart response. A Missouri reader wants to know what you bid next. You should bid three clubs with every intention of raising spades later. Your hand is too strong for a mere jump to four spades. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) (For a copy of JACOBY MODERN, send $1 to: "Win at Bridge," care of this newspaper P.O. Box 489, Radio City Station, New York, N. Y. 10019.) So do not count on him as an exclusive boy friend. But if you want to kiss him under this condition, you are free to do so. You are also free to go out with and kiss other boys if you wish. COOL: (Q.) There's a girl I know named I,anrie and last week I finally got up enough nerve to tell her that I liked her. But right after I told her she said that she didn't have any feelings for me. It hurt my feelings to hear her say that. Please give me some advice on how I could change her feelings for me. - Let Down in Connecticut. (A.) You are fortunate that Laurie was honest with you about how she felt. She could have led you on or kept you unaware of her true feelings. If so, you might have been hurt more than ever some time in the future. You must face the fact now that she, not you, is the one who has to decide how she feels about you. A warmth for you may grow within her in time, but you cannot MAKE it happen. All you can do is to be friendly with her, and kind and patient, and hope that she will some day see you in a different light. STRANGE: (Q.) Doug and I have been going together for three months. He has never even held my hand, and I just found out something very strange about him. He seems to be very good friends with this 28-year- old guy. Lots of people say this guy is gay. Doug spends almost every day at his bouse. He even spent the night there a couple of times. Every time I ask him to go somewhere with me he says no and gives no reasons why. Does Doug appear to you to be gay? Am I just a cover-up for him and this grown guy? Should I continue to go out with him? - Wondering in Pennsylvania (A.) You should not decide against Doug until you have openly and fully discussed this issue with him. You should tell him of your fears and ask him what the truth is. And you should listen to what he has to say. That he has never held your hand doesn't mean he is gay. But for your peace of mind, you should ask Doug about your suspicions. Do it now. Bernice Bede Oso! September 26,1978 Valuable contacts will be made this coming year with new and interesting people who come into your life. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) You can make great strides today in advancing your self-interests without the need for costly investments. Someone might wrongfully try to convince you otherwise. Find out more about yourself .by sending for your copy of Astro-Graph Letter. Mail 50 cents for each and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope to Astro-Graph, P.O. Box 489, Radio City Station, N.Y. 10019. Be sure to specify birth sign. SCORPIO (Oct. 2«-Nov. 22) You'll make a favorable impression and gain the support of a valuable ally today if you're congenial and friendly. Be extremely careful not to come on too strong. SAGITTARIUS {Nov. 23-Dec. 21) Maintaining a philsopntcal nature will keep the good things rolling in today. Getting uptight about a situation over which you have no control is folly. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19} You should be lucky today in commercial situations, but not if you allow those who don't belong to be included. Keep freeloaders out of the act. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Your decisions today are well thought out and will prove beneficial. However, an associate might not be able to see the advantages and could give you a hard time. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) You will be able to accomplish a great deal and have quite a rewarding day, but know when to quit. ARIES (March 21-Apr'il 19) Conditions are so ripe for you to have a good time with others today that you have a slight tendency to overindulge. Avoid extremes. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) An associate may be an annoyance to you today, but if you can laugh it off he or she will have little effect on your productivity and won't spoil your day. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Communication channels are wide open today, but I doubt if you'll use them for anything other than social purposes. This would be self-gratifying, but unproductive. CANCER (June 21-July 22) There is plenty of material opportunity about you today, but you seem to be in a hurry to get rid of anything you acquire. It's doubtful much will stay in your pocket. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Even though your notices will be unselfish, you're likely to fare better personally than the people you may be trying to do things for today. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Because things come your way today without too much effort, you might be challenged on how you acquired your goods. Don't enter into a dispute. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) Birthday Kid Photo Rules Photos of children up to age five will be used in the Monday edition the week of the birthday provided the photo and information has been received at The Galveston Daily News before noon Thursday the week before the birthday. Photos may be mailed to Birthday Kids, Box 628, Galveston 77553. They should be mailed no later than Tuesday of the week before the birthday. If brought to The News at 8522 Teichman Road they must be brought in before noon Thursday the week before the birthday. If photos are to be returned a self- addressed, stamped envelope must accompany the photo. Be sure to give the child's name, the age he or she will be on the birthday and the date of the birthday, along with the name and address of the parents. Information printed with the pictures is provided by the person submitting the photo and The News is not responsible for incorrect information. CATHERINE AMELIA CASTILLA, daughter ol Catherine Castilla and Edward Castflla of Galveston, will celebrate her second birthday Thursday. Grandparents are Mrs. Rose Castilla of Galveston, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Cooper of Galveston and Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Castilla ST. of Galveston. Godparents are Mr. and Mrs. Julius Mejia Jr. of Galveston. Catherine has one sister, De Anna Lee Cooper. I | CHILDS NAME _ PARENTS NAME PARENTS ADDRESS AGE OF CHIID_ DATE Of BIRTH. GRANDPARENTS NAME AND CITY. GREAT GRANDPARENTS NAME AND CITY GODPARENTS, BROTHERS AND SISTERS JOSEPH GREGORY LUNA, son of Joe and JoAm Luna Jr. of Arcadia, will celebrate his forth birthday Tuesday. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Mendoza of Arcadia and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Luna Sr. of Texas City. Godparents are Hip and Lorene Nleto of Tasas City. MELLISSA MARIE CRUZ, daughter of Elizabeth Cruz of Galveston, will celebrate her third birthday Sunday. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Miiina of Galveston and Mr. Joe C. Cruz of Galveston. Godparents are Mr. and Mrs. Simon Leyvaof Galveston. GUADALUPE BERGARA, daughter of Felbt Bergara oi Galveston, will celebrate ber second birthday Thursday. Grandmother is Rose Moreno of Galvestoa Great grandmother is Maria DelBosque of Galvestoa CLOYDE RAY DUNLAP JR., son of Ooyde and LauQe Dunlap of Alta Loma, wifl celebrate Us first birthday Saturday. Grandparents are Mrs. Lola Dunlap ol Hobbs, N.M., and Mr. and Mrs. GA. Black of Texas City. KRYSTAL GALE THEILER, daughter of John and Donna Theiler of La Marque, wfll celebrate ber first birthday Tuesday. Grandparents are Arthurtne C. Shaw and S*.1..L_ /> fH-.— M .- »Jlf. --.» I^OIYUIU. oudwuiua roait{UGaiiuaii. cunj Mrs. Frank H. Theiler of La Marque. Great grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mouton of Port Bolivar and Mrs. Peart Grelner of La Marque. (Have a problem? Write to Dr. .lean Adams, care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 2402, Houston. Tc\is 77001. Because so many write. Dr. Adams cannot answer you personalty. But she wUl answer readers' questions in Teen Forum daily. ) Copyriiihl. lOVR llmlrd I'Vatnrr Symln iili 1 Phones modified NEW YORK (UPI) Eight public telephones in the International Arrivals building have been modified for use by the hard-of-hearing as part of the overall program to upgrade facilities for handicapped 'travelers at John F. Kennedy International airport. KACI VLLAUN IVORY, daughter of Karen Ivory and William Woods Jr. of Galveston, wfll celebrate ber third birthday Tuesday. Grandparents are Mn. Naomi Ivory of Galvveston, Mr. Theodore Ivory Sr. of Houston aod Mr. and Mrs. William Woods Sr. of Galvestoo. Great grandparenU are Mrs. Ida Ivory and Mr. and Mrs. John RoWnm Godparents are Yvonne Young and Henry Richard. JASON ANTHONY CAYENER, son of Anthony Scott Cavener of Galveston and Sunshine Cavener of Galveston, win celebrate bis second birthday today. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Art Kincbner of Oklahoma City, Okla, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L, Miner of Galveston, Mr. and Mrs. Florendo Aparido of toe PHHpptaes and Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Wood of Wichita Falls, Texas. Godparents are Dr. William Man III and Peggy Man of Galveston. CHRISTIE DIANNA MORENO, daughter of Donna and Johnny Moreno of Galveston, will celebrate her second birthday today. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Lopez, Mr. Pedro Garcia and Mr. and Mrs. John Moreno all of Galvestoo. Great grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Reyes Hernandez Sr. of Galveston, Mr. and Mrs. John Moreno Sr. of Galveston, Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Garcia of Peariand and Mrs. Katie O'Donohue. Great great grandmother Is Mrs. Fdomlna Ortiz. Godparents are Rebecca Romereo and Ernest DeLos Santos.

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