Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 15, 1972 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 15, 1972
Page 9
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GOP Rules-Making Panel Eyes Changing Delegate Selection MIAMI 13I3AC11, Flu. (AP) -A * Kopubllcmi 1 · niU'n-maktng pnnoi tlollbei'Hled today : on moves 'to chiinge;tl1o way con- volition 1 dolctfnlos aro selected arid allocated. Its' decision .will have H .filrohjt'iImpact on the 1978 GOP convention's choice of a presidential nominee. .' , · Tlio 10()-7nombor llulait Committee · of tho Republican Nn- llonal Committee scheduled nn atlonibon session to consider tho proposals which would open up tho delegate selection process for tho next convention and revise the method of allocating dolcgatos to the slates. Tho Rules Committee's rcc- miiiiciKlalloiis must elonr Ixjlh he nstloniil committee and liip convention · Uulcs Committee icforu they con bo put Id it votp it the convention next week, In last conventions they hnvo icon altered very- little In tho irocess. 1 . ' · · · · · ' · ; · MNB. DllAWN ; '·! ·The line !'.wps sliiirpiy ilrnwn between' ''llburals ; and cort- scrvallvcs Mp|iuuy on : lhc two major questions before tho lioiv to bring 'more i g ' r cks School Dress Code Ruled Invalid LITTLE ' ROCK (AP) .-- A majority of the ^dress code for students at Pcrryville Junior and Senior High School is unconstitutional,' U.S. D i's 1 1'r i c t Court Judge G. Thomas' Eisole ruled Monday. ; .. If school officials decided to enforce.'the few valid portions or the code or adopt 'a new code^ Eisele suid, students could not be disciplined for violating t h e code u n t i l ' given a chance to defend themselves. Eisele ruled last year that a regulation prohibiting mustaches, sideburns, beards i and long hair in the Perryville schools was unconstitutional. The challenged rules dealing with girls' c l o t h e s said "dresses, skirts and blouses, or pantsuils may be worn. No divided skirts' or .dresses; no jeans or shorts may be worn. i . "Blouses that are stfight a r o u n d the bottom may be worn outside the skirl or slacks; The length or the skirt or dresses will be no more than six.inches above or six inches below the knc'c,'' r The rules were altered at the beginning of the 1971-72 school year to permit girls to wear jeans. However, the code specified 1 that it the jeans'had a zipper "or button closing in the front, a squarelailed b l o u s e would have to be' worn over them. Several of the girls who chal lenged the code had been disciplined for. wearing knickep suits; jumpsuits and jeans without overblouses covering the zipper. '··' -·" : . :·' Eisele said all the rules pertaining to the girls were uncoh- stitutinal ^except the rule stating that dresses could not be higher than six inches above the knee. The challenged -rules for the boys said: "Boys may wear dress or sport pants, including jeans. No frayed trousers or jeans will be allowed., unless the tail is straight and : hemmed, will be worn inside the pants, socks are required at all times." Eisele said none of the regulations was necessary to carry out the educational mission of the school. women, youths and blacks'liilxi the Republican ; party a n d , how lo fix the delegate strength of each stale: ', . At a day long committee hearing, Sen. Jacob K., Jayits R-N.Y.,. John, W. ..Gardner, chairman pf Common., Cause; Massachusetts Gov. Francis Sargent and others : .Identifier, with the liberal wing of the party endorsed a proposed nil.o thai would require stale Re publican; parties to ,take pos live action to assure i that al segments of the voting popu lalion participated in parly af fairs. The proposal was adyancec as an alternative to seltirtf quotas for youths, women anc blacks. Quotas originally iwers recommended by a reform pah el · but,- w e r e, discarded when Ihey came underiheavy attack. Sen. James Buckley 'Of-,New York,, a member -of both .thi Conservative, and 'Republican parties, and Rep. Philip M Srane, R-II1., a leading Hous conservative, .,attacked the a! lernale proposal as an attemp to set quotas Indirectly. CRITICISM', , i Strong criticism also was di reeled by conservatives arn delegates from small slates;;a a varietyiof plans for aliocalin dclegales among the states tha would increase the influence o Ihe large states in the 1976 con vehtign. David B. Kennedy, a, delegat from Wyoming, said .adoptio of such a system "would : de stroy the Republican party a we know it.". · i? : ; ' The : Repubfican ; party ,cui rently awards 80 per cent ot;i convention 'delegates'iion i tl: 3asis of j each state's electo'ra vote and the.'other 20 .per cen oh arbonus system tliat rewart slates,that wenl Republican; ;he lasl .presidential electlo The system recently iwas he! unconstitutional / by a feder district court because of r ( th bonus award?. The decision h been appealed. Smaller Hay Supplies For Winter Seen -- Pflii i-e» mid riingos nationally pro "'ini' nbovo-RVornge shape UK. 1, but livestock producer mi dairymen who rely on' hay r- winter feeding cnn expect nailer rices.' supplies and ' ' ' Break Cities Down Info Self-Governing Units Tl|0 'Agriculture Denadmept iys Kruy.liiK cohdllloris'aver- jed 81'per cent Aug. 1, down eiiserially -by 'one point from uly but 'four above last year nu · three points : higher : lhan ie 10-year average. ···'·"·· · · · ' ' '.Bui' 1072 prbducllon .n'r 1 all jpcs of hay was'forecast a^t 27.8 mljllon' tbns, r T dowh 2 per eril f r o m ' l a s t year's record of 31.0. million. ; ' : · ; . · - ' ; · Alfalfa and alfalfa m.ixiures 'ere estimated at 76.1 million oils, down', slightly from' last ear, 'but other typek will be own. 5 per c e n t ' t o around 51.7 nillloii, the department said/ Further, says USDA, hay iiallly haa been lower in some najor 'producing' areas, Iri- liidlng the Northeast dairy re- ion 'where excessive moisture vns a factor In early, cuttings. .Indgstry;:sburccs say the Hay itiiatlpn has beco'me critical in Orrie parts :'of;.:the . Northeast, where many producers report lay supplies reduced sharply. Also, according to department reports, continued poor summer grazing in/California and some areas of the South : west point to-belovv-par winter pasture feed supplies. That also could put;| drain oil the natlon- aly h a y reserve. : " · : · · · · · TV Networks Will Cover Convention NEW YORK (AP) - The Re- mblican National Convention in Hiami Beach next week'":will ;et the same close attention rom (he three'major television networks that they gave the Democrats' convention In that city last month. NBC News ^and CBS '-N,e w s have announced plans to provide the same "gavel-to-gavel" coverage;. as J they provided viewers when the Democrats met to pick their presidential and vice presidential nominees. ABC has announced that It will once again employ the "unconventional coverage" format used: for the Democratic convention. ABC shows. highlights of the'sessions and summaries are presented each convention evening. Ry WES GAM,A(iJIKlt PEKING (AP) -- Gove.rnln« a largo city In Chlim Is not looked upon as a mnjor problem as It Is In the United Stutcs -- Ihey simply break tha city down Inlo a number of selttgov- crnlng unlls. · H will be news, too, ;ti) Mayors Daley 'and Lindsay that N a n k i n g , doesn't consider.'.garbage 'collection' difficult. ! Sur rounding 1 farmers come' ! and collect It for their pigs, Other cKles- haye; mpre 'convenUonal nieans. '"·'· : ' · · ; . / · ' ''''...'/' .'.V , A ficlf-goverhihg district-here n .West; Peking demonstrates low the system works.,Jl eorn- iriacs 53,000 people, 11. has six 'actqrlcs and 14,300 residences. Housing Is mpstly'-. Chinese- style, around courlyariis, with p n e , o r two rooms occupied .by each '.family. Cooklrig Is done outside for the most part, on s i m p l e stoves. Apartment iiouses haye otHer facilities. Like all political units since the Cultural . RevOlulioh Ir China, this district is governcc by a revolutionary committee composed of professional ad mlnlstrators, worker represen tatlyes and army represent? lives. The committee works ful time and Is paid, but' 25 sul? committees are riot paid. ,Th members' work in faclories 6 do other tasks. The city's; central adminl^ tration furnishes police,' water lights and gas but the rest i left: to the district revolulionar. committee., It malnains th services. ' ' The district has a centra pool7 of plumbers, electricians :arpenters, etc., on call for ma lor home emergencies, Mino repairs'are expected lo be lak m care of by Ihe householde limself in keeping with China' Jolicy. of "making do"--don »sk the government to do some ;hing you can do yourself. All able-bodied members Of mlly work except for malcrn y leave. ' Children are left in dny-carc enters run by a committee of oachors and wives. Because ils work Is consldored 'pilrt' me tlio wives sow and cmurol or t'iblecloths, napkins 01 aby cloihcs for sale lo the late. They arc paid by " t h e Icce, . ' . ' . · ' · · The ' bommUteo 'and district dmlnlatei 1 Ihe health program., 'his Includes a hospital, sevei; u l p a t l c n l ' c l i n i c s ' s t a f f e d hy octort and nurses, many "ha efoot doctor" clinics and below hem the health 1 workers who ce that vaccines are admlnls crcc! and that education In dis : ases Is cnrrlcd on. BREAK IT DOWN i In the Chinese', p'plltlcal-struc ure -- clly or country -- the heqry Is to break down admin stratlon into Ihe * smallest uni easible, govern it by a revolu lonary committee whose mem )ers : 'arc known to everyone aiid ; make it as'solf-sufllcient a possible. The : : cornmlttees': ar elected for three years by "dis cussion" -- a :.VOt majority eventually, j ' · * · ,-i J ( - ,·· Ajlhbugh 53,000 peopleliyc i .bis unit, It is not a large area Housing js, very tight -- on family has/nine people and foi generations' in a room 40 by ) wilh a partition. ' - · '' ; With 25 subcommiltees, go 1 ernment is a very, .persona matter "in this;small 'area wll two main street.; and 132 lanes Sued For Divorce ' . : LOS' ANGELES (AP)' --. c median Mqrt Sahl, 45, has bee sued for divorce by his wife ( almost two years, actress Ma gare't lee. . ' " . ' ; ' · ' : Miss,' Lee, 29, cited "irr concilable ' differences" In hi Superior Court petition 'Mo day. They have no childre The marriage is her first, h second.- Slab Candidates Report Expenses LITTLE UOCK (AP) - Ted oswcll of Bryant reported that e spent $08,7591 In his unsuc ossful bid for the Democratic ominulton' for the U. S. Senate ils summer. , * · Foster Johnson, another tent orlul candidate, reported 16 Ihe icmocratle State Committee iat ho spent $5,321}. ' E a r l i e r , Sen,,?John L ricClcllan, the Incumbent, re sorted spending $532,007 and Icp.' David H. Pryor.'D-Ark. cported spending $230,325. State Sen, Oscar Alagood o .itlle Rock reported spendln 15,977 In his unsuccessful rac or secretary of state. Secre ary of- State Kelly Byrnnt ha reported spending$17,028. Ver non H. Whllten of Bearden, an o t h e r candidate,, reportc spending $14,429 and John L Hfggs of North Little Rock ha not reported his expenditures. T!M«, AVKTTKVILI.C, ARKANIA* Au«. IS, 1*71 Bumpers Back Home MTTLE ROCK {AJ'J ~ Oov. )ilo Bumpers |s'ln Charleston or a week's vacation. 'Archlo Schaffcr III, qn' aldi o the governor, s»M Bumpori- would vacation until Satuidni' hen resume nls schedule wllli an Hpponiance nl the opening of the Babe Huth World Scries Jn Pino. Bluff,. "Get Girls who mnke it" FABRIC CITY BACKACHE-JOINT RAINS DeWlll's Pills act fast with an analgesic to help relieve tho pain of backache and joint pains. Thoir mild diuretlo action helps to eliminate 'Irritating, bladder wastes. Insist on quality. Atk for Dewitt'i Pills...Today ' Redeem This Coup» at the FayttttvltU «r Springdal* ' WZZA HUT WITH THE PURCHASE OF ANY LARGE PIZZA Coupon August Limit C Not Good On Friday or Saturday 2325 N. College Phone 521-2992 Explore Fayerteville's Original Cellar SPRIMGDALE Hwy 68 We*t (across from Dillon's) Phone 751-8400 Serving Northwest Arkansas' Finest Pizzas I mml If you can't go to Munich for the... SSP, Summer Olympics Court Asked To Set Aside Order Barring Lawyers LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- The law firm of Walker, Kaplan and Mays of Little Rock has asked the slate Supreme Court to set aside an order by Circuit Court Judge John W. Goodson t h a t prohibited members of the firm to practice law in the 8th Judicial District. John W. Walker of Little Rock, a member of the .firm, said in a petition filed with the high court, "There is no constitutional statutory authority for a circuit judge to summarily enter an order disbarring a lawyer from practice in the courts of Arkansas." Goodson entered the order July 6, prohibiting Walker and two other members of the firm, Richard L. May and ' Ted Goodloe, from.practicing in the district "for the space of one year and-or until they are no longer disabled." The 8th District consists of Clark. Hempslead, Miller and Nevada counties. Goodson's order camo after several disagreements between him and Walker, Mays and Goodloe during the trials of black defendants on charges stemming from a racial disturbance at Arkadelphla March 16. The judge said in his order that the conduct of the three lawyers hud been "frivolous in nature and intent" and "calculated lo harass and obstruct the operation of the normal court procedures.' 1 ' Ma^navox Total Automatic Coior TV b the next best way to go! VMMesc 'the «MH of victory and the a^uMi of defeat fight in your ovm home on a beautiful MagrwvoK ootor TV wfth the amszirg Total Automa*; Cotor System, T^.C,, that w* bring yo« peffeorty- tuned, cotor-riglt* pictures . . . -from one thrittioa Oymptc event to the next! Magnavox Color TV-- it's the next best *ifQ to actoatiy being ttiew )n Munnti in person I M*dit«rrataen siyttttg modd 7W6. Aho avatabio M afty American and Contemporary. 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