Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
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FEATURES INDEX Amusements ..W Markets B-1J Oasiiilea ·..v.D-J Radio-TV O« Couric A-J2 Shipping ....A-2S . Death Notices A-23 Sports C 1-7 Editorial ...-A-J8 StrppinzOut ..E-9 HE 5-1161 -- CUssHTtd Na. HE 2-5759 ** The Southland's M Finest Morning 1Y 63 PAGES LONG 8EACH 12. CALIFORNIA. FRIDAY. APRIL 5. l?63 i'.\'\ :^:::. v.-:"-:r: - _.-__ .' WEATHER : Sunny today and Saturday, bet fog tonight »nd early Saturday morning.- HJjh 72. Coa-" p!ttt wuthtr, Psje A-27. VOL 25 -- NO. 189 HOME EDITION-- JOe Gasoline Tax Boost Passes Senate, 32-5 Assemblymen Ask for Action to Develop Oil It P-T tAo-vntnT* Bill Also Raises Licenses By JOHN' MORGA.VTHALER SACRAMENTO «V-A bill to raise highway users' taxes Thursday introduced a resolution asking he SUtel 1 * ^million a year for city Lands Commission "to approve promptly- the plan developing the oiltidelands off the Long Beach shoreline. ji,y, despite Gov. Brown's op. i . . The $35 billion field has position. Executive Hits Delay on Pact SACRAMENTO--Thirteen top Assembly leaders been under commission consideration for months, but its development has been delayed by a controversy over the contract form. ' , · · · i LATER Thursday the Sen- A combination of 21 Democrats and 11 Republicans give the overwhelming victory to the measure by Sen. Randolph 'CoIIier.D-Yreka. Three Democrats and two Republicans were opposed. A Southern California oil'i ate Rules Committee approved a resolution w h i c h asked the commission to hold i raise .. up its decision until a e x e c u t i v e in Sacramentop, Thursday expressed amaze-jvestigation. (ate research subcommittee THE MEASURE the gasoline tax from gallon, boost THROUGHOUT STATE Brown Supports Judge Pay Hikes By JERRY HARREtL SACRAMENTO «1 --The Brown administration backed a broad program Thursday to boost the salaries of all California judges and top state officials. The cost Sen-[6 to 7 cents a m'. a six-week in- ment before the Senate Rules The committee decided to Committee that a Senate ask the fun " A watchdog committee oa thejauthorize S e n a t e seven-man to auto license fees from $3 to $9 a year, and increase truck weight fees by 19 percent. Collier said the tax in- 1 crease is an "absolute neces- $1 million. AU the state's 612 judges. from municipal courts to the Supreme Court, and near!} every top state officer except the governor would get boosts ranging up to 28 percent The governor's office an nounced that Brown would support a bill by Assemblyman Tom Bane. D-North Hoi tywood, to raise the judges pay and a measure to be in __ launched ia the! troduce d bv Assemblyman legislature Thursday to legal-l Ed '» in L ZT*rg. D-Sacra ize abortions if the mental mento. for state officials, or physical h e a l t h of the mother or her unborn child is ia danger. A bill being prepared for Ready Bill to Legalize Abortions By BILL BOYARSKY SACRAMENTO CB -- A THE STATE chief justice. Pha Gibson, would get a raise from $29,400 to $35,000 introduction Monday by As-ja year. State department di-l semblyman Anthony C Bei-'rectors would get maximum LU31IIER KAKGE TILTED REACH tidelands wants to hire legal .search subcommittee to spend arid petroleum consultants. l$50,000 on legal and oil ccn- -II is astounding to me ,-,sultants. Th« committee is to *-- **" '' re-]aty." because local property lenson, D-Beverly Hills, would salaries ranging g e n e r a l l y m.4 t«T*« ar* «Tr*»*f1v trw» KT«fi f/V» I .. ·. - - -- *·- _.»..^_*:^_.» :* _.'iV^-M. C^A C/V\ »-. M I CJV\ said Jamess. Woo^nof Angeles, vice - president Signal Oil and Gas Co. ; its findings by May 15.[there of! The Assembly 'declared; "Every day that taxes are already too high to bear the burden. He said a Senate study showed ; that win be a $12-billion passes .WOOTAN said the Senate) without development delays already has legal opinions ofithe day when the state win the attorney general"* office receive a Urge and sorely and reports cf the State needed income." Lands Commission staff. He stressed any delay on the from $20,500 to $24.500. In a press statement. Brown said the raises are needed to , . . . bring the officials" salaries resolution deficiency in local street and,have a legal abortion if it is more in line with other of road construction by 19SO. · (necessary to preserve the life their counterparts elsewhere. Gov. Brown, who pledged °f fi« mother." said Be2en also permit abortions if a pregnancy was the result of rape or incest. "As cf now, you caa only Long Beach contract approval "would result in loss of income to the state." THE RESOLUTIOV was authored by Assemblyman Robert Crown, D. Oakland, chairman of the powerful As- l 'ii no tax increases ia 1963 during his re-election campaign, : he opposes Collier's bill or any other tax increase. He did cot say, however, that he win veto it. * * · « * SEN. GEORGE Miller Jr, D-Martinez, said his opposi- had nothing to do with Sen. V i r g i l O'SulIivan.'sembly WaysandMeans Corn- watchdog committee chair-'mittee. - - · . - jGov. Brown's no-new-tax man. previously had been | tl Assembly co-authors in-iP^S*. but te felt *« Itate questioned by Sen. HughVlude Rules Committee Chair-! w « ^"S lsked to TMpose Bums, who heads the Senate'man Tom Bane D-North Hoi-! 1 " to 8 t tbe titlti and '. son. HE CHARGED that many abortions were b e i n g per-! formed in California hospitals' illicitly, to prevent births cf children doomed to deformity and mental retardation by disease or other causes. very few The salaries of our judges at an levels have lagged far behind the pay in socfa comparable states as New York and Pennsylvania," the governor said. A Finance D e p a r t m e n t The lumber barge Mary Olson, loaded with 3 million board feet of Douglas fir, developed leak in Pacific storm near Crescent City. Tow tug San Jacinto rushed listing vessel to Humboldt Bay where she was deliberately beached on mudflat. Barge was en route to Los Angeles from Coos Bay, Orei, and lost several hundred thousand board f e e t of lumber despite the beaching. Illinois to Change New; Law on Birth Control SPRINGFIELD, EL (UPI)--iwas inaugurated only Mon-'and birth-control instruction The Illinois Senate voted over- day. to three-fourths of the womea whelmingly Thursday to out-| Superior Court Jud^e John oa the state's Aid to Depend- judges- salaries, which wwiJ^L.?* "?^ co ° tro . versiiltj - 1*1*. «"cd ««*« **\ tM OuHr« rdb. ; fm- ««nm fnr th. rKrf W^w*TM c * the state t eew.waiM issue the injunction 1 . . . » wouMlbeamendei free b ^^ Mr ° : PTM? 3 TM '° r next Monday when the IPACs 1 THE MEASURE as revised "* women on relief. | 0 wn legal spokesman joined a,»'°u'l still permit the IPAC A Chicago judge almost challenger of the program in to spend funds for relief re- Rules Committee. "Is it your opinion that the reports of the commis- Til E R E V I S E D version would give associate justices lywood; Democratic Floor counties off the hook. Leader Jerome Waldie, D- Antioch; and Manufacturing "As far as I'm concerned." Miller said, "they have not ( necessary to abort to save her life. So almost daj-s*lf S^C"heTM ML^^V ^ Supreme Court i 19TM^e^Te roinST^Sic'j Under Benenson'j bill. an^"*" 1 " 1S « to $32,500 1 ' simultaneously said he would condemning it and urging that'cip'cnts vita are living with ' issue a temporary injunction it be halted. abortion would be permitted '*"· (Continued Page A-2, CoL 3)'(Continued Page A-2, CoL 3)!(Continued Page A-3. CoL 4) if the pregnancy creates a substantial risk to the physical or mental health of either the mother or the child. Across the Nation Raging Fires Peril East, South Savage winds whipped scores of fires into multiple-alarm proportions Thursday in East Coast areas, and fanned forest blazes out of control in some areas of the South. One person was reported killed under a shower of debris from a fire- weakened building in New Jersey. In the New York metropolitan area, more than 30 fires were reported--2 in Brooklyn, several ia New York and Long Island, and at least 25 separate blazes oa Staten Island. Some blanketed expressways and parkways under heavy clouds of smoke forcing police to dose some roadways. At least SO forest fires were reported in Georgia, hardest hit cf the Southern states. Some of the fires destroyed countless acres of timber. One threatened aa entire Georgia community. la North Carolina, a swift-moving forest fire raced through parched fields and woodlands and threatened the towa cf Franklinton, damaging cne residence within the town limits. A RAGIXG FOREST fire swtpt through the fabled long leaf pine groves cf the Sandhills resort area at Pinebluff, North CaroKna.' / A number of houses were burned or damaged, and hundreds cf yards of shrubbery and trees were destroyed. la Tennessee, fires scattered near the North Carolina boundary have destroyed thousands of wooded acres. Wind-whipped fires--more thaa 100 --roared across the state of Virginia, destroying thousands of acres cf tinder and threatening homes snd towns. la Maryland, a general alana field and woods fire cear Leonardtown destroyed six buildings and forced evacuation of more than IS rural families. The fire was one ot more thaa ISO that swept Maryland. In New Jersey, a fire swept through 19 houses in the fishing village cf Fortescue on the Delaware River. Another wind-whipped blaze burned out of control for more than three hours in Quintan, N J, destroying a lumber yard and more than 10 houses. In New York state, a general alarm fire risible for almost 20 miles destroyed a large plant cursery on the outskirts of Geneva, N.Y. In Pennsylvania, a stubborn grass fire endangered the Atlantic Refinery tirJc farm and the Pioneer Oil Co. in Philadelphia, while high winds fanned numerous fires throughout the state. A forest fire in New Castle County in Delaware was the largest ia the history of that county. T H E OPERATIO.V would have to be performed ia licensed hospital, upon application of two physicians. A therapeutic abortion committee in the hospital would tave to approve the application. In the case of an alleged rape or incest, trie facts cf the act would have to be first reviewed by a district attorney or a court before an operation could be authorized. BeOenson said the operations wouldn't be permitted Some 20.000 voters in the just because you don't want' Long Beach Unified School hospitalized earlier. One of a child or because you think] District are ^xpected to bal- them died Tuesday night and you can't afford the child." A similar measure was rejected by the 1961 legislature. --Anooxtd rrm w ORPIIAX Maria Jijon, 5, kf; in orphan when her parents d^ed in a Boston hotel fire last week. leaves Boston for her native Ecuador Thursday. Maria, who went to . Boston for a hip operation, has not been told her parents are dead. Two cndes accompanied her Thursday. "'Aid Commission (IPAC) from' THE voted their husbands, The bill was sponsored by Sen. Morgan Finle'y, Presiding justices District Courts of cf the Appeal would get $23,000 and asso- date justices $27500. An are now paid $25,200. Superior Court judges in a counties with populations of tj^i 100.000 or more ,- .... --~ TM x .. . .-w 7 ..v... IC1C. L^.U*.3l^ll \JI\J I W L C U - . . 'continuing the prop-am which'42-5 to bar the IPAC from SeKit * representative of CIu- 'paying for birth-control infor-jfSO Mayor Richard J. Daley. '{nation and prescriptions for! 11 now £°" to ^ House ' 'unwed mothers and named »h«re similar legislation was women not living with theiri (Ml ' ed m committee pending husbands , testimony from Commissioa I The program was adopted Chairman Arnold a Mare- from $21,000 to $23,000, an (Continued Page A-2, CoL 1) Vote Today for School Trustees Mcningitis Hospitalizes 3rd Sailor :by the commission in an ef-, 11101 "i fort to prevent the birth of ,up to 4.000 illegitimate SAN DIEGO WV-The third .^ n * ytl ?* , . recruit hospitalized ia a! !t . PTM"**? for fr « . . spinal meningitis outbreak at I 00 " 1 ' 01 *"«*» « nd Jldvice upon request by women on relief who have either a hus-j band or a child. ter has been Jane Powell Asks Divorce SANTA MOMCA MV-Actress Jane Powell filed for divorced Thursday, charging husband Patrick W. Nerney with extreme cruelty. Miss Powell. 34. akfd for custody of t h e i r daughter, Lindsay AveriH, 7. The complaint listed no comm unity property. She and N e r n e y , 4.1, a Beverly HiUs business man,] separated last Saturday. They were married ia 1954. lot between 7 axa. and 7 p,ra. today to name three members to four-year terms on the the other is reported recovering. Medical officers have ordered all personnel at the district's board of trustees, [center to take sulfadiazine Information on location of tablets twice a day in an any of the 2ol polling places effort to curb the disease may be obtained by phone i n an outbreak. March 7 from Board of Education elec- one recruit died and the en-' tion headquarters, HE 6-9931, tire 20.000-man center was Extension 40! or 402. Loca- quarantined tions were listed however on ,, ,, _ _. prevent doctors from giving! Hall was sent to San Diego state-financed Naval Hospital Thursday and his company. No. 118. was placed under quarantine. Two other recruits were Senate OK Given Fund for Transit IIPLL IWLA WITH JOY NEW YORK tfl -- Who do you suppose won when Waddell and Reed, Inc, a mutual fund distributor, had its 300 divisional managers compete for aa expense-paid trip to Honolulu? Herbert C. T. Chun, the firm's manager in Honolulu, that's who. STOCK MARKET pushes to a new high for 1963 ia the first five-million-share day since February. Page B-10. MIKE SOl'CHAK and Bo Wininger share first-day kad ia Masters Golf Tournament Each shot a 69. See Page C-I. inserts accompanying sample ballots mailed last month. · · · · LN'CUMBENTS seeking reelection are Jerald S. Jacobs. Dr. Dwight C. Sigworth and Ted Sullivan. Challengers are Marvin R. Allen. Mrs. Borgny Baird, James M. Crawford, (Arthur D. Guy, Arthur P. J Moore. George F. Reinhard and Morris Shechter. The board offices held by Mrs. Elizabeth Hudson and M. A. (Bud) Duncan are not at stake until 1965. · « · · THE BOARD administers a $42-miHion budget and sets policy for some 100.000 students and 4,700 employes in the system. The district includes Long Beach. Signal Hin, AvaJon and about two- thirds of Lakewood. Board members receive $25 per meeting. The three elected today will assume office May 6. PURSE SEINER Boat Capsizes, 7 Crewmen Saved A 47-foot purs« seiner capsized without warning earfy Thursday off Catalina Island, hurling her crew of sevea into the ocean a mile from land. Another fishing boat, groping through the darkness, rescued an seven. None was injured. Survivors said the Riptide, recently refurbished ia a Saa redro yard, turned bottom up in a glassy cata sea without warning at aLoct 3 a_m. The seiner is owned and operated by Michael Dimegeo. 40, who stayed near hij disabled boat after the rescue. Tony Mattera. 32, of 1253 Suhside St, Saa Pedro, guided his fishing boat Sea Lane II to the area and fished the heavily encumbered crewmen from the water. , "\Ve could see her (Riptide) and the waj okay," said Mittera. "Then she Just tamed bottom cp. We heard 'era cry Help, help' as we went over. It was Just an act of God we were so close." The Coast Gtard said attempts to save the Riptida continued through the night Thursday. administration bill to giva cities $375 million to strengthen mass-transit systems in · an effort to save downtown areas from strangulation by traffic. The measure providing the grants was approved. 52 to 41, after the three-year spending program was cut back from the $500 million proposed by President Kennedy. Six Republicans joined 46 Democrats ia the majority while neg.itive votes carte from 17 Democrats and 24 Republicans. THE BILL goes now to the House where another tough fight is expected. The House banking committee already has approved a $500-miHion version of the legislation. Sponsors of the bin argce t h a t mass-transit systrx* crust be maintained, expanded, revived and created if downtown business life is not to be smothered by private automobile traffic. They contend private- sources can not handle the job. They assert that u r b a n (Continued Pa?e A 4. CoL 3) Titan ICIWI Fired V A N D E N B E R G A I R FORCE BASE WV-A Titaa ICBM roared out over the Pacific Thursday n i g h t ia what the Air Force described as a routine training

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