Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1962 · Page 43
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 43

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 43
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" E-2-tNDEPENDENT OFPICIAL CITY PHINTINO NOTICE I N V I T I N O BID* FOR 1'AI.NTINO TUB EXTE. won or ADUIMBTIUTIOX BU1LDLNO AT Tilt: U)NC1 11EACII MUNICIl'AL, AlniVIlT IN TUB CITT or LONO BEACH. CAUrOIlMA NOTICE is nrncnr aivc.f. that tbg Cltr of Ixicc lieata will tenlst getled Mdt at the olllce ot the Litr tituter. la noon J03. ft Ihe Cltr II4I1 cl th« Cltr o' lxi( luatb, until J:00 o'clock I'.M.. Aptll II. 1KZ, tt TUcIs time end place *aM Uds will U ^t!l:!j ontneil an4 dtclere4 (or fuirlihlni all ceceM4Tr labor, tool*, oitte- ritla. ·pplUnceg »nd Mulpmect (or dolnc ite work o( raloUEt Ue Ksurtor o( tbe Adjnlnlatrttion llulldlnr at the last Heath Mu- silclrtl Airport la accordance vltb ··SpecUtcatlocui No. ll-UU (or Taint- lei the Eiterlor o( Admlnlftratloa Hulldlni at lie I»nc Beach ilu nlclral Alrrort la Uig Cltr o( T^on IVach. CalUornU". on rile la the olllce o( the Cltr Enrlneer. to »hlch raid Fretlllcatloni No. Il-Kil rrlerenct U btrtbr made (or (urthtr particular*. Coplra o( gald *recl(lcatloog may t ottalneii at gald ofrlct c( Ihe Cltr Knilnrer. Itoom $02. Cltr Hall, upoa deposit ot Ten Dollan ('ID.Wl r*r get. tut ald ropleg aha!!, al all tlmeg. remala the propfrtr ol the Cltr and miut be nturned tg the cttr within 19 dari alter the bid4 arg opened. Ulon the return of euch copira ta cood coadtuon. within s'jeh period. Mid equal* Iii4 ± (C-l Eone) Lot* I and I equal* *1U ·*- Total Area: 1CU1J flquue r«t lUch bid »haJI be aeeompaaled kr · icitUltd check or bank .raft. paratut ta the Cltr of Lou Beach. Ad. drawn on a aolreat t»ank o( Loa Anftlea Couatr for aa amount not lee* than tea (10) per ceat c( uch bid. u A cuaraatea that the bidder will, within thirty (JO) daya after notlca o( award o( aala to bun. deposit th* balance of the bid. The Cltr warrant* the title tg aia pruperty and tbg rrlcg to be ·aid will Include t roller ef title njurance Issued al lie eipeaae of h« Cltr by the Tltla Iruniraacg aad Tnut Comrasr of 1»* Ancele*. naurlnc till* to tha propertr. la th* amount ot th* aal* prfre. to be eeated In tha purchtMr. (re* and clear of all Laie*. aaaeaamenti. con- lltlonj. reaerrationj. reetrlctlon*. iceptlon*. dcffcta eamnenu. rtlhta of war. lien* and/or encumbrance* of whataoCTer nature, cicept condition*. cotenanta and restriction! common to th* tract. If .anr. I'M tlanka and Information con- cernlnr the real propertr ma aectirfd at th* ofilc* of the ·hill b* rtfundfd: cthenri** II tbitl txs forMiM to the Cltr. Standard Specifications Xo. I.-1S77 for Public IraprtmmtntJ and the ruildlcc Cod« (Article VIII Lent Jtfafh Jjunleiral Code) are on file In th* off.rc cf the Cttr Erf Infer irhfre they mar b« Intjwctfd or purchwrd br rrofpeetlre bidden. PuTtuant to proTiiioni of 1'irt 2. Chapter 1. Article VII of Ixn« J*eb Municipal Code, the Cltr Council, br Resolution Jfo. C-1SW. has ascertained and, dtterznlntU the central rreratllnc rate of r*r diem m-txfi and overtime wacei for each craft or trp* cf laborer, workman or mechanic required In the I«T funn'Uiee cf public woik. A copy of Mid revolution It on file In the office of the Cltr Engineer. Said Job c!aj*lfleatlona and central pre- Talllnff rate of [er dlfm wares and cvertlme waff* art Incorporate Ji»reln br rflerer.ce thereto with like forro and effect aa If eiprerslr *¥ft forth herein. Any contract award"! h f f f u n d T fhall prortde that the Contractor muit romply m l t h the-rtneral pretalllnc rate cl r*r diem wac^s and orertlme wace* as spertflfd In vall Iltwlutlon. All bids and bid bonds hall t- rubmlttM upon forms to b* »*rur? at the "f th* Cttr Encinfr. Each r*fd shall be accompanied br a certified ch*fk rr bank draft livable to the Cltr Auditor of the Citr of Lone Iach. and drawn on · wlrent bar.k In !· Ancelei Count r. vr a satlrfactorr bond ol an amount of not Its than ten (10) i*rrfE.t of f u r h tld. as a ruar* antee that the bidder. If awarded a contract, will execute and dellrer tn Cltr Enclneer. within ten (10 riars aft^r ruch contract Is tenders a contract for furntihlnc all thi necefj*rr lab'T. tfwis. materials aprllanc^s. and equipment for, anc fl"inr tt.e work tallM for b**refn tocether with a crod and .fuff.clenl corporate suretr bond tn favor o the Cltr of !xnc lUath for an amount of m.t lets than twentr-flte I-*rcfnt (iS 1 ^*) rf fuch contract IT ire for the faithful i-erformante r-f rurh contract, and a crxxl am jujfndent cirj^'rate .turflr t"»n in an amount of not leu than f i f t y I^rc^nt (Wt) of »u-ri contract prlf f-r th* f-jym*r.t cf all labnr and niat'Mals rlalms. fUrh blMrr shall record In Ms N1 the number and termination ilates of all n*-cmji«rr llcen^s r«rrTMfd br Fubdlvlslon C.nil -· Standard Kpeclflrallons No. 11-157? Contractor shall start tht work w i t h i n ten (10) calendar days and .·halt rompM* the work within Vortjr (40) worklnt days from the riat* of eiecutlon cf the contract A working dar Is defined In De rrrtptlon of Work la I* Doc* o lh» £ pacific at Inns. Trorresa payments will It mad in due courr* nf payments of tht Cltr cf Lone lieach tn accordant wlln tha requirements of said Staad ard fp^lf-cstlnns No. 1M77. Th* Cltr JJanac'r refrrrea th rleht. at any staxe of these pm* rffdlnfs, to reject all bldi and to return aJl deposits accompanrlnj aai'l bids. DatM at Lone Ilearh. Callfcrcla. this Ith div 1 April, 1962. JOHN* JL UANSKLt* «:nr **"* Pub. April S. IMS (1U-L.H I. Hall. Lone jxach 3. California. Th* Cltr Alanacer reaerrea the rlcht. at any alac* e( thea* pro- ceedlnri. ta reject all bid*, and at ilj option to abandon all proceed- ns;l or readfcrtlsa (or bid! la a :ik* manner. Ialed at Lone Beach. CalUornla. this Ith dar of April. 1X2. J. IL JIANSKU, cur Ilanarer THE AS10UNT or THE BID SHALL UK.110.000 OR I40HE TO BK AL^r.lTAllLK TO THE CITT P LON(! I1EACII. [·ub. April 5. lit! (ID--L.B.I. NOTICE I N V I T I N O BIDS ON TIIK BALK or T1IK IN- TKREST Of* TIIK CITT Or' tjdSfl IIK-ACII IN CKKTAI.V UKAI. I'UOI'ERTr IN TIIK V K M N I T T Of tilXXlNIt BTOEET AND KAI'LCS I'LAZA NOTICE 13 HEAEnr t)at. pursuant tu an firder of Ui* City Council ct the Cltr of Lone lu-..(h. male at Its met tine on the .Mil day of Manh. 1H2. ivaled bid m i l l M r»ceit-rd at th* office of the 'itr Manar^r In Itoom 30?, City Ilafl. Unne lari 2. California, untl ; 10 o'clock I'.M.. on th« I2th dar .f April. 11H3. at which Urn- and lUce salt] tids will 1« publicly cper.ed and declared for the sal br the City of L«nc Ileach cf tin |'l!-»wliiC r*il r^pertr* f w «* : Thote rortlons t-f I»ts L *. t anJ ». Jilock . Tract No. 7lit*. ai i-tr map recunlrd In Itook H, races T* an.l 77 of Uai'S In the office r,f the County He- rrjer of tN* County i.f !« Ar.rele*. lyme southerly of a dlmt lint fi-i^n-a, ijirit.! f-a U.a- rortbeut^rly Un* r f raid Lot 2. itiftant IS feet northwtiirrly alone said llna from th* m«it e.vtfrlr corner of Ix.t 2. to a point nn th* northweiterly Hti* of said Lot t. dlstaUat r.0 feft r.nrtheajterlr aloiie raid lin* from the. most westerly corner rf Lnt S. A* to th* abof* docrll^J jvir- tlnns of I^ts I. 2. S and *. tha rtcht ef tncress and ejrt*! fcr tthlcular tqulpment ts reserved thertfrom and prohibited alor.c tt* nrrtri.*rlr lln* front Ire nn Ocond f t r e f t . the tiortr.eaMerlr line cf I»t 2. and th* r.ortb- »e*t«rly line of Lot 1. Area: (P-Zone) Lots 1 and 2 ornciAt. CITV PKINTINQ ·rtr Management DlTlaloa, 207 Cli rtr . lad. NOTICE I N V I T I N G DIOS FOR FWLVISH1NO AND Dr L1VEHING TWO C) ELEC- TK1CALLT DKIVEN rORK- L»T TIIUCK3 AND TAVO «) ELECrniCALLT D R I V E N STORAGE UATTEUT CHAHG- KRS TO TIIE CITT OF LONG UEACH. CALIFOItNlA NOTICE is iiEnrnr G I V E N ,htt sealed bids will b« recelred at the offire of the Cltr M mater. n Iioom COI of the City Hall of ,h« Cltr of Lone licach. California. until 2:00 o'clock P.U.. on tht lltb dar of April. m2. at which time and place Hid bids will bt publlclr opened and declared for furntshlne and dellTerlrit two (21 electrically driten fork-lift trucks complete with storage, batteries, two (2i electrically driven storax« battery chare- ers and on* (1 spar* storac* bat '.rtr of the tyre, slxe and capacity nstalled la Hid trucks to th* Cltr of Lone Iteach. In accordance with ·Si-eciUeatlons No. R-M for Fur- nlihlnc and DeUr**rlne ElectrlcaJly Drlrfn Kork-UIt Trucks to th* City of Lone Beach. California", on file In the office of the Cltr Enclneer of Hid Cltr. to which specifications reference Is hereby mad* for further particulars. Copies of said specifications mar t obtained at said offlc* of the ?ltr Enclneer. Room 603 of the Cltr Hall cf th* Cltr of Lone Ueach. California. The Cltr tf Lone ltch will receive bios for furnnhlre and de* llverlne th* new equipment as follows: Item A. *urnlshlac and de Uterine one (1) two thousand (2.000) p o u n d load capacitr. electrl* callr d r h e n fork-lilt truck, complete with storace batteries. Item B. Kurnlahlne and dellrer* Ine one ( I ) three thcu- sand (3,a») p o u n d l"Sd capacitr* electrl- rallr d r h e n f o r k - l i f t truck, complete with straee batteries. Item C. Furnlshlnc and deliver* Ine two (2) electrl- rallr driven storsc* battery cbareers com* I*let* with all neces* sarr charter appur- le nances. Item D. Furnlahlne and dellver- ine one U) spar* stor* ae* battery of th* trpe. Hit and capacity specified. Bidders muit submit prices en Items A* II. C and D. Any bid that does not contain a pric* OB all cl such Items will not b* considered for an award of contract hereund'r. Each bidder ahall stal* tn his bid that delivery ot th* nev equipment will not b* later than th* time ti-eclfled therein. Th* City reserve the rtrht to reject any bid In which the delivery will b* laier than f i f teen Hi) days after th* datt cf eif-cutlon of tht contract by th* Cltr Uanacer. Delivery of Ih* new equipment fkall 1+ made tn th* MunlclpaJ AU'lttorlum. 270 K. Sea-Id* Iloul*. t a r d In lh« City cf Lone Ileach. California. Payment for the new tf)u!pment will b« mad* in due rnurs« of pay* rnents "f U.* City of I»ne Itearh. after th** rornplrt* delivery of sal! new «qulpment and acceptance thereof by th* Cltr Manaffer. All blrla and bid bunds shall te rubmltted upon forms to b* secured at the nfflce of th* Citr Enclneer. Each bid shall b* arcompanied br certified rh^rk or bank draft. iayb]« to th* City Auditor of th* ,1tr of Ixne lUacn. and drawn on a aotvenl bank In Los Aneeles County, ur a Htlsfactory bund of an amount of not leis than ten (10) I*T tt»t cf such bill, as a euarante* that th* bidder. If awarded a contract, will eifcut* s.nd deliver to tf.* City Knelnet*r, such contract tthln ten 10 das after auch contract Is tendered to htm, toeether with a ecxjd aiad auffklciit curi'o- rtt»* surrtr bond ID favor of,it* Cttyr.f "1jr,nt Iteach, fyr an amour, of n»t let** than twenty-fit* (U, I*r c*nt of such contract prlc* for Ihe faithful |c[funnaj.ct of such contract. Certifleil cliecks or tank drafts arrotn;anylnc all bids will U retained by City until a contract t*- t * r e n th* successful bidder and the City ha* Ix-cn executed. Tht City Ma nicer reserves the rtcht at any Ptagt r,f ihm r ro- cerdlncs. to reject all bids and to return all dc^outa accompany Ice said bids. D«t*d at Lone Beach. California. this fith day of April, 12. JOHN JL UNSKLL City JUanacer Pub. April 5. 19(2 (1D-L.11.I. OFFICIAL CITY PRINTINQ OFFICIAL CITY PRINTING. NOTICE I N V I T I N O D I D * HI!'. FimNISIHNC AND DE- 1.IVKRINU ONK (1) UOTOIl l i l l A D E I l TO TUB C1TT or l.U.NO IIEACH. CALlKlllNIA NOTICE is HEnr.nT R I V E N that, scaled bid! w i l l U received at th« older of the Cllr llanagtr. In Ilnorn M of the Cltr Hall cf the Cltr of Long Ileach. California, tmtll 2:O) o'clock 1MI.. on th* llth nar of April. 1M2. at which time and plac* aald blda will b* publlclr opened and declared for furnlahlng and delivering one (1) motor grader to th* Cltr of I .one Ileach California, In accordance wllh "tfpeclfl- cation* No. II-33 (or KurnliUr.c a n d Delivering Motor (Jrader* to Make Year Model Caterpillar 13^ ALTCRNATC DID NO. ?: Kureuhlne and delltertcc on* (1) rjotor rrader. Tt* City nf Lone Beach reserves the rlil.l to a w a r d a rontrart In a/cordance with Alternate Bid No. 1 er Alternate Bid No. 2 fr.ouM tht Cltr cf Lone Deach fleet to a w a r d a contract In accord- anr* with A lie mat* Md No. 1. the equipment to t* traced In c-n the rew motor erader shall remain In ir.« scrvlf* cf th* Cltr cf Lone I;«ach until th* ne« motor trader been delivered and placed la Cltr sen-ke. Th* City-owned equipment listed tinder Allerat* Bid No. 1, may U Ir.rr^ttd by appointment. Appoint rr.«r.ts may to arraared by tele* j.i.'.r.irt j(rnlock J-Ur-J*. I*tivrry cf th* new motor rrarler sVa.l t* made to th* Autrmotive I-itiiloo Servlr* Tard. 2901 East Willow Ftreft In th* City of L»n Jxaih, raitfornla. ^h bi.Her must slate In Ms IM ·Ut d'lnfrr r,t the noU/r trader ·« ul not r* later titan Hi* dat* .»f*c!f.e«i th^r-la. Th* Cltr reserves lU r-cu to r*j*^t any tld In which . ti 1 .* date ,f drilvery la later than tMrty (» tfaivs after tha dat* ef ·secutlen M t f * contract. Paymett for tu new nvtter eraser will t* ma^« in du* cottrs* of ray* meats ef u* City rf Lore r*a/h. after U* rfrtnpvtv delivery ef saM ffrader aj.4 acce^taac* ther»cf by th* Cltr o( Lone lleatb, California". on file In the office of Ihe Cllr Kngtneer of laid Cltr c-f Linc Ileach. in which Specification* No. K-3.M rtferenrn 1* tierebr mad* for further parllcular*. Cople* of aald rpeelflratlont mar A obtained at th* offlr* of the Cltr Engineer. Itoom Ka of the Cltr Hall cf Hi* Cltr of I-onr. Hrach. Th* ?ltr cf I.nng Ileach will re- eels* alternate blda for furnishing and delivering on* (1) motor grader aa follow*: ALTERNATE DID NO. Il Furnishing and delivering ona (1) motor grader, leas trade-in allowance for tl.e one (1) piece of Cltr- owned equipment, listed below: City Equipment Equipment Type r,U itotor Grader Ihe Cilr Manager. All and tld bond* aUll b« rubmltted upon form* In bfl arcurcd al lh« office of Ui* Cltr Engineer. Each Md ahall b* accompanied br a l e r t l f l e d check or l«nk draft, payahl* to tl.e Cllr Auditor of the Cltr c f Long Itrach. and drawa on a *jtstr.l bai.k In l*t Ar.gelea Cvun- tr. or a lallsfactorr bund of an aiuour.1 of i*ul leaa than lea (lul per cent cf mjcb bid, a* a guarantee that the bidder. If awarded a contract, will execute and deliver to Ihe Cllr Engineer, auch contract within ten ( l O i day* after auch contract I* tendered la Mm. together with a good and putflclent corporate eurrtr bond In fasor of the Cltr °f I'ne Ileach. for an amount i.f not leas lhaa t w e n t y f l v e Ci ["·r cent of guch contract price for lh« faithful performance ot gura contract. Certified check* or bar.k draft! a^corr.panylr e all bids w i l l b* re- lajried ly 1'iir until a contract l»- [ween Ihe eiirre«*ful bidder and Ihe Cltr UK* uvvn tA«^uted. Th* ritr Manager rcsemg the right, al anr stag* df IheM pro- readings, to reject all bid* and in return all dcpoaila accompanying ald I Me. Dated at Long IWarfc. ralKorala, IMs Ith dar rf April, IM2 JOHN li MANSrM. Cllr Har.agtr Put. Afril f. 1MJ (1U-L.B L s E L E C T I 0 N in the Harbor Area Daily in your Indfpfndfnt Classified Section AnnouftCtmtftU 00 FuMroi Nollett 1 t* BOX REPLIES: ·1 Ik* Wspend'eal. ''·'·· T.U|..« ffflc* f*e tlg'M- Uviof basest Mill I4JSJ MTU M7«t MOM MOM M.70 Milt HI'* B-tOOSt G-II7* G-1IIS H4S04 H4SII HUM H-tO*4 H-fOII H-T7CO H-ttlt N4SI1 P-SI31 ' MHZ P-T7I7 M7M R-5«J*t R-ICCel C-llla D-WII D.13S* D-«S* D-1I5I D-?I5» D-tlM D-tltt MI7I M5I7 Mill MISI J-S5S* J.57SI j.ioooi J-IOOS? 1-tJO L-ICOI3 UOOS2 L-10073 MM)* M4520 M-«OOT M-S04I M-WT S-IJM S-I7I4 S-?IM S-IOM3 T4500 T4501 T4475 T-IJSO T-1362 W.97J W-IOOM Funeral Notices BOYCR-Cv*. ·« 52. ef fttl E. P«rk jt., BeMiewtr. Survived by htn6«vj. wtlUrt E.; d*uflMrr. Mf». E.ttitr S*ftdv«J **u D»v t Li t'ttcri. Mrs. Ff«nkit Gfi- hilti, Mri. Ante Wbbtili bnj^rri. eVervfn ftovd 0*'t HOSMMJ d er**dctil rdrfi. Strvnt Thurtdtv, Tl^STr? D« YOUNG 1 SMITH Bcitflowtr Mortuary Ch*ofl. BUI- CRANDALt-- P»«rt r.. ef 5725 Corto tf; Naooii. Frt«*v. 1 e m. Svrmniat c«i»**»t Ch»t*i. ***. A'*c C. Nichols edtdtTini. PATTERSON 4 SNIVELY SSI LOCUST DUTTOM-ldt M.. ef UU PJ**drti« Avf Survived tV f*£*ifW, crurif* W. O'BtWtc*; com'"*. M^nnt Crehn 4 i*dt Reid. Servict TfHindiv. 1 0 m- $unimiflt Mcfieritl Pfk Ct*rtl. Rev. John 1. lh/fo*oo efficJat.oa. O.rrtird PATTERSON US LOCUST FALCONER- Mn. Corrini A. ·f 431S Pepperwood Ave. Survived by daughter, Mrs. Gen*. vieve Higynsj sen. Re'cti A. Rossry Wednesday, 1:30 pm. Mass cf "eauiem Thursday. 1 · M. ten il Saint Cvprlan's Church. Directed by LAKEWOOD MORTUARY ]·» WOODRUFF AVE. FISMEU-OavId D^ el 744. Elm. Service Saturday. 1 p.m. L. A. Wrtee'ee officiating- at PATTERSON SNIVELY JSJ LOCUST Funeral. Notices atn funera ^Directors 1250 Pacific Att. HE 2-StOl mj tlu al NGCR-Fr*t tnt C.4fl Jt. Acf A, S t r v l c * f na«*. t pm., bilCtr Ch«*t. Servlt* con^Tudei in ctitoel* rta ftf- ,,.. Jl- Muntinaion P a r k . --tmrlcf S»'vrdaTf 2:30 r m^ DM*tf Qtap*«. BCISER-Carl A.. 1147 M» fiarma. Servlc*' S»turd«y. I cwKtudei m cfiaoet^ M f* reral pfoc*ni'on. D'AKCf Bud H. 3?7i MIChlO«f1 o u t l a y GRAHAM-- Wim*«n A. P.. 2043 Ltxutl Avt. itrvict will tt ·nneuncra. t* anoo-jnccd. HQLP-Otrv* M. MJ C. 1SD1 Sf. Servlr* Friday, 3:39 Drtx. D'l- diy ChaoeC ^^ P*»f Blvd.. Antrim. Srrv- let Thvrvuy. V) an« DiW«y , . rd St. Let Ar-7»'« Ro*rv *t refltra W»dn**«l*/. 1 nnv« DtdiY Chanel, ftev'em M«* Trvur(1*v. f *n. Sk'ff »»r*»*l'« ChurrS, TCttl tnd Vfrmont, Lot Anoe'n. Pr-WCP-Mirv C.. MtJ Ot'»- A«e S e r v i c e wit) t* *r. ro» A.. t?«t in-fi Crt*-*. UtBV-n»e»» J . t7t| C. lit tt terv"e Tivrtdjv, 1 pm. DMtv CMtvl. $C»"CC*-- M»nry P. fit J -L pem. ««n*kt ^^^-rtfjy, J 33 on* Diw«y · DILOAY FIOWEK SHOf HE !·*!!! ?* H£ J.tfOI TSTHSrKWtSTwTTJM t. »4 si. ««fvtv*4 tv wit*. AMlm«l mth Kr. U/t. Frvcll SMitit M«. L. tH*t»M. TMitvn «L NWMII f l Vmw. Jtta O l ft'i'U M»u *·**.*. lln. tlWU M«dmrt. PATTERSOrirSNiVELY US LOCUST MAXWELL--JoKn Edward Aot II. *l Mil J*t'« Av*. Su* v*4 y ·Jtwthi'tf.^Mn^ UT»T« . »ri b r « t t . rrt^k. wtmam. Char1«i Lteftarrf! 7 »rfndcMMr«n. ftn^nr Wt«w»d«y. I e/n. M*s« ·( Kt- out*n. Thvrs4«v. It «.*f 4 Nth it }«!«it J.uch'i Omf ch Olrtft^bv LAKEWOOD MORTUARY 1131 WOODRUFF AVE. SELK-- Charles J. Aw «. tl «0» Ol«ft»nMC"« A«f. Suryl4 W wilt. Audity JutniKl e«veh*tr. Mn. Jan« Btlili ten. Krvtftfii slto-teni. Jem 1 Get* Buttll; 1 «r»^««r»l"wi ilittn. Mri. Ell« Tetxl. Ml» JrvMt t'k. Sffvitt TMvnoiy. *n. LAKEWOOD MORTUARY 3W WOODRUFF AVE. TOMPKINS-- Dudley C. el UJI E. ism. swrvivtd by «H'e. Cu*«; d«wflhi*r. Mn. G**v* saft; nv ttf. Mrs. Tlllit Jill. Frlentfi fniy oil Thuruuy 1 Frltfjy. Prt««te tervtce Fno«y. 7 pjn. In COON FUNERAL HOME lorn i OBISPO TUCKER-- Ri!pt) l_ wt 71, ct Hi! octw Ave- Sc*i Be*d«. P«ittd «««V Mond»v. Afifll Jrxt Svrvivfd py wife. Rv^t. Servkt Frld**, 11 *-m- Wrttmrmier MemortaJ Park Mortvcrv Chaoel. Wei»mltnter. WEJTMlNiYER WE- MORIAI. p*rk Mcrtvinr IN CHARGE. ARIOUS- t-VClUe M«f t «W 7*4 Kennebec. Lor»a C««ft vivrt by mien, France* * ·*T7f -i. Jur. _ HHTVf bcrti yi*ftj;""bf»th»r. *P»*er Va- n«v». Servict Frw«ty, 1 p m-. Wnhn!rn?tr M.»merui Pirk Mortuary CM*tl, W«tm i fitter. WESTMINSTER MEMORIAL PARK _MORTUARY IN CHARGE.^ WHITE--Herbert $j Of U* W. ·VHrri, Survived fry Uvghttr, Ma. Private tervict'wtt l^i We*ev COON FUNERAL HOME W1ltlAM$^H.d« A* ·«* «- 0 1W02 Sherwood Ave.. WMfmlnite*-. PMtrt *W»Y WednevJJY. Aorll 4th. Syrvlved »W husband, Raymond; 3 dtwgmen; J torn; bothers; It crmdcftiWren; ort»t 0T*«ndctui(J"eri. Servict 5 vrdtv 19 »m_t Westmlnt'er ME* MOHIAL P A R K MORTUARY CMAPFt. WetTTnlmTer. WEST - MlNYTER MEMORIAL PARK MORTUARY IN CHARGf. Card of Thanks WE will to acknowledge with tn* cere tha^tt ttie kind rxDrenom el «yfT-c»»fty el evr many friends and miQribors In the recent HI- rets and tots ef evr be'eved husband and father, Charles A. Lar ten. irlet A. L«nm t f»mlly Funeral Directors 4 FOREST LAWN MORTUARY Ont Artarg*m«nt fcr Undtrt.l;rg and Cemetery J7*tt Willen CEnev* 4-JtH "" lo^trf^NT 1 "' ROSE GARDEN CHAPE1 Seventh, and Atlantic L. B. HE 3-TSTt SHEELAR-McFADYEN Cemeterics-MausoleumsS (AM MewnKfilil SUNNYSIDE -- s douDle Internment ets M Carnation p«t. will sell all er_r«rt. HE 14111. e DEVELOPED l«wn prepert e«. All er Mrf. Crnn Hint Mtmerltl P«rt m«. UN S- FOREST Lewt C«rt« rtelce ucn l tot. O«f«r. CE 01170. Income Tax irrtewnu*) . 1U E. »m HE 7-UZll HE lint Orm DAILY t em. t» f pjn. INZoWEHrXx SERVICE lis vovr "home".'"Former internal ^Revenue agent. Reas. CE 14271 INC. TAxT~at vour home er office. Since '41. Low fee. Day Eves. Sun A-i_Accounimg ierv. OA 4 J4J1 iNCOME~TAX~ACCOUNTlNO~SERV. Bocikeeoir-g Ray Larssn _U4og_Beiiiiower Blvd. TO 4-7/r Peered pevenu. bte. CE 44113 BOY M. BIRO Res. ME Mill INCOME TAX SERVICE Day. nite, Sat* Sun. Tour home, my otl.te. » and no. ME SXCX tl TO new clients-- Thues I Sun! _Prudhorn's Tat Service S Airts. INCOME'TAX -- Federal" ««d~sta'e. _Your_home II oesired w HE S401I E X P E R T lrlfr.WE"TAX SERVICE In vour home. H up. Eve CE I-44II Funeral Notices y ANNOUNCEMENT OF * FUNERAL SERVICES |j [iM'DTTELL'sl 1 AND PEEK ''-! * BAYICY-- Rachel Wrleht. 41t Cedar Ave. Survived by ton. Frark M.Harriton; 2 or»x)- rtuidren; * preaie'anecnik «)ren. S e r v f c * Thyrtday, 11:00 *nu Matt* in uia0ri. . - prandcrwMlren. Prlvatf ierv- Ica wat hetd. BRCCN- Arthur" John, 33T3 O c a n a Ave. Survived by wfe. MM; brother. Ratphi surer, Chr)ttn« Bretn. Re- ouiem Mais Thurtday. 10 00 · m.. St. Cemcrus CaThoilc *, aw Te^c'a Ave., formerly ef pebb'e Beach, California. Survived bv sisrrrt. Ruby B. Patrltk, Stella B. Hearn* and Helen K. Of'tf. Serv* If · Thursday. 12:iO p m^ At) Samts £p*scccal Churtft. HAMPTOM-liManT *M ef Mr. and Mri. William R. Hampton. 117 E. ArOtXTl Blvd. Cornpton phvata servict MllLS-Rat*rl BuHvM, 3U4 Lo Covotti D'«con*l. Sur. vtvr4 bv *iff, J**n; son, C*f*sn S},i brother, Ktn- Mm. Strvlc* ffid»y, ||;00 anv, MettiHi'i Chapel. WACNER-F.wni* Ethel Cv- lck, 47 StTft Pl*c». SvrvtvK! by toni, H * r · c * U a«d Otbft G; ti.teri. L e n a rtitk Hjnt'ev; trfltnert, Qj 1 ^ tfi {.tore* A Cvtkk. $*rvict» FrKJjy, 1-CO cm. »* M.ffr.W T M(N*) Jf. ·tf'ciiT.nt, Arsennri Oto*i. WlLUAUt -- l*v'« Cvt'vn. tarmtrlT ef III Falcon Aw. Sufvivtd tf f-itcn, Cf.K* CI a D a · r am* iurten* j. S n l t h StW'C* IrV/rMIHr, f N em. ffev. D«.yt O. Rfrwett (lf(l.) Mottell I CMMl. -- H ^OTTELL'SH 'i AfiD PEFK W O » t U A 9 ' en t »« llCmlocli 6 :;(4 Incomt Tei ese*'aal IHTlOT TOO LATE FOR PKOFUSIONAL HEIP WITH YOUR TAX fROIUMS Wi A»E IICINSEO rUlUC ACCOUNTANTS Le^^«. Ove F«e* tar Over Hypnotli MACFRANKEL.LLB. StE CHJR NEAREST OfFICI CARDCN GROVE, inn OileruM jftinf W. e) HerMr tLI JlTlOOl OUH OFMCtt ee eoen 1 M kKtutflnt S«Vo«y end Sundey. C«ne M el yew, cenverueixe-- PREPARES Ht CONVENIENT WAT IN YOUR HOME TrehH4 i, eieerkftctd (fen. PERMANENT OFFICES Weqe Eemer-- Lena Forms Federel I Slile-lolt $10 Estaoushed » Veers BEAT THE DEADLINE AVOID PENALTIES Prelnllenel Tu Ceutstl tevei you cAsh »n E"is.^%s5rciVi NEEDS ASSISTANCE With Your T« Refum? CALL MARY NIXT HA »4S4S Rentals . smttl Dmlneis - Setery 7 dtrs e wvtk. Dey er evening. YOUR HOME. OR MY OFFICE INCOME TAX SERVICE Cel FULL BENEFITS Iron SUPER TAX SERVICE C E. Prudhom-Ei. Covt. lai etficial. » vrs. tie. High % REPEAT clients, lew avg. fee. New ml deductions V a.m--y P m. 4IS4 Atlantic. N L-B. CA7417J 3S veers cxDcrience. licensed ACCOUNTANTS ASSOCIATED 3111 E. Bliwy. CEI«4C4 CE 4-1J04 ONLY a few tiavs left. Federal 4, state Income Taxes urecared. SIS. Be confident w/pi "Ices, im E. am. Personals 1 1 CLOVER BALLROOM 5 Nifes-- Wed. thru Sun. GORDON JAMES Modern Old Time Mintc 337l/j W. PIKE. L B. Long Bcecn Denting five nites every «rrr. Tun. Frldiy i. Set. Nltn VIOLET BERCCREN'S OUCH. Ihuryby t Sundtv Nitts AL SKRIP 1 ORCH. Cinderella Ballroom Acrois from Leng Beect) And. MORGAN HALL let sit le!p you Plan vour soring style snows, luncheons sales meetings. Rooms still available for Mothers Day attairs. Contact tis now tor vour lev ervetion. Plenty cf parking. · US Locusl HE J.J7IS "COMPLETE DENTURE SERVICE Repairs While You Walt II Months fo Pay Pension Work DR. C, A. VARVEM , il'LCnerryJlve. GA_17T34 RECORDINCS MADE -- Wedd.ngs. vocals, combos, recitals, etc. Tones duol'ca'ed Istereo or Meno- avra'l. pnono. records cvt, oid records reoroduced. Jllli Grace A.«. Tertance. cam. TE MCT REWARD -- Will serviceman who picked up tnlured man on Feo- ruary f between I»I2 pm. M Wilmington. Pleas* call this number Irmttdielery. CA 4-MU. COMMINGLING. cares 1 ganclne ee. Bjn. tree. 4 Hoor Morgan Hall LEARN TO DANCI 11 HR. TO BANKRUPTCY SERVICE Reasonable. MA 4U71I DU Hfje LONELY people seekin5~7nendshio ^wrlte Beverly Social Ciwtt, P.c BOI 117. BelHlower,Cal.TOni ~AA"~ALCOMOLICS ANONYMOUS " REA OFFICE -- DRINKING _PRgBLEMS CALL HE_Ssm SINGLE man 45, a'. 140 Its, swd Inc. new car. Meel single lady clue. Write I.. P-T^ Bet A-Slll. DETECTIVES--All types investna- tons. Cal.t. Del. i Investigation Service Hr 4-ail Hi pine Ave. COMMINGLING, cares t danclns ea. tm. tree. 4 lloer Morgan_Hall RUMMAGE sale Afirll $~t a, V~te 4:30. I4SI4 tri'liowrr »lrt, Bt'lli, WRITE, meet cmoslfe set. all ages. SutJ. P. O. BOI 44/, U_B._ "CONSULTANT CARD READER GE_liSC4 TRADE 'SI Cad. cony, for pickup. GA 1-4144. ISOI Curry. Social Clubs HA MEET NEW FRIENDS Clara Lane of Long Beacfi will give you rew friends t new hope. Com* in meet us. Let vs Introduce you to me right peoelc. _ME*MJS4rT£ UUl 7 P.M.toe. OB'JECT--Crganlied to assist unmarried Ladies 1 pent'enws 30- SS adlusl to single eilstenre. _p«l»ll_CUI» f»_ti^. -.MARRIAGE or companionship We Introduce. Free brecfiure. "THE CONTINENTAL.- 411 Bldg..J-_B^ME_SftM JOIN INDOOR Lost and Found 12 UNTAGGED DOGS t CATS IMPOUNDED AT LONG BEACH ANIMAL SHELTER Location 3001 E. willow St. Ftione CA 1-na. Hourl t am. to S tJn. Monday tnrovgti Fncay, 19 e. m. ta 4 pm. Sunday a\ holidays. Animals Impounded at tity snedcr Del » fmv, «tit. l. bik* stray- em B!«. Paremount-K-J Mn. m.. Ian. stray-- 3430 Bit. W. Lincoln-- K4 . . _ Pete. rt+ blk. tan, stray-- 3430 Mar-- KjiS Ml*. Irm^ bm. blk^ str Illtl 1 Locust-K^7 Mli. m.. red bnv. stray-- 2300 Bik. Farent*-- K-53 Terr., m* bx t ten. stray-- too AGSH-- K-54 Terr, m-. b:k^ stray-- 3400 Blk. San FrancKcn-- K41 Dead t Inlured M». m tan, . stray-430 Blk. ODISDO-- Dead Mi. m.. tan , bm- stray-- Ttti I Walnut-- Dead SfmL. m^ tan, stray-- 1JOO E. IRti Hu*. m. red 1. »M-. stray. 53rd Pound. .1 Carfield Ave. Humane Society, 7300 Garfitld TO inii $300 REWARD rou.* imatl eranoe male, loit " LOST -- Yellow headed CockaieeL E trend arm, call ··Cooky." re Ml come. Vic. Canon t, Woodruff. Reward. 4011 Freckles Rd. Ph: HA MMI. LOST: Bik. shaggy pooo'e pua. Name Coovene. Nr. Clark. 4. Wardlow. CAlld'S puPCY. Reward. HA 1 IM. REWARD Lost wire hair male Terrier. biack 1 brown markings, vicmity W.lson School. GE 44TO. LOST. Ladys glasses. Black frames with floral carving. Not bifocals. HE S-II4I, Eit. X4 days. CA 71CS eves. HANDBAG takeis from rest room at 7» 1 Pad!*. Ulotued to bimd diatetie pensioner, all the money sh«_ fiad^HE tns LOST~Lady Elg*-n watch. 31 lewets, yellow .old. Dnm. L.B. Scntimwv lal value. Reward. HE S-CTI. LOST black stand pood'e, vie Colo^ redo S. Vila. Ans. u Maveruk. _ Rewa'd, tves.HE 44M] LOST--Black cocker tern vie. R» wer-a I. tt ctevi, Rossmoor. GE_]«Jt LOs'T--^n wrig ev. man's black Mo. rocco (untold. Rew. CA 4*t41; CA 4 41II. ___ til BC«»"0 Taken from trailer cowrt, smaf| fay eart Ano^ajtat. GA 7I4U. "lajrv"'' v5 -"" t6u ' 41 *- "^ LOST-Lilac Ss-rne cat, r^ve tes Cerritos^area^Rwd. GA 4 40'4 KtWAOD ftr sa-e re-n~ef M»v. Cray Song haired cat. Gt M4M CbST-Beeg'e ryrry is JM b. Afent.c^GA 47008. *'iT-Pirs. sn McCoys Market en ac!Pe Aye. r*esie re*urn tar*rs. ^M'CKEY- aYS'ws snetl ciaraseet' 441 Undtn. KrMrd. HE 11411. % Lost cud Found 12 EmpLA9'cl«t(Wom.) 2) LMe*. AM.ers H "Me«e» »et- Reward. GA 13171 13 HYPNOllS-Leerai ta leUx. cencen. trele. memerue, lose weight 4 r. r. »rewa InsyraBCt "14 AUIO-Wt INSURE ANYONE rrverdiess e* egg tM»r record. 11 PAY PLAM . LOW MIES Dvtvere license fA, res*. »reef a, '^aiss LOW monthly rales -- AirX) kwif i,i"if$i£Xi, M » [SJuRlSli! "ALL TVrEf~~ Travel 15 FLY TO VEGAS ON THE FABULOUS Hacienda . Champagne Tour 80-PASSENGER 4-Enqine Airliners (Radar Coulcoed) Did Winstow et Sly Piano $24.50 INCLUDES: HIT SHOW S 2 COCKTAILS et New Frontier Hotel MINSKrS FOUIES OF I76J -- Bottle ef cnamoagn, -- Gourmet buttet dinner. -- Champagne en route. -- Airoort hotel Hmo. in Vegas. -- GOII (met. ctubsl. -- Continuous lounge entertainment -- Oanong til dawn. -- Free tound trio air trans. Gloria Caroenler's "Fashions in FligM" Every Tuesday Night · AFTERNOON AND EVENING DAILY FLIGHTS FROM LONG BEACH L A. INTERNATIONAL BURBANK O'Nile IncL Abo.e Plus C!.Roon (CttOcc.) ,31^:' Diners ai ( i nan caros honored. 'Long'Beach ^HlTs'.TZoV Los Angeles TR 7-3456 ·SS AIM. Frl.. Sat 1 HoiKers Not * Corn3uc*e4 tour. FLY FREE VIA TRANVGLOBAL AIRLINES AS GUCST OFEL REY RESORT CASINO SEARCHLIGHT. NEVADA Burbank TR 7-2158 Lockheed Air Terminal Long Beach HA 5-6427 Municipal Airport ft Fly Free $· Mlnan Hetel U Casino TONOPAH, NEVADA SILVER FLITE "CirtnJfiB «f Fin Packaai" -$IO- HA 1-8285 NE 6-1927 GOINS TO LAS VEGAS? ILAIR HOUSE 144 OLSERT INN ROAD (Directly Bcnind Desert inn) DAILr-'vEEKLY-MO. RAItS For RescrvaTions--REeent inn Orlie fc fernice Hyden. A/ars. RIDE wanted vicinity of list 4. Santa Fe ta 113nd Western In Garoena, from 4 ta 4:JO. Cair ait.,7._4jynj LEAVING tor M-cn. Acnl f. will take I ruers. male or fern. Ino, at KU Artesia BU Bellll. or can CA 14411 tel. 4 I 4 p m. t«il». FLY CL CAPiTAN Walker Lake. Hawtnorne, Nrreda . HA S4»t TR 7-5431 DRIVE AS CAN WANICD-csiitrotrs t* M« York. Share. TV» 1SO4 RIDERS wanted tg L_A.. ttn Grand. 7:43-4:31 GA 74771 WANILD-- Kioers 10 fteno or Cori- land. Asnl 7m. CE 40tt). Health Aids 18 FOR '(I -- THIS IS THE PLACE Twist Tberatv. Frenoi massage. steam, colontcs. prostate me^ retiu. New eors. el tri* New Frenter. Call Saney. Joy, Artere er Terry. LU l-JUt 1 flays NE *_44rt JE4NS Mess'eoe Studio, SU E. pac. Coast Hwy. GA 4-lia hours MQH.Jrl. *£»4; Set. M. CALL OR STOP IN TODAY FOR A REAC GOOD MASSAGE. PI 4-34M 1110 E. ICttl. Hrs. 14. LEAMNETT'S Massao*. Steam Hrs e ta « j i l E Bawy. HE a-tm MASSAGE 4, Counio-Otc. 4. home calls. 440 E. til SI, HE )-4i» MAY'S MASSTCE SALON 1IS1 E. 7m St. HE MIB STEAM ta. totra-rtil Swedish mass HE 74m S14 E. ntl Hrs. 1SS BATH-Cotonio. T. rnessage. 1011 W. CamotonBIrf. Hrs. l»7. NE S-4i?1 wesT-s. im E. Pacific cst Hwy, Hrs. 1»4. M» Sun.. Mon. HE 41:11 CINDY -- HUland Dutut Massaoe. i4IS_PaclfiC_A»e j pAjMSM JAN'S MASSAGE ilTl Pacific A»e. FOR tense nerves" _ -- . . fry steam fcatn massage. CE 1 Sanitariums, Hospitals, Homes 20 ·A- CRESTWOOD -V CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL UN Supervisor - 34*r. cere Grecieus cheerful surround"ngs MODFRN * MODEST RATES 1771 Chestnut HE 14447 LOS ALAMIIOS SANITARIUM Over i] YEARS eiperlenc* U care ct me eped. GE l-Mtl GOLDEN HOURS CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL . STATE CERTIFIED SA**rb care. Prices you un attord. COMPARE. HE isiOI. NEW Fernwood Corva'escent Hov S 'al. 34 hour. RM run-s'na te'e. beds, ovet, residential area. HOM, airy rooms Ra'es «» im »n Fernwood, Ave^ Lvnwood. NETOM;. MAXWELL'S Home ter Senior Clllrens Cood toed. Low rates. 1418 parade St. HE ltl« MTERSON IMylil home, aoed men. _ d e i s lenc'd yd. TV. C E e m private rm. MC 44t7l. Board, Guc»HomM20-A CHCCRFUL refined home, for »'i eriy lady, 74 hr. care. ilnt. food. _ldealJoc._vd._Tv. GC 4Chl._ NCV.XY licensed herre. ttnt. f^cd. ATTRACT, prty. rm. In prty, home. Ladr *r eenneman. 34 hr. nursing ca/e. xmr. nod. CA noo. CTiodu tuESrSovC. f.t. Knoiis Ambulatory, j^enly. HA__431SI fiOEHLY lady, nvrses cere, Sl» m«. en w. list. KC nisi. ·ELLFLOWtR. eiderNr ce*e. R N. ««ll T Mao'e._TO - 7411t TO 7 T 1«3. NEW smai gest Nime. lades onry". x»t. fscd l cart. CE 14117. H«lpWont.-(Worn.) 24 1 _. . I unimui FLO BAILEY AGENCIES StCHtTARY, sales , - lg 1430 LT. STtNO. §r r"*jr . , ,, OPEN SATURDAY f TO 11 LAKEWOOD EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 4143 NORSC WAY Lakewood Blvd^ Carson SI* Die?. HA »5»15 NEy 4f3tl SECRETARY tg 4 gntfreert. eio. rtq. , 54X SECRETARY, legal or mig frpuTiSVVtK.St.-a. 11 laU- or^ eu~ HI BENEFICIAt EMPLOYMENT AGENCY If PINE. RM. 1201 HES-I1II TOP PAY -- BEST JOB! Board, Guest Homes 20-A THE OLD Hwnestead Guest Hetne for eitferty peee'e. Met 1 cek wa*er ea. rm.. SndivlAial furnaces Heine M. Bend Free. CAItx! COTTAGE f«r cple^ elOerlv folks. Loons 21 [falanr. Ag*e. Fumlfgre) TAX TIME LOAN PLAN GET $100 CASH NOWI Only 15.CO II Repaid In 3 Mo. Ferments -Or get any amount lit) tg "JO ariced tor your loan-- then. wt*« arranged, pick up Ihe money on your first visit. LOCAL LOAN CO. Our 54th Yeer 3C4 E. 4!ti St.. 2nd Floor ' Comer 4m t. Locust HE JJIJI Ask for Ed Sheeran. Mgr. Frte Parking. 344 or 155 Locvst Own Friday until 7 P. M. School Instruction 22 HOWARD BUTLER SCHOOL OF REAL ESTATE 0«e el n-e oldest schools in IMS afe*-tnovsanos cf gradua'M. DAYS-' A.M. Men. t Tnurs. EVES-7 P.M. Mon. t Tkurt. Visit Any Class 13 LESSONS-- FULL COVERAGE COSTS NO MORE Students worksheD -- Tuts T pm. Advanced study -- Wed. 7 pjn. Call for details brochure 4t» ATLANTIC GA 344,1 Barbara Moss College For Real Estaia Knowledge- Instructor 30 yrs. eirerlence, a-« lormer Vgr. ct Beard gl Realtors SHOP A«DUNO-then STOP end REGISTER In the school tnat SALESMEN. BR WABLE* I n C O . ESCROWS APPRAISING 1 Fl NANCIND In 1 weeks. Mon. 1 Wed.--I pns. Putne lnvl«e] Call for free eta"i 300 f. 41H l. ME »*M: JOB SHOP TRAINING **Knewi*do* Is Succtif* * Autv Mecfianlcs fr We«rs ft Au*» Trsntmliilent Da/ i Evt. ctaim al»* tn: A IBM ft PBX A NCR Crtttry CMckers Plut 30 lob rt*r«intnt trraraiTL JUCCE$J Tr«d« Schoob mil Belinnter B'»a. e«i:nc.,r ro_44i4i FREE PLACEMENT (or GRADUATES. Be a mcrcuiCKAi. BAKTCNCCX ^sjvjutujjj OR COCKTAIL DAY O.t EVE. COURSE WEEK DATS It A A A . e fM. .t EVE. COUR TS It A A A . e NEW METHOD BARTENDING SCHOOL at E. Broad«ey I JL 1. HE 1544 HOTEL-MOTEL-APT. HOUSES Managers Training *x^jaranteeo~* Oioer people preferred. CZ terms START TRAINING TODAY BARBERS IN DEMAND Enroll newt 77-week course. AMER. BARBER COLLEGE e Long Beach. HE 7eii;j HE Ull SPECIALIIINO ELECTRONIC TRAINING Caul, Teen Trade shoe's »» Arlanfc CA JI44! C~ALL CA 4.IJJ* fOR MOltL -- HOTEL TRAINING WHITCOf * - -- OMB SCHOOLS S.nte 1133 CONTRACTS*. iCnOCL I4» PINE AVE. "£'«" GUITAR -- PRIVATE LESSON! Bea.nnlng t atf»anced. HA M34I Driving School 22- CALIFORNIA CRIVINO SCHOOL Largest in the UrnleU Steles Private Lessons HOT* Picfcuo FREE BOOKLETS Call HE VH1 "~PACTFIC DRIVING SCHOOL Free Horr. Pukup CA 4CT1T Help Wonted (Worn.) 24 SALESLAD1FS wanted. Prrsenn«l ewv tact work. Aon 31 ta SJ. Acoiv pai F- R)U indcoctxlcn.. Pm« ti«r TELEPHONE SOLICITORS CMd warn ertrt rommimon tor · rt 0 d B-nt. ip»rt tim* convtn'n tfiift. Call f7V1701 after 4 pm. . REG. NURSE Calif. Lie. II fo 7 -- sat. CMJI Woodruff Gakt.l Hospital inn So. Wootfnitl Aye. Bellllower MEDICAL Secy, lite S'M In SI7S Secy., ffctaefu 4 nn.. loc_S7 * MARINA Personnel Aoency Soi^Kress Bid, srm Pine HE » Mil rToUsfKEEPERWantrd: Someone even. Live In. Ill y»k Prefer someone w'tri I child 4 fo 11. Tfil Hopl Rd., Stanlon, TW HUt APPLICATION for wa.tress taken, exp. not tea. lust t* nest. clean 1 willing to work, j-jerrvs ca-e. »J; Tweedy Blvd.. South Cafe. Open 24 hours. INVENTORY ·nd marking tierk. L-B.-Cempten industrial area, nit Victoria it* Compton. CfNFBAL OHice JIM CO.VPTON rmotoyment Aoency 7H S. Long Beam Bl. NEllDl LATHE hand, cess A onlr. comt4- nat*n ena. lathe 4. turret. Small apph/ al . . shop. Air-craft work, J44I Century. Lvnwood. EX PER. service station attendant, Ctievron station. Btoomfeld A Inv penal. Nerwaik area. CXPER. disriwastier t kltcfien worker, must te neat oean. Aoo'y ?SO E. 4m St. aft, i pm. MANICURIST CALL CA 4HH AFTCH 4 FM. "SECRETAKT -- LEGAL TRAINEE CA iU:t School Instruction 22 New Clstes lecji." [eery Mgg^of ImHUa t Cemestte Cewses free placement Service Long Beach Buslntsi CeDtij* Sim im B i l l I t v f . L B . Mt4434l TrT 1 . Market Research Assistant: Statistical-Charting Oppwhsufy at laleraatlwiet ' ' 0»llc.*-f« ixiokt, a«D"'tI»« flrl 1* per. fores gMlUaullul Cftotpula- i»M t clarl resulfs ef sales aarrs!s t Riaileting leseercli CMtumgrt' SKtvers. ' _",'" Mint li»e w«l^a wtn f (urn A Keve the atxllty te think Hrtnd revtng ctKMannt lesU. , . Famltlartrr wl»l Nielsen aV'feM survtr crecedures . ne-oM Iwt net essentiall Kfhl html ureter- We. Apply Personnel Dtpt. . . PUREX CORP., Ltd. 5101 CURK LAKEWOOD NEv. t-0431 ME 4-3300 FIRE ^ RATE CLERK CLAIMS- CLERK ·-· MIN. 2 YRS. EXP. RE9- « Eiceltot taiery ft Bonus » prel.l Sharon st New Modem rjtflce · ft Free Parkint Facilities -- · Mar. 34UJir. wlu 1:39 -ft S GENERAL INSURANCE CO. OF AMERICA ; 1155 E. Sjn^Antonjo^Dr. l_-' t. GA refill NE 4IK1 NOTICE TO '" " JOB APPUCANTJ , The LONO BEACH INDEPENO- ENr. PRESS-TELEGRAM does not inowngir acceol hetewantcd ·dvertisemefits from lirms covered try the Federal waoeHevr Lew. it *rtev otter less than the legal minimum wage. If votf are etfered less DV covered firms, or It vou have euesttcns cencemirg this lew er ether wagehovr activities el the U. S. Determent of Laftor. can er write rf« e- cartmenrs ucel office al 4114 Atlantic Avenve. Long . »««th, rl.g« 4,3311 /,/.; ESCROW TRAINEE Age 11/30. tree M. Meel tx*Hc. Leam escrow business . --- S243 TELLER TRAlREE An 31/30. will train, tharv vourt woman wltn rrwrttf-Aaftdirfig *ip, Public contact _.-- _-- IIU FILE CLERK TRNL Apt ItTkX tt. trplftB. oood i»*en- tiai. Own tramp. ,-- --- ~ ta tltt ARO EMPtOrMfNrTTCENCV SMI A Atlantic A.e CA ?*4f4 P8X lYpiit-mttU wt art afltkv* to local* an trfKient PBK tvD'tt to repiatt wir prtwrit lift e**v p4«vt wtw U leavint tor rta*e*t« ef n«attn, Mint t* venr neat, ner. »onati*. hatt Imi tt'«*wt v»ct »M carab't e* actvr«'ely tyt^-^f » nrivfTW. et u VVPM. i r ' - * r eonffitionta eiftet hi Oartt«t area. Salary eommeniwrit* ».m sard ter i tt- EXPERIENCED'.'../ FEEDERS FOLDERS Permanent Only " APPLY IN PERSOU- · NUWAY LAUNDRY i CLEANERS |]« Oriisba Reg. Nun* 1 to II shift LV^. . .. II to 7 snllt ·· . COMPTON - · COMMUNITY HOSPITAL Ask lof Mrs. ASH NEI Sill MEDICAL SECRETARY" lor resoonslei* pesmsn at Hartor C^t.rel Menial. Work Involves assisting staff unyslelans. admin. Istra'ln* researtn .rants, iss'st. kng In research rreoram. f KOeri. ence required, feeoinfltng salary SJ»S. Contact Frank. D* lantts. SP. I-nCI. eit. «t tor acsrl. "TRAVEL. SEE AMERICA" 3 sine'* rrU indef 2S ta rtore- sent GlaTievr, Vovue e'c Averao. SIU weekly, Ooeivnts Ul England. Australia 4. S, America. AilTre.rt e»penses provided. Mrs. L. vene. f pjn. Tnurs. 4. FrU Blackslone Your Reservation T. make an eitr* tlOO a month In spare time Is Tuesday, April Tin. 7 pm. L.B. Elks csvb t. tonflrm i"l TO 4M4. * » t«_4, SEWING MACHINE OPERATORS,.'". It* eveHsclr. tvftselr, *M t^f 1 * i»eed;*. TCP clan worn. Only tr«i* witfi «icerienc* aowv. wit iin*'*- tan OcThina Mfri.. ii:i w. litn. TYPIST treer. Crtdl SKMT. ht'cM. Will lr *' IU KAY JEWELERS .. na_Ma. jpecoerwocd. Ukswced MOTHER'S HELPER . 3 children. L* In, Prlva'* room. b*"i, TV. SlU Mr mo. Local refer mew. Writ* Box A SIU, Intf. ^Prttt-Teifafaq.. · DENTAL ASSISTANT Ntst. attractivs. under IS. Icr rnooern otfic*. Sem* tip*nrnr* Drttcrrfd. iitarv *P*n, writ* jo» A-i 00»4^ I r*tl, JV.n»T »t*qf »m. APPOINTMENT GIRlS" Can sri cer week makirw e»- pointments from my otfice, FVI er tart I n-e. Pnere UN t«4 NURSES. EXPER.. PLEASANT FULL 4. PART-TIME WORC · im CHf-SINUT ' · "AVON CALLING" (49 per wfc. eamina wwrtunfTf. P.vt tpm*. work near vour honv*. Ctl Ot'aVH CA 70011. Eit. A. TELEPHONE GIRLS 17-71. Na nntrlfnc* ri*c«*lt*f. Acofy lun tutiuor. Nor«*k» Irxn!l a.m v cr 4 ta * p m. SEWING rructilrt* coefitflrt. tiDcrt- entM on snfl:« reedi* and over(ex*x for l*Jirt snort wt*r. t»t- nir.0 thin from 4:30 ta f P. m. Casi HE H»si. PERMANENT opening for -Ft* Cook · Window WAitr.m. Mini b* evtr DO. BURGER BOY.. 4]U Woodruff, Corner Car»oi% ijiij to ~EXP. COOK'S HELPER AMy Chas. ievltt Ketlaurant Ocean at Loont WANTED: LaAes to sell eictuslve line et too ouabfy lingerie on home cany elan. No Investment, too cwnm, NE 1 W»f ; NE I-3317 Receptionist It. tyee SI J A M EMPLOYMENT 4514 No. Long Beach Blvd. CA inn or hjy 4om JUJ WOMEN to wear L show lovHy costume leweirv for home parry plan. Pleasant work, good pay. Can ME JS»7. cft!i4rcn in eicfiaase fcr rsom 1. board. Call att. 7 cm. TW'-ula BARMAID .... ATTRACTIVE ll-li-»' imi S. Ptoneer_ Blvd.. Merwe'H COCKTAIL WAITRESS Young, attractive. l!» C. L Ocean RECEPTIONIST for beauty sa'on n Beimont Shore. EnerierK* i pr» ferred. GE H4U. 44C4 E. **· ^ HOUSEKEEPER, live W. S day wk. Weetends elf. Full charge Ref. required. 42h3J3l IABY smmt t, ig*it hovsework. 7:» am. to 4:M Pm- ICH week. UN KH4. TAKING~"apttrcat«ns foe ·* i»^5 of work. AiWHjra Communtfy Hjs- Ufat, H44 E. Attndra. Beiitiower. NAVY wTte i daughter e*» H. peed rwmemake^. Must Irewtl", coo*, t^drive. GE_»7W.- ^ ·* ^OUSfKEtPER-^K eerJ.-'O"*- betes M famiry. Re's, redorra*. GA i 37S7 ·" · ' M(D. ASlfTt7pd. for tVHWc. M6 m'L»»ewood H»_tlO4. HOSTESS tysV weitress. irto"" *Jl»'«. N. 4«P*r. Ptc. CE 13W-

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